Notepad - Text Editor

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枭波 王
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User Reviews for Notepad - Text Editor

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1 year ago, Bastian1847
overall does what I want, though there are minor bugs
ran into a couple of minor bugs, like there's no cursor on the sticky notes, and there is a footer that has line, character number etc., and the text of my document overlaps it and is illegible. Lastly, it would be nice if I could do a darker background for the sticky notes. Otherwise, I'm happy!
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6 months ago, 722611
Unable to use app
I was looking for a basic notepad app that I could use and I downloaded this one to try. I have no idea if this app is any good becuase I am unable to use it without paying. Serioiusly, you can't type a single letter without being prompted to pay. Once you download it, you are immediately asked to rate it (odd considering this is my first time opening it) and to subscribe to access "all premium features" but it should say subscribe to access "any features at all" since you can't type anything without paying. When you close the payment prompt and try to type something, the popup just comes back. If the developer wants a premium app, then either put the price upfront or make a separate paid app. If you're going to use in-app purchases, then the app needs to be functional before someone pays. This method feels disingenuous and just makes me want to uninstall immediately.
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1 year ago, ldweller
Love the product - I appreciate having my license restored
I had a. problem with using the product because I couldn't use the license I'd paid for because the nag screen for the new subscription model kept getting in the way. My license has been restored and I can continue using. If I used the product for more than the once-in-a-while need to review logs I could see needing all the new capabilities but I just need a straight forward ASCII text reviewer/editor. This does that and much more but the 'more' is more than I personally need. I can see where others would benefit, though. Thanks!
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1 year ago, a2jean
Unable to use with BUY PREMIUM pop-ups
Hi Xiaobo -- Until a few days ago, I loved Notepad because it was basic and it removed the icky formatting that apps like Word add. Other simple text editors, like the one already on my Mac, did not have the stripped-down features I had enjoyed in Notepad on my Windows machine. Now there is a premium version of Notepad, whose pop-up ads will not allow me to use a non-premium version -- anything I try to do in Notepad triggers the behemoth BUY PREMIUM pop-ups, rendering Notepad totally useless. I don't want colors, I don't want sticky notes, and I do not want the persistent pop-ups. If you'd like to launch a premium version, make it a separate app. I will remove Notepad and go looking for a less
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1 year ago, bobisphere
Everything I needed in a format-free text editor!
It's a great substitute for Windows Notepad, to copy/past text without formatting, basic editing, and scratching down ideas. It even has tabs! It loads instantly to start with notetaking, unlike the built-in app on MacOS. The only thing it's missing that I would like to have is the ability to change the font or font size. 4.9/5 stars. Seriously a relief to have this app.
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2 years ago, nickname455346776432679
At first look this looks it is exactly what I need
A simple notepad replacement is what I looked for and this looks like maybe a bit too simple. It would be nice to be able to change the size of the font. Also, it would be better if there would be an indicator for the line the cursor is on. Not sure how old this app is, but I would say a good start...
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1 year ago, Andrew Channing
Move to Premium and Unnecessary Extra Features Ruined This App
This app used to be amazing and my daily driver -- with the newest update which forces paid access for everything, it has also made even its most basic functions worse: no longer works for data files, there are bugs such as not being able to interact with text if it overlays with the character counter at the bottom, and there are features I won't ever use like Stickies So much for just having a basic, reliable text editor with no formatting. Back to TextEdit I guess
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1 year ago, SPC123123
Mostly great
For some inexplicable reason, this application opens with a boarder/box -- about 1px black outline of a box with a 1 inch border all around -- and there is just no way to clear it so you have to write inside the box. ...I'm mostly using this for quick notes (that I don't save) so who cares, but it'a annoying when it happens.
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1 year ago, Grafcar1
They fixed it!
Now there is a new premium pop when I already bought the product before. I dont want any of the fancy new stuff if it means I lose access to what I already paid for! Edit: they fixed it
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2 years ago, LCMarkinson
Great! But needs an option to change font size.
I couldn't find a way to change the font size, I can barely read it as it is. I just need a simple option to adjust the text size maybe font too. Can you please add this feature?
