Nexomon: Extinction

4.8 (5.4K)
1810.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nexomon: Extinction

4.77 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
11 months ago, hating scammers
Better Story then Pokemon
As a casual competitive pokemon player who has been extremely disappointed by Nintendo and GameFreak’s handling of the 3D pokemon games, this game is a breath of fresh air. The story is extremely good compared to anything out if GameFreak. The Nexomons are pretty cool as well. The battle system feels pretty good but I definitely still have a lot to figure out with it. I am very tempted into buying the full version so i can see how the story unfolds. Even with the free content I am seeing myself going through and training up a bunch of different mons and trying to catch a whatever I don’t have. I am very tempted to get the full version since its only $3 on mobile. There’s a lot to do even with the free content but now I am at the point of deciding whether to spend a little on this game to unlock the full version or moving on to something else. As far as ios creature collecting goes this game is probably the best. EvoCreo isn’t too bad but I had much more fun with Nexomon as the demo for evo creo is way too short. Good job devs on making such a spectacular game that brings the spirit of old school pokemon but with an actual storyline.
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3 years ago, Hunter camo
For the devs
Fantastic job Dev’s, I can really say you did a fantastic job moving forward with Nexomon during the first one, now this. I loved the characters, but the one that turned out to be my absolute favorite with no comparison was coco the cat. I laughed a lot, really because he was relatable and I found myself thinking the exact same things as he said, when he said them. He is beyond fantastic and I would LOVE to see another coco in the next Nexomon game, so please add a new coco descendent or similar vibe character to the next game, I just enjoyed him way to much to not see myself in the game without him. To anyone interested or curious- get the game. You will enjoy it a lot, especially if you want to get away from Pokémon, but still play something *close* to it. Drawing is crazy across the board with different art styles and concepts. Tyrants all had different personalities and it goes to show how some good story-telling will keep someone around. I recommended this to my friend(s), and I do the same to you guys. Worth every penny; Have fun!
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3 years ago, Jjjabavsbdj
Need to be patient
I’ve played most of this developers games from micromon and up. This dudes definitely come a long way. My current issue is how easily the content is to clear, we essentially waited 2+ years for some more detailed backgrounds at the cost of actual content. Nexomon was quite a bit better than extinction currently is. Of course we need to wait for player battles ( even though it’s only a npc of the player)to be released as well as an end game arc. Just like he did in nexomon, with the wardens. ( at least I hope endgame content is in the works). As it stands it feels the developer sacrificed the games foundation for some mediocre polish. The lack of strategy is also a downside, I mean you can quite literally just spam psychic and normal type moves to win 99% of the time. I was able to beat the game with ONLY the psychic starter and had little to no trouble until vados. Then it just became a small lvl grind and use some elixirs when needed. I’m happy to see how this guy and his team have grown, but extinction definitely needs some love in the content department. Would like to see extinction become better. Response to developer: I wrote this review with 100% completion.
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8 months ago, DoubleDubya
Phenomenal Storytelling, Enjoyable Characters, Great Value
I am a huge Pokémon fan, and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of a mobile monster catching game. With limited research going in, I found myself captivated by the plot quickly, which was a welcome change from most Pokémon games. Characters are involved throughout the story, and often provide everything from your villains to comic relief, and everything in between. Character development throughout the game also provides new lens for many characters, which may just find themselves shifting their alignment with the protagonist. Battles scale with you as you progress, meaning every battle can pose a challenge, offering a refreshing take to the typical “become overpowered quickly and roll through the game” feel that Pokémon often grants. This game is well worth the $3.99. It offers in-app purchases, but they are absolutely not necessary to complete the game. Kudos to the entire team - I thoroughly enjoyed my roughly 30 hour gameplay and will be going back and playing the first Nexomon shortly!
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3 years ago, Drockguitar
Wow! Worth the wait!
