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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Numbers

4.6 out of 5
103.6K Ratings
4 years ago, RSL08
This is my “go to” app
I love this app! My primary uses are for a monthly budget and a daily complex TV schedule (2 households, multiple recordings, 4 DVRs+). I would love to see the following three features added: (1) the ability to click/tap on an image (or just several merged cells containing text) and pop-up a larger version of the image/merged cells**. (2) the ability to use multiple merged cells to hand write notes using the Apple Pencil (varying nib sizes, move the merged notes around and/or cut/delete like any other cell or merged cells). (3) the ability to insert a moveable and removable window (either set or expandable size, like 4 cells wide and high to 6 cells, or more, wide and high) that would accept animated GIFs and/or video clips. Features 1 and 2 are features I could use immediately. UPDATE: Feature request 3 was added in the latest update. I have a new feature request... the ability to see the history of shared access, like number of visits and date of at least the most-recent visit. **This would really help my friend (with poor near-vision) read the individual blocks of information on the TV schedule.
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1 year ago, Artiste212
Different than Excel but really great
While Numbers doesn’t offer every option I use in Excel, it works differently. It’s like speaking a different but related language. For almost all home use cases, it is more intuitive and just more fun to use. For example, I’ve created a database to track minutes of exercise each day over 5 different activities, and display this on a bar chart. It was incredibly quick and easy easy to create an attractive and simple chart. What I couldn’t figure out was how to superimpose a line chart for my weight using a different Y-axis. Most but not all formulas in Excel have their equivalents in Numbers. After surgery, I used numbers to document my fluid input and output to show the residents they needed to make an adjustment in my medication. They were impressed and I remain amazed I did this in my iPhone in my hospital bed. What is most telling is that I chose Numbers for all my home spreadsheet uses.
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1 year ago, 3MacMinis
Numbers bug
Have Numbers version 12.2.1 on my 2017 iPad Pro, and latest release of iPadOS. I have my various spreadsheets in folders. At least 80% of the time, and possibly 90%, when I highlight and tap a spreadsheet name to change it, the on-screen keyboard will not display. I’ve tried everything from exiting the app and re-opening it, to doing a complete shutdown of the iPad. Nothing works. I am always surprised on the very rare occasion when it just works properly. No amount of tapping on the label, highlighting it, etc seems to work. I’ve had to resort to opening another app, typing and copying the new text, then doing a “paste” operation to change the label. Unfortunately Numbers seems to take a back seat when it comes to any useful updates to functionality, but I’d be happy if it were simply bug free. I’m amazed and disappointed that a more powerful version of Numbers hasn’t been released for the M1 & M2 iPads, which have more than enough processing power and memory to run the Mac version. So, for me at least, no reason to upgrade my iPad. Instead of “It just works”, it should be “It mostly works most of the time”.
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1 year ago, Deebrownman
My business companion
I have been an excel power user in the past . When I was introduced to number, this has been my go to app. I create some amazing reports with custom dashboards. I can customize as much as I want and share my reports as a PDF. I share my reports as is to my iOS and Mac users . I have created awesome inbound stat reports , recreated ‘Bill of ladings”, invoices, cost analysis reports, shipping packing slips , and many other reports with custom dashboards. I have incorporated the Apple Pencil and signed a lot of my sheets . If a sheet is really needed in excel, I port it over. A simple spreadsheet gets ported with no problem. Complex sheets from numbers with dashboards get ported to excel require a lot of work however. The only thing I would like to see from number is the ability to hide sheets . Overall, solid business companion and my go to spreadsheet . Still my go to . Awesome work Apple !
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5 years ago, BUddyro 4454
Very Good
I have used this app for years with my job as a baseball scout. I have designed 10 different templates for my needs and they have all been so easy to put together. With the updates sometimes it takes me a minute to think along with the app designers to be able to execute what I need, but every time it works out well. The updates, over the years, have been helpful. Really appreciate being able to use the apple pencil. Good luck! To the designers of this app, I do have some constructive requests for the next time you guys are looking to tweak this. It would be helpful, if it is possible, to be able to automatically save the apple pencil work instead of having to touch the screen elsewhere to get rid of the adjustment boxes everywhere. Thanks.
