Northern CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (5.4K)
92.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Northern Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Northern CU Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
5 years ago, 1 Forest 1
Do not get me wrong - I enjoy working with NFCU and have nothing bad to say about their business, employees or their level of customer service. My issues solely revolve around their mobile and online banking services. It seems every time I try to use either one I end up getting locked out of an account and getting back into it always requires giving them a call. Using the Touch ID is a trap because the app automatically disables it every 3 months and forces a manual login with your password. Get it wrong 3 times and you’ll need to get on the phone to have someone manually unlock. This will force you to come up with a new password which you will forget in the next 3 months. Just very frustrating and not user friendly being constantly separated from your money.
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6 years ago, Kaufam7
Mobile Deposits
Great app for monitoring my finances, and being able to deposit or transfer money on the fly. Love being able to check balances at a glance without having to log in. The only problem I have with the app is the part of the mobile deposit feature that takes a picture of the check. It is a little glitchy at times, and if you want to manually take the picture you have to wait for the app to attempt two automatic photos before it will allow you to manually take the picture which is a bit annoying and time consuming. Something to improve in the next upgrade.
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4 years ago, ZZLPCZ
Very responsive even in difficult Wuhan flu times
1) App generally works great. If it loads slowly, restarting one’s phone usually resolves the issue. 2) The organization offers great benefits which it carefully reviews to make sure that it can remain viable. 3) Important information is conveyed to members and employees know how to ans questions wo long delays in getting someone to pick up. My experience with B of A (almost 2 hrs of wait time on each call to get disconnected or get an agent who is unable to answer questions who shoves me back into the “your call is very important to us” does NOT happen with this organization-))).
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5 years ago, 21st Century Literate
Debit/bill pay could be improved
First, I thoroughly enjoy Northern. However, I do have some feedback on the electronic banking system and hope it is only received as constructive criticism to help Northern grow to become even better. It would behoove the CU community if bill pay were debited when the check it cut not when it is cleared. If the purpose of electronic banking is to emulate a paper register, I would not wait until my check clears before I account for the withdrawal. Further, the available balance, especially during the weekend, seems to not update. I usually got with a lower number and somehow still I get overdrafts when my available was well over the amount I purchased. I do not write checks. everything is on the debit card. I have multiple other financial institutions as well. Somehow, I can count on their available funds as a good estimate but with the Northern App, I’ve overdrafts multiple times. I was told that sometimes the merchants take longer. For example, Stewart’s shops, is inconsistent on when they post. Too, most gas stations only hold $1 and then charge the rest later or hold the authorized amount. I’m hoping there is a way for the programming and local merchant community to collaborate with Northern so we can avoid unnecessary fees.
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6 years ago, ajones360
Convenient app w/great services
Very happy with this app. Have never had technical problems, everything works seamlessly, be it depositing checks, checking balances, transferring money between accounts, or checking the status of my Bill Pay transactions. Great for making changes to payments &/or balances “on-the-go!” The Bill Pay functions a little differently than the main site features, as do most phone app services, but not enough to really interfere with my use of it. Overall, a convenient app with a happy customer!
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3 years ago, Rem Walker
Great App but one small bug
So I’ve been with Northern for over half a year now and one thing that has been consistent is whenever I try to use my finger print to sign on, even if I set it up in the settings it never works and tells me to do it again. This has been a problem for over a month now. This makes it difficult to check my account when I am not home because I don’t want someone to see my password. If this would be fixed I would have no complaints the app is excellent!
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6 years ago, Byfkgfdj
Loan balance
Good app and lets me keep better track of my account balances. One issue is that on a loan it will show you you’re total amount due, but the monthly payment amount remains the same. I remember when I first got the app it gave you the amount due say after you make small payments weekly. For example a monthly payment of $200, you pay $100 and the remaining amount due for the next month would be $100. Just curious, thank you.
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2 years ago, AriannadH
This update is amazing. As a joint account owner myself and my spouse being out of the country at the moment I wasn’t able to reset my password until I realized I could register and sign in under my own name and p.i. I greatly appreciate the update and layout as well as easy to find information. Thank you!
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6 years ago, DillyD15
Great app that comes with great service
Used this app for about 3 years now and no complaints, very easy to transfer money, deposit checks, and view your account history, if anything goes wrong some from the bank will call you and let you know what is happening as soon as it happens, a must use bank and app
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6 years ago, Joe Nasty
NCU App Review
Since becoming a member of NCU, I have been extremely pleased with the quality of service they have provided. The app is on believably useful. I enjoy the ears in which I can schedule payments for bills, transfer funds between accounts, and also some payments to others. What a great tool to simplify my life and my family’s life.
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7 years ago, JCC Student
Love it
I've never had a problem with this app. I love that you can use your fingerprint to unlock if you have a compatible phone. Incredibly easy to make transfers, check on incoming payments, and overall monitor your expenses. Couldn't be happier; saves me lots of trips to the bank.
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6 years ago, stufus
Easier than my other banking app
I have more than one bank account and Northern Federal is so much easier to use. The other app has few features and makes me change my password to frequent.
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6 years ago, morehelpneeded
At location
Several experiences with waiting in line for close to half hour because you have one teller that seems to be working while others walk by with tablets doings nothing. This happens at the lowville location. Either need more people, better training, or different business policies
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6 years ago, biqfr
Needs a quick reference for routing and act #
I waste too much time looking this up. Other banks have a fast way to just access that info so I can make transfers . Wish this app had that :( also, if i wish it would let me switch between 2 accounts memorizing settings for both.
