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User Reviews for Notes

4.85 out of 5
280K Ratings
4 months ago, CashCakesz🤑
Best Yet !
Between the features and the easy access / use I love this app ! Been using it since I first got an iPhone and more then often these past few years ! It’s my diary, calendar, alarm, notebook, goals, aspirations, dreams, etc ! The privacy available, the updates making it better and better with more features and didn’t change the way you use it which is where most apps downfall, but this one fixes bugs and adds features while staying authentic and original to itself 😮‍💨🙏🏽🤞🏽🫶🏽 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! I share notes that can be opened from any device with it installed and add / remove / edit the note with notations and adjustments as needed and it can be shared unlimited to unlimited sources. Excited about the growth of this app and happy to share and recommend it ! Get it is worth it ! From taking down numbers names info over phone calls rather then looking for a writing utensil and paper ads risking losing it hallelujah thank you Jesus amen 🙏🏽 its my handy dandy notebook accessible at all times in all places with dates and times, my only recommendation for the creators is a time stamp history for editing the app and the option of viewing all edits on notes. Besides that I’m extremely satisfied .
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4 months ago, Thangyen
Need improvement to able to add contents into an existing note from the top
PRO: This app offers widely accessibility across all applications and Apple devices, standing out for its exceptional user-friendliness. It excels in quick information capture—whether sharing a delightful recipe discovered online by saving the link to Notes or preserving a screenshot to prevent it from being lost in the Photos app. A key strength lies in the app’s versatility to store various documents and files for effortless retrieval and access. This stands in contrast to the Files app, where content is often hidden, leaving users reliant on file names for identification. Additionally, organizing notes can be done with easy by creating personalized folders, spanning categories like personal, educational, professional, and financial, enhances the user’s ability to structure and manage content. Notably, the default notes folder is truly a brilliance feature; new notes appear in a designated folder by default, and users can maintain a clutter-free space by promptly relocating them to custom folders, leaving the yet-to-organize notes uncluttered. CON: For enhanced practicality, the app could introduce an option allowing users to add new content to an existing note from the top. This adjustment would place the most recent contents at the beginning of notes, eliminating the need for users to scroll through older content to access and edit the latest information.
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11 months ago, PatrickEbertz
Notes can you please bring a feature to your app? when you pin a note on your iPhone if you have serious notes that you need to keep on top on the Notes app please bring us a serious button all the notes that are very serious that you need to be pinned in will stay in the top of the screen, and it won’t be shuffled. Do you have to look for it in the notes app and it will stay on the top and you can’t. It will be the first note and the second serious be able to access immediately and I iCloud and please bring a regular pen option for regular notes and please bring an option. We can edit your notes and move them around which one on top or bottom if you’re not serious note. you can shuffle them around but if it’s a serious note, I will always stand the top and it won’t move around and go on the bottom and have to find it inside the notes app. this is the best app on iPhone please make it more faster and more easier. and improve Face ID on every iPhone for the Notes app.
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2 years ago, KsE fan of 16 years
The problem with this app is that it is designed in a way that makes it almost inevitable that you will delete information. Recently while editing a note, I realized that I had recorded some data in the wrong note. I highlight the text so that I could cut or delete it but that option was not available. Among others I had the option of copying it but no simple delete was offered. So I had to manually starting from the end of the sentence hold down the backspace until the data was removed totally. But that is because it takes too long to hit it repeatedly and it proceeds much more quickly to hold it down. So it starts with one letter at a time and does this for several letters, then will delete words one at a time, but then very quickly if you continue holding it down it will delete your entire note. This all takes place within a span of a couple or three seconds. There is no time to react to it. Once the note is gone, there is no means to recover. I am told shaking the phone will undo your most recent action. But why not just place an option on the screen to undo? There is no security to protect the notes using save in which case changes could be discarded if you are not satisfied with them, or can continue in a state of edit. In short, not a single thing which could be done to protect your data is done to protect it. This app is among the very worst.
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3 months ago, iamacmrn
Would give zero stars if I could
This app is incredibly basic and doesn’t allow for much customization with your notes, however I had overlooked that for a long time rather than just finding a new notes app to test out. The other day I opened my notes app and all my notes were gone, no deleted folder to even check if they were in there, and despite supposedly being synced to my iCloud, I cannot recover them that way either. I, as well as many others according to reviews, relied on the notes app a lot for keeping critical work, health and personal information sorted and accessible whenever needed and now I don’t think I will ever get them back. My notes ranged from information about prescriptions for myself and my kids and what reactions we’ve had to them or what their efficacy was like, budgets, documentation of an ongoing work harassment issue, etc and now I’m out all that information for seemingly no reason and with no solution. This seems to be common as of late considering how many reviewers have reported the same issue with no update on the possibility of getting their notes back. Not sure what happened or how Apple plans to fix this. Use another app if you rely on digital notes for any vital information. I’ve seen others recommend Evernote & One Note and I’ll be trying both of those instead.
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3 years ago, Serenity Burden
This is just pure awesomeness!