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7 years ago, There'sAFrogInMyTent
useless. loss of once great features.
I thought it was just me not understanding how to enter dates and durations as easily as I did in previous versions. But I'm not the only one who's frustrated and bewildered that Apple did away with the data entry keyboards based on cell format type. It used to be incredibly easy, and fun to use. Now it's not worth my time. Enter dates using querty keyboard instead of just tapping?! Forget it. I still can't figure out how to enter durations. After struggling to use the Help guide, I finally see how to format the cells to take the data, I just can't actually enter the data in an easy, quick manner. And the input forms don't match all the columns in the table, mysteriously skipping over columns formatted with pop up menus. They show up, but are skipped when hitting return, so I can't enter data unless I go back and click on that particular field, out of order. The pop up selections are indeed there, I just don't know why it doesn't cycle through. yeah, this isn't working for me. Apple loves to tinker and ruin things. Do they have that much time on their hands? Cuz I don't, so I won't be using this.
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6 years ago, Mewhirter
Pencil needs a toggle switch
UPDATE: Just noticed that Microsoft Excel for iPad has a toggle switch in the iPad app settings to turn the Apple Pencil always draw feature off. Come on Apple, please up your game. I like to brag about how much better you are than Microsoft, yet they are clearly beating you on this one (and with your own Pencil feature at that). Downgrading my 3 star rating to a 1 star rating until you fix his issue. Please do so quickly. ORIGINAL: For the most part, I love numbers. I use it daily. It has worked great for my purposes. But with the last update, they added the ability to draw on the spreadsheet with Apple Pencil. Nice feature but there is no ability to turn it off and use the pencil as I have been (to click and highlight/drag cells, etc.) Now everytime the tip of my pencil touches the sheet it draws a line. I hate that. With my iPad Pro, the pencil gave me the reach to get cells in the middle of the screen without slowing me down. Please add a toggle switch to switch between draw mode and the old functionality and I will be back to 5 stars. I used pencil the most with numbers and now I can’t use it at all.
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1 year ago, WhiteKatsu
Keep it on my phone!!
I love it for keeping track of characters on a spreadsheet, and it’s nice that it syncs it to the cloud, but it CONSTANTLY removes it from my phone (which I don’t take all the memory on so it’s not like it needs to constantly remove it from my phone!) And I have to constantly redownload my list! If it was like, once a month or once every other month, when I haven’t used the list in a while, maybe I could understand, but it’s nearly every other week, with a half empty phone and an often opened document, and it won’t give me an option to make it available offline permanently! This is literally my only complaint but it gets really annoying when I have to wait for it to download the file I had opened two days ago, onto a phone that hasn’t been close to maxed out storage wise for the fourth time this month. Just let me keep the file on my phone.
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5 years ago, Cattywumpus
UNfrozen Headers Bug
I am trying to convert to Apple from PC. I think it’s a good app that I would love to be able to use, but this bug is breaking my resolve. I do a lot of spreadsheet work. I need constant access for updating my spreadsheets and I can’t use the app Numbers on my iPhone without extreme frustration. Every time I freeze the headers, as soon as I put my cursor in a cell where I want to enter a formula “this cell = another cell,” the HEADERS UNFREEZE. I can’t get my headers to stay frozen. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have to count column numbers and row numbers every single time I want to enter a formula in a specific spot BECAUSE MY HEADERS UNFREEZE. I can’t tell you how often I HAVE TO SET FROZEN HEADERS because THEY DISAPPEAR EVERY TIME I SET THEM. I have complained online about this to Apple multiple times with no result. I am now complaining here. I have been pushed to zero patience with this bug. Fix it! If the ability to set and maintain frozen headers is available and I just haven’t figured out how to make that happen, for heaven’s sake let me know.
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11 months ago, Old-Timer //c’er
It is OK but far from ideal on iPhone
Using Numbers on a desktop device, whether through the native Numbers application or by way of the iCloud implementation is fine. It works reasonably well for what it is. However, on the iPhone, using the native Numbers app, it quickly turns into a frustrating experience; particularly for those being “well seasoned” in age with regards to eyesight and finger dexterity challenges. 😏 All of the features appear to be there, at least with the limited time I can tolerate using the app for last minute editing. The challenge is really trying to manipulate editing cells by zooming in far enough to accurately edit without losing so much of the surrounding data to keep the context in mind. As a quick way to view Numbers files on the go, with maybe some light editing, the Numbers iOS app is OK. It gets the job done.
