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User Reviews for Numbers

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1 year ago, Fidel Caceres
Gettin it perfect
I started working in BASIC when the 1st computers arrive to the market, I was coding allotte but xcell chaged all and since that moment I used on different computers but apple changed all with Number, I can see the dedication, precision, quality that the team put on it. I do all my work on it and I can't use all the functions, I changed my large screen and confortable computer for this little MacBookAir and I do all I can have all in my Iphone very good work team! The bad is that apple not you Team continue continue taking without authorization our information. They use other Team to do the bad stuff. That make apple lower their ratings and popularity when you try to buy computers. A company that make the money that Apple make shouldn't be doing it. That put apple next to the others and that doesn't do any good to Steve Jobs memories. He was like every one at the beggining trying to reach out his goal, the followers just are damaging all because of the money. Sad vision! Anyway Numbers Tean, I'm with you even if I don't like what Apple as company does. Thanks for alloing me to say something.
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3 years ago, Sean Jay SD
Great concept, but there is a fatal flaw
With Numbers, Apple has freed us from the tyranny of "fixed grid" spreadsheets. I can easily move individual tables and charts to make side-by-side comparisons much easier and even overlap tables in order to compare specific colusmns in two or more different tables. Just like you would with paper. Canvas concept. Feels much more natural, like working with yesteryear's paper-based (in a very good way). Canvas concept -- not just traditional spreadsheet tables, but also images, videos, documents, pretty much anything can be added to the Numbers canvas. Clean, unbloated interface. HOWEVER, there is a huge fatal flaw (for me) -- Numbers does not have a feature to group/collapse/expand rows and columns (Excel: Data > Group and Outline, Google Sheets: Data > Group). I use spreadsheets for revenue and cost data, with columns representing multiple years, further broken out by month. A way to group the months of each year is an absolute necessity for me, to enable easy switching between Year-views and Month-views. There is a Group feature for rows (Organize > Create Group for Rows), but its intended usage is for Pivot Table functionality, and not for simple collapsing and expanding. Fix this flaw, and Numbers gets 4, even 5, stars.
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6 years ago, sharonthoms
Thank goodness! A spreadsheet I can use!
After spending considerable money on several budgeting apps which turned out to be far too complicated for me to use and which didn’t really fit into my daily work habits, I decided to go into do-it-yourself mode. What I needed was an easy-to-use basic budget where I could get a general overview of my income and expenses as well as keep more detailed records of my expenditures and also make balance sheets for my daily expenses and bank and credit card accounts. Numbers came to the rescue with one of their templates called “Simple Budget"! It took a little bit of doing, as I am no genius and certainly no expert when it comes to accounting and using spreadsheets, but Numbers made it easy for me to organize the information I needed and to make the calculations required as well as transfer information from one sheet to another to keep information consistent over a number of spreadsheets. I was also able to make beautiful pie charts of my expenses as well as color-code my columns and headers. Thank you! Numbers is a beautiful application I now couldn’t live without.
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2 months ago, Bikeman5
Trying Numbers Again
I prefer MS Excel because on OS Updates you can still access your documents even if you cant get updates. With Numbers I've been locked out after OS Update and could not open any of my old documents. This was when Catalina went to Big Sur. I Updated Numbers on my 2012 MBPro OS Catalina device and lost access to 100's of Docs. I had to transfer them to my iPhone 12 then i converted them back to MS Excel and MS Word. I stopped using Numbers and Pages that day in Nov 2020. It is May 2024 and Im giving Numbers a try the doc i had to do was easier here than MS Excel. Also Converting from Apple Office to MS Office is smoother than Converting from MS Office to Apple Office. I love my apple products i am all apple however that made me very sour and stressed losing access to my docs in 2020. Otherwise Id give Numbers a 4 or 5. Apple is much more user friendly all around however I think MS Office is more user friendly with more options than Apple Ofice. Im doing a calendar schedule for work the week changed from Sunday to Saturday to Friday to Thursday. I couldnt do it in Excel but i was able to in Numbers. That is why im here tonight. I hope i don't get locked out of this Doc on my 2021 MBPro M1 Max in a future Update.
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2 months ago, r08!n5oN
Apple Numbers: A Game-Changer for My Productivity
Apple Numbers has truly transformed the way I manage my personal and professional tasks. From budgeting my finances to organizing project timelines, this application has become an indispensable tool in my daily routine. The user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Apple products make it incredibly easy to create and manage spreadsheets. One of the standout features for me is the ability to collaborate in real-time with colleagues and friends. This has significantly improved our productivity and efficiency, as we can instantly share updates and make necessary adjustments on the go. The wide variety of templates available also saves me a lot of time, allowing me to focus more on content rather than formatting. Overall, Apple Numbers has made my life so much easier. Its intuitive design, powerful features, and constant updates ensure that I will continue to use it for all my spreadsheet needs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient spreadsheet application.
