NYMCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (91K)
92.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Municipal Credit Union (MCU) - NY
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for NYMCU Mobile Banking

4.82 out of 5
91K Ratings
3 years ago, NYCMediaMix
Stuck in the stone ages
MCU needs to revamp this app to allow for simple mortgage payments from external accounts. The daily limit on payments should be no less than 200% of the full mortgage balance due for each customer. Right now, I can only pay half of my full mortgage balance with the daily payment limit. The app needs to he able to provide detailed real time information to customers as well. Seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. With all the problems USPS is having, MCU needs to make electronic mortgage payments easy and efficient for its customers.
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2 years ago, apps stinks
Terrible Service
If your into what usually seems like unnecessary and always time consuming computer glitches. And to add insult to injury 99 out of a 100 times you can always look forward to receiving just plan ol RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE while trying to rectify whatever your issue of the day may be. So if that’s what you looking for then MCU is the perfect place to transact your business. I promise you this is no lie or exaggeration, I was put on hold by MCU’s automated system for a total of 43 in a half minutes yesterday until I finally hung up out of frustration and tiredness being that I had just come home from a 16 hr double shift at my job. And the most frustrating thing about the whole situation was that all I was trying to accomplish, was to get verification that MCU was indeed my banking institution so that I could have my money transferred from MCU to my Apple Pay account, because for whatsoever reason whenever apple would send the verification link through their automated system MCU wouldn’t respond,which is why I made the effort to do it manually, which was a wast of 45 mins of my life that I can never get back. And why I feel TERRIBLE SERVICE is all you get at MCU and the 1 star im about to give them is only because this review won’t process without at least 1 star being given. My true star rating for NYMCU would have to be a negative 5 stars without a doubt
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3 years ago, @nagoLnoJ
Typical MCU Quality…TERRIBLE!
Absolute GARBAGE! Although the refreshed user interface and added functionality are welcomed upgrades, it seems as if the developers never tested the software. This program application is clearly still in the beta testing stages as simple functions are either not working or do not remain after you log out and back in again. For example, after renaming my accounts to make them more easily identifiable at a glance, the applied “nickname” reverts back to the default “mortgage” name. Also when I log in I get a 404 error page upon start up. Lastly, I’ve been requesting MCU to provide electronic account statements for over 10 years! The good folks in the mortgagee department told me it’s not possible and MCU is working to bring this option to the membership. Finally it’s available through this half baked online web based and mobile application. I’m not surprised that this is what MCU has produced. My expectations are very low for MCU. The only thing that MCU has going for it are the low interest rates and the kind folks in the Mortage department. Apparently even the staffing in the mortgage department is changing so I’m not sure how much longer that department will be reliable. Thankfully I’ll be done paying my mortgages in a few years. I’ve been a MCU member for over 20 years…MCU…at some point you must do better!
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1 year ago, Brilliant1
Glad for an app
But this app is intrusive and forcing these redundant pops up every time I log in. And its no way to turn off or stop these annoying pop ups that only give you 2 options to move pass; either "Learn more" or "Remind me". No I don't want to learn more about anything other than what I logged in for and no I don't want you to remind me. I was hoping that maybe it'll eventually stop but this is definitely a condition of the app. Its too distracting and annoying that I may delete this app in a week and switch back to logging in online and doing my business and thats that. I didn't want to but I rather just go back to getting notifications via email then keep getting these annoying pop ups that won't let you move on pass them without being forced to choose between 2 unfavorable options.
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3 years ago, Nayrat
Unable to Deposit Funds
The app has a feature for depositing checks but error messages continue to come up even when the photo is perfect the error message comes up so you cannot deposit. This is a problem since I’m no longer living in NYC and cannot get to a branch and now since the endorsement on the back of my check says “For MCU Mobile Deposit Only” no check cashing establishment in the state where I live will cash the check. UNACCEPTABLE😡 When will the updated version become available and will the deposit feature finally work properly???
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4 years ago, HT 14
Mobile Deposit Is Terrible!
I was only able to deposit a check once after numerous attempts. It kept telling me that the back of the check had to be properly endorsed even though I endorsed the check exactly how I was instructed. Then there was no way to retake the picture of the back of check without canceling the entire transaction. Mobile Deposit is the main reason that I need this app and not being able to deposit checks defeats the purpose of having it. This problem needs to be addressed immediately!
