Notion: Notes, Docs, Tasks

4.7 (28.6K)
149 MB
Age rating
Current version
Notion Labs, Incorporated
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Notion: Notes, Docs, Tasks

4.73 out of 5
28.6K Ratings
2 years ago, indumania
Truly game-changing
I use this app every day, countless times a day. I regularly wonder what would happen to my brain if the internet was out for a prolonged period and I couldn’t access Notion. I started out using basic pages for note-taking, but it quickly became clear that I could create templates for my weekly work tasks and personal projects in almost no time at all, customized to how I work. Now all my crap lives in this app, and it honestly gives me so much peace of mind knowing if I need to remember to do something or want to look something up, I just have to jot it down in Notion or do a search, and I can find it without a second thought. I will say, though, after years of using this app, the thing that prompted me to write this looong thing is that Notion inexplicably changed the color of their checkboxes. To a normal person this wouldn’t be a big deal, but their original sky blue is one of my favorite colors and I have come to associate it with the calm you feel when crossing things off your list. Now, the new checkbox blue is more harsh, and the vibe is *decidedly* different. Take it from an over-user — y’all should change it back, please!
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10 months ago, specking up and standing out
A bug that happens to me a lot
I use my iPad and phone connected to do a lot but I use a Bluetooth mouse and and keyboard with my iPad sometimes it will refuse to let me type with my keyboard it pops up for a second and then disappears I hate having to turn my keyboard off then type out what I want with my iPad keyboard and then turn it back on it takes up a lot of time and it’s hard to type on the iPad compared to the Bluetooth keyboard and it takes up time alone to use the iPad keyboard I hope you can figure out the issue and fix it because I’ve only ever had the problem with notion and nothing else Edit: I love the app and the ways it works for free users like my self it doesn’t hold you back to the point that’s it’s an inconvenience and not worth using it but there’s still a good reason to buy stuff but I just wanted to add that I highly recommend this app to everyone and it’s to the point I sound the a sales person it takes a little to figure out but once you do it’s great I have so many good things to say about it i would be here typing for hours but I will say I would recommend making a test account figuring out how to work the app then delete that account and then starting fresh so you don’t have any random things you did in the beginning I did that and it worked out great for me :)
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3 years ago, 1ofthedannys
AMAZING productivity tool but needs an offline mode desperately
I absolutely LOVE Notion and it has allowed me to streamline my note-taking and record-keeping habits and allowed me to use the same tool for so many things where my workflow used to be fractured across multiple apps- it’s truly incredible software. I love the creativity of both the Notion team and the community of users they have fostered. Being able to share templates with one another is wonderful and the functionality of the app is tremendous. However, as much as it pains me to say it, the outages Notion has been experiencing has shaken my confidence in the software since I have really come to depend on it and, when the system is down, I can’t access any of the critical information I store there. I am so impressed by what the Notion team have developed but if these outages continue to happen and we don’t have the ability to save our data locally, I will have to find another solution because I can’t afford to be locked out of the data I store on the platform. I hope the Notion team is working on an offline sync, and if they are it would be so helpful for us users if they would share that information and give us a timeline. Much appreciation to the Notion team for all of they’ve done. I definitely recommend the app unless you can’t afford to be unable to access your data from time to time.
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3 years ago, TrustedReviews!
Love the vision. UI and UX needs work
Let me just say first and foremost, ever since I got more used to the learning curve of using this app and taking notes and honestly trying to put everything I possibly can in there to prevent me from having to write things down in different notebooks and writing notes in my default notes iPhone app, I love it, but sometimes it can be sooooo frustrating. One example is the highlighting. You cannot select lines of text, just single lines. Another thing is that when you highlight a word or line sentence to change it to a header or a body paragraph or even just a sentence highlighted in yellow, you can’t get rid of the little options box that pops up when you start highlighting. I have to hit back and then go back into my page to make it go away. These kinds of things make the app so much less efficient and quite frustrating but because I can organize so well on it, especially sermons and lesson notes, I’ve held onto and really use it for almost everything. If they improve those things it can result by an amazing app. Your team is always free to email me if you guys want more support tickets haha and ideas for improvements. I’m a graphic designer myself so I just see how things could be better.
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1 year ago, Devynator21
I LOVE this tool
I'm not a big planner to begin with, probably due to my lack of enjoyment for more mainstream planners like Google calendar and traditional paper planners. Google (while claiming to be user-friendly) had too many tools and GUI's to navigate through which felt overwhelming to me, while still lacking the flexibility I desired. Paper planners I encountered in the store didn't do the job either because they were not formatted exactly how I wanted, and of course a regular old notebook didn't provide the online accessibility I wanted. Notion is everything you wanted in a planner, and truly helped bring the planning side of me back to reality. It provided helpful templates I could use to give an overall format for what I wanted to write (checklists, boxes, etc.) which were incredibly customizable. The tool is simple yet powerful, without any unnecessary visual effects or special features you are forced to learn. I love that Notion can be accessed on any device via the website or app, and my plans look the exact same in any format without shifting its orientation or completely up-hauling the website layout. I would recommend this to anyone.
