Octagon 1: Maximal Challenge

4.2 (523)
28.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lukas Korba
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Octagon 1: Maximal Challenge

4.22 out of 5
523 Ratings
8 years ago, Megzie J
This app is very fun and addicting. The concept is wonderful; each block has its own gravitational poll and you have to go through an obstacle course through them. The colors are amazing, and the dynamics are awesome. One thing that I would like to change is that you can go back and play previous levels. I also don't like the regenerate level option because it makes you think "well is this the same level as my friend played?" But otherwise it's a great game.
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7 years ago, Rocketman173
Apple TV Controls Need Work
I am a proud owner of an Apple TV. I love playing games on my Apple TV, because it is really fun to go to play games that aren't Consol games on the big screen. I love her mobile developers like you, the developers of Octagon, have an ability to quickly and easily make a version of your app for the Apple TV. I also happen to know the game development is not easy, and mistakes are going to be made occasionally. But, the controls on the Apple TV are completely and totally 100% trash. The only way to have good controls on the Apple TV version of the game, is to have a game controller. I do not have one of those. And if anyone else does not have one of those, the game is completely unplayable. If you want to try to fix the swipe controls, that's great. I would love to have swipe controls that actually work. That would be nice. But what I would actually prefer, is if you were to add touch controls to the Siri remote. Controls that function like they do on the controller. The ability to tap of the sides or edges of the remote to move your octagon. This is my only complaint with the game, as the mobile version is almost perfect. And if the Apple TV version could be played I I assume that it would be great as well. When I saw octagon had an Apple TV app, I was excited to play it. But now, I don't think I can. Please fix this. Thanks. Rocket
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8 years ago, AlsoNotBornYesterday
Is this a joke? Awful awful awful💩💩💩💩
1st move/swipe works. 2nd move/swipe doesn't budge or it opens the pull up prefs menu or it opens the pull down notifications menu. Tapping the correct direction for the second move instead of swiping doesn't do anything. Trying to swipe even slightly from the very bottom of the screen to avoid getting near the pull down notifications menu turns the ball upside down. I could probably disable the preference pull up menu and the notifications pull down menu but why would I do that for this POS? I can't get to the second move. Free Pro tips for App developers: 1st rule of an app is that it should work. You fail. 1st rule of a game is that it should be fun. You fail that too. Possibly the worst game I've ever downloaded. I honestly can't think of any that were worse. I like the type of game this is trying and failing to be but I want to call someone who made this and yell at them. I've enjoyed writing this review more the I enjoyed the ten minutes spent trying to figure out how to get the app to work. There is nothing unique about this game. The developer is full of it. This actually looks almost exactly like a different game that other reviewers noted, so much so that I can't believe this developer hasn't been sued, except this is a POS with state of the art graphics of an Atari from 1984. It looks better than pong. That's about it. Sorry. Bad example. Pong worked. Absolute 💩. Absolute utter complete 💩
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8 years ago, Gob384
First thoughts and suggestions
Alright, so the app is not bad, but could be a lot better. The swipe controls were a questionable choice for me, for the game gets so fast paced, that it becomes impractical to swipe, when tapping would work just fine. The way the app looked made me think it was going to be a more geometry dash type game, when in reality, it wasn't. The music has an almost play the game to it vibe, but due to the "randomly" generated levels, tends to be off beat with my swipes, giving an unnatural feeling. The perspective of where the holes are is a little off as well. But it is not the worst I have played, nothing tries to force you to buy anything and there hasn't been an ad, so it is not trying to milk money. And I applaud that. It could be a good-great game, but is not as of now.
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7 years ago, VHLM2001
Controls are terrible
The swipe controls while responsive take time. Which is good for early levels in classic but is terrible for later ones as the speed is increased The tap controls are absolutely terrible. Tapping one side of the screen should send you that side but if you miss the absolute side you are sent flipping. Simply put the tap controls are too unforgiving with switching lanes The computer version is the definitive version as the controls are solid and it works for people who left and right handed perfectly I would have thought that with the CPU version we would not have crappy controls in the phone version. Advice make an update where tapping both sides of the screen flips the map not the center and give complete lane switching to tapping one side of the screen.
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8 years ago, An Annoyed Stranger
Derivative and Poorly Executed
The game uses a simple design that has been done countless times before, and with little creative execution. Despite actually being flat, platforms are strangely given graphical depth that can make it difficult to tell where gaps occur from a distance. Levels are predesigned so that difficult parts are always at the end, and the player needs to continually go through nearly a minute of trivial sections before finally arriving at the challenge. Worst of all, the game can misread swipes occasionally, resulting in instant failure. The music soon becomes annoying as well. The gameplay can be inconsistently challenging, but is inherently repetitive. I do not consider this app worth the space it takes up, let alone money.
