Obey Me! - Anime Otome Sim -

4.9 (38.3K)
222.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
NTT Solmare
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Obey Me! - Anime Otome Sim -

4.87 out of 5
38.3K Ratings
1 year ago, hello (≧▽≦)
I don’t usually write reviews, but…
First of all, this game is AMAZING. If you’re having second thoughts about downloading it, say “silencio, Bruno” before you miss out on a very entertaining opportunity. Second of all, hats off to the creators for their fabulous artwork. The characters in this game are so, so well-drawn, and the same goes for their backstories! (Personally, I love Simeone, Mammon, Belphie, and Beel the most. I just can’t choose between those four!) Each character has something special—whether it be their amazing looks or their fleshed out histories, they’re awesome and totally lovable. Third of all, can we talk about how free-to-play-friendly Obey Me! is? Like, seriously. 50 free pulls is—*chef’s kiss*—totally awesome!! The game mechanics are easy to overcome and understand with these obtainable cards and characters, making for a great time. I’ve been playing this game for TWO days, I tell you, and I’m already blazing through chapter 6 with my level 50 Asmodeus and level 28 Simeone. When I tell you I got lucky with my 50 pulls, I got LUCKY. I had 6 SSRs+ in a ten pull. And, yeah, that’s it. Kudos to the game developers for all of this. Obey Me! is probably the best gacha game I’ve played, topping games like Genshin Impact and Path to Nowhere (both of which I still totally recommend, by the way) in both character design, gameplay, and backstories. I’m definitely looking forward to Nightbringer.
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3 years ago, •LordExplosionMurder•
Amazing ❤️❤️❤️
This game is sooo addicting I never leave it alone and when I can get devil points so easily and story keys not to mention grimm is so amazing. The grimm and devil points take time but totally worth it the story is so amazing honestly Im on lesson 16-17 and it was such a plot twist. The creators deserve so much love and the toxic fans just lost an amazing game. I hope this game gets so many more downloads I cant believe the people who think the rumours and things on how Leviathan is a lolicon or Pedo is just so wrong if they payed attention they would know he isn’t. This game deserves so much love and even if I get random notifications voiced is so cool even if they come at the wrong time LOL. I still can’t believe what happened with Leviathan though as long as I don’t undownload this game I’m fine. I took time out of my day to write this review and I don’t regret it cause this game deserves more hype except the toxic fans can leave they don’t deserve this wonderful game. Although if there was also a route to be able to hang out with the side characters more would be amazing like Simeon,Lord Diavolo,Luke,Solomon, and Barbatos. Other than that this game is so amazing deserves so much more love...I hope this game can becomes even better this is my first otome game and I love it. I totally think others should download it if they aren’t rude and toxic like the ones who whitewash mammon,simeon,and lord diavolo and the people who think leviathan is a lolicon/pedo.
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4 years ago, IdesofAugust
I LOVE this game!
I love story based games like this but I’m always so disappointed when the protagonist is set as a woman so I was ecstatic when I found a game with a gender neutral protagonist! As a man attracted to men, otome-style games are so hard for me to find and I always hate having to try and get into the head of a character I don’t relate to so Obey Me! is a blessing! The characters are fantastic, the story is addicting, and the mini game portion is fun and simple enough that it doesn’t take away from the game at all! I love that it’s relatively easy to earn in-game money so when I spent actual money on it, I knew that it was something I really wanted! I can’t wait for the game to get more popular (so maybe some merchandise can be eventually developed? I’d love to rep my favorite demon brothers!) it really deserves a bigger fan base! I’d say my only complaints so far are that 1. sometimes I have to spend a lot of time and AP to level up enough to proceed in the story because I tend to beat the levels after one attempt and that doesn’t increase my level that much 2. It’s difficult to get any new useful cards and I don’t really have any use for my low level cards so they just take up visual space and 3. I’d love a guide to some of the Japanese in the game! I can’t tell what the notification sounds are saying and it would be nice to know! Thank you for creating such an amazing game!! I can’t wait to see how it grows!
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2 years ago, smaire the horse bride
I love this game so much !!! The graphics are amazing and the story is so cute !! The cards are so well made, also there is so much diversity that can be had with the MC !! I truly appreciate it (as a nb person) that the mc isn’t tied to one specific gender!! I also love the phone aspect to the game when you’re not doing the tasks !! I also love the calls and texts they add so much to the characters that wouldn’t be known in the regular story!! The events are amazing as well the game never leaves you board ! I also love the diversity in characters as well!! Seeing more than just super pale characters makes me feel more comfortable with the game! I also like the outfits as well they’re amazing !! And seeing the dynamic between the several different characters is a great change of pace compared to many other otome style games I’ve played, and the semi-musical part of the game is super fun too! I believe there’s several different parts of the game that almost anyone can enjoy ! I recommend obey me to anyone trying to get into these sort of games! It’s easy to get used to and the story is so entertaining!! And the characters are so lovable it’s hard to choose a favorite!! If I were to critique it I would say adding certain types of diversity to characters would be nicer like different types of hair, and more variations of fat skin tones and body types :3 !
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3 years ago, Dewjkkkdksjjajsk
Best . . . Game . . . EVER!!!🤩🤩🤩
Hello there will be a spoiler here so keep that in mind ok? Ok, so I just finished with Belphegor appearing out of NOWHERE and saving me and Beel from death and I was super surprised, and confused but also squealing with joy! Ahh how I wish this feeling would last forever. SPOILER FINISHED: Anyways this game is really entertaining and unlike some other story games this one is just a 1 long story so you don’t have to worry about reading material unless your at the end. Another thing is they don’t charge in game money to choose options you can choose whatever you think is fitting. Also it has an entertaining plot, not much fighting in here but that’s ok because who would want that in a love story game? Lastly it raises your self esteem in my case at least I was never really confident with myself and would always stay quiet in class but this game (which is a love story) helped with that so yeah. I guess the only problem is that the notifications they say stuff when telling you something which is ok when I am alone and awake but when your trying to sleep or it’s in front of your parents . . . Ok anyways “why don’t you turn off your notifications?” You may say well you see I want to know what is happening inside so I can come in quickly. So yeah that’s all, this game is amazing and 10/10 recommend playing!