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1 month ago, Microfoo77
For the last three days…
I’ve had fun using Notion. I thought, “This is my new ultimate database. It does things other apps can’t do. It’s a lifesaver.” Now, I’m thinking of unsubscribing at the end of the month. The inability to support PDF Export in 2024 for just about any page or document I desire AS IS, with no weird formatting changes or outright non-transferring of whole swaths of information is downright unacceptable. I’m on the $10 per month plan, so maybe they have that feature in the $20 per month plan, but no. It’s a feature that should be available in all plans, by default. I feel like all the work I put in over the last three days is near-wasted, because it feels like it’s all held hostage by either an underpowered PDF feature or a locked-out PDF feature. I’ve looked up alternative methods by other users and those didn’t work for me either. Oh, well. It was a fun three days, I guess. Hope there comes a massive overhaul of issues like these in the future, but despite Notion’s popularity and cost the debugging and development sector of their business has historically not been up to snuff. Hope this changes, but for now, I’m leaving. Please be warned of issues like these before you dive head-first into a new app/service like I did. Hindsight’s 20/20.
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2 years ago, Hextered
My girlfriend is jealous of Notion
This app has taken over my life as I spend a big part of my day working in Notion. I can organize my entire life in my space and keep notes from classes and life, I can keep a detailed reading list, I keep ideas and random thoughts organized in here, there’s almost a limitless amount of things you can do with Notion. Yes, there’s a steep learning curve but I found that it was worth it to get my life in order. DI looked on here to give a review and I saw a 4.1 rating!!!! What is that? This deserves a much better rating, but oh well. I guess it’s not for everyone since it is a big commitment on time, but if you are willing to put the work in, you’ll have much more than a calendar and todo list. You’ll have an operating system for your life! There’s so many resources as well that will show you the ropes and get you up to speed. Marie Poulin and August Bradley were where I turned, but there are so many other good ones out there but it’s all about your style and what you want to accomplish in it. I’m going to stop this here because I could write here all day, but I need to get back to my workspace.
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2 years ago, Gelo's Reviews
Notion changed my life
I’ve never written a review for an app, I simply never felt a need to. Notion on the other hand since I started using it I’ve been telling everyone I know about it. This is THE perfect app for me it’s everything I would’ve thought of putting in a note taking, self organization, even a collaborative piece of software. It’s basically the Swiss army knife of note taking apps. It helped me recalibrate my life when I was feeling overwhelmed by the mass amount of information I was receiving and there’s just something about the cover images of the Met that they use that just relaxes me. It feels as if this app was created specifically for me. One last thing is the fact that it’s cross platform meaning when I get home and go on my windows PC I can see all the notes I’ve been taking on the go from my MacBook or if I have a list I want to check out really quickly while walking I can seamlessly use my IPhone to look at the Notion app. Thank you for creating such an amazing piece of software, I will be using this for a long long time
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5 months ago, Jason-hou1
Really well made and customizable
This is amazing since I can customize colors and custom interface layouts on different pages, which makes working seem more like scrapbooking or mindmapping, putting ideas everywhere. It's VERY overwhelming at first, which comes with the immense customizability, but it's totally worth it once you get a workspace that works for you going. I took a few days from my winter break learning how to use everything. (There's A LOT!) Functionality seems fine on my 5th Gen iPad Pro app and desktop webpage. It does burn up my less powerful 2015 Macbook Air, so Notion does require a more powerful device, which can be a downside. I will say, it is way easier to format things on the computer rather than iOS, such as table cell size and text block placement. There can be some improvements in the app there. However overall, so so happy. I am slowly building up everything and all my to do lists are going into Notion. It's super easy with the calendar and duplicate page daily function. Amazing app, devs.
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1 year ago, The Cone Hater
Fantastic, but mobile needs changes.
Notion is an absolutely fantastic app for projects, notes, sorting, and many many more due to its versatility and freedom. As a single person, notion is completely free with next to no restrictions. Teams will require payment, but it has a free trial to see how you like it, and I consider it fantastic for groups. However, that being said, mobile notion is severely lacking in certain features that the desktop version has. Basic features like renaming your workspace can only be done on desktop. There are also some bugs with the ui, like the back arrow sometimes just straight up sending me out of the current workspace, and the toolbar disappearing and requiring me to restart the app. These don’t ruin the app by any means, as notion is still an amazing app and is still amazing in mobile, but I would consider mobile notion a great ADDITION to your desktop notion. Use desktop as your main form of using notion when creating, and use mobile when you’re away from the desktop or need to check something. Mobile as your only form of using notion isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely inferior. Notion overall is an amazing app with amazing developers, who deserve lots of love and support. They also gave major generosity with the app, of which many other services would’ve charged the individual a large amount of money to use what notion gives for free, which again is pretty much everything except very minor things like upload file size limits.
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4 months ago, Digital Savvy Strategies
Fellow Researching Nerds, this app is a game changer!