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8 years ago, Dean McCoppin
Play Run instead
If you like this game, at all, get yourself the game Run (found on the app store as a Kongregate game for free) instead. This game is basically a rip off of that, in the fullest sense of the term. It used a different background and a new obstacle to make it seem new, but is really so inferior. In this, you can't jump, instead you just roughly 'flip' the map upside down. The music in this game was so bad for the first level I had to turn it off. That might be opinion, but it seemed to be a few notes on repeat every 2 seconds. Run, on the other hand, has glorious music and much smoother play. Plus in that game you get to use an alien with shoes or I Estates and such. Seriously, get Run. It's worth your time. Any moment on this game is a moment wasted.
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8 years ago, SpiritedOrb
Fun game but..
This is a fun game that's addicting and just entertaining during long bathroom secessions. But, I feel like this game should have already been free. There are so many games like this and it just doesn't feel like it's a game you should have to ever pay for. Guess that's why it's free for a week.
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8 years ago, Hop2it05
THIS APP IS AWSOME!! I honestly don't really like apps like this but this app is different. It's really rage worthy but at the same time it's almost impossible to put down. I feel challenged to complete the levels. (that might just be my personality...) The bold, vibrant colors make it appealing to look at but at the same time confuse your brain, making the game harder. I really like this app and think, being a free app, it's worth downloading.
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8 years ago, Dude in a Hat
I downloaded this as a free app on the App Store, and once I started it, I realized I would have payed $4.00 for it. One, I love the randomly generated levels, because it makes memorizing the map impossible, and yet still is fun. Two, endless mode is very relaxing, and good when you want to do a longer run. One suggestion I have is to put more than one try a day at the daily challenge.
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8 years ago, panda583
The moment I've been waiting for!!
You won't believe how long Ive waited for this game to come out. Ever since they advertised it in their website and Facebook, I always checked the AppStore to see if it was there. Now my wish has been fulfilled. It isn't as good as Cytus, but what game could ever beat that?! But this game is phenomenal none the least. Highly recommend it.
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8 years ago, Awesome46579
Finally on iOS
I am glad that octagon has finally been released on iOS. I was getting tired of seeing people play it on their macs. This game was fun for me until it quickly got increasingly hard. I can't seem to get past level 5 on the classic mode. I think you guys should try to make the levels get harder one step at a time by slowly adding new obstacles or paths on each level you add. I'll give you 5 stars if you do this.
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8 years ago, jscribs
Buy this now!
This game is so freaking fun and addicting!! I can't stop playing it!! It's definitely worth the money spent on it and definitely will kill a lot of time! I highly recommend getting this game if you have quick reflexes or your trying to get quick reflexes.
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9 years ago, bruhcky-barnes
Fantastic little game. Beautiful graphics and sound make this gem pop from the thousands of other games on the market. The levels are simple without being repetitive, elegant without being complex. One of my favorites to be sure.
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8 years ago, WavejumpGames
Fun game, difficult controls
The controls on this are very hard to get used to, however the free Mac version offers the same features with easier controls.
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8 years ago, A person :(
It's not optimized for touch control
The game is fun and has no major flaws except it seems as if it was designed for a controller and not touch control. It has controller and swiping options, but as the game gets faster, swiping, as other people have noticed, just doesn't work, it's too slow.
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8 years ago, fashion lover lol
I was in level 55 and very addicted to the game , the next morning it took me back to level 32 on my laptop. On my phone, it made me restart from level 1, after going through all the time to be at such a high level. This also happened to my friend who was in level 34 and the game made her start over from level 1. Amazing game but fix that glitch .
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8 years ago, N Draconator
Nice aesthetic and addictive
I just got this game today, having a lot of fun with it. Haven't run into any bugs, the gameplay is fun but simple, and there are many tracks to complete and go through.
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8 years ago, LazyInDFW
Fun and addictive
I didn't have the control issues that some people mentioned, but I play on an iPad and there's more space to work with. Level 18 and still having fun!
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8 years ago, Soccer_lover12
Great game!
This game is really fun, with Greta graphics and overall good gameplay. For the person who complained about the swipe controls, you can switch them in the settings.
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9 years ago, Dina the Awesome
best app ever!!!
i seriously love this app. i don't understand why it's not popular but another app with the same concept (but this one is better) has been on the charts. best two dollars I've ever spent.
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8 years ago, Boo_berry27
Fun and challenging
Not much else to say. I like the graphics and the gameplay is pretty solid in my opinion. Overall it does what it sets out to achieve.
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8 years ago, Birdjennyb
This is currently my favorite game!!! I would really like it if on classic mode my best could be saved instead of lost every time I switch apps. But other than that this game is great.
