NWFCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (6.2K)
79.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Northwest Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for NWFCU Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
2 years ago, kiddie proof app?
August 2022 visual and functional downgrade!
The streamlined, easy to use and navigate app has been redesigned to look like something a toddler would use. No longer can I view all my accounts on the same screen. I have to scroll to view them all as the huge bubble for each account takes up way too much room on the screen. I see the app is rated 4+ but thought that was for language and content not the target age of the average NWFCU app user. Either the developers or NWFCU think 4 year olds are banking and managing their accounts on line or they think their customers are only able to understand big bubble icons vice adults who know how to manage their funds and need to see their accounts in an adult format. Perhaps NWFCU needs to have developers who understand what adults need in a financial app and what is more appropriate for a Fisher Price toddler toy. Thanks for spending funds for a pretty useless app. I’ll think of all those wasted funds every time I have play with my toddler toy app to try and figure out my adult finances.
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1 year ago, find user number three
Finally, I can do this
I absolutely love mobile banking. As a blind person, I have spent years in years wishing I could do the same as my sighted friends and colleagues. Decided to give it a shot and download the Northwest Federal credit Union banking app. Absolutely love it! My daughter, and I can keep up with her spending, and can use this to deposit funds into family members, accounts, etc. Good job for having an inclusive product for all persons with disabilities!
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2 years ago, SpartyMartyA
Totally useless.
The new upgrade is terrible. The previous version was very useful. You able to see all the balances of all your accounts in a single page. Now you have to scroll to see information and its time consuming. Bring back the option to have the old interface. Update: Contacted customer service in August 2022 to complain about the broken dashboard. In October 2022, it still was not fixed and complained again. I was told that it would not be fixed until they have another release. ( No date was given.) I can’t believe the app development has such a poor quality control department and that when finding major problems in a release, they do not fix them in a reasonable period of time.
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3 months ago, @_beelee
If it’s not broke, don’t fix it
I’ve had this app for some years and appreciate its simplicity. Since I’ve had it, the mobile app hasn’t changed much, and I really appreciate that! Mobile banking with NWFCU is very user friendly; I am able to make transfers as needed and quickly access my statements and accounts. No complaints!
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4 years ago, HappyNWFCUUser
Big Upgrade!
The new version of the NWFCU App (and desktop) has been significantly streamlined, with much more functionality and personal customization features from the previous version. The user-experience is intuitive and clear, and the addition of budgeting tools is a big upgrade. Way to go!
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5 months ago, tjones2000
Love it
I like the fat that I can goon it and look at my transactions and seeing my account online I love it because if I for to pay anything I can see it and take care of it there is so many thing I can add but I’m afraid I will run out of space so I will leave at this it an excellent tool to have
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4 years ago, Gobexs
Long overdue update is...fine, but unacceptable login procedure
I am glad that NWFCU finally seems to have dragged their app out of the early 90's. Some things still aren't production ready (broken links on the Quicken/Mint instructions page, SMS confirmation is broken, etc etc), but what's truly unacceptable here is not migrating passwords from the previous app. Instead, NWFCU exposed my life savings by setting up an insecure temporary password for initial app access. I'd recommend everyone upgrade as quickly as possible, but only to reduce the risk of a hacker gaining access to your account before you can change your password.
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3 years ago, blondeflchik
App is broken for me
I have an iPhone 11. When I login to this app it does not show my account info which means I cannot make mobile deposits. I am able to make transfers though and see my accounts in that area. I have called in to customer service and they issued a ticket to I.T. That was about a month ago and my issue still is ongoing. Since I’m an out of State account holder, I will have to find another credit union if this is not resolved soon.
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3 years ago, Scarlita2017
App is not working! I am frustrated
I keep getting error message “something went wrong while attempting to send last request”. This is the first time I come across this issue. Please fix this it’s been two days. I know now I have to go online to check my checking and savings. If this continues I will close my account and take my business elsewhere. Being federal credit union this company needs to keep up with consumer demand and so far these past two days I been quite unhappy! Fix it ASAP please.
