North Shore Bank Personal

4.7 (2.8K)
168.5 MB
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North Shore Bank
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for North Shore Bank Personal

4.7 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Oakes Flooring
Love this app
I love this app. It’s very convenient and easy. Especially being able to use my thumbprint to get into it. Also, really like the new pending deposits feature. So much easier to balance account. Only reason it’s not getting 5 stars is because sometimes it randomly shuts down in the middle of the day for a couple hours when I’m trying to use it. Love it though!
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4 years ago, Lapingaming
Hidden suddenly overdrafts charge doesn’t exist..
When I’m trying to balance our join two checking to monitor time frame to off balance and avoid overdraft fee charge .. which I monitor constantly in this apps .. out in the blue I just received that I got overdraft charge which not being posted and alert in my text , emails notifications which surprise me ...when I called that they told me that electronic charge was gone through by the time matter which I adds money via transfer balance to my checking which that overdraft charge doesn’t reflex any history regard what suddenly overdraft fee charge us... which the clerks/teller customers service ran out of excuse which it’s concluded this apps/bank is stealing money in overdraft in disguise.. an excuse that service is not convenient anymore.... so be aware... change banks I did ...
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5 years ago, Desiree M. Miller
This app deserves 0 stars.
This app is just awful. Why is it so dysfunctional at night, especially sunday nights? The added facial recognition feature to sign in barely works. In fact it has once again caused me to be locked out of my account. My phone doesn’t have this issue with any other app that uses the face recognition feature. When you have trouble with the app there’s absolutely no 24/7 help. You have to wait until the bank is open which on the weekends or in the middle of the night is a pain. I’m tired of opening it and it telling me my session has timed out. Hello, I just opened the app. The deposit check feature can be infuriating as well. I’ve never had to take so many pictures of a checks. I’ve been depositing checks via apps for a few years now and this is the most finicky bank app I’ve used. UPDATE: The app once again isn’t working at night on the weekend. SHOCKING🤦🏻‍♀️ At this point I’ve tried to get into it Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside of bank hours (it’s when I can do it) and no luck whatsoever. I’m going to say this once again. There needs to be 24/7 live support. I thought the update would make things better. I guess I was a bit naive.
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9 months ago, ojc2326
worst online banking
on weekends I get kicked out of the app constantly causing me to have to fully unlock it with a costumer service line that doesn’t even work on weekends so after unlocking your account because of their login issues i need to re turn on face id/save id and instant balance as well. this makes it extremely difficult to check my account when i need to and a huge time hassle especially when I call to unlock my account and they act as if it my fault I was locked out because my actual password for my account didn’t work. I really wish they would add an update to fix the issue as I see many in the reviews in different places struggle with this aswell going back as far as two years on the apple app store.
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3 years ago, Cas1984351984
Not User Friendly!
Several issues with this app. 1st- you sign in with fingerprint but still have to enter password for transfer and bill pay. 2nd- bill pay is terrible. You can only pay one bill at a time rather than checking off all bills wanting to be paid. Takes forever. 3rd- The account balance available is hardly ever right. One time it said I had 300 more dollars for 3 days, and it wasnt over a weekend. Pendinv purchases should deduct from available and it doesnt. Brings us back to the days when you need a register to know how much money you need. It is setting people up to overdraft. App is very antiquated and makes me want to switch banks.
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4 years ago, JupiterTalismar
Inaccurate reporting of Available Balance.
BALANCE, CURRENT BALANCE, and AVAILABLE BALANCE usually have all the same numbers and rarely indicate any differences based on active spending. All highlighted Pending transactions showing in my activity log don’t always subtract from balance or current balance. I manually have to subtract pending transactions from current balance daily in order to understand how much money I have left. Other apps I’ve used from other banks subtract pending transactions immediately to reflect in the available balance even if they haven’t cleared yet which was a very nice feature. That is, Once pending transactions cleared my true balance and/or current balance were adjusted accordingly. Also, this forum seems to be the best way to feature comments regarding the app itself. Didn’t want to call a location to get a teller who’s not responsible for app development. Take the feedback for what’s it’s worth. Just one opinion. Thank you.
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3 years ago, busytrade
The most awful app:-/
The most terrible app. Extremely slow, kicks you out when you access. To the company Please do something! Do some updates, we need to do access from our cell! Don’t get it!
