Office Trivia Quiz

2.6 (62)
6.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Office Trivia Quiz

2.65 out of 5
62 Ratings
6 years ago, kellywithawhy
Too easy
Way too easy. I did the whole thing in under 15 minutes. I can’t believe I wasted a dollar on it. I need some next level questions to prep for The Office trivia nights!
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4 years ago, Brobroisabro
Design choices
I think I got this a year ago and I use it a lot when I’m bored ngl but it is so sloppy and money wasting. First suggestion: Make the questions less obvious like for instance the accounting section you said who does Kevin thing Angela is dating and it’s Oscar or something like that. THOSE ARE ALL ACCOUNTINGS! Secondly: Design choices. You literally chose Michael creed, Dwight, Jim and Pam in a single section, Robert???? And finally Andy and three characters in a section. Are you that lazy you only picked seven character sections some not having there own?! Thirdly SEASONS: Not kidding my favorite part of this entire game was probably season 8 quiz with 9 of its own quizzes. But the season 9 quiz was the usual 5 questions. WTH?!?. And where are the other seven better seasons at? That’s it
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5 years ago, CollinBAnderson
This app is horribly structured and the questions are written terribly. Many questions have wrong answers, misspelled words, and weird wording. I have seen The Office ten times and i know the details of every episode. The app is centered around the worst two seasons, 8&9, and the majority of the questions are focused on disliked characters. This app shouldn't cost people anything. It is a major scam and waste of money. The lack of content and terrible questions make it a waste of money and time. I finished every question in around 10 minutes. I feel that I could make a better app. I recommend shutting this app down because of how useless it is.
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6 years ago, circusnuts
Good to have
I love the office. Seen it five times over and this was just what I was looking for! It has a section where you can see Wikipedia entry’s on each character. Not to mention the challenging questions, I Even got some wrong! This app gets a back rap but it was so worth my money! Thanks!
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7 years ago, Otisjenkins
do not buy
very few questions. and the questions they have aren't good. also, the functionality of the apps is poor. you can only take a quiz that is a few questions at a time, and only on specific subjects. so I take a quiz on Jim, get 5 or so questions, then I have to select another quiz. If I select Jim again, odds are there will be multiple repeat questions.
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7 years ago, office_viewer
Inaccurate Content
There were multiple options available for different questions that were both true, (ex. What did Michael enjoy writing: -song parodies, and movie scripts are both correct) misspellings, and "correct answers to questions that were not accurate.
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5 years ago, gpljm
This app is not worth any of the money. The questions are so easy. And doing all of the questions will take about 20 minutes. Then the facts about the characters takes you to a WIKEPEDIA page that you can easily look up on google. I would not suggested this app to anyone.
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11 years ago, Office Fan 123
Terrible Spelling
Entertaining when you're on a road trip but looks like a 5-year-old wrote the questions.
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6 years ago, _ItsChii
The app.
As a frequent viewer of The Office I am really fond of this app! The information is accurate yet challenging enough for anyone who claims to be a fan.
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2 years ago, liv51427
Half the questions were wrong
I’ve literally moved from this app to my Peacock app to double check whether I’m wrong or not, and the majority of the time I’m right. Don’t buy.
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6 years ago, stanley hundson
Horrible question and answers
The questions and answers don’t go together and are so vague it could be from any scene of the office. Seems like a 10 year old put the questions together.
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6 years ago, Ryan .F
Not worth it
Even after you complete a game it will ask you the same question. Definitely not worth the money
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5 years ago, lacasey_
.99 for that. So basic and not even enough to play for less than 10 minutes.
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1 year ago, Vhjfpkgxjrxjtxti
This app has a bug. It shuts down after 5 questions.
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7 years ago, Nedward22
Dont buy
Not even half the characters have categories
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5 years ago, Brittwilltravel
Terrible App. Typos, misspelled questions, wrong answers, just awful. I want my money back and don’t buy it.
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6 years ago, Lukerville
It’s not worth a dollar
You can honestly find better for free online. This app is pretty old.
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6 years ago, kq49
Love the show. Great app
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6 years ago, _chris______
Don’t buy it
Waste of money. Not worth it.
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6 years ago, Musicreview44
There are spelling mistakes, Trivia mistakes, and it's poorly put together. Not worth .99 cents
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11 years ago, janiceshkim205
Worst game ever
All you need to know is that this game will effectively help you lose faith in humanity. I am a die hard office fan and was incredibly excited to find this trivia quiz. I didn't necessarily have the highest expectations. However, after paying money for the app (albeit only one dollar) I expected to play longer than literally a few minutes. There is no competitive feature and no replay value. Simply don't buy this garbage.
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11 years ago, Gizzy321
Love this app!
This app is keeping my all time favorite show alive now that the series has ended. Love the questions and the variety.
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13 years ago, Tamarald7
Brain Teasers
This app always has me thinking.
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9 years ago, MordorM
Kind of Fun
There are a few questions that do not have correct answers. Some questions are poorly worded. Not worth a dollar.
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11 years ago, Jtay24c
The app is stupid, the questions are too easy and even though I've gotten 5/5 correct and it says to advance on to the next level, it doesn't have a next option. Dumb! Waste of money.
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11 years ago, Jennalee001
Waste of 99 cents
Not enough questions at will take you two minutes to get through all of them.
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13 years ago, TheCriticOfGames
Fun app =]
Fun, inspired me to watch the real show later =]
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13 years ago, Neesha57
Cool app!
This is so cool... Easy to use and fun! Love the music!!!!
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