Number Munchers

3.2 (181)
19.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Number Munchers

3.2 out of 5
181 Ratings
6 years ago, Hutt hutt
Read before munching
Bought this app hoping to revel in some 80s-era Number Munchers fun with my kids, but a few factors need fixing. First, as other reviewers have noted, this app requires users to double tap faster than most younger kids consistently can. Second, even on the Easy setting, this game progresses in difficulty so quickly as to be dispiriting. Third, there’s an occasional bug in which you will have munched all the correct numbers, but the level won’t clear. A few tweaks could make this a real winner.
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4 years ago, 1980'sWorked-2020Doesnt
Was Hoping It Worked
EVERY SINGLE TIMD IT ERRORS OUT AND SHUTS DOWN after multiples of 4! How can this be!? It worked in the 80’s on a floppy disk but can’t work in 2020 after I PAID for it? I’m beyond annoyed! I loved number munchers as a kid. I wanted to help my kiddo post corona-virus quarantine with her math skills. Unfortunately, when we make it past multiples of 4, it just completely errors out, shuts down, kicks us out and we have to start again at 2’s. It’s unfortunate and honestly annoying to PAY for an app that worked in the 80’s on floppy disks, but apparently, in 2020 this developer can’t make work and makes you pay for it! Honestly I want my money back (yes I know it’s $2), but I feel hosed and I literally never review anything. That’s how crappy this app is!
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5 years ago, KW-OBTR
My kids love the app, but they won’t experience the way I did on a green screen with a 3” floppy disk and logging in using DOS. The only complaint I have is it advertises 250 levels yet the program kicks us out at level 3 on equality and factors all other level 5 is the end of the line. If you log in again, you have to start over with first level and again get kicked off at same levels. Not much fun.
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4 years ago, sazimm
Used to love this app
I used this app on floppy disk and when I tutored children in the 90s and early 2000s. When I moved in to our son’s and daughter in law’s house to help with remote learning, I trotted this our and our granddaughter immediately fell in love with the program . The problem is that the game quits after level three each time. Can you help?
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6 years ago, munchermaster
Needs addition too?
Brings me back to my childhood, playing this game! While there are a few bugs to fix like the auto-progression sometimes glitching, etc. I would also like to see addition and subtraction options added. That way it could also appeal to a younger crowd, like kindergarten or first grade. My second grader I know would have a lot of fun on this but could use the reinforcement on those skills too.
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7 years ago, Deal lover
Great game, double click is too fast
Just like the childhood game as I remember it. Great fun for my kids. In order to munch a number you need to double click it. But the double click has to be very very fast to be read as a double click. My 8 year old can barely do it. And when I do it I miss the double click every once in awhile which is annoying.
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4 years ago, former MECC player
Number Munchers
It won’t actually download. I hope it will remember that I bought it if I remember to go to the store to play. That’s troubling. Possibly related problem, it stops after about 3 rounds. The original Number Munchers was fun so I was excited to see this. Too bad it doesn’t quite play right or download right.
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3 years ago, @ the worst
This is the best game ever I definitely recommend it gives you a short movie and then you can basically one like all the levels super easy fun for kids definitely recommend get this app my kids love it so much it’s like they’re addicted
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2 years ago, Active Enthusiast
Love it but…
Love this game from my childhood. Using it now with my kids. The game has some glitches though where it just closes after playing the videos after a couple of levels. I hope they fix this soon!
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6 years ago, Colugo77
Where’s the cutscenes
My favorite part and main reason I bought this was in the original you could watch little cut scenes after beating a couple levels.
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4 years ago, KissMe_Trice
Stops working after level three.
Was really excited about this classic game. I even wanted download it On everyone’s phone in the family. Glad I only wasted the $1.99. It’s difficult to enjoy this game because you have to touch the screen very quickly. What’s worse is that after 3 levels the game is over. The app blanks out and then closes. Would rate 0 stars if I could.
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2 years ago, P_Flowers
Not sure if this will upgrade in the near future
I play it anyway because of the nostalgia. I am just hoping that there will be more levels in the future since the levels presently are repetitive and not advancing as it should. And I hope this game will stop crashing all time time soon.
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6 months ago, eddiemathmatic
Bring back word munchers
I saw super challenges word munchers, but I clicked on it, and it didn't work. So, I wanted to know if the word muncher can be added to the Apple app store. Thank you so much.
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10 years ago, trangk
Just like old times!
This game is a great update to the old number muncher game! Great graphics and works perfectly on my iPhone and iPad. Please make a word muncher game next!
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10 years ago, ZebraSpot
Tap fast!
This app is everything you would expect out of a number munchers game. The only issue I have is my son has trouble double-tapping fast enough to munch the numbers.
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4 years ago, Casds84
Shuts Down On It’s Own
I would give this game a higher rating if it didn’t automatically shut down after 3 rounds of playing the game. If I had read more of the reviews, I wouldn’t have spent $1.99 on a game that I can’t fully enjoy. When/If this bug is fixed, then I might rate it higher. Until then, it’s not even worth a free download.
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4 years ago, B fam of 5
Don’t buy
This app shuts off after the 3rd round in each category. I wish I would have read one of the other reviews that says the same thing. I wanted to get something for my kids to play while we are all social distancing and now wasted $2.00 on something that doesn’t work. Very disappointed!