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3 years ago, Arc Ham Knight
Easy to Use
The app is easy to use and user friendly. Mobile deposits are usually in by the morning of the next day. Only thing I wish they had was was a “previous balance”. I wish it would say something like you spent x amount here and now you’re account balance went from z to y. It would help me feel better in actually seeing the changes in my account not just the total balance.
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5 years ago, JB90039
DUDE. Just put the fingerprint ID automatically. You don’t need to tell me the app timed out so that I have to go back to the Touch ID and log in again. This little detail annoys the heck out of me. Just have it require it upon opening the app. Also, I agree with another reviewer, the weekends are horrendous. 95% of the time I can’t log in on Sunday evenings. Whyyyyy? There’s no reason an app should operate on banker’s hours—The entire purpose of the app is to have 24-hour access to information and functionalities. Worst bank app in the history of bank apps.
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5 years ago, spbrow
Great mobile check deposit feature
This mobile banking app worlds freat!! Easy to deposit checks, send money to a person and pay bills!! Easy access with finger print ID
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2 years ago, KCPnow
Doesn’t fully work
After the latest update I am able to login but that is as far as it will let me go. Anytime I want to look at transactions it tells me there is a problem and gives me the option to call or log out, nothing else. I have deleted and downloaded the app multiple times to no avail. I have to use the website to see any of my information beyond balance. So the app is basically pointless at this time.
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3 years ago, vollmb32
Slow and forces logout
App is too slow to complete any task I try. Try to deposit a check, make a transfer, or check me an error message and requires me to log out and log back in. Then repeat. Takes longer to ATTEMPT to use the app than it does to turn on my computer, go to the website, log in, and complete the task there.
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5 years ago, LucasNomad
Still needs an overhaul.
Even after some updates, nearly every time you open the app, it says the session has timed out but you can’t use biometrics to log back in! Ugh. You must force quit and restart in order to use biometrics to log in. Poor quality control and apparently zero real world testing. Once you’re in, the app works but the UX could be refined. I only use to deposit paper checks every now and then. They need to iron out the log in snags.
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2 years ago, mysitcalmushroom19856
I love how convenient the app is but when you don’t check it for a couple of days it logs you completely out of your account and in order for you to log in anywhere you need to call customer support to get your account unlocked. This is very frustrating and I hope it eventually gets fixed.
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5 years ago, Desmister
2 thumbs up
This app worked fine the first time for me. It seems a little outdated but as long as I can check both of my accounts everything is fine.
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2 years ago, Lawis15
Best mobile bank app so far
This is the only app that allow me to deposit my check easy and fast. Easy to navigate and use
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3 months ago, choclatesyrupbaby
NSB honest review
App is super easy to use, you can deposit checks, check account activity, make transfers, balance inquiry is made so easy and so many more cool features!
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5 years ago, Skaterdog1000
Make so older phones have support
My operating system is to old and I obviously can't update my phone or it will run slow as ball (thanks apple) but the app will only work if i have the new update, however I can't download it because it's only for the new phone operating. System. If I download the new OS my phone will be useless and won't work well at all. You see the issue here Northshore??
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4 years ago, iphone Dave
Absolutely unreliable
It is not so much the app, but the service that come with the app. I agree it is next to impossible to get access to your account on weekend nights and week nights is 50/50 at best. If they are going to provide a service that goes down this much they should have 24/7 customer phone support. There Easy Access 24 hour telephone banking service isn’t much better either. Most unsettling!
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4 years ago, odieberken
Ables me to check my accounts at any hour or any place. I really enjoy it! And as someone who works for an employer w/ no direct deposit, its nice to get to scan my checks in from home!
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2 years ago, marakatesmom
Log in
Many times app is not available for log in ... frustrating!
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4 days ago, JayyReid17
This app only works between 9-5
This app never works, only during business hours it seems. Makes it super inconvenient if you urgently need to check something. Probably going to be moving banks as this is an issue for me when I have automatic payments coming out of this account, but no ability to check the account.
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1 year ago, Sleazybean
This app always has issues.
Some days it’ll let you log in some days it won’t. Some days transfers are working, and as of the last two weeks I can’t make an internal transfer between my accounts. I feel like this is basic functionality, and I’m tired of emailing and always asking for app fixes. I just want a solid banking app.
