NYC Pay or Dispute

4.7 (369.5K)
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NYC Department of Finance
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NYC Pay or Dispute

4.73 out of 5
369.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Mama DMS
No more excuses!
99.9% of the time someone Receive the ticket it’s for just cause. I’ve had my fair share of New York City tickets given to me. I’ve always deserve them and a lot of times I would either not pay them or pay late either way the fine would increase with penalties. That’s just the truth. I just got a ticket near the Dakota in New York City on the morning of the race I was to have in Central Park. I was running late and I didn’t have anywhere to park except for 72nd St. It was a 50-50 shot whether or not I was going to get a ticket and I figured either way I need to make my race on time. Sure enough I came back had a ticket on my car and understood that was the penalty however it was also very grateful I had the money to pay it. But I have to say I wasn’t expecting an app. That’s as long as I’ve had a ticket before this one. The app is super easy I paid it within seconds before the ticket was even entered in the system and now no matter what I already know and have peace of mind that my ticket is paid for I won’t have enough penalties and I’m 100% now in the clear. Very happy to have an app where when I do make a mistake I can pay for my mistake and be done with it on a matter of hours. Thanks much!
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2 years ago, NYCTixRox
I loved paying or disputing my ticket!
This is an amazing app! I highly recommend paying or disputing tickets this way. I recently received a ticket that I had to pay or dispute. First I called 311 to ask how to pay or dispute it. They told me that I could go to the Dept of Finance office in person, or I could pay or dispute my ticket via the NYC parking ticket pay or dispute app. Of course, I did the latter. Let me tell you, it was by far the easiest way to pay or dispute my parking ticket! All I did was download the app, choose whether or not to pay or dispute my ticket, then input the details. That’s it! I am so happy I was able to pay or dispute my ticket this way. We all need to abide by the parking rules for society to continue to function properly, so I am big believer that whenever you receive a parking ticket, you must immediately pay or dispute it! And there is no better way to pay or dispute your parking ticket then the NYC parking ticket pay or dispute app! Thank you NYC parking ticket ticket pay or dispute app for making my pay or dispute process fun and easy. I can’t wait for my next ticket!!
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5 years ago, bronx church disputer
Review of disputing a ticket.
I submitted a dispute according to specifications and instructions offered on the ticket ,within the 14 days allotted on the ticket. I received in the mail an Impending Default Judgement for $30 more. When I looked on the sight offered it said that my hearing was past and I was found guilty. I never received a reply to my dispute submission and defense. I didn’t receive any notification as to why my submission was rejected and why I was found guilty. It just seems like a money grab ,and not designed to be a fair process where those who do respond via the sites given are alerted to the results of the hearing. What is sent is another punitive notification for more money. Please make changes to be fair to all in this process. Thank you.
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4 years ago, OJ Brooklyn
One costly glitch, but otherwise a convenient app
I generally enjoy and appreciate using this app. It keeps things really simple and quick! However one time I submitted a dispute for a ticket (issued on a religious holiday when parking rules were suspended, so I was 100% in the right, and it was the officer’s mistake in issuing the ticket, and normally the ticket would definitely be dropped after I’d dispute it — parking cops have made this mistake before, it’s NBD) however there was an app glitch and I couldn’t tell if it went through or not. The particular parking ticket listed on the app would always glitch, so I check in every week and it was still unclear if my dispute went through or not, and I couldn’t edit ourThe particular parking ticket listed on the app would always glitch, so I check in every week and it was still unclear if my dispute went through or not, and I couldn’t edit our altar, or even pay it (if I had actually wanted to). This eventually led to a double fine,, because the city had no record of me issuing my dispute. So I am out over $125 for this problem because of the app… but outside of that one instance this app has been great.