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3 years ago, Adamu1248
Creating or moving groups a problem
I used a black blank template. An Apple tech support creative adviser confirms the app does not allow me to create a group (insert) between created groups. The tech also confirms that my iPad has the latest updates and the Numbers app I used is the most updated version. What actually happens, is the app seems to randomly choose the location of the newly created group (either below the last group or somewhere in between groups not chosen by me. The tech agreed that the app shouldn’t do that but would not confirm if that is “normal” for this app. The tech could not resolve this issue. I welcome any instructions on how to do this task for I’ve yet to learn how to do create an “inserted group” at a desired location. The best I can do is drag that group and move it to my desired location. I will change rating of this app as I learn its limits.
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2 weeks ago, mytw0b1ts
Locks up frequently
I have an iPad with 16GB of RAM yet working in an intermediate spreadsheet, it constantly locks up with an “Updating Spreadsheet” error message which causes me to have to force quit the app and come back, losing work. On the Mac the same spreadsheet shows “calculating” and it takes forever to get said calculations to fill. This spreadsheet isn’t even 5MB In size so it’s not like it’s some power house spreadsheet. If Apple wants its devices and apps to be taken seriously in the business world, it starts with focusing on the tools that people are using and really making sure what you’re offering is functional. Microsoft’s not doing you any favors by watering down their apps either because it creates the perception that Apple makes toys and everyone else makes productivity machines. You would really be doing yourselves huge favors by really focusing on your productivity apps and how they perform for the daily business user.
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5 years ago, Joramick
New User
I am new to the world of Apple specific software, such as “Pages”, “Numbers”, and such. But, after deciding that Microsoft office was no longer a yearly expense we needed, we tried it all out. While some of the features were unfamiliar and seemed odd to an excel user, they quickly became user friendly and very simple. The biggest satisfaction that could be had from especially the “Numbers” app, is the ease of collaboration! That alone is worth the switch to Apple’s productivity software! Even after whatever update people are complaining about, this spreadsheet application is an amazing replacement for that other stuff. Thank you so much for your efforts!
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2 years ago, Bpharry
Autocomplete feature takes away tab key to advance
I’ve been using Numbers for several years to manage my business pipeline and it has been just fine. The new autocomplete feature has me pulling what little hair I have left. The problem is not the feature itself, but that now when I press the tab bar it advances down the autocomplete list instead of advancing to the cell to the right. There is no way to turn this off. For as long as I’ve been using spreadsheets the tab bar has always advanced to the cell to the right. Now apparently there is no way to advance to the cell to the right except to touch the screen or use the right arrow key, both of which are very inconvenient when typing! And there seems to be no way to turn off autocomplete on the iOS app! This is absolutely driving me nuts!!!
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6 years ago, Selvius
Solid feature set, responsive developers
I’m happy to update, and say that the Apple Pencil works again as a fine selection tool, the “mouse” of the iPad, with just a flip of a switch in the Settings app. Thank you to the development team for listening and adapting! If you’re looking for an office suite that meets the majority of content creation needs, and aren’t locked into MS Office for one reason or another, then you can’t do better than the free, Apple iWork suite. It does what it is designed to do, and does it well. While MS Office is utilitarian at its core, iWork’s design embraces creativity and presentation at every level. It is much easier to create something that looks good in iWork than it is in Office. I’ve created simple advertisements in Pages on my iPad Pro, and sent them straight to the printer. On the flip side, some feature omissions limit iWork from being a five-star product. Most, you’ll likely never run into, as they’re useful to a small group of users. Others, though, like Numbers not having a hide/unhide key command, just don’t make sense. Ultimately, I recommend you give iWork a try, if you haven’t already. It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose, and you may well find you like it better for your uses than some of the paid alternatives.
