Notre Dame FCU Mobile

3.4 (14)
47.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Notre Dame FCU Mobile

3.43 out of 5
14 Ratings
4 months ago, Max&Rory
I’ve used this app since it first came out, and appreciated the convenience it provides. However, for the past several months the “Pay bills” feature has not worked—no response when I select that feature. Please fix!!
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6 years ago, Brand New Customer
More user friendly
I think the app could be more user friendly. Switching from Wells Fargo, the app is definitely lacking. It’s hard to understand the checking and savings account transaction lists. If you have multiple users on the accounts, it doesn’t show which person made the transaction, and just the overall layout is very outdated. Also, not having the finger print scan to sign in is a bit of a first world problem. I wish they would modernize their app to be more user friendly and have a overall cleaner appearance. But other than that, the app does what it is suppose to do.
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6 months ago, lmm0000
so clunky, which sums up my experience working with this credit union…
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3 years ago, Junior_Ruiz1209
cant even send or recieve money.
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5 years ago, Ceglarek700
New update is lacking.
Well the update got NDFCU out of the stone ages but the "new" app isn't in 2019. I still feel that they are behind. In the app you should be logging in right away before any other options come up. I think when you go check your accounts it also needs a face lift. It is exactly the same. I feel like they just moved some things around and added face ID (which is amazing) to the app. Wish it was a better update with more features that made it like some of the bigger banks apps. I think this is where they are struggling at as people want new way to bank online and we thought it was coming since they pushed this new app so hard. I guess maybe they can get to 2015 within a few updates from here.
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10 years ago, VickyTerp
I like it
I wish people wouldn't write reviews and rate apps until they've taken the time to learn what they're doing. This app works fine, you don't have to keep resigning in and it didn't take a lot of brainpower to learn how to navigate. If I'd gone by the reviews of people who don't like change and don't give it a chance I wouldn't have downloaded this app, and it would have been my loss. So far, I've used it on my IPad only, but I'm giving it five stars anyway to offset some of the negative from the people bashing it without cause.
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9 years ago, OpticGeist
Several bugs in IOS ver. 1.9
This is a useful app & before ver 1.9 update everything worked well iPhone 6. Issues I have encountered: Locator Search does not populate scroll list properly. It's off screen & unusable. Menu navigation non functional for the following: Links, Social Media, App Security, and Terms of Use. Sometimes Calculators menu doesn't open. Troubleshooting steps taken: Restarted iPhone = same results Deleted and reinstalled app = same results Erased phone, reinstalled iOS, reinstalled app = same results I look forward to next patch release.
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10 years ago, DJ zew1ander
This app overall is ok. Yea it is annoying when you switch screens and have to re log in. Something's aren't perfect when they first come out people. NDFCU is prolly working out big fixes and such. We get updates for apps all the time that usually improve them. This is only the 2nd day out. Things will get better. Just give it a chance. All the feedback is good so I hope NDFCU is looking at that and taking the members comments into consideration. The members do come first at the credit union. Yes, it is a hassle for all this change, I have faith in NDFCU I think members should too.
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10 years ago, A satisfied fan
Hate it
The layout is better than the last app so it has the potential to be more streamlined. That's it--potential. The fact that you can't go back without re signing in eliminates whatever benefit you may have gained by the improved design. Besides that fact, the added "security" features make signing in just that much more of a hassle. The fact that you need to enter your account number and one of three security questions every single time effectively means you just have 3 passwords to enter instead of just one. But if a hacker is able to get his hands on your password, he probably already knows your account number and the security questions too, which leaves me asking "what's the point?" Awful upgrade, guys!
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10 years ago, Arbor pilot
Big improvement!
Finally Notre Dame FCU got it right. Thank goodness they reminded me several time to save my history or I'd be upset. There is an area telling me where the branches are and if they are open. Home banking is more functional and I can hold my phone in landscape and the app adjusts. Previous one was portrait only making the print so small. Like the QR reader too.
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6 years ago, JJ_A2
Needs a LOT of work
Honestly one of the worst mobile banking experiences I’ve had. IUCU, TCU, AAA CU, all have better mobile experiences. Way too many clicks, too many layers, the UI in each screen or area have different fonts, colors, menu and button styles and choices, etc. Not at all intuitive or responsive. The need to set up at least 3 unique user accounts/passwords for account access, mobile deposit, Irish account shield (so far) is bananas. Should be SSO within the app. Also no Touch ID and/or the inability to stay logged in is a serious detractor to using the application consistently.
