2.4 (22)
178 MB
Age rating
Current version
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for NGFCU

2.41 out of 5
22 Ratings
6 days ago, 4Rece
What happened to bill pay
I tried to pay some bills through billpay, but it did not let me because it said I had no bills named to pay and no bill history so what is the problem?
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2 years ago, Spawn45678
I have been sending money through Zelle into my account but when I try to access and send money elsewhere through my NGFCU account it says “unknown error” what is with this? I can Zelle my money from my other accounts in, but I can’t Zelle it to my other accounts from my NGFCU??? Disappointing. It just keeps saying unknown error. Now I have to figure out how to transfer my OWN money using another method different from the one I originally used. Frustrating, and time consuming trying to figure this out.
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8 years ago, HateAppleMaps
Pretty good but...
I like the update and the ability to do everything on this app, however, I think the login should be default (and not require you to hit a button then scan your fingerprint). It seems like if I'm opening my bank account's app, I probably want to log in. Not look at the advertisement or cover page. That's obviously not THAT important but one thing that still bothers me is the inability to see my due date on my credit card. I use apps to not have to use my computer. It's annoying to have to log in to a desktop program just to see my due date. Please pull the due date from the NGFCU MasterCard site into this app!
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8 years ago, Smk925
It's getting there...
Finally you made it Touch ID accessible...but it doesn't automatically do it. You have to press login and then do the Touch ID and that is not the most user friendly when it comes to other more successful banking apps. When I go to cash back offers the list of available offers comes up but when I go to hit activate the entire app crashes. Please fix this app, for people like me who are app dependent in life something such as an outdated crappy app will have me switching banks entirely without hesitation.
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6 years ago, guitarswimmer11
Great app, useless until fixed
When I first downloaded the app it worked well, the layout was user friendly and seemed that it would have all the features I would need. The next day I tried to open the app and log in, but the app crashed. I tried to log in a few more times and every time it crashes. I have had it for 5 days now and have tried to log on a few times a day with no success. If they are able to fix this problem I would give the app 5 stars, but until then it is useless.
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7 months ago, RF Designer
Landscape mode removed on iPad version
This is a great app for all the things I want to do with it—checking balances, transfers, Zelle, etc. The latest update eliminated landscape mode on the iPad. My iPad sits on the Magic Keyboard stand and is essentially a laptop for my uses. The lack of landscape mode means I have to remove the iPad from the keyboard stand or just use my iPhone for NGFCU.
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3 years ago, pihmpdaddi
Wow you really broke this app!!!
It used to be so good and worked even better than my “Big Six” banking app. The MoneyDesktop was great and all my accounts were linked. Now, almost nothing works. I can see my accounts but the “contact us” screen glitches, the “welcome” screen wlfreezes when you click on things and keeps showing the login button even though I’m logged in, the MoneyDesktop” is gone, the touch/faceID throws an error, etc. This is really worthless until you get it working the way it used to. Why is it that app writers always take something great and make it worse? What happened to continuous improvement and fast cycle version updates?
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6 years ago, speedracr
Very good app but needs some improvements
Remote check deposit is a god send and it works very well. Touch ID fixed. Latest update dimmed the font for the Account totals and they are very hard to see now. why? Update: the app does have Facial ID recognition to support the new iPhone X! Update: latest version brings up a empty screen when trying to look at specific account info (checking, savings, etc) and basically locks up the app on my iPhone X on iOS 11.4. Makes the app unusable now. Update: app seems to work fine now. Not sure if it was the backend that was having issues or not when it wasn’t working before.
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2 months ago, iTunes Player
Transfer accts not shown
I have two accts and when I want to transfer between two share draft accounts it is impossible to tell which account is which. Overall the app has been improving over the years
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12 years ago, StevoTheMevo
Could be great with some small changes
Overall this is a pretty good looking and functional app. I love being able to deposit checks by photo. A few things that could be improved: - When I launch or return to the app, don't tell me that I've been logged out, just show me the login screen. - Some apps, like SmartyPig or Mint, let me log in with a PIN instead of typing my password. It's much, much faster and easier. - Be more clear about what "Surcharge-Free ATMs" means. Does that mean no fees period or just no fees from NGFCU? - Enable the button to search near "My Location". Why is the button there if I can't use it?
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2 years ago, Elec reviewer
Very much improved
The new layout of the application is much improved. It is very simple for me to check balances make transfers or even mobile deposit checks.
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2 years ago, sommesc
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union
I have been a dedicated member since 1985 and love my NGFCU! Serving employees of Northrop Grumman and LA Metro since 1946! A great App easy to use and provides all the mobile functionality you would expect from a large institution.
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2 years ago, st3v3m4n57
Continue to get error message stating the app is having difficulty locating my accounts, please try again later, when logging in. I have contacted NGFCU repeatedly and re-installed this app four times with error occurring over and over again on an iPhone SE which is supposed to be compatible. Very frustrated!!!!😡
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6 years ago, Romero_78
Great app. Can’t use Quick Access
An Error occurs every time I try to enable Quick Access. Error says “Uh-oh, we ran into an issue completing your request. Please try again later.” It’s been like that for a few months. Can you please update the app? Edit: New update. Great refresh. "Quick Access" is still not working.
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13 years ago, SilverDollarAl
Another App That Makes Life Easier
Excellent little app that takes the hassle out of logging into my account. Quick balance checks, transfers, and especially the ATM locator makes this a must have for all NGFCU Members.
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13 years ago, Nahutch89
Great banking
Straight and to the point for a banking application. Shows all accounts, enables transfers, and even has the bill pay option if used. Excellent application, if you use ngfcu, download this app.