I’ve been using Notion for about three years now and I use the app EVERY DAY! But it’s not just a magic tool for composing beautiful research, I use Notion for personal organization & journaling, successfully launching two businesses, and for managing all the daily activities that comes with two businesses. I have been recommending to all my friends, family and anyone who would listen. Notion has positively changed my life and opened more doors than I thought possible. I’m sure it’s hard to believe how an app could do such a thing, as a person with high scoring ADHD, 94.9% learning has always been a challenge for me- UNTIL NOTION! Being able to use the web clipping feature has transformed my ability to better retain digital content and its corresponding connections via “tagging” features. Notion helped me level up my business development and management simply because it stretching the boundaries of all its competitors. I needed multilevel categories to map out my entire business operations, thanks to Notion I successfully completed that within a year after I started working in Notion. I have since downloaded almost everything by else they have produced, I know I can trust it will be better then the rest because it’s consistently evolving and improving functions. As a new business owner committed to learning and growing, I have found a tool I know I can depend on to match my drive to success.
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11 months ago, alantingle
In App Purchase Problem for Notion AI add on!!!
The app gives you a prompt to do an in app purchase of the Personal Pro subscription, to use the Notion AI features. After upgrading to Personal Pro, the Notion AI features are still not available. The app again requests that you do an in app purchase of the Personal Pro subscription (which you have already done). When researching the problem by looking at he the Notion website under pricing, you will find that Notion AI is a separate, add on purchase for $10 per month. Notion AI is not available as an option, as an in app purchase in iOS. Nor can your purchase a Notion AI add on through their website, as your iOS subscriptions are handled only through Apple. I find the in app purchase prompt to the Personal Pro subscription very misleading, when reaching the free use of Notion AI. I would be VERY HAPPY to purchase the Notion AI add on for $10 per month, but Notion makes this impossible as an iOS user. Notion in general is great, but I currently have to use another AI; copying and then pasting the results into my Notion database. I guess Notion is not interested in revenue from their iOS customers.
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3 years ago, janedoe-
Never been more organized
Absolutely life changing. I have never been more organized. It feels like I’m decluttering my life—every single thing has it’s place and when I have to schedule something new, I can pull out my calendar and immediately know what days and times are best for me. I have separate pages for school and personal, and each is broken down further (ex. School is broken down by degree, then course, then week, then assignment & I have an “Assignment Calendar” and a “Readings and Lectures Calendar”). I watched several videos on how to use Notion, and to be honest, I prefer the desktop version (I really only got the app so I could have it on my phone). The videos I watched were specific to the topics I wanted (that is, school & personal) so it was easier for me to get a hold on the things I wanted/needed from Notion. Plenty of people make suuuuper specific templates, so if you don’t want to make everything yourself, you can just download a template and edit it. It isn’t as hard as it seems!!!
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5 months ago, Dharma Pen
Is this my Forever productivity app? 💘
Hi, I’m grateful for this app and wanted to take the time to review it. My history with productivity apps is long and has to do with my desire for consistent innovation, structure and at the same time simplicity, both of which stem from my neurodivergence as an adhd and autistic adult as well. My first steps into the app were a bit hard to grasp, so my learning curve took some time. But then, I got really into it with a few friends and discovering the vast variety of features had me hooked officially. I’ve moved all my Notes since to this app and grateful for the world of templates available as well to help along the way. I would, however, ask for a request that is very important to me - the ability to edit my Pages/workspace < OFFLINE > This is so important to me, as where I live, sometimes will have power outages and not being to continue working on my documents within Notion is discouraging. If you could roll an update that would include this ability, I’d be forever grateful.
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7 months ago, Austin Reviewed
Good App - Annoying Sync issues
This is a great productivity app. Once you start to get a workflow set up it’s amazing. 2 issues I mainly have are with the syncing between desktop and the phone app and pages having issues on the app but not on the web browser. For instance, I have an entire set of pages that my phone will literally only let me edit the names of the pages but on my desktop I can actually open them. No troubleshooting tips online fix this and it’s too extensive a set of pages for me to redo from scratch. The other issue is that I’ll try to use my phone app to have things written up for content in Notion that I can flesh out when I’m back to my desktop. Unfortunately, nothing I’ve added and edited in my phone app will show up on desktop and anything added and edited on desktop won’t show up in the app. I’ve tried deleting the apps, clearing my cache and cookies, nothing seems to fix the sync issue.
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4 years ago, trentmorris
Best. Hands down.
I can still hardly believe Notion is free to use (for personal use at least, I haven’t tried to collaborative/business mode). There’s SO MUCH you can accomplish with this app: note-taking, to-dos, lists, wiki’s, databases, journaling, etc. I’ve used a handful of other apps with varying levels of success and satisfaction: Bear, Noto, Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox Paper, and of course the default Notes app. Each have their own limitations, quirks, and restrictions. Most require a subscription fee. Myself, it’s difficult to justify paying a subscription for an app that I will, in theory, use for the rest of my life (or until a new app or technology renders it unnecessary). (ie: $4.99/month sounds reasonable until I think—I might live another 40-50 years—which means $4.99 x 12 x 50 = ~$3,000!) To wrap this up: Notion does it all. You can use the features you need to cater to your purpose without the features you don’t getting in your way. I honestly haven’t come across a page I haven’t been able to setup and create based on what I pictured in my mind. So versatile it’s crazy! Oh and did I mention it’s FREE?! I’m guessing Notion will be bought by a Microsoft, Evernote, or other competitor in the near future. But I’m hoping the powers that be will protect this app and let it continue in its current form forever. Thanks so much for making an app that is sincerely a game-changer to so many people’s daily workflows.