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1 year ago, jbradley2234
Excel killer!
I have been a fan of the apple suite of prodcutivity apps for some time but have recently gotten multiple people to switch from excel. Why and how you might ask? In short, Collaboration! For years I felt changed to Excel because thats what most people use but last year I said screw it! I will just export documents for people. Then I convinced a couple co-workers to collaborate with me using it and now they love it! What it comes down to is really just how intuitive everything is. If you need to do something it makes sense where you find the options to make it happen. It might take a little to learn but I swear you will find yourself saying, where is this? ah yes excatly where it should be! You just cant say that with excel. Anyway, its worth a shot if you havent tried it and if you have tried it but it was a long time again its worth checking out collaboration and the updates.
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1 year ago, Nature Freak MB
Great program, but some limitations
I have bad eyes and the fact that you can't zoom in the text which explains formulas and gives examples is very annoying. I have to use hover text in order to read it comfortably when my eyes are strained—same goes for the little numbers on the bottom that tell average, sum, count, etc. of selected cells. There is also no UNIQUE function, which is very annoying, and I'm sure there are other functions that Excel/Google Sheets have but Numbers does not. Also I wish you could have more than 15 rules for conditional highlighting/formatting. For positives: I love how when you scroll, it doesn't snap to the gridlines like Google Sheets does. And I love that it has greater capability for custom number formats than something like Excel. Also, I have an AppleScript to color cells based on value because that's the only way to do it, and in a previous version of Numbers in 2021 it worked great, but in this version it can't handle blank cells in the selection range. I also wish I could make custom templates that specify font as well as color of spreadsheets.
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1 year ago, Zachary-G
Very nice but missing some features
Overall the numbers experience is very pleasant. I'd say I can get things done 9/10 times the way I want them. Only a few complaints: when dealing with formulas, you can set the content of the parent cell (the one that holds the formula), but you can't cast to another cell. For instance, I made a spreadsheet that had a todo list on it. I wanted my todo field to change the text value of another cell. It could not be done. Not a huge problem, but still a bit annoying. One other feature I think should be added is this: You can have two tables in one spreadsheet, so allow us to copy certain table attributes. For instance, we have 2 tables, table A and table B. I will be frequently adding rows to table A, and I want table B to follow that addition. Again, nothing super annoying, just a little inconvenient. So overall I gave numbers a 9/10, because it's the most versatile spreadsheet application I've ever used, but it has potential to be better ;)
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1 year ago, Just Beiing Honest
So sad!
I really do beleive that Apple shold devote some reasoures to improving Numbers, rather than continually addng silly bells and whistles to the iPhone, which are just toys that no one uses or needs. Let's get to work on Numbers!! Numbers is a nightmare. When I call support at Apple, the Numbers experts have a lot of difficulty figuring it out. Apple should take a look at Excel and see how user friendly it it, e.g. it takes three steps to add a column in Numbers!! And just one step in Excell and the icon to do so is always on top of the spreadsheet. You don't have to turn cartwhells to add a column. Today I wanted to insert a row....well on Excell the insert line icon is right on top of the spreadsheet. There is an insert icon on Numbers but it has nothing to do with inserting rows or columns. Also, instead of a simple icon to signify "go back to previous version," Numbers torments you into several steps and then sends you dozens or previous versions....I guess you have to hunt around for the one you want. Terrible!! To summarize, how about putting some $$ into making a decent spreadsheet and put on hold the earh shatterlingingly important choice of ten colors for the backgound of the iMac for pity's sake!!
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1 year ago, redshift13
Remarkably anti-intuitive and difficult to learn
Unlike most other Apple apps, Numbers is sorely lacking in quick, intuitive usability. I literally can't think of one thing I've tried doing with the program that doesn't require you to watch videos or read articles in order to figure out how to do it. Consider the following example. You want two columns: date and percentage. First, you can't add one, two or three dates and drag down the remaining consecutive days automatically. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't - and for no discernible reason. Next, once you have those two columns, good luck trying to figure out how to quickly generate a simple graph. Editing the input category data on the graph? Forget it. You'll need to start over and hope you get it right the second time. Numbers so consistenly throws up roadblocks to easy usability I'm now looking for an alternative. I've taught myself how to use two architecture programs, Logic, Photoshop, and I used to learn and teach software at my last company. I literally can't imagine how something so unintuitive as Numbers even exists, especially given Apple's virtually unlimited resources.