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1 year ago, NDi108
Getting Zelle was paramount considering transferred funds can be available within minutes!! However, ever since NWFCU launched Zelle, it has consistently failed to work properly. Every time, you try to enter an amount to to send, the page automatically refreshes to the home page. I’ve tried clicking on review first, and then entering an amount, which seemed to work, but now nothing works. Zelle should be located within transfers and NOT Bill Pay. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!
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4 years ago, michael jones 022
Worst app & bank
They have took forever to update their app to any IOS standard. They updated it and it loads super slow and I can’t sign in. It’s ask for my password only to not provide a sign in button. Plus the bank is constantly not helpfully and will over draft you for no reason. I’m leaving this bank. I hate your app
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4 years ago, NotMyiPhone
They Turned This App Around
When i first got this credit card i hated the app.. After years of using it, I can really say that they’ve made huge improvements and I have no complaints. I will not use some cards because of the app quality, not the case here. Happy with the card, app, and service.
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3 years ago, miajon8
App not working
Your app is not working. Says something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again. Reinstalled app, still the same. It has been two days already. Help.
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3 years ago, Some Guy from Boston
Very buggy
When it works, it’s a decent application, but nowhere near the nice UI interface of other banks. That in itself would have gotten it 3 or 4 stars, however, it’s not reliable. Often times, you will see error messages when trying to login. I don’t mind if it’s not a nice application, as long as it is reliable and I can see my account status when I need to. This application fails at both.
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4 years ago, jūülie
The app used to be the most out of date and unusable garbage that made it a struggle for the 3 years I had it. FINALLY it has been updated and it’s sooooo much better I’m really impressed and glad they actually listened to the ratings and reviews and fixed it.
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4 years ago, Irritated Deliverer
Has potential
The app keeps locking me out if I don’t log in for more than a few days, which causes me to have to call customer service EVERY time. The previous version never did this. They made it possible to look at your account balance without logging in, but require you to log in to stay unlocked. What? Why even give that option?
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2 months ago, The Best Banker
Experience for Customer of 55 Years
As a customer for 55 years I can easily state that NWFCU is the best bank I have ever known. I appreciate the staff and management and have used all the opportunities for mortgages as well as routine banking. Thank you very much!!!
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2 months ago, enthralled user
Easy to use
I enjoyed the updated features, although the previous version of the app were just as convenient.
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1 year ago, DannaF1012
I would love to have a direct line of communication. If there is already a way to create email directly inside the app. The accessibility to a human and to leave messages would be lovely.
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1 month ago, JillRox
Never lets me down.
This is a bank that stands out. My needs are always met. I get the information I need when I need it. I have never been let down.
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3 years ago, Signature Brokers Real Estate
app malfunction
I believe there is something wrong with the app… it’s saying unable to open, something wrong with app please try again…
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4 years ago, OfcrJ
Not working as of 12DEC2020
I have this app on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and it is no longer working. It is fully updated. When I open the app it just keeps saying “Something went wrong while attempting to send the last request. Please try again.” I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again from the App Store and it continues to do the same thing. Please fix this...
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2 years ago, MadderThanRabbits!
Terrible Update
This most recent update is terrible - you can no longer choose to log in using your device password, you have to type your password each time (which is tedious and time consuming). Additionally, the amount of detail that shows per transaction has been decreased - the UI overall is just oversimplified and unhelpful.
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2 months ago, R Thiel
Excellent App
I’ve used the app for a while now and it is very easy to use. Transferring funds, depositing checks, checking balances, even applying for a loan is easy.
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4 years ago, AFreviews14
Updated eBanking App
The layout is ascetically pleasing. All my banking information is more organized and easy to get to. The new features are very user friendly. Updating the app was a breeze!
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3 years ago, gwenwyn
Locked me out
I went into the app to make a quick transfer, but the only option it gave me was a password change. I don’t want to figure out a password right now, I want to complete my transaction. The app ended up locking me out, so now I can’t do anything. Don’t force a random unannounced password change, giving people no ability to use the app.