I do not usually rate apps.... But this game...... I grew up with pokemon from the days of Gameboy all the way to switch and most systems in between. My quest for an IOS clone was first satisfied with nexomon. I have been awaiting this game since. I was not disappointed. This game from the story to the 370ish very creative monsters to catch captivated me from go. The starters were fun and the fact that you can catch them all was awesome. The challenge was great as well finding that I needed to continue to level up battle and buy supplies to keep it moving. The battles were never mundane as they scale to your level so you never get to the point where you are unstoppable( so far I'm only level 70). The fact that the end game unlocks more quests and dozens of now mons also was a plus. All in all I greatly look forward to the 's equal and hope this company gets the support they need to make many more nexomon games!! Well done and don't get overly complicated in the sequals please!!
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3 years ago, AikoKinnn
Better than Pokémon
I used to play Pokémon quite a bit but was always a bit confused but it was a fun game. I recently purchased Shining Pearl, and it’s so incredibly slow, every animation added up could be over and HOUR in Pokémon. But this game- Nexomon kept me intrigued the entire way, I could change the language at any time(useful cause I’m learning a language) and besides a few errors (like text being coded incorrectly) this game 999% beats Pokémon. Nexomon is more intriguing, great story, fun texts and colors, character customization(at least more than Pokémon), and all for $3….. where as Pokémon is $60 and a console is needed. This game by far beats Pokémon because it’s on different systems and always kept me playing. I stopped playing Pearl 2 days after I got it but I played this game for like 2 weeks straight. I WILL be buying the first nexomon when I have time to play it. If you need a Pokémon game, please get this instead of a $60 slow boring game from Nintendo. Thank you for reading :)
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2 years ago, a good game for the ages
A good game for people who like Pokémon
I personally remember beating the switch version and loving the game. And this version of it has certain differences that make it even better. For instance you get rewards for capturing nexomon which is a total upgrade. The story is the same<- I mention this because I remember playing g force ds version and g force console version I remember distinct differences in the stories levels but this game doesn’t have any major differences and it’s even cheaper. It’s overall so far just as good as the original release. I’m currently at immortal citadel just beat the area. And I really enjoy the fact that you can literally catch every starter in this game so it doesn’t feel like there’s only one of each species for starters. If there were 10 stars for choice I’d say this game is a 10 out of 10 purely based on humor and story alone. The starters designs look amazing as well. I think we may have a competitor against Pokémon
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3 years ago, GridLockDown
Please read
This game operates very similarly to Pokémon games, but with one upside being a refreshing new set of monsters to collect and train, another upside being that the story line is engaging and fun. Now don’t get scared away when I say this next part, because it’s not a big deal. There is the option for IAP to boost certain qualities of life (completely not needed unless yo want to level a bit faster) and the game does include a gacha system for collecting stronger monsters and then being able to use them early in the game rather than only obtaining them at the end. This is a great feature if you ask me, because who wants to use a cool/fun monster only for the last bit of the game? You can collect all monsters without purchases though, just as you would in a Pokémon game. Great diversity in monster styles and moves, and is a great gaming experience in my opinion. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am :)
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2 years ago, KenLinx
Amazing monster taming game!
This game improves on a lot of the traditional mechanics of older monster taming games without overstepping it’s bounds. The devs also seem to care a lot about this title with QoL improvements and content updates. A few cons that I think should be improved upon in the next installment: -type advantages/disadvantages make no sense. Like: why is wind good against nature? Why is nature good against electric? Half of the type advantages make no sense. -there should be fewer NPCs that don’t do anything and just have flavor text. Parum city was especially daunting as it was mentally draining to keep track of who I’ve already talked to and which house I’ve already visited. This is made even more difficult when you consider that NPC dialogues change as you progress through the game. Either add indicators on NPCs I’ve already talked to or reduce the number of them.
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2 years ago, pokedude1647
Great game
I got the platinum trophy on this game for the ps4 where it originally launched before I even knew about the first game which vice versa is now on the ps4 after starting as an app. It is very similar to Pokémon with an even better story, like most app games though there are a lot of micro transactions that aren’t in the console version or they are obtainable without spending extra like the upgrades, however they are definitely not requirements to the enjoyment of the game or lock any major content it’s mostly just time saver stuff which really just cuts your enjoyment shorter. I do wish you could see where to find each nexomon and exactly what each move does, and your nexomon will run out of stamina very quick so get used to running back to heal them often but overall this is a very good monster catching battling game.
