No Ads Solitaire

4.4 (5.7K)
35 MB
Age rating
Current version
Drew Schweinfurth
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for No Ads Solitaire

4.42 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
1 year ago, iHines57
Worth it
Great version of the solitaire app, and I love love love the fact that I don’t have ads of any sort, be it banner or full screen ones like other apps. It’s not flashy, but it’s solitaire; fanfare isn’t really necessary. Not every game will set you up to win, but that’s a valid risk when playing a solo card game. My only issue is that *very* rarely, the game will have a small glitch in where you can skip a number while putting cards up in the 4 stacks on the top left of the screen, and you can’t put the number that was skipped up there (for example, it may skip the 5 of clubs that is on the lower part of the board, and you could put the 6 of clubs right on top of the 4 of clubs). This happens very seldomly, so it’s by no means a dealbreaker. You’re getting what you paid for, which is a solid and largely reliable solitaire app.
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6 months ago, I'M A DOORKNOB
this is great
so i have a really unhealthy addiction to solitaire. i’ve tried a couple of apps but they all have so many ads. there are ads in this game though. but ONLY when you go to settings there’s a little bar ad because they have to make money somehow. this app is great because i can play online or offline, and as long as i have the app open, it saves my progress. idk why but the cards are a little stretched on my screen though. like, when they come out of the draw pile the look like 🃏 but when i place them on the actual table they look like 📅 (that’s the closest i could find lol) but that might just be my phone. otherwise, there’s no glitches and this is the best app to have an unhealthy addiction to. thank you creators bc this app is great!!!! update: i discovered the glitch that turns my high score to 0. it’s fine because i have the score in my notes and can update that when it gets better, but it’s still kind of annoying. it’s not that big of a deal but it would be nice to have it fixed. thanks!
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1 year ago, itsash91
Error Report
EDIT TO RESPOND TO DEVELOPER: So I definitely understand the scoring at the bottom of the hand that is being played. And I understand my best score is 48… What I meant was, at the top of the “Scoreboard” it says “Best Score: 0 moves”. Obviously I have never won a hand with 0 moves. So I delete that 0 score and no matter what, afterwards it always records that my best score is 0 moves… Glad to know that app isn’t abandoned though! Please let me know if this explanation is still unclear and I will try again. . . . Thank you for staying honest and keeping it ad free! I don’t know if this app is abandoned or not but I thought I’d report an error just in case. My “best score” keeps getting reset to 0. The entire history is still there of all my scores but every time I restart a hand, I get the score 0 (which would be the best ultimate score) Any way, so far my actual best score is 48!! 😁
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11 months ago, beepboopbuuubeep
Love It!
I downloaded this app so I could have some mindless entertainment. Solitaire is great for stress management, and I like to use it to help wind down especially when I’m anxious. I was using Google’s free version, but the page changing when I swipe to move a card annoyed me immensely. So I used Duck-Duck-Go to find a real “ad-free solitaire app” and the search engine gods blessed me with a link to this app. There are tiny ads at the bottom of the settings page, but it’s out of the way and not obnoxiously noticeable. Sure ads are there, but designed in a way that makes sense and doesn’t detract from the app’s functionality or purpose. The only difference between the free version and the paid for version ($.99) is access to the undo button—worth it in my book. I love that I can adjust the background colors.
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11 months ago, Liama138
Great game, undo is buggy
I love this game. The fact that it’s ad free is fantastic. I tend to exit most games as soon as ads pop up. And any company who advertises on phone games will never get my business. My only issue with this game is that sometimes undo doesn’t work. I’ll hit undo and it will tell me that I haven’t made a move even when I’m in the middle of a game. I think the problem is that if you touch the screen before you hit undo, it counts that as a move that it cannot undo even though it doesn’t count as a move on the score. Not a big problem, just something that I hope will be fixed in a future update.
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4 months ago, Chenoa Hope
So grateful for this app!
I am a solitaire addict! I was level 700 something on the mobility ware version but then they changed it so the ad popped up before you could play (when for years the ad would show after winning a game) and I just felt the change was so obnoxious. I can’t afford a monthly subscription to do away with ads and so I really sincerely appreciate finding an app that only has a simple banner ad in the settings screen. Thank you for treating your players like human beings! This game is perfect; no frills, no funny business, just pure perfect solitaire. Just what I needed. Thank you thank you thank you!!
