Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN

4.4 (86.1K)
82.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
NortonLifeLock, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN

4.35 out of 5
86.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Kali Phoenix
Reliable without any fuss!
I’ve been with Norton almost from their beginning. I’ve had good experiences with their suite of products year after year. Everything works well without much fuss. I couldn’t give them a 5 though because negative something seems to be going on with them administratively, because I’ve experienced confusion & glitches with customer service/marketing issues. E.g. I was offered a renewal promotion and after filling out the digital form it accepts it then within 5 minutes I get an email canceling the promotional part of the transaction. I tried it a total of 3 times and got the same result. It felt like a bait and switch scam which angered me and this is the 1st time I’ve felt this way about them. I renewed for 1 more year and am hoping their admin/marketing issues don’t spread to the apps and services. I’m going to research other options in case I need to bail
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9 months ago, Memphis Chicky doodle
Keeps turning itself off and I have to re-log in…
I liked it better when LifeLock and Norton were one entity. Since they’ve separated , I have had issues , most of them revolving around having to restart the app when I check in on it to see if its working ( The VPN no log in one :Ironic , huh?) . It makes me re-log in . Shouldn’t it just work period? That’s the whole idea . I should be able to change where the server is , and used to be able to, but now it just turns itself off when I click on app , have to restart it , and it defeats the purpose of being a ‘no log in vpn’ . I talked to someone on other side of world for a long time a couple months ago to try to get the LifeLock billing correct and separate from Norton and besides the fact I couldn’t understand what he was saying half the time , he tried to sell me something I already had a version that allowed me to have 5 devices (I have a few) and to log into each one individually just to get it running was a pain , but like I said in above paragraph…each time I have to re-log in! I wish someone would fix this or at least give me my money back and I’ll look elsewhere . I cannot recommend this product as it stands now . FYI I use Apple products . All new . This is the second time im writing what is above …(actually was there still) . Still have issues with it always being off and having to re-log in on any device.
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2 years ago, KG U-Haul CSS
A ten a freakin ten I tell ya.
If I can give it 10 stars I would and I would be shouting it out just like Billy Bob and one of the greatest movies from my Time varsity blues. Anyways this application does a very good job keeping you safe ensuring all your information is for you and no one else. Their customer support is by far the best I’ve ever dealt with.I hope to be a valued customer for the rest of my life thank you very much for ensuring my personal information as well as my families personal information is monitored and protectedAnd if something does happen I get a call or an email or a text message right away. That’s top notch support and they truly put the customer first. If you still have it join their team utilizing all of their services what are you waiting for. Considering the majority of people today do everything online what is it gonna take for you to get somebody on board to monitor all your personal information. Don’t wait until somebody has already hacked your personal information to get a service like this. Look at it like you’re planting a seed that you hope to grow into a beautiful tree one day. Your personal information is a lot more important than you think so get the best service out there to help protect that. Especially for your future kids or family.
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5 years ago, kidztested
Better than most
I’ve tried several VPN’s and this one like most will disguise your IP and block trackers but it also switches on independently meaning I turn it off it turns itself on, I turn it off it turns itself on - and so it goes unless you block its access. If it was auto protecting because it felt your Internet access was unsafe that would be one thing - but that isn’t the case. It can, I assume unintentionally, interfere with cellular data when wireless internet is not available and there is a large amount of pages that won’t display not because there blocked by the VPN but because there denying access due to the way the IP was masked and the “signal” as it were was routed. For example when accessing Google with the VPN on you might have to make several attempts to establish that connection and use Google. I don’t know if they have corrected this with the new update or this is simply inherent in all VPN’s only time will tell as tech improves. Oh and it is rumored that although - and I actually I like Norton - your personal history etc. is masked/hid Norton itself can ultimately track it - but that’s only if you believe some of the guys working in Military Intelligence- and no that’s not an oxymoron. So if you have to have one form or another of big brother watching I guess I don’t mind Norton. Ok got to go 5G is on the way and pervasive AI is right behind it - so to all a good night
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7 months ago, reyrosa
App Stopped Working
Ever since this app updated a few days ago it stopped working. The first time I opened the app after the update, it asked to add VPN Configurations, which I allowed it to. Now, if I turn it on, it tells me it can’t connect to the server. I went to the support page which told me that in order to solve this problem, the app needed to be updated or uninstalled and reinstalled. Since the app had already been updated, an update wasn’t an option. So, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. The problem didn’t go away. I also have Norton 360 installed on my iPhone, which is working fine. It has its own VPN with its own configurations. I’m wondering if the two are conflicting with one another. It would be weird if they were since previously they were able to coexist with each other. Maybe the update has some kind of a glitch that pits the two apps against each other, I don’t know. The only other reason I can think of for it not working is that the VPN configuration it installed is incorrect and points it to a server that doesn’t exists. I should also point out that I’m using Secure VPN on my Windows laptop and it’s working fine. I’m only having a problem with the iOS version. Hopefully, Norton will offer an update or something that will fix the problem. Until then, they get one star for a product that doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Miguelg4
I’m very dissatisfied...