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3 years ago, Gravolith
We need more games like this
Easily the best game I’ve played since the original nexomon release. There is just so much to do and the story kept me very interested to say the least. If you actually go around and talk to every npc or spend some time here and there grinding, this is actually a very long game. One of the things I love about this game is the fact that the dialogue isn’t forced much, yet it’s still mildly hilarious. The amount of fourth wall breaks drastically increased compared to the original nexomon, making it even funnier. That’s only a portion of what this game is like. Calling this game a five star game is an understatement. This game easily tops other similar games. If you’re new to nexomon, I suggest go back and play the first game before playing the second one. Otherwise you’ll miss some of the minor details in this game.
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5 months ago, Execuclipse
thought it was just another crappy spinoff...
...turns out i was wrong. So i downloaded this game out of sheer boredom thinking it would just be some average fake pokemon copy. i was SOOOOO wrong. this game is criminally underrated and has an actually wildly good story, if you enjoy pokemon then this game is a must have!! the thing that really stood out to me (other than the amazing dialogue) were the side quests. they didn't feel boring or grindy and overall the game doesn't get tiring because of repetitiveness or anything. now i have not played the original nexomon because this one was free, but i bought the original just now because of just how incredibly good the sequel was. 15/10 do recommend!!! p.s. yes my hard carry was literally the electric beetle i caught in the starting region. you can literally main anything
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3 years ago, too coo
Best Pokémon Clone ever made
You guys, if you’re looking for a Pokémon type game then you’ve found it. No ads ever, the story is well written and funny, the difficulty feels perfect, the monsters are cool, the mechanics are interesting, this game has it all. Literally more fun than any of the recent Pokémon games I’ve played. First chapter is free (~1hr of story mode give or take). I was enjoying it so much that I bought the full version and it’s only $3?!? So cheap for such a great game. I’m almost finished with the main story and it’s been amazing. I’ve put in like 20 hours or so and it still feels like there’s plenty more. I give this game 5 gold stars and my Nickelodeon kids choice award. Seriously I’m so glad I downloaded this game. Thank you to the developers!! Best app I’ve played since the Infinity Blade trilogy.
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3 years ago, EnigmaticSnail
Great game but,
My girlfriend and I have been playing this game a lot lately and recently finished the game. Though, there are a few bugs we have run into along the way. She found a few cosmic nexomon before I did, and at first we had no clue that there was another difference other than the color change of the nexomon itself until I found one. In her game there is no special red glint over the name to indicate it is a cosmic, where in my game it does have the effect over the name. This was troublesome for her first cosmic encounter—for she couldn’t catch it due to not knowing it was a cosmic nexomon. In addition to bugs, one of the lower right houses in Lateria are completely black when I walk in and I can’t walk anywhere in the room except for back out. Other than these few bugs, the game is amazing! It is super fun and has an amazing story line.
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9 months ago, Nexo18475
It is fun
It has a few bugs also I had accidentally erased my save data and I would like a replacement. I was wondering if you could give me some stuff like the exp booster of a bunch of growth candies or something, or could you give me a 100% save file right before the abbysal dlc. I am sorry, but I put over 20 hours into this game. Though you don’t need to give me 100 percent story, you can just give me every Nexomon that is not from dlc and 500 friendship points, and maybe 50 golden nexotraps, or only 15 of every nexotrap and food with the every Nexomon and 500 friendship points, but I put so so much effort into my save game also my previous save was Nexo and the one now is I. Also I have a question about the codes what are they for and what are some?
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3 years ago, Djmiller1996
If someone complains it’s because they are cheap
This is a amazing game don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The only complaints I see is it takes a lot of battery and that it’s only free to a certain point. First they tell you straight up that there is a free part of the game so don’t complain. Like this is how the developers make their money. Second if you have battery issues it’s due to your settings. Check you setting and that should fix it. Don’t complain that it’s not 100% free. It’s $3. Come on. Don’t complain about micro transaction because they are optional. You don’t have to purchase any of them at all to get the full features of the game. Anything you buy in micro transactions, you can get in game without a purchase.
