Niggle (Oh Hell)

3.2 (13)
42.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sean O'Connor
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Niggle (Oh Hell)

3.23 out of 5
13 Ratings
2 years ago, Bogartsmyname
Inside the game
After playing this for several years, they have really rigged the game against. During the last few months ALL of the hands I see are really crap. In 150 games nothing but hands that are traps appearing appearing that defy any reasonable type of existence. Odds of only one card in a suit with 40 cards dealt must be 1000 to one. No one wants to see hands that are impossible. Those 200+ sets are no longer possible.
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6 years ago, Mayhem Mike
Needs to be updated!
I love all your games but this one needs to be updated. As other reviewers have stated it crashes almost every single game. It is very frustrating. Please put out an update. Thanks.
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10 months ago, Nickname---BAH!
Great game! Needs one small tweak…
I have loved this games for years. The ability to configure the rules is fabulous. It lets you replicate the game you grew up with. With one exception… When the trump suit is random, there is no way for “No Trump” to ever be played. In my family, the rule was: If an Ace was turned over as the card to indicate the trump suit, then there would be ‘No Trump’ … instead of the suit of the Ace. It seems like this would be an easy option to add. WDYT?
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14 years ago, pbeasi
Fun but needs work
I enjoy this game on my iPad, but it loses one star for the AI which does not make the best decisions all of the time and another for a bug I have encountered more than once where one of my cards disappears and I am short one card. There's nothing I can do except resign and start over since it gets confused in the last round when I have no card. Hopefully these issues will be resolved in further updates.
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5 years ago, BillGx
Just like with Grandma
I've been playing this for many hours. My new favorite. Sometimes I win. Usually not. Great fun, great game!
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6 years ago, Missy1541
Oh hell is the right name for this app!
It's a fun game but it crashes every single game, just at different points. Also, the computers will almost always come out on top. If there is one trick unaccounted for it will almost always be you that takes it, even if all you have is a four or five.
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7 years ago, leanneslick
Fun but frustrating
The game is fun, it just disappears quite often. It ask if I want to restart the saved game, but it doesn't take me back to the same spot. The free oh hell game is better. Want my money back
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7 years ago, Fearlessmg7
The update ruined it. It's slow, clunky and now has stupid little faces. Bring back the one with no faces! Why can't you fix the freezing? Please fix the bug. Take the time please to fix the bug
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7 years ago, JBJ50
Not ok
Not Ok version. Graphics a little basic but play was ok until it started freezing. I took it off my iPad.
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12 years ago, ArcRanch
Love it!
I've been playing "oh, hell" for 40+ years, and I love this app. It's about as close as it can get to the aggravation and frustration of the game with live players. I would like to suggest a few additional options: (1) add the option that trump is not revealed until AFTER bidding is complete (it ups the aggravation level) (2) 3-5 players, rather than just 4. (3) Make the high score list include only 10 scores, who cares if the pitiful score you just made is #45? (4) make the background behind the trump designator a bit lighter, so that it's easier to see. Other than that, I just can't stop playing.
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9 years ago, Muzikteechur
They've Ruined It!
As others have said, this was a great game gone bad. My only complaints from the previous version was that you don't have the option to bid "even" on the lowest three hands (1,2,3, and 3,2,1). And that you can't play to 13 (no trump on 13). Now that seems minor compared to this childish interface. The faces and voices are a distraction, but the shadow over the cards makes this game nearly unplayable for my old eyes. Went from 4.5 stars to a generous 2. Please give us the option to play with the old interface. Please and thank you.
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13 years ago, typo_kign
Pretty good
Provides decent AI for a rousing game of Oh Hell. The sound effects are cheesy but that's OK. I only wish (as others do) that more options were available for scoring variants. It seems everyone has their own scoring traditions and it would be nice if they were options. Lastly, how about the ability to set AI strength for each seat ala the Tichu app? Anyway, these are all just wishes. It plays perfectly well as is. Thanks!