I found this app while browsing for a good reputable VPN service provider after hearing good things about it. I decided to try out the trial first to see how good it is and I have to say that I am very disappointed... First, the app keeps on disconnecting the VPN every other couple of minutes and you have to reopen the app and wait for it to connect again—very frustrating. I thought that maybe it was because it’s the trial version, so I ended up subscribing to the 1 year plan and boy was I wrong... The same thing occurs. And on top of that, they only have one or two location servers country, compared to other VPN providers that give you several servers available to choose from on a paying plan and do not disconnect on you every few minutes or so. I totally paid money for an app that does not do what it claims to do and I’ll probably be asking for a refund because this is just wrong. As a paying customer I expect to be given the quality service promised as advertised and in this case, Norton VPN has not fulfilled their end of the deal. Therefore, I can not recommend this app and I suggest people do their due diligence before considering paying a yearly subscription of this app service. *Subscriber beware!
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7 years ago, 2004-2013Corvette
Needs work
I was asked if I wanted to update my dissatisfaction with is product. I thought why not, sense the programmers had there chance to correct all problems. Maybe I should reevaluate this for them. So I did! I tried to turn it on, and it did turn on, it hung up after about an hour but it did get nearly a full hour of operation before it took a dump. This product needs someone to test it before they release it...still garbage! This app needs a lot of work. The only thing really consistent with it is that it consistently locks up. It not only the app, the same problem exists in the Norton WIFI program for you PC. They both stink! Somebody needs to have a chance to excel at another vocation because programming doesn't seem to be their forte and I'm sure they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to produce this garbage. The one nice thing is that you can turn it off...thank god for that one! This app seems to work better but still has issues when launching certain apps. I know HBO Now has a problem downloading data when the VPN is on. Also Hospital apps don't work and pandora has issues. Why these programmers can't fix it is unknown. You would think they would of had enough time even coming to work at 930 and leaving at 1pm and going on vacation every 3rd day.
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1 year ago, WZYEinnovative
Truly amazing
I love the sense of security that I have with the VPN hands-down not because of being a customer for the better half of two decades or since I was using windows 95 in 95 when it comes to security nothing can compare, or the customer service! Which is impeccable, outstanding and something that needs to be discussed besides being Masters in tech and amazing gurus. They are compassionate and dedicated to there customers and truly a masters of their craft! I wanted to point out and express I’m disabled, and I highly recommend anyone who is disabled to not only purchase this application immediately anyone who owns ANY SMART DEVICES you cannot put a price on piece of mind, or the security blanket NORTON 360 provides. HANDS DOWN WHEN IT COMES TO THE BRASS TACKS They are more than passionate and willing to help you at any given time and they HAVE proven this to me over and over as an advocate for people with disabilities. This gets my 2005 star rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you for taking the time to read this sincerely, The Midwest Touch
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3 years ago, Garflarsk
Norton VPN, watch out!
Like the anonymous online, but it can cause me to not get online now and again. Sometimes nothing will load in Safari, and when I turn off VPN and everything works fine. So it needs some work. A couple of weeks later: Received an email from “Ray” at support. Had several suggestions, one of which was to delete it from my ipad and reinstall from the app store to make sure I had the most recent build. That sounded like a good place to start, so I deleted the app, but it didn't entirely go away. There is 8 kb left on my tablet that WILL NOT go away. It cannot be deleted either from Home or Settings/General/ipad storage. It goes away and comes right back, even with a cold boot. This causes the app store to see it as still there, so the app store option is “Open”, but nothing happens. It won't run or reload. Two levels of chat support gave up on it, though they did give me 15 days extra on my subscription. Whoop-de-do. Also run on my iphone and National Weather Service app loads ten times faster when I shut off the VPN. I've been with Norton a long time and have generally been happy. Not this time. Looking around for another VPN, and not looking forward to the minor Norton presence that I can't get rid of.
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2 years ago, CindeeD1
I have been using this service for some time now. I have been having problems with my phone just shutting off randomly and suddenly overheating. I immediately turned it off cooled it down then ran Norton’s security in an attempt to remedy the problem and it still exist. One day it appeared that someone was actually in the phone I noticed things on my screen moving around pretty fast. I also can never tell if my VPN is actually functioning, when I open up the app it is usually off and I have to turn it on so it is giving me false security with the VPN icon on but the actual app is not actually on! Please let me know if this is something you can remedy or if I should find a new service to cover my devices. I am the only person using my devices. Is there a way that you can tell if someone is accessing my account? Thank you! Looking forward to your feedback!!! I never received any feedback from my previous Rating!!!
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2 years ago, Treype
Great app and Great protection service!
