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User Reviews for Nude App

1 out of 5
6 Ratings
3 months ago, AndrewGeorge7
Stole my $
Just downloaded this app. It failed to work at all after paying 9.99$. Completely useless. I want a refund. Why is this still on the App Store. Apple needs to take it off the platform and the developers need to issue a refund.
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2 years ago, dwlogan
Crashes on Startup
Worked for a short time, but now crashes immediately on open. Completely unusable.
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4 years ago, BlingBlong19
Downloaded and would get passed access files page
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6 years ago, BajanBert
This falls in line with other hijacking software I have seen
I chose to go through the free trial period offered by this software, and it was ok. However it offered nothing different for on other apps that I had already except for the analysis of photos. Ok it takes the actual work out of the equation nice but not something I cared that much about. So now the trial has expired and I decided I did not want to subscribe, but guess what, I was unable to remove my photos from the app, in addition the app does not even let you view them anymore. The app took hostage of my photos and refused to allow me to extract them. I them emailed the author of the app for a method to remove my photos, and it’s more than a month now and no response. DO NOT TRY WITH ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT WANT HELD HOSTAGE.!!!!!
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7 years ago, CamNYC78
Does as it claims, fairly accurately
I’m still reviewing the app, but cautiously optimistic so far. I must’ve read the same article of a previous reviewer, yet I have no idea why he had issues. It did ask me for an email address for password recovery, but that was it, I didn’t have to confirm the address or create an account or anything. After creating a passcode I was in a vault and the app was scanning my photo album for “naughty” pictures. It did have funny false flags, like an album cover and a 60’s movie poster, both screenshots I’d taken. Yet in its defense, both were somewhat sexually provocative. In any case, it’s very easy to correct the mistake, as I’ve only tapped them and hit export to send them back to the photos app. The app is still doing its magic. In the background. I’ll update this review once I get more quality time with the app! Definitely worth the download so far, and no subscription yet requested (I read it was 99cents per month, but I must be on a trial period, which makes sense but is still appreciated, and shows the developer’s confidence in the service they provide.)
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7 years ago, Yoda G.
Text size has to be reduced
After reading a tech blog review about the app , thought I would give it a spin. Well upon setting up the app you are taken thru a number of set up screens. The problem starts to occur when you have to type in your email. The way this app is designed will not allow you to see what your typing. So your guessing that the email address is right (& that you haven’t put the wrong email so someone could have granted access if in fact you do need to reset it). Then proceeding to the next screen is the “click if you agree” page. Once you hit that button, you are routed to the developers website and presented with a disclaimer and that’s where it ends. iPad Pro, iPad Air , iPhone 6S plus , 7plus , 8 & 8 plus we’re tested and the same results... A falsely advertised app that does nothing. **UPDATE** The problem persists if your text is set to being enlarged. If you reduce the text size, then you can finish setting up the app.
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7 years ago, Cooked Nick
Look, the idea is great
But here are the problems, as I’ve discovered them, with the execution: • Really bad algorithm – When it scanned all my photos which contain at least a few dozen racy pictures, it only came back with about ten photos that weren’t even nudes. It seems to just look for well-lit pictures with a lot of skin. • Abhorrent photo management – You can’t multi-select to do any batch actions. You have to go through each photo, one-by-one, to delete them. Adding racy pictures manually also seems completely broken. The picker for adding photos doesn’t appear to show your camera roll in any logical order. It certainly didn’t seem chronological to me. It also had issues with slow loading times and a button in the top left that just read “Photos” which did nothing but consistently crash the app. I think they should just switch to the standard iOS photo-picker. • Downright glitchy UI – In addition to the photo picker, when just simply launching the app, you always have a second or two where you can see the photos before a screen animates in asking for your passcode. This is not secure and is also just ugly to look at. It seems like switching to the app (or even opening it from a fresh boot) always cause these weird animations of screens sliding in and out that make no sense at all.
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6 years ago, TekUzr
Flaw for iPhone X
This App started off working fine, automatically detecting risqué photos you might have on your camera roll, then saving them to a secure location with the option of deleting them on your phone. Unfortunately, they added an advertisement in the opening screen telling you to refer a friend. This advertisement cannot be ignored or closed, even by pressing the “X” in the corner. This makes the App not useable. I have contacted customer service to correct the problem and they have ignored me. I also asked for a refund for my yearly subscription. I think I will be ripped off for my purchase.....
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6 years ago, Zwendemon
Do not use this app
1) if you have any issues, support for the app will not respond. 2) it is buggy. Recent update has frozen the screen on paying for the service again which I foolishly already did. 3) risqué photos are lost. I did a full iPhone backup and restore. None of the pictures were restored, so if you ignore what i've said of ‘do not use this app’, you will have to export each picture in the app before backing up your iPhone. Forget about restoring if you lose your phone and forgot to export a picture. 4) personal annoyance, you can’t swipe to go to the next video or picture.