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12 years ago, DA&C
Great game & implementation
The game is very nicely made, the AI is smart, too. The speed issues of the previous version are gone (works fast on 3GS, too.) The customizable scoring system is great. (Try the Lite version if you are concerned to update.) The only thing still missing is that many people play this game (I mean the real-life version) with simultaneous bidding (not sequential). Oh, and could it be just $.99? :-)
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12 years ago, askmmk
oh hell is the PERFECT computer card game
anyone playing computer card games knows the deals are NEVER "random". but the nature of "oh hell" is that strategies can turn on a dime and go in a totally different direction...hence the appropos name. it's hard for ai to stack the game because what you think might happen, often doesn't. it's as close to a FAIR card game that there is.....
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13 years ago, EverSilver9130
Love it!
I love this app! My family used to play this game all the time when I was a kid; now I'm married and live 6,000 miles away from home (military wife), and don't get to play with my family anymore, and no one I know knows how to play. I love that I can play my favorite card game whenever I want now! And I play all the time! (kinda makes me feel closer to home)
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14 years ago, gadjitgirl
Good but could be better
Fun game and I love the different formats. I wish the screen would rotate so I didn't have to keep my iPad vertical when I played. Also would like the option of playing with just three players (cuthroat) and lastly, need to be able to mute the game sounds so I can listen to music while I play. Overall a good game but a few more things and it would be great
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11 years ago, Aanda&jandn
Loved this game until. . .
Loved this game until it just stopped working right after I updated. Could be I got to 100 games and experienced "the crash" or maybe the update caused it. But I can't play now even after I uninstalled then reinstalled it. Help! I love this game and want to continue to play. No cards will deal and everyone's score says 200! The game won't do anything for me. Please fix in next uodate!
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12 years ago, Ace O Diamond
My favorite app!
I don't normally review apps, but wanted to do so for this one because it is deserved. With version 2.0, you can customize many different features (scoring, appearance) to make the game more like what you are accustomed to. I grew up playing this game with my family, and this is now my go-to app for passing time. Get this app - you won't be disappointed.
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12 years ago, Nicelake
Good game but very slow
Allow the ability to speed up play. Way too long at the end of each round to remove cards. Slows down play way too much. Also, if the person takes more cards than bid should go back 5 points plus number overbid.
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14 years ago, Cloudblot
Get this game
After learning "Oh Hell" at a recent game night with friends, I wanted to find an app to improve my skill level. I am very happy with this game's interface, graphics, and level of play. Hoping for multiplayer mode in a future upgrade.
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12 years ago, apaldrow
Could be better
It's ok game but needs more variation for scoring, I'm used to playing with up to 10 players so the four players is a bit annoying, the scoring is too confusing and they needs options for it.
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9 years ago, VXR-j
December update is Coal for Xmas
I was totally addicted to the previous version. It was simple classic and fast paced. The new version's interface is clunky and tries to be too cute. It's distracting and jerky as it plays cards and the layout is so much worse than the previous one. So disappointed I did the "upgrade". On the plus side. I can get all that time back by not playing this. It's all too annoying. I really loved the previous version.
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13 years ago, AlaskaDaveAK
Great App! Ideas?
We play this in Fairbanks, Alaska, and I was amazed to see this awesomely addicting trick-taking game for the iPhone! Thanks to the creator/developer (Sean!). One awesome addition would be to have alternate scoring options - they're on the wiki if you need! Either way, great app, thanks ^_^
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12 years ago, Soul in Isolation
Was perfect, now too slow
App was perfect. Latest update added features that don't matter to me and for some reason, gameplay has slowed considerably. For those used to playing this game, it almost intolerable.
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8 years ago, Ljc0813
Freezes up
Game is good with a number of different options. However, when you change options it freezes up on ipad3. Very frustrating. The other annoying thing is the avatars are little kids. Is this a kid game? It has much potential but the freezing up kills it.
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9 years ago, Camcat sz
Love it!
Nary a crash on the new iPad. Love all the options and that it keeps the game results! Great app! If only there were one for my daughter's Kindle--her Oh Hell app choices are few and awful!
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12 years ago, JBizzle5
Doesn't work
Freezes at the opening screen then closes. Was a good game before this happened though.
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8 years ago, Pasty Feet
Good luck
Play this game if you're willing to do everything right and still lose the hand. This is the best card game out there.
