Northfield Bank – Mobile Bank

4.8 (1.6K)
167.2 MB
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Northfield Bank
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Northfield Bank – Mobile Bank

4.77 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, JulietteTurner
Savings & checking
We have had our accounts for over 25 years with Northfield. Thankyou for the excellent internet help & personal help in the bank. You have always been there when help was needed. The Connollys
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3 years ago, Belmar5
Review of app
Meh at best. I’d like to be able to see the amount of checks that I have scheduled for my bills. For example, today is July 3. I have bills going out on July 22. On the computer I can see their amount, but not on my app. It would be sweet to see it on my app. Also, I would like to see the current offers you have going on. My savings was 2.25% but you dropped it to 1.8% (or something like that). If it wasn’t for the local manager I would never have known nor would I have known about your 5 month cd at 2.25% that I opened up. Make it easier for me to give you my business. Update- nothing has changed. Meh at best is right. 2nd update- still meh. Can’t see what my scheduled payments are. Annoying to have to go into my account on the computer.
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3 years ago, JojoV0000
Great banking app
Great app. It does what I need it to do. I easy deposit checks and transfer money btwn my accounts. The customer service at the branch was great. I love that this is a community bank and I’m never banking anywhere else. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Nat0973
Problem logging
It was working ok. Now I can’t even log in. It keeps saying check connectivity, and I don’t have a connection and try again. It is the worst!!!
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6 years ago, TElEff
Easy to Use
Meets all my needs and very useful.
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8 months ago, Receptionist1
I frequently have issues with the Northfield bank app, especially regarding Zelle. Never had an issue when I was banking with Chase or Santander. This bank seems to think it’s customers have nothing better to do, but to have to constantly go in to a branch to handle issues that shouldn’t exist in the first place.
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4 years ago, rsan-
Font is too small
Your app was much better last year when the font was a little bigger. Font is so small now and there is no way to adjust even after increasing the font settings on the phone itself.
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8 months ago, sherif2023
Internal Transfer
There should be an option to transfer between accounts on a schedule. Like transfer $100 every month on the 1st of every month for 6 months.
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5 years ago, northbank man
Eh, log in is annoying
It says it doesn’t recognize my information and won’t let me log in. It says I have to call customer service. This happens a lot and it’s annoying. I can’t even access my records on the website
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12 months ago, UlaLama
Not loading
App worked in the past. No longer loading and will not open. Tried deleting and reinstalling but it didn’t fix the issue. All other banking apps I have never have this issue.
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8 months ago, 🙁🙁😎😒☹️🥺😶‍🌫️😥🤬😡🥵
This new app has been giving me problems this is unbelievable who has time to keep going into the bank they most definitely need to figure this out or I’m closing this account
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2 years ago, hgdfyghugf
Very poor
Facial recognition rarely works, cannot see any history other than the last deposit.
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5 years ago, Autumnfan86
App needs a bug fix
The App keeps glitching in the past 2 days. Really needs a bug fix. Keeps saying no connectivity and won’t allow me to log in. Happened all of a sudden. I even tried deleting the App and then DLing it again. No good.
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6 years ago, aliciadeanna
It’s ok
Great app all together. Lately I’ve been trying to login and it’s saying call for assistance. Meanwhile I’m putting all the right information in. Just redownload to see if it works. Still isn’t working
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3 years ago, givath
Works great
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5 years ago, Kyanna's Ipod
Though the TouchID is enabled it doesn’t work. The app keeps stating that I must first log in in order for the TouchID to work. Touching the TouchID icon does absolutely nothing. In addition, the app does not recognize/utilize stored key username/password.
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3 years ago, perdojo
App is no longer working with the update
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3 years ago, Ends and
Doesn’t load
App won’t load for me .
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1 year ago, zebra $23
They keep freezing my zelle without notifying me
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12 years ago, sherd426
It's here the app I've been waiting for! Small bank big results! This delivers! Thanks to the dev. Team and northfield bank for keeping Witt the competition.
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3 years ago, Zelle issues
I can't send a Zelle with the app anymore!!!
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12 years ago, DVaris
Does what I expect of it.
I mainly use my mobile banking apps to look at my balance and previous transaction history. It's straightforward and does what I want it to do. I'm sure I'm not the only one who found accessing Northfield's site through their phone to be EXTREMELY annoying. Glad they delivered a mobile app.
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11 years ago, I<3Lincoln
So annoyed
I loved this app when it first came out. However, I recently tried logging in with the same password that has successfully worked for the last few months, and it tells me that it's the wrong password and now I'm banned from using the app. HUH? I tried their mobile site and it logs me in, but then logs me out right away and says that my access ID is wrong. But, I just used that access ID to log in so how was it wrong?? NORTHFIELD PLEASE FIX YOUR ONLINE/APP BASED BANKING
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11 years ago, CJG325
App seems fine its just exceptionally annoying that I cannot log out of one account and log in to another (I have multiple business accounts with different usernames and its impossible to use the app to switch between them)
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11 years ago, tbos2004
All better now!
Fixed -- thanks!!
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10 years ago, Sparkling110
Problem login on
I never had a problem now its not letting me log on fix this problem
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8 years ago, Chris752w
Needs Improvement
The design of the app is very outdated. It's not visually appealing. The functions are very much limited, I can only view my account balance and past transactions. I don't see any option for check deposit.
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11 years ago, Ray-3L
Was working great until I got my iPhone 5. In fact it worked the first day I got the 5, and hasn't since then. Not even with the latest update for ios6. Please fix!!!
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11 years ago, Mikes bed
Does not work HELP Customer for 30 years and I can't get the apps to work spend some money from the fees you charge and fix the problems
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11 years ago, MikeCam32
Doesn't work for iPhone 5
Stuck on the loading screen, otherwise self explanatory.
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11 years ago, Fordtruck73
Doesn't work
Worked when I first installed it. Now it says it doesn't support my device. An iPhone 4s. Really? My Wells Fargo app works just fine.
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11 years ago, JasenDP123
Doesn't work
Doesn't work, gets stuck on confirming identity page
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11 years ago, Maksick
Cant login
Please let me know how find developer support for this app Thanks
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