New Star Soccer

4.8 (22.1K)
85.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Star Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for New Star Soccer

4.79 out of 5
22.1K Ratings
7 years ago, MarioMan1a
A Hidden Gem
I really like this game, it's definitely the best soccer game out there. I play it more than I should, and I have won the premier league a few times. So, I can also offer some advice. First, the game defaults to the modern look. Change it to classic, the feel is much better in my opinion. To avoid crashes, just turn off your internet. All bugs I've seen are stopped by doing this. In the actual game, I've seen a lot of negative reviews about managing money. If you go to where you train, click the practice button. Get 20 goals and stop for about 200 dollars (at least at my level). Don't go higher, you'll get less. Renew your contract often, you'll get more money. Forgo the casino, the boss will find out and it will be bad. Don't accept bribes. Those are all my tips, so hopefully they helped. If you're considering this game, get it, it's great. TL;DR: Great game where money management is easier than many think. Get it. It's a good one. Thanks for reading!
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10 months ago, Pedro conexão
About the game
I don't know if you're going to see this, but I'm a big fan of new star soccer, I'm currently 22 years old and I've been playing this game since I was 13/14 years old. I have several ideas about the game, some update tips that would help attract more players. - add proposals from other teams, you receive proposal for contracts from other teams during the transfer window and receive proposal also at the end of the season. - also add the character, choose how you will wear the shirt, socks, shorts, tattoo and hair. Really create a character - I also think you should add the degree of difficulty "beginner/medium/hard" because it is very easy to score 100 goals per season. - should be a more realistic touch in the game "make the person feel that they are really having a player career - adding positions (goalkeeper, defender, defender, midfield, striker) would make the game more interesting and less cloying. - shows receiving all the awards would be the best thing "behind emotion for the game" the person to take a print to show friends or post. -Add awards as top scorer/best goalkeeper "if you add a goalkeeper mode" - if you showed the companions the coaches, the crowd of fans when they have the decisions would be very cool. I will be very happy if you put the transfer offers, I love this game I wish I didn't get sick of it sometimes. Att: Pedro Santos
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6 years ago, You__have__to_write_a_nickname
Awesome Game
I have been playing NSS for a couple of years now and its the only game that I constantly come back to. It is a great game with simple mechanics but is also very complex. That being said, the game can be difficult to progress in if you make bad choices. Here are a few of my tips. 1. Buy NRG drinks while they are cheap, they increase in price very quickly 2. In your first couple seasons, focus on maxing your skills, especially power. You can increase your relationships by performing well in the games 3. Don’t spend money on lifestyle items early, all they do is affect the newspaper articles and achievements 4. Don’t take bribes, they are extremely hard to recover from if they go wrong. 5. Don’t go to the casino with team, the boss always finds out 6. Buy the swerve boots, I average 3 goals a game with them and max skills 7. Stick with one team 8. Always try and get 1 assist a game to keep the team happy 9a. Hire an agent and trainer, increasing your contract is a huge part of the game. If you have a low contract with a high star rating, the NRG drinks will be impossible to buy. 9b. If you are willing to “cheat”, close out the app if you screw up the contract negotiations. If you reload it will give you a second chance. Keep doing this until you max out the contract. Those are a few tips, thanks for a great game!
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7 years ago, Resistance95
Fun, quirky, a little unrealistic
Man, I have been playing this game for years, and I still can't put it down. The arcade style is addicting, and the overall sense of achievement by winning leagues is awesome. You are placed in the center of the action with your play dictating (usually) how games play out. Occasionally you have the best game ever and you still lose, but that happens in real soccer. And occasionally you score 12 goals in a match against a vastly superior opponent winning 15-2 (my experience was as Forrest against Chelsea in FA Cup Final) My only complaint is the best gear is only able to be purchased with real money. Not fair especially since there is no multiplayer function meaning there is no one to get better than but yourself. Also, I would like to see more North American tournaments such as North American Gold Cup (and its respective international qualifiers i.e. Caribbean Cup) and the US Open Cup.