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4 years ago, Unlucky12
The longest I've ever played a game
I'm absolutely in love with this game! I particularly love story games because I enjoy a good story, otherwise it's difficult for me to stay interested. What sets this game apart from all the other otome games is that it's fairly easy to binge the first 20 chapters. In other otome games, you'd spend all your energy reading chapters that doesn't go anywhere or you wouldn't be able to replay a scene for free. Making choices is all part of the otome scene, but it'd always make me a little nervous bc I didn't want to negatively impact my affection with a character. I love that Obey Me allows me to test different options, replay the scenes I love, and that nothing I do will decrease my intimacy with another character. Other otome games, are more "which man can you seduce," but Obey Me is more "which man will seduce you," and I love that. I also can't wait for official merch to appear, just imagine the enamel pins, photo cards, and clothing! There's always something every week or two: either new cards, nightmares, and events. It must be a lot of work due to the consistency and quality of the stories and cards constantly being released. I hope ya'll aren't overworking yourselves, because as much as I love playing the game, I would love it even more if ya'll enjoyed working on it too! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
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4 years ago, You're A Bad Parent
Really enjoyable!
I’ve only had this game for a little while now but it has genuinely got me hooked. I don’t usually enjoy otome style games due to how money hungry they seem to be with the game play. This game however offers a lot without having to pay anything (not that I haven’t cuz I’m totally obsessed already). The story is pretty interesting and the way it is set up really makes it enjoyable for a wide variety of different people. Not only are the brothers of age so older players aren’t turned away but it also provides gender neutral pronouns for all players (except at one point but it is minor and short) which has been really great for a guy player such as myself. I do wish that there was a system for players to exchange cards they have no use for for other items or something, and that there was more content of Beelzebub as I feel he’s a bit of an under appreciated and underrated character especially early on and in terms of UR+ cards. I also feel that the Devil tree system is a bit of a hassle and very excessive at times. Maybe instead of having to both level up the cards and use the demon tree the tree could serve as a level tree instead. There are also times when the story gets a bit off but it hasn’t bothered me too much. Over all it’s a pretty nice game to play and I can see myself obsessing over it for a long time ESPECIALLY if they were to add more Beelzebub content haha.
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4 years ago, XxVero16xX
Definite fun!!
What I love about this game is the fact get this: YOU REALLY DONT HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY!! I mean this and I’m like the person who does this all time with my otome games and what not! I’m literally that person who uses money to get what I need and want. The fact they let you watch Ads to build up stamina when needed was very helpful. I’m already on chapter 12 and I did a lot of grinding to level my characters for battles. The dialogue is awesome and is very gender neutral although hilarious if you’re a girl like me and you’re like oh I’m living in a house full guys Okie dokes so you can build up a lot of imagination for great fan fics or comics lol As well finding ways to increase their intimacy levels without too much trouble IMO. I love the fact trying to learn to interact with love interests is a great way to know them. (Shake phone for Satan it’s hilarious). Normally it’s very annoying or tedious to find a way to pick the best option looking at you without having to pay the extra stuff constantly (MCL & Maybe). It’s also very nice to the Instagram look to have a chance to look at the CG’s best part is trying to grind to open those stories :)) also love the fact I can go back and check my other options without disrupting the story. Definite game to get! I stan for Lucifer atm ;3
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4 years ago, YaoiYuuki
I enjoy it!
I really enjoy this game. It’s funny and it is something you can easily play throughout the day unlike the first otome games that you rush through and then have to wait a day to unlock more of. It’s similar to Mr. Love in that way which I also really love. The art is good the cards are also interesting and I like the story and little events. What I wish was different however was the devil tickets. You can use them to buy a lot of things in game but you don’t really get a decent amount to use I have bought them before but I think for 0.99 cents they can offer more than ten same for the other tiers, I’d be more willing to pay. I joined the game back in December and told myself if a vip sub came out I’d join. When it came I was happy but that changed really quick. The features that it offers are nice but I don’t think $9.99 a month is worth it. Maybe if it was a little closer to the Mr. Love one I’d be more interested in putting out the money. It gives you options on how to work the vip or pay maybe more than one thing, and not so much will work better especially with younger players who have to run things by parents or have accounts attached to their parents. Sorry for the Mr. Love comparisons, just more used to it since I was playing it for longer and way before this one. I’m not saying to do things the same but their system basically runs with my money.
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2 years ago, Snowstorm655
First review ever :p
I’ll write a review for once. I’ll admit, this is not like any otame game I’ve ever played. It’s very silly to say the least and I love the story though it’s mostly being a therapist with hints of some more things going on behind the scenes which you’ll eventually figure out. It’s very much a comfort game for me. I have played it a while and am currently caught up fully. Only thing I’m disliking is the teasing of a certain character (Micheal for those who aren’t looking at this game for the first time) and the fact that I’ve yet to see him. I’m super curious. 😂 Anyway, for first time people here. As I said this isn’t your typical otame game. It’s not route based it’s mostly based off a card system with story put in between. There’s plenty of extra content to and you can definitely play it for free even with the option to buy things. Story and character wise it’s pretty simple but I like it that way. That said, it’s not for everyone. But for someone who is used to mystic messenger kind of games, this is far more chill and just silly to be honest. It’s my comfort game and it’s one of the few games I’ve played for as long as I have. I did take a break for a little while from it and when I came back (which was pretty recently) I’ve pretty hooked on it again.
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4 years ago, IrisTheComputerVirus
I Truly Respect This Game
I honestly love this game very much and I recommend any Otome game enthusiast to try it! The UI is clean and easy to navigate through. The ads aren’t too distracting and intrusive which is usually the case of mobile prone games. Everything feels very immersive and I truly have to praise the translator team because the dialogue is perfect and the jokes flow well. The art style and character designs are top notch. The story is lovely too and I cannot help but love every character. Though, I do have to say it was very hard to play at first. I had trouble understanding how dance battles work and some mechanics were never shown to me. I discovered that I could quick play battles or replay stories to try different dialogue options far later than I should’ve. In most otome games players have to be very cautious in story scenes because they usually cannot return and try again. Thankfully this game omits that problem but the players need to know that can replay stories. This is just one example of how unclear the mechanics can be to new players so I only ask for a better tutorial system. But, I truly do enjoy this game and I’m hoping Shall We Date continues to make more games just like this one because this is a step in the right direction for more high quality otome games.