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1 year ago, mike austill
Number munchers
It is a fun game similar to the game I played as a kid. I just wish it didn’t only let you play 3 levels then go out of the game.
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1 year ago, PXHero
Game always crashes after 3 levels
It gets nostalgia points for sure, but when it consistently crashes after the first three level video reward, not much fun to play..
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2 months ago, Depthstrider08 🐢
Great game. But cutscene glitch.
Great game, indeed, but when I don’t skip a cutscene, the game crashes after it ends. Please fix this. Then it would be 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Sloth1101
Good app
I love this game but each time I make it to level 4 it will go to my home screen please get rid of this bug
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5 years ago, JDonahue79
This is not what I remember.
At first it may look like the Apple IIe game I remember from school, but alas the game controls are horrendous, the SFX is terrible unlike the Apple IIe version which was actually better, and you keep accidentally eating incorrect numbers or getting eaten due to sometimes unresponsive controls. Just stick with the Apple IIe version.
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9 years ago, VeronikaEve
Won't move to next level
After eating all the prime numbers, we can't figure out how to move onto the next level; because it isn't automatically doing it!
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9 years ago, thaumkid
Tried the easy, multiples mode on iPad. After muncher walks into a troggle, double tapping to eat a number stops working! Also, double tapping is annoying, and pressing the same square a second time should let you eat a number. This would be MUCH easier.
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4 years ago, smysb
Crashes after three levels
Game won’t function after three levels on easy. Double tap is also difficult for 4 year old.
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3 years ago, flynnyjob
Game crashes frequently after 3 and 6
They kept to. The 80s nostalgia but the app isn’t stable.. it crashes every time after beating levels 3 and 6
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4 years ago, cdeimel
Shuts down after level 3 (multiples of 4)
Like other reviewers have said, there is a bug in the system that kicks me out after completing multiples of 4 EVERY time. Once that is fixed, this app is just as great as it was back in the day!
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1 year ago, Sean82tf
Game almost unplayable
The speed necessary to double tap to eat the numbers is WAY too fast. In some case no speed is fast enough. Fix this and it would be a great nostalgic game to enjoy with my kids.
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4 years ago, elseymore
Game Fail
This game came to my mind as a favorite of all time. I decided to search and omg it was there. Long story short, it keep resetting after level 3 which times out the app the the home screen. Disappointed because it’s a paid app.
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4 years ago, Chasing this app
Play any game, finish the third level, and the app crashes. Every game, three levels and out. This is with the latest version of the app and the latest version of iOS (Jan 2020). Avoid this app until it is fixed.
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4 years ago, TRoadster
This is a great app it is super fun and easy to use and you learn a lot from this awsome game I do a contest with factors
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9 years ago, Jgddfhn
Great Game
Works just like the one from my childhood!!! Thanks for making such a cool app.
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3 years ago, amandainmemphis
Shuts down app after level 4. Cannot get it to move past without shutting down. Such a disappointment as I was planning to use it to reinforce multiplication with my son. Want my money back!
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4 years ago, Ranger BAR
FALSE Ad: game won’t go past level 3
Despite advertisements of 125 levels, the game kicks you off after 3 levels and you have to start over. Not even worth 1 start or a free download. PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH or refund the THOUSANDS of people you’ve ripped off!
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4 years ago, CeraYu
This app crashes after only a few levels of play. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Princess237
Doesn’t work
I keep getting kicked out after 3 rounds! Super annoying since the app was not free.
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4 years ago, Spnrdloco
Crashes after 3rd Level
Please do not bother with this app. Regardless of the setting, the game ALWAYS crashes after the 3rd level. It isn’t worth the time or few bucks spent.
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4 months ago, Twolf32455
Crash after 3
The game crashes after three levels and the cartoon there after.
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3 years ago, podrick0205
The game lets you play 3 levels and then a cartoon video comes on. When the video is over the app crashes and closes. I want a refund ☹️
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3 years ago, Narissa H.
Refund me!
Like everyone else is saying this app crashes after 3 levels. Total waste of money. There is no way to contact the developer for a refund. TRASH!!!
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4 years ago, Alreadytakentry25
Crashed after level 4
Game was fun till it crashed in every category after completing level 4. Super lame
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4 years ago, Suavebob
Do not buy this game!
An update has not been released in 5 years. The game crashes after level 3. Not worth it. Developers are trash!
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4 years ago, JoshDearing
Crashes after a few levels every time. The difficulty settings are not appropriately scalable for different ages. This is not the game I grew up with.
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4 years ago, heartofthemountains
Glitches after 3 rounds
Love this blast from the past but after 3 levels it shuts down :(
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4 years ago, aynel whartz
After playing three rounds it closes. Why is that? I would like a refund until you fix this bug. And where is WORD MUNCHER?
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4 years ago, TSC332211
Same thing as everyone else, crashes after 3 levels
Could you please fix!
Show more
11 months ago, Ardilla82
It be great if it didn’t crash after the first level clear.
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3 years ago, MrsDrJoey
This app will not play past level three (as I repeat what everyone else is saying). Don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, luke3248
Not working
App times out and kicks me off after 3-4 levels of play. Not sure how to fix. And to think I paid money for this.
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4 years ago, Schmim
Do not purchase. Does not work.
Crashes consistently, and it looks like the app hasn’t been updated since iOS 8.0 (5 years).
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