Ocean Wave Sounds for Sleep

4.7 (6.5K)
50.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ultabit, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ocean Wave Sounds for Sleep

4.68 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Scott in Tulsa
Great app for >5 years for us!
After a family trip to Florida where we rented a house right on the beach, left the window open and heard the waves crashing all night, and slept like babies, we got this app and use it with a Bluetooth speaker every night. We use it at home and in every trip. I also travel to Africa and use it when sleeping there. The app is fantastic. We have not had any of the problems the 1-star reviewers mention. I’m never notice a gap, and the waves sound great. The ads are a bit annoying but NO big deal at all, really. Nothing but 5 stars here from a 5-year user. Terrific app.
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3 years ago, Target Guest.....apparently
The New Update broke the app and forces you to subscribe
The New Update broke the app and forces you to subscribe. Now that the developer has started a monthly subscription based fee to remove ads, they’ve made it very difficult to use the app even with ads. Now every time I use the app, I choose my “wave sound” and close my phone to sleep, the sound shuts off. I open up the phone and the developer’s monthly subscription ad pops up. I choose to use the app with ads at the bottom of that ad, resume play and close my phone again to sleep, the sound shuts off again. Open the phone again, and the same monthly subscription developer ad pops up again. Over and over and over this happens. Once in a while you’ll get a streak of a few days to a week where it doesn’t do thag and then it happens again and again and again. I’m done dude. You killed a decent app.
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4 years ago, therearenonicknamesicanfind22
You should get this app!
When my dog was waking me up late at night, I decided to get this app. It works like a charm. In fact, I’m listening to it right now and my dog is fast asleep. It’s very calming in stressful situations (for me). I would definitely recommend this app. Adding on to that, there is a night mode, when I first got into the app, it was as bright as a star, but I looked around for a bit to find out there was a dark mode. What a life saver. But, I don’t really like the pop ups. At least they aren’t huge, and they don’t pop in your face saying BUY THIS NOW!! It’s just calmly asking for you to buy it so you can wake up to waves. Other than that, the app is amazing.
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2 years ago, Mortmcculuk
This App ate my money.
Been using this app for a year and when the Timer stopped working I figured I needed to pay another $ 9.99 to renew it. The free app comes with ads which is ridiculous when you think one is using the app to get to sleep. Anyway, paid the 9.99 and got a receipt but the timer still doesn’t work like it did before. I asked for a refund but haven’t heard anything.
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4 years ago, mdvmd
Nice and Simple
often one of them), the sounds can help clear the mind of thoughts that would distract from sleep. The only reason I don't give 5-stars is the silly bit about having to pay to get a sleep timer that turns the app off.
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3 years ago, back to bed i go
Loved this app... for a while.
This app was good when I first got it. I was asleep in minutes. But now I have to fully restart my phone if I want to play it through the night. It is truly annoying. It just adds an extra step to my night that should not have to happen. So as a warning to people who are going to soon get this app, this can happen.
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12 months ago, daisy1212131
Good sounds but timer doesn’t work
I enjoy the wave sounds and app is easy to navigate. I purchased full version so there would be no adds and so that I could have the sleep timer. Worked great on first day but now the timer is only letting me set it for fifteen minutes at a time!! Major glitch that needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, A bulato
I’ve been using this ap for years, with ads. Now once again, when my phone sleeps the ap turns off. It happened a few times before as well. You shouldn’t make us pay for the ap to stop this from happening when you’re offering it up for free with ads. So disappointed!!!
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3 years ago, lovetheneach99
Worked great for a while
I really loved this at first. I used the timer to set this at night and found it helped with sleep. Every now and then, I would set the timer and it would revert back to 15 minutes. Now, it won’t set to anything more than 15 minutes, no matter how many times I change it.
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5 years ago, brandywine life
Asleep in 5 minutes
I use it every night... I paid for no commercials... worth every penny... 5-8minutes and I’m out... I love how there is a timer you can set for it to shut off... great app... I would like to hear the waves from the Outer Banks maybe they’ll have that at some point...
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3 years ago, cclint
Helps me sleep wherever I am
So grateful to finally have a great app for wave sounds. So many I tried had bird sounds and or very short loops of sound crudely stitched together. This app, there’s so many pleasant sounds to choose from.
