Northfield Savings VT Mobile

4.5 (457)
24.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Northfield Savings Bank, VT
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Northfield Savings VT Mobile

4.48 out of 5
457 Ratings
1 year ago, that one guy $$
It’ll do
This app gets everything you need done, but it is not the most effective banking app out there. It is difficult to navigate and find your account number/routing. And over all could be more efficient. I use many different banks and this app is probably the worst to navigate. Navy Federal has great online banking and I would use that as a reference for improvement.
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2 years ago, Gran Tocino, $teezu$chri$t
Such a helpful app.
Such a helpful app. Love the bank. Helpful people, lovely little establishment. But the app, helpful for me as I’m disabled. So this saves me from going to the bank quite often. That alone is worth 5 stars. But, there’s always a but, if the app is already open in my recent apps pages and I return to this app after I’ve been using others, when it’s selected &half resets, the screen shows up different than It normally does layout wise and doesn’t use the Face ID and it’s not even an option. I always go ahead and then close the app, restart it, and then it loads up and the screen looks normal again and uses Face ID like it’s setup to do and then works fine. I don’t know if this happens with other phones or just my phone (iPhone 12 pro max)…sorry for the long review, hope this review helps. I figured I’d let everyone know what’s going on with it. I love it aside from that. Keep up the good work Northfield Savings Bank, happy holidays everyone!
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5 months ago, JBJVT
Makes financial responsibility easy.
We kept a household budget for decades, but gave up Quick Books years ago because it became too time consuming to keep in good order. We were anxious that we weren’t tracking expenses, but did not want to go with another accounting system program. With the Mobile App that NSB uses, we are able to easily categorize expenses directly within our checking and savings accounts and are again able to track our money and spend it where it makes the most difference for us.
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3 years ago, Chooch440
Does everything I need it to do.
This is not a confusing app to use and I haven't had a need for anything more than it includes, (mobile check deposit, bill pay, money transfers). I do read reviews before installing an app to determine what users like or dislike about the app, but when a person gave this app 1 star because he/she didn't get their stimulus money just drives me crazy because that issue has nothing to do with the app. Please write meaningful reviews about the app, not issues you have with the bank.
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2 years ago, Relative and lively.
Great Banking App
I find the NSB app very easy to use. Compared to others it ranks ahead, especially in how expenses are categorized. If there was one quibble, it would be that finding where to select Deposits takes an extra step and for those who do that infrequently, it can be a tiny bit annoying. However, once set up in Deposits, making a mobile deposit is really easy and smooth. We are BIG fans of this great, locally owned bank!
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1 month ago, Mjababababab
It’s okay, but slow and features hard to find
The app has plenty of features, but finding them has been problematic. For example, automatic payments are not in the scheduled payments section. Rather hidden in the Activity feature. I spend a lot of time tapping around in search of the feature I need. It’s there, hidden behind door #3. Also I edited the amount of a scheduled transfer item and it caused the payment to occur on that day. Maybe it was my mistake, maybe not. There is clunky-ness to the app. I’m also met with “please wait while loading your accounts” each time I open the app. It isn’t particularly fast. And bill pay is another webpage all together, not to be confused with scheduled transfers. It looks different and is probably from some other company stitched into the app. It’s more apparent when using the website in a browser. It needs more coherency.
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2 years ago, 1Boo!
Not reliable but simplistic and useful
I have had multiple issue with this app. Starting with log in issues to the app not being available. Sometimes face recognition won’t be an option and I have to reset the password. The when I am able to access the app, it is a simplistic design and I am able to get what I need from it. The check deposit work well and that is nice. The bill pay and transfer are in good function as well.
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3 years ago, Robaja
NSB review
Since 1971, when NSB was the ONLY bank in the area that would consider giving a mortgage to a single woman until today with this ultra convenient electronic banking app, I have relied on the personal service I get at NSB. Even the drive up cashiers are super friendly and accommodating. Especially during the Covid crisis, this app is easy to use and safer than banking in person.
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4 years ago, JimP in VT
It’s good but needs one change
I don’t get many checks anymore but I have difficulty depositing them. The error is the amount entered does not match the amount on the check. Ironically, this happens most often on printed checks, not on hand written ones! Then my only option is to drive to a branch. My wife’s bank allows her to override the error and make the deposit. NSB should consider this enhancement.
