NordPass® Password Manager

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Nordvpn S.A.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for NordPass® Password Manager

4.7 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
2 months ago, ballymuck
Top Notch Security
I've been using NordPass for a while now, and I couldn't be happier with it. The ease of use is remarkable; I can manage all my passwords and credit cards effortlessly. It gives me absolute confidence and peace of mind knowing that my sensitive information is secure. Plus, the performance is top-notch, ensuring quick and seamless access whenever I need it. Having all my credit cards and logins in one place is incredibly convenient, saving me time and hassle. NordPass works like a charm for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable password manager. Two years ago I had my truck stolen and along with that my identity. My bank account was reduced to zero in a matter of days. Credit card nightmare. A friend who travels internationally like I do told me about NordPass. I signed up immediately. Now that is a great friend.
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2 months ago, Allonsy Alanso
Think twice before giving these people money
My account wasn’t going to expire or anything but I got a notice offering 2 years for $35. The deal only gave me one year, or rather the two years were put in place of the year I payed for shorting me one year. I have sent 3 emails to support and haven’t received a response. Just rich people who could care less after they have your money. They don’t respond to emails or give refunds so think twice. The app it self has a few annoyances. It has two log in screens. A lengthy initial process to sign you into your account, then a second Lock Screen password it randomly requires you to enter(always at the worst time). Every day the app is completely signed out and requires me to do the super lengthy log in. This is super annoying. A lot of times I’ll leave it signed out because I can’t go through the annoying process of logging in at all times always. It uses cookies to keep you logged in so private browsing or clearing your cookies prevents your login from saving. What kind of security app requires me to leave my cookies indefinitely? It’s crazy cause nord vpn is so good. Wherever right? Im in it for two years regardless. If you do decide to subscribe , unsubscribe from their news letter. The deals actually lose you money anyway.
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9 months ago, rowanrooks
Stable and easy to use across multiple devices
I have a lot of gadgets and a lot of accounts and a lot of passwords for those accounts. I am also completely incapable of remembering any of those passwords. I originally got NordPass in 2020, and I've never encountered any issues that couldn't be fixed with a quick search online. It works on my Apple/iOS devices and Windows computers seamlessly, so it's easy to save info in one location and access it everywhere. I imported my saved passwords from a few different locations, and I've been able to be more careful and organized than I was before. I like the Password Generator. There's settings to make passwords with random characters and punctuation, but I prefer the one that provides random words separated by punctuation. It's easier to read and type them when I'm in a situation where copy-paste isn't possible (like logging in on a TV or on websites that don't allow it.) There's also a Password Health feature that I need to actually use one of these days. I have old duplicate passwords from when I was younger and lazier. I'm definitely regretting it now, but I know I have a tool that will help me find those accounts and fix them once I have time to sit down and do it.
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1 year ago, joshuaortiz31
Replaced every PW app
I recently switched to NordPass to manage all of my passwords, and I have to say, it's been a game-changer. It's replaced all of my other password vaults. The interface is easy to use and intuitive, and the browser extension makes logging in to my accounts a breeze. The only downside is that NordPass logs you out quite frequently, which can be a little annoying when you're in the middle of something important. However, I understand this is a security measure, so it's a small price to pay for the added protection. Overall, I highly recommend NordPass to anyone looking for a trustworthy password manager. It's reliable, user-friendly, and the peace of mind it provides is priceless.
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4 months ago, xX Amaggard Xx
Terrible subscription model.
The only reason I even used NordPass was because I have a NordVPN subscription and needed a password manager, and NordPass was free, so I chose NordPass. However, now as of this most recent update, they added some features nobody asked for to NordPass to justify forcing people to have to buy a subscription for NordPass to use it on multiple devices. It’s very frustrating when I used to be logged in on my phone AND my pc, but now it logs you out of all other devices and tells you that you have to pay monthly to use it on more than one device at a time. There is actually no reason for this other than greed. They removed a feature and added it back but this time behind a monthly paywall. At the very least, since NordVPN is the main product and NordPass is just an addon, they should include NordPass in the NordVPN subscription. I am really upset they would do this and until they rethink the update, I am going to be using a different password manager, as should everyone else.