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2 years ago, jdjohnson474
Excellent game can’t wait to see where this series goes!
A great roster of ‘mons, excellent story, engaging world, great difficulty, and hilarious tongue in cheek moments make this an excellent pick up. I really can’t wait to see what the team does next - in my head I have a revamped type chart, competitive play, breeding, and an expanded endgame. The one minor complaint I have is the combat. It doesn’t reward the player nearly as much as Pokémon does for analyzing strengths and weaknesses and applying the correct moves to the correct opponent. Pokémon has the STAB bonus and a x2 multiplier for super effective hits, while Nexomon just…. Doesn’t. This does the keep the difficulty up, and I did immensely enjoy the increased overall difficulty, but I wasn’t a fan of those choices
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3 years ago, Th1sNameTaken
Great game, a little cheesy and has numerous micro transactions
For a Pokémon clone, this game does a great job of almost entirely creating its own identity through the story and world building (copy and pasted gameplay aside). The pocket monster turn-based combat also adds a unique (but sometimes unnecessary) spin on the battles. The stamina works pretty well and forces you to think (to some degree before you use whatever attack you were going to before hand. There are 381 unique Nexomon to catch, which all told is nothing to sneeze at. The dialogue and the emojis the characters use during conversation and certain actions is quite cheesy and can grow tiresome but overall, it doesn’t detract from the experience. The game also has micro transactions but up to this point, I’ve managed to avoid them entirely. All in all, a very solid Pokémon clone.
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4 months ago, @YoungRicoRico
Beautiful Game!
Art Is Beautiful & So Is The Music! The Story Is Amazing! Serious & Comical With Slight Sarcasm! Worth The Money! 5 Stars! - Couple Of Things That Potentially Need Work! Are More Moves Amongst All The Nexomon To Make It More Abundant & Non Repetitive, Also! Nexomon Should Maybe Have A Level Of Exclusiveness With Character’s Throughout The Story! So There’s A Level Of Rarity! For Nexomon Or Certain Nexomon! I Shouldn’t Be Fighting The Same Nexomon I Have In My Team Over & Over Ya Know? Kinda Like The Beginner Pokémon & How You Can’t Find A Squirtle In The Wild! Adds Or Fills To The Story A Little I Feel! Also It Doesn’t Say Wether I’ve Caught Certain Nexomon At All! Hope To Have A Tag Or Symbol Showing Ive Captured It, Aside From That The Game Was Fantastic! I Hope The Artists Create More! Hope To See More Dope Art & Cool Nexomon!
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5 months ago, Lord awesomness
Better then Pokémon
If you like Pokémon then you’ll love this game! You’ll even love the past games they’ve made. The creatures are incredibly cool and well designed, the game actually has difficulty in it, and then there’s the plot. It’s a mature plot that even adults would get immersed in, and frankly my favorite out of all the games they’ve made. From the super cool villains to even your own character. There is never a dull moment and plenty of twists and turns. There are also lots of fun fourth wall breaks. The world is large and fresh but still navigable. The catching system is straightforward but lower in catch rates that makes catches actually feel worth wile. I can’t recommend this game and their past games enough.
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4 months ago, Pissedoffname:)
Great game
It’s as good or better than whatever pokemon has become. It’s more like the original rby and gs games. It’s fun to play and a good bit of learning to do to understand power and weakness as they are different somewhat from pokemon and that brain tries to take over sometimes. I gave it a 4/5 because there needs to be either the ability to hold more monsters at one time being the game starts with so many or it needs to be a little easier so you can use them all and see what they all do as you go without having to be held up for hours grinding them. There’s are tons of plus points and just a few negative points. All in all if they make it cross platform and able to play against others online or in person I’m forgetting pokemon.