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2 years ago, NYC Jason
As much as I hate getting parking tickets this makes paying and disputing really easy
No one likes to get a parking ticket but at least NYC makes it easy to pay or dispute. And the dispute process actually works! I got a ticket for parking in a taxi zone where the signs were contradictory: one said "no parking 7am-7pm". and the one right above it said "taxi stand:" no parking any time". I submitted pics of the signs through this app and the DMV dismissed the ticket. Other times when I know I've been wrong and hoped to get lucky (oops) this app let me pay the ticket almost immediately. The only problem is that it often takes several days for a ticket to appear here. But you can still dispute it in advance while the systems catch up. It would be better to just not get parking tickets, but this app is the next best thing. My only complaint is that the app doesn’t accept HEIC files which are the iPhone’s standard format. Instead you have to either think to save evidence as a jpeg when you take the pic or convert it later. Fix that and I’ll be glad to update to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, MiLk MoNeY MiGz
App freezes on Iphone 11 pro
I can’t even scan a ticket and when you go to manually enter only numbers are available no letters. I searched by license plate and says no results when I have 6 tickets pending and I postponed 2 tickets so I know for a fact they are all registered but for some reason this app is useless I can’t do anything and I was hoping this 4.7 rating was real but clearly there’s a glitch as you see in the reviews it’s impossible this app has that rating. I just want the app to work as advertised. Unfortunately not even close it needs to be updated asap. Frustrating after 10tries I quit and I even deleted and reinstalled and nothing still freezes on camera and can’t enter letters just numbers. Terrible experience because as we all know Nyc the app nor website work so they just want to suspend your license and extort you as much as possible in their crooked system. Constantly harassed and no way to dispute just accept that everyone is guilty and thats why Staten Island has the highest conviction rate in the entire country.. Hmm wonder why..
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3 years ago, chakuwma
I was trying to pay one of my tickets so that my car doesn’t get tolled. Then this web site stated that my payment failed. I tried again and then it stated that one or more tickets went was paid. Not only was I charged $115 for the same ticket one day apart and I never received the ticket. It was just put into the data base because the office probably was trying to meet a quoter. Now you you are going to charge me twice. This is so wrong on every level. We are in a pandemic and money is hard to come by from working class people. Then you are going to charge me twice. This is a Fraudulent website. I really need a judge to hear my case!
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6 years ago, Fitzmaurice
Needs ability to save bank info
Fast, simple, straightforward app to use. Saves some information in your profile, which can’t be done on the website. But you should be able to add your bank info once and have it saved as a payment option for all future transactions. If there’s a concern about someone sneakily using the app to pay my parking tickets or others, put the whole app behind Touch ID. Also, it would be more convenient if there was an option to autofill (or default to) your saved vehicle when searching by license plate. though I will admit the way it’s set up currently is also easier than using the website. All in all, a pretty good app. Just a few improvements that I think would make it as painless as paying parking tickets can be.
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3 years ago, darrin holloway
Camera tickets
Sad to say but ny has made a new hardship for minorities in nyc. I’m not always right but it’s the minority areas that get flooded with these lights. Many places i see that have races and regular speeding in places like Long Island with way less cameras than Jamaica queens. Some tickets I’ve seen are 3 mph over the speed limit, the average person can’t take a day off work to fight a ticket. Even if cameras faulty the average person can’t afford to miss a day of work to go to court and lose whether right or wrong. Believe it or not nyc’s middle class is under attack. Soon nyc will only be for the rich by no mistake, it’s all pre planned to keep the minority areas down and keep the rich even richer. Stay woke.....
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1 year ago, Redman dave
Indisputable technology
The app worked smoothly however we as the driver have no way of checking weather the city’s equipment is running correctly. I was clocked at 36 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. We all are trying to be safe to avoid any incidents whatsoever. I know that I am. It’s hard to conceive that I would be going that fast. Especially in that area. We need ways of checking their equipment and proving that they are photographing the correct cars that are going too fast. How do we know that another car is not setting the camera off and someone else is getting their picture taken. Just a concern.
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6 years ago, rockin movie
Search ticket by license plate: Fail
I used this app to pay a parking ticket, it went very smooth. Then one rainy day, I find what looked like a ticket next to my car as I went to move it for street cleaning. If there was any writing on this ticket, it had washed off so I had no idea if it was even for my car, or what the # was. Just to be sure I regularly used the “look up ticket by license plate” feature in this app which consistently came up with no results for over a month (yes, all my info was correct). Finally, I got a letter in the mail saying I had an over due ticket! Luckily this letter had the ticket number on it, and low-and-behold it is in the system assigned to my license plate, which was still turning up no results. I will note that it did work on the first ticket, and so I trusted it, only to be let astray at my expense. My advice: just pay by mail or online, don’t waste your time or loose money on this database-hemroid.
