Nusenda CU-Mobile Banking

4.5 (3.6K)
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Nusenda Federal Credit Union
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nusenda CU-Mobile Banking

4.54 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
6 months ago, Rqrtsdingryt
Best Bank/Credit Union ever!!!
I absolutely love this Credit Union. I used to bank with Wells Fargo and Bank of America, but there were so many fees. What made me finally switch was when I got injured at work. When I went to cash my Workmans comp check at Wells Fargo, they told me they had to hold all but $50 of it !! I literally had to wait Thurs, Friday, the weekend and then Monday because it was a holiday. They told me the system would recognize my check after about 4 weeks of deposits. I went to another branch because that branch always gave me trouble. Six months later, I went to the first branch and they tried to hold all but $50 again!!! Nope. Nusenda is a fantastic place to be a member of!! The tellers are super friendly, the service is outstanding, and quick! Nobody could pay me to switch! You will absolutely love it!
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1 month ago, 4ever-a-CU-member
Ease @ navigating
This software that this credit union offers its membership is extremely fluid to navigate. One can do mobile banking on a wknd & be credited w/that deposit. One can check balances in multiple sub-accounts, or log out & into one’s other membership account w/ease. Even searching for an old pyt., up to 18-mos. ago is accessible, & done quickly. One can transfer to a friend’s account that might have picked up some merchandise for you out of town. Highly recommend learning how to use it & make your life easier, at least on accessing your financial realm 24/7 with ease! 4ever-a-CU-member
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1 year ago, WelcomeHomeSW
Decent, but not fingerprint enabled
I’ve been using the Nuesenda app for maybe three or four years now, and I find it pretty good. I can do everything I wanna do on here, which is transfer money between accounts or deposit checks. However, I can’t use my fingerprint to log in, and that’s a hassle. I have to remember or look up different account numbers, account IDs,and Logins. That makes it complicated and drives me to drive to the drive-through to deposit checks sometimes, because I just can’t be bothered to look up my passwords -or when I look up my logins and passwords and try to enter them I get them wrong and I can’t login and sometimes it’ll even locks me out of the app. (grr) Because It does not offer the option to see my password (no eye). so clearly, there’s room for improvement!
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2 years ago, Justmartha
Useful but not perfect
The Bill Payer app has more fancy stuff but lost some useful functionality with the last update. I used to easily be able to modify automatic monthly bills, so I could change the amount. For example, I always want a certain payment to go to a credit card company each month to avoid a late fee, but I don’t want to do automatic full payment in case of a problem or maybe don’t have enough money to pay in full. If I want to make a partial payment that is more than my monthly minimum, it takes quite a bit of digging around to do that now, and if you change it, the app assumes that new amount will be your new monthly payment. Old version made that modification of one payment a no-brained!
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8 months ago, 60Becca
I love the Nusenda mobile app. It’s quick to log on, navigation is straightforward and transactions go through easily. I especially like the ease of transferring between accounts and member to member. I’ve been a customer since the stone ages of NM Educators Federal Credit Union, when a lot of these transactions had to be done by telephone banking. For those of us who do a lot of our banking at all hours of the night, the Nusenda App is priceless. If you have any difficulties during regular hours, chat or other assistance is always available. Thanks for being so user friendly Nusenda!
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11 months ago, benghurk
Check depositing is very unstable
I live far from the nearest branch and the biggest thing I need the app to do is deposit checks. However, the current version of the app is very unstable when attempting to deposit checks. It will lock up and then dump me back to the login screen at least once every time I try to use it, usually after I take both photos. I wonder if it’s linked with going from landscape mode for the camera to portrait mode for the app itself, because it seems to occur especially when it’s trying to do that rotation. Either way, it is extremely frustrating having to try two or three times to deposit a check. Previous versions of the app did not have this issue, so I’m not sure what changed.
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12 months ago, GucciVenom
Great banking!