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4 years ago, two girls in a duet
I adore this game!
I’ve always enjoyed games produced by NTT solmare, but this game is the absolute best one by them! I’ve been following this game since it was still in production and I couldn’t be happier! The story premise is compelling, and the writing for the story doesn’t disappoint. Each character feels real and like able in their own way, and you can really see them as real people, as they each have their own strengths and flaws. The dance competition aspect for the tasks is new for me, but it’s a welcome change! This feels different from all other NTT Solmare games, and that’s a good thing! It’s completely unique and manages to keep the interest coming! I do believe my only criticism is the pop quizzes, for someone who doesn’t want to pay for devil points, it’s difficult to get much out of them. If you play it every day and get as much as you can out of it, you tend to only get as far as the second part. So, if it could be a little easier for non-paying players, like for it to last a longer time; I think the pop quizzes could be more enjoyable. Overall though, the core game is super fun and even though the pop quizzes are a little unfair to non-paying players, I’ll be happy to continue to play and support this game and it’s developers!
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4 years ago, TntCakeJen
Best Otome Game I’ve Ever Played
This game is incredible. It has love-able characters and an interesting story that actually makes me want to continue playing. I haven’t had to spent even a dollar on this game, unlike other otome games where it’s designed to make money. Sure, there’s the monthly VIP subscription, but it’s only if you want some other benefits. You can play the game without getting VIP. In the past, I’ve played Shall We Date games where you had to have story tickets, and you’d get three free ones per day. If you wanted to continue the story more, you’d have to buy them. This game doesn’t do that with the task system. As long as you have AP, you can continue the story. The game gives you multiple chances to get the “special in game currency” (devil points), so it’s not like you’ll run out and have to pay actual money for it. Currently, my only slight complaint is a glitch I’ve been running into. The only trigger I can think of for it is when you activate the characters special attacks during a task. It glitches by showing the special attack scene, but at the same time continues to put the heart points on the screen and the time continues. It can be a little frustrating, because I’ve lost a few rounds because of the glitch.
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2 years ago, The Dude 34
Love the protagonist design
It’s been awhile since I played a romance driven game and only started playing because I saw an add with the brothers in their bunny outfits. 💕I thought it was going to be a cafe romance game. So much better than expected when I actually started playing. Love it being gender neutral for everyone. That’s a major plus! Thank you!!! It gives us a chance to draw/imagine our own MC designs instead of a set design. Makes for great fan art with our favorite character. I love all the characters in game and the wonderful voice acting from the cast. I just wished that all the main story lines and devilgram stories were spoken so I can hear the characters be more alive. Because the anniversary stories are amazing with a full audio experience. Then I found out the devs and voice actor’s made songs for the fans. My heart 💕. All the character’s songs are just a gift. It makes me, the player, feel so so special hearing the brothers sing for you. The anime is super great because it shows the brothers moving and interacting in scenarios that we normally don’t see. Love it. ***Dear devs, please have more merch available in the US for me to buy: blankets, hoodies, T-shirts, plushies. Please?
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4 years ago, come on you guys
Pretty good game but missing something
This game is like a Japanese version of Mystic Messenger meets Dance with Devils. The card-collecting, IMs, phone calls, gift giving, and mini battles are all fairly balanced, I would say. My BIGGEST GRIPE with this game, and it’s a major one, is that there is virtually no explanation about the game mechanics. Yes, the game gives you a tutorial the first time you play, but it is brief and doesn’t touch upon the different “sins” (elements) that make up the stats of the cards. Furthermore, there is no explanation of the special abilities that the enemies have. NOT ONLY THAT, but as far as I know there is NO WAY to look up gameplay tutorials within the app. There is a brief recap in the options section as to what activities there are to do in the game and how to use skills and upgrade the cards, but nothing about the intricacies of the gameplay itself. Are the “sins” (elements) even worth considering when building your team for a challenge? The game plays like your success is reliant on overall power and your skill cards. If there is strategy involved, then I’m not seeing it. If and when this game decides to give players a chance to access comprehensive refreshers on the game play, I’ll consider giving this 5 stars. Seriously, every SINGLE game nowadays should have a section devoted to this sort of thing.
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4 years ago, ZiggyZaptacular
Money Hungry, but an enjoyable game
I love this game. I hate that it pushes the players to pay to enjoy the game fully. There are many things that you cannot win or access certain things without paying for the experience. I have calculated the probability of getting UR/SRR cards in nightmare. It is 40% if you play ten times in a row for the event nightmares. Whenever I look at the Akuzon (market), I have a lower probability than specified on the odd. It is closer to 20% but as low as 16% sometimes. It is manipulating the user to pay for devil tickets. It also is tracking what you are looking at to be able to change the odds of winning to extort more money out of you. If they cared about their customers, they should not coerce the players to pay more than they would otherwise. If they continue to do that with all of their players, people will get frustrated and stop playing. I will if it continues on in the next few months. Currently, I am having a problem with the game. When I use Leviathan and he is the surprise guest, it gets hung up and pauses before I can interact with him. I have relaunched many times and deleted the app (because I linked my account). I turned off my phone several times. It just keeps glitching when Leviathan is a surprise guest. I now have to just not use him in the dance battle. It started to happen a day after me updating to OS 14.
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3 years ago, That Girl Té
Please read, at your own pace of course
At first I downloaded Obey me because I was bored and I was recommended it. It started as a typical episode game, but instead of getting “keys”; You battle to progress in the story. The game is sort of a combination of an light RPG and of course a dating sim. The graphics are great, and if you start getting more cards you realize each card has its own art style( besides the basic ones ). I love the choices and variety of events. You can even go back and experience some events that have passed. The main plot of the game is to bring two brothers together. But as I progressed, I started to get attached to each character. Their backgrounds are very detailed and make you want to learn more. The base of all events and services is created like a phone screen. The best part is that you can choose a character to be on your home screen. As of the 1st year Anniversary, there are new unlocked characters you can choose to be on your home screen. I truly recommend this game for people who have frequent bad days, it brought me loads of joy playing and interacting with the characters. Sorry for the long review, thank you for reading my opinion on the game👏🏼
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3 years ago, Nathiic
Some feedback!