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8 years ago, marine mom evans
Truly addictive
Lovely game. Takes a bit to get the hang of it but then omg it's difficult to stop playing! You want to keep beating your own score. Awesome game great music & graphics
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9 years ago, lipppy
Best app ever!!!!!!! But…
I wish I could play music and play at the same time and put the background music off. But otherwise it's great!
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8 years ago, Sorooosh
Good for freetime
There is some minor bug in the classic mode but good at all just for freetime...
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8 years ago, Fluffiluff
There are too many games on the market like this, and this is no better than any of them. Very slow to start, which is not what this type of game needs. I'm sure it gets more intense later, but I don't want to put in any time on the extremely boring first 3 minutes of endless and first levels to get there.
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8 years ago, Fang102
Inferior version of BosonX
It's a poor BosonX ripoff. It's alright, functional. If you like these sorts of games (super hexagon, super meat boy, torture platformer/reaction games) it's alright. There's nothing really in here that stands out for me. It's fun for 30 seconds and then I'm just wishing I was playing something else.
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8 years ago, Lintilizardz223
Really fun
Its kind of like Temple Run but better because there's actual levels and the patterns aren't random, and it doesn't make me rage quit...
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8 years ago, Drac17
Seriously addicting game that never ceases to amaze! Every new map is an entirely new challenge and learning them is only half the battle!
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8 years ago, Summerdaywinter
bottom swipe brings up iPhone control
This is a little too difficult to plan on the iPhone small screen format. Sorry that's why Bottom swiping doesn't cut it
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8 years ago, DextremeArrow
Reminds me of something 🤔
This game reminds me of run both are fun games but octagon is kinda hurting my eyes when I play at night (brightness)
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8 years ago, Bbm time
Not much
The game wasn't interesting for me, I mean I just played it for 2 minutes and I feel that i am wasting my time. However, I am going to delete it, but I said to myself why don't I write a review for this app? Also, I have headache when I play this game, so be careful.
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8 years ago, inathegiraffe
Slow, Not worth it
As an addict to the FREE computer app, I was excited to the iPhone version. But, the control often messes up and the level goes to fast for it to react. The game was a serious disappointment compared to its computer version. Impossible to play do not buy
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8 years ago, Starwarsgeekygirl
I love how challenging and addicting this game can be. The brain needs to be challenged, and I know one thing that can do that specific job. You guessed it, OCTOGON!!!!
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8 years ago, cdldLOL123409876
The controls on the app can be really funky especially the jump it is really complicated to figure out where ur jumping next
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8 years ago, vivi201189
Excellent game
Great game. The levels are challenging enough. Excellent design that improves hand-to-brain coordination. Oh, and, quite addictive!
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8 years ago, Gr8m8d8its8/8m8
Was Good
Was good until you hit one of the barriers then it proceeds to make a ton of color flash in your face. Which can be a problem for some (epileptics beware). It actually hurt my eyes when I bumped into one of these god awful barriers.
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7 years ago, t-posaune
Octagon game
This game is like temple run but not really and I like this game because this is so much fun to play
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8 years ago, Ricks239
Second what other guy said about challenges at ends of level forcing you to run through the beginning portions over and over. Horrible music. Bad controls, misreads swipes. The one good thing about this kusoge is its free.
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8 years ago, Orangejin
Lack of controller options
What seems a good game, is killed by the bad controls, the swipe controls should be inverted and the tap controls don't event work.
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8 years ago, DoesntBodeWell
Rip off of Boson X
Even down to the graphics this game is like a bad prototype for the game Boson X. I know this style of game has been around for a while but this is just derivative and worse than so many others.
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8 years ago, Soy Tu Dios Baby
Found the game to repetitive and hated the depth. You can't really see what's coming up and can't necessarily prepare for it. Music got annoying really quickly too. Wouldn't recommend it
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10 months ago, Ach3l3
Cuts off
It cuts off every time. I cant play any longer than 30 seconds because the tunnels keep disappearing
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8 years ago, Ltstyle1
Terrible game
You can barely play it because of the swipes, you can't swipe fast enough half the time, and the game doesn't register a majority of them anyway.
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8 years ago, Marito Arenas
Not a bad game , a copy of Boson X
This Is just a cheapest copy of Boson X that you can find in the AppStore if you really like This kind of games , download Boson X , it is 100 times better than this game.
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8 years ago, N/A 1234
Not fun for me
I gave up after a few minutes. Didn't care for it.
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8 years ago, 420smoketrees:)
Jump might be broken
The game would be fun but every time you try and jump the screen will rotate making the game unplayable.
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8 years ago, Treddybear
A game of memorization
It's basically keep trying until you memorize the course. There are plenty of better games in this genre.
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8 years ago, Braydanboy
Nothing new
It's just another take on Boson X/Super Hexagon that doesn't offer much else and has some bland music to boot.
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