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10 years ago, @b@yb@y
Great improvement!
Really solid app. Much much more capability in this one, and I like the overall layout. Takes a little getting used to but as does anything you use for the first time. Very glad remote deposit will be added by the end of April. I love that the CU actually listened when we said the old app was too limited!!
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10 years ago, Ktmc34
The new "upgrade" is absolutely terrible! We are much more limited with what we can do within the app, all of my old account information is gone, and we can't do everything that was promised with the new app - i.e. being able to take photos of a check and having it deposit into your account. Navigating the app is awkward and you have to log in constantly. I used the old app daily and didn't have any complaints. This new app has been nothing but a headache and it has only been available for a few hours.
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10 years ago, RDH81
Did latest updates, now app crashes
Installed latest updates, now app crashes and won't open on my iPhone. I don't have ios8 installed yet but that shouldn't be a requirement for the app to work. As far as the actual app which I had been using, it's just okay. Don't like entering user name and security question multiple times while using it but I understand the necessity for security reasons. Haven't used the remote deposit simply because I don't want to create yet another login and password.
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10 years ago, digitalis_46613
Update did nothing
Still unable to launch the app & the reporting through the site does nothing. There is no where to contact them except through the tech support on their site and that is a joke. This app is the final straw for me. Their locations are too spread out and inconvenient for me to deposit my paycheck and the remote deposit feature has saved me hours, but now I cannot even use the app to check my account balance!
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10 years ago, stretch2K9
An app should not be a mobile version of a website. An app should be streamlined and simple, allowing people to quickly check balances, make deposits and transfer money. This is the worst banking app I've seen (and I've got four). It's clunky, crowded and confusing. The check capture camera for mobile deposit makes it impossible to take a decent pic of a check. Research other bank apps and try again.
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7 years ago, pperrinjan
Could be vastly better with some tweaks
One thing that would greatly improve the experience would be a single sign-in for all the services in the app and the inclusion of touch id support. This would make it so much easier to get into the system. As an aside, one thing that is keeping me from making NDFCU my primary financial institution is lack of support for Apple Pay and how non user friendly and poorly designed this app is.
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10 years ago, Go Irish10
The old app was far better, in my opinion. This new one is clunky and feels like more of a hassle to get to my info. It doesn't even feel like a true iOS app, but some type of web app or something. Also, I am disappointed that after all of the closings and transfer to this new online system that the remote deposit feature requires its own separate app. Can I go back to the old app, please?
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10 years ago, Swietsto
Very disappointed
Previous app had more functionality. Current app does not display scans of cashed checks. Have to constantly hit forward/back links to see history for more than 3 entries per screen. Less payee information now than in past. Hit the wrong link and you have to sign into the app again - security is good, but this is ridiculous. Big build up results in even bigger disappointment.
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10 years ago, jimmyde777
If there was a way to give it zero or negative stars then that's what it would get. Design is terrible, functionality (if you can call it that) is barely existent and frustrating every time I even think about having to use it. We have moved away and are constantly being held hostage by how it doesn't work or do what it is supposed to. We will be closing our accounts their shortly...
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10 years ago, Nd football
With the new update I can't get into my account at all
With the new update I can't get into my account at all
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10 years ago, Jtaylor8683
The old app was so much better than this current piece of garbage. The design is terrible, the log-in portion has two many wrong click and you are signed out, it's annoying. Not to mention I don't have transfer access to every account (home mortgage) like I did before. This is an epic fail NDFCU.
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10 years ago, I use it for sports
New app is horrible!
People always say "don't fix what isn't broken." Too bad the people from NDFCU didn't listen. This new app is the worse upgrade ever as it takes too much time to log in and the pages are too cluttered. It is more like a website than an app. Very disappointing, should bring back the old app.
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10 years ago, gszymarek
Too bulky
The new app is too bulky and clunky. It takes too many moves and swipes to accomplish something and feels too much like the web site. If I wanted to use a web site, I'd sit down at my computer to use it. It would be nice if it could go back to the old lighter app so I could get in and get out without all the hassle.