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5 years ago, StarLakeGolfer
Great Spreadsheet for iPad Use
This Spreadsheet in iPad format is very easy to use for simple spreadsheets... interactive format is simple, easy to use, without the intense formula & formatting issues of the more high Power Spreadsheet of the Mac. I like it better than the Mac Format for my “Household & Recreational” Spreadsheets. Only negative that is a bit frustrating is the “editing” within a cell functionality ... it is a bit erratic when selecting text or insertion points within a cell. Sometimes requires selecting the Keyboard icon @ the lower right on the screen, other times insertion point directly “clicks in” where positioned similar to the way it works on the Mac & in the Pages App. When working with the Spreadsheet, I have not found a reason for this “2 options” issue for cell editing. Rating loses one Star for this issue.
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1 year ago, MrGofNp
Useful, not ideal
As a long time spreadsheet user, I am happy to have an implementation of this class software included iOS. However, I do find Numbers to be somewhat awkward and confusing at times. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that I am more accustomed to PC/MAC implementations and have high expectations as a result. I use this software to maintain a number of lists that I depend on to bring a little more order into my life and I am satisfied with the results well enough that I do not feel compelled to find a better alternative. I use the iPad version to maintain the lists and share them with the iPhone version, so I can consult the lists when I am out and about. Having a Bluetooth keyboard on the iPad greatly enhances the usability of the software.
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5 years ago, Jetetaquine
I’d kill for MINIFS and formulas in CF
It’s amazing how robust this app is, given that it works on a phone. The recent updates are nice; the text options are pretty, and I appreciate how a couple of months ago Apple fixed a glitch I was experiencing where the contents of my pop up menus would get deleted any time I edited them. There are two functions I very regularly miss in Numbers compared to options I get with Excel: a function like MINIF or MINIFS, and the ability to make conditional formatting work based on a formula rather than just Apple’s predetermined options. The lack of a formula option also prevents the ability to format a cell based on the contents of another cell. Bonus points if there could be an option that let me hide non-editable fields in a form.
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7 years ago, Pennybink
I can give a good rating once more
As the huge glitch that had greyed out my work and made lots of work lost, the latest ios update corrected it. I will overlook that I had to catch up with 40 checkbook entries but glad it wasn’t more than that. Pages and numbers were effected by whatever had caused it. Fixing the issue of the ipad rebooting and as well semi-waking up with no help, that ios update fixed what went wrong with these issues. I was so hoping it would be fixed and had it not with an update of numbers I was going to delete numbers and never use again. But the ios update did work. The news said to not allow any notifications to be on before doing the update. And I did do that. Thanks for fixing the issue.
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1 year ago, ChessMaster281
This is a really great app, it’s simple easy and fun to use. If I could humbly suggest two things then without a doubt this would be the best financial app out. First, I think it should have the option to connect to your bank, so after you’ve set your budget you can move money to the categories as needed and it’s in real time. Second is the notifications and reminders. Maybe I have them off so I won’t spend much time reviewing that but if not then I think it would be good to have notifications and maybe a widget so that you’re able to get quick views. All in all this is a really great app and everyone should be taking advantage of it, whether it’s personal finances or business.
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5 years ago, Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Works fine; don’t like the paradigm shift
I need a lightweight spreadsheet program for calculations that calculator cannot handle. It does the job, with some annoyances. It is very easy to wreck a spreadsheet. I would give it 3-4 stars, because there is room for improvement. However, I hate the general Numbers paradigm shift. I mean the input modes, having to switch between numbers, text, formulas, and functions. I just want to type the formula in the cell, but I could not figure out how to do it. It takes my input as text regardless of what I do. Also, I have to double click in order to see the formula in the formula bar. The formula is also a mix of the said modes. Not a plain text formula. I cannot simply copy it and paste it somewhere else. All this is very weird and inefficient. That was almost a non-starter for me. However, because the spreadsheets I create are relatively small, the paradigm shift does not affect me too much.
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5 years ago, LJK7777
update 5.2.1 - Everyone Needs to hard reboot phone
This new version appears to not be working for most people. The solution I found is to uninstall, hard reboot and the. reinstall the app. All of your files should be saving to you Icloud, but you may want to verify before you delete the app. Mine were and all of my files were available when I went through these steps. I tried several other things like just re-downloading the software, but the hard reset was required for me to use my existing files and/or create new ones. I don’t use the app much therefore giving it a neutral rating in the middle. My rating doesn’t have anything to do with the actual functionality as the app is basic enough for me to see excel files using my phone.