I love to come home, relax and write things down on my notes that I can’t tell others after a long day. Like my crushes, what I’m feeling like, anything. The app is my on the go diary. I tend to get on notes a lot, more than I think I should. Writing is one of my passions, and I also have been writing stories down on it as well. I don’t think that was the original purpose of the app, but it helps me out. I love the notes app so much, it’s like a fresh start. Sometimes, I do get carried away, and write too much. Right now, my app is struggling to stay open and even open in general. I’ve tried resetting my phone a few times but I’ll just keep trying. I love this app so very much, and I find it very useful. I also like to schedule my daily plans and/or last minute trips. I feel like this app is my getaway to a world of writing, I just wish the app would work for me. I believe it might be my fault, I’ve written so much on just one note, that it has trouble loading. I’d hate to delete the whole thing though. Maybe their should be an update for an option for pages? Other than that, I love the app! I don’t know how I could live without it!
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5 months ago, Cdchomeworkfan
Nice app but room for improvement…
I really like taking notes with this app for my homework assignments. Yet I think there’s room for improvement for one thing it would be nice to be able to combine and entire notes that are similar and I cannot find a function for that. I know there is a copy function, but is limited to the size not the entire document. Would be great if Apple could find a way to allow users to copy entire notes to another note for instance if I have notes on a science project, and I want to insert some definitions from another assignment, and I have a whole page to copy, it would be nice to be able to copy the entire document into my science project. Another improvement would be to provide a direct PDF function in notes so that note could be copied as a nice looking page versus a column. The column setting is also annoying in the email settings. Would be great if the PDF function would copy the note along the span of the iPad device. Those would be great additions to the app and hopefully Apple will consider update to add those features if they don’t take up too much room or data on the device.
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4 months ago, hdhsmfof
I love this app.
I would give 5 stars. But I believe the drawing aspect of this app could be improved.I vigorously use my iPad and my Apple Pencil and this app to draw diagrams and blueprints for my job in construction. The only thing I wish there was more of, is Shape configuration. (The ability to mirror, translate and rotate an already drawn shape or copy of one.) also the ability to save not so common shapes to some sort of memory bank for repetitions, or to allow for the “snap-to-shape” feature to just straighten the lines you’ve already drawn. (Currently you can only “snap-to-shape” basic shapes and angles.) Other than that I love this app and will continue to use it. I’ve figured ways around my above problems, but would love to see some of these problems addressed in a future update. Line manipulation would be nice too! Hard to make specific curves with the current setup. Always snaps to a different and usually not needed shape or curve. Also, can we improve the mapping a bit? Shouldn’t see as much lag as I do. Even with as many notes as I have. I get this is a free app that comes with IOS. But we need to update this more than once a year. Updates at least quarterly would be nice.
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7 months ago, person-:]
Changing the password
So I know we have to go through settings, but for some reason the app still doesn’t recognize the changed password. Also when I use the Face ID it tells me that the note is unlocked, yet it stays on the locked screen. I feel like this is just a default in the app and I’m hoping that it gets fixed. Update: it has been a few months and the problem is still not resolved. The Face ID is now gone so I still can’t get into my old notes. The new password only works for new notes which is highly frustrating. I’m still waiting for this mishap to be fixed and it needs to be done immediately. — Update: it’s been about a year and now if you forgot the password you can’t get into the note and you can’t even use the Face ID either. I don’t understand the point of making or resetting the password if you’re only doing so, to get into the locked notes. Also, I can delete the locked note with the new password but I can’t get into the note. (Which doesn’t make sense because at first it would ask me for the old one.) At this point it doesn’t make much sense. Especially when I locked other notes with a different password that I remember but I have to use another one which is the one that I forgot. It doesn’t add up to what you’re saying.
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2 years ago, Dr. 7 Schwartz
The best app on the iPhone
Apple's minimalist philosophy is great, but when it comes to actually implementing minimalism it is always a hit or miss. Sometimes they screw up, like with Music, but sometimes they create a masterpiece, like Notes. Notes does everything I want it to every time. I have never wanted to go searching for another app to replace it. I have never needed to. It seems like a simple little app at first, but there's so much beneath the hood, that is brilliantly hidden from the user. It is not just minimalism done right, it is minimalism done PERFECT. There is no better note taking app. Every other one has some annoying interface full of pop ups, pestering me to sign into this or upgrade to this or check out this feature, it makes me want to pull my hair out. Meanwhile Notes lets me do what I came there to do: write. It is the perfect app for the crafting text. It is fast and to the point, simple yet has everything I could ever want. In conclusion, I love Notes.
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1 year ago, norcaltrekker
My most-used app
To say I love and depend upon this app would be an understatement. By now I've accrued years' worth of valuable notes, thoughts, writings, journal entries...the ease of use and the simplicity of this app is its greatest appeal. iPhone's introduction of spoken–word type a few years ago only increased my dependence, too. Voice typing can be faster than normal or swipe typing, but it also saves your hands from pain and fatigue. And so, it is on this amazing feature my complaint hangs. A huge amount of my time is now wasted in deleting superfluous commas and other punctuation this feature automatically adds to my notes. This so called "smart programming" is probably an attempt to save time, but I cannot stress enough how terrible and frustrating and poorly it works. Leave the punctuation to me, please! As a writer, this is utterly crucial. Apple, please return voice typing back to its original simplicity…the only updates I want are an increased accuracy of my enunciation (which, happily, I've noticed has already improved since the feature was introduced).