I am a longtime user and customer of Norton Internet Security and Norton Mobile security, as well as Norton VPN: Yesterday, however, after the most recent Norton Secure VPN update was installed, I sinked our new ring video surveillance doorbell at my office with my iPhone 12 which has also been updated with the latest version of iOS. Now, after sinking ring video doorbell with my iPhone, I have to pull up the Norton secure VPN app and log back into my Norton account: But wait, there’s more! I then have to completely re-set up and reconfigure Norton Secure VPN from scratch, despite the fact, I am still logged in to my Norton Mobile Security account! So, this is now the routine, every time I unlock my iPhone! This is most annoying and not to mention, a real nuisance! Please address and resolve this annoying issue! This issue which I am bringing to your attention is caused by a compatibility issue(s) between Ring and Norton Secure VPN.
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6 years ago, mslinscott
Doesn’t work, limits phone usability
This app is a giant pain in the neck. It does not maintain a VPN connection on my iPhone 8, so I have to try to reconnect EACH time I want to use my phone, whether I’m in a WiFi zone or just using cellular data. Reconnecting can take 2, 5, 7, or endless attempts, sometimes not connecting at all. Without connecting, I can’t use my map app, my weather doesn’t refresh, and so on. This makes my phone usability total garbage. For instance, yesterday I got caught in a construction zone and needed a quick detour. I tried to open my map app and it couldn’t refresh with my location until the VPN connected. I tried to connect over and over, but it didn’t work and I couldn’t get a route. This has been happening the entire first month of my subscription, although the app worked much better during the trial period. I do not recommend this app. I really love the idea of a VPN, particularly when I’m using a public WiFi, but being required to wait a few minutes or more each time I lift my phone to use it in my own home or when I’m out on the road is a huge headache. I wish I would have cancelled before I got trapped in a full year’s subscription.
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8 months ago, Kristy_949
It's okay
I've tried many VPN's and this one is eh. It doesn't communicate well with the other Norton apps. I have this one saying I'm not protected and my information is public. Then I go to the 360 app and it says VPN is on. Then one says my network is safe and the other says network not secure and privacy warning. I'm not tech savvy so I only know what the apps are telling me which is conflicting and confusing. Oh and I'm not a typical customer. My data has been breached over 75 times. My information is for sale on the dark web. I have app developers, 3D map developers, programmers that stalk me in person. People will walk next to me with a split screen of my phone and the other screen is me while they access my camera. Every brand new iphone is lacking certificates of authority. I'm unable to encrypt my mail and messages. I get denied certain features regarding my phone is MDM program but I don't get this through school or work. So this might work for the average person but I'm having issues.
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1 year ago, Unstressed!
I was originally paranoid because of not being savvy or comfortable with technology. After being annoyed for two nights of wasted four hours and the representatives hung up 9 times straight on me, I was furious. I decided I would try following the direction since it couldn't be that difficult. Shocked to my surprise, I was able to install the app for Norton, VPN for extra security like a pro without challenges. This was my first installation I completed and felt unstressed while installing it on both of my Apple devices as well as my Pro Browser Laptop. I do apologize to Norton that I considered getting my money reimbursed on my card. The installation of service is simple, fast, and I have a sense of Solid Protection off the dark Webb. Thanks Norton and Life Lock for restoring my belief in being "PROTECTED" on all of my devices! Don't waste another second, reach out to Life Lock and Norton so you can be protected too!
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9 months ago, Beowoulf2000
Too many websites will not load
There is a broader problem regarding internet security and privacy. Too many websites will not load when they detect a VPN being used. Two reasons at least why this is true: 1. Anonymizing software and services are use by mal-actors for illegal purposes 2. Anonymizing software and services prevent commercial websites from harvesting personal data that can be sold or analyzed for marketing. As a result I have to routinely turn the service on and off depending on which app I’m using or website I am browsing. Which of course means I routinely forget to turn the VPN service back on. Which greatly diminishes the value of the service. The problem is broader than whether or not a VPN service is “good.” In terms of service and performance, Norton VPN is 4-5 stars. But until there is a global reformation of the internet, browser design, user hardware, and everything else in support of user security, privacy, and control of data exchange, all VPN services will have limited value.
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10 months ago, LOVEWarrior777
Best Antivirus VPN Protection 4Ever!
This is the best of the best antivirus protection for all your devices: iPhone, Mac, PC, Tablets, and much more. You can read many Webpages from several countries, all that it allows, and at the same time, your connection is protected from hackers, by this antivirus company who developed Norton, since the first years of Personal computer. Is the most ranked and reliable company, which offers you Lifelock protection for all your personal data, and all your digital privacy. I highly recommend it. I’ve been using it since 2000, while studying Information Systems, Major in Computers, and all my data has been protected and have not had any virus problem, or attacks, no data loss, no hard drive loses. Thanks God Almighty for Norton Lifelock (previously Symantec), who has been protecting my computer, hard disk, flash memory data. This is the best VPN. Have a Free trial and you’ll see!
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4 years ago, Shopify Life!
