NorthCountry Mobile Banking

4.8 (3.4K)
46.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
NorthCountry Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NorthCountry Mobile Banking

4.81 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Flappy 615
Great Service
I joined NCFCU in May 2018, I switched my accounts from Community Bank because of lack of service. I really like the Morrisville location. The staff is friendly and they have a diverse selection of account. I also thought the 3% interest rate CD was unheard of these days. Overall I love to easy online services and plan to continue banking with them far after I am out of college and no longer in the Morrisville area. They are nice, easy and go above and beyond and as a teller myself, every bank is the same but the service and people make them unique. Thank you NCFCU
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5 years ago, Mrs Lisby
I have had NCFCU since my very first loan. They are the only company I will have a credit card with other than intimate outlets that have a card for JUST their store. They are always amazing, helpful, and care. Always quick with responses to any issues banking wise. Loans have such a better interest rate than where I have compared to and they have FREE Checking accounts- and money back for using your debit card. The option was easy for me, and now my fiancé. He loves NCFCU also!
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6 years ago, Benny1805
Excellent service in person and online
Everything about NorthCountry is great!! The app is great, easy to use and navigate. In addition, all the folks at the E Montpelier branch are fantastic to deal with. In particular Don Fair has been very helpful, responsive and a real problem solver. He has been able to assist me with all my banking needs including loans and refinancing. Thanks again.
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1 year ago, MapleHockey2001
Amazing App!
I absolutely appreciate how simple, effective and informative this app is. It just simply shows you all the info you need about your accounts and lets you easily make payments to any loans/credit cards you may have.
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2 years ago, 802Countrygurl
Newest update not working
I don’t know how else to reach out, but I did the most recent update and now I can’t log in to my app. I have it downloaded on both my iphone and iPad and every time I log in it says “application error” or “header invalid”. As someone who checks their account daily, I’d like to be able to log into the app with ease. Can you fix this issue please?? Thank you! (I will update my review once fixed)
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6 years ago, Jessi409
North Country is Awesome
Don’t pay for bank accounts get Kassa at North Country and get money back when you spend. I’ve been a member for 30+ years and even though I don’t live in the area this app and online services keep me working with North Country!
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2 years ago, Barbara Soule Donnelly
NCFCU is so helpful ! 😊
This credit union is the best that I’ve ever encountered. They have helped me with every step that I’ve ever taken financially; getting me back on my feet when I was a single parent. Can’t say anything more. They are wonderful.
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4 years ago, Rowan I I am hating this app
I love this app on my phone. It makes paying my credit card so easy and saves me time and money when I need to transfer funds
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6 years ago, amex-lover
True Love
I have been with North Country Federal Credit Union since 1988. The company and people have never let me down. I have the best relationship with my banking institution and would never leave them. Must be true love.
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6 years ago, Msrmlmhc
So convenient!
Wonderful app! I wish I could access more of my credit card features in the app like online. I also wish popmoney worked better in the app (you can’t add in bank information through app to send)
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4 years ago, Keira_E_13
Great app. Love that I can go in take a picture of my check and not have to worry about going into the bank.
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3 years ago, Afghani Nuglord
I’m in a different state, just trying to transfer money for gas and the app will NOT let me log in at all, even with the codes they’ve been texting me. Absolutely ridiculous and I will be cancelling my account with them. North country, figure it out because if I can’t get gas and I get trapped in this state its your fault Don’t use this bank or app.
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4 years ago, Playlax45678
Annoying Message Reminders
The app basically works fine. Not great, but does the job. I’m super frustrated by the message reminder that keeps popping up just to tell me I have some offer I don’t want. I only need to be reminded about messages if they have some impact on my actual account, and the security of it. Stop selling me NCFCU!
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4 years ago, CBQ1846
Love my little credit union, but moved out of state. Life got a lot easier with this app!
Moved out of state
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2 years ago, JebbieGrad
Used to be good
App used to be good, but now has error pages when attempting to load certain features like paying from an external source. If all you need is an overview of your account(s),it’s great, but if you need detailed histories or other features, you’re wasting your time.
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4 years ago, SJHinkley
Review of North Country Federal Credit Union
Very friendly staff and the website and app are easy to navigate.
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1 year ago, 🤬saharah
Good except
App is good except the “search transactions” at the top of accounts that you can’t get to. You can see it but then it just scrolls back down.
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6 years ago, Mofo118yyy
Enjoy it
Works well 9 times out of 10. Easy to use. Once in awhile there is a big that prevents me from logging in.
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1 year ago, JEFFARGH
Banking with the best credit union
love these guys, and the app is fluid and easy to use
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5 years ago, Admiral Accorn
Everything is fine
Does everything I need it too
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6 years ago, Dutchdogvt
So handy!
I use it frequently. Love the Mobil check deposit!
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3 years ago, B&B Motorsports
Can’t mobile deposit
Mobile deposit check taking camera won’t work. Have iPhone 12. Must be on a black or white surface to take and have to do 10+ times to take
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4 years ago, philissocool696769
Performs great & super convenient
The app runs great tons of great account features etc
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4 years ago, NanaLloyd
North Country App
This a very essential app for me! It helps me know my bank balance anytime. Thanks!