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2 years ago, coolingcaleb
Everything is great but 1 thing
I made another review giving it 5 stars but now I see the only flaw. Why when I fighting my enemy gets up to 3 turns in a row then once it’s my turn again the enemy gets ANOTHER turn. I understand if you switch Nexomon you’re enemy gets a turn but I used mine to switch. But when my enemy does the same thing they STILL attack before I do and it doesn’t matter if my attack speed was higher than theirs they still go first even when switching Nexomon. But when I do it they get up to 3 turns in a row. Please fix than not only is it aggravating but when you’re going against sting enemies it just feels like cheating and I love a challenge but I want a challenge that feels real. It’s like the game just gives them free turns just because
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3 years ago, HypXin
Great RPG!
Only got pass the cave so very early review. Everything in this game is great. The pacing, and the minor grinding early game so far. But there’s some things I wish the developer would work at. 1. Battery life with this game is really bad. If you’re on low power mode + charging(slow) I feel the battery still draining slowly. 2. The controls needs improvement. I wish there’s a default static movement instead of the drag to move. Often times I would swipe and hold in one direction and once the black screen appear before loading the next area, you would slightly nudge the other direction. This cause me to constantly go back and forth into room. 3. The “save” function need to be slightly reworked. You need to have the auto save function in its own category. Right now if you have auto save and Manuel save on. You need to make two saves just so the auto save doesn’t take over your last saved. These are my main changes I would like to see in this. I would recommend the developer get some inspiration from Guardian Tales and their controls. Very different game, but it has great movement. Right now this game movement isn’t very fluid. Kinda feel rigided.
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3 years ago, Calvin37x
One in a million
Usually pretty skeptical about games like this. First thought would be “knock off”. Fortunately now that I’ve finished the campaign, I was wrong. The story is very original and u expected and fun to follow along rather than clicking through. You can tell the people who made this put a lot of thought and soul into this game. I finished the game in three days but only because I was playing for hours and hours each day which goes to show how addicting it can be. Great detail, humor, storyline, and overall a great time. To get the full game is 2.99 and it’s totally worth it considering I’ve spent over 60 dollars on new games today that I hardly bother playing because it’s disappointing.
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1 year ago, TrumpWorkerLovesGod
Great stories & Opposition than Pokémon
Amazing created game you got over there. I’ve enjoyed played this along, I will pay full version worth for it, after training some goods one and fulfilling all Nexomons evolutions while playing free until I am be ready to pay for full version of this game. I am loving it! This is worth to play! To those people who say that ain’t, because your taste is different and has no interest over new things btw! I don’t blame you for that, however you give yourself a taste and try. Short play DONT give you a taste that doesn’t change my mind, it need to be little longer than short for you to have a taste in this game, but that your times & Choices.
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3 years ago, That one dragon dude
Please listen
Developer(s), please listen, I really feel like you need to adjust some of the accuracy of the pure status effect moves to hit more often. It’s gonna really throw off the point of having these kinds of moves later in arena if you get beat trying to use them. It’s gonna defeat the purpose. I highly like pvp and competitiveness and I can tell certain Nexomon are set up to be used for more status effects and CC. That is a great thing, but it won’t do any good if you can hit those moves at any point and two or three of your Nexomon get fainted trying to use them. Everything else about this game is great really and I am happy to pay to help you develop more content.
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6 months ago, Starphobia
Absolutely wonderful.
I’ve been playing for several years now, and this is one of the only games I haven’t gotten tired of. Because of my ADHD, I usually stop playing games midway because I’ve either lost interest in it, or I found a better alternative. Nexomon, however, has always been a game that I’d always played when I was bored, and never got bored of it even after years. The storyline, gameplay, and everything is just perfect, and guess what, you don’t even have to pay to do most things like a lot of these games do! If you’re reading this, I highly recommend it because once you download it, you wouldn’t regret it!