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9 months ago, Geoffrey Tanner
Room for Improvement
I trust that Notion itself is a great productivity device because of what so many people have said online and otherwise. Those people, however, must have been using the web app on a laptop or desktop because it just does not work on this app. I use an iPad pro with a magic keyboard and apple pencil, and for me, Notion is cumbersome at best and nonfunctional at worst. Little issues pop up here and there like a cockroach infestation, one moment i can't select a backround color for my text--as in when I click the 'select background color' button it doesn't respond or closes within a second--the next moment I can't add in an element at all; not through typing '/', not through pressing the '+' button. This app will not work for you whatsoever if this is your only point of access for Notion, if you have an "actual" computer, though, you could theoretically edit your Notion on that and then use the app to view your pages, but that is ALL you should expect from it. I still intend to use Notion, but not on this app.
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4 years ago, ThumderDrummer
Good app, unreliable performance
I really enjoy the features of this application. However, I have run into a problem multiple times now where the app will refuse to open. I click on it and the loading screen pops up but then nothing happens no matter how long I wait. I’ve tried clearing my apps, restarting my device, updating the app if there are updates, but none of it helps the issue go away. The only way I have been able to resolve this issue when it occurs is by deleting and redownloading, which is far from convenient. I have noticed that multiple times when this issue occurred I was also playing a podcast from my device at the same time, but I can’t be sure if that has anything to do with it. If it does, clearing the podcast app and stoping the podcast does not help fix the issue anyway. An additional issue that impacts my flow through the app is an inability to copy and paste multiple lines/blocks of text. This is possible from the desktop version but not on iPad. I’d give 5 stars if it weren’t for these pernicious issues.
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3 years ago, Destiny Nugent
Simply amazing.
I usually don’t even remember to write reviews for apps but it should say something that I remembered to come back and leave a review for this one. I absolutely love this app. I am the most disorganized person you would probably ever meet in your life and have tried so many different things. Some thing about this app just reminds me to keep coming back and to add stuff to it and to actually look at it when I need to.I won’t go on forever about this app you should just download it and try it for yourself since it’s free. There is a paid version which I will be using to organize my Instagram videos and pictures, which is amazing. I use it for so many things and it’s amazing. I love the way it’s set up to organize things into different categories and the ability to add pages and links and things like that. It has everything you could need. I love it!
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4 years ago, AAWalter737
The maybe bullet journal app
Daunting and confusing to use at first opening; bit of a steep learning curve. Once I got used to working with “blocks” and figured out the app’s system of organizing data works, I was able to start playing with the app successfully. Creating personal templates was the hardest part, but once I got them to work, the app is a suitable and potentially excellent way to keep and maintain a bullet journal. Lots of potential for being a personal database, bujo, recipe book, handy reference tool. I like the desktop app very much and how it syncs quickly with iOS apps. I wish they had more export page sizes like A5, Executive, and half-size to print pages and place them in smaller binders. Also, better printing capabilities from both iOS and MacOS apps for those of us still in-love with analog journals and notebooks. And, guys, seriously, the premium PDF subpage document export feature is essential. Please rethink making this available to all or as an add-on to a personal account. Seriously. Wow.
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4 years ago, 442nd
This app is game-changer. They mean it when they “all-in-one” workspace
Please please please don’t ever get rid of this app—I’ve built too much! I cannot put into words how much I love this app. It’s so incredibly versatile meaning you can use it for organizing your files, taking notes, writing assignments, to-do list, reminders, etc. you name it. Basically, it’s google drive, Evernote, calendar, journal and Todoist, but centralized in one place. You can access it on all platforms (MacOS, iPhone, ipad), but I just prefer to use the web version on my devices since it can be kinda difficult to move blocks around or adjust its size on the iOS version. Notion would completely replace all my productivity apps if they would just incorporate a handwriting feature and maybe more typography options. Overall, I love this app and can’t believe how I was able to live without it for so long. As a ADHD graduate student, this app saved my life.
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3 years ago, deffinbro
Couldn’t be angrier
Work that was very meaningful to me and represented a lot of time has been deleted from my Workspace, I believe because I let my Pro account expire and was over the block limit. I am appalled that work was just removed from my workspace without so much as a warning. I could have and would have deleted basically anything else in the workspace and been okay, but the one single thing that I was important to me is the thing that was removed. Thankfully, my phone for whatever reason hasn't synced with the web version (which under normal circumstances would be horrible, but in this circumstance has saved me a ton of trouble). I can't do anything except hand-type the data into a new spreadsheet since I can't mass copy cells on my phone, which if infuriating, but at least my data is saved. It is going to take literal hours to hand type, however. Notion's decision to destroy my data without notification has definitely lost me as a customer, and I will not be recommending to anyone else. I was so gung-ho about this product at first, too, but destruction of data is absolutely over the line.
