Ninja Hero Cats

4.8 (40)
59.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ninja Hero Cats

4.8 out of 5
40 Ratings
2 years ago, klakaty
After playing a while I come to really enjoy this game. Lot of grinding but its just so fun. With great animation and sound fx and the music. The enemies are great too. Funny intersting and imaginative. I play the free version which has a perminant add window on top. It was annoying at first. Didn't really want to play it cos of that. Really annoyed me. But like I said, after a while I just came to really like this game and just had to ignore the ads 😃😃😃
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3 years ago, icelord brakes the game
Thanks to the creator
Back when I was 6 years old I found this game and almost played it everyday and I’m glad I found it
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7 years ago, MrLocutusAZT
Game broken it's dead :(
I updated this game and I tried to play the game and somehow it kicks me out of the game you better bucking do something! 📃😡😡📞📈📉📈📈📉📉📰
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3 years ago, Karyn Sheen
I like this game because it is really cool and I beat all the bossesThat I see 👍😄
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5 years ago, Carter1257
Good controls
Love the way you slash through enemies. Great title.
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3 years ago, wootwoot158
amazing game
i love this game its adorable, love the art, the music is great, and the sound effects are so cute😁😁😁
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6 years ago, 💨😲🕺🙂🦍🐇
This is the best game ever!!🙀🙀🙀🙀
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10 years ago, Anbari
Game is very fun, and feels more like a console game rather than a phone game, real fun and easy to play, also unlike many games when switch to another app and come back it loads you back to the same point you were on.
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11 years ago, KmaxKeys
Neat concept. Mediocre execution. Too many ads!
This game could be a lot of fun, but I cannot get past the advertisements. It's as if the game was designed as a vehicle for ad delivery, and then the game content was tagged on at the end as an afterthought. I get that the company has to make money. But the banner ad on the screen AND video ads (optional but agonizingly long for such little kickback) AND the pop up that occurs when you start the game. It's awful. The developer did not even try to hide their intentions with this game. I just couldn't get past it, and any fun that came from the gameplay was quickly overshadowed by frustration over the inundation of advertisements. You've been warned.
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10 years ago, 5 stars! 😀
This game is amazing, but i wished u were able to have more attacks like maybe be able to set a target for who the cats will attack. I would also like to be able to have like a shop to have better weapons like for the sword and range weapons. The game also addicting and keep up the good work and updates.
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10 years ago, SamanthaGirl79
I have only gotten to the 3rd level but WOW. The graphics are awesome! The controls are easy to use. The levels have such great details and the enemies are funny. Plus if you love Ninjas or Cats your are going to wear your thumbs out playing this game!
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10 years ago, Favritlunatic
Won't load game on iPad 1st gen
My son wants to play this game but it keeps crashing on our iPad 1st gen. Loaded for a second one time after the intro, graphics were jumpy then crashed to the shut down screen with the loading icon then the iPad lock screen came up immediately. Rebooted the iPad and no improvement. We would like to play this game but it seems too heavy for the first gen.
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10 years ago, Casey m anti thy
This is my fav app thus far!! I play for hours and after playing many other games (and I do mean many) this still holds up and is still the best game!
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9 years ago, ++MewMaster++
This is one of those great games that just takes up time and provides a whole lot of fun!
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10 years ago, Speedyyork
Need to be able to keep upgraded but nice
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10 years ago, Naileditz
I haven't gotten very far in the game but I only have the dash attack Please put in more attacks Everything else awesome
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10 years ago, Howabout...?NO.
Restart BIG TIME
Every time you lose all cats, you have to start ALL OVER which is annoying!
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10 years ago, Anb :)
if your looking for a new addicting game download this! I totally recommend this game
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11 years ago, The golden wolf
Warriors death
Awesome game I always feel bad when a cat dies then I remember he had warriors death...then I revive him :D
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10 years ago, H_watson
I deleted this app
The app might have been amazing, but because of the ads, I ended up deleting it. It's a shame. I know the kind of $ that goes into developing and you don't want to lose people b/c ads take up 1/3 of the screen. Too bad.
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10 years ago, A Lovely Person
Pretty good!
Pretty addicting. Wish there were more modes tho. And a menu screen
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10 years ago, NeuroToy
The most funny and great game in app store lately!
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11 years ago, Mr Strategery
Seriously? Heroin addiction prevention ads?
Great game, but it has too many ads, including ones offering to help stop heroin addiction
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10 years ago, Lazorreyon
Nice game
Try it you'll like it
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10 years ago, LuRock486
Great time killer!
Gets challenging as you level up.
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11 years ago, KookyKittenz
After all that work, it erased my progress?
Wow glad I didn't invest money in this app. It erased my progress after beating level 5, nothing else to say other than delete in progress!
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11 years ago, Devjll
So funny
I like the sounds , keep it up :)
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11 years ago, Rxtat2
Really cool game for 2D. Flows really well too. Cats are freaking adorably cool!!! Ya won't regret trying it out... 5 *'s!!!
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10 years ago, Mikeicetea
Fun game
This game is strangely fun to play. The cats jumping all over the place making karate noise is so enjoyable.
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10 years ago, Yinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
So Epic!!
I REALLY really love it cause I love it when those kitties talk its kawaii >3<
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10 years ago, Wubwubuuwbub
Fun but ads take up half the screen
Title says it all.
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10 years ago, Mrawesome5552280
Great app!!
I the ads stoped I would give it 5 Stars
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10 years ago, Ctdlsmetcalf
My kids 5,8,and 9 love this game
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11 years ago, Nour Eddien
great game
a great game i love it and cant stop playing it MUST DOWNLOAD
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10 years ago, Mercs_Fubah
Great Fun!
It controls well, it's funny and allot of fun.
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10 years ago, Zhjorth
Good Game
This is such a great game, I like the controls, good game!
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10 years ago, GmanM86
Fun, easy, and addictive.
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11 years ago, Onsens
This game is actually addicting o_o
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11 years ago, zuryn012
Decent game
Pretty fun to play
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10 years ago, Very mice game
This is a very mice game
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10 years ago, Mikeybone
Hero ninja cats
Nice twist to other games
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11 years ago, supertuk
good action game
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10 years ago, Et5309
Ninja hero cats
Very cool, but keeps turning off
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10 years ago, SamZa Chiew
As if I can play this game with a Gigantic advertisement above.
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10 years ago, SARAILAB
Ninja hero cats
Awesome and fun game
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10 years ago, Jimmyguydood
Literally, gg
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11 years ago, The shy girl
Cool game
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10 years ago, 👍Good app 5 stars ya👍
Good game.
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10 years ago, 사고싶다 제발
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10 years ago, Rat Clan lover
Nice game
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