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3 years ago, Aviatrix7
Some gaps
There is a field when you pay a bill that even the support person I spoke to couldn’t figure out. Still not fixed months later. Online deposits are a pain. The system requires that you write “For mobile deposit only’” AND the account number on every check. I work with four other banks and none require this. Your software should be smart enough to know it is a mobile deposit. I am considering pulling our org out of this account due to the issues.
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3 years ago, Vermnter
Working well for me.
I’ve been using this for all of my banking since the pandemic started. Everything has been good, although I had a problem initially with mobile deposits. That was mainly an issue with technique on my part, and I have not had problems recently. This app has saved me from having to go out to do banking. Recommended.
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9 months ago, Pixiedust666999
pretty good app
for the most part i love the app; it’s pretty easy to navigate. my only suggestion is that i’d like to be able to view my account and routing number information somewhere on the app and/or desktop version. i spent a good half hour looking for it the other day, but everywhere i looked, the account number was blocked out except for the last four digits and i could not find the routing number anywhere. luckily, i was able to find the piece of paper i had written it down on, but it would just be nice to be able to find that info digitally.
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5 days ago, Choshojo
Exactly what I need it to be
I’ve been using this app for years and have never had any significant problems with it. As a longtime NSB customer who now lives on the other side of the country, having a reliable and convenient way to manage my banking with them is appreciated.
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4 years ago, Winggirl5221
NSB app
Love this app, very convenient and updated often. Fingerprint also makes things so much easier. When I use to call the bank every other day for the automated get your balance it took 3+ minutes now I have my balance in seconds. I also really like to be able to see what was deposited and taken out of my acct.
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1 year ago, French music lover
Impossible to deposit a check by signing on the mobile app
It's literally impossible deposit a check in your account using your app because is going to tell you that you have to sign up in the app although you are already there. I tried uninstall end install the app again but all attempts are in vain. This keeps me out to use the account in this account as a primary because my other bank as an app that really works and in a safe way.
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5 months ago, quickfixer
View statements
It would be helpful to see your statements online without having to switch to estatements. I still want to get my business statements mailed (bookkeeper preference) but I also want to see them online. Other banks provide this service.
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5 months ago, ocean/shark lover
Can’t live without it
I love this app sometimes it has glitches or doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to but nobody’s perfect right ?, I love this app I can transfer money in an instant from my savings to my checking acct. everyone is super friendly and helpful.
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2 years ago, Dee from Warren
Northfield Savings Bank is awesome! Wonderful online site with a fantastic in house “accounting” system. AND customer service goes beyond incredible. A bank and it’s team genuinely care about their customers. Service, support with a personal touch. Thank you Northfield Savings Bank.
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3 years ago, Rgrigorian
Not bad, could be better
The mobile deposit option is really finicky and has a small limit. It’s hard for me to deposit a few business checks at a time. I also hate that I can’t see the checks that I’ve deposited. I can see the checks that I’ve written and are deposited, but I don’t get images of the checks that I deposit. That would be very helpful.
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1 week ago, Zane20F
Very easy and useful
This is one of the best mobile banking apps I have ever used, everything is simple and clear, and there are multiple security options, and it works very well with Face ID on an iPhone.
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1 week ago, PBissonnette
Online banking
We love this app! It has helped us with our business and personal life’s so much. The one improvement for us would be for it to be quicker to update with the transactions.
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3 years ago, NSB customer 21
Great for needing information on the go, checking a quick balance or transferring funds. I don’t particularly care for the “view” of bill pay since the last update. Also don’t care for the fact that every nickname is taken when trying to do this review.
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1 year ago, crimtide40
Notifications ?
Just wish there was an optional feature where you got a notification every time there was a charge to your card. Other than that app is great
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3 years ago, kyanoak05
Love the app
This app is very helpful and useful I love the color choices you can choose for your background but I wish it was a little bit easier to navigate because I check my moms account on it too and in order to do that I have to say I want to transfer money in order to check the balance and then I have to not do it
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4 years ago, PJM.vt
Functional but akward
It all works but the bill pay feature is awkward especially on a small screen. Most irritating is the difficulty in finding a particular payee by sweeping thru a wide array of names. An alphabetical list, one name per line, would be MUCH easier and quicker
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1 year ago, spankyd16
Better than most.