Great banking app, I've never had another bank but I've known many who have and issues are very common with apps such as this one. But fortunately for those who are members with Nusenda this app is updated and depositing checks through mobile is instant and super easy to do! Recommended as a necessity for anyone who's a member, a must have! Another recent amazing feature is the credit report section which has a full breakdown. I myself was also fortunate enough to get my auto loan through Nusenda which is a breeze to pay for on the app. No complaints!
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11 months ago, Just keep swimming...
Worst Banking App/Service I’ve Ever Used
First and foremost, I work for a bank and have accounts at 4 different banks, including Nusenda, for various reasons. Literally EVERY other app is 1000x better than this garbage. The layout is awful, the functions are mostly useless and the P2P option is a complete joke!!! Nowhere else does P2P (email and mobile transfers) require not only your debit card to send, but to receive as well or for you to input your account number to receive into a non-nusenda account. Add to that NOWHERE ELSE WILL YOU HAVE TO WAIT 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS TO GET AN EMAIL OR MOBILE TRANSFER!!!!!!! It defeats the entire purpose of P2P transfers. I will only keep this account open because my auto loan is through them but nothing goes into it except my payment. Once that’s done, I will have zero use for nusenda or their awful app.
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10 months ago, Caiusmaxus
Works well!
After my hard drive died on my PC, i didn’t have my usual avenue to pay my bills. Downloaded this app and realized that Billpayer works better on my phone than on my PC! It runs smoother and more reliable. And the other functions are pretty much as good as on the PC. So i’m as happy (if not happier) with the phone app as with the PC version. I’ve been using it for several months now without problems. Very good option!
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5 years ago, azkendrick
Convenient, when it works
This app is super convenient when it works. It seems with every update it gets slower and more inconsistent in operation. It's great to check my balance, deposit checks, money transfers and paying bills. If somehow it could be made to work well consistently I could give it 5 stars. Update: This app has become totally pathetic I can literally start my computer up and complete a transaction before this app does anything. Update number two: the app starts up quick and is convenient except for depositing checks, it can’t read the account numbers despite having a well lit area. Please stop doing updates you keep breaking stuff that works
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2 months ago, Carlos F. M.
Great App with Clunky Interface
I'd only recommend this app because of my support for Nusenda and the values they hold. I don't rely on the app that much for my banking needs beyond balance inquiry and money management. Trying to use features like Quick Transfer between accounts can sometimes return null values (no accounts, no funds) and require an app relaunch. Some pages, Member-to-member for example, provide misleading information or fail to show the screens needed. The mobile deposit feature can feel a bit lacking in comparison to Wells Fargo, but it does the job, with none of my checks being returned/wrongfully rejected.
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1 year ago, michaelrz
It’s ok
App over all is ok but not were it should be. App is almost just like the website and I don’t like the website. UI could be updated and make it look cleaner and easier to use. The bill pay opens a website page it feels like and just odd. Even though I’ve been a member for a long time I really like and use more then I should the t-mobile money account and app. There bill pay is nice, menu is in a nice spot and easy to use, the font size is nice and I like the graphs and grouping of transactions. I know it’s a wish and might not happen but would love a better app for my credit union.
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6 months ago, hydro-minion
Very good app!
Very great and extremely trustworthy! Just remember your ID and your password😅. It’s very good you can lock and unlock your credit/debit card. You can move money from one account to another whether it’s a savings to your spending or the opposite. You can also deposit checks and move money to another person’s account if you owe them money. This is a very great app for your life… thank you guys for this app!
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11 months ago, builder bill
Mobile deposit is great I don’t have to stand in line at the tellers or the drive up window
I moved my money over to Nusenda from Bank of America a couple years ago when they closed the drive ups, Nusenda has lots of drive ups, which I appreciate. the mobile deposit is a great thing also. And that I can bring my change in and throw it into a machine to put it into my account. It’s really a nice service also.
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8 months ago, Duck-tor
Easy to navigate this
I have been using Nusenda app since it was introduced at the time of name change from New Mexico Educators Fed Credit Union to now is the name Nusenda. I love the Bill Payor section; it keeps the previous 3 payments I’ve paid out and available to click select so payment can be same as last month. Easy to transfer money to mortgage and pay at the first of every month. Love it.