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7 months ago, Always a good experience!
Best experience online
This app is extremely user friendly. It is very easy to access and navigate.
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9 months ago, Man from Uni City
Great app, but needs landscape!
This is a great app, but I do most of my banking on my iPad and this app only has a vertical mode! I would give 5 stars if I could also use this in landscape more. Please, please, please add that feature!
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5 months ago, Kayla Monèt
Nice, but missing one thing
It would be really amazing if NWFCU could add a widget for your phone Home Screen. Would make it easier to view accounts also. I would love it. Besides that, the app works!
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4 years ago, The Real Jet Fire
Improved Security
I like it! Better user interface and more secure. Made me do work to set up which was annoying but it was needed to make it secure. Good job!
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5 months ago, TheePsycho
App partially broken now
App is great for paying bills. Unfortunately the last update broke the ability to set the date for withdrawal. The calendar is moved off the screen and unable to be used.
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2 months ago, New Lady to Blackjack
Easy to use
The app is so easy to use. Bill pay and funds transfer make my life much easier. Thanks NWFCU
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2 years ago, Vinnys15
This app is hands down the BEST financial app made. They also have the greatest member service department I’ve ever experienced. Tell your friends to tell their friends about NW!!!
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6 months ago, Raggedscuba39
Doesn’t work in landscape orientation
With the latest update the app stopped working in landscape mode. So I can’t use my iPad with it’s attached keyboard. It makes things more awkward.
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6 months ago, Greg#@
Wonderful Convenience
The ability to deposit checks digitally is a spectacular time-saver. I love this app.
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4 years ago, A-dubz
I have been very patient with you all after the merger with constellation. You have now made me update all of my direct deposit info and have pushed out a broken app that won’t let me log in. What are you doing? I thought this was a professional business? Fix the app. It has always been trash, but at least I could log in before
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5 months ago, Springrug Gaming
Latest Broken release
The latest release broke the online transfer feature. Not able to select the date after the regular business hours have passed. It just displays a warning and stays there without letting me change the date.
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11 months ago, 1maryjo
NWFCU at Falcons
Thank you so very much for your branch at Falcons Landing. Your presence is appreciated by residents that can’t get around. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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5 months ago, PirateGzo
Date picker field not working
Needs work. When submitting a payment via the app, the date field picker not functioning and cannot edit date manually. Had to accept current date. This is a basic function so why is this an issue. Fix it!
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5 months ago, BlaineWajdowiczwrotethis
Unreliable, Always under maintenance
I am so tired of not being able to access my finances/app when needed
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2 years ago, Dixienomas
Using NW so
When in bill pay on the app, using my phone, I get booted out a lot
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11 months ago, LKAbenj
Defaults to Portrait mode on IPad
After many years of use on my iPad, this app now defaults to opening in portrait mode and will not revert to landscape, where I can use the attached keyboard. Please fix this bug!
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4 years ago, Peep Nation
Love the New & Improved App
the only thing this app is good for is looking at your purchases. The mobile check deposit doesn’t even work... awesome (sarcasm)
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1 year ago, AskBabette
Nothing But Good Experiences
This bank and their app are the best. Wonderful, competent people and an app that makes banking easy!
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8 months ago, mocro34
The best
So easy to navigate. Everything I need is right at my fingertips!
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2 years ago, multistrada992
The people are the secretsauce
Thank you for listening
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1 year ago, TeamEverything
Thank you!
The app is everything!
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2 years ago, Rever g
NWFCU APP is convenient and very easy to maneuver. Dave a lot of time from traveling to the credit union and phone business.
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4 years ago, Keets77
Mobile Banking
I’m truly satisfied with this here! It’s safe and easy to use. Thanks again NWFCU...
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4 years ago, Aaron I zonum
Straight up rebuttal
A moment of rebuttal-this update Northwest Federal Credit Union has offered us is the best. last update they had was garbage but they totally redeem themselves.
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