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2 years ago, CJ’s MacBk
I love it! 😍
GREAT JOB Apple! I love this new versions of Numbers! I’m a long time Excel pro, which is a great app for medium to large size businesses use, complicated/complex calculations and data analysis. HOWEVER, Numbers is a little more laid-back, uncomplicated and FANTASTIC household, home office, or small business spreadsheet app. AND it can export to other app formats! I use it on my iPad Air4 and one of my many uses of Numbers is my household budget. * I link Billers’ websites for quick online payment access. * I link cells to other sheets/tables for the previous month’s credit card/loan balances. * I calculate total principal verses interest paid on the balance owed according to the annual interest rate of account on the credit card/loan and calculate the new balance accordingly. * Charts and/or graphs are a snap for quick financial forecasting at a glance of monthly/annual expenses verses income—critical being on a fixed income—keeping me on top of my finances! 🤩 In 5 words…NUMBERS KEEP ME FINANCIALLY SANE. 😌 FYI: The newer versions of Numbers doesn’t work with on older iOS or MacOS versions of Numbers and will not install updates on those devices. Be careful not to open a Sheet, table graph, or chart created with a newer version on an older iOS or MacOS device, it will NOT recognize the newer features. When availabel and neccessiary, always check System Requirements prior to attempting to install.
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1 year ago, rogerc2189
I go back to the days of Appleworks (AW) and Apple II's of various vintages. It was difficult to find a spreadsheet/DB setup which was as workable as the DB/SS in AW. Once I started using Numbers, which was very similar to AW, I was in love. It is not as complicated as XL, etc., and I do have simple simple needs. I haven't found much that Numbers will not do, easy to setup and format a SS/DB. I know this has been brought up before, but the real drawback to Numbers AND Pages is that you cannot insert Numbers fields into a Pages text document. That capability would make Pages and Numbers almost perfect, at least from my perspective. I'm giving it 4-stars in the hopes Apple will finally get its collective act together and make both these programs really useful to those of us 'out here' in the trenches. Why do these comment sections not have a spell check???????????? And why do the boxes not permit scrolling with the mouse wheel, WHY do you have to physically move the cursor to move up and down to move within the box? ADDENDUM: I use Numbers everyday for something or other. Still love it and it has become more powerful but STILL not as confusing to use as XL. The interface is typical Apple, convenient, straightforwaerd and easy to use. "As opposed to the other brand".
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3 years ago, WillDRSF
Excel users, Watch out for this "Number"
I use Microsoft Excel, as most do in the business world, for all my spreadsheets. Numbers is the default application for spreadsheets on my Mac. I always change the default APP to Excel, but ther have been way too many times I find it set back to Numbers. Unfortuntely, Numbers has mangled more than a few of my spreadsheets merily by opening them. Afterwards, the sheets are no longer usable by Excel. My iMac has lost my Keychain Access files about three times this year. I have a password protected Excel file with a list of my passwords. Numbers, in mangling my password protected spread sheets, does not take my passwords. I am not able to use them at all. It is essential to keep back up copies of everything I would say that for users who don't use Excel but need a spreadsheet application, this will suffice. It has some wonderful graphics and is fairly easy to use. If you are like me and choose Excel, keep constant back ups of your work. Uninstalling it helps, but I find it reappearing. I attribute this to Icloud and also the Apple Store as well as update settings in System Preference.
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4 years ago, Mtngoatjoe
Absolutely Awesome!
I'm no Excel slouch; I know my way around the master of spreasheets. But here's the difference between Excel and Numbers... while Excel is the master of huge, 10,000 line spreadsheets, Numbers is FAR, FAR better at EVERYTHING else. Numbers is easier to use, and looks amazing!!! I primarily use Numbers for my home budget (tracking bills). I have checkboxes I that show when a bill has been paid, and it tells me how much money I need to pay the rest of my bills for the month. Super easy. I also use Numbers for tracking combat encounters with my online D&D group. I insert nice maps below the grid and then size the grid to match the 1 inch squares on the map. Then with the collaboration feature, everyone has the map open on their local machine and can easily move their own tokens around. I know there are other ways to do this, but with Numbers, it's easy and FREE.
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2 months ago, CurtisHarris
Dramatic Improvement over Excel
I have a long excel background which made it hard to give Numbers a "try", but considering we are an Apple family, I thought it best that we embrace the eco-system if possible. It did take me a couple days to get used to everything, but for the most part I was productive from day 1. Now after 10 years of using this, I will never go back. There are a lot of little reasons why, but the single biggest is the way you can format for viewing and using. I used to create multiple "sub-tables" on a single sheet; always trying to make sure the column width was appropriate for all etc. With Numbers I create as many tables as I want on a single page, each with their own design aesthetic making it easy to USE the software MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVELY. The one drawback I've found is a lack of pivot tables. For a few years that kept me coming back to excel and treating that solution as a single function software. Today, I've become efficient enough at some alternate lookup functions, etc. that allows me access to the data I was looking for in pivots. I can't say that all excel functions are in Numbers, but I haven't found one that isn't; if you already know how to write the formula in excel, it should be the same.