Best VPN ever made
This VPN is the fastest and most accurate VPN ever created for the public. Phones and devices are entirely hidden and can not be located by any source known to man. My phone has twice the speed, twice the ability to find internet search criteria with zero interference from ad companies, carrier services, phone maker or any other party from any source. No other VPN can even claim to compete or offer the protection given here. Simply Amazing that a VPN has broken the barriers that all news media, social media, marketers, phone companies and manufactures said will never be accomplished in this lifetime! Well, they are all wrong!!! Do not look any farther. This is the VPN that your wanting. I was not paid and have zero “ZERO” connection to any person or persons with offers or self gain to write this review. I am not a professional review personnel and have zero affiliation with any company that is connected to any source traceable not any Avenue- Period!!!
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4 years ago, Pbracingmom
It was Working Great when I first got the VPN Now, overtime it has Continued to kick me off & shut down on me which in-turn drops me out of any app that I’m in or progress that I’ve obtained.. Very frustrating when your trying to take care of business things & on a timeline of production at times for processing of thing’s unfortunately it doesn’t help either when I’m paying high dollar 💵 $ for the the App & I should be receiving it free because it comes with my Internet Service Provider ( They Are/have a Collaboration) together & I’ve discussed the issue multiple times with them, though figured, Well maybe Since I’m Paying for it instead of getting it free ( which I actually Do pay $ through my internet service anyway, that’s why you pay a larger cost for this feature) but it hasn’t helped or Made a Difference!! Still Doesn’t Work 75% of the Time .. Not Happy.. Please try & Fix this ASAP or I’ll have to choose to take my business Elsewhere!! Thank You Kindly In Advance!!
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3 years ago, Ufolks
Solid VPN, Good Device Protection
I have the full Norton program for my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro and feel it is excellent coverage for a good price. The VPN is what I was most concerned with as I have had bad experiences in the past with lone wolf vpns. Occasionally, it slows down my devices’s response but that is to be expected. Also, I have found if I am having a slow response, if I take my device out of the cover/protecter things speed up. No problem like that with my Mac book pro. It’s only with the iPhone and iPad. When you install Norton do exactly as the instructions direct and you’ll have no problem. Just don’t “help” the instructions. Somewhat tedious as you install everything on all your devices but worth it. I recommend these programs. Buy only what you need but buy the program you need if you intend to add devices to your coverage.
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7 months ago, @@@@@@@@"@@@@@@@@@@
Norton vpn
Works fast and Norton is a good product, however the protection for your web info is not enough and should go after the company’s that have or take info for profit. To go through all the advertiser and the systems to take info very few work, and the others don’t they are not following Government protocol or make very difficult, and keep you in the system. Since you are a big company to stop threats, they will listen because they know you can use countermeasures with the internet worldwide legally. If nothing could for paying for your service to keep you completely safe from of sort internet/web/black web/Wi-Fi/ then your selling false hope to others. Please try because you have a good product but it need constant updates for every nanoseconds someone’s info is in malicious hands. Thanks eldram6613.
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4 years ago, kaodvlav
Connectovity issues on ios version
Hey, I love norton and Symantec, I use their products on my pc including norton secure vpn and have been a paying member for years. As I said I I use norton secure vpn on my pc and have no problems but on the ios version I have some connectivity issues, its sometimes a bit slow but the biggest problem is that whenever I open my phone for the first few seconds it disconnects from the wifi and I dont have internet, What I do is close the app that im using and go back to the homescreen for a few seconds and it will fix itself but its a bit annoying opening instagram and having no connection and having to close the app and wait for 5 seconds for the internet and vpn to start working. I know its the vpn and not my home wifi because I have done some tests and this doesnt happen with other VPNs. Its not a huge issue but I would love to get it fixed.
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3 years ago, Lovelylace10
Way to go Norton
I’m settling in with this new Norton app on my mobile device. But I’ll try to give as best a review as I can. I usually just download a subscription on my home computer.I’ve been with Norton 2- years now. And I’ve never been disappointed. The Pros are. The Norton VPN is super Norton does a great job of the mobile security Norton products they offer Like Ad blocker where content gets through but the Ads don't Genius! Mobile Security feature ensures your mobile phone is protected through & through. They even keep track of the malicious websites they've blocked for you. So If your thinking about purchasing ANY NORTON PRODUCTS you should do so. It’s the best I think out there as far as mobile security & VPN’s go. Nothing is fool proof. Hackers are crafty. But long as you check your monitoring app daily and stay on top all of any Unfamiliar things you’ll be fine.
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5 years ago, 69Brothers71
VPN Configurations Problem
Downloaded the app maybe around six months ago. Worked great and was speedy in the beginning. After sometime it began to slow down my updates. Also, it used to two two locations with Japan and Singapore. Now it only gives the Singapore location. Suddenly, within the last month, the app won’t turn on and wants me to allow VPN Configurations. I allow it but it does nothing but gives me an error and won’t turn back on. I contacted tech support who really tried to help but couldn’t. Seems like their only solution (one I did before I contacted them) was to delete the app, restart my iPhone, then reinstall the app. Doesn’t work no how many times you do it. So now I have a VPN app that I paid for and doesn’t work. I want to give this app 5 stars from the beginning but with the slowing down of updates, only one location, and now inoperable, I give it three stars in the hope that somehow they’ll fix the issue. I reside in South Korea.