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1 year ago, TryingToBeANerd
Amazing Support Team
I am new to using Notion as I am back in school. I have been talking pages and pages of notes, but when I switched between pages, it brought me to the top of the page, rather than where I was originally on the page. I messaged support to see if there was a setting or for notion to remember my scroll location when jumping between pages. Unfortunately, there isn’t. But I am writing this review and still giving 5 stars for the Support Team. They quickly got back to me and asked me to explain in further detail what I meant. When they told me there was not a setting for Notion to remember my scroll location, Vlasis (the support team member emailing me back) said he would pass on this on to the engineering team as it would be a helpful tool to have. Although I wish they had this tool now, I am happy with how the Support Team handles inquiries!
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3 years ago, tanookisuit_ty
Good app for reviewing
I am a huge fan of Notion. I use it several hours everyday to tackle, organize, and create things for both my work and home life. It is a truly amazing tool that has replaced several apps that I used to rely on. Don’t let this iOS app discourage, go check out the platform. That said, the iPhone app is fairly useless when it comes to creating and organizing content. It’s slow, clunky, and buggy. It’s a fine enough app if you’re simply using it to review your content inside Notion. It’s slightly better on iPad, but still not great. This is very clearly a desktop app that’s not reached maturity on mobile. Working with text, tables, styles, is slow and unintuitive (or broken). Trying to select text, hold space to move your cursor, make edits across multiple paragraphs is all basic functionality required to be efficient in Notion, and none of it works right in the current app. So if you’re new to Notion or wanting to test it out, use a computer. This app will not give you a full sense of what this amazing app is capable of.
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3 years ago, ptshots
Amazing app, potential to be the best.
I’ve tried many apps to find a place where I can create a to-do list, create a master list of my assignments, have a schedule of classes and assignments on a calendar, while keeping everything categorized and separate. Although a lot of apps do some of this things better, none of them so far have done all of these things. Enter notion. This app has been by far the best combination of everything I’ve been looking for. The setting up process is not as user friendly as most, but the end product is great after learning the setup. There are many interface changes i’d like to see in order to make the app more user-friendly, therefore am looking forward to the updates. I can see this app being the core of a lot more users’ daily organization, tracking, and productivity very soon.
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2 years ago, apmanda
Great application, Terrible mobile app
I’ve been using Notion for a few months now and finally got a system down that works for me. This program is seriously so great for personalizing your digital workspace. I’m using it for so many things and I love it rn. That said, the mobile app is pretty sub-par. So many basic functions are completely unavailable or disfunctional. It’s very frustrating trying to organize/restructure/redesign anything through mobile and it’s also kinda buggy which is such a shame because it has so much potential. A few pros and cons PROS: - Super Versatile - Customizable - Database handling - Free to use most essential features CONS: - Mobile App functions poorly - Steep learning curve - Customer Service kinda stinks (I get the feeling they probably prioritize paying/business customers over everyone else, which tbh is fair but still a bit frustrating) - accessibility features pretty negligent SUGGESTIONS: - make mobile more functional - more color choices; honestly, more ways to customize page/feature appearances in general would be nice All said and done, thank you for the hard work y’all have put in to make this super powerful program free to use. That in and of itself is pretty amazing. While there’s always room for improvement, I have been enjoying my experience for the most part and look forward to the future!
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10 months ago, Janella_07
App needs improvement!
I love Notion and I have no problems with it in terms of its primary functions: planning, lists, journal, note-taking, organization and all that. I recently got an iPad and been using Notion with it instead of my laptop, and although it does the basic functions, it is still far from being as efficient as the desktop application. I am experiencing a lot of glitches such as unable to delete blocks. It only works again when I go on multitask > remove Notion > reopen Notion. My biggest issue is that when I switch apps and return to Notion, it suddenly goes on Mobile mode which is all zoomed in and hard to use. Again, I have to multitask and reopen Notion which has gotten annoying to do again and again. I have my rotation off so I’m not sure why it happens. Also, I would like to see a to do list widget because I use Notion for my weekly and daily planning and I was hoping I wouldn’t need another app to list my everyday tasks.
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1 year ago, HollyDolly1010
The UI is very difficult to figure out…
This is great app, but it is very difficult to edit and make pages. It’s confusing to make subpages, and it take me 20+ minutes to edit a “page.” And that’s just for headings, subheadings and lists, nothing decorative. When making a new list I had to click on the in page table of contents to make it, and it messed up the ordering of the headings I wanted to make. I love the creativity of this app, but the limiting UI and confusing layout is so hard to make me want to us it everyday. I only use this a few times a week to update my pages because it is that difficult to use. I also find it weird how I said I was using this for myself but it loves to prompt me to add my more people to my project. No. If I said this was personal why have any options for me to add people?! Using an Apple Pen is useless, it doesn’t do or help with anything. I’d rate this higher if it was so much easier to use and understand.