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6 years ago, philip4g
I am a power user of desktop Excel. Lately though, I’ve been trying a lifestyle of living with just my iPhone — I don’t own a desktop/laptop anymore. So I turned to iOS spreadsheets. I came to Apple Numbers with low expectations (“it’s just a mobile app”) and keep getting delighted by all it can do, and what it makes easy! Numbers is an incredibly well thought out and powerful spreadsheet program. Its UI design is clearly mobile-first, but the features are closer to a full desktop spreadsheet program. This app alone has doubled the value and productivity that my iPhone brings me. Thank you, Apple!
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2 months ago, Tarmigan1
Almost the best In Class
I have been using number to track my small business income and expenses and to track my portfolio. Developing equations and formulas is simple and intuitive. However, updating my portfolio is hit and miss. Some days it is up to date and the formulas work and some times it may take three or four days to update. The formula to get today’s price is probably the most problematic. The PE, dividend rate, and 52-week high work fairly well. I think they need to fix how it goes out and gets information but if that gets fixed- I won’t need Excel for any task.
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3 years ago, phasbot
Just give me a spreadsheet app, NOT PAGES
This is much better than the skeuomorphic version from a long time ago, but some features are annoying. Namely, the fact that tables don’t stay fixed to the edge of the screen, like every spreadsheet app ever created in the history of the universe, and that the formula/cell data field isn’t a dedicated fixed box on the screen. This app can’t decide if it’s a spreadsheet or word processing program as it shares many of the same features as Pages. I have no desire to drag tables around the page. There is no reason for a table to be movable. I am not designing a presentation or book report—I just want numbers. In its current iteration, you have to tap a cell, THEN wait for a keyboard icon to appear, THEN tap the keyboard button, THEN tap another button at the top right of the keyboard to toggle between an formula or text, THEN enter your data. The app should be smart enough to know whether I want to enter raw data or a formula. I should be able to double tap a cell to launch the keyboard and begin typing. It’s a shame because the iOS version has many good features that Google Sheets on iOS doesn’t.
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7 years ago, Sweetiestdestiny
More than useless
This use to be the best ever. Since the last few updates it is terrible. Most of my files won’t open at all. Some will sometimes, and sometimes the same file won’t open back up. I have files on my iPad Pro that I really need for work. Most of my files, I have no way now to get back as I stopped using the cloud, after some of your other great updates, due to the fact it was so slow to open the file I needed to use. Fix the problems in Numbers and Pages or I will be forced to go back to excel and word, on a laptop.
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4 years ago, monday1313
For the love of Jobs, fix the scroll handles
This is a pretty good substitute for Excel or Neo office. But the ultra thin scroll handles at the bottom and side for moving the spreadsheet around are infuriating and un-useable. I have some pretty large spreadsheets and whenever I re-open them after editing them over the cloud, they always start at the upper left corner. So I have to try and scroll though 200+ columns as fast as possible to make-up the time wasted trying to use the little scroll handles that appear when I move the sheet around. Tyrannosauruses are pointing at them with there tiny, useless arms and laughing. For once, there is something even more tiny and useless.
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5 years ago, Kona Biker
iOS 13 is a mess!!!
I use Numbers to log and track my blood sugars, food, exercise etc so its a life tool for me. iOS 13 has made everything mess. The problem is as follows so please fix this. I have a column on the far left that has a box for multiple scroll selection: breakfast, lunch, dinner etc... it’s a long list and now when I select that it fills the entire screen showing all rather than allow me to scroll. Why this is terrible is now I can double click to copy a cell to past elsewhere like I used to do. I have to close it and reopen to select and copy a cell. Y’all have some serious work to do and please stop releasing premature software. You’re becoming a lot like another company used to be known for... also my iPhone 10s Max crashes and has to be reset after every iOS 13 update! Very inconvenient.
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7 years ago, rttheartist
Give me the old version!