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1 year ago, Mark93403145
Ok but not great
I recently switched from LastPass (an issue in itself with their lack of internal policies and multiple breaches). While NordPass seems equivalent in interface, the App really is behind the times. The app does not save passwords to new sites from within safari. You can use safari to pull your current passwords, but it doesn’t help pull them into your database when created. Also, some features such as data breach scanner are not completely functioning within the App. One other key feature that LastPass did have was better integration of folder use and favorites. While folders are in NordPass, you can’t really sort your view by favorites or folders. Folders are more utilized for searching. NordPass seems to be a solid app to use, and possibly more policy structured company (as they have independent audits of their policies, which their competitor did not allow).
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8 months ago, Ocmesnod
Makes me crazy
I got this as an alternative to the equally annoying RoboForm. I got so annoyed trying to set Nordpass up, I deleted it. Then I got an email telling me how easy it is to set up. Okay. Email address for login. Okay. Password. Okay. Log in. 'We don't recognize your login credentials'. Sure. Reset password. Log in. 'We don't recognize your login credentials'. Use your Master Password (this where Roboform lost me). Don't have a Master Password? We'll send you one, but don't lose it. Keep it in a safe place. Okay. I copied and pasted it somewhere safe. Okay. Tried to log in AGAIN. Pasted the Master Password in the master password place. 'We don't recognize your login credentials'. So before I threw my phone against the wall, I deleted Nordpass again. Quote the raven "Nevermore". Yeah kids, easy as falling off a rock. So I'm gonna stick with the competition's annoying app. I'm kinda getting used to its quirks. Ta ta, Nordpass.
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4 months ago, Jec123
Can’t Live Without
I used to use last pass. The frustration was never ending. After finding NordPass, it was everything I’d always wondered why a password app couldn’t have. I not only use it for passwords but for every single key piece of my life: finances, passwords, notes, and any important information or document I will need my family to have some day after I pass. Sounds weird but like running water, electricity, food, and a roof over a warm home, it is one of the my most valued tech/computer aspects of living. And for a mere pittance relative to the ease and peace of mind it gives me day to day. Can’t say enough good things about it.
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1 year ago, Bob Degus
Revised Review
I originally left a one star review because I was having repeated difficulty accessing the password vault. I have changed the review to a five star review for two reasons. One is the support I received explaining there are two passwords - one for the vault and one for the account. Once I understood that concept I was able to access my password vault reliably. Secondly, the app works extremely well. So I felt it was necessary to update my review, since the issue I was having stemmed from my misunderstanding how the app worked.
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1 year ago, Jenforce
Biometric lockout and customer service runaround
I loved this app when it worked for me. I paid for a year, but couldn’t use it for a large portion of the subscription. These were my problems with the app: Issue 1 - The option to unlock the app with biometric (Face ID/fingerprint) stopped appearing one day and nothing brought it back. Biometrics had worked so seamlessly so so long, that I began to rely on it. I got totally locked out of the app and was unable to bring up biometrics to unlock it. Customer support couldn’t figure it out. Uninstall/reinstall, resetting, and other attempts got nowhere. I gave up on every getting back in. 2. After giving up on ever getting back in, I contacted customer support several times asking them to reset my account, I provided them the necessary information, I told them I understood that I would lose my current saved passwords if I did this, etc. and never got my reset. 3. I was stuck with an app I paid money for, but couldn’t use. I’ve subscribed to NordVPN for nearly a decade now, so I tried this app at launch, and what a disappointment. I hope they’ve made improvements. Backup EVERYTHING and don’t trust this app for anything important. Customer service may not be able to figure it out.
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8 months ago, not4u2do
A Marketing Nightmare
Nord apps are loaded with Nord marketing. Nord goes on and on about privacy and streamlining one’s life, yet their apps constantly nag you to either buy their products, configure things that are already configured, or use their other apps even if you already are using them. It’s just a constant barrage of interruptions. No checking against your account to see what’s already deployed. If you turn off notifications to stop the marketing you turn off other legitimate notifications. Nord Support takes days to respond and it’s usually canned responses and issues are seldom looked at carefully. I’m sore displeased with the overall Nord experience.