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6 years ago, Evangelavius
Whoever created this game clearly was on brain steroids. This is easily my favorite game by far, because it is surprisingly simple, yet intricate in that you have to maintain all these things, such as relationships, your lifestyle, and your actual skills. Plus it’s ridiculously immersive because the game actually does depend on how well you do in games, its actually better than FIFA in that regard which is kinda hilarious. If you score 50 goals and get 80 assists in a season, then chances are you should be able to play on Borrusia. LOL! Plus you can negotiate contracts and stuff which is incredible. Once you get into the second or third season that's when the game truly unfolds into this perfect game. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL, JUST LIKE THIS ONE WITH ONLY ADS RIGHT AT END OF GAME, BECAUSE THAT IS BEARABLE. DONT BECOME GREEDY. 13/10, best game
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7 years ago, The real Artman23
Very addictive
I for some reason down loaded this app and I haven't stopped playing it it gets you all worked up and your blood flowing with the anticipation of what's going to happen next. Great game !! Update Ok now that I've been playing for a while it seems once you reach a certain level of play the guys on your team forget how to play and for there lack of playing well it gets put on you as your not playing well and then next thing you know you start losing everything all your sponsors your girl friend then you change teams and it just gets worse. It's getting very frustrating especially when your behind in goals and you or your team never even get the ball the whole 2nd half. Lame Last that keep asking to rate the game when I already have. Now I updated my review from a 5 star to a 3 star go ahead ask me to rate the game again it just might drop again.
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3 months ago, bryjuann
Something’s changed and I was scammed out of IAP’s
I don’t know what it is but something about this game has changed. Energy drain feels insanely fast now compared to before but I DID have some in app purchases. I wasn’t able to recover my save, I can live with that. HOWEVER, I tried recover those purchases and nothing happens. My boots? Gone. My agent? Gone. Ads remover? Gone. This game is so greedy now that it’s not far off from EA in my eyes. You have the choice to watch and ad for a reward after every match, but it’s not much a choice when you’re FORCED to watch an ad REGARDLESS of your choice. I typically skip the ad boost but I’m STILL met with an ad RIGHT AFTER. I understand they need to make money, BUT I ALREADY GAVE YOU MONEY. SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS REASON. And it’s because of this that I can’t suggest this game to anyone. Without having access to the items I already paid for, I can’t in good conscience give this any higher than 2 stars which is sad because at its core it’s a very fun a simplistic game. I had a multi year career with 70 rated stats and 100 game boots but now I can’t even access those on a new save because their in-app purchase recovery simply doesn’t function. If you’re okay with being f2p, go for it. Its not bad. I enjoy it but until I get some answers, my items OR my money back, I simply can’t keep playing this. Do. better.
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2 years ago, 485729264
This game is great. The amount of depth is insane. From negotiating your contracts to racing your horses, there’s so much to do! I just came back to playing this game and the only problem I have with it is that the developers haven’t really added anything since the last time I played like 6 years ago. I think it would be really cool to add the names of other players along with their stats to see where you rank in the league. The game is also getting really easy the more I play, I think it’d be really cool to have a difficulty setting, like retro bowl. It’d be really cool if the developers added this stuff, but the game is still really cool and easy to pick up, I highly recommend if you like offline career games.
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6 years ago, Reddx4
Love this game! What’s with the weird music?