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2 years ago, Doesnotdoesnot
This text editor is a game changer! I have nevery needed this txt editor more than anything in my life. i dont know if I could have survived atleast one more day without using this beautiful application. Designers I worship your work, please continue making more applications like this one.
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3 years ago, Moki777
The best and most simple text editor and it does everything right. It can handle HUGE ammounts of text fast! If you are making a huge corpus and need to quickly format text in a plain and simple way without any fuss this is it! SKIP the other guys!
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10 months ago, Chundiddly
Making it more complicated
Just in general you've been adding features to this and it's making it all a bit more complicated. Is it possible to have a "minimum" mode that is literally just the notepad with absolutely no modifications whatsoever?
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8 years ago, richy240
Great Text Editor
I’d like to be able to close the app without saving the current file, and the contents be retained for next time. Otherwise this is a perfectly simple text editor.
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1 year ago, ConfirmKavanaughNow
Very similar to the classic Windows Utility
I wanted a simple editor to create misc. tect files on the mac. It took me a while to wean myself off of windows (although I use paralles to run Windows 10/11, Linux, Raspbian OS on my Mac). The only utility I misses is the notpad editor on windows. This app. works for me.
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3 years ago, lukesheffe
Mobile Option
I love the open, freeing, way of writing without any formatting. I would love it even more if there was an app i could download on my phone to edit things i wrote on my computer on my phone!
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2 years ago, mysteriousprophetess
I remember when this was included as part of the OS
I love this program and remember when I didn't have to pay 2 bucks for something that was part of the OS.
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8 years ago, DanBaxter2k
No headache
Having switched to Mac from Windows, I was looking for a basic text editor that strips out all the formatting when copying text from web pages. This does exactly that - just like the Windows notepad!
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8 years ago, CharleyMac007
Best notepad
I do a lot of cutting and pasting of text and your app has made it more easy by just giving me the text without any formatting. Thank you for making my job less frustrating!
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7 years ago, NotAlexNoyle
Excellent App
Dead-simple text editor. Strips formatting, allows saving in any format, and doesn’t include any extra clutter that I don’t need. TextEdit is great for .rtf editing, but if you’re looking for something even simpler, I reccomend this app highly.
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10 months ago, Butterbean_69
Absolute, fraudware garbage.
How does it work? I have no idea, as I can't use it. I can'ty even type in a single character. When I open the program I am immediately confronted with a "Rate us!" window. (How can I rate something I've never used?) After closing that window, whenever I try to type something, a giant "BUY NOW! / upgrade" window appears, also preventing me from using it.
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1 year ago, Gideon Harris
Simple, elegant, and exactly what I needed
Stupid simple, very limited functionality, is litearlly just a notebox without formatting, exactly what I wanted. I use this for work all the time to keep basic notes, copying things across to remove formatting, and sometimes to process ideas. The simplicity of it is what I love most. Exactly like the notes tool on non Mac computers. 100% worth the couple bucks it cost to buy this app.
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8 years ago, HavenAriel
I love this notepad because it's simple. Sure there are other complicated notepads and text editors out there, but I don't need all those bells and whistles. Notepad is everything I need and perfect for my uses.
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8 years ago, Ray2AJ
Simple and perfect
Exactly what I wanted, an alternative to textedit that allows me to save notes where I want them, rather than from a useless "recent" list. Just a simple notedpad.
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7 months ago, JonJonJr30
Unable to use, DO NOT GET
I am unable to use this app even after this app charged my card twice with charges I was unaware of, I thought it was free. I even tried chosing the restore option and it said I have not purchased. Tech support is no where to be found. Tech support will not leave you a way to contact them.
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2 months ago, adamberkey
subscription moded huge problem
Going through my application folder and clicked on this app to see what it was. Upon opening I see a subscription dialog box... I wish the pole buildings I build could have a yearly subscription model. But that's wishful thinking, quixotic if nothing else. That's how I feel about subscriptions. Its just wrong.