No app is perfect, hence the 4-star rating, but this is better than most. Offers all the features of the main website with a minimum of the typical app navigational eccentricities.
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1 week ago, Joel the Toolman
Takes care of most of my banking, but I still like to visit my local branch in person.
It works well. No issues so far.
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2 years ago, Cheesewench
Love the app!
The face recognition is great and banking is super easy. I do wish I could do digital check deposits but I have hope that that feature will come!
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5 months ago, 4crownes
Bill pay
Easy except for the bill pay option. There are challenges. Ie, You can’t make the same payment the same month.
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3 years ago, JohnHayesVT
Excellent banking app, excellent bank
We have been customers at Northfield for years and this app allows us to perform all of the normal activities we would ever want to do.
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1 year ago, crystalv82
Needs biometrics
The app is fine for what I’ve done so far. I just check my balance. It needs biometrics to sign in though. Face recognition saves a lot of time.
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1 year ago, davdB
The app is adequate, but the bill pay section is about 10 years behind standards Ability to default to last payment auto-fill needed. biggest deficiency is mobile deposit. Deposit limits are ridiculously low, making me come into the bank on any significant deposit (which is triply hard as this bank is stuck in the 1800s in not being open on Saturdays) Also, on bill pay, it should calculate running balances on ALL checking accounts that are authorized for bill pay. Not having separate, and adding all amounts together regardless of account, is worse than not helpful.
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3 days ago, Wadman on VT
Easy to use banking online
I was at first skeptical about online banking. However, the Northfield App is easy to use and has a flat learning curve.
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1 year ago, Tedwardointogs
Very well designed....
But the link to create an account does not work on the app or the website:(
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5 months ago, Maddy.C
So easy to use!
I am hopeless when it comes to technology, but the simplicity and layout of this app makes it so easy to use!
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2 years ago, Jellymoor
Why do they keep signing me out?
I love this app but this year it’s started to randomly sign me out without holding onto my login info. I have FaceID enabled but it still loses my password and I have to hope I remember it before it locks me out again.
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4 years ago, seamuso
No mobile check deposit
Every other banking app has mobile check capture. There is nothing here that isn’t on the website. In this Covid crisis, one would think that Northfield Savings would give their customers a way to deposit checks without driving to the bank. I guess that they don’t want to spend the money, but they will take your money.
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3 years ago, lg print neede
I’m legally blind y The web site can not be enlarged making it difficult to see just like the email! The tech people at DBVI can tell your tech people how to fix the problem. My phone number was up dated then when in bill pay it did not up date there. The bill pay is not as easy to use as my old bank.
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1 week ago, RFM1900
Like banking in the 90s
When it actually works, this app lacks basic functionality that most modern banks/ applications have had for years. I love the fact that balance transfers between accounts has to cycle overnight instead of being real-time. It's like someone is physically moving the funds from one vault to another. LOL
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1 year ago, dannybennettdb48
This app works
This app works for what I need to do for my banking . I never have issues with deposits on seeing my money . I would recommend to other
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1 week ago, Bethel92
Have found site to be easy to navigate and has been consistently available when needed.
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4 years ago, Jonnyredshorts
Game Changer!
I used to have to leave work early to get my checks into the bank before closing, but with the app I can deposit through my phone and it saves me time and money! Thank you!
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3 years ago, 482den
Mobile Deposit Issues
Would get 5 stars if mobile deposit was more reliable.
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4 years ago, mlawivdihlo1230987
App is very user friendly
I like this app because I can quickly see my accounts and tranfers are also very quick
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2 years ago, cfordvt
Easy to use!
The NSB app is user friendly and has all that you need to bank anywhere.
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2 years ago, Playerktuna
Not easy to find deposit history.
It would be helpful if you give your customers an opportunity to see a real image of the checks deposited.
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4 years ago, Jacobs/BTV
Best of all banks
NSBVT has the most responsive and responsive effective electronic services of all the banks we use. It is second only to the human capital the bank has hired. Thank you all!
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4 years ago, kojkojgrefgyr
Bank Passion
I never thought I would be passionate about a bank but I love this bank and this app. I used to use mint- which I felt was not secure. No need now this app does it all.
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5 months ago, Vermont entertainer
So great to be able to bank securely online during the pandemics day after
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1 year ago, pastryDan
Love this app- I am able to do all of my banking from my phone which is super convenient! Great!!
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