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2 years ago, Alliegator96
Recent Update & Lagging
The notes app has been a love hate relationship as an iPhone user. The sheer amount of words that it holds is incredible. Though with that comes lagging. Over the course of the past month I've used this app for larger note taking such as random ideas to safe keep, places to go, bucket lists, etc. Yet even though it has a low amount of words the typing slows down and lags behind significantly. I've noticed this issue more as I've gone into the recent software update that gave the Notes app more qualities. This update also comes with flaws of its own. I attempt to scroll down my note when it flings me back to the top at random. Or even to the middle at any given time. It also freezes when a collaborator edits, leaving you with a stuck drop menu that's at the bottom and who edited it at the top. I hope these things can be fixed, whether adding a higher word limit to slow lag or to look into the new update for bugs. I appreciate your time and hope the best for new downloaders! Don't be discouraged by this review, the Notes app is highly recommended for reminders and ideas!
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1 year ago, Skiezzzz
Love app but many bugs
Hi, Please play around with selecting text, cope and paste, cutting, long pressing and moving through text on the screen, holding space bar to move through text on the screen, and the app freezing. I have been using this app since my first ipod touch where it was pretty much impossible to get the notes off your phone if you didnt have a mac so I lost a lot but I still stuck with it. Lately iv seen myself straying away from this apps usage due to the major issues Iv been having with these features. Trying to select certain words or copy and paste especially when hashtags (#) are involved is so finicky and glitchy and annoying that im thinking of moving to something else. I also have bad eyesight thats been getting worse through the years so I have larger text enabled on my phone and some of the features are laggy or visibly cut off due to this. Lastly when in edit mode in the folders section there is 3 dots to click, it wont let me clock the circle with the 3 dots to edit the folder. Ive closed the app multiple times restarted my phone and everything but it wont let me edit the folder.
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8 months ago, DrakenLimE
Buggy Mess
I use this app to hand write study notes on my iPad and it’s normally fine. Except when one of the app starts to bug out. These bugs range from moving the Apple Pencil pallet off the side of your screen, removing the undo buttons, issues loading notes, random lines just appearing when scrolling through previous notes, and the list just goes on. Normally, this isn’t too bad of a collection of bugs to have happen but there are just SO many of them. In addition to the smaller bugs, there is one bug that is absolutely atrocious and that is when you are taking notes for several hours at a time (college student) and the app struggles to keep up w your writing. I will write a word or make some kind of stroke on the page and it will either not appear or appear then immediately disappear until I’m done writing my sentence. Not only that, but these bugs have been a problem since a couple years ago so I know they don’t update this app very often and it’s kind of frustrating. Yes, you can fix the bugs temporarily by closing and restarting the app however, it is only temporary. They can even start happening again a couple min after you reopen the app.
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2 years ago, appleSoftware.Review();
Quick Notes on The iPad
It’s unacceptable that there is no option to disable quick notes from activating when swiping up from the bottom right corner on the iPad. The only option right now is disabling the feature from being swiped up using an apple pencil. There is still no option to disable opening quick notes with your hand though. It’s unbelievably obnoxious trying to pull up the dock and then having a quick note pull up dampening the premium experience you would expect from an iPad. Notes had to be uninstalled for now due to this aggravating issue. It’s honestly a shame that a generally great app is completely bogged down and ruins the rest of the OS by unintentionally pulling up a quick note every few minutes on accident. Edit- The quick note issue has been resolved with the latest iOS update moving back to a 5 star rating.
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7 months ago, Jun Chen in May
ios17 locks me out of my own notes
Before iOS 16, I created a note with password and I can unlock it with my fingerprint and password. In iOS 16, the fingerprint unlock doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know why and I continue to use that note with password unlock. In iOS 17, whenever I open that locked note, iOS asks me to do two things: update password or cancel. I tap cancel and unlock the note with password. It works fine. But after several times, I can not bear being forced to choose “update password” or “cancel” every time I need that note. So I tap “update password”. Voila, my nightmare begins. I can no longer unlock my note either with fingerprint or password. I have reported the problem to Apple Service in China and they tell me it’s not Apple’s fault and they have no way to unlock my note. Fine, I try to reset the password in settings/notes. But it says resetting password won’t affect that note because its password was set “before”. Never have I any problems with my password until I update to iOS 17. So my situation is that my iPhone locks me out of my own notes. Also, I try to unlock that note on my MacBook but it says password is not correct.
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2 years ago, Hfffsa346
Recent Font Issue
I’ve used this app for years to keep track of my to do lists etc. it’s always been great, and I’ve never had an issue until recently. However, in the past few months I’ve experienced a strange bug that is really ruining my experience. For some reason, the issue only occurs when I have a line of text that’s double spaced (I hit “return” twice before it) to create an empty line above it, which separates it from the text above. If I place the cursor to the left of the text and hit “delete” to delete the return and remove the empty line above it, the font for the text on that line changes to a smaller, uglier font that is hard to read. It only changes for the line immediately after the deleted return. All of the lines below it remain in the standard notes font. This is super annoying, because it happens every time and there’s not even a way to change the font in notes. It’s such a stupid bug I would have expected it to have been fixed months ago. I’m not sure why it would even occur in the first place. Please fix this! I’ll change my review to 5 stars as soon as it’s fixed. iPhone X with latest software updates.