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9 months ago, TomSm233
Sometimes it won’t connect
Periodically, I must reconnect, which seems strange and very inconvenient, but it is getting better. I have had same network for several years. Here is the latest. From last week of August ‘23 until today, it was off for a month. My problem was that, when I clicked on Vpn logo, it asked me if I wanted a free trial, but I already had an account. I tried everything, and no one at Norton could make it work either. One rep wanted me to turn-over my Ipad to their control, but I was supposed to hide all my data. I was skeptical of that. I checked it out almost daily, and it would not work, even putting in new passwords and going through ll the rigamarole. Today, it finally, worked, after I set-up another new password. Will I ever know what happened? Thanks Tom Smith
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6 years ago, User user 321
Just don’t even bother to download it
Yo so at first I was going to download this because I got a message saying I have 2 viruses from visiting “adult websites” and lets keep in mind I’m a young teen just trying to play my lemon game which is really fun so I looked up cheats for it you know. Cause I couldn’t get passed this one level so when I opened safari and looked up cheats and clicked the website the dumb notification came up. I’m the only person who uses this devise so there’s no way in the world that there’s adult websites on it. I’ve seen other people with the same complaint and the company just says something stupid about how it’s a 3rd party seller and all but if this was an actual legit great working app then they would have taken down the scam by now. So dont even try to blame the 3rd party seller. Plus it’s takes all of your money if you put your credit card number in. I’ve seen a bunch of people say that too! I personally think apple should remove it from the App Store! But if you want your money stolen and to be scammed then this is the app for you!!!
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3 years ago, #10fishhawk
Happy with norton
I have had norton before and loved it and glad I have it again. The only issue I have with it from time to time for some reason it turns off apparently by its self, then this last time I had to sign in twice as it didn’t seem to recognize my password. Other then that it I like having norton by my side. That was then now in late October my norton security has added a privacy icon and icon for vpn also now in norton security, these new icons have not been there from the initial subscription only recently. My vpn app tells me it’s on but up in the upper right corner at the battery & signal bar never displays the vpn on icon in that area anymore even when I run the app I have no upper right icon Is norton slipping? Or changing the apps around with out letting me know?
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8 months ago, RU Smarter than them??
Your friend’s or your spouse’s phone
Your friend’s or your spouce’s, phone is the weak link to tracking you. They want you so they get everyone’s number or email around you then they have you. Norton is helpful, but you need to be smarter, log out of your email on your phone daily, stay logged out most of the time. stay off WiFi use your cellular net work, and your still not for sure you’re free of the bad guys. Norton helps by masking your location and it helps to cleaning your hand held device. But most everyone has some type of keylogging software put on your phone by a hacker it captures your keystrokes and it targets your password block. You enter your password. So whatever you type in it is 100% captured and shot straight to the bad guys.
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2 years ago, Michigan immigrant
Wasn’t sure whether it did anything
After installing norton vpn it didn’t seem to be doing anything. I had also installed Norton safescan and whatever else comes with Norton protection. I was getting tons of spam emails and phone calls and texts. Sometimes when I clicked on an email to label it as spam, I was offered the option of reporting it (to whom was never clear) as spam, but usually these just went to spam. All of these seemed to keep showing up and I kept flagging them as spam. Yes, I rechecked my settings numerous times. (Most obnoxious were the spam notices purporting to be from Macafee that wanted me to renew my account, although I haven’t had one for about ten years.) More recently this and other devices warn me when I’m accessing an unsecured network, and I think, though I’m not sure, that Norton’s vpn kicks in as it should. I think Norton vpn is working, but I’m not sure.
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4 years ago, DylanWadleigh
Works better for me than Nord VPN
Four stars because, overall, the app does what it’s supposed to do. It’s been more reliable for me than Nord VPN. However, the set up experience was awkward for me, and in the end, my original account had to be superseded to get it working. I had a subscription before for Norton 360, but due to limited seats for devices on that plan I had to bump off my Mac so I could use Norton Secure VPN on my phone. Then, after bumping off the Mac I could no longer use the seat for my phone—despite that being the reason for bumping off the Mac in the first place. I had login issues several times on the Mac and my iPhone afterwards with both the original email and my back up email but eventually it worked. I decided to purchase 360 deluxe, and now, I can use Norton Secure VPN on all my devices.