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2 years ago, http.lemon🍋
New Update is Backwards and Bad.
This app is great and I use it regularly but trying to use it with the new update is more annoying than whatever you were trying to achieve with it. I can't drag and drop pages on the main tab anymore, the keyboard now covers up the screen instead of allowing you to see the text fully, and the feature where it starts on the main tab instead of on the last page you were on or a selected page is extremely annoying and unnecessary. Everytime I get this update, I just delete the app and redownload it so I can get the previous version of the app instead. Please either fix these issues, give a set of toggle-on options in settings to enable these settings, or get rid of the update all together. I love this app and use it for nearly everything that involves writing down notes but this update is just awful and makes it harder to use the app.
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2 months ago, Okaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy
A few issues
Notion seems to work really well so far. It lets me upload around 5-7 pictures and has many tabs that you can use for free and also some “cover” pictures too. My first problem is that it messes up sometimes when you type, for example it puts a period in randomly when typing even though I didn’t press the period keys even on accident, it just does that on its own and when I closed it down and reopened it, it still did the same thing. When I also go to delete something, it automatically does it. That may not sound like a problem but it is for me because when if I accidentally press delete instead of duplicate, then it will automatically delete and I don’t want that to happen especially since I tend to hit the wrong keys sometimes. That’s it, other than that it’s a good app.
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4 months ago, firebunnny
Warning About Security
At first, Notion seemed great for my small business. Then I discovered it’s not as secure as I was led to believe. I spent hours upon hours putting together my client and service database, only to find that it’s not secure. For one, Notion severely needs a password protect feature for public pages. It’s also very irritating that if someone wants to, they can just click the breadcrumb links and go to unpublished, private pages. This is a HUGE issue. If a page hasn’t been published, it shouldn’t be accessible, period, point blank. If someone clicks a breadcrumb link from a public page, it should take them to a screen that says the page is private / you don’t have access. This happens when someone is in a public page within a database. They can literally just click a breadcrumb link and gain access to the entire database and private information, even when the database hasn’t been shared with anyone. I just had to delete my database. My entire business flow and customer records are now in shambles.
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6 months ago, SeekerCons
Loads of potential, partly realized
I’ve only used Notion for about a year (coming from Coda) but I’ve enjoyed the ease of use and aesthetic. The mobile app is a bit clunky and missing some functionality. For instance, there doesn’t appear to be a way to edit link properties in the mobile version. If you click on the property, it takes you to the linked site. If you press and hold, you have the option of opening the link, copying the link, or sharing the link. No way to delete or edit. And the inability to move to a new line within a text property is killing the functionality of this app as a note taking tool for me. Just two examples of simple functionality that seems to have been overlooked by Notion. I hope they improve and can still offer free and low cost subscriptions options. But I worry they will end up going the way of most small startups that grew too big too fast.
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3 years ago, NYCNYCNYCNYC
Major accessibility issue
Still no option to increase text size and both light and dark modes use grey typeface which means there’a very little contrast making it extremely unfriendly to vision impaired users. Can a developer respond to this and let me know if this is on the roadmap? Text size understandably is more intensive to implement but making the dark mode a true black background with true white text and vice versa the opposite for light mode could be achieved in minutes. Thank you in advance for considering accessibility 😃 8/5/21 —— I really want to permanently move to this from Evernote that I’ve paid for many years BUT the dark mode is a deal breaker at the moment. It’s more like “grayscale mode” which makes things very difficult to read sometimes because of a lack of contrast. I’m really surprised any designer would do that. PLEASE just give us true black or something much closer to black. (Same issue on MacOS app) 🖤🖤🖤
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2 years ago, Emily🙂
Love it but don’t love being logged out!
Notion is the perfect app for me to write down my opinions on dramas or movies, in an organized way in which I can understand and see everything the way I imagine it. The sad thing about Notion, which is the only thing I dislike about Notion, is that I’m always logged out if I don’t use the app after months. I forget which account I have all my organized notes in, so I keep having to delete the app entirely and redownloading it again. It would be great if that error was fixed. Then Notion would be a perfect 10. I still rate the app 5 stars because it has so many nice options to keep my notes organized. The app itself deserves 5 stars but of course minimal errors still matter and should be better!
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3 months ago, Loocity
App lock would be wonderful
I love notion. It has changed my life. I use it every day and it’s the best thing ever invented. I started a journaling page and it’s the one thing i use the most. I started to wish the app had an option to lock the app and be able to set a different passcode from my phone lockscreen passcode. I looked in apple settings to see if there was an option to lock apps with a different passcode but there isn’t any. I share a full house with family members and im not to worried about them getting in my phone if they need to but I do feel self conscious about them reading what I write in my journal in notion. Having a separate passcode for the app would be a wonderful feature that would make me feel more comfortable and increase my desire to continue using the app. Thank you for taking the time to consider my review :)
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2 years ago, juicesqe
Great but could be better
Notion is one of the note talking apps I’ve ever used, especially as a college student. I absolutely love the features that it offers, and the simplicity of the interface makes it so easy to use. It’s really easily to take notes during zoom meetings too, and the toggle feature is one of my favorites. The one thing I wish though is that each specific page stayed on the section you were at, instead of resetting at the top of the page when you enter it again. (This means that if I leave a page that I was working on and taking notes on, when I enter it again I have to scroll all the way down again which is really annoying). Secondly, it’s a little laggy especially on PC and it takes a few seconds for the words I’ve typed to appear on the page. Other than that, great app!