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2 years ago, Nadia itune
Speed trap
I think New York City Target in the honest people that come to visit their state, they’re setting up speed trap and cameras to get the people that’s on aware of what they’re doing, whoever thought of that need to rethink you’re hurting your state you’re driving everyone away from New York City, visitors gets tickets for just keeping up at traffic. Little did we know you set up speed trap for everyone you’re not taking into consideration that we are a visitor in the state and not aware of the speed trap you’re setting up it is unfair that’s the way you make your money.I will not be visiting back to New York you’re all just crazy you let the bad guys kill, thieves and breaking entering stores without doing them anything to them, we are trying to survive and your hiding behind the cameras and given us tickets rethink what you doing. Hope you treat your family the same way
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4 years ago, ethank498
Would Highly Recommend
Being in NY, the state that robs you on any given basis, you’re going to get robbed. Might as well make the robbing efficient right? This app gives adequate enough detailing to pay those alternative street cleaning tickets, while never cleaning the streets, and unexplainable speeding tickets at maximum proficiency. Try getting anything else from the DMV and you’ll notice all their resources are allocated to strictly robbing you. My favorite part is them keeping your license plate as a profile so you can quickly search up how much they’re going to rob you. Would highly recommend if you’re a driver in NY because you’re screwed the moment you sign the lease :)
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6 months ago, your thief's
People are shot and killed on subways with non functioning cameras but the city has enough money to continue to put up more and more speed cameras way to go nyc ! It is unconstitutional it’s pure robbery extortion and greed filling the pockets of the fat disgusting politicians and elites who do absolutely nothing but continue to destroy nyc most of these cameras are not within the required legal limits and should be limited to large public or private schools most are well outside of the 1/4 mile limit and are taking advantage of every day hard working normal citizens causing more accidents congestion and more harm how about take down the speed camera and replace them with speed bumps if you really cared about the health and safety of the public people are forced to slow down for speed bumps it’s 100% effective unlike your speed camera which are 100% there to scam and defraud the public
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6 years ago, DimmaGold
Makes paying the man easy
We all get tickets. Every single one of us parks in correctly in New York due to our crappy signs, terrible parking rules, and just general over congestion when you want to run inside of a Starbucks and get a quick cup of coffee before being late to work when you run back outside you realize that you’re getting a ticket. It’s just the way life goes. Praise be that there’s an app that makes paying the government as easy as downloading entering your information and proceeding to cry cause you run out of all funds. Where do the taxes go? Do is it matter? You won’t think so when you see how easy it is to pay your ticket
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3 years ago, Rob AE
Hate getting tickets, don’t mind paying
Are you like me and find yourself always arriving to your car while the ticket guard is taking your info? “It’s too late” they murmur as you reflect on what you were doing over the previous 5 minutes. That cup of coffee was already expensive, let’s add $65 to it!! Catch a break, ya right!! No chance. Manhattan desperately needs your $65 as billions in tax dollars flock South in hopes of not getting screwed like you are with your NYC parking tickets! Anyway, this app is easy and makes giving your money away effortless! Thank you NYC Pay (and apparently Dispute but good luck winning)
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5 years ago, Herd3
Although I hate tickets the app is accessible
I hate New York and there super thirsty and complicated excessive way that they ticket cars. However this app does make it easy for me to see if my car has any tickets on it from cameras etc. I can also check on my mothers car as well which helps when we have to dispute. The picture process is a bit complicated. Since this process is through the phone on the app it should not be that complicated to upload picture evidence when disputing your ticket. Other than that .. excessive tickets given out my meter maids and the uploading pictures. Convenient app
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6 years ago, Keiyz91
First time user
Just used the app for the first time. Love a few things right off the bat. I really like being able to access my tickets using my license plate and or being able to search individually. I absolutely love the variety of payment options and being given to option to pay all at once or being able to choose which ones I want to pay. I haven’t used the dispute option. But so far so good! As soon as I paid my ticket i received an email. Finally there’s an easy app instead of going thru multiple websites to pay! Makes it very accessible for those of us who travel!