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1 year ago, JouhouGenjutsu
Actually best Spreadsheet for Minimalists
I used excel, very powerful indeed. I used sheets, very convenient but kind of skippy since its on a browser. Numbers is everything I asked for convenience. I am going to be honest, I am a heavy minimalist so excess isn't something that is appealing to me. The fact Numbers work off of "Tables" instead of an entire 1000 rows and columns forces the user to actually organize their thoughts and format. I gurantee you most people do not even go over 100 rows and past 25 columns unless you are record keeping something. Anything higher than that is also borderline unpresentable. Data is beautiful, so painting a picture with thought in mind of how it is presented is more relatable to the audience vs a wall of text and data "you have to be there to understand" kind of sheet.
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2 days ago, DickKScott
Great 80/20 Solution
If you need a spreadsheet program and want it native to macOS AND don't want to shell out for Office 365 this is the best solution. I've tried all big ones, Excel, Numbers and FreeOffice PlanMaker. PlanMaker is the most like Excel, but definitely looks like it was written in Java. The best thing about Numbers is that it's relatively simple to just jump in and start using. It's also a little more intuitive, at least to me, than the others. However, my big gripe is that after all these years you still can't link cell data from another file like you can in Excel and PlanMaker. So, because I need to do this for my business I have to move all my Numbers spreadsheets into Excel, and there is a lot. If Numbers allowed me to link to data from another file then I would have given it 5 stars. But, nope, Apple still refuses to allow this, so just 3 stars (really, 3.5, but I can only do full stars, so I'm rounding down).
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3 years ago, pwflint
Great for hobbies, terrible for actual work
If you are only looking for lite spreadsheet functions, like track your running and cycling mileage or manage personal and small business finances, and you like to have a graphic interface to visually organize your data, this is a great product that ships with your device. If you need to use a spreadsheet application to manage and analyze large and complicated data sets, you will need another application like Excel. Even Google Sheets, a web-based app, has more advanced functionality. I am a long-time user of Apple products. I got excited about moving away from the drab world of conventional spreadsheets and into an app where graphic quality is a priority. But as I've gone deeper into its capabilities it has begun to feel more and more like a marketing device meant to justify the increasingly absurd prices Apple wants to charge for its hardware, and less and less like a product developed for intelligent and professional users.
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1 year ago, Mark6saxplayer
Oneof the Most Underrated Apps
I've used Numbers for many years for many functions. While it doesn't have some of the complexity of Excel, which I sometimes need (I do also use Excel), there's a speed to using this program that I can't match. Once you get the hang of it, it can be killer. I use it basically as a Lucid, big canvas type app too (before there was Lucid), using shapes, text, and so on–sometimes small tables––to combine into whatever document fits the need. The printing selection options make it so easy to pull together whatever images or visual elements are needed for a specific printing need. It's undeniably more pleasing to the eye than any comparable app. Fabulous app. It needs more things, but what it has it does very well. Probably the most useful app I have.
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2 months ago, 719df
Very user friendly
While Numbers is a lot different than Excel, it has many more features that I find user friendly. I love the "Format" and "Organize" tabs to the right of the screen. They make it so easy to format my files and keep them paginated (not sure that is a word?). I love the tabs for each page of my files - it is so easy to add and also to rename them. Also, formulas are very easy and I love being able to have a tally page easily for all pages. The one thing I do miss from Excel is being able to incorporate other spreadsheets into a total that I am keeping up with. That is the only challenge. I have been very pleased since I started using it in about 2018. There have also been a lot of improvements over the years.
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5 years ago, Snerky Poppy
Smart features are convenient, i need one simple improvement
I use numbers every day to take inventory in a small shop with a lot of products in several categories. I can filter by category, and sort by brand which i love. my issue is this kind of organizing only makes visual changes to my table, but all of my irrelelvant data is still in the file, and the sorting is reverted if i close and reopen the file. i can save my sort preferences as a template, but then if i share the file to someone else, it's just a huge mess again. i have no way to export a sorted, filtered table to share with fellow employees, except for a clumsy copy and paste into a new file. I'd like a direct, smooth and clean option to create a new table from Visible or from selection, export or save a table file based on whats visible or selected. Something like that, so i can take a mess of data and create new meaningful tables from it in a way that makes sense.
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2 months ago, Db987654321
Go-to for basic number crunching
I prefer to use Numbers over Excel for basic manipulation of data. But it still lacks some functionality related to object manipulation and querying that Excel has (although could be improved upon). Notably, I'd like to be able to reference parameters associated with charts using a formula. Additionally, the plotting in Numbers is unusuable for most of my intended purposes. Creating a simple scatter plot is too confusing. I have only been able to successfully plot an x-x plot, where both axes are of the same data. If I try to change the data, the axis will adjust so it only plots the same data for both axes. There is a workaround, but it is rather cumbersome to have to delete the plot and recreate it anytime I want to change the data. In these cases, I just use Excel, even though it's interface is bloated.
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1 year ago, Great - 2 features missing!
