Octagon 1: Maximal Challenge

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13.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lukas Korba
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.9 or later
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User Reviews for Octagon 1: Maximal Challenge

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
6 years ago, Baller3579
Love this game except some "black hole zone"
I love this game so much. I think this game is like the best version of this kind of balling game. However, there are some "black hole zone" that the ball just passes through the platform. And the ball just died. I don't know how it happens like the ball just passes through the platform and just dies. I just laugh when that happenes, but I really hope they will improve problems like this. But I really enjoy playing this game.
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7 years ago, This nickname is taken!___
Refreshingly simple and ad free.
OMG! A game that is free with zero ads and actual playability. Its a great time waster, and I love being able to randomize a level that I am stuck on. The level of difficulty is just right- you feel amazing when you beat a level, and you get better as you play. I really like the ability to play different game modes, and I think adding some missions as a way of gaining different designs for the octagon and the tracks would add more variety to the game. Overall, this game is a treat and I really love it. Much better than any mobile game in this style- *Cough Cough Ketchapp* Thank you for the great game, and I hope to see more content and updates added soon!
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6 years ago, Dora the Explorer forever
Alsome game to play
I love playing this game on my iMac a lot and once I start playing it I don’t want to stop playing. Sometimes I willl hit the wrong arrow key and make me crash which is never a good thing for me but in the end I love the colors, music, and the design of the levels that I play. Some of the levels get hard for me which drives me bonkers everytime get on to play it. One thing I wish for the ball to change colors just like the platform. OCTAGON is the first game on my iMac that I downloaded to play and try out which is a good thing I got this game. Every now and then I will get on my IMac computer and this alsome game that I love so much
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7 years ago, FishyWishyFishyFish
I Absolutely love this game!
This game is awsome! its fast and challenging. (But most of my friends say its easy :p) It's soooooooooooooo addicting, once you start you can't stop! If you have a good computer it wont crash or have lag. The music goes perfectly with everything! Though I wish they would make the first levels easier! I've been playing for a month and i still cant get past the third level. I dare you to say my Nickname 5 times fast. You’ll love the game! -FishyWishyFishyFish
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7 years ago, 异端大神
Great game!!!
Great game!!! I feel obliged to write this review with a rating of 5 stars! The overall design is very simple and easy to understand, yet it is very fun and addicting, and feels very rewarding when you suceed, and wants to make you play more when you don’t. It also doesn’t require you to upgrade anything to continue playing, and I find that rather rare on the App Store! Thank you so much for this amazing and addicting game!
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5 years ago, fricknicknames
Awesome, but can't get the app to open now
This game has been AMAZING!! I love this game so much. The only problem is I have been trying to open the app for about a month now, and it never gets past the loading screen without crashing. I can't open it and I send reports. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MULTIPLE TIMES. Please help me get this awesome game back!
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7 years ago, SoapyTheCat
I wish
I love playing this game on my computer. It is so addictive and fun to play. But I wish we could have multiplayer on this. It would be SO much fun to play with friends together. Since we are all competitive we would love this game and have great laughs together. I hope they add a multiplayer.
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7 years ago, Dr.dücky dude
Great Game but...
Game is great, but after getting into the 80’s-100’s I feel like the speed never increases. I’m on level 500 now and havent felt a change in speed in forever.. Wish you could make it go faster! Overall a great time passer.
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6 years ago, Legit_All_NamesTaken
I downloaded this game a while ago but only thought of posting a review maybe 30 seconds ago. Great game but one recomendation- please add "watch video to continue playing" if you die. It is incredibly frusterating to get 99.7%, as I have. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Icebat45
It was a great game, but
I love this game so much. It is my go to game whenever I'm in class or in a boring meeting. However, the controls changed so i can't use my arrow pad keys. I have to swipe my track pad on my laptop. This game is so much better than the 2nd one you all put out. Please fix this one.
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6 years ago, Njudsgiu
this game is great, my friend and I have it and play it during school. it is great if i finnished my work, or even while im supposed to be doing my work. I dont have a problem with it and neither does my friend.
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4 years ago, arvn521
Great game, but music/volume?
The music is really not pleasing. Its way too loud and disturbing. I know that I could just turn down the volume, but there should be a way to mute the music, so I could listen to my own music or play in silence.