Thank you for the recent update. After only a few seconds of checking it out, I feel it has returned somewhat to the ‘workability’ it used to have. It will take some time to relearn, but it appears to have improved. The new version is terrible! I prefer where the correct keyboard pops up for the field. How do I copy several cells at once? Please!!! Give us the old version again. Routine work, that used to take me seconds to complete, now takes much longer because some of your best tools no longer exist. I have seen Apple software and apps which initially start out very intuitive and easy to work with gradually become more like the windows format. I'm sure this makes it easier for windows people to make the crossover to Apple products. However, the product is much worse every time. I've added a star for making some slight improvements. However, the app is still no where near as good as it was. The calendar keyboard was fantastic but still gone.
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4 years ago, Popi2013
Good app
I’m not sure why people are whining about Numbers. I have to use Excel at work and been using it for a longgg time and it’s fine with me, it gets the job done. But I do use Numbers for personal projects for home. It took me a while to get used to Numbers on IPad but I definitely like this app. Apple is more intuitive than Microsoft/ Windows ........ period! It’s also still free versus Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Numbers has beautiful features Excell doesn’t have. I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard from Fintie and it works just fine with my iPad and Numbers. I still give it a 5 ⭐️ !
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1 year ago, galliar
Simple and Awesome features
I have used the major competitors apps for years and they just have to many options and are way complex for what I need. Apple has done an excellent job with some really cool features, tables, and a simple easy to use interface. It is free and seems to work fully whether you use the web version or IOS. Nice job creating something with design forethought. My guess is the developers have to use the products they are developing so they understand how people interact with their applications.
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4 years ago, A. Savage 34
Spreadsheet Won’t Save
This issue is messing with my business at this point. It really needs to be corrected as soon as possible. But not only that I have been having strange issues with my iPad for the past 2 to 3 weeks now. I feel like I have a faulty product but it seems all of these problems just started occurring when updates were being made. Why is it that every time there is an update it’s like it totally reset my iPad?It doesn’t delete the things that I had on it but it’s like I have to resubmit my identity again and again every time there is an update. I think that that is stupid considering that the update was made under my ID so clearly all the information should still be there and as long as I have my pin to use to open it why would I need to keep verifying my Apple ID?
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6 years ago, good
Works great for what I do.
I create large spreadsheets with tons of math going on, and so far I’ve been able to surprise myself and others with what I can do with the iPad version of numbers. I also have the OS12 version, and it’s much more verbose, and easier for me to program, but I have been able to do everything I did there, here on the iOS version, though it took some hunting around the app to find things. This app is probably best as a data entry form tool /editor, than a “complex” spreadsheet creation tool, though if you take the time to learn this version, you could make complex, multi sheet relational spreadsheet database type stuff.
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1 year ago, vBuren
Still Terrible
Figured I try the app again after a year or so to see if it has improved and it’s still quite a pain to use. Entering info brings up a half screen keyboard… I click on an icon and get the smaller keyboard which is what I want, and then move to the next cell and it’s the huge keyboard again. Move back to the previous cell and it’s back to the small keyboard. Looked at the quick settings in the app and didn’t see anything to force the use of a small keyboard. I want to move a column and since I’m on an iPad I figure I can hold the column and move it, but it moves the entire data set, all columns and rows. Doesn’t make sense. Copying the column only copied the header and not the data. I got into Apple a long time ago because things were easy and they just worked, but the apps they’re kicking out today are terrible. I actually prefer my work PC to my wide variety of Apple devices more often than I should because of the decline of their apps. For this latest experience, I tossed Numbers and my iPad aside and jumped on my work PC to use Excel.
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4 years ago, Shdld05
Check register
I have been using Numbers for invoices and menu planning for several years and find it easy to use. Have also set up a sheet to track my blood pressure and blood glucose. Enjoy having these items at my finger tip. Since banks no long offer check ordering and all the companies you order checks from are now charging for check registers. It would be great to have one in the personal or business section of numbers. I hope at some point you will consider offering this as a part of your templates. I'm not sure I'm tech savvy enough to set this up on my own and a template would be so helpful.