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3 years ago, Kawaiigirl44
♥️ Great App, A Few Suggestions….
I personally love this app, and I use it constantly. I really like the feature that you can lock a note. I would love it if you could lock a folder though. Please add this as a feature!!! I also think it’s pretty annoying that I can’t delete the standard “notes” folder. It’s pretty annoying, as I said before, but not enough to make me leave a three star review. I also think you should be able to have different text colors and fonts. Maybe a feature where you can highlight words in multiple colors too! I’m leaving the four star review because I tried to copy and paste a note, but I wasn’t able to. This is an issue because I didn’t want my sister to see what I was going to continue writing, but I wanted her to see what was already written. I wasn’t going to retype the note because it took HOURS to write! Again, I still use this app so often, and it’s really helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my Ted Talk! - Jo
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1 year ago, Life with Gw Gwynn
I need help!
First of all, I will say this app is very useful to me, but it’s doing some things, to my text, that I don’t know how to fix, first of all, I am visually impaired, so I have to use the voice over, so basically what’s going on is, I will dictate something, then I will tap with two fingers to finish dictating, then I will listen to my text, and it keeps on giving me a pop-up to undo my typing, now I’ll click cancel, and I’ll go over my text again and it will still give me the pop-up. until it just gets so annoying, until I just click undo, and it will still give me a pop-up, and then, too, when I go back on my notes, and I get back on the note to listen to my text, and then I continue making it, it will play the text that I just wrote before the first line of text that I put! Sometimes even, when I don’t get a pop-up to undo typing, it will still play it in reverse, so could you please, if possible, get back to me soon, and fix this bug? But other than that, it is a good app, and it is very useful,
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10 months ago, peaceguy
Almost There… A Few Things
Love notes. I used to keep notes in separate text files in my Documents Folder, all under categorized folders (‘Legal’, ‘Manuals -> Mac -> iOS’ etc. etc). Then I went to Evernote, and it was much better of course - being able to search, add photos to a note, colorized text, etc., which is where Notes needs work. I work in a mixed Windows/Mac/iOS environment. I sometimes want to simply paste a picture into a note. NOT EAST TO DO IN NOTES. If the photo is on my Windows system, I have to first copy it to ny iCloud Drive, then on my iPhone, ‘Save’ the photo from the Drive into my Photos app. Only then can I import the photo into a note. Also, if I want to add color for text, I have to get off my Windows machine, and do it from my Mac. Why not make these features global? I know Apple would like me to own & work only from Apple products, but in the real world for a lot of people, this is not our reality. Apple, please make all features available globally.
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3 years ago, sugarbabypie
Updates made search function useless
I have been putting off updating my iOS to 14/15 and finally updated my phone, but the notes app has changed. I use the notes app a LOT and have many notes that I want to search through using the search bar to find specific phrases, however after updating, this feature has changed for the worse. Now, when I use the search bar to type in a specific phrase I want to go to in any of my notes like “the birthday party” it shows the highlighted phrase in multiple separate notes, but when I click on the specific instance I want to be taken to, it does not go to that part of the note. It takes me to only the note with a given phrase but highlights every word in the phrase separately inside the note like “the” and “birthday” so I cannot go directly to where I need to be which is “the birthday party”. This is such an issue for me because I use the notes app a lot but now it is very annoying and basically useless for me as I want to be taken to the specific phrase not every single word of my search. Why did the update do this? This is convoluted and not user friendly.
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2 months ago, Fire Ruby1
Sharing Bug & Lag
This is actually one of my favorite apps! I’d give it 5 stars if it weren’t for this little issue. If I write too much on a note, it starts lagging and brings me back up to already written notes and I accidentally write on top of it against my will, or I’m typing and it doesn’t show me what I’m typing and it brings me back up to already written stuff so I have to scroll back down to type more. 2) I have a shared notes with my friend but when she joined, it showed a completely different contact of someone else I don’t want in the notes. It shows someone else’s profile pic and name but when I click on it, it’s the friend I actually invited. But when I exit and come back it’s someone else’s info. That bothers me since I wanna see my friend’s info and not someone else’s when they joined. OTHER THAN THAT THO it’s a really amazing app and I hope none of it changes because it’s perfect the way it is (aside from those 2 bugs)
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6 months ago, mudddddd mmmmmmm
Thank you notes
Notes is an excellent app that I cherish on my phone. From making wish lists to lists of things to do with your friends notes always has my back. Notes is also one of the only apps that will get to hear all of my pointless rants and thoughts. Notes is the perfect app for me because it allows me to get my feelings out in a healthy way without burdening another human being. I don’t want anyone to sit through my rants and listen to my problems when they have problems of their own. I am glad to sit and offer advice to them though don’t get me wrong. It just makes me uncomfortable when I tell someone to much about me or to much stuff that could make them worry. Though I doubt they would be worried anyway bc we should get back to their problems now. Anyways than you notes for being the best friend I’ve been needing!
