Noonlight: Feel Protected 24/7

4.7 (16K)
162.4 MB
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Current version
SafeTrek, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Noonlight: Feel Protected 24/7

4.75 out of 5
16K Ratings
4 years ago, RachelB101282
This app is amazing!!! First, it makes me feel super safe. In Texas, it is LEGAL to carry blades on you (I think they just got rid of the measurement on them), so I usually had that to keep me safe when taking my dog to go potty in the dark. I live in an apartment complex that barely has any light near the grass where dogs do their business. I kept my blade on me because I was so scared something might happen. Now that I found this app, I don’t have to hold my blade so close to me. If anything happens, the police are on their way! I absolutely love that. I don’t even have to dial 911. I can just let go of the button and BOOM, they send what I need where I am. Second, they are very caring. I know it’s just an app, but the messages on the app are kind of comforting in a way. When I let go of the button and put my pin in, it says, “We’re glad you’re safe” and also texts it to my phone. Again, I know it’s just an app and it’s programmed to do that but I honestly haven’t seen any other app developers do that with their applications. I just prefer this app over the others. I promise that this app is very great and that you’ll love it. It sounds a little sus but I am NOT being paid to say this and I do not work for them. I know many people think that good reviews are typically written by people they hired but I am not one of them. Again, it’s sus but I promise this app is just the best when you want to feel safe and don’t have any weapons on you. Stay safe y’all :)
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3 months ago, Ontimonopitaphobia
Noonlight saved my life!
TW: domestic violence There’s no other way to say this other than Noonlight saved my life. I downloaded it when I was in an abusive relationship and didn’t think I was ever gonna get out of it. I activated my panic button twice rapidly and the first time I used it I had to lock my phone immediately and hide it and since I didn’t respond or answer the calls within 60 seconds I was alerted police were on the way to my location and after several minutes which felt like hours I was able to leave the situation and talk on the phone with Noonlight and the call to police was canceled because I was safe. The second time, I was able to reply to the immediate text I received but with only the word “help”. I received a response back immediately that said, “We are calling you, please answer.” I answered the call but couldn’t put it to my ear and say anything but I wanted them to know what was happening so they could let police know. Within minutes of activating the button 2 deputy sheriffs we’re jumping out of their cruisers to my rescue and I could hear more coming behind them. I could finally take a breath and let Noonlight know I was going to be ok. Seconds feel like minutes and minutes feel like hours when you’re in a life threatening situation and if it weren’t for Noonlight, I wouldn’t be here today. I will always have this app on my Home Screen.
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2 years ago, Sir.SiggleBottom
Great app and funny story
So I’ve been deciding if I should post a review but enough time has passed where I can look back on the situation and laugh. About 2 years ago I got in a relationship with this guy. In the middle of the night while I was asleep he tried to creep through my phone. That’s when he clicked on Noonlight.. little did he know the second his thumb lifted up off that screen the cops were on the way. In a matter of minutes they were at my location telling my boyfriend that he had to go wake me up because they had to do a welfare check on me. This app alerted my mom and my friends too. So in the middle of the night my boyfriend had to explain to me, the cops and my mom why he was looking through my phone. All the embarrassment that came from it I think he learned his lesson. Now two years later he’s never touched my phone again 😂 and that’s how I found out this app is amazing and they cops really will show up. 10/10 have recommended this to tons of people. I actually do use the app as intended (usually walking back to my car or at night I’ll have it pulled up) and thankfully the only time the cops have been called was a false alarm due to my boyfriend
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6 years ago, kykysale
Safety concerns
I want to start off by saying how much I love this app and the security it gives me. I’ve had SafeTrek since the app was released a few years ago and it’s an app I believe everyone should have. The people who work for SafeTrek are kind, helpful, and have always been there to ensure my safety and answer any questions and concerns I have. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I’ve noticed a safety concern. If you are holding down the “hold until safe” and you double click the home button (on an iPhone) to get to your open applications, you can close SafeTrek without entering the PIN, while holding the button. You can even close out of the app without entering your PIN after you’ve let go of the “hold until safe” after the 10 seconds which is when they contact authorities. Someone could be in danger and whoever the person is trying to hurt them could definitely get out of the app without the PIN being entered. Is it possible to make it so if the hold until safe is being used, if the application is closed or exited out of, it still sends an alert? Or sends a notification to your phone that the PIN needs to be entered? Or even if a Safetrek team member reached out to try and check out if everything’s okay. Just a suggestion! Other than that, this is an amazing app that helps a lot of people, myself included. Thank you SafeTrek for the security, safety, and support you provide!
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6 years ago, Chase090909
Can’t find a better deal!
You won’t find a better deal anywhere else on the entire App Store. This app is absolutely amazing for just $3 a month you get peace of mind! That’s awesome 😎 so many people are complaining because of the monthly charge... I thought it was going to be some insane price it’s $3 DOLLARS A MONTH you won’t find a better deal especially for what this app offers! Safety isn’t free and it never has been! Anyways, I love how when you activate the button for help you get a text but I don’t like the fact that the text is an automatic generated message I know this because I did the test twice and I got the exact same message so that’s not really all too great.. but as long as you can get help when needed is all that matters. Overall the app is amazing and you can’t beat the price even if you don’t walk alone a lot it’s great to just have you never know when you might need it god forbid..❤️❤️ This app makes me feel so safe it’s unreal! I absolutely am in love with it and the dispatchers are actually amazing they respond to you via text if there’s an issue and no, they’re not robots I thought at first they were too but no, it’s an actual person I’m so thankful to be able to have them with me 24/7!