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7 years ago, BigAggie
Crasher from Hell
This is a fun game to play but it will just crash mid-game and you have to start that hand over. Frustrating when I find one I like and it functions like this one. Watch out before you buy. Better still if you want to have fun while wasting your money, this is your game.... New review 2016 and this thing is still crashing.
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14 years ago, Gamer Larry
Very fun but....
Needs issue discussed in previous review fixed. The game will get confused if you drag a card out to fast and game freezes. You can only resign and start a new game.
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10 years ago, 2Grr2explain
Fix this app!
Cards played off suit by opponents who have cards of the suit played, inaccurate scoring, and hands frequently awarded to the wrong player. Have tried several times to write a review, but apparently only positive ones are permitted, because I keep getting bumped from that, too, only serving to increase my annoyance with this game.
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8 years ago, trick2802
Still crashes
So I got this app because I like other games by this developer. But lately they haven't been working. iPhone 6 Plus here. Anyway, this one crashes constantly. I could demand my money back but I like the game and just wish they would fix it. Last review on here is for July 16... So are they going to fix it?
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9 years ago, Grim359
I am sorry but I have to agree with the other reviews. I am sure that you put a lot of hard work into the new version but it is very buggy. Is there any chance for Christmas you could give us back the old version? Either way thanks for your efforts on making it a better game.
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9 years ago, 24BK57
If you're an adult, you'll want to avoid this app completely, and delete it immediately if you already have it. Sounds you can't turn off, a cluttered display that adds nothing and a ridiculous new scoreboard ruin what was one of my top two games. I won't be keeping this one.
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9 years ago, FriendofSanderson
Terrible "update"
This previously highly enjoyable game has been junked up with stupid little faces and a confusing layout of cards that makes the whole thing a LOT less fun to play. What were the developers thinking? Big mistake.
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12 years ago, Nighplayer
Like most of the updates but deals the cards waaaaaay slower. Almost get bored waiting for cards to come out. Needs to move faster!!!
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12 years ago, TexasGal69
Love the game, but how about a multiplayer option for online. That would make it much better.
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9 years ago, Vignaux
Good game BUT...
I like the set up of this game and how it plays but for some reason it keeps freezing or kicking me out of the app. I have played this on two different devices and the same thing has happened. If this problem can be fixed that would be great!
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9 years ago, non-chess gamer
I liked this game until the most recent update. The graphics are now designed for children 3 and under. I hope the designers reverse course and restore the previous version or at least allow users to select a look that is not so childish.
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14 years ago, RDC44
Excellent, I don't know how it could have been made any better!
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14 years ago, NaN - Not a Nickname
Good start, keep going...
Good implementation, but missing penalties for over and under bidding. Sound effects are a bit lame
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9 years ago, J2098
Constantly Crashing
As others have said, this used to be a fantastic game. However , now the app constantly crashes. Wait until there is an update before purchasing.
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9 years ago, g kaye
nailed it Finally...wrong again
I complimented the program too soon. It was working OK and then....CRASHED repeatedly. Sean if you still have the old version put it back in the app store so I can play the version that actually worked.
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9 years ago, Stoney12311
Your latest update ruined my favorite game. Why don't you give the option to use the updated version (which seems to be for kids- so juvenile) or the older version? Please fix this. Your loyal viewers will go elsewhere. I am. What a shame....
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10 years ago, JakeM.
Great app! Please add a speed option to speed up computer plays so I can get through a game in a more timely fashion. Cheers!
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12 years ago, R. Wolfcastle
Why so slow?
Old version: 5 stars. New version loses 1 star. As others have said, the speed of play is now choppy and SSSLLLOOOOOOOWWW. Please bring back the old speed of play!
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12 years ago, Calbroncos7
Good game
You should subtract points if you don't get your trick. Also kind of slow.
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11 years ago, Pam's Nano
Very Good Game
Had a great time playing but once it reaches 100 games it won't play any more!!!!
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9 years ago, AppleErn
My favorite game is back.
Thank you for the Dec 27 update. My favorite game is back.
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9 years ago, coco2700
Hate new version.
I really loved the old version of this game. The new user interface is childish and slow. Please Give back the old interface. I can hardly stand to play it.
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