The story, the characters personalities and all the amazing features! Love it all. The game is great and as someone that gets bored easily, I keep coming back and playing everyday lol. It has so many things that make it fun and even though it’s easy to play without spending money, I love it so much that I find myself spending quite a bit haha but that’s because i want to and not because I feel almost forced to do it. Devil points are easily obtained because of the reward system and love the fact that you can use them to obtain more AP and Grimm. However... devil vouchers are hard to get and that makes sense. My only complaint is that N, R, and even SR cards become quite useless quickly after completing lessons (unless you level them up to the brim). I wish there was some sort of way to “cash them in” because they are obviously just going to stay there to never be used... and that seems kind of pointless... and as you go far in the game you will keep collecting more and more low cards that will annoyingly keep piling up. That’s my only complaint and idea of what to do with it. For devil vouchers to be so hard to get, you cannot imagine the pain when I get multiple N and R level cards in a row.
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1 year ago, Omg.itz.jessi 15
can’t stop playing…
If you want an honest review this is it. I downloaded this game about two years ago, maybe and in those two years i’ve restarted the game probably twice or once. I don’t really remember, but even then i’ve found myself playing and getting to where I was the last few times I restarted it. It’s a fun and entertaining game for when you want to escape for a little while. Even when I come back to it when I remember about it, I come back to gifts and messages. I never bought anything from it so if you’re a person who doesn’t like to spend money on games or can’t spend money due to other reasons.. along with being patient and busy this is for you. I love this game and not just because of the stories, but the battles. There’s something unique about it and it when your cards are powered up you can always skip the battles if you want to get right to the story. The art is really amazing and well.. pretty lol. All around this game is amazing and I find myself unable to stop playing. I never leave reviews under games but wow this game is so amazing and if you want to have some laughs and enjoy art work this is for you!
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4 years ago, Hdifghhv
Totally In Love :P
First off, here’s what I just know anyone considering buying this game is wondering-is this another one of those games where you either have to spend a lot of money or grind and be patient to advance? The answer is NO! :D You can actually gain passes, money, level-up items, etc. easily! Sometimes it even feels overwhelming how much freedom there is. You don’t have to be on time to play unlike Mystic Messenger, either. The gameplay itself is extremely satisfying, too. It’s a rich and complex story and keeps me enticed. I like the concept of battling as schoolwork in order to continue, even if it was unexpected. The only thing I can really complain about is how over-stereotyped the characters can be at time. For example, Beelzebub, avatar of gluttony. I feel like a lot of the time they just show him being hungry rather than his actual character, which is disappointing because I took a lot of interest in him during his special sections. Other than that, good game! If these types of things are also your guilty pleasures, I’d HIGHLY recommend downloading. EDIT: Actually, there is a pretty large amount of grinding as you get to the later levels. Make sure you new players spend your money wisely.
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2 years ago, yanchae
My favorite otome game!
It’s such a good game! I’ve had it for almost 100 days and it’s really addicting! Luckily, it’s not too addicting so I’ve got a healthy balance between life, school, and Obey Me! The great thing about the boys is that they’re all so unique unlike other otome games, where they all look the same. I like how it’s not too, for lack of better words, inappropriate. It’s got the perfect amount of fluff, and the perfect amount of battling and action. I think it’s one of my favorite apps to waste the day on, but I have a few minor suggestions. I feel like a chat system to talk to other players would be really cool, to talk about our interests for the game and just meet new friends in general! Also, I’m not a huge fan of how on all the events, there’s no real closure. Like every run-of-the-mill event has a few storybooks about your bond with each brother, and then the end is just some goofy fluke. So, I feel like all of us would like a bit less censorship and more of the juice. But regardless, I do like the constant updates and events/nightmare summons! Overall, Obey Me! is such a great game. I don’t think I’ll ever find another otome game as amazing as this one!
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2 years ago, YEeTtttYeeT
Alright so I first downloaded this back in 2020, (2022 now) it was such a amazing game!(still is) and I loved playing it as how addictive and fun it is. The story’s are amazing as you dont have to have a high XP for the first fights to get to the next level, and you can replay the levels so you never forget the interesting things you left off on. Also, the “Grimm” money is extremely easy to get as I have 100k and over of Grimm, and thats how I knew that I wanted to spend money to get more😈. Also, the characters are extremely well drawn and their facial expressions in moments. The voice actors also do a well job(yet I can't understand their language) and I love Leviathans show where he interviews them all and show their true personalitys such as Lucifer's who's supposed to be strict (in the anime he's soft) but it reveals he's actually not that strict and actually laid-back. Next I have the creator. I'm just gonna say it flat out. WHOEVER MADE THIS APP IS AMAZING!!! Whoever mad it probably took so long doing updates and making this masterpiece just for me and the other players! I hope you never remove this app from the App Store and keep this game going! Good luck🙂
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1 year ago, Pero900
This game holds a special place in my heart
I love this game, and not because it has nice art, or the story telling or just for the characters. I love this game because of how the developers made this game inclusive to all. It’s very rare to find otome games where the MC isn’t already designed for you and is a female character. So the fact the MC in this game is portrayed as a cute sheep and uses gender neutral pronouns means a lot to me and many others because it gives us more room and imagination to insert ourselves or our own designed characters into the game. This game of course has its own flaws as any other game would, the writing can be a little more silly, which I love, but sometimes I wish there were more serious moments/more detailed moments (but after hearing about the new game I’m excited and hopeful to see more lore!), I also wish there were more intimate romantic options besides kissing in the game, since when I started playing it was advertised as 18+ so I expected more intimate moments. But other than those things I really do love this game, and the people in charge of Obey Me truly do consider their fans when making decisions for the game.
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3 years ago, Kuro932Usagi
I love this game so much but i really wish there were a guarantee for the second ur
I love this game way too much and its the first time ive ever spent real money on a gacha game. I would give it five stars, but there are a few problems i would like to address. When i first started playing the game, the events were actually manageable, but now it has become increasingly difficult to actually even finish the first part of events. Not to mention there is practically no cool down time in between events. There is also no point to having more powerful cards, other than just aesthetics. I think that events should be slightly more power based, and less reliant on cheat cards. Also, this might just be a personal problem, but even after over 300 spins, i was unable to get any Ur cards other than the guaranteed 100 spin ones. Maybe consider raising drop rates just a tiny bit? Or maybe guarantee the other ur card in nightmare after 200 spins? Update: the rerun for the nightmare i mentioned just came out and i have rolled over 450 times and i am losing hope. 🥲 the new drop rates are great though, definitely a huge improvement.