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6 years ago, hehsjsjdjdj
Great app but...
So I had this app like two years ago and I made my pin two years ago. I know there’s an option to change your pin but I was in an Uber this morning and I didn’t get that far. I was holding down the button thinking I knew the pin . And I didn’t so I just close the app out before It can get down from the 10 seconds seeing how I wasn’t in any danger and didn’t want the authorities contacted. I’m 16 and now I’m sitting in an Uber scared to death that the police are being called and there’s nobody for me to call not even like a helpline for the app that I can talk to somebody who works there. There’s a chat section but they don’t get back quick enough so if there was a real problem and the police did show up it would’ve been useless. I still don’t know if the police are going to show up knocking on my door asking if I’m OK and I’m honestly really anxious about that. Overall it’s a great app and A great idea but they need to make a better contact way for me to talk to somebody for anyone else who is in the same situation or a similar situation to talk to somebody. Just in case something like this happens I don’t want to waste any of the police is time for something that I’m not in danger for. The reason why I thought I was in danger was because it Uber driver kept acting sketchy and going into dead ends but he ended up just being really lost.
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7 years ago, KellyHeidi
This should be something that comes with everyone's phone. I don't know why it isn't integrated as a standard app. If you don't have it you need to get it now. Whether you live in a city or rural area, there is a use for it, and at only $3 a month it's worth it. I am in NYC and live alone. I walk everywhere and deal with sketchy people on and off day and late night. I've sometimes felt uncomfortable and sometimes felt like I needed to get out of where I was immediately. I downloaded this and used it a little but it didn't do much for how I felt so I wasn't using it all the time. That all changed when by accident I set it off showing a friend how it worked and then I forgot my pin. I was immediately texted saying police were headed to my location. I cancelled the alarm and was responded back to by a REAL person. Where it gets awesome was later that night I got text messages checking up on me from real people making sure everything was still okay. After that I was sold. I use it everywhere I walk at night or anytime I feel like I have a sketchy Uber driver. I feel like people who aren't in a city could def use this like if your car breaks down or stranded somewhere. Get it now!
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5 years ago, Knighkiki
Helped save my life
I walk to work very early, as I do not own a car and public transportation does not run quite that early. A man approached me with a knife this morning and held it to my chest while he sexually assaulted me and threatened to “hurt” me. I was able to take my finger off the sensor immediately and Karen from Noonlight called me until I was able break away and run for my life, hoping he would not be able to catch me and kill me. They took care of getting help to me in the worst, more terrifying moment of my life. And more than that, they were human and were able to be so calm and so kind under the huge weight of a hysterical person screaming and begging them for help. She stayed with me until the police came. She offered me a glimmer of hope that I might survive and a huge amount of humanity in a moment of horror. Please download this app. It cannot prevent someone from attacking you, but it can get help rolling to you when you can not safely call 911 in a life or death moment. It can give you a lifeline when you’re all alone and in danger. Use it. Always. It’s an easy step to take and can make the difference between getting help and being alone and in danger.
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6 years ago, Shakensjaiwiiwi
Safety isn’t free, but it used to be?
I’m very upset with this new “subscription” thing. I have used this app for at least two years, when it was safetrek. It left me feeling reassured in my college city when I needed it. I loved this app because I felt as if it protected those of us who need it most: people in abusive relationships, women living in large cities alone, visibly queer people in unsafe situations, etc. This app felt very altruistic. Unprotected groups of people benefitted from it, and they still had 24/7 call centers back then. I don’t really understand why they charge $36/year for something that I’ve literally never had to actually use to call someone to my location. It feels greedy, slimy, and bad. It doesn’t feel like someone trying to help protect at-risk groups anymore. The people working at the call centers deserve to be paid livable wages of course, but there are other ways to fund that. They did it before, why not now? Unfortunately will be deleting after two years of use. I used to recommend this app to all of my friends. Not going to pay $3/month for something I rarely use. If you can afford it and didn’t use the app when it was called Safetrek (and was free), by all means, download it and use it. But charging out of nowhere for this app means taking away that little bit of extra security for a lot of people. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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1 year ago, Sasha Kane
I never leave reviews. But last year I was attacked by someone who planned on killing me. It was the worst night of my life and I barely made it out of there alive. Before he took my belongings I have the chance to call 911, but knew it would escalate the situation. I desperately wished there was a way to somehow text 911. Since then obviously my life has changed. How I view the world has changed. I recently discovered this app, and it literally made me cry. And to offer these services free?? It’s a real blessing that will surely save lives. Tonight I had to walk my dog and I don’t live in a good neighborhood. This activity brings me great stress. I used this app for the first time tonight, and when I got into my apartment I accidentally triggered the alarm. Karen texted then called me, making sure I gave my PIN before canceling the alarm. I can’t thank you all enough. This is a real app, it does what it says, the basic, live-saving features are free-of-charge, and honestly I’ve never had an app bring me the sense of safety that I felt tonight. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for making this world just a little more safe.
