OceanFirst Bank - Mobile

4.7 (8.3K)
141.9 MB
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Current version
OceanFirst Bank - Mobile Banking
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for OceanFirst Bank - Mobile

4.75 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
5 years ago, LindaCorr
Very Convenient
I don’t know what I would do without the mobile app. I am always on the go and I know I always have access to my accounts. With the ability to review my transactions and transfer between accounts, it makes banking extremely convenient. Between direct deposit, the debit card, and the mobile app, it really doesn’t matter what the banking hours are at any branches because my accounts are always accessible to me.
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4 years ago, Jon McLaughlin
Not a great app for not a great bank.
Ocean City Home Bank was bought by OceanFirst Bank... it’s been downhill from there. The app does not show all pending transactions. I used to be able to see my paycheck coming or other deposits about to go in, but no longer. Same goes for pending expenditures, so in the event you forgot about that check you wrote you no longer have time to get cash in the account. Also, it shows deductions on Saturday, but then some disappear on Sunday and then show back up Monday. I need my bank app to be informative and accurate, this app is below average, which I’m sure has a lot to do with the bank itself being below average. I miss OC Home Bank!
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4 years ago, The Night Muffin
Enough with the Cash Back offer notifications!
Every single time I open the app, I get a new notification in my messages on the app about the cash back offers available. I even added all of the offers to my card in hopes I’d finally stop being notified, but it didn’t work. You can open the message to get rid of the red notification badge, but it comes back every single time I open the app. It’s way more infuriating than it should be, but please fix this in the next update! I’m literally considering taking my business to a different bank just to solve this problem. I also realize that would be a ridiculous thing to do, so please just fix it.
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1 year ago, Ocean Last
complete incompetence
I called and informed the branch of my situation and that I would not be able to come down there and that I needed them to cancel my account. They did not cancel it, and due to the fact that I didn’t set up the auto withdrawals, they were setup by my wife who is currently catatonic after suffering a traumatic accident. They let the account drain past a zero balance and now want me to pay $1200…the lack of humanity and understanding for a situation that was attempted to be avoided, the account being allowed to drain down to a zero balance, the ridiculousness of the continual overcharges, and then allowing it to reach a four digit amount that was negative…the worst banking experience ever, a total disgrace.
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2 years ago, Dianemcq
Works Well…When It Works
Increasingly will not display my account data and displays an error message. Particularly frustrating on pay day when I’m trying to see if the paycheck is “pending” since the bank has now put a hold time on paychecks. 😡
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1 year ago, SadiePeacock
Deposit camera won’t work
Overall I love this app and use it daily to check my balance and transfer funds as needed. I’ve used the check deposit feature regularly since I’ve had this app and it is a feature that I LOVE! In my busy lifestyle I appreciate not having to make a special trip just to deposit one check. However the camera was blurry and wouldn’t rotate the last time I tried to use the check deposit feature. Not sure if it has to do with the recent iOS update but please please try to make this feature work again.
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2 years ago, kathiec66
Dissatisfied customer
Since ocean first updated its system, my accounts are virtually impossible to know what you have in the bank; they are holding federal checks for several days etc. on a good note, I like the option of a holiday club and the fraud department is excellent
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5 years ago, Scattrack63
Needs to be updated
App runs very slow. Takes forever to load on my phone with and without full WiFi. Not just my phone. My wife has same problem. Just takes forever to load my accounts. Needs an update or something
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3 years ago, Mellyslice
Payments made page
After paying bills online the printed payment page should include what’s in the check memo. This information is very necessary and very inconvenient that it’s not there.
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2 years ago, Bryan Ross might go down as
Poorly run. Poorly thought out. No legitimate excuse.
Rarely accurate. When relying on this app or the website, multiple times, I’ve been tricked and confused into believing I had an amount that turned out to be untrue, sending me into the negative. I now waste space on my phone and in my mental thought process that could be used for anything else, having to consider this possibility and repeatedly taking screenshots due to the inconsistency and detrimental lack of efficiency.
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7 months ago, 440NJ
Convenient and works!
I have never had a problem with mobile banking for OceanFirst! Is one reason I am still with them after so many years! Staff is always helpful and very friendly! Thanks OceanFirst!
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3 years ago, lou roast beef
I don’t think that it is fair the bank makes so much money, on credit cards and loans from interest. But a saving account makes .03. Where are people to go to save money and make interest.
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12 months ago, Sardunnnnn
Deposit feature doesn’t work
Not sure what happened but the deposit feature no longer works. Blurs my screen and tells me to rotate my phone. Never get rid of the blurred screen to take the picture. Not convenient if I have to drive all the way to the bank to deposit checks. And no, direct deposit is not an option for those checks.
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2 years ago, Jking212
Push buttons
Getting dressed and going to the Bank and standing on line OR Pulling your phone off the nightstand, pushing a few buttons and going back sleep. You tell me!
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12 months ago, GabbyBieber613
mobile deposit hasn’t worked in weeks
Love this app, never have had any problems but I haven’t been able to mobile deposit checks since the ios 16 update. Heard they were working on it, but still doesn’t work!
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12 months ago, Timrh23
Can no longer search transaction
The search box is covered so you can no longer search transactions. Also the deposit function after ios16 no longer works. I can no longer deposit checks.