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7 months ago, Kashqwa
I can’t believe the numbers of reviews for this game. Definitely the best capture and train game I have come across thus far. Which is why I don’t understand why it hadn’t been reviewed more times. I’m not even done with neither the first or second one yet but it is the only game I ever even played and wanted to pay money on. They are actually good in game prices especially given the quality of game. I would not be hesitant to recommend this game to a random on the street. The developers have done phenomenal in the story as well as gameplay and design. Google knows that I never write reviews so if that says something man cop that Nexomon fr fr.
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2 years ago, SparkUchiha
If you are a Pokémon fan please do not sIeep on this game. I have played just about every pokemon game and this one was easily my favorite!! Story: 10/10 The writing in this was amazing! First game where I actually wanted to talk the npcs. From beginning to ending I was entertained. Music:9/10 Excellent music. I was surprised at the effort put into the soundtracks. Artwork:9/10 This game art design is gorgeous. Plenty of varied Nexomon and environments. Gameplay:10/10 This game is more challenging than its Pokémon peer. I love it! Also you can go to end game areas from the start so you can catch almost any Nexomon and play through the entire game with them. Story progression also cause all Nexomon to scale levels so the challenge is always there. Pricing:10/10 Very cheap pricing for what you get. Pokémon games are easily $60 and I paid about $6 for this. This game is a lot better and is what I wish Pokémon games would be. Only con is there is no online play but do not let that discourage you from playing this gem. Keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, Oceangirl0707
My only problem
So, I love this game so far, but I found a problem, or what I assume is a problem. In Lateria, there’s one house when you go in it’s completely black. You can move around in it and I found the person who lives there and he’s from the Frozen Tundra, I thought I was stuck in there for a bit after finding him, but eventually managed to find the exit again. I don’t know if this is a thing where you have to find the light switch, or just an accident on y’all’s end, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention. Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed the game so far :)
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2 years ago, BecomingYeti60
A Fantastic Mobile Game
Hi! Im writing this review having nearly completed the entire main story. If you're reading this and wondering "should I get this game", do it. This is probably one of the best mobile games out there. It is worth playing and spending 3 dollars to get the whole version. The gameplay, music, and artwork are all amazing. And that's not even mentioning this game's sense of humor, which is hilarious, or the captivating story. This game isn't perfect, far from it, but it's better than 99.9% of mobile games out there. I highly recommend you get this game if you're even slightly interested.
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3 years ago, Curtis R. Shideler
Even Better Than Pokemon
There aren’t any classic-style Pokemon games on the App Store because Nintendo and the Pokemon Company don’t want even more money. So, if you’re looking for that type of game, this is the best one out there. And actually, the story and atmosphere raise this above some Pokemon games! The music isn’t as catchy, some of the monsters aren’t as memorable, but Nexomon Extinction is so good in every other way, I’ll probably end up getting it on Switch too! I recommend this version too, though. My iPhone X gets a little hot and loses battery kind of fast if it isn’t plugged in. But it’s worth it to catch just one more. ;)
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3 years ago, Hosti106
Great game
Really love this game.. really takes me back to my Pokémon days lol. There is a lot of things about this game that could have made Pokémon better.. only thing I wish would change in this game is when ur battling opponents getting the opportunity to switch ur Nexomon before the next comes out and maybe a repel so you don’t have to run into wild Nexomon when you’re running through a cave or anything where you can’t see where they’re coming from. Other than that seriously a great game. It’s 2.99$ for the full game and it’s the only money I’ve spent definitely worth it.
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7 months ago, PokemonFan45
Pretty dang good
I really like this game. I wouldn’t say it’s better than every Pokémon game, but I had way more playing this than sword and shield or x and y from Pokémon. I liked the comedic moments in this game a lot, the story is a lot better than I thought it would be at first, and characters grew on me overtime. My favorite character was coco, being the 4th wall breaker most of the time, as well as questioning whether we were the good guys throughout the story. I’m glad I enjoyed this game so much and can’t wait for a third game or a dlc of some sort. Although I think I prefer a third game.