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6 years ago, Mona185
Good app to have
I haven’t had to use this app yet and I hope I never do. I wish I would have known about this app a year ago I could have used it. I like the fact that we don’t have to dial out we can just hold until date button . I also like how we can post to our timeline and it doesn’t have to be an emergency we can leave a note or something for if something was to happen.. What I would really like is for this app to be able to be used when our phone is locked and not have to enter a pin or password to unlock the phone. It would be nice to have this app as an option when phone locked like the camera. I was almost killed last year so I’m really scared all day everyday.. i try not to go anywhere especially when it’s dark. I literally have 3 things on me all the time all day my phone with this app opened, my tazer, and a vigilant.. I don't have a gun because my anxiety gets so bad and I don't feel I'm capable of having one just yet. Once I get my anxiety under control I will go get a gun and have it registered and everything..Other than that this app is awesome I like it better than smart911 but I have both apps
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4 years ago, Lilfishy5689
An absolute necessity.
I consider this app a life necessity, not optional. The peace of mind this provides is unreal. I have set it off accidentally twice in 3 years (once 3 years ago and once two weeks ago) and the quality of service is still as good as it was years ago. Most recently I accidentally opened it and touched my thumb, then let go and absent-mindedly swiped up to shut it while half asleep. They were calling me within seconds and both times it was someone REALLY nice. Like - a real, friendly, caring person on the phone ready to help within ten seconds. The ability to trigger the silent alarm from your home screen is amazing. I tell literally everyone to get this. I told my therapist about it and she also recommends it now to clients with anxiety and in uncertain home situations, including domestic violence victims and those with thoughts of hurting themselves, for a one-click call for help just in case. $3 a month is absolutely nothing for the peace of mind this provides me. I hope I never need it, but I will ALWAYS have this. Love too that it can sync with my echo in case my phone is somewhere else - I can literally just yell for help.
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6 years ago, mjm1999
I am so glad something like this exists.
I have not had to use this app yet, but after seeing an add for it, I immediately downloaded it! I frequently get stopped on the street sometimes by one guy, two or an entire group. I’ve been alone at night or even during the day and had cars full of guys stop and try talking to me, the list of uncomfortable interactions goes on and on. I feel I will be using this app very shortly. I think $3 a month is an AWESOME price for the AMAZING idea. I am a little disgusted by all of the comments saying “safety should be free”. Safety is NOT free, people buy pepper spray, guns, knives, and other things to protect themselves with. Even calling 911 is technically not free because you are paying your phone bill every month to be able to do that. Do you have a Netflix subscription? (Most likely) Do you go to Starbucks? (I would assume so) Most people pay for things monthly that they do not need, so paying $3 a month for something that could potentially save you life is nothing. The company that designed this app has to pay employees, it can’t be entirely out-of-pocket for them.
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6 years ago, Dg11585
My opinion
Some of these reviews are just plain ridiculous. If you are in danger and you have the time to pull out your phone, search for an app, download it, launch the app, and set it up you should just call 911. ATTENTION this app is not supposed to be downloaded when you have an emergency you are supposed to download and set up before so when you have an emergency you just launch and press the button. That aside you DO pay for 911 check your phone bill there is a service charge. I would think this would be awesome if your cell provider could offer this and just put on your phone bill as you pay for 911 anyways but 3 dollars is not much a month it's 10 cents a day you can find that walking around. It's also a new app I'm sure once other companies invest maybe the 3 dollars will be lower however it's still a good price. I jog and I like the fact I can press a button while phone is on my pocket and get help instead of someone seeing me using my phone if they are following me. If 3 dollars is too steep for you ask your local police station if they have a texting option as some police stations have started this option if you are not able to talk.
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6 years ago, megand430
Worth the money
Although I’m usually very hesitant to do any sort of monthly subscription, I think that it is necessary for me as a female college student. Whenever I have to walk anywhere on campus late at night, I just hold that button, and I immediately feel much safer. I also really like that they don’t send a police officer for every accidental button push. I set it off one time on accident, and they called to see if I was safe before sending the police. I REALLY like that, since I was nervous that I would accidentally call the cops on myself at some point. I do wish that it was free, but I also realize that they have very good reasons to charge money for it. I’ve tried all of the free alternatives, and I can honestly say that none of them can even compare. I recommend this to all of my friends. You can even give people a link for a free month so they can test it out! I also love that it can automatically post to Facebook if I set it off, so that my family and friends can know if I am ever in danger (not have to wait for the police to call or anything). I will never delete this app.