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5 years ago, Alanec67
5 Stars of Ease to TAKE your money!!
Always, always research, google and take pictures when you think you have the perfect parking spot after circling block after block!! It’s usually WRONG! Even if seasoned New Yorkers say it’s fine, ITS PROBABLY NOT!! After getting my lovely 115$ ticket plus fee, I read the rules of parking near a bus stop. Even if there is room enough for a bus and a half, the law is you can’t park from the next parking sign until the bus sign! EVERY TIME, I am helping someone out in NYC, I get a gold star for doing so in the form of a $100+ ticket! I will park in NJ and take the bus in... This city is NOT car user friendly, it’s actually Hostile!!
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3 years ago, Maca100
It’s worth it
This app is always good to check for your tickets and pay your tickets it’s so convenient. I ran my friends license plates and I showed him how much tickets they had and it was like wow and I told him like you have a about five judgments against your name You better pay now before you got to pay for tow truck or pay a taxi cab to bring you to pick up your car. The app is so good and helps you avoid all that shenanigans. Like taxi cab, boots, asking a friend for a car ride to pick up your car it’s just too much too costly and too embarrassing.
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7 months ago, MerleRK
Keyboard does not disappear when you’re writing.
A serious glitch, because if you‘re rereading or editing, you can’t see anything and have to constantly be addressing the problem. You can’t successfully find a ticket you owe by using your license plate number only. It brings up nothing, erroneously leading you to believe that there has been a glitch on the DOT end and you owe nothing. Use the ticket information and then everything works smoothly. I mentioned this, because the first time I tried to pay a ticket it came up with nothing so I thought I didn’t owe anything. Meanwhile there was $125 outstanding ticket that had gone unpaid. Please fix this glitch.
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5 years ago, Marieta Alina
Parking ticket app
I love this app. Once you submit your information it is saved and in case you get a ticket it is so easy to enter the info by scanning the barcode on the ticket and dispute the ticket and pay it online or searching the ticket by plate search. You can save all your info such as plate number, address, phone number and email and it comes in handy because you don’t have to enter it everyday you dispute of pay a ticket it’s already saved on the app. I really like this app. I disputed a parking ticket in less then 3 minutes.
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1 year ago, liftmechanic
Pay ticket app
I don’t enjoy paying parking tickets. NYC loves picking the pocket of anyone that dares to use a car. Just look around at the multitudes of traffic agents roaming the streets. I just hope my donation goes to something useful. Maybe they can merge the sanitation department with the traffic department. When a traffic agent doesn’t write enough tickets for his/her quota they can be issued a push broom and clean the streets a bit. After some evaluation and they still don’t bring up their quota then they can be designated to Rat catcher duty. P.S I have a few relatives coming over the southern border soon, Mayor Adams arrange a nice 5 star hotel for them to stay? I recently witnessed a police officer practically trip over a homeless person deficating on the street to issue a cell phone ticket to a motorist. Sincerely yours, Steven Grossman
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3 months ago, Normanelli
There is a conspiracy theory that blue states like New York and California are doing everything they can to tax people out of the state so that they moved to surrounding areas and help flip the states from conservative to liberal. I absolutely believe that and the DMV along with all of these arbitrarily low speed cameras are designed to tax drivers out of the state. A $50 ticket for driving more than 38 mph is bullshlt. We aren’t talking about someone who’s driving recklessly. We are talking about someone who is in a vehicle that was designed to accelerate from 0 to 40 in less than three seconds but has to deal with an arbitrarily low speed limit which was designed there’s nothing more than a money making scam. This app is their way of stealing your money. It’s a tax. A grift at the state level.
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6 years ago, noooooooonickname
Image format??