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5 months ago, Boogiebut1
Classic apple product
Man where do i start? Lets start with the random blank screen bug i get almost every time i used the app. On occasion especially if your notes are longer than a few lines, leaving the app to check another page and coming back will cause the screen to go completely blank until you close and reopen the app, thats a fun feature, definitely not agitating. There’s also this really cool thing it does where every single time you save your note it sends a fun little email to some hidden inbox in your gmail that you wont find until you select all mail one day and you have thousands upon thousands of nearly identical emails that simply contain the contents of the note at the time of it saving. Reminder at no point did it say it would do this and it took about an hour to scroll and delete what felt worse than any spam email clean ive ever done. Honestly I’ve never been impressed with apples garbage but this is a new low even for them, like seriously you guys cant even make a notepad right!? In summary, Get another note app and save yourself the pain.
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1 year ago, Mtn Thyme
Very limited use
If you’re looking for a robust note program, keep going this is not it. While this is great for shopping lists and basic things like that it is very basic. If you need to highlight text that you’ve typed and have this function as an actual note program, Apple has not upgraded it to the current decade. I’ve been using this app for quite some time on my iPhones and my iPad and it is great for on-the-fly very basic notes where I don’t want to forget some thing or it is a great option for a shopping list. However, if I really need to make notes and highlight text and stylize the note, this app has no functionality in that regard. You can download photos and mark them up. You can download websites and mark them up but the main function of this app is extraordinarily limited by today’s standards. I do use it for my recipes, where I import PDF into the note and then add remarks in the note to the recipe. But I can’t highlight them. I could only highlight what’s in the recipe itself because it’s a PDF.
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2 years ago, 21browne
Random note deletions & glitches
Within the past 6 months or so I’ve been a lot more adamant about using notes on my phone to keep myself organized. However, when I swipe out of a note then click to go back in, the note disappears and it won’t show back up until I completely close out of the app and reopen it. Another thing that really made me angry was that I had a note in my phone that I’d been adding onto periodically since probably 2019 or earlier. A couple of months ago, it randomly deleted. The title of the note was still there but all of its contents- gone. I looked at deleted notes and every other file that I could and nothing. I’ve also never been able to lock any of my notes like I can on my MacBook. I have the most recent updates always but this has been an issue for as long as I can remember. I’m going to be downloading a different notes app and stop using Apple Notes completely. Hopefully I’ll have a better experience.
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5 months ago, pcjiv
Note writing on the iPad
All my young adult life I dreamed of the day when I would work in an organization which is Apple computer based. Obviously that day came but the variety of computing that exists today far exceeded my wildest imagination. I have chosen to begin drafting the text outline in Note on my iPad Pro (1st gen) for what I expect to be a PowerPoint presentation (constructed on my Trash can Mac Pro) and likely delivered on my MacBook Pro in a few months. All this seems absurd by my 1980s Apple IIe/IIc humble beginnings. The majority of my career was spent working in the MS-DOS world (US Gov’t) but thats perfectly fine now because I have all but forgotten those days of constant hardware software incompatibilities since the rise of iOS preeminence in business and government. What will the next 40 years bring? -Back to the Future user
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1 year ago, MDRad
Notes app has an EXTREMELY ANNOYING new behavior
On my iPad Pro (9.7-inch) MLQ32LL/A, the Notes app in iPadOS 16.3 has the EXTREMELY ANNOYING new behavior of minimizing the active edited Note whenever I switch to another app, and thus pop the Notes app into the background, to (for example) copy something in another app. Rather than retaining the active Note edit status like in previous versions, or in my iPhone, on my 16.3 iPad the current or active Note shrinks down to a recent Note - Today - status. Then clicking the Note pulls it up to active edit status and I can work with it again. Sounds minor, just a click to wake the previously active Note, but after fussing around clicking the previously active Note tens of times while doing a lot of cut and paste (many many times these past few days), it gets very ANNOYING! Please fix this annoying behavior, keep the active edit of the Note current when switching the Notes app to background status so the we can immediately get back to work upon returning to the Notes app.
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10 months ago, billb4612
Searching tools
I save a lot of notes, and some of them are quite lengthy in terms of the number of words. I often have to search for something within all my notes. If you want to search for a certain word, the only thing Notes will provide is one location in one note. After that you’re on your own doing a visual search. I might have a note that has hundreds of words. The search system built into notes would only find the first instance of the word I’m looking for. That’s often not very helpful. If the first instance of that word in one note isn’t the exact one I’m looking for then Ive still got a searching problem. I would have to copy the whole note and paste it into Microsoft Word which does offer a much better ability to search for a particular word. However, I would have to copy the entire text of every note that contains the word I’m searching for into word just to do this type of search.