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5 months ago, Nickname1492
Mostly helpful
I am not sorry to have purchased or to be using NordPass but it could be better if: *it didn’t flip to signing in to the NordVPN account without warning when we are trying to log in to NordPass *it stopped spastically offering to “update” log-in information everytime we log in to a site using exactly the same log-in information as used previously *and if we do agree to “update” the info it would overwrite the existing detail but instead it creates a second or third entry in the app, which we then have to go back to purge
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8 months ago, Bodhi.ronin
Bodhi Ronin
Get app. Exactly what I was looking for. Just wish that when you make a secure note and save it to a folder that the note would not show up on the Home Screen with everything else. Would like for the folders to show up on the Home Screen under separate title saying “Folders” or something of that nature. You would see the folder titles but no the contents. Other than that. The app is great and I recommend it to everyone!
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5 months ago, Ms Outdoorsy
So Close - BEAUTIFUL Interface!! BUT….
I’m looking at NordPass and Dashlane. I love the look. With aging eyes, the colors, clarity, and layout is pretty nice. Downside… it’s lacking fields to enter specific information in Personal Information like different ID’s such as passports, drivers license, expiration dates, medical, etc. I almost paid for it but this is far more important to me. Hopefully NordPass will provide this in the near future so I can have the data fields I need with a lovely interface that makes me happy when I open the app. Until then, I will utilize the other app. :)
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1 year ago, dayreview17
Free over premium
I got the premium version so I could add documents or pictures to my entries, but every time I try to add a photo or file, it pulls up the encrypting progress bar, then immediately stops and says “something went wrong.” I’ve tried taking a picture, choosing a picture, and uploading from files. So I cancelled my subscription and after the free trial, I’ll stick with the free version. Free version is everything I needed so I would absolutely recommend it as long as you only need to save logins and passwords.
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6 months ago, FenFamWill
This is a great app. I use it all the time. If I had one suggestion to make, it would be this. When you open up the page for an entry, right below the dotted out password is a comment, “used in ## apps.“ It would be nice if you clicked on it, that it would bring up a list of the other places where that password is used so you can quickly find it if you want to change it. Just a suggestion.
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1 year ago, marin_broadway
Love it!
I’ve tried many password manager apps, and NordPass is by far my favorite one. I love that it’s not so complicated and has every function I desire in a PW manager app. The clean, simplistic interface is also a huge factor when deciding on an app. For my personal preference, NordPass is everything I’ve looked for and having security that my passwords, are indeed, safe, makes my life a little less complicated.
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1 year ago, xecaquan
Don’t purchase this application.
Downloaded this application and upgraded to their paid plan. The payment was never applied to my account. Have spent the last month attempting to work with their customer support to resolve this issue. Even showing screenshots of my payment and account they are unwilling to update the account. Their customer support is slow, I am lucky to get a response once every couple business days. They are unable to refund my payment. I am now working with my credit card company to refund the money. As well have uninstalled this application from my systems. Wish there was a zero star rating I could apply.
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1 year ago, Sky2008
Terrible and hellish app
Non existent support. Terrible desktop browser integration. Clunky and poor IOS integration…etc. I walked away from a two year subscription it was soooo bad. They are so disconnected from the customer that their support auto response to your registered email, with ‘premium subscription, a request for proof of payment!!!! They want the receipt and who you paid it to and so on…you have a live paid up account and they don’t know you. It’s a joke. The app hardly works. The desktop integration doesn’t work. There’s no one to support you for anything. It’s horrible. Completely avoid if you want quality and value your time.
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1 year ago, vampduck
Still no offline use; very slow responsiveness
The delay for the app to respond when autofilling passwords in a browser or app can be up to 10 seconds. When the delay goes for longer than that, the issue commonly is that the app has logged out of the account with no warning. When I was traveling, I had to make an offline copy of my passwords to be able to access them with internet is unavailable or spotty. My previous password manager had an offline option and was so fast and responsive.
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5 months ago, Deep C Doc
Exceptionally Easy
The NORD Suite of tools NordPass specifically is so intuitive and easy to use you’ll wish you’d have found it years ago. Safely generate unbreakable passwords and store all of your log-in information and any metadata you wish to add in one central app accessible across platforms pc/mac anywhere you have access to the internet.
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1 year ago, Tekpwr
Advertised for wrong reason - Be Careful!
This app was promoted for a different reason than actual purpose and they make it impossible to close or delete the account that they have you pay $148 for. An article stated that NordPass would enable one to watch shows aired in Canada but turns out it was an imbedded advertisement that was VERY deceiving. In order to close your account that you’ll never use, they want you to provide extreme details of full credit card number, bank statement, transaction date, grandmothers blood type, stool samples etc (kidding on the last two but you get the message).
