NIH Federal Credit Union

4.8 (5.5K)
108.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
NIH Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for NIH Federal Credit Union

4.82 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Leo Wise
Junk after Summer 2019 upgrade
This app used to be flawless and very convenient banking application, deserving 5 stars. Now, after upgrade in August 2019, an essential feature - bill paying - stoped working, which made it almost worthless for me. One star. Please return previous (before summer 2019) version. After completion review (above) I discovered that not only bill payment option is not working in the upgraded app, but also bill depositing. Therefore, no really useful feature is working after this upgrade. New (added) features has no value for me, as probably for the most customers of NIHFCU. It is very sad, that reliable and useful application now is completely useless. I will be happy to “upgrade” my review as soon as really working revision is issued.
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5 years ago, HLee 999
The new version more annoying than improving
The new version doesn’t seem to harmonize very well with my iOS 12. The font is much smaller and the app is less appealing. Touch ID access works on my iPhone though. I am also unable to get much more data on other accounts as promised for the new version. Right now, I’d rather going back to the old version
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5 years ago, dingleberry72
The worst app ever
Since its inception, I have have been randomly locked out of my account twice for no apparent reason, meaning I have to call in to reset it. When I go to pay my credit card bill or HELOC, I can no longer pay “Other Amount.” You have to choose the minimum due or the whole thing. What if I want to pay a different amount, but not exactly one of their preset options? The transfer feature is more annoying, but I have not been able to pinpoint yet what I dislike about it (likely because logging in is nearly impossible since it keeps locking me out). Sometimes the fingerprint works, sometimes I have to go through the process of resetting that. Not sure why. For some reason seeing a clear list of transactions for each account is now not clear. This new online platform is the worst.
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2 years ago, NineEther
The NIHFCU has been my main banking source for more than 30 years. The convenient locations, excellent online banking, reasonable loan rates, excellent customer service & much more offered by the CU has made my long time banking experiences hassle free. Recently retired from NIH, I look forward to continuing my banking services at the NIHFCU. Thank you
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4 years ago, mercedes1957
I like it but i always have problems to sign in my travel rewards credit card i change my phone (mobile) and all apps allows me to open with recognize face and set the new phone. Since i change it i cannot use it and you never answer the phone to help me
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4 years ago, rivka bateli
Rebecca Rubin
Please please please make the daily mobile deposit limit greater than $5K (makes it impossible for me to mobile deposit my paycheck). And, please increase daily online bill pay amount (from 10K) so I can pay my bills in one day. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Mrs. Al T.
Awful, awful, awful
If I could have given this new iteration of the app zero stars, I would have. When things aren’t broken, no need to “fix” them. The look isn’t better. The favorites list doesn’t work. Extremely disappointed. Before making account holders switch from the old app, NIHFCU should have made sure the new app worked.
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9 months ago, Retire lacing
I’ve been a member of this credit union for over 20 years. I have not had any negative experiences with them. Each problem that I’ve had has been successfully handled. Each associate with whom I’ve spoken with has been very helpful and considerate.
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4 years ago, Mca1990
Mortgage payment
One cannot transfer a payment simply and directly from the checking or savings account to the mortgage loan. That has to change as it used to be before!
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9 months ago, Silverfuxx2015
Easy to Navigate
NIHFCU is just easy to navigate - I am tech challenged. . Steps for activities are simple and direct. It is one organization where real humans answer and return calls to address concern.
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5 years ago, Lbm1964
Lost functionality
The mandatory upgrade has taken several steps backwards in functionality. When using the bill pay option, after submitting the payment, you have to hunt around to get the confirmation number. Also, there is no subtotal on the scheduled payment screen. Losing the ability to do quick fund transfers to the mortgage is also annoying. It even takes more navigation to log out.
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4 years ago, Fuzzy1940
Staff at Pennsylvania Avenue location
I’ve been s member of the credit union for more than 35 years because of their professionalism and great customer service. The employees are congenial and do welcoming!
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3 years ago, newcomee
You have been there for every one of my banking needs. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Member123
One step forward, two steps back
I get it that the credit union has to upgrade, change vendors, and such. But it seems like they lost more features and made everything busier. There’s extra steps now to pay my mortgage instead of a quick transfer. Until they fix or update that altogether, this will remain one star.
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3 years ago, Dazzyie
Supreme Customer Service!
Always provide Supreme Customer Service in person and on the phone!
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1 year ago, venezia32
Love it
NIH Credit Union takes good care of their member without being greedy in its’ profit like other banks do; I will remain a loyal member as long as I live 🫶🏻
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5 years ago, Sugar513
The app needs a quick way of logging out without going thru the menu option.
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3 years ago, Stacey Adamz
Excellent Service!
I love banking with NIH; Excellent app and customer service!!! Great security procedure for access.
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3 months ago, 321sstm
What’s the malfunction?
Mobile deposit used to function easily, now it doesn’t work at all. Forget about getting customer service, you’ll get the run around and still have to go into one of the few and far branches.
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2 years ago, concernedmember
2022 upgrade
1 week later…still waiting for upgrade/update to be complete. NIHFCU blames Apple for not updating the app. In the meantime, I can’t access my account or conduct any transactions. Very disappointed. What are members supposed to do when they can’t access their accounts??????
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4 years ago, Inceptionkid
Great App
Everything you need from a banking app.
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8 months ago, disappointedMN5540-
Upset customer
Called various times and requested a manager call back regarding changes to my account that I viewed on the mobile app. I still haven’t received a call and it’s very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Seated by him
I joined because they stated they have zelle. They do not show on the app
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2 years ago, Slomotion6171
Great customer service and products!