Such a great app, but missing a couple of big features
I love Numbers, and I've been using it for over 10 years now, but I still wish Apple could figure out a way to add two huge features that other big-name spreadsheet programs (who shall remain nameless) have had for years: 1) the ability to expand and collapse a group of rows by simply clicking on an arrow. For example, I'd love to collapse all rows for a specific month of sales, but be able to quickly and easily exand them (and re-collapse) them if necessary. 2) the ability to link a cell to data existing in a cell in another spreadsheet that's in a separate file. For example, to have one spreadsheet with a master list of prices, then be able to reference specific cells in that spreadsheet from other spreadsheets, even if they are in separate files.
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1 year ago, fmdidnsbxjdkslakqdbbd
Better than expected
I used Numbers when it first came out. It was honestly still a work in progress at that point. I went back to Excel; everything work-related was in Excel, and it was just easier to go with what I knew. I recently purchased a standalone (non-subscription) copy of Excel, and Microsoft tried to force me after exactly one year of ownership to re-purchase (their system clearly confused me with a subscriber). I quite literally could not reach a single live human in that entire organization without paying $400 for an annual service plan, and without getting the authorization glitch fixed, the app was unusable. So, I decided to see how Numbers is doing these days. And I have to say, it does 98% of what Excel does, and it's much easier to manage and navigate. In my old corporate life, I used to conduct Excel trainings for the entire company; I know how to use that app, so when I say that Numbers is nearly every bit as good as Excel, I know. Exchanging files with Excel users is still imperfect (as it is with Word / Pages), but I'm starting to think that's the fault of Microsoft, not Apple. Numbers is great. Take a few days to learn it, and you may never go back to Excel again.
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4 years ago, Coconut Chocolate Chip
The latest update ruined it.
I have relied on a simple spreadsheet to track income from my small business, tax information, personal finances, etc. and the latest version greatly slowed things down, adding too many useless features that taook away the app's simplicity. I just want to get on the app to update my budget without having to figure out the complicated step of putting it into "edit" mode. I have read the instructions and still don't "get it." When I move from my laptop to my ipad to my phone, I'd like things to update quickly (as they did on the cloud until this new update went through. I'm so frustrated that I want to go back to paper and pencil. It was perfect for me before and I'm very sad that things can't just stay uncomplicated.
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1 year ago, Player453
Typically I would give a 5 star review for numbers all day long... however, there have been more "bugs and issues" after the last few updates that have become pretty annoying.. For example, this morning I couldn't change the format on a column to the date - as soon as I'd change it, it would just revert back to a 'number' or anything else it wanted to set up as. It's always been formated under date since I made the sheet, but here lately, stuff like that has started... If I quit numbers completely and start over, it will usually reset it's self. This is the only program I've had issues in. Or sometimes the 'sort' function, just won't work - unless of course - I shut down numbers and start over... I hate having to "update" numbers, but now it's forced if I want to keep "sharing" files.
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6 years ago, MP of 2999
Works perfectly for financial management
I recently ended up saving some money by not paying Microsoft Office 365, who needs free 1TB OneDrive Cloud if your computer don't have enough space or either OneDrive won't connect to extenral hard drive? I like to manage my finance for budget, taxes, salary and everything for just regular people. I found out how simple Numbers is despite poor feedbacks, but I had to pay $45 for Scrivener, for just serious writer. Pages is second word processor that all you need to write quickly. Scrivener has best dark mode for writing and it's only one-time payment of $45. Check out Pages and Scrivener, maybe try to give Pages a chance for just a few days before you decide. Nice work, Apple, but needs to do more better with Pages and everything.
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3 years ago, SBCpp
Works great for most tasks
Numbers work great for the vast majority of what users want from spreadsheet app. Just like Keynote and Numbers, it is less cluttered and bloated than Excel and way more elegant, and does everything I need it for. My charts and figures always look great, and I often make them first in Numbers then copy and paste to my presentations. For data analysis and visualization, I just drag and drop my Numbers file on the amazing app “ Wizard” which is the best in its class and available on the Mac App Store. It is also easy to use and works seamlessly across Macs and iOS devices, with the added safety and security that comes with using the Apple ecosystem. I only u!se Excel when I have to, not because I want to. Thank you Apple!!
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1 year ago, Marshallpa
Numbers combines genius with common sense
I've used spreadsheets since the beginning. I started with Lotus in the 80's and switched to Excel when that came out and Lotus started waning. For years Excel satisfied my needs both with home finances and at work, but when I started using Apple products, Mac and iPad, and made the switch to Numbers, it was like being transported to another world with advanced technology. Numbers takes the power of spreadsheets to another level and then does the unthinkable: it combines it with common sense! Fantastic product. I use it extensively. My job still requires Excel, but I do all my spreadsheet development on Numbers and then export it to Excel for work. I love it.