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4 years ago, ajrogers
Challenging and simple
I love this app because it’s challenging (you can’t win every game) and it’s simple. I don’t want any daily challenges, I don’t want to earn coins, I don’t want any bonuses, etc. I also like you can only tap to send to the foundations. This keeps me from tapping around trying to find cards to move when I should just sit there and figure it out for myself. It mimics board-style nicely. My only suggestion is to add different card backs because the one right now is a little busy to the eye and doesn’t contrast nicely with the fronts. Then it would be a five star app for sure!
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3 years ago, Wow 😳 I love this
As Good as what you asked for
It’s a pretty simple game but it’s everything and more for the price and experience. I adore that you can choose from the multitude of background colors and that there are indeed NO ADS!!!! I’ve played this game for multiple hours on end and it’s peaceful and relaxing as well as entertaining. I think this is one of the best apps for Solitaire in the App Store and just overall great game. There are no special features or other games than traditional solitaire but you get what you asked for and this is definitely all I wanted.
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4 years ago, hytdc nugbk
Love no ads, but needs an undo button
I love that the challenge here is to beat the record of turns or moves used, but it I wish I didn’t have to waste each hand by starting over with another. I’d love the challenge of at least winning each hand and undoing to see if you can get the amount of moves down. Update: love the undo button is being added, but I can’t actually update my settings. There’s a grated out pop-up by settings that says “tap to enable” or some version of that.... and nothing happens even if I do tap it. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, no luck. I read this is an in-app purchase option, but can’t find a way to do so. Is this a glitch?
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2 years ago, Jack-Attack ( Jackie Forshaw )
Finally, no ads
The title is true and simple, there are no ads for this solitaire app. Thank you so much for that. I have only one suggestion for improvement with this app: please make it so I can continue my games. If I close the app or turn my phone off, when I come back to the app the cards are all at the start again. I would truly appreciate it if I could save my position. Other than that, this is a great solitaire game!
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11 months ago, Tj skrzat
Great Simple App
So thankful that there is a simple solitaire app out there that doesn’t interrupt with ads. I was happy to pay an extra couple bucks for the “undo” function just to support not having ads and other gimmicks. If there is one thing I would like to see that this app doesn’t have, it would be a “replay” function on a game (I’d be happy to pay another extra few bucks to support that, too!) Thanks for the app!
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3 years ago, Suncntry
Thank you!
I remember when apps were shared without ads and very much appreciate this app and the time it took you to develop it. It’s very generous! The game is the same as playing with a real deck of cards, without all the cheats built into the new solitaire games out there. It doesn’t have all the features, but is a solid game that does exactly what it advertises. Again, kudos to the developer(s) who shared this with the world at absolutely no charge.
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4 years ago, C8Ds
Glitchy... Needs work
I appreciate the lack of ads, however the app is glitchy. I have had times where the card cannot move to the top stack, but the one under it does. The game then cannot be solved. Once or twice I can forgive, but this problem happens all the time. Also, the cards get stuck in random location on the board after a reshuffle and it takes a couple of taps to right the board to starting position. Sometimes the game the solves itself... My best number of moves to win is ZERO. I thought that I would buy it and that would solve the issues, but it would not let complete the purchase in app, once again glitching! lollollol
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5 years ago, -=lilred=-
No ads but screen too sensitive
I’m loving being able to get play without the constant interruption of annoying ads! Your score is tracked by the number of moves you make but the screen is so sensitive that it tracks most taps. If you accidentally drop a card while dragging or your finger bumps a card by accident, a move is counted.(not referring to drawing new cards) It would be nice if only complete moves were counted. Thanks for making this ad free!
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3 months ago, dtnysoho
Limited features plus no advertising
The only reason I’m using this version kf Solitaire is it’s the only one that doesn’t have intrusive obnoxious relentless nonstop advertising - that takes over your screen. That’s a big deal. However, it does lack a few fundamental automatic features including: undo and automatically moving a card just by tapping it. In other words, you have to manually drag every card. Which I’ve gotten used to, but it does slow the game down. Also, I the cards are small and harder to see compared to other solitaire games. Again, the number one reason to use this game is there’s NO advertising. No promotions. No trying to sell you something and upgrade to another version. It’s the only solitaire game that doesn’t have any of that intrusive garbage.
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4 years ago, #nineisthebestnumber
Love it but one suggestion
This app is awesome!! If you are a fan of solitaire and hate ads (does anyone actually like them🤔) then this is the perfect app for you!! I looked for a long time trying to find a good solitaire app and this one is the one! Suggestion- is it possible if you could add an undo button? It could cost like actions or points off your score or something but I think an undo button would be awesome. Thanks!