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8 months ago, Hidsrtbkr
Nusenda App
This program has dramatically changed recently. The Bill Payer in particular causes me problems when trying to stay up to date on our finances. We had two instances recently when bill payer sent out scheduled payments which were not deducted from our available balance…until the checks were cashed weeks later. By then we’d already spent the allocated funds elsewhere. Shame on me for not tracking things more closely on my own. But the problems we had with getting things straightened out contributed to serious thought of changing banks.
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12 months ago, Bionic988
After 5 or so years of using this app, it’s time I leave a review.
This app lacks proper support. It has barely changed since i first downloaded it. The look and overall feel is completely outdated. It feels like an app made in 2010. You need to force quit nearly every time you’d like to use it because as you login, it gives you a blank screen or it loads infinitely. The layout lacks in many ways. It needs an entire redo. But because it does it’s basic job in showing me my transactions and balance, it’s 3 stars.
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2 years ago, bsthea
So so
I like the app, and as a bookkeeper I get to see lots of other bank apps. And I don’t know if this is an issue with my own phone or what’s going on but I can’t login anymore without Wi-Fi. My cellular service won’t let me login. And I’ve tried so many things at the cell phone store at home downloading deleting reinstalling anyway and I don’t know if it’s just me and my phone or if it’s the app. But before this I really liked it
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8 months ago, jakii510
Having this app is so convenient. We can cancel cards when we want/need to. We were taking a car trip to Florida (3day drive) and I forgot to tell the bank I was leaving and all I had to do was send them a msg through the app and that was a life saver😭 Now that I know I don’t have to actually go up and talk to someone is super helpful cause now I don’t have to dread the fear of stuttering😅 or sound dumb lol.
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6 months ago, STEEZENINJA
Good Banking App for a Great Bank
The Nusenda banking app is a great tool to keep track of your finances and spending. The app is quick to load and simple to navigate. Everything I need to do with my finances is at the ease of my fingertips. Now, with the Credit Score indicator, I can keep track of my credit score without having to visit another credit score website. It’s a handy tool and a great addition to the app! Overall, it does a great job helping me with my banking.
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7 months ago, JeepnJules
Awesome to have this access to my accounts. Love the fact that my loan is right on the screen and makes it easy to pay. If only other accounts could be added. Additional simple recommendation, fix the reference to passwords so that Apple keychain can identify the application and suggest the passwords automatically vs having to navigate to the password app and do a search for nusenda.
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2 years ago, Kingston dingaling
I thought all bank apps were this good
Being mostly outside of new mexico for years at a time, the mobile banking app is extremely well programmed and lots of features Been with Nusenda since 2010. I thought that all bank mobile apps were standardly so intuitive and robust, until opened a second account in another credit union 🙈.
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12 months ago, iScream
Great Banking App
One of the easier and and more convenient banking apps. You can check on all you accounts, deposit checks, pay bills, apply for loans and even redeem credit card rewards points. As an payroll person I just with it had a tab that let you print out your direct deposit info. Otherwise it is perfect
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5 months ago, Gmac31415
Gives me all my accounts in one place
It’s great to have all my accounts together where I can easily see where my money is and where I’m at on my loans. The only hiccup I see with this app is that it will glitch periodically where it keeps sending me to the login page (when I log in, it starts me off on an individual account, I.e. savings) when I try to go back from one account to my welcome page.
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8 months ago, ghjcfgncdg
App review
It works but the old one was just fine. The new one when you transfer money from one account to a different account. It will not let you scroll down unless your keypad is down. Also I have put in numbers in the account number area. I have no reason to change my account number when I am trying to fill in the amount I want transferred. Maybe it can be fixed
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11 months ago, Earthling 505
Easy to use
I have been a long time customer. I used to do banking by using a touch tone phone. That was great for checking my balance and transfers between accounts, but not much else. The app has so many more options. I can deposit checks and I even managed to schedule recurring payments (that was tricky). Overall it is a useful app.