This game is one of my favorite games ever! I’m 8 seasons in and have only played for Zacatecas and Leicester City. I’ve everything there is to win with Leicester and I’ve also won the World Cup. I have most of the achievements complete but even though I’ve won almost everything possible I just can’t put this game down. It’s so fun! I have one minor problem though, when I get on the game some weird music starts playing it sounds like some medieval theme park music. When I click it it takes me to the music app but it says nothing is playing. So is this some kinda glitch or some music from an ad that just keeps playing, it’s starting to get really annoying. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, ND7766985479Games
Amazing game, and a suggestion
The game is great, and I have a suggestion for a game I’m surprised you didn’t make. You should make a game called New Star Basketball. It should have the same 3D graphics, you flick the ball to pass and shoot on offense, and steal and block on defense, and you can flick your character to move forward on fastbreaks, and if you make it close enough to the basket, the camera would zoom in to your character’s perspective and flick to layup or dunk, and you could be able to do alley-oops where the camera also would zoom in to the player’s perspective and you can pass the ball to a player trying to dunk or touch the ball when it comes to you and then flick at the basket to dunk it. I hope you can turn this suggestion to reality! That would be awesome!
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3 years ago, ZA105
Obvious Cash Grab
The game is designed to bleed your wallet dry. It does offer the chance to earn a coin or two by watching adds but the benefit isn’t worth the add. Player stamina is ridiculously low. You lose half or more of your stamina in one game and then the coach is upset for the next game that you’re tired and subs you out. But Being sit out doesn’t regenerate any stamina! So then you have to use the games sports drinks to regain stamina which cost money. Idk why so many people would rate this above three stars max. Your teammates are apathetic to move towards the ball and therefore don’t help your rating. Then they get mad at you for missing the pass that they didn’t even try for. In summary: the game is designed to make you pay for stamina drinks, gear and agents to actually make the games winnable and really just to make the app enjoyable in any aspect. A person’s time would be better spent doing just about anything else.
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6 years ago, Mermaidman11
Best simulation ever.
I love the heck out of this game. It’s literally been my favorite game since I found it on this old website on my 2004 pc windows back when I was a we little lad. And when I got my first smart phone device I was excited when I found out it was a mobile game now. This game is just amazing and I can continue to play it. When I get bored I know I’ll always come back to it because of the authenticity it comes with it. Become a club legend is my goal with those 500 appearances it’s so satisfying when you earn that achievement Although I wish you could tally up the wins your horses get from your personal stable? Pretty cool insight. But over all great soccer game ever created for mobile devices
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7 years ago, pengenius
Incredibly detailed
I found this game online a few years ago and was overjoyed when I discovered it on the App Store. Not only is it the only game of it's nature that I have ever played, but it is so meticulous in it's detail. The game contains leagues and teams from any and all countries that you can choose to play for as you experience the life of an up and coming player. It has relationships with teammates, fans, and sponsors that fluctuate based on performance. Matches use energy, as does training. You can't play if you don't have energy. World Cup qualifying, luxury homes for purchase, witty descriptions, this game has it all. Definitely a must play for anyone remotely interested in the sport.
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3 years ago, An21rew
Pretty neat
This is one of the first games in this style that I’ve seen that is actually good. I’m talking amazing, as soon as you understand game mechanics it just becomes a breeze. I have mainly one concern: energy drinks. What the heck were y’all thinking when you wanted to raise the price with each star rating. At one point it gets so expensive that I have to use my games paycheck to buy one regular drink. That paired with the fact that you manager doesn’t let you negotiate for a better paycheck for about 3 star ratings to fit your expenses is also a bit sus. With these minor tweaks, this game will go to a whole nother level. Good job.
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7 years ago, EtanGames
Playing since ‘13.
Wonderful game but can’t get used to the new look so I use the old one. This is an amazing game but I put it at 4 stars because of a glitch. Basically if you hit it off of a team mate and he doesn’t get the ball and it just bounces off of him and another teammate gets it, it will say -short pass but it still keeps on playing as if it was a good play. A bit annoying when your trying to get 100% everything. Also I haven’t been playing strait for 4 years more on and off. Quick side note: how do you get a better trainer/agent? It’s says 1star amateur but I can’t seem to change it pls tell me how
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6 years ago, 123_king_me
Good game, minor flaws
First of all, the game is very good and addictive. I often have to avoid playing it in public because this game can easily frustrate me. However there are flaws with this game. Biggest one to me is the offsides mechanic. In soccer you are offsides if you touch the ball after the ball was passed by a teammate and you were closer to the goal than the defender closest to the goal at the time the ball was passed, except when the passer was closer to the goal. You are not offsides if you touch the ball beyond the offsides line if you were behind the line when the ball was passed. You are also not offsides if the ball touched an opponent (ie-goalie)before it touches you. Tl;DR- solid game besides some game mechanics that need tweaking, mostly just advice for the devs.