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4 years ago, photogirl98
I must say, if you don’t have this app, ESPECIALLY if you have an Apple Watch, or something similar, this is peace of mind like never before. I’ve had this app since it was called SafeTrek, and I am so happy to have it. I recently just purchased my first Apple Watch, and it has only made things more accessible. I wanted to check it to see if it did in fact contact dispatchers as quickly as it claimed, so I tested the button to see just how quickly it happened. Sure enough, within two minutes I had someone texting me to check on my emergency, and when I couldn’t remember my passcode, a live person called me to check the situation. So yes, this works! If I hadn’t answered or responded, they would send someone to my gps coordinates. And the best thing about the Apple Watch is that I put the Noonlight icon button right on my watch for easy access if I couldn’t get to my phone. It was really impressive how quickly a live person was checking on the situation, honestly. It was just like dialing 911, but without talking. Just a wonderful app!! 👍🏼👍🏼
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3 years ago, oliviajp1722
Awesome for people who do delivery!
So I work for multiple delivery services for delivering food from grocery stores and restaurants and stuff like that. This app helps me feel safe especially when I’m delivering orders at night. Occasionally customers will ask me to come up stairs if they live in a second-floor apartment, and every once in a while they will ask me to come inside to put groceries down and such. When that happens I always have my thumb on my app the entire time just in case something happens to me when I am helping these customers. It usually turns out to be an old lady who can’t carry the heavy stuff, but I’ve definitely had some weird situations where I’m glad I had the option to have the police come. I think fully haven’t had to use their services to have the police sent, but I am very confident that if anything were to ever happen to me, this app is the reason I would be OK. It’s worth it, just download it and try it out!
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6 years ago, Emily Hutcherson
Amazing, but wish it was free
This app is amazing. A couple months ago I was late to school and didn’t have any way of getting there. I was desperate, so I asked my neighbor if he could take me. Before going over there I download this app, and had it open and ready to use throughout our entire interaction. My neighbor is a nice guy, but I felt like it was better to be safe than sorry. Luckily, I didn’t need to use it but knowing it was there put me at ease. I definitely recommend this app to everyone out there, especially young girls. However, I wish it was free. I know $3/month or $30/year isn’t expensive, but not everyone can afford it. And I feel like the ones who can’t afford it are the ones who are put in the situations that calls for its use the most. A poor woman shouldn’t be assaulted or murdered simply because she couldn’t afford safety. I understand that the app and services cost money to run, but I wish there was something that could be done to make this available to everyone. I believe it is an app that every person should have on their phone!
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5 years ago, h2obearr
Enables me to manage my schedule.
Your app enables me to fly the trips I want as a Flight Attendant. I commute to SFO from Denver and need a Crash Pad. Many of my company’s trips get back to SFO too late for me to commute home right after so I need to go to my crash pad after I arrive. Before I got this app I didn’t fly any of the trips that got back late because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find parking near the crash pad and I didn’t want to walk alone for , often, many blocks away from my destination. Consequently I missed out on a lot of good trips and had to be careful what I bid. Now, with your app, I feel comfortable getting in late because I know that if anything suspicious was to happen I only need to push a button and help is on the way. Thank you for all you do. This is a great service for people who work at night , joggers who jog alone and just about anyone who is out and about. I told both of my nieces about it and will recommend this app to everyone. Thank you!❤️
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2 years ago, dont normally review but...
grateful to this app from the bottom of my heart
i have never gone on the app store specifically to rate an app. i might rate it if it asks me to, and i almost never leave a review. but i literally love this app so much that i had to learn how to do this. the people that work this app are so sweet. i was worried that if i accidentally set it off or didn't put my passcode in on time or whatever it may be, the police would show up or something crazy and it would be a whole thing. but i've done that a few times and they're super nice, obviously they verify your safety (and make sure it's really you that's saying you're okay) and they were like it's literally no big deal we are just glad you're safe. this makes me feel SO much safer walking alone at night, or even with others if i just don't feel safe. i live downtown on an unsafe college campus and this has been the best app i've ever downloaded. thank you noonlight!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, melodeeeeeeeeee
I feel so much safer
I often have to walk in dark parkings lots and have always felt uncomfortable. Now I feel a lot more confident that I can get help, instead of needing to use the iPhone distress pattern (which I can never remember) or calling the cops which can take time. Also love the timeline feature as I can write where I’m going, if anyone has been odd and what they look like, and I’ve also been logging if a strange sound occurs. For example, I thought someone was wiggling my front door in the middle of the day and trying to break in. I wrote it in the timeline just in case it WAS someone bad and needed to get that info down fast. Then called my apartment complex to see if there was another explanation and there was (replacing door numbers). Since adding my mom and my friends to the list of contacts, ALL of them have downloaded the app and done the same. I feel great knowing that my people are going to be safer now
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2 years ago, Schwäne Schatz
I’m not really safe
But. Locked myself in my garage. It’s the only door. Have a bolt on that he can’t break into. This is the second time I’ve locked myself n the garage. The first time was for about 6 hours . I got hungry and made some food. Then he said he was going to feed it to the dog. He’s done this quite a bit. I was sitting at n the toilet then he grabbed my head and pushed it back. And then continually yelling at me continued to choke me and took my voice away. I was trying to watch my videos on my cameras and they went off-. At least the one n the bedroom. So I went to my sewing room looking for my phone. I have a camera there now too. Then I went to the garage and I couldn’t get the garage door locked because n time. Both times that I came out of the garage there have been confrontations. Me constantly yelling for him to leave me alone and get away from me. I try to leave , but I can never escape.