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2 months ago, Squirrels and birds
Check deposit
I am so happy to be able to do this. It makes my life so much easier.
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8 months ago, Lmjg2012
Where is the Zelle option? It won’t let me make an individual Zelle account because it says my bank already has it, but I don’t see an option to send money online or through the mobile app?
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2 weeks ago, srb11988
Usually love but
Please fix the problem with not being able to view transactions in checking account on IOS. It only works for savings accounts and it’s frustrating to have to use browser just for one account.
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10 months ago, BA Sports club
Mobile deposit is very easy
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4 years ago, Mama Fisch
User Friendly
This is very user friendly. I would have given it 5 stars if there was a calculator, like there was before the new and improved model.
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6 months ago, GMFISHY
Whether it is the early afternoon or night time, this dumb app kicks me out after logging in. I only get to see the amount in my account. All it does is keeps loading and then oops what’s that? It kicks me out!!! I would not recommend downloading this app. I have used better apps through other banks.
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8 months ago, Themadchickennugget
so bad
I get logged out of my account every other day and have to call them to get back in it's so bad don't use this app or the bank. no way this app has so many 5 stars I literally can not go a day without getting locked out of my account. so bad
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4 years ago, fonicfaye
Sooooo easy!
LOVE being able to check balances and DEPOSIT CHECKS on the go!
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3 years ago, *pfunk*
US banks program is better. Easier to enter multiple checks
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5 years ago, BogeyMsn
Very handy when on vacation.
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3 years ago, BirdieEdmonds
Love it
Easy and simple to use.
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9 months ago, North Shore app
I haven’t been able to open the app in about a month. I’ve deleted and redownloaded and still doesn’t work
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4 years ago, cupcake4425
Awful App and horrible customer service
I can barely access the account online and when I call, they tell me it’s working fine on their end and that’s it! Not helpful at all.
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1 year ago, loppdi
Deposit problems
Efforts to make a mobile deposit failed too many times. Too much time, too much frustration!!!
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9 years ago, Dysmal
Functionally mediocre
App is more of a mobile website than anything else. I downloaded to see what functionality it has compared to a credit union I'm considering joining. Unimpressed. App is mediocre. It functions. That's all. Nothing special. No convincing reason to use this vs web site. I was hoping it would allow me to deposit checks by scanning through my phone.
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3 weeks ago, Zak71296
This app used to be good. The last update broke it. I can’t even see my transactions anymore. I get an error message everytime.
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6 years ago, slaterjl
Can't log in
Every time I type the answer to my security question and click Done, the answer disappears and therefore it can't log me in. I've tried 5x. Please fix!!
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5 years ago, RayReviews85
Couldn’t even set up
This app wasted valuable time- we could not even get logged on. It just came up with an error message with no explanation of why. Useless.
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5 years ago, Guitarist0592
Always getting locked out of my account. App never works when I need it to. Switching banks this week because of this
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3 years ago, Amandamaes
Never opens
Why does this app never open? It just sits at the opening screen and doesn’t move on to the sign on screen. Every. Single. Time.
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6 years ago, Otis 70
Useless App
Every time there is an update for this antiquated app I am not able to log in on my Apple devices. This app is useless compared to other financial institutions!
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1 year ago, Mucklucksky
Sick of asking if I like your ap!
Sick of the app always asking to rank it. It’s a fine app but one star for being annoying!
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5 years ago, CharRob#1
Your Appnot eve
What did u do to my bank app?!!?? One day it’s working and then it doesnt. Not even the customer service people can fix it. You ruined it!!!!
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3 years ago, JJGGHHHHHH
App is Broken on iOS 14.5 Beta 3
Completely broken on current iOS Beta 3 14.5. Doesn't load, opens a white screen, then crashes.
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5 years ago, Jack Mckenzie
Not working
App not working on iPad. Works fine for iPhone.
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3 years ago, FatMan411
You can’t make internal transfers???
Great Update North Shore Bank 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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11 years ago, Louisiana Southpaw
Flinstone's favorite banking app
NSB's app and website both fail to keep up with the mobile/web services offered by even smaller banks. I'm a new customer, and I'm already considering the move to a new bank, hopefully one that has advanced beyond the Stone Age. The app is clunky and won't even log me in most times (device not recognized, login errors, and when it does work it's disorganized)...and don't get me started on the ridiculousness of the image that's supposed to be an added security feature.
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