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3 years ago, EllisIsland97
Great Product, still work ahead
Overall, love using Notion. It’s collaborative nature and the simplicity is fantastic. A few bugs that would be helpful to fix: Private Pages and Workspace Pages can be favorited, but not shared pages. This is a really strange aspect about Shared and one of a few spots where it feels like the shared pages end up being a bit of a step child (though a very powerful tool!) At our company we’ve also accidentally lost some top-level pages of our workspace from time to time (mostly because people accidentally delete them or move the into a private page etc…). Each time it’s happened, the version history has not been effective in searching and restoring our top-level pages (even for admins). This issue normally takes an extensive amount of time with their chat team to resolve.
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3 years ago, jill472
Y’all. This app is amazing.
I loved this app from the very first day. You can do so many things with it, from to do lists, schedules, databases, bullet-journal-type spreads, and so much more, while using the same technique for everything. It is super simple and easy to use, and has so many features. You can make tables, graphs, charts, and even make a webpage out of a notion workspace. I tried many organization apps, like Evernote, Dropbox, keep, and the notes app, but this is the most functional. I use it to organize my entire life, from school, work, and general life improvement. Their templates make the app easier to use, and gave me ideas on how to improve myself and track my progress. It helps me with time management since I have a busy schedule. Even in my free time, this app helps me improve with the templates. I don’t think this is the purpose of the templates, but I still love them 😅. They have templates like habit trackers, weekly agendas, club workspaces, reading lists, job applications, and so much more. It makes me feel like reading, building new habits, and helps me make the most out of my time. This is by far my favorite organization/productivity app because it actually helps me get more productive.
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3 years ago, jg9876551
great and very organized, but i have suggestions
i love this app. i love how organized and in detail you can make all of your tasks and stuff. it is very confusing at first, but once you know how it works, it is a great tool to use. somethings that i with were available though is that i wish on the calendar settings, or any setting really, you could put a location of an event you go to like the ios calendar. i also wish you could but more than one reminder. for example, you can only put “remind me a day before” or “remind me a week before”. i wish i could remind myself a day before AND a week before. i am a very forgetful person so this would help me a lot. lastly, i just wish there were more colors available for customization. other than those little things, it is a great app to use and i would definitely recommend. it’s a solid 9/10!
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3 years ago, Brionburkett
Horrible first impression
I signed up for notion to possibly replace my 10 year Evernote subscription (The optimize to google articles made a compelling case for Notion). I downloaded the app and immediately was asked to choose between a personal account or business account. Since I use my Evernote for both personal and business I decided to choose a business account. Immediately I was handed a multiple choice form listing specific parts of a business that I needed to choose from in order to continue. Wow. I just wanna place to put all of my contacts in one searchable location. So I am going everywhere in the app trying to find a way to change my business account to a personal account with no luck. And the chat window I am trying to use for their support tells me it will be hours before I get a response. Not an email response mind you better response I would have to wait inside of a chat window for. At least I have to assume that because there was no clarification. These were three strikes against notion in my first five minutes of using the app. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: your initial impression of how dealing with a company outside of simply using their advertised products is usually how it will be dealing with that company in the future outside of simply using their products. 2 stars. Uninstall.
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3 years ago, birdy10192
Start on desktop version first. Mobile app is kind of unwieldy, but fully functional!
I LOVE NOTION! After a few days of using the mobile app, it seems that mostly all the functionalities available on the Mac desktop version have been implemented in the app well. I appreciate that you can still edit pages and formulas exactly as you would on desktop! As a mobile app it can be slightly unwieldy, and not always optimized for your screen or super aesthetic. Notion has a semi-steep learning curve and if it's your first time using it, I'd recommend setting everything up/formatting your pages on desktop first and getting the hang of it that way. After you do that it's a pretty smooth ride! Love this app, it's helped me organize my entire life – some things I didn't even know needed organising until I found Notion! Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, catch up to the android ver
Almost perfect!
After a steep learning curve, Notion has quickly become the ultimate digital planner for me. As an undergrad, it’s taking the brunt of my stress from the oncoming assignments and exams into something more manageable. I absolutely love the little customizations in adding icons and headers, and honestly, the only thing I could ask for is synchronization with Google calendars? Since a lot of my day to day events are entered through there, it’d be nice to have it somehow linked to everything else on my notion as well. My only real complaint would be to just please let us add an option to crop and move around the header positions on the app, but that’s mostly superficial (still tho, @ dev’s please please please add this option, ty in advance) and can be remedied by going onto the physical website on a computer.
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11 months ago, macyalexis
Please add larger text & tabs in iOS!