To dispute a ticket seems pretty simple and straight forward. I havent received a decision yet on my dispute so i should really wait to write this review lol but to be unbiased i'll go ahead and do it now. Like i said its very simple the reason i gave it 3 stars is because they only accept certain image formats. How do you create an app for a platform/cell phone manufacturer and not make your app compatible with the standard image format of that phone? I had to find a site to convert a phoro taken on my iphone to a different format just so i can uplaod it as evidence. Other than that the app seems like it does what it is supposed to do. I'll update this when i receive a decision. Lol
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5 years ago, InsertPointlessNickname
NYC is a scam
They give you tickets for violations that you can’t possibly avoid (entrapment) and make it impossible to appeal the decision online. If you can plead not guilty online, why in the world would you not be able to appeal the decision online. Giving bogus tickets and tricking people into being forced to pay them... when did NYC become Mexico? So poor and I’m so disgusted right now. Of course, you can PAY the ticket online... but you can’t appeal a decision online. This is why everyone hates the city. Instead of having offices line up to assign tickets to every single person who couldn’t make it through the impossibly short light, why not sent them to catch criminals? Oh yeah, because that doesn’t bring in revenue. SO POOR and I am so mad I have half a mind to dispute my credit card payment.
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3 years ago, NatXtaN
Works pretty well, but not perfectly
A gigantic upgrade over previous interactions with the DMV and DOF, but the app is not without flaws. Most notably: When filling out the longer forms (billing name and address, for instance), the bottom of the form becomes unviewable because the app doesn’t shift above the keyboard interface. As a result, you can’t actually see the last boxes you are trying to fill in and you can only reach them by “stretching” the keyboard down with one finger to make them visible in the interaction window. Still, good on the city for getting with the digital era!
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2 years ago, CDOGG321
Great Convenience/Poor functionality
I’ve used this app for at least 2 years. Living & working in NY- tickets are part of life. 9 out of 10 times, the ticketing is frivolous or just plain unfair(like my motorcycle getting knocked over & then ticketed/towed). I don’t mind giving the city some money. The app is great for checking for unknown tickets & paying tickets in general. One time (only one time ) I disputed a ticket & won, with photo evidence in the app. The photo upload option hasn’t worked in a while. This = 0% chance of winning a disputed ticket. 5star rating for convenience 0 stars for function. Developer Please fix this !
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1 year ago, JOKAJOSH
Life is so short, if only we didn’t have to worry about petty tickets that we could’ve used towards dinner for our families or better yet, dinner for homeless families. This ticket took 20% of my weekly earnings. I accept full responsibility, thank God I could earn money. But what about the single mother who barely gets to see her children because she’s working 3 jobs. Just to pay bills, give these officers a better task. They deserve to be honored and not despised. Life is short, less tickets more love ❤️
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2 weeks ago, Troubleda5
Pay or pay
Broke my hand and couldn’t change my registration sticker. Showed medical proof of broken hand. Appointments, pics and all. Still gotta pay. Never emailed me about losing so I had no chance to appeal. By the time I found out it was too late because appeals must be mailed in although everything prior was done online. I also noticed 2 more tickets for the same thing. So now I have 3 tickets for not changing this registration sticker that I couldn’t change. Unless the expectation is for me to change it with one hand. I pay my tickets but this is a bit crazy. Who looks over this evidence? This app may be gd if you want to pay, but if your looking to dispute I would advise you not waste your time.
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1 year ago, Purplejag8@
Parking Ticket
I found the app very easy to download. The site is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. It covers everything that is necessary for you to dispute your parking ticket. It allows you plenty of characters to type in the reasons or reason why you believe your ticket should be dismissed. It also provides ample space to download Photos which support your claim as evidence. I highly recommend the App, if it is necessary for you to either pay or plead not guilty to your parking ticket. Joseph V
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2 years ago, lleiou
Buggy, Very Hard to Use
1. The ticket couldn’t be found within the first 10 days or so since you got the ticket. For those who want to quickly pay the money and get over with it as soon as possible, this is a bad news, they want to keep this thing on the back of your mind for 10+ days. 2. Even after 10 days, entering ticket/license info just keeps returning “request error” to the user and it can take more than 10 attempts for the users to finally see the ticket info. The user experience couldn’t be worse. 3. they are forcing you to use this app to pay the ticket, even if you open the url on laptop you still see a page asking you to download the app. This is just a review of the app so I’m not going to discuss the ticket itself or the unreasonable pricing or even the police who gave the tickets. However I do want to mention one more thing: do you think a person who just paid tens or hundreds of dollars of penalty on a buggy app will give it a good rating? The 4.7/5 average rating from 302k reviewers just cannot be more unreasonable.
