Newport Group

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The Newport Group
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1 year ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Newport Group

1.84 out of 5
209 Ratings
3 years ago, LTrevor
Poor functionality
Meh. This app only has basic (look at balance) type functionality. When updates are made by the administrator the app won’t let you in until you download the new version. Professional apps would at least tell you you need to upgrade. I’d love to see some more performance data too.
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4 years ago, Nojudfoo
Basic functionality
I use quite a few financial apps to help manage my investments so I have very high expectations especially when I am forced to use a specific company for my 401k. This app only does the most basic function: it can show you the account balance and performance. It does not allow you to make changes to investments or even your contributions. In order to do this, you must log in through the website. I am very disappointed with it and plan to use other apps to track my 401k until this gets fixed. Once it’s fixed, I will update this review.
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3 years ago, newtoaplleworld
Average user
Just downloaded to manage annuity fund. It does work easy to navigate two thumbs up then after that there’s nothing else this app does except show you information so I could see where some of the negative reviews come from. In this day and age this app should be able to do more than just show you a balance unless this is done for security reasons. My recommendation to the developer try to add more functionality to this to this app!!!
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2 years ago, nickname 22233333
The original app wasn’t working so I removed it from my phone and then downloaded the new app. Tried to log on but kept getting a pop up telling me my credentials didn’t match so I rest my password and then was able to log on. So I closed out of the app and closed out the app in my background and then reopened the app and tried to log on the new app and it told me again that my credentials didn’t match. So the only way for me to go to the web site is by laptop or computer.
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5 years ago, beledweyne
Absolutely worth of time
Seem a lot of people put a negative comments about this app and I am trying to understand why but anyways everything seems to be working fine for me it’s easy to navigate and it’s a great way to know or to keep track how much money you saving
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5 years ago, JPMusicListener
Balance, and that’s it
This is the worst app I have encountered for any significant financial services firm. It is so big-ridden that tonight, each time I tried to get one more piece of information or data, I needed to input my login and password again. And then, it would only bring me back to the same point I had been earlier! This is a terrible, terrible app. It ought to be embarrassing to the owners of the Newport Group. If you want your balance, the app gives you that. It gives you nothing else.
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2 years ago, Newbsauce
App won’t even launch
This app does not work on my iPhone 12 or 13 pro max. When I launch it, it immediately crashes. Sounds petty but probably gonna move my funds to a different provider who has an app that I can check on my phone. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to be able to see my funds and keep an eye on my account from my phone.
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2 years ago, kellygreen327
Easy to use and straightforward
I wanted to be able to access my retirement plan on my mobile and the app makes it very easy!
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2 months ago, rdbecker
Amazingly bad (and the app no longer launches)
Did you guys forget to maintain this app? It hasn’t worked for well over a year. How is it that nobody at this company is aware that the app stopped launching all together weeks ago? Is Newport so fly-by-night that they don’t care? It’s ridiculous. I’m assuming an update somewhere broke it, but it has been unusable for over a month.
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5 years ago, Nan in PA
Generously rated
Newport, are you listening? Because if you are, trust me: you have a 1998 web interface, that needs to be ripped up and rebuilt from scratch! Go to Vanguard or Fidelity and get schooled. For your investors, this mediocre, underperforming, non-educational, bug-ridden mess is a huge disservice. Wise up!
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9 months ago, Skeptic1011
Terrible app… Makes me wonder about this company
This app is usually months, if not years behind. It is unstable, crashes frequently, has barely any kind of functionality truly makes me wonder whether I should have any money managed by this company. If I had a choice, I would immediately cease doing business with Newport.
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2 months ago, Tjr00
Doesn’t even open anymore. Newport shame on you
This app is fully up to date and it just crashes immediately and fails to open. It’s really discouraging and Newport owes its employer based participants a much better experience. Please everyone pass on to your HR dept how terrible this app is and urge them to use another provider for retirement and deferred comp.
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4 months ago, kashcroe
I’ve been having issue to log in for weeks. The app constantly crashes when ever I try to log in. I reached out the company to raga in access and they can’t help. What’s the purpose of your customer service if you can’t help with issues of the app or a customers issues with their account?
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2 years ago, Erik Pienkos
App Won’t Open
Updated today and the app will no longer open. I think you may have broken something with the latest release.
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2 years ago, not_tiffany
Easy to use app
Great for checking account balances while on the go.
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6 years ago, ModernRomantic93
From a millennial, this needs serious work.
No Touch ID, hard to navigate, can’t figure out how to change the percentage of my contributions (may not be possible on app and I have to say the UX is not great even on desktop, but that’s a different story)...the list goes on. For an investment company I suggest you invest a little more time in your app and user experience
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4 years ago, NS-663
Mediocre app
I would give it zero stars if that was an option. Since moving to IOS 13 it will not accept my ID and password. I have contacted them and all they say is that my ID and password work. They do on a plain web browser running on Windows 10. However it does not work on IOS 13. It used to work on IOS 11 and 12.
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3 years ago, rdrr7
There’s no point
No distribution information is made available through the app. It just results in a frustrating waste of time. At the time I’m writing this the app is already over 4 years old. It makes you wonder if they can’t update it with UI improvements, are they updating its security?