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4 years ago, yvxmin
I’ve had this app for about 5+ years since it was called SafeTrek. I have horrible anxiety and always think I’m about to be murdered so when I walk alone or I’m getting out my car I always hold the button down until I’m safe. Thankfully I have never had to call the police, so I wasn’t ever sure that it ~really~ worked. It could just be a button that SAID it would call the police but maybe once you were in a crisis it would end up being a scam. NOPE. A couple of weeks ago I was waking up and messing around with my phone, didn’t have my glasses on and I felt my phone vibrate but I didn’t get a notification. I went back to sleep. A couple of minutes later, the police are knocking on my door... they got an alert from Noonlight LOL! Now I have to pay $75 for a false alarm (my own fault!) but at least I know it works and I would rather pay $75 now and know it will work if I ever am in a life threatening situation!
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6 years ago, Lunelope
Home Alone
I was home alone and very scared one night because I woke up after I heard something drop in the living room and then my dogs, they sleep in the room with me, started growling at the door. I heard footsteps outside my room. My husband was gone for training but I had my gun with me and knew I had to do something. I didn’t want to alert the possible intruder so I downloaded the first emergency app I found, Noonlight. I put in my address and name and hit the help button. Within seconds Karen was texting me asking important questions and notified police. The police got to my house within 10 minutes. I’m not the kind of person who cries wolf or is overly anxious but I was very scared that night, didn’t know if I should call someone or not and decided I was better safe than dead, and this app and the team behind it really did their job. I feel so much safer having this on my phone and I think every person should download it.
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4 years ago, NancyJ9194
Pressed emergency by mistake/woman who called was awesome
This is a shout out to whoever phoned me last evening. I’m not sure how I did it but I hit something which meant I was in trouble. Noonlight called but I missed it and then right as I received a text from them stating they were trying to reach me, my phone rang again. I feel bad today as I think back to the experience because I thought it was some sort of scam and she was going to start asking for things like my DOB OR SS# but all she wanted was my pin and when I refused to give that out as well she asked me just two verifying very basic questions of which I felt safe answering. She then told me my pin!! I explained I must have hit the emergency button by accident and apologized for being so skeptical. She was graceful and polite and only added “I’m happy to know you’re okay”. Very competent and extremely quick to respond. Great service.
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3 years ago, harleykassxo
I am a dancer
I am a dancer, in a state very notorious for how many people go missing in the industry here. I have been through a lot, and this job is one of the most preyed on in any industry. I can 100% say I feel safe always. Driving away from work, I hold it until I know I am safe and enter my pin when I walk in and lock my door. Literally I was just telling my mom about this app and accidentally set off the timer to enter my pin. I entered it and all was well and got the “glad you’re safe text” and I have made my mom, sister, best friend, everyone install this. It is important to have. I highly recommend having it. I also don’t pay $3 a month for it, I don’t pay anything so these other reviews saying they pay that is weird to me but from what I saw that was from some years ago. Even if it is $3 a month, it’s worth your safety. Install it and stay safe.
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5 years ago, Kenzie3211
Use it more than I thought...
The world is a scary place but with this app I feel a bit safer and always have an option for help. I use it even if I’m sure I’m okay but always want to be safe. I use it when walking to my car in a dark parking lot, checking out a weird sound inside my apartment, or even if I get an unexpected knock at the door (single woman living alone!) or simply just have that paranoid feeling about someone standing a bit too close - I live on a tight budget, and this app helps me feel safe without my wallet taking risks. I love this app and I share it with people often. Download it. I also love, LOVE the timeline option. See something. Say something. Anything suspicious I always write it in there. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this app.. TRUST this app. I hope it never has to be used to save my life or well-being, but I trust that it can if need be. Best app on my phone. Thank you Noonlight.
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4 years ago, BossTigger
No One Should Be Without This App
I absolutely LOVE this app. I have had it on my phone probably longer than two years now. Started using it when I was still single and doing the dating scene. Had encounters with a few oddballs before downloading this and it was a different story. After downloading this app, I felt a lot more safe. I’d open the app before getting out of my car and it started opened until I returned home. Luckily I never needed it but a few times I did accidentally hit the button, luckily I was able to stop it before emergency crew showed up. The crew behind this app are amazing. I received phone call during one of the accidental pushes and the voice on the other end was so nice and comforting to hear. Everyone should have this app. I highly recommend it. Put it on all the female family members phone and also the males. It’s an extra bit of safety in a scary unsafe world.
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7 years ago, PoshMark Anonymous
You, and Everyone You Know Need This App!
Thank goodness I have never needed to use this app, HOWEVER... my phone has what is called “Touch Disease” (look it up, it’s real), which causes my phone to open apps and go nuts al on its own. My phone was laying by me on my desk today and I noticed the app was open and it was asking for my PIN. I slightly panicked, especially because my touch screen was not responding. I received four texts from SafeTrek asking me to verify my safety. When I didn’t verify or enter my PIN, I received a phone call from a very nice lady from SafeTrek asking me if I was safe and to verify my safety. Because I wasn’t sure what my PIN was, she asked me security questions to verify I am who I said I was. Let me tell you that if I was ever in a situation when I needed this app, there is no doubt in my mind my safety would be top priority. I have sent the link to this app to every female I know. $3/month is worth that extra step to ensure safety.