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6 years ago, Ry guy 1234567
Great game but fix this
This game is great, addicting, and so much fun. However I recently downloaded the pitch and weather pack from the store and it’s ruined my game. Now every time I play there is annoying music blasting. I’m not sure if there was always music but its definitely more often now. Please add an option to disable music (not sound effects) and/or delete the pitch and weather pack. UPDATE: Buying the remove ads didn’t work so if you thought that was a fix guess again. Also I would love to have an option to buy a trainer for real money that lasts forever instead of (or in addition to) one that lasts 150 matches. A more expensive one time purchase would be amazing !
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6 years ago, HaJOK3RHa
I love this game. For what it is, it’s an amazing game and uncontainably addictive, not even sure if that was a word😂. I have so much fun with it and it’s just a game where even if you get a high level you still wanna keep going because there is more to it. What’s weird is that I play American football and I have never played soccer in my life but this game just always makes me have fun. What I recommend to the developers if for you guys to make this same type of style of game out of American football or basketball or baseball it would be really cool. Anyways I love this game and keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, p00r0ldm4n
I like the game, but there is this glitch..
I really like this game. It gives you the opportunity to play quick and fun soccer. However, there is this glitch that is really annoying. My player is in the 4th year of his career and plays for Arsenal. It’s January and things are going well. Suddenly, when I go to my relationships, every relationship i had with the boss, fans, and the team randomly dropped off. I’m not sure why it happened to me, because at that time I was having a good year. All off the relationships just dropped into the 10s and it really messed everything up. The game didn’t even say anything about it. Thanks again.
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5 years ago, Gdawg0422
Phenomenal Game
I had a major surgery back in 2012 which had me bedridden for about a week. During that time, I played NSS for several hours every day, and it was absolutely amazing back then. I hadn’t played it for several years, almost forgetting about it, but I came across it again very recently and I am obsessed all over again. An absolute gem of a soccer game, I almost can’t stop playing it. A perfect mixture of mini-game, rpg, and strategy. I can’t recommend a better time killer than this game, you literally won’t be able to put it down. Get this game!
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7 years ago, Blo-blo
Great, very small issues
This game has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. From my young childhood of playing this game on desktop websites, I am ecstatic to find that there is a mobile version. I love the concept and simple design, but I have one issue. That issue is the extreme inflation of 'NRG' drinks. At the first star level, the drinks are 2$ but by the tenth level are a staggering 29$. As you play the game, your wages increase and you can sometimes win money in the casino, but having to spend almost two matches' worth of salary on a drink is ridiculous. STILL LOVE THE GAME Brad Rosenston
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7 years ago, Memememememememeneme
Alright. I have been playing this game for years, and these are some tips: 1-Buy NRG drinks when they cost only 2SB’s. My current game is level 60, and they cost about 160SB’s. I end up having to substitute a lot of games to keep my lifestyle rate up. 2-Training is not very important. If you just pay the money for the Swerve Mk1’s, you can do all the stuff you need to do. 3-Investing in an agent is important. He will tell you when to renew your contract, which is an important part of the game. 5-Try to stick to one team. Transfers may get you a little better contract, but it takes so long to get your relationships back up. High team relationship is a key to success. 6-Pass. The more you pass, the more you get the ball. The more you get the ball, the more assists and goals you get. The more assists and goals you get, the more Star Bux you earn. THATS MY PIECE, ENJOY THE GAME
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6 years ago, Zeke Gorgon
Crash, Money, and Relationships
Well first off I love this game its extremely entertaining and addicting. My biggest problem with this game is that it crashes after every game I play. I miss constant opportunities to increase relationships or with sponsors (please fix that!!!). Also its pretty difficult to gain money in this game i think they should make it at bit easier. Lastly it is extremely difficult to increase relationships!!!! Even If I play the mini games I can barely notice a different in the bar. Again Overall this game is awesome, for all these fixes I wouldn’t mind paying for this game at all.