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6 years ago, ShowMeHackerDan
Functional, but has its quirks
I’ve only been using it a couple days, and for the most part it seems pretty reliable. Sometimes it drops the VPN connection after establishing and initial connection, but it usually recovers. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the app or the WiFi network I’m connecting to. After installing the app, for reasons unknown, I could never connect to a server after accepting the terms and conditions. This went on for several hours even though I could access several other Norton sites. For whatever reason it finally started working. I was about to give up on it and try another app. One minor annoyance that should be an easy enhancement would be to support landscape mode. This is especially needed for iPad users as it makes multitasking more cumbersome without it. The application stays in portrait mode even when the device is oriented in landscape mode.
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1 year ago, officy
Not impressed
I am very disappointed in the service that you provide, I am very concerned about the level of rata ( unauthorized remote administrators that are operating illegall and federally banned mirroring software. Do I need to contact Homeland Security directly or is this something that you think you can handle, it’s a big joke around here and the most common response is, “ cmon man everyone is doing it” I operate a C++ browser and it requires me to maintain a reliable VPN, I’m not saying that your not doing your job and I have always been very impressed at the speed that my vp gives when sea monkey is running however the blind ignorance that is enveloped this area, in parallel with the corona pandemic has me wondering if I am Abel to even move forward, my best guess is that utilized 6g on an illegal platform and I am requesting a look into this area as soon as you can, thank you again for maintaining a secure work platform, and good luck and exterminating the rat infestation that is plagueing the nation. Sincerely Darren Clark
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4 months ago, UI needs improvement
Doesn’t reliably connect
VPN will only connect about 75% of the time. It’s not very reliable 😞 Update—Norton responded but I’ve tried most things they suggest already. I switch regions, I’ve tried signing out, turning my phone off, etc. If I need to restart my phone every time I want to use the VPN or sign in and out of Norton every time I use the VPN—this becomes quite a hassle. It’s not just one device, it’s all phones in our household. We haven’t tried turning Wi-Fi on and off. But Norton VPN sometimes doesn’t connect at all in a given day—again, quite time consuming to turn Wi-Fi on/off every single time we try to use our phone! Update: after a few months of it working, the same thing is happening again. VPN just won’t connect, across multiple devices. Don’t recommend Norton Note: we’ve tried everything Norton suggests and the VpN issues may persist for hours or days at a time, across 3 iPhones (2 different models and 2 different iOS versions) and 1 iPad.
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4 years ago, TheRealHamBome
Since there has been no response from product support to the ongoing issue (other than the first one to this review which was no doubt a bot), today I switched my PC to McAfee and VPN to ExpressVPN. Goodbye and good riddance. The developer responded to the review in the App Store. I followed their instructions and there has been no response in over a week. It makes me think that the robotic response to critical reviews is for show only. As I said in my original review, I tried a few times to get Norton to respond before putting the review in the App Store. Proceed with caution. This app is junk. I converted from another VPN app (which worked fine) because this one is part of the bundle on my PC. I am sorry I did that. Norton VPN frequently disconnects. Incredibly frustrating when it does that when I’m in the middle of working on something and then work is lost. I have shared the behavior with Norton multiple times over the course of months and there is no response. Glad to take my money. Not helpful in addressing the issues.
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7 years ago, Dayna.rodri
Downloaded this app and didn't do it for me. Closed my account and deleted the app. Surprise surprise, wells later they charged $32 from my debit card. I called Apple because I was confused why I was charged. They told me it was the app the be that had charged a membership fee, it was so hard to find a phone number for Norton! Turns out they do not have Customer Service..? No wonder why! I had to call technical support, asked to be directed to someone else for some customer service. He was rude and asked if he could know what I was calling about, I explained and he's telling me to call Apple, that they do not have an app for iPhones... what? I explained I already spoke to them and that I needed to talk to someone from Norton because I did not approved that transaction. He just stayed quite. I asked for a phone number amor be transfer and he told me NO. I wouldn't trust this app if I was you. Not even to see if it works for you. Because if it doesn't, they are gonna charge you anyways for trying the thing out! Good luck!
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1 year ago, Grand Cycops
Consumed by unauthorized remote administrators (rats)
Their are at least 10 or more bugs that have my state and federal identifiers and passwords. They have successfully set up the reflective side of my brand new I phone pro max, my iPhone 12 Pro Max was stolen my n Michael Nguyen at mats ok technologies, my trend micro vpn Hal logged the switch of the phones while I was at work they operate a shipping and receiving company start up openly listed on the back page of several gooogle apps, they also prey on people that get financial aid and grants and collect for the Harris count toll road authority mike Nguyen is also Neil from apple support. So as usual I will continue to pay for this service and continue to do your job for you until I’m dead. Very disappointed Best regards darren Clark
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1 year ago, SteveARosa
Not Sure
Frankly I’m not sure whether or not I need those or not but since it comes along free with Nortons Security how do you said it might as well go ahead and use it with my Wi-Fi system. As I was told by a retired Computer programmer, it’s more useful when you have a business account that’s 80 and you’re traveling way from your office itWould be wise to have this. However from the normal home owner and their normal Wi-Fi, it doesn’t hurt anything but it probably doesn’t do much either. As long as you have a good virus protector as your main reason for purchasing Norton in the first place, the VPN is enclosed FREE so why not have it just as use the free password saver. No I don’t want the password saver as I have two already and ones enough.