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4 weeks ago, Mr.Coffee9
Needs to be fixed
After the last few updates, the features are great while maintaining simplicity. Exactly what I want. However, it has been commonly noted across the internet that it now causes severe iPad overheating and occasional crashes… at least when using the Pencil. I have lost several pages of important notes twice. Possibly related to the overheating, it also burns through battery. I can only take notes on my iPad Air for about 60 minutes before I have to plug in. I love Apple Notes, but it is unusable with these issues, which currently leaves me search for an alternative. The only additional feature I would like is the option to show/hide the page break locations (would have to choose the intended paper size). Just a thin grey line or something. It would be very helpful for notes that will be printed or saved to PDF. Again, this seems to be a common request across the internet.
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2 years ago, Cilo210
This has always been my “go to” app for jotting down notes. Ive recently had issues when going back to view notes where the notes are no longer visible. If i exit the note I am trying to view it shows all of my notes however when i select a specific one there are no notes seen. I have to close the app and restart it to see specific notes at that time. This has happened repeatedly over the past few months, maybe years. I came here to the app store thinking that maybe the app needed to be updated, but it appears there are no updates available. I wonder if anyone else has the same issue. Hopefully the developers are aware and working on a resolution. I have hundreds of notes recorded and although I would love to see more efficiency with the app I don’t have the time to re-write all of my notes. Overall its still a good app. I just wish they would fix that specific issue
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4 months ago, Cjjgso
Please add these features!
Overall works well but there are two things which frustrate me to no end. Both are related to checklists. First, there is no way to sort the contents of a note. I get around this by accessing the notes in iCloud on my PC, then sorting the contents there. Second, if you check off an item, it moves it to the bottom instead of the top. So every time you open the note you must scroll down to the bottom of the list to see your checked items. Some of my lists are very long and require a lot of scrolling! Also, when an item moves to the bottom due to being checked off, the item is no longer in sorted order, so I must deal with problem #1 above all the time. Perfect functionality would be: 1) place checked items at the top of the list and 2) be able to re-sort unchecked items. Please!!! And thank you!
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4 months ago, Addie Gold
Notes deleted after IPhone 17.3 Update
At first, my Notes were very convenient for me. They were my go-to when it comes to remembering things. But later on, I couldn't access my Notes and it kept on telling me to update Notes, and keep in mind, my storage is almost full so i had to free up some storage before i updated my entire phone. (In order to update notes, you would need to update your entire phone) So after i updated my phone, i went back in my Notes only to find out that all of the notes 'On My IPhone' are GONE! I tried to sync it, but it said it was already synced, I tried to wait, but it has been more than 10 days since I've updated and there's still no Notes! I've even did a last resort and started downloading from a website to restore the rest of my Notes but it STILL DIDNT WORK! Apple, i really hope you read my review because my Notes are IMPORTANT TO ME and I MUST have them back! Please fix this issue as soon as possible!
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1 year ago, Apple Notes Fan
Hands down the best service Apple offers.
And that’s saying a lot, considering what Apple Notes is up against: all the other magical Apple apps, software features, and products that each occupy a league of their own in their respective classes. I use Apple Notes daily as a university student. It is the only note-taking platform I use; I don’t carry around physical notebooks or download other note-taking apps. Some features of Apple Notes make it invaluable: the simple interface, iCloud integration, the scanning function, being able to copy/paste screenshots into my notes, tags and smart folders, the monospaced format (useful for taking notes for computer science), the ability to lock notes, etc. No matter what device I’m on (I use a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad), all my notes are in sync and can be accessed anywhere. It’s not perfect, though. Handwritten notes become extremely laggy once you start writing a lot—this is frustrating when you’re working through math homework and strokes just start randomly disappearing. This is the case regardless of if you’re using an older iPad or newer Apple silicon iPads. I’m eager to see what the Apple Notes team has in mind for the future of this app. It’s one of those magical products that’s profoundly simple but infinitely powerful.
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2 years ago, Miya2803
Search bar feature could be better
I really love this app and I appreciate all the added features it has. I love that I was finally able to scan a document without having to use a third-party app. I especially love the search bar. It really helped me find certain notes I created immediately. One thing I would like to be added though is that when using the search bar when clicking a note that contains that certain word/words it should immediately jump to where that note is. If I remember correctly, it should have had this feature in the past but I don’t know why it’s gone. I know that the purpose of this app is to jot down notes but I like to use this app as a way to keep track of the books that I’ve read. I have a really long list and the convenience of having that function would be very helpful.
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5 months ago, CelestieP08
Used to never have issues….
I use the notes app for just about anything. Lately it’s been to take notes on my coursework for school. I’ve found writing them down is the easiest way for me to comprehend and remember what I’ve learned. A couple months ago I noticed that if I left the notes app and returned that large chunks of what I’ve written was erased! 😡 I tried making sure I had room on my iCloud storage, that all my Apple products had no updates, and found out how to have notes saved to the iPad and not in the iCloud. At first it was a random event, no big deal, go back and rewrite my notes. In the past couple weeks it has been constant! I shouldn’t have to go back and forth after every line written to make sure it doesn’t get deleted and it’s so time consuming. There has been times that I’ve almost rewritten all of what got delete and then the notes pop back up but now it shows letters overlapping and sometimes unreadable. Why is it doing this and please make it stop!!!