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3 years ago, lucifers main :)
I love love LOVE this game!!!
This game is so captivating and addicting honestly! The brothers characters are made amazingly and they all are so unique. The story and side stories as well as the Devilgram stories leave the player with so much to do! The game isn’t tiring and I find myself having to force myself to put it down because it is so much fun. There truly isn’t a dull moment in Devildom or Obey Me! in general! I do however have one suggestion- My friend and I get at eachothers throats sometimes (playfully) because one of us gets a card the other has been dreaming about for forever. I think it’d be great to add a trading system for the cards between your friends. Another suggestion I have is to make Demon Vouchers a little more attainable without micro transactions. Finally it would be so cool if you could go back and make new choices without having to restart the entire chapter, like how you can see previous chat boxes in the chat log. All in all, obey me is a really awesome game that is perfect for the times we’re experiencing now with being locked inside all the time and not being able to see others as often. I recommend you download IMMEDIATELY!!! If I could give more stars I would!
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2 years ago, An Obey Me Fan
I've been with this game for almost 2 years, and I love it~
I've literally never written a review before but this game DESERVES IT. If you're patient (and you honestly don't even have to be that patient), you don't need to spend any money on this game! (though i have lol) There's no ads by default, you don't have to pay to get rid of them. The devs don't constantly try to get you to spend money, and there's tons of side content! Messages, phone calls, Devilgram stories, and events that you can do if your struggling making progress in the main story. The characters can occasionally feel one dimensional, especially in the later lessons I've found, but with 12 characters to choose from, it makes sense. You can tell the devs and everyone working on the game really loves what they're doing, there's even 17 songs sung by the characters currently! I literally feel actually in love with some of these characters, and I cannot recommend this game more! This is THE otome game to play if you're interested in playing one. Devs, if you're reading this, I love you guys and all that you do, and this game has truly touched me!❤️
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2 years ago, Faith Olulana
New update
I’ve been playing this game for almost two years now, since March 2020 and I can say for sure I love this game a lot. However this new update is literally a slap to the face to every long term gamer and customer that can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars. Why does BOTH the pull system AND reward system for this new event rely on gacha solmare? Seriously, this is just plain greed. I prefer the older reward system. Until the company addresses this issue I’ll stick with my 1 star review. I’m very disappointed and my love for this game has been greatly waned after this. To add to this loot box system why why and WHY has the story quality greatly declined? Characters are becoming one dimensional and the writing itself is just comedic. I miss the darker undertones the game used to have at the start. We are dating demons but to be honest it feels like it’s a dating sim of comedians. I honestly forget the main characters are demons bc of how silly, one dimensional and more “normal” they’re becoming. And on top of this you wish to add in more characters, so characters like Satan and asmo who barely got any screen time (or character development in asmos case) will get EVEN less. The game will be a lot better if you took the time to flesh out your already established characters instead of sticking to one trait (mammon always greed, satan = car addict), bc it’s frankly overdone and overused.
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3 years ago, Jbear1103
Super fun game but I have a few complaints
I personally love this game with every fiber in my body, I think the story is addicting and the mini games are kinda fun too (but sometimes I wish they weren’t there just so I could go through that part of the story without have to wait for more Ap or buy it) he characters are amazing and I would give up my arm and leg for mammon. Sadly there are a few thing I don’t like about the game, like the cards it’s very difficult to get ur cards, and you have nothing to do with our extra ones. Like it would be cool if you can break down the extra and use them on higher level cards to level them up or sell them for Grimm. The other thing I don’t like is the story’s I wish you could get the whole story instead of having to it in separate parts, or you can just use your intimacy with the characters to unlock the story instead that and the cards cause I’ve spent a lot of Grimm just to get ur&ur+ cards. I could honestly play this game until I die just the story alone she get an award of some unimaginable sort, the characters are so interesting and so different, the art is breathtaking and I fell like I’m in the story itself (I might be a little obsessed) that I actually get butterflies in my stomach. Truly there aren’t any words to describe how much I love this game.
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2 years ago, almxapnd
I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and I absolutely love it! The storyline is really interesting and the characters will say different things depending on what you say (if that makes sense), but it still follows the story line. Then the characters has their own personality it’s really funny and cute! Plus they added three new characters which I’m excited about even though I haven’t meet them yet. There’s also new events and stuff every time so you wouldn’t get bored when you do complete the story, and you go always go back to old events if you like the event! The creators are also very generous for example if there was any bugs in the game they would give us presents as a sorry gift for the bug which is really cool! You also don’t need to spend money on the game to go very far, you can earn everything without real money which I love. Though you can spend money if you’d like. I did wish that there was an inventory so I can see everything I have but that’s really it. In conclusion this game is really good and I would recommend it to everybody that want’s like a romance game
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3 years ago, ThatMilkyWayGalaxy
I am in love with this game, but I have a criticism lol
I have been playing this game for around 7 months or 8 (my old account got lost due to my phone breaking so I’m currently only on month 6 on my new account) but I am still in love with this game. I really do hope that the anime isn’t an April fools joke because I would honestly LOVE to see it, but I have a few criticisms on the game even though this is such an awesome game. I’m not sure if this has to do with my own internet but I’ve found that this game takes way too long to load between different buttons, it’s kind of annoying if I want to quickly receive my AP from contacts. It’s not a problem with my phone because all other apps I have run perfectly and my new phone has a ton of storage, it may just be because this game is from japan but other games like Mystic Messenger which are from Korea work just fine on my phone so I hope you can see if there’s anything you could do. Anyways, this is an AWESOME game and I really love it it’s made my life so much better because even when I’m alone I know I could just get on an grind on the events are level up my cards to continue this cute story.
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4 years ago, Jedi Sarah
Highest recommendation!