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4 years ago, Nickstag3
I really enjoyed this game for the first 20 minutes and then I realized that you don’t get paid nearly enough to be able to keep up. As you progress energy begins to cost more. It take a lot of time to get sponsors and contract renewals. By the time you start making more than one coin per game, the cost for energy is at 10 coins per can. Which means my entire salary goes to making sure my guy can actually have enough energy to play a game. That means I can’t improve my skills or my relationships with my teammates, sponsors, boss, and girlfriend. Although it is easy to get relationships up with good play. It’s still too hard to earn entail money to be able to play the game without having to whip out my credit card.
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5 years ago, Indiglo
Loved this game for years - shame on the devs for the ads in a paid game
Absolutely wonderful game that I’ve played on and off for, what, 6 years now? The inflation of energy drinks over time has always been a problem that should probably be fixed, but it’s not unmanageable. I’m not sure when the developers decided to put in advertisements for other games that are unskippable for the first 15 seconds or so. I’m not sure when they decided that this would be a good idea to add to a fantastic game that is paid. I understand that it’s a minor thing, but the principle of it leaves a sick taste in my mouth. Shame on you guys — from what would have been a loyal customer in the future.
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6 years ago, helloboiz
Make a American football one
I love this game so much but what would be good would be to make a American football one. Maybe you start out on your choice of college and work your way up into the ranks in football. Then you could enter a draft projected on your national ranking Positions would be only offensive positions though. But if you do bad In college you can go undrafted where you can play in the CFL, Arena football, and NFL Europe, but if u do get drafted you can play in the NFL and go for a Super Bowl run.
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4 years ago, Mr NDLP
Game bug
I don’t know why this happens or if it happens to other people, but sometimes the game says that I’ve played some matches That I didn’t play. For example a few minutes ago, I played like 5 matches and won all of them by more than 3 goals or so, but when I checked the fixtures list it said that in the last 5 matches I had played I lost one match 3-2. This happens to me all the time but I never leave games or close the app in the middle of the game. How am I supposed to get the achievement of going unbeaten in a season?? Please fix this
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3 years ago, Csk84me
Fun game
I used to play this all the time online and got sad once flash was retired since it became unplayable on the computer. I found this ap and it is a lot like the online game with a few additions that makes this game really enjoyable. It is slightly harder than the computer version due to it takes where you tap vs seeing where you will tap with your mouse but it is still a lot of fun.
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7 years ago, Wizzzrobe
What a wonderful world
This game is focused on making you feel the emotions that soccer players do, it shows you how it feels to become one. It shows you how hard it is to balance everything in one. The gameplay is fun and it always gives you a fair chance at winning a game. It suggests that the fate of the game is in your hands, and that in itself is amazing. I does have it's fair share of small problems that can end up ruining the fairness of the game, but it won't effect the gameplay of you decide not to take the route.
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5 years ago, sholt113
Updated: $$$ Or Suffer
I love the concept of this game, but it makes it insufferable for anyone who doesn't pay at least $20, and that'll only get you so far. All I wanted was the sponsorship fixed, and while that's better, now energy is utilized too often and money is too often spent. It doesn't make micro transactions more appealing, it makes them necessary. I already paid for career mode. I don't want to keep shelling out money for a game I already paid for. If they made the game $5 and made it more fun by making energy more plentiful, I'd gladly do it. But spending $5 in game right now barely gets me anywhere. I waited months for an update to improve this game, and instead it has ruined it.