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9 months ago, Rmhero
Fantastic app and smart move for the city
Paying street cleaning tickets in NYC is way cheaper than paying for an actual garage, and with this app, it’s also more convenient. Only feature request is to have saved payment methods so I don’t have to keep entering in my card details. It’s the difference between immediately paying the ticket and taking it home and leaving it on the counter until I have a minute to look up my card details.
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2 years ago, Jeff Sound
So much easier
I can’t believe how clear and straightforward this app is. It makes it easy to upload photos and include information about why one is disputing a ticket. It’s very easy to use. Kudos to New York for coming up with this great way to interact/communicate with the department of finance/traffic enforcement. The pictures must be in JPEG or PNG format, So if you have an iPhone, as I do, you’ll have to save it as a PNG. I did this by taking a screenshot of the photo. And the screenshot was in PNG format, so it worked.
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3 years ago, Osom zero
Extremely convenient, but please fix your ticketing system with “Parkmobile App”
It’s great that you are now have easy access to pay or dispute a ticket. But one of my main complain is that i have been issued tickets twice on a parking meter! Even though that i have payed through “Parkmobile App” This has got to be fixed immediately! It defeats the purpose of having the convenience of paying through your phone, just to receive a ticket later on. Thanks.
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4 years ago, june bugs
The insert photo does not work
With everything going on with the virus I have not been able to get to the court to fight the ticket so I decided on using this application. The insert photo does not work I tried 6+ times and it still did not work. Then I went over to the app settings so as to make sure that the setting was set up correctly it was. Still this did not work this app is horrible. Pleading guilty is easy fighting a ticket should not be this difficult.
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6 years ago, Kafi Quashie
As easy as getting the ticket 😝
I was super surprised there was an app for this most places have a website but of course NYC is always ahead of the curb. Registration was a breeze & there is a huge section to write your dispute. At first I wasn’t sure that I would be able to upload an image because the option comes up @ the end but lo & behold you can & that was quick and easy as well. All & all disputing my ticket via this app was a breeze & not that I expect to get another ticket 😉 but I will keep it just in case.
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1 year ago, michael r j mcdonald
Payment of ticket
Very simple compared to many other places specially Nassau county and make sure you go through some crap. I was checking on the ticket that I knew I had in Queens New York. I screwed up the license plate number so I kept on coming back. I didn’t have a ticket I received a reminder in the mail today, I put the correct license plate number when I reverse two numbers and the tickets showed up so I paid the ticket. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
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6 years ago, MrPug999
Great app...
The app makes it easy to upload evidence into the system to help clarify innocence. Not so much the app, one big opportunity to improve the experience is to reduce the amount of lag between ticket issuing vs when it’s available in the system. One time I was given a parking ticket even though I had paid the meter using the ParkNYC app. But I had to wait a week before the app let me dispute because apparently the ticket hadn’t yet been submitted into the system. (During that time I could have misplaced the paper ticket!)
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10 months ago, Phyxxius
I have found the system to check, pay and dispute tickets through the app to be quick and efficient. The only flaw I feel is the lack of perhaps a more personal way to dispute tickets. I have received 2 summons in the past that that had no merit. Since I was unable to prove that I was wrongly ticketed I must just hand over money? I currently have a pending dispute that has my vehicle in a region where my vehicle was not. How does this occur?
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3 years ago, woeful!!!
Impossible to navigate
Writing a defense in this format is nearly impossible. You can’t read what you’ve written and must constantly go in and out of writing mode to read and edit what you’ve written. Since the app only accepts Jpgs all photos must be converted which is another unfortunate wrinkle that adds time and frustration to the process. Is it set up like this so you’ll just give up, pay the ticket even if you think that you have been wrongly ticketed???I would almost pay $65 to avoid this frustrating, ill-conceived nightmarish process. I had to enter all the required information at least six times before it was acceptable to the app. There is something the matter with a process that is this complicated.