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8 months ago, So I got a dog...
It’s been 17 years!
I love Nusenda. They just happened to open up in Los Lunas when I was a teen and just learned about banks and credit unions (New Mexico Educators at that time). I had also just started my first job. In all these years, I have NEVER had an issue with them from accounts, to loans, to silly service questions. Best financial choice I’ve ever made!
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11 months ago, sniper99933339
Great app, transferring money takes only a few seconds, fast responding, easy to access and if you ever get stuck the assistant team will help very well. The only down side to this app is it takes along time when depositing checks and it may seem as the money is available but the app is still processing it so don’t mess with the money deposited until you’ve waiting 24 hours. Enjoy!
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12 months ago, kenzoz99
Great bank,easy use app, some issues I have…
The bank is Phenomenal but when I pay my bigger bills sometimes it take a couple of days to show that it took money out of my account like for example I have $500 in my account I’ll pay a $300 bill but if the next couple of days my account will still say $500 even though I should only have 200. And wherever I paid my bill will say approved but the number just won’t change.
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2 years ago, LS<
Depositing checks very inconsistent
When the app works, it’s great. However, about 50% of the time I end up with errors of it not being able to recognize the front or back images of a check I’m trying to deposit. I do the photos in a well-lit area on a flat surface and still get errors. Sometimes I can retake and get it to go through, other times it just won’t work. SUPER frustrating and always a toss up between working right away or not at all.
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11 months ago, WhyTheHellDoINeedAName
It works.
They are really good at communicating when the app or the service will be down. I also think the interface is pretty straightforward in how to use. I have an apple so it works well on my device and with other apps to help me pay for things as well, most of the time.
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2 years ago, SemolinaBee
Can’t View My Accounts
For the past week, the app won’t load my accounts and I’m unable to view them. The latest update changed a few things and for a few days I couldn’t access my credit card rewards but that has since been rectified though it’s more steps to access. Please rectify the view accounts issue!
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2 years ago, P_BL_F
New bill payer is terrible
The updates to the app have made it difficult to use some features on the iPad (deposit checks for example). The new bill payer does not have a search feature, you have to scroll through all the payees. The new checks sent out do not have a signature on them, so some banks will not cash them making the feature useless in some cases. I was told in chat I may need to te-enter payee contact info!!! Payment is taking so much longer to get to people. Have chatted with Ish a few times for help. They are not particularly helpful
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10 months ago, Lelinglee
What happened to my transaction total
I’ve had Nuesenda Credit Union for 4 years, and the new update with the transactions make it very confusing to track my funds. It’s mimicking the transaction style of the big banks, I have always loved the fact that every time I make a transaction it gives me my total what I have left for “pending”transactions. Now you guys have taken off the “pending” transactions total. It’s makes it harder to trust as well. Please put this back as it is necessary, I love Nuesenda I just wish that you guys wouldn’t have done that.
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2 months ago, Appliance Star
Not very happy.
My app always gets stuck. And then I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on. There have been plenty of times where I have deleted the app and had to re-install the app in order to get it to work. I have missed doing many mobile deposits due to this issue. And then it creates me getting fees because I can’t get my deposits in time. Otherwise, I do like the employees with the credit union. It’s just the app that I have a problem with.
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1 year ago, 2pugmami
Does not let you see all accounts on same login
This is a main reason why we are switching back to our previous bank. Nusenda does not allow you to see all accounts on one login even though accounts are all linked to the same person and same info. You have to logoff and relogin under a different user id and password to view other accounts. Also transferring money from account to account (which we do often) cannot easily be done on app or desktop. Closing my account with Nusenda asap
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6 years ago, Jallyse_
Frequent unable to scroll
App works fine for me, easy to use and similar setup to Nusenda’s website, so you can find stuff in all the same places. Frequently, when I launch the app, I can’t scroll thru my recent activity to see more. It just gets stuck and tries to select a transaction for more information rather than go down the list. It doesn’t happen consistently, but the issue itself has been consistent where I get annoyed often.