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9 months ago, Uncle Zc
Getting closer to amazing
Notes has been improving slowly over the years. It’s getting better with each release. The upcoming notes linking will be a major feature for organization structures. I think a few things that would put it over the top is for the iPhone and iPad versions to gain parity with macOS with font and text color formatting capability, and if there was the capability of establishing templates for those that take daily notes and could be efficient in setting things up without have it to go through all their t regular formatting settings. And finally, if there was collapsible tiers (the ability to expand/collapse lower level tiers to keep the page clean and expand as needed). These things will bring near perfection to what is already possible.
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1 year ago, huskydoglove
Please hear me out
Picture this, you were had just got done writing a thousand word paragraph and when you go to change the font and bullet point it .BOOM. You just accidentally deleted your entire work that you had been working on. I can picture this very clearly because it just happened to me. I can only think of one simple solution to this problem and it is to add in a undo and redo button for whenever you make a mistake and want to undo it or when you accidentally delete your final essay and want to get it back by hitting the redo button. Please I beg you to add in this feature because I believe it would help fix a lot of frustration with the app. Also a little side note/request is if you could add in different fonts and make bullet points easier to use. Thank you for reading my suggestions, I hope you will consider them in the near future. Have a great day, ALB
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4 months ago, just.a.regular.player.
Very useful nearly everyday
I don’t usually write reviews but I’m doing this one because I think many people might be wanting this option in notes. I use the “scan document” option nearly everyday for my work. It’s simple, does a very good job and since it’s in my iPhone, it’s super convenient; you can scan unlimited pages in one document or several individual pages. The one option which I hope would be included in a next update if there was to be, would be the option of selecting several documents to me able to be forwarded them together as attachement in WhatsApp for example instead of having to select each (many) document individually to forward it. This is my only point which I think many people who uses “Notes” would really appreciate to have it as option. Thanks
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8 months ago, Phillip Lanos
Almost there...
One feature not enough apps have are a drop down toggle containers. This way I can create sections in a note that I can toggle to hide or show, making my note far more organized. I should be able to launch this by typing the / and the > to create a down down toggle container and Each container should be able to have a title and then within I can nest notes etc and then toggle hide all notes nested in to collapse into just the title. This feature would be awesome. Outside of that adding a status function to drop down is all I can think of that would be relevant... Oh, and maybe adding a section in notes on the sideboard for any bullet points created universally across notes the way Bear Notes or whatever that app is call has done.
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2 years ago, Lex Sparks
Forgotten passcode and locked notes
I love using the app for many of my quick ideas, including more personal ones that I liked to keep locked. However, lately, I’ve been trying to get into my locked notes and it keeps telling me that my password is wrong. So initially I thought to reset the password from my iCloud account(which is the account those notes were stored in) but it had only let me use the new password for new notes, not the old ones. I use the notes app for practically everything, and my locked notes are very important to me. Even with the Face ID feature, it will read as approved but not let me access the note still. I have done everything from resetting my phone to completely deleting and redownloading the app itself, and nothing is working. I hope to see a change/fix for this in the future, as I have some very important things locked with this feature that I now cannot access.
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2 years ago, Random Gacha Person
An okay app, but just some a small suggestion.
I rarely use this app sometimes for private information or reminders and all. Until I found that you can also lock your notes, but it’s still able to be accessibly opened if you’d just remove the lock. Let me just rephrase that; if a person that was looking through you’re phone and let’s say they open the notes app possibly having account informations onto those but yet it’s locked with a need of password? Of course if they think outside the box they can just hold onto the notes and unlock it by just removing the lock, now you’re information is now accessible to this person. I suggest maybe whenever someone’s trying to remove the lock maybe also make the person having to enter the password to in order to confirm it from removing the lock.
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2 years ago, julieann12345
Sometimes notes doesn’t open/work properly
Update- 7/7/22 very irritating when opening your grocery list note to add item and the note is blank. I don’t know if it’s this app or apple iPhone problem but very irritating. Needs fixed before consumers switch to another notes app. 2022- I’ve been using notes for a few years. With having memory issues, it’s a lifesaver for writing down important things, a grocery list, etc. Only problem is within past year it’s not working properly. Sometimes I’ll open an existing note and it’s blank or it will only appear the first time I open it but not when I go back to it the same day. Some days it won’t let me start a new note. Unsure if problem is apple I-phone updates or what. I just hope it gets corrected because I don’t need my 2nd brain malfunctioning lol. It’s my most used app and it’s very important to my everyday survival.