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2 years ago, JenniferSimien
Sleep timer doesn’t work
The sleep timer will automatically reset back to 15 minutes. I cannot get it to stay for any other number. I’m trying to set it for four hours and it just resets back to 15 minutes. Also if my screen times out it shuts off not cool. Tried to email the developer but the send button doesn’t work…
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4 years ago, sleepymommy78
Perfect for kids and travel
My daughter has a wave sound machine in her room, but it’s not convenient to take out of town. Then I discovered this app! Now we visit friends and family or on vacation I put on this app and she is straight to sleep!
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2 years ago, ruedeturenne
Love it but…
It drains my battery during the day when app is not in use. UGH Similar problems of app turning off when phone goes to sleep. S
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4 years ago, Orca4me
Great App
I love this app, it helps me relax. I love listening to it when I’m reading, meditating, and to help me relax at bedtime. I can believe they haven’t updated this app in 3 years. I wish they would download more waves from other places.
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5 years ago, Littlemoophoto
Perfect for my baby
We used this as a sound machine for our baby for years and now we use it. I love that the sounds are from actual beaches. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, joss/jossie/jossalinoe
I think that WaveSounds should get five stars because it is a really good app for baby’s and other kids too!😺😻👍🏻 And you can choose your own music 🎶/place basicly town sea And that is my review of the app WaveSounds.$$$
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5 years ago, MissKit1844
Randomly Shuts Off
This app worked fine the first night, but then started shutting off after 5 minutes, no matter which sound I set it on. I thought perhaps the first night was just an introductory offer, and since the app was only $1.99, I purchased it thinking that would solve the problem. It did not! Now I’ve paid for an app that is completely useless!!
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6 years ago, TunnyMax
It’s the Sound Drug
Love this app! Finally, a fine selection of melodic sounds to relax and definitely sleep. It’s such the sound drug, I can’t get a good nights sleep without it!
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3 years ago, Alexis white
Possible bug?
I have loved this app and have used it for multiple years but now it is shutting off every time I lock my phone. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it would be nice to correct. Best ocean sounds!
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2 years ago, Downin985
Developers ruined this app
Going to finally delete this app after using for years. Greedy developers have converted it to a subscription based app and apparently created bugs to keep the app working properly if you try and use the ad based subscription. Find the RainRain app. Has a similar ocean sound and is free and has no intentional bugs!
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5 years ago, destiny9867
Palm cove
I love this apps because it has so many features and options you should try it
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3 years ago, Gallardoart
Was a good app,... but no more...
I’m a longtime user. Turned on the “free” app today to relax and within 5 minute span the waves were interrupted 6 times by a pop-up asking me to buy the upgraded version. Being harassed isn’t very relaxing. This has never happened with this app before. Needless to say I’m deleting the app. Call me cheap, but free is free.
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6 years ago, Izzy_1o1
Wave sounds app
I love how you can turn your phone off and still hear the relaxing sounds!
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5 months ago, Queen BYR
Palm Cove
absolutely love it … i sleep like a baby .. feels like i'm on vacation …. i go to sleep to ocean sounds & wake up to ocean sounds … Thank u..
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6 years ago, Melbrax
Good app
I have been using this app for a week now and it has helped me sleep. My only negative is I wish there were more wave options. Overall a great app.
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4 years ago, kermits_
I love it!
It really helps me sleep, because is sly I feel very scared and having trouble to sleep but this always helps me. ( I love the palm cove one!)
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4 years ago, lots of sleep
Lots of sleep
Listen to every night as I miss living at the beach. Would give it five stars if there was more variety of calming beaches without the windy background. Love that it is free.
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5 years ago, nanatimes10
Fabulous sleep
Without fail, every night I sleep like a baby. Then you 💤
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3 years ago, Babybratgirl
What Happened
I’ve used this free of charge for years, just last night. I go to the app tonight, first thing I see is I have to subscribe or I have to deal with ads. Very disappointed. After reading other reviews I’m glad I’m deleting the app.
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5 months ago, Cats you later 🐈🐈‍⬛
Incredible app
Great for insomnia with an amazing collection of coasts from all over the world
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7 years ago, Pkell01
C'mon. It's way worth 2.99.