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2 months ago, carterman 337
I use this to keep myself balanced
I own a real estate investing business, and an property management business and we use numbers to stay organized between each other. The ease of being able to edit a spreadsheet and everyone that it’s shared with being able to see the edit is probably its best feature. I love the fact that spreadsheets can be converted to pdf and excel. Once you really understand all the features within the app it’s simple a game changer. I’d pay for this app if I had to. 5stars!
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4 years ago, Chazzzor
No Ads And Not a Subscription
Numbers is a pretty good Spreadsheet. If you are used to Excel, it’s not quite as technically sophisticated for engineering calculations. But it’s great for most common uses. Best of all it’s not a freaking subscription that will cost you over and over each month nor does it have advertisements. Numbers seems to be somewhat more optimized for touchscreen use than Excel in my perception. For most of my uses it’s good enough and the cost is reasonable. It is easy to use with the files application to move the files in and out without requiring it’s own proprietary file sharing system that usually costs you.
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6 years ago, Svenski08
Almost perfect but...
Numbers is a wonderful program for spreadsheets. It just needs some small refinements to be as efficient or recognizable as Excel is. However, I love the more subtle design and use of spreadsheets inside Numbers. They kinda float and can have multiple tables in one spreadsheet. It’s a little shocking for the Excel users to not just have a stuck table to work in. I am enjoying switching over to this considering it’s a free program and MS Office is expensive and I would have to pay for it every year. Over and over again. Numbers is free and it works over the cloud. I’m going for it and learning how to use it now.
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7 years ago, zippo7883
IOS11 Update corrupted my spreadsheets
Update: iWork team was nice enough to reach out to me and listen to my problem. They pointed me toward a fix and I can not be happier. Everything has been returned, nothing was lost. The solution was easy. I have been made whole. Thank you!!! None of the spreadsheets save on my phone or iCloud will open since updating. I’ve lost weeks of data because I trusted that iCloud would be enough. Silly me. The files exists in name alone and will no longer open in numbers since the update. I’ll try to update if I get it to work...
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4 years ago, ewdcfz v
So the day before yesterday I switched from sprint to T-Mobile and I got the iPhone 12 and they downloaded this app for me and I was curious so I wanted to see how it works at first I couldn’t figure out how to type then I figured it out LOL 😂 so then I put in my school schedule and it’s really great now I do know my schedule by heart but it’s good to have it there anyways so I took a screenshot of it and u bookmarked it and added it to my Home Screen so it’s great I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars because it’s not exactly easy to figure this out well maybe it’s because I’m 11 years old or maybe it’s just hard? Idk well I hope this helps
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6 years ago, MissDarkness
Love!!! Use for EVERYTHING
I use this for every aspect of my life. Who needs “productivity apps”, when this thing is powerhouse and totally customizable for your every need!!! Similarly online apps that provide statistics cost $10 a month and more!!! I’m floored by this app and can’t recommend it enough! It can do so much more than you think! It will pay your taxes, clean your house, and bear your children: it can do all this and more!!! Just use it and use nothing more and you can actually be happy and make all your dreams come true (ahem this app is a great helper that is)
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7 years ago, ArtistCarl
I've spent the last two weeks at work creating a spreadsheet that details price/feature comparisons between our products and the competition (iPad mini, latest iOS release). I just completed the project and wanted to share it out to fellow coworkers. I've spent dozens and dozens of hours on this! This is something the app said it could do, but despite this it forced me to update, before sharing to iCloud. The update fails halfway, now I have no spreadsheet app and I've lost two weeks worth of work, with apparently no way of getting it back! Apple, if you are reading this, please let me know how I can get the old version of Numbers back, and my data, with two weeks of work! Why would you downgrade an app and force an upgrade to a non-usable product, without testing?! So 😡!
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2 months ago, HarBttgr
Incredible Value
I’ve used “Numbers” for years and for my purposes it’s nearly ideal. It’s free, it works on my iPhone, iPads and Macbook Air. My only problem is that I don’t use it everyday. This results in my struggling to to remember how to do some functions such as formula fill and formula insertion. Even with consulting “Numbers” Help, It may take several tries to obtain the results I am seeking. nevertheless, I never felt the need to use another spreadsheet even though I used Microsoft Office for years when I was working.