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4 months ago, Blah798732
Works well on mobile
So I was an avid user of LastPass and switched to NordPass. Gotta say I like the mobile experience on iPhone much better than LastPass. However, I seem to ALWAYS have issues of NordPass not autofilling or recognizing passwords on my M1 Mac Mini using safari. I refuse to use chrome, so the fact that this tool doesn’t hardly ever work as a safari extension is a huge downer for me. I’ve waited months to see if it’d be corrected, but nothing yet. Please fix it you guys. I want to love NordPass so much. Haha
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5 months ago, Otto4321
Computer use is super buggy
Funny thing is the software of pretty much seamless on the iPhone. However, using the computer is a major PITA. Gets logged out and you have to get in through the Nord Account before you can log into NordPass. After you log in NordPass won’t let you edit passwords or make changes. It will insist on dropping in new passwords whenever it sees an opening. I use the phone as a backup and find myself going there more often when the laptop jams me up. I keep track of multiple businesses so using my phone to run the shop is not a good thing.
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3 months ago, em.ilys
Works 50% of the Time
This is my first experience using a password manager, I love it when it works! But unfortunately, it doesn't about half the time. When I go to use this on my fully updated iPhone 11 on a website I'll enter a weird authentication loop where it keeps loading my facial recognition over and over again and freeze up. If I close the log in attempt and try to go to the actual app it's completely frozen up. This isn't the first time it's happened and really annoying when I'm doing something time sensitive.
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6 months ago, Order easy
To many passwords
I have to many passwords. This program contains them all secure and keeps me from having a list of them lying around. Because it has autofill, I can have more complex passwords keeping my accounts more secure. There are a few minor bugs, but nothing I cannot work around.
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10 months ago, MindxFlayer
Constant random logouts
I’m kind of at a loss with the service, I’m constantly logged out at random and really inconvenient times. Support is not very helpful or informative. I’m also a little annoyed that login notifications aren’t a thing with this service. The app works really well, but these technical back end issues and lack of being able to tell who or what is signed in is making the service not enjoyable.
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11 months ago, David in Seattle
It’s sorta adequate but…
At first, I was pleased with NordPass but then I ran into some kind of problem and it’s been incredibly frustrating to contact their support by email. In fact, I don’t think anybody actually reads the emails There appears to be both a “Password” and a“Master Password.” I’d show you the screenshot if I could, but it’s not possible in, these reviews. In any case I’ve written to Support because I’ve been both logged in and simultaneously also told I needed to get a Master Password… I was not aware that I ever had both a Password and Master Password,; I’ve written to them for clarification, and nobody at NordPass will answer… I write to them and their emails are about different subjects… It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen… It’s as if they hadn’t even read my emails…. I’m definitely going to look into the Google Password Management System.
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1 year ago, Nayroj
Everyone needs this
With the world becoming more unsettling every year, it’s nice to have peace of mind. Knowing that someone has your back, for when individuals try to take personal information from others. It helps me sleep at night, I know it will give everyone that security we want and need.
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8 months ago, Evanlutterman
Amazing service
Nord Vpn has really helped me over the past year. I've felt safer and more comfortable having my information being protested and monitored. Having easy and quick access to a VPN is a big help whenever I'm at a local coffee shop or anywhere the internet is not safe.
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9 months ago, srsss
Master password never works
I keep getting logged out and when I attempt to log back in I’m always told that my password is incorrect. I have reset it several times but it always says the same thing each time I’m logged out. I end up having to use a one time passcode to get back into my account. I’m loosing faith in this app and may look at moving to a different password manager.
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1 year ago, dajockamoe
This is by far my favorite app and most used. Very simple and quick to set up passwords. I’ve been using this app now for about two years and before then I used the same password for everything. Now I have close to 300 different passwords and no two are alike. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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11 months ago, AutoMasterX
Best Password Manager
This PW is better than all other password managers because you can have unlimited passwords and you can have notes to! It is very organized and very simple to use too. I love this I would recommend this to others. Thank you!!
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4 months ago, PCC3
Great app
Good so far, could use more features like those in MSecure. Prefer a dedicated app for Mac instead of browser extensions, but the mobile apps have tight integration and appealing user interfaces. I would recommend to others with a lot of free time on their hands.