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2 years ago, Lady T The Workout Diva
Ive been using MCU ONLINE BANKING since it began ! I’ve been a member of MCU for over 25 years as well ! The Mobile APP is so convenient and works really fast ! Just push the button to transfer or pay bills ! The Security is also the best ! I pay my bills , I send relatives money through other apps ! I fund my Stock accounts as well ! Onetime payments are very important these days so sign up with MCU ONLINE BANKING & set your Payments up for monthly automatic on time payments to your rent , mortgage , car payments , Grandma accounts too 🤑
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2 years ago, Shelley 53
Covid Banking
I honestly think the upside to Covid? is banking on line! It’s like nobody needs to go to the bank unless whatever you need to do it requires a visit into the bank. I for one prefer to do all my banking online because of the convenience. And if I need some cash for whatever reason, then I can make a quick run into the bank at that time. So that way it avoids the congestion in the banks as well. It’s a win, win for everyone! And that’s why I’m giving this a 5 stars. Convenience!
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2 months ago, Devastator 1
The Best Convenient Family bank. MCU
MCU has been there for me and my family for over 35 years. It is the most convenient bank, they treat your like family. When I needed them the most they turned me down but wait, it was a mistake on my part on the application. They called me back assisted me thru the process and corrected my mistake and came thru for me and I truly appreciate it. They are the best. No other bank has ever did that for me. Highly recommended MCU.
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3 years ago, Michelle10801
Are there any good tech people on board?!
This app makes my blood boil. I’ve been a member for a few years now and the app is probably the quickest way for me to get things done, as the branches are very limited where I live. However, the app almost never operates properly. It seems like there’s always maintenance occurring, without anything actually improving. I’m so over it. Why is it so difficult to transfer my own money? And honestly speaking, if I have a payment scheduled to be deducted from checking but the amount is available in my savings, why can’t they just allow it to come out of the savings instead of declining and charging the fee? This always happens due to the app not working when I need to make a transfer. 😡
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4 years ago, Joey Francois
Garbage bank for garbage people
If you bank at this institution, you are in a very very low place in your life, and perhaps you haven’t realized it yet. I’m here to tell you, this place is a trash can and it’s Members are actual trash incarnate. DO NOT BANK HERE. Literally 10th worst Credit Union in NY (google it). Outdated systems, the new account package says something about arbitration? Did my googles and the company is in conservative-ship (brink of members losing their funds). The state is running the credit union because their CEO stole millions!!! Stay Away!! Keep your money safe!!!
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3 years ago, Tatjaje
No transfer feature available
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. Recently for the past month, the transfer feature is not showing on the app. I used that feature a lot since it’s very convenient. I don’t know what happen, it’s not showing. Please bring back the transfer feature to allow to transfer money from on e account into another account.
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2 years ago, MCU unsatisfied member
Customer service no good.
In person or on the phone customer service is no good at all. In person one or two tellers only working wait is over an hour. And when you get to the window no help waste of time. On the phone it’s worst wait for over an hour to speak to someone for them to tell you they can’t help MCU doesn’t offer or doesn’t do this or that. Or you have to do in person etc.
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4 years ago, WKTU
Sudden changes without notice
This app has changed during the time I have been using it. Previously I could access the app with any internet connection. Within the last few days, I can only access the app by turning off my printer (which had served as my de facto WiFi network) and rejoining my ISP WiFi. I find this very inconvenient as I check my accounts regularly. MCU always seems to lag behind technologically. Very disappointed at this new inconvenience. 38 years a member
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4 months ago, Djman10
Fix and Make Zelle easier to find.
This App has definitely improved over the past year and probably deserves 4 stars. But the Zelle Payment is buried away like it’s a feature that is seldom used and only by a few users. Come on. Zelle Payments is now probably the number ONE peer to peer payment method! And then, when you find the option, it’s impossible to add new recipients unless you know their exact Zelle user name? I’ve only been able to add one person. When I enter name & phone for anyone else, i’m unable to continue. Luckily there’s CashApp!
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3 months ago, huniilamb
Great financial institution
I really appreciate the way the credit union monitors it’s clu not spending patter if something doesn’t seem like your usual spending pattern or the amounts of money you usually spend The credit union alerts you to see if you can are spending or has someone gotten your card and is using it They are spot on when it come to monitoring your account I will always have an account with MCU
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1 year ago, Sexyivi67
Satisfied customer
Unfortunately because of my Financial issues for over 6 months. I have been able to keep my account in good standing. I had 2 credit cards and an overdraft that I was unable to keep active. But I don’t want to loose my account and pray that MCU opens a new checking account for me since I will start receiving income and I will be able to make deposits.
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3 years ago, JohnnyKade
Finally Updated!
This app has finally been updated, years overdue but it got done. My first impressions are sleek, quick, and very easy to use. Much more responsive and less laggy upon opening and viewing accounts. And even the sign in process is easier. I truly considered changing banks because of the app itself, I could almost never view my balance when it mattered. Now this update should let me control my money again.
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3 years ago, Imamama1011
Bring back the older version!
This new version is horrible. It’s signed me out every single time. I have to put in a password every single time I go on the app. I also have to select if I would like snapshot every single time. If it is supposed to have face ID why do I have to put in a password every single time I go on this app. There is some work to be done but I like the format.