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1 month ago, lord_lucifir
fun at first but lacks dimension
it's pretty fun at first, have some definitely good perks like the ability to purchase unlimited masterball with a set price. however, most of the monsters are really ugly, and the good looking ones are almost without a doubt all normal type. so unless you want to collect just to collect there really is no motivation to continue. secondly, each type can only learn skill from that type and while there is no monster with multiple skills, each skill is countered by 4 different types, so most of the time the battle isn't hard but is just a waste of time to waste time by making your skill just 1-2 hp short from killibg them despite you are over 20+ level above simply because you can only learn 1 type of skill. when you add that to no passive skill to any monsters it makes it even more one dimension and boring since there really is no difference between each monster outside of appearance, which isn't a selling point for this version of nexomon by any means. overall, it's well made, just boring.
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1 year ago, ApplePie6438
Worth the price
While the game is free, a $3 dollar fine needs to be paid to play the full version. Honestly though, it’s only $3 so your not losing much and the game is pretty good. It has fun dialogue and makes fun of the whole capture creatures RPG thing, but not so much that it ruins the game. Story is great and very interesting and the characters are wacky, interesting, and full of character in a way where it makes the world come alive in a sense. Props to the devs because they clearly but a lot of time and thought into this game and you should definitely check it out if can spare $3.
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2 years ago, Irish drinker
Ive put in about twenty hours now and im kind of blown away. This games story has no right to be as good as it is. Most if not all the main characters are likable and the devs ability to weave humor and core story together is outstanding. I have been playing the pokemon franchise for almost 18 years and this has been a breath of fresh air. I truly commend the team who made this you did a fantastic job. The mons are unique and the visuals are casual but crisp. I do have a few small tweaks i would personally like to see but overall its been an enjoyable experience.
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3 years ago, DrDragon_
Greatest game I‘ve ever played. From micromon to Nexomon:Extinction I’ve always liked your works very much. I’ve just cleared the game and it gives me a great surprise with the rich content. Both stories and art designs are wonderful,especially the plot which takes the theme to a new level. In my view I prefer Nexomon 2 to 1. Maybe the only bad thing is that it causes my phone seriously hot sometimes and always lags in frame. In short, the defects cannot obscure the virtues , it’s still a fantastic game and worth playing. Looking forwards to your next Nexomon game!
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2 years ago, hfbdnedmsndnfnfndnsms
Surprisingly good
Besides a few typos towards the end of the game what more could you ask for? It was funny when it needed to be, I was interested in the story the whole time. It has some some elements from a few other games but done better. The plot twists were unexpected, and I really haven’t put this game down since I downloaded it. They even give you the chance to snag some legendary’s before the end of the game which is pretty awesome. I put off rating the game until I finished it, and I’m glad I did, 100% recommend.
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3 years ago, x0010x
Great game, Bad reviews are bias
People complain about having to pay or phone battery draining etc… this game is as good a story as any Pokémon game, has just as much to do (even has side quest) if you are like me and have tried all the gba4ios only for them not to work, or mess up a week later, then you won’t be disappointed. I played the first one and this is way better than the first one as of now. Give the developers credit they are the only people who took time to make a Nintendo ds style game that we needed in our life.
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5 months ago, Mimissi
Impossible to navigate
I really wanted to give this game a higher score but I am so consistently frustrated by the fact that I have no idea where I’m supposed to go or how to get there. There is no map, there is no guidance system, North, East, South and West mean absolutely nothing and it’s like they purposefully make it difficult to find the paths to the places you’re supposed to go next. I don’t want to have to watch walkthrough YouTube’s with annoying YouTubers battling stupid Nexomon just to find a hidden entrance that has no business being hidden. I have started this game before and ended up quitting and whenever I return to it I end up remembering why. It’s just not worth the frustration and confusion.
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3 years ago, officiallyasmo
An amazing game.
I spent a total of 28 hours over the course of 3 days playing this game. I’ve never laughed so much playing a game like this and would take many screenshots of the jokes and showing it to my family. I haven’t played the first game yet but that’s next on my list to play while waiting for the sequel of this game to come out. I will be following this series for as long as it goes on because of how hilarious but amazing the storyline is and ofc because of coco. Please make the sequel as hilarious as this one, I enjoyed it very much.