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6 years ago, UrFairyGodMother
Serious Problem
Here’s my recent experience with Noonlight. I was in a situation where I thought that someone was trying to break into my house. I was against the wall of the window they were trying to get into. After I pressed the button I got a message. Before I could blink (let alone reply) A Noonlight representative called me. Although I appreciate the immediate response. This act could’ve put me in serious danger. I didn’t have the time or presence of mind to silence my phone. This was a HUGE safety risk. And could’ve resulted in me getting hurt or even killed. Again, I think it’s excellent that they responded so quickly, but because it happened instantaneously, it put me at a serious risk. I am hoping that they will make some changes in how they respond to future calls from other people, so that no one gets hurt. They otherwise do excellent work, and I’m glad to have them around and in my pocket.
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5 years ago, kiera113
I’ve deleted and downloaded this app repeatedly for years (based on the space on my phone) since I was a freshman in college. I never wanted to carry pepper spray or anything else. I have an app and a good set of lungs. I recommended it to all of my sorority sisters. I’m now a security & emergency management coordinator for a major international tourism company, and I still recommend it to my friends and coworkers. While I have more than once inadvertently activated the alarm from my pocket (since buried the app in a folder) the SEVERAL attempts to contact me to basically ensure I wasn’t in danger before calling the police were incredibly reassuring that there really was a human being looking out for me on the other end. I recently went looking for it again to add to my new phone and was dismayed when I couldn’t find “safetrek” I was happy to know it’s just a name change and happily downloaded it again.
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2 years ago, florenciaflores
Hands-down best app ever
I can't even tell you how much reassurance this app gives me when I am alone at night walking home from the train or getting home late from work. A couple times I have just accidentally pressed it and once my niece did- and Karen from Noonlight said the cops are on their way etc. In the matter of seconds that it took for me to pick my finger off the button and not respond with my pin or "I am safe"- she had called several times and texted several times with a "please let us know if you are safe otherwise we have already sent law-enforcement!" Those two times this happened I replied as soon as I realized apologizing. She that's absolutely fine thank you for letting us know. I'm going to go ahead and cancel the emergency call. They're VERY efficient. Also Karen if you're out there you're the best ever. Much love.
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5 years ago, ashweeee97
Makes me feel so safe and less anxious.
I work at a bar in Memphis TN where car breakins are pretty notorious. The bar is super close to a station but Noonlight goes the extra mile in making me feel safe when walking anywhere at night if I’m not walking with another person. I’ve pressed and held the button a few times but I’ve never let my countdown reach 0. There’s some really neat features the app has like you can have a security network of close friends and people you trust. They can contact police through Noonlight if they haven’t heard from you for awhile because say, you were kidnapped and couldn’t hit the button yourself. The thought of being kidnapped is scary, but we live in a world where things like that are really common, especially for women. Stay safe everyone, be cautious and wary of your surroundings. Carry a knife, tazer, whatever. Get Noonlight .
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4 years ago, karen123nomoreclassrom
A life saver
This app is the best thing on my phone. 2 nights ago I heard a noise that happened to be my cat. When I let go of the button it took me a sec to remember the password... 10 seconds from the count down passed and I finally managed to put in the password. I got a call from this random number.... I didn’t answer of course😭 but then a text message from the same number. It was someone checking to see if I was ok!!!❤️❤️❤️ I’m really thankful I found this app it’s a life saver, my situation could have been bad and I’m so happy that they responded at the speed they did. I even got a message from one of the founders today saying “ Hi Sarah, this is Brittany and I’m one of the founders of Noonlight. I heard you had an alarm in the past 24 hours so I wanted to check in to see how you’re doing. Is there anything I can do for you?” ❤️❤️❤️ finally an app that cares
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6 years ago, alexisbraun98
I feel so protected. The app drastically changed my life.
This app is awesome. I have to work very late nights and early morning hours so walking to and from my car in the complete darkness is super nerve racking. I feel so much better having this app open and ready to use on my phone while walking by myself because I know if I need anything I can get help in the touch of a button. Literally. I tell all my co workers who work the same hours to use this app and they all love it. and I will continue to spread the word. This app drastically improved my life and now I feel that I don't have to watch my back every single day. It's also comforting to know if I was in a situation where I couldn't call the cops, I would still be able to touch the button and get help. Im sure this app has saved many people's lives and will continue to! Thanks for all you do Noonlight!
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6 years ago, Alex Doriot
Always there
Just tonight I had a false alarm at my home. I was alone in bed and thought someone was in the house. I pressed for Noonlight & eventually had a lengthy text conversation with the employee, because I was afraid to speak aloud in case someone was here, until the police arrived. She calmed me a bit even via text and it was comforting to know the ‘work’ was being done to get help with little effort of my own in the midst of my overwhelming fear. I also use it on a regular occurrence when walking either to/from my car alone or in any other uncomfortable, alone situation. It doesn’t give me false confidence to continue to walk into an unsafe situation, and it shouldn't, but instead gives me an extremely easy way to protect myself in some capacity if a situation arises out of my control. 100% worth the ‘investment’ to always have this peace of mind in my back pocket.