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7 months ago, Darius_007
Never worried about viruses
I’ve been a Norton customer for more than 5 years, so when I saw that Norton has a mobile app, I immediately tried it and loved it. It does want it promises. Enabling the experience to have an IP that is from a different country allows you to gain access to certain services only to that specific country. I feel safe to say that no mobile smart phone virus -if there’s any confirmation of an existing one- has threaten the usage of my smartphone. Do be aware that cell phone data service that is weak in certain areas due to not having enough signal strength, does mean that having a VPN on at the same time also lowers your internet speed. Regardless Norton has always delivered it's promises.
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2 years ago, BobbyeJWH
Works most of the time
The app really is terrific and I would not consider using a computer tablet or smartphone without it, however, it has some issues: It occasionally drops its connection without notifications. I’m busy using the device, so I may not notice for hours that the connection for the VPN has been lost and my device is no longer protected. To resolve this issue, I often have to reboot my device which may leave a website open, which I have logged into. I have NO IDEA what repercussions that will have. I have not been able to install the latest version on my Mac IPad. My iPad and my MacBook are only about a month old. My iPhone is about a year old. I am a retired computer pro. Bobbye Hammond
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6 years ago, CSD-83
Awful VPN
I wish there was a way to give 0 stars. This is the worst VPN guaranteed on the market. Why? If any other VPN connects it is automatically better than this one. I really tried using this. I’m in Africa and a VPN is a must. But I have spent literally 45 minutes trying to get this to connect to any server and it fails every time. Doesn’t connect. I close the app out, pull it back up try again and nothing. This is nothing but a scam. Do yourself a favor and absolutely do not buy this app. If you want a way to waste time and be aggravated trying to get this app to connect then maybe this is for you! If you are like every other human being in the world and just want the app to work like it says it will, don’t get it. It doesn’t work. Biggest waste of money in my opinion. Never connects. And on the rare. And I mean RARE occasion it does (maybe once every few days) make sure to not close your phone or the VPN will shut off as well. Allow me to give you some other things that are better to spend your money on. 1) Paying for a fishing trip to the Dead Sea where there are no fish 2) Paying for a sky diving trip and not being provided a parachute. 3) Paying for the experience of using a fork to eat soup. 4) Paying for a new water bottle that has a hole in it. Any one of those purchases would be better than this garbage app. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time or money on this.
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2 months ago, WoodsHeart Gal
Guess it works
I don’t know how you can truly tell if it’s doing what it’s supposed to but I’m going to assume it is, because Norton is a well known and reputable company. I use several other Norton products, including the Life Lock identity protection, which I also ordered (and pay for!) several family members. I Know that works as they’ve caught several suspicious occurrences. They Immediately alert you which does give one complete and Utter confidence. I do, indeed!, feel much safer and wanted my family to feel the same. It’s an expense, it’s not cheap BUT! can save you much money, heartache and years of aggravation. Accordingly, I Love Norton and its products and encourage folks to sign up if it’s at all possible. Good work Norton!
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2 years ago, Big RED DAD.
Thank you so much I give you. 5 👍👍👍👍👍
👍👍. I Thank you we love you all at Norton. As a team it takes all you wonderful employees to make it work and to protect us around the clock also what’s the LifeLock we deeply appreciate the extra security of the people in reference to the team that worked and I a in t LifeLock inside Norton all of you do a fantastic job so thank you I have used Norton for many decades and now it’s even better with LifeLock so together you guys keep up the great work because we couldn’t have it this way if you guys did not do that thank you thank you for the great job thank you to all the employees that are involved thank you to all of you thank you thank you and God bless❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Sammbadd12913
Love it but could be better.
It does what it is suppose to do however it doesn’t always help with the apps I use like Disney plus or Cartoon Network app. I want to use this so I could still access my apps like Disney plus and with the content and language still in English. It only turns the language into English and the content like the words of the places on the film are in the country that I’m physically in native language. I also would want a way to use it for my Apple TV where I could just change the dns to Norton server and then both the content and language would be in English but that is not an option either. I honestly think that the only reason why it worth it is because Norton does not log you data or sell it to 3rd party companies for profit. Also there app is super easy to understand and operate. I greatly appreciate that part.
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5 years ago, SaxMan_99
Slowness has been addressed
Update There have been two updates since my original post. The updates have corrected the slowness issue as I am now getting in the neighborhood of 200 Mbps consistently which is acceptable for going through the VPN. Original Post Using a VPN I would expect to take a small hit with my speed. However, I never would have imagined how much my speed would be impacted. I can do a speed test while on my home WiFi without the VPN and get 250+ Mbps consistently. When I turn on the VPN my speed drops to at most 50Mbps! It does not matter what region I select the VPN to connect to. This is unacceptable as I cannot justify paying for such a performance degradation. I have been a Norton customer for many years, but unless this is addressed I will be canceling my Norton VPN subscription.