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1 year ago, asantaballa
Have been so frustrated all these years that Appe did not have a simple plain test editro. And NO, TextEdit is NOT a plain test editor. Thanks for making this.
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1 year ago, yakkytory
Great, but missing a few key features
1. Changing font size (small, med, large) 2. Viewing options are limited
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2 months ago, Bud-Kathleen
Keeps things organized for me and easy to find.
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10 months ago, NoirSaberCat
Simple easy app
No headaches, better than other writing apps, simple, easy. And fantastic for basic C programing. A must have.
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3 years ago, delsaline
easy to use
Loving this app! It's so easy to use and I can use it for so many things! Everyone can use this app, school, work, plays! Absolutely get it!
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7 years ago, MikeE3x
Not functioning w/ Sierra
Although I downloaded this app from the app store it will not function with Sierra. When trying to open a file with Notepad, created with Notepad … I get the following error and the obvioiusly the file does not open. ""Your Security Preferences Allow Installation Of Only Apps From The Mac App Store And Identified Developers".
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2 years ago, K_a_s_p_e_r
Good app
It would be nice to be able to change the font size, so on large screens it's easier to read.
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8 months ago, globalwiz
Text Edit Review From Mike Dorsey
Text Edit is a lifesaver for me I use it to write notes on research and to input text on limited use sites. It's flexiblity is crucial for developers.
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12 months ago, OTM-7488
Not a very good marketing?
It's absolutely useless unless you buy it, you can't even type anything on the free version. So why even bother marketing it as free? It's very misleading. Just put it up on the store as a paid software. Regardless, from the other reviews so far, I don't think it's worth trying.
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1 year ago, Big PZK
Latest upgrade trashed my files
Having used this product for a couple years, the latest upgrade rendered any saved file unreadable by the updated version. Get an error opening any saved file. Had to use another editor to recover them.
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1 year ago, SpencerHound
Buy the App and have to pay to use??
I bought app despite it actually costing money to download, expecting it to then be good to go. Nope. Now it is requiring a subscription to use the app? Usually it is one or the other. I wouldn't have purchased the app if I had known this and do not see it stated in the basics.
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3 years ago, RandyTraveller
Plain and Simple
We all need a plain and simple text editor. This one fits the bill.
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6 months ago, oraiosward
Great Easy Note Taking Tool
This is a great Note taking Tool that give various edit tools to use
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2 years ago, ALLearner01
It should at least be able to adjust fond size
Simple, but too simple.
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1 year ago, Long Sozio
Simple note taker
Great for taking quick notes without the overhead and complexity of word processors.
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1 year ago, Cat on a tandem
not much to chose
This app doesn't let me choose a font size or do much of anything beside type lines of print. When I bought it, it made it sound like it could be edited by someone who received it, but NOT SO!
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4 months ago, Cat6666666219
Uninstalled Imediately
They want you to pay upfront. It's seems like a scam. Don't put in-app purchases if you can't use the app at all without purchasing. That's bad business. I'm not wasting my money on something I can't use first. I don't like the "free trial, then x amount a month". Too much comitment.
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1 year ago, CurryCo™
Simple And Efficient
Simplicity and straightforward, this is a pure text editor, no bells and whistles, fast, simple, and easy.
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2 months ago, User0913e39i0ut
Slow to load a file, search in a file.
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2 years ago, WombatHunter73
Good basic text editor
Needed a good basic text editor, this works.
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2 years ago, -Ej-
Wonderfully Simple Notepad app
Great little note pad app that is NOT bloated like all the others. Exactly what I was looking for!
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2 years ago, tonybarzak
Notepad for Mac
Works very similarly or identically with the way Notepad app works on Windows - which is exactly what I needed as I use both OSs.
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7 months ago, RetiredGrump
Simple Editor
Works great untill you save. I tried to change the file extension from ".notpade" to ".gcode", it would not alow youto do it. It would be nice to get an update with thi feature in it.
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1 year ago, ฟาง
It doesn't work for me
Every time I type in another language, the program closes and displays an error message. However, there is no issue when I type in English. What could be the problem?
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