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2 years ago, GBMBOSS
Best credit union banking establishment 🥇
If it wasn’t for my mom I wouldn’t of known about such a dope bank . The hours are weird at times which would make you scratch your head . However if your looking for a bank that you really can’t get to your money come here . What I am saying is this bank works for great for me and it may do the same for you .. been here since 2016
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1 year ago, Cosi8698
I cannot add my credit card
I’ve been trying to add my credit card to the app for so long now. The customer service at MCU is horrible they just keep transferring me to different departments. I almost missed my payment on the due date. I had to call card service holders. This app provides no option to add your credit card which is ridiculous. And no one knows how. And the other app to this won’t allow you to add your credit card as well. Why do we need 2 apps I have no idea. And neither gives you the option.
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4 years ago, Curlyscales
I like the mobile app
So far the app has worked really well for me. Aside from necessary maintenance activities, I’ve had no issues with accessing my account information. My only problem is with that gosh, darn mobile deposit check feature. For the life of me, I can never correctly endorse the back of the check to complete the dang process.
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2 months ago, urag26
you’ve gotten better
i’m happy the app was upgrade. i wish we can take picture of receipt and make digital receipts. i wish we had Faster settlement times. i wish we could invest threw the app. Also had access to other finance products like link to different apps so i can see everything threw here. the banking system need to improve there product. Also exchange to different currencies
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5 years ago, RebeLioness
Won’t log in
I’m not sure what’s going on but in the last month or so, this app has been malfunctioning extensively. The status wheel just keeps turning endlessly but the app won’t load. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times with varied success. Sometimes minimizing it works, other times it doesn’t. In this day and age, this is truly unacceptable. Get a qualified app creator and fix this!!
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4 years ago, Heavc4
Can’t deposit checks
I’ve been using this app for years to deposit checks, and I try to avoid it at all costs. It’s good if I’m not in nyc or right now when covid makes it a bit sketchy to go to the bank. This feature has never been fixed. I have to write “for mcu mobile deposit only” 1000 times in different fonts and levels of boldness. The app will still say I never wrote it. Then I have to keep retaking the photos before there is even an option of the check to be accepted. This is the app’s worst feature and probably the main reason people download it. Please, I am begging you, fix this feature!
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4 years ago, one a year Traveler
This app works fine for me but would like it to do more like letting me know when money is withdrawn from checking account after a purchase with card or without card it seem that most hacks happen then you don’t find out till bank contacts you or you happen to just check your account
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3 years ago, plghry
App does not work on IPhone
The app will not open on IPhone. I keep getting an error message asking to retry. The app worked fine when the current update became available. I have to use the computer when I need to transfer money or pay a bill. It’s frustrating as I cannot use it on my phone.
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3 years ago, HonneBaii
This app is horrible. Around 9-10pm I cant check my balance it completely wipes out my enable face ID and i have to wait until the morning to get back into my account unless i go on the actual website which defeats the purpose of having the app. I also can never see pending deposits which i also have to go on the web to see. This is a decent bank but the app portion is completely draining. Also I’m unable to deposit checks from the app i always get an error message when I’m doing all the instructions completely right. Bank of America would never allow this. Get it together MCU.
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2 years ago, kindredspirit568
Snapshot function is obsolete
What’s the purpose of the snapshot function and finger print login if the app keeps resetting and you have to constantly login manually to check your account??? Seems like the developer is more interested in making the app appear fancy but is not paying attention to the constant glitches. smh.
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5 years ago, JJD Sanchez
Worst banking app
This has got to be the worst app ever because I can hardly ever go into it to do important things like view what I have in the bank!! And once I open the app, it just hoses up, twirling around and never opening. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but nothing. My ios is up to date so I don’t know what the problem is.
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9 months ago, SR from New York
No improvement at all so far
The scheduled in the pay bill does not allow to change the date of payment. They allow only to edit in the pay bill - edit memo, edit amount and cancel payment. Why it does not allow to edit date of payment (sent on). Please give us an option to change the date of payment. I have been trying or requesting to you guys more than a year. So far no response. Ridiculous! Mobile banking was much better before - they took a lot of options. Thank you
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3 years ago, LinerComet
the new update is okay but I prefer the way the app used to be when it was in blue and every transactions was either red and green so we could see what was a withdrawal and what was a deposit. It looked much better before. Please go back to the way it looked before. The new way takes way too long to load.
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4 years ago, Mcmajor
It worked after playing with it for 20 minutes
It doesn’t tell you to how to activate the camera feature to photograph the check. After both of us playing with it for 20 minutes we realized touching the picture of the check on our mobile device activated the camera. 🧐
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1 year ago, zeeeeee!