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3 years ago, mrrrrrrr42
Great on Computer, awful on iPad and iPhones
Even though Numbers doesn't have all of the functions of excel, I'm generally a pretty big fan. I've used it for budgets, travel iteneraries, calenders, degree plans, and even an interactive map for a research project I'm doing. The layout is the least cluttered, compared to excel and google sheets, in my opinion, and iCloud collaboration is a huge plus, as well. The preloaded templates are really nice and pleaseing to look at, and also easily customizable. But it is so difficult to work with Numbers on any device that is not a laptop or desktop computer, even iPads. It's really more for "view only" on tablets and phones because editing is such a pain. But all in all, I don't need to edit on a tablet or phone very often, and it still works great for what I need it for.
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11 months ago, C Caldwell
Fidn it easy to use
I probably would only ask for more options in the formats of the tmplates you already have. I use Numbers a lot for home budget, class materials, creating lists for personal use, church library, and then some. It would be nice to see some new and creative spreadsheeds that are both fun, colorful and leave a larger space for data -- less space for charts. I tend to have a lot more data, and if there were more options in the template offerings, it would be pretty much perfect for me. Numbers keeps me from losing time, money and I find it very user friendly, not difficult to teach yourself how to use it. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Sabon
Numbers is a little confusing and Apple appears to think people don't want something BIGGER with #s
Numbers is a little confusing and Apple appears to think people don't want something BIGGER with #s. I would like Numbers to grow up and for Apple to understand that there are people in this world that don't want to buy Microsoft and there isn't a WordPerfect Office for Mac. OpenOffice/LibreOffice is kind of ugly. How about making Numbers more powerful? If you want a list I can make a list of things that I would USE if they existed in Numbers. Life can be a lot more complicated than Numbers gives home life gives people credit for. How about a survey of the things people would like added to both Numbers and Pages. Keynote is a VERY proper professional product. How about making Pages and Numbers equal to that. Sorry that you don't use them in your presentations more and maybe Apple should so that they will see where I quickly run into the limits of Numbers. I would have given it 3 1/2 stars but you can't give 1/2 stars and I thought it was better than three so I rounded up though I could have easiliy rounded down.
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2 months ago, Attwater Loop
Great and Secure Accouting tool
Years ago while being an a somewhat Adavance Excel Spreadsheet application end user, i made several unscessful attempts to teach myself Numbers. Periodically, over years, I decided to make real effort to learn and use Numbers on a regular basis. Slowly, but surely, i began using the Apple iOS Application. I adapter some of the troubleshooting skills, I used with Excel. it was not before longe, I use Numbers, exclusively. I lie the functionality, the security aspect. I know my data and works are safe, for the beter part of cybersecurity. Writing reviews and surveys are "not my thing" Normally I reject them, however, her I am writing this one. I hope it helps someone.
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1 year ago, 25YearLogicVeteran
Numbers USED to be great...
... but as is the norm these days, Apple is making apps that don't work nearly as elegantly as they used to. Numbers '09 (2.3) was fantastic; everything you needed was right in the top menu bar; now it's all buried in multiple tabs to the right, so you are CONSTANTLY having to mouse around and click like crazy to format text, cells, etc. You gotta wonder if the app designers ever have to use their creations, and what governs their decison making. Like, "hey, let's take this simple, elegant app and make it 5 times harder to use so people who used the great version will now want to pull their hair out. Oh, and while we're at it, let's trash the once-beautiful Mac OS, flatten the whole thing, take away all contrast so everything is blindingly white, and further obliterate once-great Apple products." Oy vey. PLEASE, Apple, revisit some Steve Jobs-era greatness.
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1 year ago, copterpete
MS Excel is easier
I may be prejudgist, but after working with MS Excel for Mac (2008 version) my iMac died and I was forced to buy a new one. This iMac does not support some of my older software, so I had to transition to Apple Numbers in order to continue logging all my finances on a spreadsheet. It has been a difficult adjustment for me because numbers is not as intuitive as Excel, and requires a lot more keystrokes per task, etc. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to run MS Office on this new iMac. I also miss MS Word. I am 75 y.o. and have been all in on Apple since the very beginning. started with a IIVX, then went to a G4, then the iMac 27" in early 2009, and now an iMac 24" along with an original first edition iPod and iPad, iPads version 5 & 9, iPad Pro, Two sets of Airpod Pros, and iPod touch and two nanos, and an Apple Watch 6. Kinda hard for lthis old dog to learn new tricks with "Numbers."