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1 year ago, beckcello
Mobile deposit function consistently crashes
This app consistently crashes when I try to do mobile deposits, mid deposit and closes out the app entirely. Customer service tells me to delete it and reinstall. I do so; I’m able to make one deposit and then subsequently it crashes. The most valuable part of having an app like this is to be able to make mobile deposits as well as transfer funds. You really need to figure out that bug.
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2 years ago, Beedot45
A Life Changer
I don't get out much, and I am grateful that I can take care of money transfers, check deposits, Bill Payer transactions and transaction monitoring from any device that uses the app. Of course, if a device has a browser, the credit union is accessible anyway. The app is just faster and easier.
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2 years ago, Dalia Arce
I love it
I’ve had no issues with it. I found it a bit annoying how it logs out and you have to log in everytime you go back in it but I also understand that it’s for my security and I learned to deal with it and to appreciate it. I’ve had nusenda since 2016 and it’s just the best bank.
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5 months ago, Rebarto
Does what it needs to do
I use my Nusenda app multiple times almost every day. Except on the occasional maintenance period (which is usually a shorter duration than announced) the app always does what it promises. Transfers are super quick. Inquiries are as well. Really no complaints except that my balance is never high enough-haha.
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12 months ago, Jake G.J.
User interface could be a little better and I wish it showed you more detailed info about your purchases. It would also be nice to see more info about where transfer are going/where they came from. But the app is useful, functional, and it’s been improving steadily over time. Pretty good over all.
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1 year ago, Chunky Joseph
I love the liberty of staying safe and healthy from home and always having instant updates on my online purchases for groceries and household necessities. Paying my credit card and monitoring my account is a blessing from the palm of my hand. The safety features that Nusenda provides are tremendous using this app.
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1 year ago, reyes kings
Money managing
It would be very helpful if you can “hold” money from your checking so it can be assigned for bills. That option would be for you to “store” the money and have it be deducted from your total available spending money and you won’t be able to spend it unless you “y hold” it. I hope it makes sense
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2 weeks ago, Reviews-orama
Nusenda mobile app
Works as advertised. Just as familiar as logging into your Windows PC; very intuitive. Did I mention the convenience? Yes, easy to use, conduct your business and log off. I use the Nusenda mobile app primarily to deposit checks and view balances. Hope this helps!
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12 months ago, Chitownpuzzler
Good app but not always intuitive
I use this app occasionally but get errors when trying to do things like transfer money into my savings. Also the organization of the menu makes finding things sometimes frustrating. But basic and common functionality works well.
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2 years ago, Abbygiggly
Very easy to use
Simple to check balances and transfer money. (Nusenda is a wonderful credit union, once had a bunch of strange rapid charges, they immediately but my card on hold and when I called were incredibly helpful and got me a refund with in a few days)
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5 months ago, bgrey2014
Check deposits rarely work
I love Nusenda but I have called about this app 3 times as it can take 15-20 times to have a check deposit go through. After taking the pictures it throws me out of the app and I have to go through thepassword Again and again. Finally got another account with my other credit Union as their app has no issues. Saddens me. But just impractical. Hope this finally gets through to your app developers to change or you will lose many like me.
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11 months ago, Assited Living question
Payment of full credit card balance is inconvenient
If you want to pay the full amount of your credit card, you have to first pull up the accounts page, remember the balance and then go to the transfer menu. There’s a drop down with the minimum balance due but the drop down does not list the full balance of the credit card. It’s difficult to locate routing number/account number as the app uses a banking term that the average user doesn’t know.
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7 years ago, 2Lyss
PLEASE FIX THIS UPDATE! I have been using this app w/no problems for years until this latest update. Who in the world allowed this to be released without checking it out first?!? Because if it had had even a cursory check, someone would have realized that the scrolling doesn't work at all (read the other reviews!!!) which makes the app not just difficult to use, but absolutely useless now! Please fix ASAP! This is ridiculous for a bank the size of Nusenda and the app writer should be FIRED for that kind of careless mistake!
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