Mobile deposit
Love the convenience, but sometimes the camera cannot read the check and I still have to go into the branch to do a deposit. That defeats the purpose of mobile deposit. Another flow is the restriction on the amount that can be deposit on a daily basis is insufficient
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1 year ago, DG87
I like the app and like the way it’s continued to be updated. The only issue I have is I want my savings goals (Financial Wellness as it’s called now)to be front and center instead of hidden away in other settings it really is a good way to budget for items and the main reason I have money in the account.
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5 months ago, Jamz904
Mcu technology lives in the past
Zelle function is subpar. Unnecessarily complex and requires a 2 step verification to send a Zelle payment. I miss the Zelle app. Also there is no easy way of changing how you can receive a Zelle payment (via cell #or email). Still struggling to figure out how to update my bank profile so I can receive payments via both cell # or email because so far I have 2 payments that have went into a Zelle vortex where I don’t see the transaction at all. Terrible
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3 months ago, Brother-U
MCU Mobil banking
It work well in seeing ever transactions in your accounts. The only problem that I have with it is that it locks me out from time to time and I have to re-enter the password when I want my phone to stay logged in. Other than that it works well.
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4 months ago, Allia101
Out of date
Mcu seriously needs to update their app, Zelle is all the way in the settings(hard to find), my balances are confusing; how does it go to 500 to 77 to 31 then back to 200 with no transactions to make it make sense. Trying to identify transactions is pointless or add a memo so you know what you bought it doesn’t save in the app. So I just spent an hour train ride trying to identify things and put memos for it to never be saved. Very old school and not tech savvy.
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3 years ago, justchilin
Customer Service
Your customer service is horrible as soon as I pay off my loan I want nothing to do with this back or credit Union. I recently got a credit card from MCU I already have fraudulent activities on my card I have been on the phone being sent from department to departments with no help or assistance the wait time to speak with anyone is over two hours. Then you feel as if your being rushed off the phone instead of being properly assisted. This is the worst bank to do business with. Cu
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1 year ago, jilly2750
Banking at my fingertips
MCU APP works like a charm. Love the features especially check deposit from home. The ability to make a payment or transfer within my account and even another bank account is priceless. I highly recommend Municipal Credit Union.
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2 years ago, ludia44
Wonderful mobile banking.
I enjoy making all my transactions with MCU mobile. Even though it doesn’t have the other features that other banks have it still saving us a lot of money by not charging us so much money to maintain our account.
Show more
3 years ago, Milly__o
For the past few weeks the app has been acting up where it doesn’t let me login. I delete it and reinstalled it to check if it improves. No improvement. It states the app is unavailable, please try later ORThe operation couldn’t be completed. (KCFErrorDomainCFnet-work error-1200.)
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5 years ago, PeteyFatzmo
Very easy to use
I hooked up all my monthly bills to outside credit cards to get the point and cash back . I also hooked up all my credit cards to my checking account for payment purposes and pay them off as I use them and never carry a balance, no interest charges . Nitwit proof
Show more
4 months ago, Jguyy815
Into the future
With all the updates it’s nice to be able to do a lot of my applications straight from my phone. The app redesign also makes it easier for payments and I’m sure future updates will be even better!
Show more
2 years ago, Rayel1991
Round of applause to the product/development team
I had been waiting so long for mic to finally update their banking app and I am so happy with it. The design is beautiful it’s very user friendly as well. Props to the developers and the team that lead this new update. You guys did a great job.
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3 years ago, Bronx Red
At Your Fingertips
The mobile app is easy to navigate. It allows you to have all your accounts and information available to you when you want or need it. It also appears secure and safe. Keep up the excellent service MCU!
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1 year ago, Shaunka36
My bank
This is the best bank I ever had. I wouldn’t want no all the way I’ve been with this bank over 15 years and it’s been nothing but good to me I can’t get along, but that’s OK. I still love my miscible credit union, no matter what thank you for allowing me to be with you.
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1 year ago, peppzie
There needs to be more ATM and different locations specially in Manhattan on the upper West side
Please try to get them in the upper West side and how come your calling centers always close so early and so long to get online for information. Please try to resolve this. I’ve been with MCU for a long time and we need to upgrade our locations for ATMs also.
Show more
3 years ago, Aries_417
Someone needs to check these glitches
I love the fact that the up to date and even has snapshot based on whatever you set it to. Until I realized that EVERY single time I use the app I HAVE to set up Face ID again and whichever snapshot options I choice… this can’t be real. I had a lot of patience with the out of date app but I have non for an app that is up to date. Someone need to update us on when this will have a new version
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4 years ago, JackieJackie36
The worst bank in history
I’ve been trying to deposit a check using the mobile app but it just keeps giving me error. Who created this nonsense? I’ve never had any issues with mobile deposit with other banks. It’s time for me to close my account with them. The fact that they don’t have any other branches except certain areas in New York making it very inconvenient to drive to the branch from where I live. They need to fire whoever the dummy is who created this nonsense. They are so behind with technology. Crappy
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