Northpointe Bank Mobile

4.7 (604)
170 MB
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Current version
Northpointe Bank
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Northpointe Bank Mobile

4.69 out of 5
604 Ratings
2 years ago, NewTampa
Unable to deposit check
Tried several times to deposit a check unsuccessfully that I have to mail the check to deposit it. Really poor service plus had to wait awhile.
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1 year ago, Ziggy816
Worst Bank Ever?
Reported fraud on our account over a week ago still no action whatsoever, apparently the money stolen from us is going to stay stolen and Northpointe couldn’t care less. And now the automated system won’t even let me through to a representative to get an update or get action actually taken. Guess if they don’t talk to us it just goes away?? Actually hope they sell my mortgage to someone else because they clearly aren’t up to basic tasks
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6 years ago, RKOCB
Pretty good app. Like others have said the app would be much better if it showed the interest rate/dollar amount and had better mobile alerts (deposits, withdrawal above X posted, etc). Actually I don’t think there are *any* mobile alerts. Highly recommend the bank. With some tweaks the app could be great too.
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2 years ago, Chemtrails for the Sheeple
Glitchy unstable app
Several times I’ve had to restart or reinstall the app just to be able to log in to my account. I wish Northpointe would get serious about their app.
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2 years ago, MUSCPharmin
Face Id and log out
The app has the potential to be really good BUT i can't get through paying one bill without it logging me out. Also I have face Id turned on and it freezes and makes me type out my password. When i get in the app it has reset and has face Id turned off. Once these bugs are fixed the app will be pretty solid.
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6 years ago, Hidalgo81
Home Loan Integration
When will the app allow access to the Home Loan portal separately? Have been waiting for this for a while. Thanks!
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9 months ago, kerstinelfi
Unable to Login
I use the same credentials and the web and not able to login while using the APP even though the secondary verification is entered correctly.
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12 months ago, icyhoy02
Can’t log in
Echoing as many others have said. I cannot log in to view my mortgage, keeps saying invalid credentials even though I’m using exact same as website via auto fill
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1 year ago, usbank is the worst
Cannot login with a mortgage loan
I only have a mortgage loan with Northpointe. I cannot login to the app to pay that. I get an error and have to use the webpage. Would be way more convenient to pay from my phone.
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6 years ago, Prskt
Not Bad
It would be AWESOME if y'all could show the current interest rate for each account in the mobile app like you do on the website (especially since you kind of have to work your way up to the 5% interest rate on the ultimate account). It'd be much easier to check to make sure I'm still on the right track. Otherwise so far so good. I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could. There's definitely room for improvement, but I'm happy with the app so far. Just tried my first mobile deposit today & have had no issues yet.
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10 months ago, hgbyrne
While I can log in via a browser online, this useless app will not accept identical credentials in-app, despite re-downloading. Don’t bother.
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5 years ago, FMAguy
Touch ID doesn't work
Need to enter password to sign in, even if I enable the setting to sign in with Touch ID. Not sure what's the point in having that setting, if it can't save the setting.
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3 years ago, Magic square junkie
No longer works!
I did the update on 6-5-20 and the app no longer works. I even deleted and re-downloaded it and it still won’t open.
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1 year ago, StefBMe
Tried to use log in to this app as a Mortgage account holder and it doesn’t work. I guess it only works for personal banking. Do better.
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1 year ago, Hellosummer991
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t work and has zero functionality.
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10 months ago, ProEnthusiast
Horrible App
Crashing very often with my newest iPad
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2 years ago, JFPepe
Can’t login to this app to view my mortgage.
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5 years ago, Stlmike@stl
Too many steps.
Too many steps.
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7 years ago, oxford
I hate to leave such a bad review because the people at the bank are so nice. However, this app wouldn't be cutting edge 8 years ago on the first iPhone. The interface is clunky and if this was a joke you'd think they were trying to "go retro" with the interface. Unfortunately, this is a serious attempt at building a useful app. Simply wasn't ready for prime time. Clunky out of the gates, it doesn't even feature TouchID. I have an All In One account with a HELOC - Want to check your available credit? You can't. (Also, the ATM cards don't even work with ApplePay. Really?) This app is obviously an afterthought and it's a bad afterthought at that. I haven't even used bill pay yet but I have low expectations. Yet I'm hopeful I'll be surprised.
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9 years ago, vaporeyes
why can’t I pay my mortgage through it?
So, Northpointe Bank just purchased my mortgage upon my recent refinance and I find that both the mobile and online experiences do not allow me to pay my mortgage online, or arrange an auto payment, which I find appallingly short sighted.
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