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3 years ago, 💞pf
You guys are spoiling me! Had some issues yesterday with my VPN service and discovered they’re were some protection still keeping my phone secure ! I was frustrated but Mobil service realized why and stayed with me until they could get me a log in screen. I felt very lonely without you 😊... thanks for doing such a fine job protecting our security! ❣️👈🏽 I recently had issues with an app and in error thought it could be communication errors at the Mobil site connections but found the mobile units were doing great . There was an error in the settings with child restrictions. Thank you so much Norton for the guys who understand even the characteristics of the clients and the customers 😁❣️
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7 years ago, Blstrn
Not bad. Better than Kaspersky.
I dumped Kaspersky Total Security 2018 for Norton because it had the same features. So far, I have not had a problem with either the Windows 10 X64 program nor any iOS programs for the internet security. That makes me happy. The only thing I would discuss is that the password program doesn’t always do what you ask or completely ignores when you enter in new information. There is sync option and I assume it automatic upon login but not sure. Otherwise, this has not been a problem like the last program. The last thing is, (I know the answer, this is rhetorical) why in the hell can we not US based customer service. Culturally, we understand our problems and needs better than xxxxxxistan, Phillipines, India, where ever I end up.
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8 months ago, 000XXXOOO
Norton vpn
Sometimes this app won’t let me use the second part of google account. When I am looking up more info after the first part on Google. like for instance you look up candy. Then wow you are in that portion of the message. You click on the bottom part of the message to go to another part of it explaining about where to get candy and you can’t because then you have to turn Norton VPN off to go to the next portion that you’re looking up. You all need to correct that it is very annoying to me and it puts me on safe when I have to click it off. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about if not try it yourself. Make sure your VPN on the inside part of your phone is turned on plus Norton VPN is turned on.
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3 years ago, Notjustanothermusician
I’m Totally Satisfied with this App
I have had Norton on all of my Apple products for some time, and I also have been using Norton for years and the company never fails to produce great quality app development that is far from anomalous. It is very structured and works very well. The purpose is to protect you from hackers as well as those who like to mind other’s business regarding tracking places or general cellular activity while using a WiFi network. I have turned off WiFi and have been using LTE, 5G Auto, and 5G as well as an additional resource, a personal hotspot from my carrier placed in my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Download this app today and you will start feeling way more secure.
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1 year ago, JohnnySmith2580
I like this app but has some cons!
It works only 75% of the time u will half to restart ur phone to get it to connect sumtimes. And u can only choose a country I think it would be better if you can change state or change how often it changes location, it says I’m in one spot and one spot only no matter how meny times u turn it off and back on. And It never let me make an account so sumtimes I half to delete the app right right b4 it’s gonna charge and cancel subscription and creat a all new one. This is just what I’ve had happen to me. I’m on the iOS system idk if it works better with droid or not but my phone is new shouldn’t have no problems…. Oh and when it’s not working not even the 5g will work unless I turn it off but i restart my phone and it’s working again.
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7 years ago, Turbocouch
This has problems...
I’ve been using this for about a week. Once this is installed on my iPad Pro 12.9: Using my SlingBox is not possible with my iPad mirroring to my Apple TV. It worked flawlessly before. Trying to use the FiOS mobile app, at home connected to my Fios router, it cannot find the set top box. It will not allow me to turn off the VPN and remain connected. Lately it just keeps turning itself back on, after I turn it off. Even when I can get it turned off, I have no internet connectivity both with the WiFi AND Cellular service. When I turn this software off, it should stay off until I turn it back on. It should not interfere with my internet connection when I turn it off! I have to uninstall the app to get my internet back. I’ve done this three times when I really need the connection and it would not let me get to the internet. As soon as I uninstall it, my FiOS app works fine. I am in my own house and I can’t turn it off. This should be fixed. I am a paying subscriber for other Norton products, and I just signed up to pay for this. Please get on these problems quickly. I was trying to get directions using google maps on my phone, and the VPN was preventing getting the directions. I deleted the app, and the directions came through immediately.
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4 years ago, It's CAN
This is Not an “Always ON” VPN!
This is Not an “Always ON” VPN. Recently, due to circumstances out of my control, I was a victim in a compromised network. I’ve used a few different VPNs before and always thought they were a good ideal pre compromise. But now having personally gone through a compromise, a VPN is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! This is what led me to try Norton’s VPN. It’s supposed to be an always on VPN and one of few well known companies that offer the VPN across both Mac and iOS platforms. Currently I’m only using the service on an iPhone. I limit my digital footprint and exposure as much as possible. I don’t use WiFi at all, the Norton VPN only runs on a cellular signal which never gets turned off and yet whenever I go to check it in their app8 out of 10 times it inevitability has to search for a signal and always takes a good couple minutes to find the signal an turn itself on. This is unacceptable for an “always on b VPN”. Norton, you need to do better!
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