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4 years ago, Serena216
I honestly never leave reviews but this app just made me do it. I’m a seventeen year old girl and I hold the responsibility of taking out my dog every night. Well I don’t go to bed until 2-3:00am due to my homework load, so I don’t take me dog out until around 1:30am. I usually FaceTime a friend or my sister in college but they don’t always answer and that’s when I turned to this app. Sometimes I’m just psyching myself out but it’s always better to be safe then sorry. Due to the time I go to bed my mother is usually asleep when I walk the dog and sometime it’s unsettling to take my dog out so late by myself . I held down the bottom until I returned to my house and once I released it, it immediately sent me a text asking me how I was doing. I think anyone and everyone should have this app, especially young females.
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6 years ago, KLR-isSafe
Worth it.
Where do I even begin? I got the app about 2 months ago. I use it pretty often. 1. I walk a 20 minute walk to my job and where I live, it’s a 50/50 town, sometimes it’s harmless and other times there’s a sense of fear everywhere. I used to call my friends/family on my walks to feel safer. But now that I have Noonlight and if anything was to happen, the police will be notified. It’s awesome that I have that power back in my hands. 2. Especially now that there’s a sex trafficking warning going on, just 10 minutes down the road from my house, and friends have even been approached just makes me want to spread the word of noon light. 3. I was in a car accident where I fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a pole. The car was totaled. If it hadn’t been for the witnesses, I don’t know what would have happened. I recently discovered the new function where it can track if you have been in a car accident. If I had known sooner about that newest update. I never enabled something so quick in my life. Thank you Noonlight for being so consistent and proving that you’re up to date with everything. Thank you for watching out for us, the consumers. I always spread the word of how great this app is. I will surely pay a few dollars a month if that means I’m well protected.
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5 years ago, whatever isn't already taken
Best app to stay safe and call help
Whoever thought of this is much appreciated by many I’m sure. The fact that you can add details about things that you feel uncomfortable with in the event that something happens and they automatically get sent to the operator who can track your location and immediately send help, is priceless. I really appreciate how well thought out this app is. I would highly recommend this app to any teenager and anyone going on a date or meeting anyone they’ve never met before or if you just have a bad gut feeling. By putting your thumb on the button and informing the person that you feel unsafe with that 911 is immediately contacted and informed of your location if your thumb happens to come off the button for any reason, its enough of a deterrent that in my experience the person just left.
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3 months ago, ElizabethBandy
Saved my life.
I was in a car crash last night, noonlight detected I was in one. I missed their call but Karen texted immediately and told me they received an alert that I had been in a crash, if I wasn’t able to answer their texts (which I was) they would’ve still sent police and ems to my exact location. Police told me that if my crash happened just a few seconds before we would’ve went off into the woods possibly flipping the vehicle sustaining serious possibly even fatal injuries. They would’ve had to search for us in those woods without exact coordinates from noonlight. We luckily didn’t go off into the woods, but we hit a tree and were in backcountry. Noonlight sent the police my coordinates. I’m forever grateful. This app isn’t a option, it’s a necessity, and a lifesaver.
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4 years ago, #ItsYourGirlEmmy
Noonlight is now my favorite app on my phone and i’ve only had it for about 10 minutes now!! i definitely recommend!! doesn’t matter how old you are, what your height is, what your weight is, etc, Noonlight asks for information about yourself, for example your location, your phone number, emergency contact in case your in danger, your age, your name, and anymore information you would like Noonlight to know about yourself. whatever danger or uncomfortable situation you are in you just press and hold down on the circle, when you let go you enter the 4 digit passcode you’ve already set up to let the police know that you are safe. then you will receive a text message saying “glad you are safe!” Noonlight makes me feel very comfortable and safe, and now i feel better to go out more often.
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1 year ago, Azzure39
The Free trial is a trick
When I signed up for a free trial,I looked into the app and decided it wasn’t for me. What does it do? You hold down a button and it silently calls 911 for you when you’re in danger. I canceled the subscription before the renewal date. On the day it was supposed to renew, they froze my card so every app I tried to download would ask me for a verification first. Then when I signed in they needed my card information which the app would say it was incorrect and to add a new card. I don’t have another form of payment so I tried to delete the card in use. It would then say I have an app using that account and can’t delete it. I found a way to delete my card off the account and the second I did, this noonlight app charged me for a renewed month. When I reported it and tried to dispute it, they said I couldn’t get a refund and asked for an explanation for why I want my money back, maybe then I can get a refund. I explained the problem and still didn’t get a refund. Don’t use the free trial. They’re scammers.
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5 years ago, Max Winer
This app left me speechless...
About half a year ago, I traveled to Los Angles, California, with my family for my grandmothers birthday. We all were having a great time when we decided to go out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Our meal was fabulous when all of a sudden, my grandmother arose from her seat and proceeded to walk across the room only to fall unconscious with no pulse we all went into panic mode frantically trying to help her. I did not know the name of the restaurant because of its elaborate Italian name. I ran to my phone and pushed the blue button. A few seconds later, I received several texts and calls from a Noonlight dispatcher and was able to explain my situation, and within 3 minutes, Emergency Services arrived and were able to resuscitate her. Noonlight, without a doubt, could have very well helped save my grandmother's life.