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2 years ago, ShurlAnn
Okay Game App
One of my biggest problems is that the color is not always easy to distinguish between the red and black. Also, there is no way to reverse a move. Sometimes it takes a second to respond and I will touch card again only to miss my play because two cards play then. It will not automatically play by touching the card. Those older players without oil in they fingertips have a harder time moving each card manually.
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4 years ago, nikkicarter11
Great dev team
Nice to see a dev team that listens to reviews & releases app improvements regularly! This game functions exactly as it should, no unnecessary bs. Great job guys. To other reviewers-one tiny banner ad on the settings page is not a reason to score this app poorly! The gameplay has NO ads & that’s what really matters, no? If I was to add any new feature- changing the card backs or having different card styles would be great!
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2 years ago, Michael Paugh
Good, Found a Glitch
about three times so far, upon winning the game, manually moving the cards, sometimes they don't go in order and you cannot finish, even though you've got all the cards ready. I have an 8 of hearts up in the hearts pile, but a 5 of hearts down below. I guess I should have let it move them automatically, but this should be corrected... Otherwise, a good app and game!
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12 months ago, 1pwny
It is actually No-Ad Solitaire
This one's not lying to you - there's no ads here! I did see another review that mentioned that the game seemed harder than normal, and I scoffed at it... but I've had so many games that were mathematically impossible to win. Maybe I'm just bad, but if the developer released a statement that they artificially give you more "unwinnable" games, I'd believe them.
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3 years ago, kdjdjdjdjf
Love it
This is such a great app, it doesn't allow cheating by clicking all of the cards. I also love that you cannot undo without paying it forces you to think about your moves. One problem I keep run into, sometimes a card will not go to go to the base (?). The top section isolated where you place each suit in order. I have to swipe the game, losing my progress on the game.
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2 years ago, EmKrks
game bug?
love this game!! I’ve been sinking lots of time into it and it’s wonderful to find a game without ads. just realized while playing a game, however, that there’s a bug running around. my hearts stack was up to 10 however the 8 of hearts was still on the board, and it wouldn’t let me stack it. quite confusing but wanted to let you guys know about this weird bug!!
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3 months ago, C C
Look Ma, no ads!
A little clunky at times, but it mostly does what is on the tin. A no frills solitaire game that makes sense. I spotted what appeared to be a single ad in the settings, but zero during hours of game play. I even bought undo as thanks for making an app that isn’t adware or trying to lock you into a subscription model. 🙂
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2 years ago, buttcrackel
Impossible hands
I just played 5 games in a row where I lost without there being any incorrect move on my part. I’ve played hundreds of games of solitaire and I always win more than I lose. It seems like this app has hands that set you up for failure, that you won’t win. And that’s why everyone says it’s challenging. But it really just has most games rigged to lose. Not having ads after every hand is nice, and I almost bought that undo button because it seemed peaceful. But I’m going to save my money and keep looking for a good solitaire app.
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2 years ago, Saint Alker
Great app with bad readability!
Finally a simple solitaire app with no frills. But I wish it was possible to change card backs - it's very hard to tell the difference between flipped and unflipped cards at a glance. Also king, queen and jack are hard to tell apart if you're colorblind. Please add more distinction to them.
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2 years ago, Zairanatana
I love this solitaire app
I have spent a lot of time playing solitaire on this app and it’s just so soothing! It’s so nice to play a game that isn’t constantly showing you ads or trying to get you to subscribe to something. I paid $1 for the undo feature just because I wanted to say thank you :)
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2 years ago, rosavicious
Really...actually ad free!!!
Finally, developers that don't outright lie about being ad free. It's sad that Apple does absolutely nothing about developers like "Klondike" that lie about having no ads. It's refreshing to finally find a Solitaire app that I can pass time with and don't have to deal with dishonest advertisements.
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1 year ago, Jai'Ti
Exactly what it says on the tin
The only ad is a small and banner politely hidden away at the bottom of the settings menu. There is absolutely nothing obstructing or interrupting your gameplay and for that I an greatly thankful to the makers of this app. It’s just solitaire, plain and simple.
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9 months ago, luckyem77
Simple, Effective
This is really all I want in a mobile game. It’s not overwhelming to look at and I loveeee the fact that no ads are being shoved in your face. Thank you for this I love solitaire and since I downloaded this i’ve been playing every day 🙈🙈
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7 months ago, TyWeeks
This is what you were looking for
Can’t beat it for free! If you searched “ad free solitaire”, this is what you were looking for! The undo button is available for $0.99, and if you second guess yourself like I do, it’s worth the buck
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8 months ago, Wontletmecoment
It’s fun but
Two things one no undo button never played this game without that. Really easy to hit the deck by mistake. Also the back of the deck colors are the same as the front so really hard to see the card. I’ll play a little longer see if I get used to it but most likely with just find another one.