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5 years ago, Evan Rodenberger .
Best soccer game out there
Gameplay is simple. There are endless possibilities in terms of leagues and nationalities. It’s free and honestly the ads aren’t bad. It isn’t pay to win and I honestly didn’t even know you could buy bux until my 5th play through (not that you ever will). Sometimes you lose a game because you don’t get enough chances, but that’s just part of being on a soccer team. Overall this is a 10/10 game
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7 years ago, Mohammedcon
Good game
Very nice game star level is 37 and I earn atleast 100 a match. But I think you should let the energy go down slower. For example, the free kicks training. Who gets that tired from kicking a ball once at goal? So you should make it so it doesn't go down quickly and you should also have a realistic money thing. Like for example if you were the top player in the world you would get 500k a match or something
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2 years ago, Theyflyest
Good but
The game itself is good. You can go to the casino purchase houses play in the game etc. But the only thing I don’t like is that I never feels like you’re Making money even when you get better contracts because the energy that once costed 2 costs 50 when and increases as your contracts do. Same as agents etc. So it never feels satisfying that there’s always price increases with everything so you’ll never have money either way.
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7 years ago, Catcher#0
I love playing this game. So fun to have to work my way up the ranks. The games are exciting, I get happy I get sad throughout my career. Feels like I'm really playing in real life!! All I'd want to change is have the money be realistic. Like instead of getting payed 27 coins per game, get paid $400,000 per game. And I would not make the costs of everything go up so much as I go on. But I love the game. I show it to my friends who don't really even follow soccer and they love it.
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5 years ago, Easton Wells
Really good game but not perfect
It's a very good game, but it does have its fair share of flaws. For example, it can be incredibly hard to sustain a good energy level due to the fact that energy drinks cost way too much and you're always training and playing. I believe that if there was an easier way to restore energy this game would be much more enjoyable. Nonetheless it is still a good game and I enjoy it.
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4 years ago, jhgfyhgujgujb
All my friends who have ever watched a single soccer game have this game installed. This game is gold when it comes to continuous playability. One big gripe I have is the rating system. The base match rating should be 6 or at least 5 like real life. It makes no sense how I can score 2 goals and still get a 5.5. Also having a girlfriend doesn’t go anywhere so it is pointless and a waste of time. I mostly use her for improving relationships in dilemmas. Otherwise absolute banger of a game.
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4 years ago, SIS 6.7
Thank you!!!
I’ve been playing this game for years now which is rare for me. I don’t normally play mobile games or games you need to pay to play so to speak. But this game is super addicting and lets you manage your players lifestyle and lots of other gems. Of course you need to drop some paper here and there for the perks...but not the fun. Thank you to my favorite game developers and everyone at NSS!!!
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2 years ago, A guy who doesn't review
Nice game but one small issue
The game is really fun but when there’s dilema where you have to choose between your boss and the team it’s kind of a lose-lose situation. If you choose one option your stat barely goes up and the other option goes down 3x. I know it’s easy to gain relationships but it pisses me off when it happens
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7 years ago, Loltrolololooololopl
Way better than it looks
You've probably already read reviews like this, but no matter how childish it looks, GIVE IT A TRY. The game goes into lots of detail. Other people can explain it better than I can, so I would highly recommend reading other reviews if you are on the fence. Hey, it free. There is literally no risk in trying it out. ps: thanks for the 10 currency ------------------------------------ Okay, so i have an idea for the game. I want more stats, specifically stats that show your performance against other teams. Ex: since you have arrived at Barcelona, your team has been 5-3-1 against Real Madrid. If the developers are reading this, this would make an already perfect game even better
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3 years ago, hcgstglcywyfj
Please update it!