Awesome credit union and I’m glad to be part of NIHFCU!💯💯💯
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2 years ago, Zacky G.
Great App!
I like the new NIHFCU upgraded app - so easy to use!
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3 years ago, dnaji12367
Fantastic credit union
Got all my loans from NIHFCU at low rate.
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4 years ago, ggssgh
I like everything about NIHFCU except for Zelle. Please connect to Zelle so we can make payments with it!
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4 years ago, easter ann
Your app is awesome! Thanks to Chris Asis for helping me out. He is reliable and very nice.
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6 months ago, حمدوسي
Silver spring visit
The guys at silver spring are very helpful. They are always taking care of my banking needs. Very reliable and highly recommended. The way are an asset for NIHFCU.
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4 years ago, Shellyjonesjones
Great App.
Awesome app for an awesome credit union.
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5 years ago, ashley55384
Nowhere to request a temporary password after my iPhone upgraded to ios12 and now I can’t login. The app is as poor as the customer service.
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5 years ago, Julesplon
It’s possessed
Logs you out in the middle of actions, won’t take the password. Went for two days and wouldn’t let me log on due to “system error”
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5 years ago, llyles19
Great Service
Great Service
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12 years ago, Mattie B.
Excellent App So Far
I must say, I'm pretty impressed with this app. It has a lot of helpful features to enhance the NIH banking experience. It's great for quickly accessing your account details and to check your balances. I also love the ATM feature; there are actually quite a few ATMs near me that I didn't know about. Unlike other reviewers, I've never had an issue logging in. Definitely a welcome addition for mobile banking.
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8 years ago, Pentiumm
Very easy to use
Includes most functions you'll use--balances, transfers, transaction details, and bill payment. One thing I hope they'll add in the next version is the ability to add new payees in Bill Pay. Other than that, extremely useful and easy app that covers all my banking needs.
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12 years ago, Lcuisto
Ok the app has been out for a couple month now but I was really waiting for that... Now after couple months of use, the app has been very helpful and stable. However, the branch/ATM location part could be remodeled to be more user friendly and with all the actual location (for example, building 10 in Bethesda NIH campus is not showing up.. So no way to quickly get hours of the branch...)
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9 years ago, Jocelynsh
Check deposit
I received a check and had no idea how I was going to deposit it into my NIH account. I am currently in another state and due to the convenience of the mobile deposit I could easily take a picture of the check and deposit it directly into my savings account. Thank you so much for the added feature!
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12 years ago, A 12 Year Customer
Love the ap!
I have loved the text balance feature for some time. But now to have this ap at my figure tips takes the pressure off when getting ready to travel or at home which is 40 miles from he nearest branch. This coupled with my new modern branch location at GWU which is paperless. Go NIH. My bank of choice.
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11 years ago, Sha-Bu
Love this app!
I can do most of my banking via the app, including paying bills. It's great to have access to my account info at my fingertips in real time. I'd give it a 5 rating except that there are a couple of actions that require user to back out in order to return to the home screen.
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12 years ago, Fulvanimo
It's really not bad...
The app is extremely easy to navigate. I know later it will have more functions but it is super simple to view your records through the app. That is the main function that I use it for this app at this time. Just download it and see if you like it, I'm pretty sure you will. If you don't just delete it.
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12 years ago, Khuddles2
Easy to use!
This is a handy app which is easy to use. You can see all your accounts, transfer funds between accounts, and pay bills. It's nice to have access while I'm on the road. The ATM locator with fee info is a nice plus. I'd give this a 5🌟 if it had photo-check deposit feature like the reviewer requested.
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12 years ago, bcepeck
Nihfcu app
Easy to use and recently updated. You can view accounts, make transfers, and add money back discount options in your phone. Also the have a useful tool to find branches and ATMs near you. All very user friendly.
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12 years ago, threeanddone
Functional but limited
The basics are there- view balances, transfer money, find ATMs. However, it is sorely lacking electronic deposit (check capture), especially since ATMs that take deposits are limited. The ATM service descriptions are not up to date nor are some of the locations. The account names should be editable, which would help when transferring money to other accounts.
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8 years ago, SexySimone89
Not a good app
It's nice they have an app, but the app's interface is old and outdated, it doesn't allow you to access your credit card account and will tell you to visit the site to pay your bill, view you rewards, etc. What's worse the tellers at the local branches don't even know about the app or how to use it. It's a good bank with good rates and that's it. For mobile support and good customer service, I will keep BofA as my primary bank.
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6 years ago, Sigmasweetie2
Love that I can check before doin extra giving of funds to children. Also keeps me honest with bill paying right there.
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12 years ago, agmose
Streamlined and easy to use
This is a well-designed app. There are no extraneous odds-and-ends and the functionality is great. I am able to quickly access my accounts and do all necessary account management tasks on the go.
Show more
7 years ago, Cccc ccccccccc
Works Great
I use the app to check balances and deposit checks. I do wish I could easily switch between my business and personal accounts.
Show more
11 years ago, Slopoke3
Nice to be able to do this, but should include a way to deposit checks like most others can. For security reasons, keep your device updated!
Show more
10 years ago, J's 3rd
Great banking App!
I love that you can now deposit checks using the mobile app that is so handy! If they could just get it to withdraw cash I would never have to go to the bank! :)
Show more
12 years ago, BusyScoutMom
Once I can login...
Well, I have to say, even though I'm unable to login to my account, I am excited about the ATM feature. I had no idea there were so many ATMs so close to me, and there is a branch just a mile from my office. Now if only I can access my account- it would be great...
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