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1 year ago, CraigInGolden
What a spreadsheet should be
As a data scientist and a small business owner, I use a lot of spreadsheets. Data comes to me in massive Excel spreadsheets, the kind that take 5 minutes to open since they are so big. I perform complex calculations using named ranges, macros, and advanced formulas. I regulary pass data both ways between these spreadsheets and programming languages like Python and R and Matlab. I've got mad spreadsheet skilz, and yet I run my business and my life using Numbers. Why? * Because Numbers is way easier to setup and use * Numbers has templates that are relevant to my life. These templates are easier to understand. * Because Numbers likes it when I break my data into related tables on the same sheet. * The sheet I am working on now has 6 tables and two charts on it. This lets the data tell a story. * Charts are so much easier to create and customize. The final charts look 100x better than Excel. Numbers ls superior in every way except handling massive data dumps with hundreds of columns and millions of rows. Who really does that anyway?
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1 year ago, Droomr
My only spreadsheet
I've been using Numbers for more than a decade. I know everyone seems to know Excel, but not me. I never ally used spreadsheets and still don't use them much, but I find that Numbers can do everything I need, and I've never found something that Excel can do that Numbers cannot. Right now, I use it to track goal progress and do complex calculations, sometimes involved in decision making based on how changes in multiple variables might impact the outcome. It serves my purposes and is rather easy to use if you know what you're trying to accomplish and are willing to figure things out.
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1 year ago, BDevil69
Switching from Excel
I am being forced to switch from Excel to Numbers because my paid up copy of Excel is no longer supported. I was dreading the re-write of my personal finance spreadsheet but was pleased to learn that Numbers is more user friendly and flexible than Excel and perfectly adequate for my uses. As a plus, I now no longer worry about my spreadsheet software keeping up with the operating system or having to pay again to start over. In addition, my work is available on every Apple device I own automatically via the cloud. Thanks, Apple! (please keep supporting numbers!)
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2 months ago, Wandering Bull
Numbers does what is most important
Although I have MS Excel installed on my computer and I have been a user for decades now, I almost never use it. Unless I have something I received that requires specialized functions of Excel i will always use Numbers first. Truth is, unless you are doing heavy Excel table work, you don't really need it. I have used Excel for many years in my work life, but Microsoft alway cripples some part of their software when porting it to MacOS, so that is annoying. Quite frankly though, once you know it Numbers is infinately easier to use. Numbers is what I use for virtually all of my spreadsheet work, even when I am sending things to others (just export you work to and Excel file). I really like the way that I can have multiple tables in a window that are realated to one another, it work more in the way I think. it is also much easier to create polished tables than it is in Excel. Numbers works on a different visual principal then Excel, so if you are switching to Numbers, there will be a bit of a learning curve.
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7 months ago, Tstoon
How can the company which built my laptops, not be able to write software that runs on it?
For all of 2023, Numbers has been buggy. It's excruciatingly slow to open and then when it opens it won't let me save new documents or open old ones. I get warnings like: The document “Untitled” could not be saved as “Untitled”. You don’t have permission." What permission do I need for a blank document that's first being created? Steve Jobs would be rolling around in his grave if he knew how incompetent the programmers were that he left behind. Hey Apple! Fix your crappy Numbers app. The version from 2020 ran better than all of your updates the last two years. This used to be the native alternative for Excel, but at least Excel works. It's a spreadsheet app for god sake, it can't be that darn difficult to write. Not like we're talking about an Adobe app.
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7 years ago, Fanagame
Don't install the latest update
I'm usually a very big fan of Numbers and the whole iWork suite all together. However, there's huge issue in the latest version. A lot of my spreadsheet stopped working. I do a lot of currency conversion. So I'd have Cell A with a Euro amount. Cell B with a USD amount, then Cell C with the USD amount converted to Euro. Something with a formula like Cell B / 1.17. Then Cell D would be Total Euro (so, cell A + Cell C). This used to work very well. Now, if a cell with a formula references a cell in a given currency, it AUTOMATICALLY becomes of the same currency. Which means my Euro amount converted from USD is displayed as USD, even though it used to be configured as a Euro currency cell. And there's no way to restore it back to Euro, it will constantly go back to "Automatic" format type. As a result, all my totals now are in error state because you can't directly add USD cells with Euro cells. Apple, please fix this. I hope I'm not the only one to encounter this issue. I would change my rating back to 5 stars if it wasn't for this bug!
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1 week ago, Michael Sinz
Very nice but missing some data features
So, this may be from someone who has used Excel to make some sophisticated data analysis sheets but there are a number of data features that Excel has and are sorely missing in Numbers. The big ones are related to data sources, such as CSV or database connections. I am fine with CSV data sources to build tables but it is far too limited in Numbers. Also, applying conditional formatting based on data values is somewhat limited. First, I made a set of rules for a column but when I load more data, the rule does not apply to the new rows on that column. I have to reselect the column and then "merge" the rules into the new cells. Also, the highlight rules can not use a value in one column to highlight a whole row. This has been very useful to highlight exceptional data in a data set. Otherwise, I have been very much enjoying Numbers and for many simple things it works well. The UI is reasonably done and the fact that I can access the same sheets on my iPad and Phone along with my computer can be useful when showing results to others.