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2 years ago, TND73
Love & Hate It
I love this feature because it is a quick way to jot down notes and go back when needed. With that being said…I hate that there is not a quicker way to do so. If I type something in the search bar it shows me that it’s there but will not take me directly to it. Such a pain!!!! As I said I use this feature a lot which means I have a lot of notes that I need! Also, I noticed since the new IOS update my notes literally disappear from the screen. It has happened to me twice within the last week and the first time freaked me out! I spent hours trying to find ways to get my notes back…scared to do anymore damage until I realized they were there…however the screen just went blank. My only fix was to restart my phone and when I went back to my notes screen everything was there. Hopefully you guys will fix these issues soon
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2 years ago, Melanie 👑
I have a lot of notes. Some with important information. Since I have so many, I tend to use the search feature very often. I’ve noticed many times how I’ll search for a note I know I wrote but couldn’t find it. Before, I thought maybe I didn’t. Say I wrote down the password for my wifi. So I would proceed to the task at hand and reset the password for my wifi. Wrote the new one. Later, as I’m scrolling through notes I see the previously password. The one I did write but didn’t appear when I search it almost exactly. Afterwards, I went back to the search bar and searched it. This time it appeared. I thought maybe I missed something the first time. But after this happening numerous times I realize I didn’t. I even screen recorded me searching a note identically and then manually finding it and then researching the note for it to actually appear. I don’t get why having a search feature if the only time it displays results is when you have to manually find the note first.
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2 years ago, Zulhilmi
it’s a good app, but i have some issues
(I’ve never done reviews so forgive me if this quite childish-sounding) I’ve used this app for more than a year now, i use it to list down things, make checklists and just to spill my feelings once in a while. It’s an overall good app as you can set up sections in one note, make lists into checklists and whatnot. but ive been having security problems: whenever i make a big mistake, like deleting a whole section of a list, i can’t quite seem to get it back. One thing i reeeeeeeeally wished this app has is an undo button. that’s all im asking for really, it could save up a lot of my time worrying. i also wish there could be like a ‘backup’ note, just a copy of it after i’ve saved something. I hope these features could be added, just to make this app a little more secure, not just for me, but for other users who depend on this app too.
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9 months ago, Junebud16
Best APP in the Universe!
Need to jot down a reminder in a place you will actually find it? NOTES! Have a fabulous idea for a new book or play? Write it in NOTES! Nothing gets lost there; and everything can be put into chronological or labeled folders that YOU can easily find! All that’s left to say is “HEY KIDS!! In 30-40 years, in case I’m dead, please check my NOTES app! You just might find some very good ideas there!! And by the way, at my funeral, I want you to play Leonard Cohen’s “Dance me to the End of Love ” and I want everyone to get up and dance with each other! And then go out for Chinese food. Yeah, that’s all in NOTES!! Thank you God and the creators of NOTES for THE NOTES APP. I LOVE IT❣️❣️ AND SO WILL YOU!! June Kozak Kane PS if you could add a Notary element or “witnesses” people could even use it for their WILLs!!! TYVM💖💖💖💖💖💖🏆🏆🏆
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2 years ago, Sanctifybrv
Forgotten Passcode for locked notes
The Notes app allows users to lock and secure their notes with a passcode. Once you forget that passcode, there is no way of unlocking those locked (now lost forever) important notes. The Face ID feature would be the only feature that would help prevent being locked out of your locked notes forever but the Face ID feature stops popping up. The Notes app then only requests for the passcode (which in this and many other people's cases are forgotten).You can reset your passcode but it only affects the new notes , not your old locked notes. Apple should work on fixing this issue because it’s affecting many people and keeping us out of our important notes. Apple should put a “Forgot Passcode” option , where users can verify themselves and never get locked out of their notes. Apple should also keep the Face ID feature enabled at all times , so it can help us get over the forgotten passcode. This is an issue that I and many others are currently having. It's frustrating and makes users feel hopeless about their locked notes. This is something that I wouldn't expect from a great company like Apple. I have seen many Apple forums and spoke to Apple customer support myself, there is no way to help people unlock their locked notes. Thank you and I hope that this will be fixed soon in a future update.
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1 year ago, FukkOff818
the way notes handles links is atrocious
update: notes is absolute trash when it comes to dealing with links. pasting into lists as well. i guess u just dont want anybody to use this, huh? phasing it out? an afterthought? really ridiculously underdeveloped update: and why TH is it that if u scroll down into ur notes from the past, the view & cursor remain there forever?!! how annoying. i even manually searched a recent doc i wanted to see, clicked into it, but as soon as i deleted the search term, u put me back scrolled all the way to the bottom. junk!!!! do u stick the scrolli do not want that crvp opening every time I go near it. there is no way to edit a link without losing ur sanity and the link opening each time. then notes has the nerve to glitch out and make the note uneditable if you try to mess with the link too much, the GD cursor won’t even react. make it intuitive for a human being to remove hyperlinks on mobile. who asked u to do this?? im not the only one complaining about this. BAD.
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1 year ago, Brochacho D
I’ve had Apple Notes for maybe 12 years. It used to be very reliable but has been getting glitchy over the past few years. I used to be able to search a word when trying to find a note, then select the note I wanted and that word would be highlighted within the note! A very useful feature that no longer works. For the last few years I will sporadically find notes blank; I then have to leave notes and minimize it and then go back to it and it’s there as if nothing happened. That glitch has been there now through 3 different iPhones and many updates. Recently though, I lost maybe 30 of my most recent notes!! Very frustrating! Now I can’t write a note without it disappearing by the end of the day. In all fairness, I did install a VPN and that could be the source of this problem. Why is Apple not fixing this app after seeing it be one of the lowest rated note apps???! Is Apple finally losing their edge?
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