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6 years ago, 89TA9398
Provides the Basics
It provides you with your account information. That is about all. It would be far more useable with Touch ID.
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2 years ago, CJJ202020
Works horribly!
It used to work now when I log on it takes me back to another login page that flickers and freezes!!! Worthless app and it’s not my user name and password because I can login using the web app. Fix this mess!!
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12 months ago, bulldawgs242424
App not working on iPhone 14 or current version of iOS?
App used to work on my iPhone 13 and now won’t even open on iPhone 14. Just opens for a second and then closes
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1 year ago, ashpi
App Doesn’t Open
The app used to at least open and let me look at something before crashing, but for months now the app won’t even open, just crashes immediately
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2 years ago, Barcle101
Unable to log in
Unable to log in with new update. Garbage app. Wrote to my company to stop using them. Horrible tech support. It’s almost 2022 ans they’re way behind the most basic of functions. Oh, and center the logo on your app icon. So odd looking.
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2 years ago, CJTurn
No longer works with iOS 14.7.1
Ever since the last iOS update 14.7.1 this app will not open. It’s now been several weeks. That my company invests with this company and they don’t support their app’s functionality is extremely troublesome.
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1 year ago, Mims3
Dismal App Support
Upgraded to the iPhone 13 many months ago and the app crashes every single time I open it….very disappointing.
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2 years ago, sshftn
App won’t open
My employer uses Newport so I downloaded the app to keep track of my funds on the go. Worked well for a while, then after the latest update the app won’t open on my iPhone 13 anymore. Useless.
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2 years ago, Gary15236886
We’re forced to use their interface as our company’s chose to invest with these clowns. They eliminated Face ID to compound the user unfriendly nature of the app. Balances seem delayed. I don’t trust the info published here. Disbursements take a month to receive. Have no confidence in this company.
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6 years ago, Lee-o-Lion
Crashes on Login
Stays open for split second. If you don't know where to look for your balance, you won't even be able to get that information before the screen returns to the login page. Needs works.
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2 years ago, necolow
So far it works good
I see alot of negative comments but so far it serves what i need.
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5 years ago, KrillzNation
Made to be difficult
Doesn’t remember user name or paaaword. Long password is ok but get it wrong 3x and u have to call to reset it. No password reset email. No fingerprint ID. NOT USER FRIENDLY. Please make it easier to log in or many of your users will be logging into another platform
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4 years ago, Joseph Rasamny
Login no longer works on IOS 13
App no longer functions on IOS13, you cannot even log in. If you drop into a browser you can log in fine. This was never a great user experience but now it is just useless.
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6 months ago, Raijin2004
The app doesn’t even open
Well this app was already outdated when I was forced to get it to view my 401k. But now it won’t even open so this is officially terrible.
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11 months ago, pauliebee08
Does not open with newer iPhone 14
Had a iPhone XS Max with no issues. New iPhone 14 pro that I switched to will not open app at all. Verified that the app works by trying it on my brothers iPhone 13. Needs fixed
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2 years ago, Tmsmedic
Fix the freaking app
App has been broken and even after emails to Newport, this app still crashes on startup. Makes me feel even more comfortable about how they invest my retirement.
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1 year ago, Clint123*
iPhone se 3rd gen won’t load
Unable to load since I upgraded to iPhone SE 3rd gen Hope you correct soon as I really like using your app. I’ll update rating once corrected. Thanks
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2 months ago, Frustrated camera owner 12345
Hasn’t been working, lack of ownership response
This institution should have a minimum of a 4-star app to compete. What is going on? Update to a superior interface.
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4 months ago, James@Miami
Keep crash on the latest iOS
This app keeps crash on the latest iOS for a while. Please fix the issue.
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11 months ago, App good SW .. so so
Does not work
Just opens and immediately closes, I don’t think any work has been done for a long time
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8 months ago, Hdghggggjjc
Not Functional
All retirement company apps are not very functional in general, but this one wont even get you past the login screen.
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5 years ago, Chellrider
Not enough information
No Touch ID to log in. No performance information or investment information. This app only gives your balance.
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6 years ago, bogartjordan
App doesn’t work
Half the time I can’t get into the app, the other half of the time I can’t even find what I’m looking for once I get in the app. Not user friendly
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3 months ago, E. Jones
App Won’t Launch
I can’t remember the last time I was able to successfully launch this app.
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2 years ago, Jdcompman
Instant crash
App doesn’t even open after the latest update.
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3 years ago, Yawn Robots
Does work
Trying to exchange funds but there is a bug in the app. If a list of options extended beyond screen can’t hit select. Basic but fundamental design failure.
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11 months ago, Docdmc
Doesn’t even open
Used to work much better. Now the app doesn’t even open.
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6 years ago, yoose8
It won’t even let me get past the login page
I try to sign in and it just brings me back to the log in page
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2 years ago, AudiRS5Guy
Crashes consistently after IOS 15 update.
Crashes after IOS 15 update.
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4 years ago, DHAdams81
Lost checks in the mail. 3 times!
If you don’t like the app, wait until you attempt to rollover your 401(k). Terrible experience with this company as a whole!
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11 months ago, Iron Evan
App never opens. Have to delete and reinstall about once a week.
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2 years ago, BP mobile
Lacks real functionality
I can see my quarterly statement, but NO ability to save or print the statement from the app.
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