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5 years ago, Cetagirl
iPhone app
Love the basic account information and the photo check deposit but find the bill pay less user friendly than other banks with whom I have accounts.
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7 years ago, Willis the great
Fantastic App
Love being able to use my finger print to login quick, deposit checks from my phone and see all my accounts in one place to transfer money between them!
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10 months ago, South & north
Bill pay
Great to do bill pay on my phone but can’t do it on my iPad which is more convenient for me. Need to fix that for your customers
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7 years ago, WatertownNY73
Very user friendly. Never have had any issues with the program. Like the ability to deposit checks without going to the bank.
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1 year ago, Ginger13691
Very good app
Lately I’ve had trouble with transfers not showing up for awhile, or the app “balance available” not current. A couple of Friday paydays ago, my balance didn’t show my paycheck amount until Monday - for the first time.
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2 years ago, emily12985
Love the new app
Very user friendly and so many options! Always coming out with new and helpful updates.
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4 years ago, Petamundo
I’ve been a patron of Northern Credit Union since 1973 when it was the New York Air Brake Credit Union. I’ve never been disappointed with their services or the people who provide them.
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5 years ago, Gravy 2
Using the app is great. My main complaint, however, is that I have problems remembering my password and with only 2 chances to be incorrect, I have to be very careful not to get locked out.
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5 years ago, Val Kerr
Text balances
I really like the way you are letting people know what is happening with every purchase and sending a balance. Keep up the good work
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5 years ago, bmmspiker
Easy to use
I live in another state and have chose to keep my banking with Northern Credit Union. I use the the on line banking and find it very easy to use. Thank you Northern.
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6 years ago, Samisaurus
User friendly App
The app is very user friendly. I have never had any issues with it freezing or anything else
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6 years ago, Dylan_Stocking
Great App
Great app with useful updates. Content easy to navigate and new features make for convenient banking at any time. App is quick and receptive to all requests.
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5 years ago, dujtfeh33
Northern credit union
I give him 100% they are the people in the World they have helped my wife and I out so much there’s not enough thanks Thank you to the Croghan crew Kim sadie and Sharon
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7 months ago, MMRLakePlacid
Northern Rocks
This is the easiest banking there is. Wonderful people, top of the line tech - what more can you ask for?
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6 years ago, senroacass
Well made, easy to you, updates quickly. And so convenient!
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5 years ago, MartyBee
Don’t bank anywhere else.
Northern Credit Union is unmatched for friendly competent banking services I don’t plan ever to use a bank again. NCU is unmatched.
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7 years ago, TmS110
Love it!
I love everything about this app and also like how it never crashes like others apps!
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7 months ago, Hgh1996$
It doesn’t update as well as it should you should be able to move from savings to credit as well
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4 years ago, bjdcgcp7
Reviewlove the conveniences
It’s convenient & up to date with technology, staff is always glad to help
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5 years ago, Maldeze
The Best
Best credit union HANDS DOWN!! Always get friendly staff who’s willing and ready to assist you with any problems, issues, or concerns.
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1 year ago, Thee Craig
App is consistently glitchy and clunky to use, especially since being revamped. It’s constantly blanking out. I use two other banks for my commercial accounts and have far less issues with the other two combined.
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5 years ago, Deveraux fan
Great before updates
This app was great before they did the last update! Ever since when I create a reoccurring bill or transfer, it will just disappear if I open the app! It took me awhile, and a couple of late payments to realize it was happening!
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7 years ago, Lolauren!
Gets better with every upgrade!
Love it because is right up there with my Amex.
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5 years ago, Lafy81
This app is so convenient no worries can check all banking with the click of a button!!! 😁
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7 years ago, Bobby.U.11
I’ve been with Northern for a number of years now. This site is awesome haven’t had a problem.
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4 years ago, Rochelle3491
Easy to use!
Clean design, easy to use, and a great tool to stay on top of finances.
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5 years ago, Infantry#1
Best App Ever
This app is awesome! Make a loan payment, deposit a check, transfer funds, pay my bills. One stop shop!
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7 years ago, Belive11
I love this app it makes my life much simpler than having to go to the bank all the time nice job
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3 years ago, Viana630
Thank you!!!
Miss S Jones was such a wonderful young lady to work with and she made the transition so easy!!! Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, Woodsy girl hillbilly
Nice and easy
Love this app! It is simple to use and I love love love the mobile check deposit feature !
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2 years ago, Fatty 1974
Awesome site!!!
Awesome site!!! Makes everything easier. 😎
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9 months ago, iamtwonice007
No landscape mode
Landscape mode will not work with this update. The account money numbers are very small and there is no way to make anything bigger. The balances are so tiny they are difficult to read.
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3 years ago, michael E, carthage
Great job
An amazing bank, very personal,, and extremely accommodating
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3 years ago, sfauce
Fast response
I like that app so far and all the display are widely visible.
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3 years ago, ZP446
This app is extremely helpful and so easy to use!
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5 years ago, do uts
NFCU is very trust worthy and caring. So much so that I’ve introduced your savings accounts to my grandchildren. Thank you.
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