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4 years ago, caleigh b
Awesome but a little lag
sometimes when i play theres a little lag and it slows down a bit but it just happens sometimes other than tha great game!
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5 years ago, Clancy1381
Really hard and very addicting
I love it. Its challenging for me, I can't figure out how to jump 180, but I will. No ads, nice graphics. I don't listen to the music, but it was ok too. Love the night mode.
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7 years ago, Karlisle178
Slightly Buggy
I really do adore this game, with the nice visuals and graphics, effortlessly paired with the music. However, when I go to open the game, it crashes and I cannot play it.
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5 years ago, Sanjay T Jacob
So Much Fun
It's simple, fun, and overall a well-designed app! I dont understand why this program doesn't have a 5 out of 5 stats because it 1000% deserves it. Best game ever!
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5 years ago, Litoncinnamon
Too easy
After level 100 the game seems to stop getting harder. I seem to clear almost every level within about 3 tries, the game just isn't hard enough I wish it was even faster paced.
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3 years ago, LADYFIRE!
It's fine
I like it the levels are hard for me. They also work when i am on the bus so very happy with this game!
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2 years ago, Obama.762*556
Enjoyable game
After all these years of owning a mac to this day i find myself reinstalling this game o entertain myself for hours on end
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6 years ago, Ftoiu bhy
Simple and yet very fun
I love this game. Great test of hand/eye coordination. Wish the music selection was a little better, but it came with the iMac so no complaning.
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2 years ago, Wolfgang Weidler
I've been playing this for years and am on like level 2000 and it never gets boring! I completely reccomend!
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5 years ago, carlos carchuma
Literally my favorite game
I've played this during so many classes it's ridiculous, it's a great time waster. Im probably the world champion, fight me.
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7 years ago, Thelaylaharris
this app is great especially when you’re bored, but is best wehn you listen to music with it.
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6 years ago, keri_with_a_k
How on earth do you “swipe” to jump on a MacAir??
Can this be done wihtout a joystck or other peripheral. Anyone know the fingering for the track pad or key strokes for jumping? Thanks in advance!
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4 years ago, someone 123dt jmdrsthrgb
reaaly good game
has different modes reallt good game addictive too
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4 years ago, Ruuk3
Fun And Recommended
When I started I was confused with the controled, but overall it's hella nice!
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2 years ago, JackBPres
I Love This Game
Fantastic game, very fun, very well made, strongly recommend.
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4 years ago, RANDOm1@34%
This is a EXTRA fun. The game can make you challenge yourself and you get to play the game.\
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3 years ago, rhejdnsn
Ad free game and fun
I like how its ad free and actually playable
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5 years ago, EmilyNormandin
OMG, This game is ridiculously better than life. So much fun. Cool music too!
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5 years ago, qqqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
Can't play "Daily" mode
it always says "level fetching failed, please check connectivity"
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6 years ago, RayGunMarklll
the game told me to rate it… so here i am
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2 years ago, tnvih27
My Favourite Game
I love this game. I Like the colours.
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5 years ago, Uhhhh112223
it's being weird
my octagon has black rectangles all over it and I can't control a thing Please help
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6 years ago, Justinr999
Super fun and addicting. Love it!
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4 years ago, hevy kevein
This is a great game! I love it! It's hard but fun.
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6 years ago, Theflexiblecapybara
keeps quitting
as soon as i signed in to game center, the application repeatedly kept quitting. it would not work even when i deleted and reinstalled the app.
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7 years ago, nopppeeee
Keys won’t work
The keys on my keyboard no longer work. I’ve deleted and uninstalled the app, and reset it… HELP!
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5 years ago, zerobreeder138
I cant bet levol 1
i rilly dont like this game because it is so hard!I HATE THIS GAME!!!its just macking me stressed out!!so i rilly wudent play this gme at all.
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5 years ago, mae2008!
this game is so fun and not to addicting.
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9 years ago, cfvita
Wish I Could Actually Play It...
This game is awesome! It keeps me entertained, especially in boring classes, and it’s simple/difficult at the same time. My only issue is that for some reason, whenever I go to play, the app crashes. It’ll start up just fine and I’ll be able to play for about 30 seconds, but then it crashes. Each time I go to reopen it, the playing time I have gets shorter and shorter before it crashes, until the point where the app will just flash and crash. This really frustrates me, because I like the game a lot, but I can’t play it :/ I am running the app on a MacBook Air that’s a few years old, so it might just be a software issue and not the actual app? Whatever it is, I want to know!