This is my first ever otome game, and I cannot recommend it enough. I have absolutely NOTHING but compliments for the developers, artists and VAs. This game is so engaging and fun to play! The team clearly works very hard to provide new and engaging content for the player, but it never feels overwhelming. The artwork is so cute and fun, and the characters are BEYOND lovable! It’s hard to even pick a favorite, even amongst the background characters. It’s easy to see that they’re constantly working to develop their storylines and make them multi-faceted. They’re all so lovable. I also really appreciate that this game is fully playable and most importantly enjoyable to everyone, regardless of whether they want to make in-app purchases or not. There’s been weeks where I’ve played the game without making any purchases, and weeks where I’ve splurged, but at no point was the game more or less enjoyable based on how much money I spent. This actually makes me want to spend money on the game more often, honestly. It makes me happy to support such a great team. Keep it up! This is an AMAZING game, and I appreciate all of the hard work you do to keep it fun and interesting!
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3 years ago, MeMeCoal
This game is sooo addictive! I love it, and I feel as though it was made for any gender, I gave myself a male name in the game, so I didn’t have to use my real one, and honestly I think I preferred it that way, it would have been weird for me to see my own name incorporated in the story line, and I make Gacha Videos, so even when I do those, when I’m in those story lines, I use fake names. I think it is unique how you can choose your character name, and the story will just use it, at first I was inpatient with how slow it loaded, but now I barley even notice, I’m to exited, and anticipating how the story will twist and turn next, my favorite part is definitely the story, at first I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but after figuring out that after playing new levels it brings you back to the story, I really enjoyed it. I also like how you can kinda choose which character your closer with, because personally I don’t really care for Lucifer, or Asmodeus, my favorites are Satan, and Mammon, but overall this game is very addicting, and I get very impatient waiting for my energy to come back so I can play more levels.
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2 years ago, CosmicFauna
Oops I’ve been playing fire three years straight
I downloaded this game just a few weeks after it came out because the ads were EVERYWHERE and looked so ridiculous I thought I’d get a good laugh out of how bad it was. Marketing strategy got me!! I was immediately sucked in, surprised by how much better it was than I expected, and now I’ve logged in literally every day for nearly three years straight and have the VIP membership. My main gripe is that since there aren’t routes, it doesn’t feel like your relationship progresses much past a certain point with any of the characters. They try to make up for this with an engaging storyline where you yourself progress as a character, which is nice, but falls flat sometimes. The boys, despite having so much potential, are also often very 2D and reduced to one or two personality traits (but there is soooo much fanfic rectifying this, which is some consolation, at least). I’ve been delighted to see this game grow in popularity to the point where there’s all sorts of physical merch, collab events, and even a small anime. Can’t wait to see where it goes! tl;dr - got it as a hate download, ended up becoming my favorite thing
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2 years ago, ParisPoodles2008
Way better than I expected
So I had originally decided to play the game just to mess around and try it out since I saw it was popular. I did NOT expect to like it in the slightest yet here I am rating it 5 stars. I would honestly recommend this to anyone, even if you don’t strongly enjoy these kinds of games. It is very explorative, interactive, interesting, and overall kind of addicting. The game developers did an amazing job on the cards you can collect, everything you can do throughout the game(which isn’t just story), and they made the characters have an interesting backstory and narrative. The characters also look pretty good. And that coming from a woman who likes women, they did a good job on making hella good characters. Even if you don’t enjoy the whole romance aspect, for a good portion of the game you can be pretty neutral and just there to enjoy the storyline. I also thought the “dance battles” would be incredibly annoying but I’ve actually grown to find them entertaining and bringing out my competitiveness. To summarize, just get this game for laughs and hope you enjoy it; it worked for me.
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4 years ago, Kate4Dayz
Best From Developer By Far
This game is fantastic! The platform for it is so much more inventive and invigorating than previous games from this developer! The characters are lovely and compelling (sweet lil stupidmammon), the tasks are visually great and a fun part of story progression. The protagonist is also seemingly gender neutral, which makes it way more open for queer/non-binary/ LGBTQ+ players!!! While it sacrifices some of the inner monologue of other games that have a more personality set, cis-female protagonist, it’s definitely more of a pro in my book! It makes the game feel more like an RPG maybe, or something at least where you can creatively define your own character. The D.D.D. system is super cute and inventive, gives a way more immersive experience than just moving through chapters and collecting outfits (also so much voice acting!!!!). While it still uses the “AP” style of waiting to fill an energy bar to progress, the fact that you can bank multiple AP from rewards amongst other things makes it actually playable for more than like five chapters while you wait a full day to load up. All in all, my new fave Shall We Date? game!!
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1 year ago, MxlkTea
Fav Otome Game!
I love this game! It’s unique with fun events, and many characters that you’re able to interact with. The lore is everything although I can’t wait for them to add more! There’s also some things I request to make things better, like the pull rates. 60+ pulls to get a ur or ur+ Devil points aren’t easy to get and nor are the demon vouchers, so I hope that they’re able to get Devil points more easier since it’s needed a lotttt. And I also want to point out on how they always make Beelzebub only personality about food, yes I know he’s the avatar of gluttony, but is that really all he is? His story has sooo much potential with angst and can actually make his character more interesting. Same goes with Satan, he has a lot of potential too with his character but they made him allll about a man obsessed with cats, like c’mon now.. devs, you can do better then make their personality all about that. I think the other characters have more potential with their characters story that can actually make the lore more better and intriguing for players. Other than that the game is great, and it’s one of my fav otome games there is! Also cant wait for Obey Me Nightbringer ^^
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3 years ago, Mike 059512040906
enjoyable but needs a lot of money
technically you don't HAVE to spend any money, but to fully enjoy the game you're strongly pushed to do so. i haven't been playing very long so the only good example i have is solomon's birthday which is going on right now. in order to access the golden parts of the event you need story keys and your cards have to be pretty strong, but it forces you to use a solomon card so my team which would normally breeze through this is nowhere near strong enough even after fully leveling up my solomon card and leveling up my other two cards (both quite strong as is) by 5 levels each. for me it's easy to earn back grimm (although earning raven, dp, etc is much, much harder and it's expensive to buy anything which is annoying) but i don't appreciate how money hungry the events can be especially considering just how many there are. granted, this could be because i'm still relatively new but i've seen older players citing the same issues, even with normal tasks. other than this the concept is fairly unique and fun, and the characters are generally likable, but it's hard to enjoy even the normal tasks sometimes. that being said, i do genuinely enjoy this game, i just wish there were more cheap/free things you could do easily.