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10 years ago, Grypatom
Notre Dame FCU Mobile App
Functionality is as good, if not better, than prior. Easier to move from one acct to the other. Transaction history prior to April is available via estatements. All post-April 1 data will appear as usual. RDC is a separate app now, but will be incorporated into this app shortly. I hate it when someone moves my cheese, but in this case, the pain is worth the gain.
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10 years ago, Dean Hartke
Too many steps to log in. Does not remember my member name. Now it bombs as soon as I select the app. The previous version was far superior as mentioned by other reviewers. On the older version, my member name was assumed on my device and all I had to enter was my password. Now I have to enter the member name, password, AND security question!
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10 years ago, Mark Doerries
Never works
I have been trying to use this app for months. Have downloaded and redownloaded this several time and it always has errors. The mobile banking section does not connect with the server. The old version at least told me my balances!
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10 years ago, daly14
This app is very easy to use. Definitely easier than the new website.
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10 years ago, Badtdk
Terrible Update and Remote Deposit Does Not Work
This new app is a downgrade from the old version. The old version was sleeker and easier to use. This new design seems like it was created for an old iOS. Not impressed at all. Remote Deposit is also broken. It always crashes the app.
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10 years ago, Riorade
Great app and a major upgrade! Excited to use all the new features!
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10 years ago, Jeffereez
This is terrible
Cumbersome, small text is hard to read, too much login hassle. Probably more complaints if I have enough patience to try this again. You went 2 steps backwards. I hope the rest of your banking 'upgrades' aren't like this lousy app.
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10 years ago, lisakruk25
Comfortable w/ mobile banking app but still highly disappointed in the inaccessibility of Remote Deposit let alone the separate login needed to use it. It needs to be an all in one app.
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5 years ago, We've_been_had
Latest version does not rotate
The latest release is missing the auto-rotation. It is very difficult to use this application now if you have an iPad with an attached keyboard in landscape mode. Would someone please fix this? (Does anybody test this stuff?)
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10 years ago, Nukwaste2003
Having the banks offline for days, bill pay down for a week, completely resetting auto pay for accounts in the bill pay section, and this as an upgraded app? Fail.
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5 years ago, Banker0525
The app is blank when it opens. Uninstalled and reinstalled...still nothing. No options to do anything. Used to use the remote deposit, but can't do that...have to send the checks in. Disappointing.
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7 years ago, A Regular Notre Dame Student
It's Seems Alright
I wrote a review just because.
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8 years ago, Weazle10
Ios10 issues
Can't make a remote deposit with the new ios10 upgrade.
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5 years ago, GreenieIUfan
Updated app seems to not work
My phone and iPad says the mobile app updated, yet the login seems to take me to Safari to your website. That seems strange.
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8 years ago, Peter Alfredo
Mobile Deposit Bugged
App crashes when you try to deposit a check using mobile deposit
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6 years ago, rodrib1
App works good, update to iPhone X screen is a bit overdue..
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10 years ago, Scott68sb
Hate It!!!!!!!!
I HATE it!!!!! No mobile deposits as promised and why should I have to log back in just because I went to a different part of the same app without leaving the app?????? Idiotic!!!!
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10 years ago, Ryanb3120
New app is horrible
I cant even scroll down through my transactions, and when ever i switch pages i have to re-logon. No stars if i could
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10 years ago, Sean Wernert
The previous NDFCU app was good and served the purpose. This new app and the new web page is terrible and definitely a step (or 3) backwards.
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10 years ago, Le_cameleon
Bad bad bad
Stay away from It. Totally dysfunctional, ugly UI design, all history records gone, promised functions not there, have to re log in constantly...
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10 years ago, aubreysousley
What a downgrade!!!! Not user friendly and not easy to access account info.
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10 years ago, Zachagaweea
The old app looked so much better and the login is so annoying on the new one!
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10 years ago, Far far away Ohio
Won't open
Using on my 3 year old iPod touch. Will not open.
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10 years ago, Ttiggrr
Latest Release Crashes
Last Release Bricked this App for my Touch. PLEASE FIX.
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10 years ago, DGHARI
I have iOS 6.1.6, program will not open.
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6 years ago, jw3061
Real bad
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