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5 years ago, maureennnnnn
love love love
super fun
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4 years ago, Jackxdork
it good
it is.
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2 years ago, NO JUST NOOOO
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10 years ago, stinker polyp
Killer game!
One more proof that it’s still possible to come up with simple yet original and totally addictive game concepts. I caught myself thinking, as I hit ‘left' instead of ‘up’ once again, that Octagon would be perfect for use in neurophysiology labs, to study the brain’s learning mechanisms. As you go through each level, in the first part, which you are familiar with, your memory circuits override your reflexes, and after you pass your previous best, it’s pure reflexes and interaction of visual and motor systems… I mean, that’s obviously true of many games, but Octagon has such clean graphics and so few distractions from the core game mechanic that these sort of interactions in the brain should be pretty isolated and easy to study. Well, maybe - speaking just as a reflecting monkey here, not as a neurophysiologist... On a different note, music-wise I like the anthem-y first track, but the poppier second and third tracks don’t really do it for me in this game. That’s just me though.
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10 years ago, sonofmorgoth
Great Game; Ruthlessly Addictive
I don’t normally write reviews, but I simply had to say that this game is phenomenal. However, it will drive you to the point of insanity. I have been playing for over a month and am currently spending every minute of my waking hour thinking about this game. The octagon moves ever so slightly in a vast realm of twirls and colors. The songs are sauterd into my brain. I cannot lose the image of the octagon. I cannot. It haunts me as I slumber. It reaches towards me in my dreams. I cannot shake it. It only stays. Stays. I go left, no right, now left, and I jump. I land perfectly but leave my hands to do the work. I no longer think when I play. My hands are programmed for every movement; it has become second nature. It is my gateway to procrastination and the fire I maintain that will surely leave me thoughtless and inhuman within a few months. So ya, pretty good game.
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10 years ago, NinaJP
This game is great on so many levels. This music works well with the game. The game itself is clearly designed, challenges eye hand coordination, can help improve concentration and actually is fun. It was easy to ‘catch’ on to how it is played but I thought the directions could have been written a little more clearly. I have only used this game a short while so I may not realize it but it would also be nice if the speed of which one has to react could be adjusted for much younger or older players. It would be nice too if you could go back to try and beat your old score as mentioned in other reviews. Octagon could even be used therapeutically in a rehabilitation setting with more options. Thank you for your hard work developing it and for making it available at no cost. I highly recommend it!
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8 years ago, Kdouble-U
love this game but there was an awful glitch...
So I got addicted to this awesome game and I got all the way up to level 126, but for some reason I would get sent back to level 120 when I switch wifi networks. Then one day, I went to play octagon on my school wifi and it glitched and SENT ME BACK TO LEVEL 0!!!! even when I went home, the levels wouldn’t come back…. so I literally am going insane now because I can’t keep playing on level 126. I tried to use the level switch option but it still only recognized that I had completed 0 levels… I actually cried. So anyone who wants to play octagon beware, if this happens to you, it will ruin your sanity……lol
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10 years ago, Thalia905
Perfect Addicting Game
When i got my new macbook, I decided to try out some new games. Octagon was the first (and only so far) game I decided to try. It’s the perfect mix of challenging and fun. It’s addicting too: I find it difficult to quit once I start playing. I usually play with the sound off, so I can’t comment on the music. However, the colors and graphics are stimulating without being flashy or distracting; they flow well with the gameplay. This game is simple, but it has style. Most importantly, it’s fun to play. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a casual computer game. Just be warned: you may have trouble stopping once you start.
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10 years ago, booklover618
The best. 5 stars for sure!!
I was looking for something new to play on my macbook and I was looking around and this one seemed pretty good and popular as it was high in the top charts. After reading the stellar reviews and seeing all the 5 star ratings, I knew I had to try it myself. Less than 12 hrs later, I’m obsessed. Everything is perfect on so many levels. It’s free, no ads, lovely colors/design, simple theory of game play (but don’t get me wrong the levels really do increase in difficulty). To replay/respawn with only like 1 click is helpful because you can just get going again. Will reccomend to my friends and family.
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