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1 year ago, a poor old lady
Disputing a parking ticket
In past years, sometimes I would get a parking ticket from time to time. I had always taken the trouble of going to a court hearing. That was always very time consuming. Now, this is the first time I ever do a ticket dispute on the App. I hope the Judge will have pity on me - a poor old lady who lives alone….and I pray and pray that this parking ticket would be dismissed or I would be living on bread and water for the next month. Please God, have pity on me. Wendy
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3 years ago, 121kingdavid
NYC Dispute or Pay Ticket App
I applied to dispute a ticket I received. I had to write my reasons several times as I was directed on how to make camera adjustments. Every time I went back to settings to fix camera issues I had to rewrite my reasoning for disputing the ticket. The last fix was to change camera settings to best selection so it would accept my camera photos. With patience and time I was able to finally complete the form.
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3 years ago, Charlatana21
Love it
UPDATE: The option to upload a picture does not work. It will close the app and you will have to start all over. At this time you have no choice but to take a picture (so make sure you have good lighting). Very user friendly. It’s quick and saves stamp $ and a trip to a mailbox/post office. If disputing: You can provide evidence from your phone in the form of a picture, you can give a description of why you want to dispute a ticket. I highly recommend. Thanks!
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5 years ago, emman v.
Parking payment
Apps is working good easy access and fast payment process. The only thing I hate is the surcharge or processing service charges that’s been added to my actual FINE. NYS SHOULD eliminate this charges. Paying drivers should PAY ONLY the amount due for their respective tickets. Drivers don’t have any options when they get tickets except to pay. Disputes are hell waste lots of time and no assurance of tickets dismissal. In other words TICKETS MEANS PAYMENT no matter how you look and read it.
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3 years ago, VVHSDoug
Good app but needs more clarification!
The app is great but needs more initial clarification. No where does it mention that to dispute a speed camera violation you use the section labeled “ pay or dispute a parking ticket”! Thus it necessitated a call to the 311 operator to clarify this issue. Simply add the speed camera dispute option to the initial title so we know that is where to go. Obviously a parking ticket is substantially different from a speed camera violation. Thank you.
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10 months ago, watcher for life
Pay or dispute
I am relieved by the ease of paying or disputing my recent ticket that was in the process of being updated but I did not yet have evidence of my annual inspection results. I am relieved to be able to submit evidence online instead of spending the day in court. I am responsible for my actions and aim to remedy this situation however is lawful and appropriate but I need the ease of this app in order to accomplish this goal in a timely manner. Thank you.
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5 years ago, White Irish American Catholic
Please do yourself a favor and dispute your tickets in person. I submitted enough documentation to have a ticket voided. I was found guilty and no explanation was given. The DMV is a joke as well when they were the reason that the ticket was given. They failed to send registration documents that were paid for 5 weeks before the ticket was issued. They had the audacity to tell me to pay the fee again. Through all this and proof of payment was given to this poor excuse of a bureau, I was still found guilty. All this while certain people commit parking violations everyday in the Flatbush area. Double parking during alternate side, etc. Keep collecting your money off hard working citizens. You directly reflect your trashy Mayor.
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5 years ago, greenbiker
Didn’t work for me
I don’t get it. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and I couldn’t get this to work. I scanned the ticket and it brought it up right away-smooth. Then it kept saying no info on this ticket. Even though it had the scan and the image of the ticket. Oh technology making our lives more complicated. Maybe something I did wrong??? I ended up paying it on the website instead. So I hope this works for other people. Paying parking tickets should be as painless and easy as possible because is painless and easy for parking cops to hand them out.
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12 months ago, All IKno IsV8🏁
NYC hold the actual driver accountable not the name vehicle is under
I get to pay all my brother’s tickets that I don’t even know about until they’re all in judgement from being that past due which he gets under my name on a car that I don’t even drive so I don’t end up losing my own car in the process since I actually have to get around back & forth with my kid too so yea how bout that for a review 🤷🏾‍♂️
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