Love the different types of waves. So glad there are not other sounds to distract.
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3 years ago, zxcbngfsa
Adds cover the only option I like
I have used this app for YEARS to fall asleep. Recently, however, an add is covering the only wave sound I listen to. It does not allow me to select that option. I am terribly disappointed.
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5 years ago, Happeee sleeper
Love it!!
Use it every night with my kids
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6 years ago, Fix-FB-update
Didn’t sleep a wink. And the pop ups?...lame. If I tell you I don’t want to buy the timer, why repeatedly ask again and again? Over it. Deleted it. By the way it’s 5AM and I haven’t slept at all.
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2 years ago, Lennon 64-65
The Best
I have purchased a lot of wave sounds and now wish I had not. I wish I had found this one first This is real sounds of the ocean not synthesized which I hate. I bought a white noise machine because I wanted the sound of the ocean and what a waiste I love this app so much because to me there is no more wonderful peaceful place then the seashore. It’s a place where my soul can be at peace and one with the universe. I have not been to the beach or seashore in over 10 years and it has really been such a sacrafice to my souls well being and I have a poster of the Pacific Ocean on my bedroom wall I look at every morning when I wake up and now I have the sound of the beautiful mystical ocean. I am thrilled yi ga r found this app. My compliments to the developer and love pics of each place where ocean waves were recorded. As a Young I have loved the ocean beach and seashore and would go Down every Weekend w mom and family and then as teenager I would go down with my friends on bus. With all my boyfriends always went down the shore and I guess you can say it’s so important fir my soul. Now because of my life and work and the whole craziness of Covid in the world I do not travel any longer as I did in my youth. I miss the Jersey score most of all my home in east coast. So it’s wonderful to finally have a piece of what I love so much and miss every summer especially. The ocean ….Thank you fir this wonderful gift you have given me. I am a Mermaid Soul and will forever love the Ocean Snd all the mystical powers it holds Ty from my Heart ❤️ Rosemary
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6 months ago, BigSlimPickens
No AirPlay
It was great and then it wasn’t. It no longer works with Airplay so… disappointing when I want to run it through speakers
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6 years ago, Be set
Relax at the beach
Natural way to lay Down and stress down. Wave sounds differ. Very neat app for a simple way to meditate and clear the mind.
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4 years ago, spineguy99
Annoying pause in loop
There is an annoying pause in the audio as it loops. Makes it difficult to listen to, especially with headphones. I would not buy this again.
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5 years ago, Maxie 4412
Very soothing
This is wonderful for de stressing and trying to fall asleep. Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, simply tired has been taken
It’s fine
Fine, it’s fine. Just like any of the work you’ve ever done, I’m sure you’d be thrilled with someone describing it as fine.
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3 years ago, Aunt Retta
Not the ocean
The sounds don’t sound like the ocean. Some are metallic. Also, I set the timer for 30 minutes and barely get three before it shuts off. Not impressed.
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3 years ago, kgdcjunv
Not to bad
This app isn’t bad not many choices and it doesn’t play all night but other than that it’s ok
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5 years ago, MDL-NYC
Short sound loops poorly edited
Most of the wave sounds are less than 3 minutes long with a distracting gap at the end of the loop. Very annoying. Don’t buy if you want to use this as a sleep aid. I contacted the developer - no response.
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5 years ago, amylou48
Turns off
I really liked this app until tonight: it turns off whenever I try to do anything else on my phone.
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10 months ago, YourMomHasNicknames
Not for sleeping
Developer is after the money, not interested in helping anyone sleep. Allows add that distract the wave sounds and will absolutely keep you from sleeping do not use.
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2 years ago, gillrie4
Sleep timer
Still can’t get my sleep timer to work! Can only get 15 mins , nothing else!
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1 year ago, Nonn49
There is no way to cancel your membership which is less than ideal.
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6 years ago, thislifeasgrish
All good except for ad links. Annoying
That’s all
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7 years ago, Jai Jai Ma
Ok but charges for a timer!
Has good wave sounds. Reason for low rating is that you have to pay for a Timer! Other apps, with a lot more calming sounds do NOT charge for a timer, like “Rain Rain”.
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