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3 years ago, Joseph ikaika
Absolutely no complaints
You don’t need to put money I have a full dragon mega and ultra rare team I got when I got 20 capture things I didn’t use real money used the game shop and game currency best advice grind till at least your starter is second evolution and use the npc healing I chose the electric you’ll get a nice healing ability to focus more on just buying elixir I’m chillin just grinding you will also find exp share type relic things super easily and I have two guaranteed capture things from completing a side quest
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1 year ago, WxIxLxL
Great game sans nexomon
This game deserves much more credit. It's fun, not at all predatory with spending, and completely worth the pricetag. As always, the writing is hilarious and the story and characters are fun. Ironically enough, the game might be better without the nexomon. The nexomon and their mechanics feel flat and inconsequential. The combat and capture have been reduced to a one dimensional back and forth. Hit with your strongest attack, feed, catch, repeat. Looking forward to seeing if they can work something out in the next one.
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1 year ago, RPG6OR6DECAY
Love it. Can’t wait to buy it.
It like people who grew up loving everything Pokémon and worked with really good people that understand all that and made a game I already play as much as any of my favorite Pokémon games. I’m spending the tiny $2.99 purchase and it’s going to get a whole lot better? I’m a game geek and I love this game. Keep it up people. Doing reel good by a previously Pokémon and Final Fantasy games purist. Now I’ve added Nexomon to my very exacting and strict elite list of Games I Will Love For All Time! Please keep it up! Bye now.
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1 year ago, user_uncertain
1-2 Hours in, Absolutely Delighted.
This is essentially everything I’ve been looking for with a “catch ‘em all” RPG, and have been sorely disappointed by the genre over the last 10 years or so. The writing is the shining point here: I’ve really only just scratched the surface, but I am so thankful for a game like this that prioritizes the world and story it wants to tell instead of primarily focusing on the main battle mechanics and simply completing the checklist of monsters to catch (which by default will always start to feel grind-y after a while.) The artwork is fantastic, the music is fabulous, and the characters are so fleshed out and interesting!! I can’t wait to see where this game goes: legitimately blew all of my expectations out of the water and I already feel a fondness for it I’ve not felt from this genre in a disappointingly long time.
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3 years ago, 37194729&
Love this series
I absolutely loved the first Nexomon, easily put in 100 hours between the story and postgame. I can see myself doing the same in Nexomon: Extinction. I really enjoy how the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, which adds for a ton of humor. The gameplay loop is fun, they’ve found the perfect challenge balance. The game offers in-game purchases with real money, but are not needed at all. Plus, you get the full game for only $3? This is a must if you’re a fan of the old school Pokémon type games.
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3 years ago, JN3344
Pokémon reborn!
Micromon, then Nexomon, and now Nexomon2. These games are incredible!!! You don’t need internet to play, and the fact that there’s a good story line in a game that continues to have entertaining content is very hard to come by (especially on mobile platforms). I have only ever seen improvement in their work and even find Easter eggs once in a while. I was exhilarated to find this game on the App Store and it has already blown away my expectations. Hands down 5 stars. #Bring back Micromon
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4 weeks ago, uria5892
Surprisingly good
Didn’t expect to enjoy this game as much as I am. Everything looks good and runs smoothly. The one drawback, that isn’t even much of a drawback, is the fact that this game is not as challenging as Pokémon yellow (if you know, you know). Regardless, If you’re a Pokémon fan then the full version of this game is well worth the $3. Actually, drawback #2, no mini map of any kind, unless I’m missing something. Still a good game though. Add a map and its the best game on the marketplace.
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7 months ago, JackalJames
Good but missing something.
So far Nexomon: Extinction is fun with consistent design quality, interesting creatures, and witty story. However, I miss a couple of the features from the first Nexomon. For example: when creatures would level up they would also be healed. On top of that, capturing Nexomon seems to be convoluted with too many additional factors. It’s is more difficult to capture even the most common Nexomon and is out of balance with the pricing of traps. I am enjoying the game, just missing these aspects of the first.
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