I love using Notion, however I can't give 5 stars because of several issues that seem like simple fixes, such as adding a large text feature, allowing multiple tabs in the iOS app, and allowing tabs to be rearranged in the desktop app. These seem like simple fixes, especially the small text font since most iOS apps dynamically adjust their font size to whatever the phone setting is on. I found a tweet about fixing this in 2020, but it's 2023 and still no fix. I regularly have to open links in safari just so I can use their "reader" function. Notion should implement this ability in the native app. Your non-20/20 vision users will thank you!!!
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3 months ago, AdriaN 1999
Best app for Notes list or paragraph reviews or anything that requires jotting down
I’ve downloaded multiple type of apps for notes or to do list or to just structure a list or paragraph and I’ve never liked the majority as in. They either make it much too complicated with much to do or they limit too much or a lot of their features are hidden behind, pay walls or subscriptions. But this app Notion goes above and beyond no hidden charges no monthly fees a very minimal look and not too over all over your face, but with so much to do so much to add pages and pages to do list linking photos linking videos, linking voice chat, this app has everything you would want with a sleek look
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2 years ago, danheem
good, but needs more improvement
I am more than satisfied with the design of this app - I am in love with it. with huge variety of editing features for typing and, for me, who wants to use app for regular notes it is just the best I could ever wish for. but - I've got a problem, so whenever I want to edit something in the block, I can't. any option I try to choose is not clickable and it fixes only when I restart an app. (Ipad user). besides it, there's nothing that could even remind or give a hope for handwriting option - it is subjective and optional, though I am not the one with same opinion. continuing further, I've read a lot of cons that people experience, and I agree with much of them. but the overall experience and tasks I can do with this app is really, really good. and I am not deleting it for this reason.
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1 year ago, MrMoosh
A Hassle and Locks Service Behind Paywalls
Originally picked up Notion when looking for a new notes apps. There were a few quirks here or there but overall I was happy. It wasn’t until rare situations where I needed to do something I don’t normally do, and export a bunch of notes to provide a friend, copy larger sections of notes, etc, that there are issues. Exporting a “database” as they call it is fine, but it just exports the note and none of the sub-pages that requires a business yearly cost. Duplicate and Delete right next to each other and you wanna duplicate a “database” (which didn’t work) but miss clicked? Deleted. I was so devastated and their restore options are garage and costumer service won’t help unless paid business account. Single personal use? Probably fine if you never need anything from them, else you’re out of luck. So frustrated with this service that they lost my paid account a while back and now me as a user forever.
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1 year ago, A.C49
Custom font, size, and better calendars
The app is great! It has so much potential to be many different things. I would say they need to refine the basics. You should be able to change fonts of text per line not just whole page. It would also be nice if they included more fonts to pic from besides the 3 available choices. Then the side is an issue. The only way to change text size is to use header menus but it’s limited as they are preset to certain sizes. It would be nice if we could choose 12 or 14 or 26 a numeral value like all other apps. Lastly the calendar data base could use a rework. It seems very basic and doesn’t have essentials like adding repeating events. You also can’t subscribe to calendars so holiday calendar isn’t even included.
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2 years ago, Theelementgreen
UI needs improvement
The “Turn into” feature doesn’t work until you click the icon and then scroll up briefly after the keyboard minimizes. At this point, you can barely see the “Turn into” options to select at the bottom of the screen. It would be better if the keyboard didn’t minimize and the “Turn into” options appeared as soon as you press the icon. A similar bug exists for the background color icon. The location of “delete” after you press the ellipses changes depending on the type of item you select, yet delete is one of the most commonly used features here. There should be a quicker easier way to delete blocks, and at the very least the order of items shown when you press the ellipses shouldn’t change to facilitate muscle-memory when deleting.
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3 months ago, OutOfNicknames2
A note taking app who’s weakness is text entry
I’m a fan and there’s so much that I like. The organization, markdown like syntax, and elegance of the design. But it’s so hard to think of this as more than a 3 star app when the thing it’s the worst at is text entry and manipulation. It works differently than any other native app in weird unpredictable ways. Somehow when I select a word and spell out its replacement the iOS keyboard still thinks there’s the old word and the new one. This doesn’t happen in any other text app. Selecting text or pasting or the autocorrect are worse in this app than anywhere else. I would love this bite taking app if it were actually good at text. Am I right in that it’s because it’s non native? The difference seems felt. Update: downgrading my review. Currently struggling and failing to copy text. The cursors keep jumping everywhere and I am getting really frustrated
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3 years ago, JailerJoe
I think it’ll be good at some point but right now it can’t even handle a screen shot inserted from my phone. It locks it up so that it’s unusable and I have to force quit. I used the in app help option to ask the developer about this issue and if I could resize an image from within Notion and I got an automated response (understandably) that they’d get back to me as soon as possible but in the same message there was a link to the “Help Center” so I tapped on that, my screen when white (I think it was trying to access an online help database) and that’s where it sat. They have lot’s of work to do it seems as I only tried to do two simple things (resize an image and access Help Center) and both resulted in freezing up the app. Notion looks awesome but it’s buggy. BTW I’m trying to use Notion on an eleven inch iPad Pro.
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