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6 months ago, juan lopez villalobos III
Good, but needs some with to be great
I constantly have issues with the app not inputting passwords, cycling over and over when logging in, and not saving passwords after creating. I’m at the point I’m going to just go back to using apple’s password vault. However, I’m going to give it a little time to see if it works itself out, because I’m a fan of Nord products.
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8 months ago, Jc314444
Best overall password manager
Updated- Easy to use best overall password manager to keep all your personal information safe and secure plus now offers live chat for quick response to any questions.
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4 months ago, Weiniss
Very poor app. Tech support very bad.
This password manager does not work properly at all. It does not record new passwords and logins. It also does not autofill properly. There is no tech support phone number. Instead, you have to submit an email and 2-3 days later a member of their tech support team will send you an email demanding a bunch of super technical information before they will help you. It’s easier to try a new app than respond to their tech support email.
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1 year ago, brethvoice
Spotty Internet Connection Disables Unlocking Vault
If your cellular data or Wi-Fi signal is weak but still somewhat available, your mobile app will not allow you to unlock it with the master password if you have the premium subscription.
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2 months ago, Pllllllpl
Password manager works great, until it breaks
This app works great snd I love how I can sync my passwords across devices. But, every time I use this app in an in-app browser, it completely poops its pants (ie hits a clear coding loop and I cant even swipe out of it reading my faceid then trying again) and logs me out. It is extremely annoying and im considering moving back to the icloud keychain as a result
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8 months ago, Officer24
Hard to navigate
Okay, so, I’m probably a little older than most users but I’m struggling to even enter a new website; it should be much easier than this. What they really need is a video tutorial to show people how to do the basics; that’s all I need is the basics. On the plus side, their customer support seems top notch, hopefully, I will never need it.
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5 months ago, desoare
No TOTP or 2FA
This can beat them all but it lacks basic features that all other similar managers have. I tried it for a month and I found myself going to my old password manager to retrieve the 2FAs and stay there… this feature was requested thousands of times on different platforms where Nord has a presence but was ignored without an answer.
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7 months ago, nyparis48
IPhone and iPad Apps limited functionality
The NordPass iphone and ipad Apps provide only minimal limited functionality when it comes to managing passwords. One finds themselves having to switch to a laptop to have access to a complete set of password edit and management functions. Not what one would expect in from an app whose primary role is to ease password management. What NordPass has implemented works, it’s just insufficient. NordPass gets an incomplete for their Apps earning it a grade of 1 Star.
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1 year ago, Stebantot
Mobile App Experience
I got a family plan for 2 years, which shows my faith in the service, but…. Where are the “custom fields” on mobile? Will they be added? When will they be added.
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7 months ago, chauhansv
Rarely works and slow
This password manager needs work. Having switched from LastPass I was expecting a similar experience, especially based on how great their VPN software is. Overall, visually appealing but not functional. I have to go to another device to get the password and then copy it across. I’m looking to switch again
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11 months ago, Roca379
Love it but…
I’ve been enjoying this app/service for the past year or so. I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 14 pro and now the app just opens to a black screen. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, it’s a good product and I would hate to have to migrate away from it.
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5 months ago, OLee 2
NordPass is Excellent!
I have had NordPass for some time now and it really works great. I have used several different password managers over the years, Keepass, LastPass, 1Password, Bitwarden, etc. The best so far has been NordPass. It's solid, secure and easy to use. I highly recommend NordPass.
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8 months ago, s103slay
Nord everything!!
I use all Nord products and love them all!! Couldn’t live without them now. I have multiple accounts that I have to watch 90 day change rules. I employ Nord products to take that headache away!! Keep up the great work Nord!
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1 year ago, Love puz
Sooo easy to use
I love NordPass. It’s easy to use - so easy that even my husband can use it. This was not the case with the others we tried. I also really like how I can pull up my passwords on all of my devices as well as my husbands devices.
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6 months ago, Jaeywa
Greatest password manager right next to 1 password
It has everything you could ever need and more the only thing it’s missing is otp or Authenticator like 1password it’s a shame that’s only on business level NordPass
Show more
10 months ago, Ready for a divorce
Doesn’t integrate with Chrome (Chromebook)
I got this program to handle passwords across Mac IOS and Chrome OS (laptop), iPhones, and 6 family members. The program plug-in installed through Google play won’t connect. It just keeps flashing error messages. It just won’t integrate as advertised for my needs. It’s been a couple months and I’m ready for a divorce. Google password manager has proven much better.
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