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2 years ago, discriminatedpassenger
Amazing game, but a tad hard to get currency!
I started playing this game around two years and just got back into it about a week or two ago! It’s an awesome game and it’s totally addicting, I find myself playing it during most of my free time in my classes and on weekends. The characters are really dynamic and the storyline is amazing, the only tiny problem I have with this game is that it’s hard to get certain currencies. The currencies I'm talking about are Devil Points and Demon Vouchers. You need devil points to obtain demon vouchers and you spend 30 Devil points just to get one Voucher!! The game only gives you around 5-20 Devil Points for certain achievements or log-in rewards, so I wish that the vouchers were either cheaper and the game would hand out more Devil Points, or the game would give the players more Demon Vouchers on occasion so they can get more cards. It just seems too overpriced seeing as you need 10 Demon Vouchers to have a higher chance of getting a SSR or UR card, and getting those would help out new-ish players win more battles. But overall this game is lovely, thank you devs for making this 💕 I can tell y’all put a lot of love into it!
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4 years ago, Loony_chan✨
This game is AMAZING
I’m not the type who usually writes reviews so sorry it’s not really good but I have been playing shall we date games for so long and I have seen good things and bad things but mostly they were mediocre to good game but obey me is something else the writing is really good The characters feel fresh and likable they are really different from each other and despite falling in some troops he is still feeling really different, like a real individual. Your voice acting is really good it’s suits the characters (but the change in asmo’s wasn’t the best I hope you change it back) The music tracks aren’t something out of this world but they are really really good the game isn’t a pay to play and you can play it without paying a penny and have a good progress seriously I hope this game doesn’t die anytime soon because I am really attached to it, Well I just wanted to thank the developers anyone who is working on worked on this game I haven’t been feeling really good recently but this game makes me feel much better. Overall I can’t wait for new updates and I hope many more people play this amazing game
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2 years ago, gia125
SUPER well done!
i should’ve written a review sooner but this game deserves well over 5 stars at this point. the storyline amongst the different stories/ lessons is very well put together and is very comedic at points, along with VERY entertaining. for someone who’s been playing for 2 years now (march of 2020), it deserves more attention from others. i have recommended it to a couple of friends who are interested in types of games like Obey Me! and they were all well interested in the storyline and the characters. the work and detail amongst every event that’s put together as well is amazing as well! the concept with all the characters and especially the brothers is something i have never seen before. with all the brothers being actual real demons within a set storyline in game is very interesting and a very nice concept. All the character design, detail, and personal side stories are very well written and i am very excited to see more events and storyline in the future. Overall: i recommend this game for people into anime-otome games / gacha-type games. keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Midnight.rose
Thank you!<3
This game is one of the best things I’ve ever played. My friend introduced me to this game a while back and at first I was hesitant to be honest, but after I played it for a day; I soon found out why my friend plays it so much. I absolutely love all the characters and don’t even get me started on the voice actors! Their so amazing! I love the fact that they have such different personalities and voices! The music that you guys have made so far is amazing! They fit the characters so well. The design and the layout of the game is fantastic. I like how they all don’t automatically love you as soon as you join, you have to work your way and earn their trust. This game makes me feel so happy, like the way that they check up on you and if you login at midnight they ask why aren’t you asleep. That is so sweet! I’m in a bad spot in my life and this game just knows how to make me feel better. Thank you game developers so much for making this game. Please know that you’re making so much people happy and that we all appreciate the work everyone has put into this game.
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4 years ago, Cherrie Syrup
Great Game but Extremely Problematic for Long Term Players
This game is great and I’m sure there’s tons a reviews saying so, but this isn’t going to be one of them. As I say, this is probably one of the best otome games out there, but it’s starts becoming impossible to play for free once you get to the Boss Battle at the end of chapters 35-40. I’ve got tons of multi-copy UR cards that have the effects that counter the Boss effects, but none of them actually work that well because you have to rely on luck that they will activate OR that the Bosses won’t use their special abilities on you. I even put rainbow sticks on the cards just in case and I still can’t beat the bosses unless I am at least 100,000 strength pts ahead of the collective Boss level strength pts. That’s ridiculous. You guys need to scale down on the Boss fights. How is it that I can get through every single battle in the chapter easily, but the Boss fight requires you to be twice as strong while it’s also impossible to earn enough rewards during the regular battles to increase your strength... I don’t mind grinding for gold day after day, but the input of effort and the overall outcome are so unbalanced it makes me regret spending time in this game at all now. I’m really close to abandoning it for good even after more than 300 hrs of game play.
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3 years ago, icantfindgoodnames
very good!
honestly, obey me! is super addicting! i also really love the brothers and side characters, but theres on thing i dont really like. so i love the little destinations on Lonely Devil, but i feel like they're too short, ive also completed all of them, and occasionally go back to play the stories again. but maybe you could add more side stories or make the stories longer ?? i know there is a small chance of the developers seeing this, also because there probably are bigger projects they have to work on so its completely fine (o^^o)! and maybe also some extra destinations with the side characters (solomon, luke, simeon etc) because i feel like they dont get much part in the stories (besides their birthdays and Devilgram stories) I also have a destination suggestion! maybe one where the mc turns into a cat ?? (of course, i dont know if it'll work because the mc is a sheep or as portrayed in the anime and i think some of the stories ??) and of course, you might not see this but if you do, i'd appreciate it if you could add some of my recommendations :)
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4 years ago, asmosimpuwu
It’s Alright, Needs Some Improvement
Okay, the storyline is amazing, and I really love the characters. It was fun at first but now it’s becoming frustrating and less fun. The game is almost like 90% dance battles and 10% story. That’s one thing I don’t like. Now, I understand games are meant to be more challenging the deeper you get in the game but this is ridiculous. The entire card thing is a pain. I have UR and SSR cards that are at the max level but the total strength is still super weak compared to my opponent’s during dance battles. And they make it hard and very expensive to strengthen your cards, I can’t afford that, especially during times like this. Now regarding devilgram, there are stories you can read in the comments of someone’s pic. Some are locked and you need the card to unlock it and read the story. How am I supposed to do that if they’re from events that are long gone? Or impossible to finish because of the fact that our opponent’s strength is 10 times higher than ours? I really hope that this improves, I and so many others would love to continue to enjoy this game and support you. Edit: Now only the new users get 100 vouchers unlike those who been playing this game since the very beginning? That is totally unfair, the older players deserve that too, yknow.