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6 months ago, Da Sicilian
My first experience with online banking
Thus far, I have had a pleasurable experience with Ocean First Bank and now with their app. Safe and secure and user friendly !
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4 years ago, Ewcia Konewcia
Great local bank. I’ve been an ocean first customer for a couple of decades now. The app is easy to navigate, but the best part about this bank are people who work there - amazing staff, so helpful!!!
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11 months ago, dcristo08
They refuse to update it
It worked great before iOS 16 came out ever since then i cant do mobile deposits. They say they updated it for “iOS 15” well guess what, the latest iOS is 16. I emailed customer service and they ignored me. All it says is “please rotate device” and never works.
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9 months ago, mcmotuz
I have loved Ocean First because there are no nonsense fees and they always ask if a purchase is a fraud without freezing my account. So thankful our friend Mrs. Smith encouraged us to switch.
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2 years ago, wierd mom
Best Bank ever!
I am so pleased with all the services from my bank. Never missed a beat during covid with exceptional service.
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2 years ago, DGan79
This app was spot on great for a few years. Ever since a recent update to it, you can no longer see transactions debited from your account immediately; it takes about a day or two to process. And forget trying to complete a transfer from one account into another - it doesn’t work!
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2 years ago, mmmstqyqyi
New upgrade is awful
This new upgrade / update is terrible. Every time I login it has a different balance,Pending transactions process then will show back up as pending ..,etc. I can logout and log back in and it is back to the correct balance. It’s really aggravating, yet it happens everrrrry single day!! Truly about to switch banks.
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5 years ago, p*nelzz
Easy to use!
Easy to navigate and transfer funds if necessary. Never been disappointed.
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5 years ago, Drak82
Works half the time
Seems more often than not this app doesn’t work. Gives an error saying no accounts available.
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11 months ago, LolaBeaner
Mobile deposits not working
I used to love this app until the mobile deposit feature stopped working with the recent update. I don’t live near a local branch, so this may be what ultimately drives me to switch banks if it’s not fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Lareinanj
Time to update
The app needs a facelift. Real-time banking isn’t even an option.
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1 year ago, Dan The man mentel
Friendly team!
Great local bank support
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2 years ago, Thevoice4u
I love the app! Makes my banking & paying bills more convenient:-) very user friendly!
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3 years ago, \m/ayhe\m/
Great bank
Literally, one of the last great small banks. Easy application to use, monitor, and transfer money. All around, the best bank.
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3 years ago, pribula
I’ve been with ocean first for a while their online app is so easy and very straightforward love them!
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4 years ago, Buddylove15
About banking app
It’s wonderful convenient and on point with keeping track of my funds
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2 years ago, Lara Croft Rocks
Oceanfirst App
Very convenient and easy to use. Highly recommend this app !
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5 years ago, bennystamose
It says online transfers are available immediately but this has never been the case for me. It gets very frustrating having to wait for transfers to become available. If switching banks wasn’t so much a process I would absolutely leave over this and the lame hours the bank is open.
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2 years ago, Don Roth
Cape may branch
All the girls in the cape may city bank are always very friendly and I enjoy banking there !!! Keep it up - Donald Roth
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2 years ago, BKChristy
I had a wonderful experience with my many experiences. Always, greeted with a smile. My, representative Bonita Werring in the Barnegat office.
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2 years ago, Ehrolas
Recent Update
Since the recent update, pending cash deposits and bill payments aren’t live or accurate. Unfortunately, I will be looking for a new bank after being a customer for 30 years.
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4 years ago, hdidkfnf
Keeps asking to rate it. Have to keep clicking no. Too many clicks needed to deposit a check relative to other bank’s on line programs which is annoying when depositing multiple checks.
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2 years ago, teachers favorite
Very Satisfied
Love your App. Easy to use and understand. Thank you
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2 years ago, Jopa11
Internet banking
8 days to send a online payment to a business 6 blocks away. Carrier pigeons would be faster
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4 years ago, Blazensoco
Best people
Customer service is next level love this place
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1 year ago, RockyMt@
Upstanding bank
Great customer service and support. Upstanding protection against fraud. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Dokie3556555
Balances aren’t correct
This app needs to be fixed ASAP. Balances aren’t accurate. Balances change with no activity. Amounts go between cleared and pending and then back to cleared. What good is a bank app that doesn’t have the right balances?
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4 years ago, Teresa I
Extremely convenient
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4 years ago, Tirran the flame dragon
Easy to use
Simple to transfer and check balances Works well with IPhone X
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6 years ago, Steverino45
Works like a charm
Loving this app. Makes banking a hundred times easier and quicker.
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2 years ago, live sub
What an old and retarded bank. It doesn’t use the zelle service. I guess they are too local I prefer closing down my bank account and then a get a good bank that accepts zelle
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2 years ago, NICKWITHANH
I like seeing when I get oaid
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11 months ago, PamDoe
Mobile deposit
The mobile deposit is no longer supported with the newest iPhone version and OFB does not have an eta of when/if they will fix it
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4 years ago, Cmch Denise
Great bank
The CMCH branch is a wonderful branch. The staff is great and the customer service is always good..
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