I’ve loved this game for over 6 years and would love for new content to be added to it! There’s a whole generation of young players out there who have never played this game before and that makes me extremely sad! Spend time improving this game even more, add more decisions, more things to buy, idc something!
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7 years ago, XadamSandler
Great Game... One BIG Problem
I really enjoy this game, it's incredibly fun and addicting. There is one problem, you lose skills if you don't practice enough, but if you practice just ONCE it takes away about 50-60% of your energy, which makes it hard to play because you will be a substitute or maybe not even Play. Please fix this, make the person have 1000% energy and lose 50-60% for skills or something, thank you!
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2 years ago, Messi617
Decent game
Gameplay is pretty good. The rising prices of energy drinks, agent, and trainer seem a little unfair. Had one bug where my team was in a cup final but I didn’t get to play because it was also an international game but I wasn’t selected for the international team. The ads are obnoxious. I get they have to make their money some way but ads after every game or training session is just ridiculous for me.
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6 years ago, ClownfishQueen24
I really like this game, I don't think there is somehow to make it better, maybe there is one thing that it can make better, like a update I would love to have is like customize ur character like hair, face, height , weight, but it's okay if it doesn't happens, I love Soccer and I love NSS too. Hopefully whoever created this game can see this review and reply to it but if u can't that's, hopefully this game becomes succes
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6 years ago, Reagan Daniels
Loved this game for so long!
I got this game on my iPad when I was about five. I loved it and did some amazing things if I say so myself. I then stopped playing my iPad and deleted the game when I passed the iPad down to my brother. I now am 12 and got this game on my phone and I STILL am addicted to it. You really don’t hear about the game from many people, but when I found it, I loved it instantly!
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11 months ago, AngryOG3
Must have game on every iPhone. It’s simple, straightforward, but also very fun and addictive. I’ve played this game on and off in spurts for years as it’s quick to jump in and out of games. Ive earned every achievement in this game which also holds weight for replay-ability and speed runs to 100% the game. Nothing but praise for this game
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5 years ago, erichoya
Death of my go-to casual game
Before the updates, NewStar was a game I could get lost in for hours. The pacing was perfect and the challenge just right. With the new update, I'm worried I might have to part ways with an old friend. While some of the changes add elements that could work (agents), the core gameplay was radically altered. Defenders are aggressive and begin chasing the ball when the action shifts to you, turning this once serene game into a frenetic nightmare. I'm all for more complexity if it was optional, but they should have left an original "classic" mode as an option too.
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5 years ago, 💎Nick01💎
Absolutely a hidden gem
I have spent 4-5 years with this game. From late middle school, a hiatus, to now just after graduating highschool. Although I personally still prefer the old graphics and play with them, the new ones are great too and allow for replays. Seriously consider picking up this game. It’s not pay-to-win (though it does support developers), and there is a lot of hidden depth (ie: shoes that allow curving, owning horses, sponsorships and team captain, and much more). My first Character is on year 13, with a 9.9 rating. My only recommendation is to be bold and brave with your shots. I learned a lot more by attempting each shot rather than going for assists. Thank you devs for years of support!
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3 years ago, DennyGoat
Very Good
This simulation game is very good but it gets harder as you progress the better you are the more challenging your opponent gets the best thing I love is that it also has a lifestyle you can choose décision get babes and wives which is eliciting you can get all the luxurious items this game is well balanced and fun I hope you enjoy to
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5 years ago, dragonkiler1232
As fun as can be
As I was younger I remember playing the game it was great and hard at the same time because you are trying to balance everything out with the team your energy and so on but other than that its been updated you can choose there old theme or new and the things you can do are endless
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6 years ago, bears_flyers
Great game
I love this game and have been addicted to it and have loved it ever since I found the PC version of it. But I noticed with the new update there’s music that always plays and even if you turn off the sound in settings it’ll still play and I’d like an option to turn it off or at least turn it down. I love this game and hope you keep updating it, thank you for your time
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