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2 months ago, Saharsaad7
I love numbers it just needs some more development
I absolutley love and prefer numbers over any other. The fact that it is so easy to use, modern, aesthetic even in the user interphase is so awesome. It is defenitley a beautiful platform. I hope that apple is continuing to invest money into it because I see it becoming the mainstream platform for spreadsheets in the near future because it is free and comes with every apple product. I have encountered a few things that this cannot do on it that are availabe on other platforms like locking only select parts of the spreadsheet for example. I still absolutley love it and the things I have run into are not dealbreakers for me.
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2 months ago, YogaTechReview
Numbers is good, but not great
For massive data sets, which are very real if you work in large organizations, Numbers just can't handle as many records in a sheet as Excel can handle. I've run into that limit before and been forced to use Excel even though I'd rather not. With Pages, I never need to use Word, but with Numbers I sometimes need to use Excel. I'd always prefer to use Numbers, Pages and Keynote over anything else. No other productivity apps have the same ease of use and tight integration of features across platforms as Apple's software. Numbers just needs to be beefed up to handle larger data sets and it would be a 5 star product.
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2 years ago,
This app crash/quit "unexpectedly" every time
In January, I started to use "Numbers" instead of Excel as a daily work tool. Since then, I have had the problem that the application crashes at random times. When I'm updating information of a client to any of the tables, I start writing the name, and the application crash. The "unexpectedly crashes" happen at least once per day, but now, the app crashes 4 or 5 times in one day. My tables aren't complex ones. I only use it to write the client's name, date of purchase, quantity purchased, the date on which I processed the order, notes, sale price, the fee expenses that I pay for each purchase, and revenue. That's it. I don't want to imagine when I start doing weekly reports, sales projections, and a long etc...
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7 years ago, ObleoB
Annoying Update Popups
I really like numbers it makes doing spread sheets fun. Really there is nothing to complain about with the functionality of the program itself. The exception are the annoying popup windows that say there a new version if you update MacOS. There a dozen of these annoying popup windows a day. Why should the end user have to keep getting these annoying pop windows all day that interrupt the use of the software? Wish I could update, however not the system admin on the machine. My work decides what version of the OS to use not me. Please fix the app to not keeping popping windows to update to the next version. Maybe keep it for only when the app starts up.
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5 years ago, My Daddy’s Olds
Downloads like it’s 1988
I had to update this app when I was sent a spread sheet submitted by a sub-contractor. I opened up the spread sheet but an message popped up that told me that I had to update Numbers in order to open the spread sheet. I clicked on the update button in the window on the App Store site. Waited and Waited and Waited some more until I contacted Apple Support. I asked how long does it take to download the update for Numbers. I was told anywhere for 60 seconds to 60 minutes. I thought this response was ridiculous. So I shut down my MacBook and rebooted and tried to download the Numbers update again. So I sit here waiting again. I went to my iPhone and looked in my e-mail box. Lo and behold my iPhone can open the spread sheet. Just frustrating.
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1 year ago, clevvernet
Excellent product
I really enjoy numbers, for two primary reasons. First it's fairly simple, I find that our friends over at Microsoft have a tendency to add a lot of bloat into their 'office' applications. I find numbers to be simple and to the point thus I'm more productive using the tool. Second, and this is a big deal, the ability to create a proper page layout in numbers is huge. To elaborate the ability to to creat many tables on the same sheet /page that unique i.e. have their own column / row configuring and aren't shared is very useful with creating professional reports.
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6 years ago, glasvase
Please support more than 2^16 rows, among all others.
It’s a love & hate relationship when I think about this app, inheriting some Good Ol’ Days’ geist of Apple products. All in all I still love its UI and integration with other Apple apps. But I’d like to remind you that we live in the 21st century, and we need some real improvements. Put all the craps out of the stubbornnes aside, let me ask just for one thing: please allow us to handle more rows than 65,535. Now having a sheet of 1 million+ cells in Google Sheet is not a big deal anymore, which is not the case in Numbers. Furthermore, there is no sign that it has trimmed the rows beyond its limit when you try to open a long table. Looking at this behavior, I can’t believe that this app is developed by developers.. Please show us your respect to ‘numbers’, so that we can respect ’Numbers'.
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1 year ago, WillSuko
Great UI Terrible for Large Tables
I cant beleive this app exists in 2023 with these issues on a macbook pro from 2021. It is a beautiful app that is easy to use with some cool features such as quick filtering tables. for someone making a personal finance spreadsheet it will work well. But, for some reason it cant handle any large tables. Try giving it a customer list with 30k rows and everything you try to do to the list, filter, anything, will freeze the app. I have some experience as a developer and I cant fathom how numbers can be so bad at dealing with large data sets at this point and time. Now we have LLMs disecting large amounts of data rapidly, numbers will be obsolete in a year if this isnt addressed.
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