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9 years ago, sdot16
Convenient but Bill Payer glitches
Use this app almost daily to monitor accounts. However, over the past couple months, the Bill Payer option does not load then sends a timed out error message. Frustrating.
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11 years ago, paul gales jr
Good, however...
For some reason the deposit feature doesn't work anymore. I think it's bc they haven't updated the app with apples new update -_-". When I try to deposit I just get the instructions to deposit but nothing happens after that.
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10 years ago, spiritualfish
App crashes in remote deposit
This is upsetting because remote deposit is not supported on iMac desktop. Crashes right after the front of check photo is taken- screen goes black and then back to my home app screen
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3 years ago, Mac Medix
Do not update!
Do NOT update! Old version worked, this version will not launch. Running iOS 12.4. App Store allowed the update, but it does not run. Developer labeled it wrong. Have tried everything, including total iPhone shutdown & reboot, delete & reinstalled. No help. This app does not run on iPhone XR. Disaster, can't use at all.
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2 years ago, frustrated outlander
Constant crashes
The app immediately crashes when you try to make a transfer payment. It’s so frustrating. Please fix this. The refreshed interface is so nice, I just wish the app itself would work!
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2 years ago, Bakion
App Crashes
When the app crashes due to trying to make a payment is extremely inconvenient. I have most of my accounts through NGFCU so to have this problem is very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Benen94
A great FCU, the app looks bad but it’s functional. They treat their customers right and that’s what is important.
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3 years ago, Sxsignal
Crashes on iPad
Using an iPad and it crashes each time I try to use the app (wants to select a phone number to send verification... select it and crashes). Works on iPhoneXR. May change banks in general as well. Online is spotty, free checks weren’t free. And loan rates are on the upper side
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11 years ago, Beckles23
Can't log in - app useless
The app used to be amazing!!! Always worked! I could deposit my checks any time! Now ever since the new iphone 7 update I can't even log on. I am very frustrated :(
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2 years ago, Ed Blacklist
Can’t see transactions
Credit card transactions are not showing. Ridiculous! Have to use full website.
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6 years ago, FuzzinLA
Thanks for the bug fix. The app works perfect again. I love the clean, simple layout.
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7 years ago, mrpither
Good app but
Needs to be able to send and read secure messages from the bank. Check depositing is hit and miss.
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4 years ago, 157man
Piece of junk software from the 90’s 😂
This junk app is ALWAYS crashing; it’s features like Quick Access never works. This is typical of this antiquated bank, after all their auto attendant still gives options for Rotary phones 🤣! Must be all boomers working there...
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2 years ago, Spikes_87
New app issues
Does not show any transaction history for any accounts and options shown do nothing for the same.. transaction history is important for a banking app..
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12 years ago, Sirjohn99
Love it
This is a good banking app. You can deposit checks into any account with your iPad or phone.
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7 months ago, Skogland
Version update bug
I lost landscape view on the iPad with the latest version update.
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5 years ago, Yarbro
Estatements link now crashes app
In the latest update, when I try to see current e-statement, the app goes black and crashes. I restarted my phone, but it still doesn’t load anything.
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10 years ago, Dudelbwski
Needs an update
I like the app. I use it a lot. Needs to be optimized for iPhone 6 plus asap The account balance screen is crunched too close together
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5 years ago, Abstraakt
Quick access issue
Why won’t the Quick Access enabling issue ever function properly? It’s been a recurring issue for months and months.
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6 years ago, JVChak
I reinstalled the app a few times after buying a new iPhone and it continues to crash. It may have an issue with face recognition because I never had a problem before while using an iPhone se.
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2 years ago, Aizenchan
Whatever is going on right now it won’t even let me log on let alone get to that screen. Please fix and I’ll change the rating. Till then you get a 1 star
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9 years ago, Shawnoliver
I love the update! But I still cannot transfer funds from my checking to my savings
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6 years ago, shoody90
App continuously crashes
The app worked fine when I downloaded it and logged in initially. However, it just continuous crashes. Don’t even try using the Face ID feature. It doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, JacobitoAlvarez
No Face ID support
Even though it asks if you wanna use Face ID , it crashes every time you sign on. You have to delete the app, reinstall it and stick to typing your password EVERY TIME
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2 years ago, Puppylifegirl2000
Zelle “unknown error”
I’ve tried to access Zelle on the app for several days and continue to receive an “unknown error” message.
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5 months ago, Cupcake27Rocks
Unable to accept Login Disclosure
Ever since I got the iPhone 15 Pro, the app won’t let me click “Accept” for the Login Disclosure. Since I can’t click the button, I can’t use the app. Please fix!
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2 years ago, airplaneflyer96
Crashes During Every Transfer
Looks nice but always crashes during a transfer. Please fix
Show more
6 years ago, phynnegator
Face ID still crashing app in 2019
This app will crash if you enable Face ID for login. From the other reviews on this app it looks like the developer isn’t concerned with fixing it since it is still broken
Show more
6 years ago, Mzkj1969
This app has worked perfectly since I have had it for 4 years. Now for some reason it’s crashing when I try and open it. Can you please fix?
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7 months ago, The Fairydogmother
Please update the update!
With the latest update version, I lost the landscape view on my iPad. Can you please fix this issue in the next update?
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2 years ago, EO-1234
Crashes when trying to run
This App crashes when trying to run on iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.5.5
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8 years ago, Fan of a fan
Fix it back
My account won't even load now
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9 years ago, Annonomous
Problems loading Bill Payers
Okay app but has many kinks. One which is that it will not load bill payers on the iPhone 6.
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8 years ago, kwelitysoul
Touch ID
Please bring touch ID back, otherwise great app
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