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5 years ago, wild_._sea
i feel very safe when i use it.
Recently my sister and I were in the Target parking lot, and noticed this man. As we were shopping around she noticed he was around us a lot, but didn’t think much of it. But when my sister put the bags in the car alone(I was in like at a coffee shop) she noticed he turned his car on right as she shut the back, and them proceeded to stare her down completely. So my sister called my dad so it looked like she was on the phone. The only thing I would change about this app is the information “menu” (I don't know what its called). I have separate parents so I live in 2 different houses, meaning it would be hard for Noonlight to know i’m home. It also seems weird, like it doesn’t actually know where i am? It just seemed like it wasn’t getting my information when i filled it out. But truly other than that, i'm glad this app exists.
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6 years ago, Vrosedom
It’s a necessity to have!
I’ve done the wrong things before. I’ve been in the wrong part of town at the wrong moment way too often. There were a few times in my past that I only wish I got the chance to call 911 before anything had happened to me or a friend, but we were indecisive and scared to pull out our phones. With this app I can show my 50 year old mother how to use it so she can walk from her office building to her car without worry. It’s silent and stealthy. Recently in a parking garage I used the sound alarm and watched a person run away from me. I don’t know what that persons motives were, but I got to my car with the help of the app. No I did not have to contact the police yet, but I feel a lot safer having this app on my main page just in reach! $2.99 a month is nothing compared to what you’re life is worth.
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5 years ago, Rosealie19
My Only Hope
I was working at my job and I was the only one there. Where I am the building next to me are so far that they can’t hear me. A man came in and he stayed for so long he started to worry me. He said he had people running through his mind. It was obvious that he had mental issues. He had a large blue bag with him and I didn’t know what was in the bag. He stayed for so long I got scared and texted my parents and a coworker to come help me. In the time it took them to get to me the only hope I had was this app. I put in an entry about what was going on and I was praying that I wouldn’t have to release my finger. When everyone finally got there he finally left but he kept coming back so we had to call 911 but Noonlight kept me safe and made me feel like I wasn’t helpless in the situation. Thanks. I just wanted to share!!!
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10 months ago, Short Stuff 505
This app saved my daughters life
I started using this app after I found myself single, and alone after 20 years of marriage. Twice in the first month, it notified police when I was being harassed at the park. I have two daughters age is 32 and 34 and I insisted they download the app. Last week, my youngest daughter had an ex boyfriend whom she had a restraining order from tried to break into her house smashing windows. She had already called the police, but they have not arrived yet. I told her to use the Noonlight app and I would call the police on my cell phone. When Noonlight notified APD they arrived within 15 minutes, just in time to see him, pull her through a bedroom window that he had just smashed with a rock. Thank God he was arrested. I know this app saved her life. Thank you Noonlight🙏
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6 years ago, rawritmee
Saved my life!!!
I would always had this as a back because I worked in a gas station and never thought I would actually use it, just maybe as a threat. Unfortunately I did have to use it. For those composing, $3/month or $30/year is not a lot. You never know when your are going to get attack and this is honestly better than dialing 911. I was robbed recently at work. The guy managed to knock the phone out of my hand but I was able to push the button before he was able to do that. Luckily I wasn’t assaulted too bad just a cut on my lip. After being able to get to my phone they called to check up on me assuring me police were on their way and even asking me if I needed an ambulance. After seeing that I was okay they patched me to 911. I forgot her name I think it was Karen, but thank you. This app is worth it.
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6 years ago, QueenHani
OMG it’s was unbelievable
I downloaded this app today I was in convo with Aaron just asking him some questions about SafeTrek and I accidentally touch the hold omg still I’m shaking and couldn’t believe what happened they immediately texted and called me to see if I’m ok which makes me feel happily crying this app deserves more than 5 stars if I could give millions of start I would give them, there nothing more important than our life’s and this app is here for us to safe our life’s, I wonder what is wrong with some people who leaving 3 and 4 stars to just our life’s. I still can’t even believe what just happened. I’m thankful to all the support who are here for us and be there for us I’m feeling now more safetier than I was before, thank you so much once again I cannot even thank y’all enough😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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7 years ago, CropitlikeitsHot
Love this app. Works.
I love this app. I got it when I was traveling to Vegas for a work convention and considering that I was staying there for about a week without anyone I knew, it came in handy to do what it should. I had a really creepy Uber driver. And he kept “accidentally” turning off the track I could SEE his GPS was pointing us on. It was AWFUL. He even used some sexual words in a couple jokes - alongside doing that. Ugh. I was SO glad I had this app, knowing if I let go and didn’t type in my password the authorities would be sent!! And I pay for it every month because that ONE time, it helped so much. Then tonight I was walking in a parking garage and the entire level my car was on was DARK. Yup, just pulled out SafeTrek, got in my car and all was good! Omg, that peace of mind is something you cannot put a price on. 5 stars!
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