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6 years ago, Von Halen
App isn’t working
Wasn’t working before the update, and still isn’t working. I purchased a 1 year plan, and now it won’t open for me. I emailed tech support, and they never responded. I feel ripped off. *Update* Do NOT download this app, or worse, purchase their plan. They do not respond to emails for help, and do not do anything for their customers. I had to delete and reinstall, and I lost every photo and video I had in their “secure” storage. I have emailed them multiple times, with zero response. I have lost a lot of very personal photos I ignorantly entrusted them with.
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7 years ago, Dj Cwise
Great app but buggy
I loved this app when I first downloaded it. The trial ran out so I signed up for the subscription but the app will not load past signing up for the monthly or yearly subscription. It’s even showing on my iTunes account as being subscribed. When I tap the choice of subscription it says “Cannot connect to the iTunes Store” I tap ok then another message pops up saying subscribed already. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and canceled and resubscribed but same issue. So there is a serious problem with the app that needs to be fixed.
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7 years ago, namnguyendz
I think you should use to protect your privacy
since the application of this application I am very peace of mind when others borrow phone for applications closed all photos naughty, sensitive, videos and individuals important documents my .... application pin and touch ID so very easy to use, applications very mild should run very smooth, i'm glad I have known this app.
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7 years ago, any_user
Anybody concerned the store your photos?
People rest the terms of service, I think you will hesitate to use this software/ online service "The Nude Service is a set of tools, applications, web services and widgets that allows you to capture, categorize, control and manage data on your electronic devices. You can use the Service to move files from one storage location on your device to a restricted storage location. You can also use the Service to create backup copies of your data."
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6 years ago, tomjr9
An app I like but I am struggling.
I really like this app. The bot that helps move your photos is amazing. However, I have used the app for a few months and suddenly I can’t pay my subscription. This means I can’t get to my photos. I am sure this will be fixed soon and I look forward to getting back to my photos and seeing where this app goes.
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7 years ago, Towt
A good start
While I admit I don’t understand the full tech behind it, there are two minor things I’d like to see 1) ability to zoom 2) when you go back to the picture list, it should stay in the same place I’m not 100% sure but it also seems to randomize the picture order but I can’t say for sure.
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6 years ago, geekmee
DANGER: Refer Pop Up ! Blocks further access
I paid the full year subscription fee. After 90 days a pop up requires you to send referrals before allowing further access. I was unable to remove or cancel the pop up by selecting the traditional “X” for closing the window. I sent an email to the support address and got kicked back (yes I double checked the spelling) with ‘no address found.’ The App is a descent idea, but not by this company.
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7 years ago, Med Lưety5
Safe and sound!
"If you need to make it that anybody can look through your pictures with out finding that ""oh-oh"" picture.... this is a get file storer. Keep them all in one spot for just you!"
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7 years ago, Sterling Bourne
My man-boobs are safe!
Now I have a safe space for all my man boob photos my mom took of me at the beach last Summer. No more awkward responses when a co-worker wants to see photos of the Indian wedding I attended on Saturday. Now I can give my phone to a Starbucks Barista without fear of them stumbling across my unmentionables. Don't know what I did before this app was created! 5-Stars. A++++++ Edit: Wishlist... - zooming in on photos in the app - swiping left and right to switch to the next photo - being able to flag a photo as a false positive
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6 years ago, eljst
App crashes and is unusable
Saw the prior suggestions to delete and redownload the latest version. Did that and the app still crashes about 10-15 seconds after unlocking. It is completely unusable. Please fix this bug as I’d love to use the app. Update: contacted support and never heard back after providing system details. Even with a new phone, app crashes and is unusable.
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6 years ago, garrettdnls
Good but limited app
Great app but lack of zoom and ability to swipe through pics limits it from its full potential and I’m not sure why the developers thought to not include such a basic feature of photo viewing. With these features the app would be a five.
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7 years ago, Timotopggg
Easy to use, whether you're hiding pics or just wanting to save them. Super easy to make files and add or delete pics. Definitely recommend.
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7 years ago, Attila***
Amazing app
The app is really amazing, it has kept my pictures in locked and no one can see them. I recommend anyone who's thinking of getting this app to actually get it.
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7 years ago, MarkGootale$99
Great app for parents
This app is great for parents of snooping children especially around birthdays and holidays for lists pictures of items. It's also nice to keep the mommy and daddy pictures from their eyes!
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7 years ago, Ryan Ben43
Works fine, you can hide videos and photos. Also you are able to create a personal album with a password!
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7 years ago, tmsmqwx
I’m afraid to even activate this app because the setup is so buggy. When you try to enter the requested email address the keyboard rolls over the field so you can’t see what you’re typing. The next screen has so many overlapping line of text you can’t even read them. Perhaps I’ll come back when the app is ready for prime time.