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2 years ago, g1ldg@m3$h
You can only undo once
The undo function only works for the previous move. If you want to undo a decision you made two or more moves ago, you’re out of luck, defeating the entire purpose of digital solitaire. You also have to pay for this “feature”, even though it’s standard on most if not all other platforms, and not limited like this one. Get a decent ad blocker and download literally any other free solitaire app.
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7 months ago, mrdimn
No ads
Yes, this is only solitaire… but sometimes those classic games are still fun to play. And without any ads to interrupt your game play, that feature makes this app that much better. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, judyTheFourth
Needs back of card design option
I love the simplicity of this app and the no ad feature. The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars is that design on the back of the cards makes it difficult for my older eyes to distinguish between a known card or one still face down.
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2 years ago, Member51
Great but couldn’t play a card
No ads as promised but I had two games in a row where I couldn’t move a card to the top. I had a 3 of hearts I couldn’t place over a 2 of hearts. I tried double clicking and moving manually. I had to start a new game.
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3 years ago, St@r-L0rd
I HATE ads with a passion and was fortunate enough to find this game. I wish the undo button was included but I understand the developer has to make money somehow. Despite the fee for an undo button, I am very thankful to have found this app.
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5 years ago, abcuwhd👀
Love having No Ads
As an elderly lady that gets confused with technology, it’s very nice. The one thing that would be great for improvement would be to have an option to make the cards easier to see. Larger text would be better.
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4 years ago, Last time Uber user
No ads but not a lot of options
Nice not to wait between games but it does not have alot of the features that other games have. For example, the undo feature is difficult to use and it only undoes one play and won’t keep undoing plays. You don’t have the option to replay the game or other features
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1 year ago, BrighterMight
Good but needs auto place cards
Nice to play for free. But it would be nice if you didn’t have to drag every card to the top piles, which gets tedious. Having an option to just tapping them would be better.
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3 years ago, pvsolitaire
Card colors
I like the gate but I have to use my knowledge of what shapes are red and black. The colors are too dark for me to distinguish due to my color vision deficiency. I can change the back ground but not the card color so I gave it a three for my review. I need a brighter green and a lighter red, or at least some help to see the colors better. Thanks
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3 weeks ago, gunch hunch
Best Simple No-Ads Solitaire
Genuinely the best no-frills solitaire app I've used. Buying the "undo" button is a small price to pay to support the devs. If you don't need any fancy backgrounds or card animations, I 100% recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Tomabites
Best Solitaire! Thank You!
Thank you for making an app without all of the pre-pay, or in-app purchase, or ads. It’s refreshing to be able to play a classic PC game on mobile without the additional financial begging or disturbing advertisements.
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3 years ago, wohlberry
Love no ads!
I bought this app because I was sick of the ads the other solitaire apps constantly show. I’m only giving it four stars because I find it very hard to distinguish between the suits at a glance. The graphics on the cards should be improved.
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10 months ago, bh176
No ads!
Beat solitarrie with no ads! Basic functionality but so much better than the annoying ads
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4 years ago, ytlexi2.0
Pretty good
great solitaire app 100% no ads doesn’t ask for money however it is a little touchy and i’d love a help/hint button! i’m not an expert lol and sometimes i get so close to winning but am stumped, would benefit from a help button!!!!
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4 years ago, pestyham
Want my undo $ back; app doesn’t work!!!
I looked at a lot of Solitaire games to get one that was simple, no ads. I have latest update of iPhone and just got the app today. Paid the fee for the undo button. Then found out the cards would not move when touched, and I could not reset my table color. It kept going back to original one. I want my fee back and I will delete app!
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1 year ago, Jfjgvfjcc
This game regularly lets me move a card to the foundations that isn't consecutive like for example 5 will let me put down 7 on top of it and when i try to correct it its stuck. I do like the lack of ads though
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2 years ago, Jrk47
Love this app. No fees and simple. I did find one bug. I tried to get in contact, but the contact links are spam. Let me know if there’s a good place to send the video!
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2 years ago, jeepguyron
Pulling the cards down
When pulling the cards down you have to get it under the card just perfect or it will go back to the top, this has been the only thing that is super frustrating to me about this app.
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5 years ago, PodcastDavida
Great to play without ads!
I really enjoy solitaire with this app. I only wish it wouldn’t offer to auto-complete a game until all cards needed are visible (face up). That would make it perfect for me.
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