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4 years ago, Nightshade7887
Please hear your fans from the start out
PLEASE DON’T DELETE THESE GAMES FROM ALL THINGS!!!!! Many, and I mean many of the fans are willing and okay with a version of story jar, or dear otome, for those games that you are wanting to completely get rid of, many of us still play some of the first ones that you came out with, like my sweet prince, destiny ninja, and destiny ninja 2, niflheim, ninja assassin, ninja love, angel or devil, ninja love, and many, many more. We would like to continue supporting these games, as well as the newer up and coming ones, maybe create an app that is similar to story jar/dear otome, and put all these games into it. I can GUARANTEE, than nearly all of your loyal fans will download this game, help spread word about it, share the press about it, and express how much we love these games, if you haven’t noticed by now the tons of messages you must have received that are similar to mine, through all social medias and emails, and know the support you have behind these games. Please din’t tear these games away from us. Please. I am expecting a reply, and will wait, I have many more ideas, and recommendations as well. Please, I would love to work with you all. To continue to let these games be played for the younger generation, as well as for the fans that have been there since the start like myself. Please, please respond, I anxiously await your reply.
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3 years ago, ceberle
Battery hog, slow
Too early to report on the game itself. My first impression after a couple of days is that it seems fairly grindy. The main play mode, the dance battles, seem a bit too simplistic to hold my attention. Of course, with these kinds of games, the main attraction is the story, and since I’ve got multiple storylines just starting, it’s hard to say if it’s worth putting up with the grind to get to the stories. What will probably drive me to quit is the speed of the game. Every button you click requires a 2-4 step progress bar that takes 4-5 seconds to transition to every page. It must be talking to their servers for every single page, suggesting this the app is just a thin wrapper over a web page. The content rarely changes, I don’t know why it isn’t cached. The least fun part of the game — navigating between screens — feels like a chore. Secondly, the battery usage. It drains battery WHILE PLUGGED IN. I have one other game that does that, which is a flashy 3D open-world action combat game; but I can play it for a couple of hours while plugged in and it only drains 5-10%. This game drains 20-30%. I have no idea how this is even possible given how simplistic the game is. It’s mostly 2D with very little animation.
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4 years ago, ex.hausted
10/10 Will Always Play Again
This game has kept me sane during this quarantine my family has been forced into. I’m absolutely in love with the storyline so far, I am only on lesson 14 as of right now. This story came into life right on time and I’m so happy it did! It’s incredibly fun, the art and style is amazing, and the detail to the story is incredible! I have practically no complaints at all!! The only thing that erks me with this game is that I can’t keep going with the story XD! The dance battles are fun and keep me entertained for hours just so I can keep reading! Mammon is definitely my favorite brother, and Luke is hilarious with his reactions. The costumes/outfits each character wears goes to show how much thought is put into this game. I love it so much! I’ve read into the game and background and what other players think, and it truly is incredible. The creative side of my brain had been deteriorating since everything shut down, but this game has pumped life back into it! Thank you to everyone who’s put work into this game and the characters, I feel like they’re real people and not just robotic 0’s and 1’s!<3<3
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3 years ago, aghhhhhpain
This game is pretty fun :)
The game overall is pretty fun in itself. The personalities of all the brothers really intrigues me as well! The idea of Lucifer basically smothering all the brothers and acting like a father figure is a very interesting way to put his relationship between everyone. Although the only few minor issues I had with this game was that it didn’t provide instructions on how to read a story on devil gram— or that clearing tasks was a more fast and efficient way to boast and or speed up the process of leveling up. But that was mainly it. I do have a suggestion revolving around the idea of playing as a gender-non-binary character. My suggestion was instead of repeating and repeating the name the player inputted— or using they them pronouns— The player could actually chose their gender(there’s an example of this in one of my favorite otome games; The arcana), In which, once you open the app for the first time— it sort of shows up this application form,, much like how you would see if you invited a friend by gmail. And you would put your name, birthday and gender, having the option between male, female, Gender-neutral or other— This is just a suggestion though :)!
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4 years ago, 🅰🎵❡👢📧 🌱⭕
this kind of dope af
Ok......let’s be real here guys. The advertising is kind of horrendous. this is what made me not want to play in the first place. However, my friend convinced me to play it since there would be “hot guys” (which she didn’t lie about)! And i think it was worth it to download because it’s really high quality compared to the other gatcha type games similar to this. it has a theme song (ANIMATED) and the characters and text boxes and choices are charming. They also aren’t very cliche either! which is the best considering in this market that’s absurdly common. I love thé characters and their development....the plot never lets me down and the subplots and events are boring and they’re sweet :) Trust me when i say this game is addicting because...i have spent many hours on this game. The best part about the game i believe is that you don’t have to buy things in game with cash in order to be super good ...? honestly they have a good and fair method that most dating sims lack. So if you want a game that you don’t really need to pay money for that won’t take away from the experience this is one of them.
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3 years ago, KingRat1103
Unplayable after a certain point without 💵
I'm level 105 in this game and have played it for two years but it's just not fun to do anything anymore. I fall out of interest with the game periodically because it's impossible to keep up with the main story. I saved up 700 AP in the game, and that was barely enough to get the materials to level up two ssr cards - which I'd already leveled some before hand. 300,000 coins in the game and I could barely get them to level 70 - which is the bare minimum to win battles once you reach lesson 33. There's absolutely no way for me to get up to date on the new lessons released without spending money to get more devil points so I can buy the ability to play the game. The chat feature and the events are almost the only way for me to interact with the characters, and they talk about new plot developments that I haven't reached yet. They spoiled that Simeon wrote TSL, which would've been a neat and interesting twist - if I actually got to experience it myself. I used to love this game - I still enjoy fan content with the characters, but I barely have any reason to anymore. Is it fun if you're a new player? Absolutely. But as a veteran player it's difficult to keep up the energy to play it.
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