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6 years ago, Smizzyjunk
Can not connect to iTunes
This app is cool when it works. I’ve subscribed and paid but I keep getting the “can’t connect to iTunes Store” even after I’ve successfully subscribed. Now I have a bunch of pictures that I no longer have access to even though I’ve subscribed. I’d like to get my pictures back and then delete this app.
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7 years ago, Daydadyllmaoc333
Awesome !
This is a really great app, that makes it easy to organize my pictures. Never had an issue, like I have with other similar apps. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, Wayne E. Forte@@
Love it!!
It saves my storage and when I delete a picture in my photo album the app still saves the so I'm not using as much storage
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6 years ago, Smw1211
Needs improvement
Buggy but overall a good app, recently crashes and doesn't really pick up video well.
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7 years ago, reggieman30
App crashes when trying to import photos
When I try to switch from importing photos to videos or to another album, the app crashes. Not good. Plus the app didn’t get all my nude photos either. So much for a paying subscription. Why am I paying when the app isn’t working properly?
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7 years ago, Jadenyfireree
Stability is excellent!
This has to be the most reliable and stable app of its kind I’ve ever used. It just keeps working, and thankfully it supports animated
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7 years ago, lomeskires0981
very good
Great concept! The scanning ability is amazingly accurate. If you want to keep your nude photos safe, try this app
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7 years ago, meiiili@@
Great App! Works great! Easy to use
I was using a different app, and they weren't too a monthly plan. Hated it. Found this app and love it! These folks did it right.
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7 years ago, Karina Ignag54*
I can trust all of my embarrassing photos to be kept in the app to not be seen by anyone else. I highly suggest people get this app.
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7 years ago, JennMay991+1
Fappening Pics Secured Boi
This App makes you look so innocent when you hide all your fappics here. Just remember to hide this app in a folder
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6 years ago, Andurin
App locks you out even after paying
I paid for the annual plan several months ago. Now when I open the app it presents me with the choice of monthly or annual plans. Regardless of my choice the app immediately freezes. I’ve attempted to contact support for weeks now, with no response.
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7 years ago, Bi Vo
Algorithm needs work
App has promise and the automatic feature can be useful in theory but this app filtered out dozens and dozens of pictures of my dog (a 13lb chihuahua mix) and a ton of bare arm and leg shots. It did seem to work on real nudes but going through so many false detections is quite a bit of work.
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6 years ago, Fox Mulder
New Update, Same Crap
The ‘UI Update’ did nothing but break the app even further. It now crashes as soon as I enter my PIN. First update since November and somehow made it worse. Way to go developers. I’ve lost so many media files to the garbage app so please don’t trust them with your sensitive stuff.
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6 years ago, AtchDude
Just doesn’t work
This app worked for a month or so, now when I log into the app, the home screen is stuck on selecting a membership option but I’m already subscribed. Then the app crashes and I can’t get to my pics. Needs serious work.
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6 years ago, Mark It Zer0
Careful if you use the "trial"
Your images will get stuck in the app with no way to retrieve except to pay for month of the service. My photos mean enough to me to do that but that's all I'll be paying. Ridiculous that you lock photos into the app. Scummy sales tactic.
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7 years ago, KoEzry*55
Good app
It's a nice piece Of mind to have a place I can place pictures and have them protected from wandering eyes.
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7 years ago, Mảine*55
Great app
I like having my pictures in a passcode protected place. Great app. No need to look any further.
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7 years ago, Ginger-Lee
Holding Photos Hostage
I deleted my photos from my camera roll, thinking they’d be safe in this app. Little did I know I’d open the app one day to be greeted by the “Trial Expired” message and subscription options. Now I can’t view my photos until I pay them.
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6 years ago, nodoubleg
App doesn’t work on iPhone X
Keeps asking for a subscription, but I already have one that is current. Last update was 4 months ago. Don’t waste your money until this is fixed.
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7 years ago, eszapiro
Repeated crashes
The app continually crashes when trying to manually add images. It gets to you photos , but when clicking ‘photos’ in the upper left corner the app dies, every time.
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7 years ago, j.colout
protect my privacy and privacy with this app is very easy I like to occupy videos and photos
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6 years ago, clintonw85
fix the app
the app was working perfect then i upgraded because the free trail ended and now i can’t access none of my content. every time i open the app it keeps telling me to upgrade and i’ve already did that
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6 years ago, Cmucollegedommazzwti
Takes forever to search phone
The idea that it searches your phone for nudes is awesome.. however it can’t run in the background.. so you literally have to leave it open for hours.
Show more
6 years ago, Shoorty0690
Subscription doesn’t work
I subscribed for a month or 2 and it never finished scanning. And now all it says is my trial has expired while I still paid monthly for the usage.
Show more
7 years ago, Whoddoo
Great Idea - Poor Execution
Will not scan my photo library automatically and when I try manually app continually crashes. This needs to be fixed!!!!!
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