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1 year ago, Thb55
Good but not great
It is good to have access to a spreadsheet program that can be used across multiple devices. The templates that are available are very useful. It is somewhat frustrating when expecting it to more just like Microsoft Excel and it doesn’t. A specific example is when inserting a row that contains calculations Numbers keeps the calculation from the row above the one inserted. Example: Column A has a list of financial entries, Column B is a run inning total. Cell B4 has entry of <=B3-A4> A row is inserted between row 3 and 4, the resulting calculation in the new B4 is as it should be <=B3-B4> however the calculation in B5 is <=B3-B5>. This has the result of not including the inserted row in. The column’s calculations.
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7 years ago, Jazzernaut
Don’t fix what isn’t broken!
This was a simple spreadsheet app that I used frequently and had a lot of information in. Since the last update, it’s harder to navigate and I’ve lost all my spreadsheets! Where did my documents go?!!! Update: The provider sent me a link with help to use the iCloud drive and recover my files. Thank you! That didn’t help at all!!! You still get one star! I have icloud set up and my documents still aren’t showing up. The point is why does it have to go to the icloud anyways? I don’t want my info just floating around on the internet. I want it on my hard drive where it is secure! Was a great app, but now is still an awful app! How about this time you send me a phone number to talk to a rep instead of a link you ignorantly assume will help?!
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4 years ago, BlackPearlie
Fab App for Text, Numbers w/great visuals
There’s Lots to Like I just loaded the app on my new 2018 iPad Pro — and love it! I’m still navigating some of its quirks, but it delivers: basic visuals (even the generic spreadsheets) are done well; charts and tables can be lush, in this world. You’re thinking — Visual fireworks? Eh, it’s Apple so of course. It’s snappy-fast on the 256G iPad Pro. But it’s a muscular machine under that sleek, especially (surprisingly) adept at behind-the-scenes cleanup and formatting of a .txt file with a mixed pedigree—in seconds. It’s great for text-heavy projects, like content calendars, DBs and similar. Numbers is a much better iPad spreadsheet app than Excel, low standard though that is. What they have in common is a big bite of memory and (with Excel) serious processor drag. For iPad, Numbers is a nobrainer. The downsides? I’m still a starry-eyed Numbers noob, but haven’t noticed many. The biggest? Non-intuitive features access 50% of the time, and a bit of sluggish since the last update. Not bad, Apple.
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1 year ago, norm2525
All seemed to be working well,until the last update. Now when I use the on screen keyboard to enter data, the keyboard comes up across the middle of screen, and the blocks the view of the sheet, which you have to move to see the cell you are working with. Another issue is the keyboard blocks the view of any other pop up screen that you have to use to access all the options you want to use. It even blocks thief of finishing this review.
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5 years ago, Beauaxis
Erased all my important documents!!
Before the update this app was great and very easy to use until it updated. After that I couldn’t find important documents and I thought it was because of me then I watched the app in action decide to delete what I had just worked on. I was not able to retrieve it anywhere!! Then I kept on seeing it happen over and over. I lost very important documents that I was not able to retrieve back. Very upsetting. Would not recommend this app if you plan on using it for anything important.
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12 months ago, X.Jet
Apple ecosystem is simply the best.
I could not work personally, or professionally without these apps. I use them even at work when I have to turn in Excel sheets. The user experience of this app is so much better, so much more streamlined, and you can make things more clear, concise, and beautiful more easily. Also the Apple ecosystem makes it so so so simple. People think I’m really organized, but in actuality it’s just that I’m using a well made, effective tool that makes life easier. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Tokyofrank
Don't waste your time
I've read a lot of bad reviews and decided to try numbers anyways. Unfortunately, that decision turned to be a of waste of time. Numbers is, like more than a few apps made by Apple these days, shiny on the outside but cr*ppy on the inside. So I've created a spreadsheet with three columns in numbers. In the form set up I assigned pop-up menus to two columns, and date and time to another column. More often than not, numbers keeps forgetting the pop-ups and the date and time setting when I wanted to enter data later. Also, importing tab separated text doesn't seem to work. Instead of wasting more time with this half as*ed software, I ended up downloading Open Office on my Mac, which works like a charm.
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