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2 years ago, colts fan 2011
Great App! Use it if your not already doing so!
Great app
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6 years ago, Works fine for me
Does everything I need
No real complaints
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5 years ago, Di- CKT
100% recommended to all my family and friends!
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5 years ago, bearnecessities___
Great app
Love this app!
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6 years ago, william515
App errors
When I need the app the most it give me an error saying service is unavailable at this time. Maybe it’s time to go somewhere else that has a working app
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5 months ago, My~Reviews
I wish it let me add sub shares to my account again
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2 years ago, fjofrdvbn
Cant even open app
After yesterday’s update i cant even get into my app and keep getting an error message. Not impressed.
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2 years ago, epowers110
Since the new update I can’t even open the app! Just gives me a error message. Please fix!
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12 years ago, Rayajoyce
Handheld management
I love this app because it makes it extremely easy to view accounts and transfer money. I switched from Merchants to North Country because they have much better customer service and provide easier ways to handle accounts. Before I make a large purchase, I stand aside in the store and check my balances - and make any needed transfers just seconds before making my purchase. Very impressed.
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11 years ago, .802.
Needs Improvement
The Mobile deposit is the best feature of the app. The appearance of the account activity really needs to be cleaned up. The description includes so much info that it is difficult to read. I do not think this extra info should be included in online banking, so especially not in mobile banking which should be quick and convenient for on the go. If the description just said the source of the activity, "Panera Bread Store #123" it would be much better. This is how I have experienced mobile account activity viewing with other financial institutions, and I hope NCFCU moves towards this in the near future.
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10 years ago, Knprnerd
A debit card I can keep close tabs on. The alerts and ease with which you can view your accounts and manage them makes me a much happier client. Not to mention the mobile check deposit ability. A busy life made a bit easier with this app.
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11 years ago, Amxfld19
No that they have added the button to deposit a check from your phone, this app is perfect to have if you have an account with them. When I'm traveling all across the globe I can transfer money in between accounts of mine, check the balance or make a deposit. The only thing I would change is the listings in your account balance. I get confused what some of it means time to time.
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11 years ago, GozerVT
No check deposit for iPad app
Overall this is a good and useful app. Quick looks at your accounts, transfers are a breeze, etc. I was excited to see the ad on your web page touting the easy check deposit via the camera but was disappointed to find the this was only on the iPhone. Why not have this for the iPad?
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12 years ago, Johnrosshughes
Great, easy to use!
Everything about this bank is great, the app, the customer service, the late Saturday hours in Colchester, being able to make deposits at other falcon network banks. The ap is very user friendly and makes it easy for anyone to master quickly.
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11 years ago, pianomanday
Good - so far.
I've just got started with this app. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. However, I will only use this when I cannot get to the bank and have just a few checks to deposit. Normally I have multiple checks to deposit and find it is easier just to tally them all and go to the bank.
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13 years ago, AngryEagle
Simple, fast, accurate
Exactly what I hoped it would be. No fluff - just a very easy way to access my checking, savings and loan accounts. Account transfer, bill pay, etc are all there and very easy to use.
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9 years ago, Maplestatelady
Super convenient
The app lets me deposit checks the minute I get them. Normally I'd carry around checks for a while because I wouldn't be able to get to the branch. Plus the other functions are at your fingertips- literally. Love the app
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9 years ago, CNH77
Easy to use & convenient!
I've been a member of NCFCU for nearly 10 years and can't imagine taking my banking needs anyplace else! The staff is always kind & helpful and they offer a wide range of services and financial options!
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12 years ago, Kim05656
If only...
If you could only use the pay bills in a way to show your current checking balance, and total bill bay amount and what your balance would be minus your bill payments amounts. If you could do that then I would give it 5 stars! Other than that Great App! :)
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13 years ago, jlemieux
Works as it should.
Simple and fast, everything I need to check history, pay bills, and transfer funds. Cheers.
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11 years ago, Stephanie Burr
Easy enough
This app is easy to navigate, and I love being able to check my accounts, and transfer my money in a touch of a button.
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11 years ago, Brer Lapin
Just what I've been hoping for
Now that mobile check deposits have been implemented, I have absolutely everything I need in a banking app. Thanks guys, it's working great and I'm extremely happy.
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10 years ago, Gh0stP1rate
Great app for this bank!
Would highly recommend to everyone with this bank. Mobile check deposit is the best thing ever! App is well designed and easy to use. Great job NCFCU!
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12 years ago, JoSkye12
All Banks/CU's Should Have Apps
So much help to be able to transfer money and see my balances whenever I need! I'm not always near a computer, but my phones always with. Couldn't ask for more!
Show more
9 years ago, Missmae 83
Just what a busy mom needs!
I can't begin to say how much I love this app!! Being a truckers wife, landlord, working mother of 3, and full time college student who has the time to go to the bank! Not me! Total life saver & NCFCU online banking is the BEST!
Show more
13 years ago, Sillyone522
Just what I wanted...
I check my account balances all of the time and this is exactly what I needed! You can do all of the banking basics that you can from the main website! I am sooo excited!
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