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11 months ago
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User Reviews for OfficeTime Time Keeper Pro

4.34 out of 5
64 Ratings
7 years ago, SeekerJones
Good App
Good app for tracking work time on projects and allows for setting job cost rate to make it easier to invoice clients. Does allow multiple timers. Can export your tracked time data in various file formats including tab delimited, .csv, .txt and .xls. Can include or exclude column id field. Also offers file name prefixing when exporting if the data should need to be imported into a database program. It now includes a Today Widget to offer access to current/recent projects to quickly start and stop timers. I personally wish that the widget feature had been integrated 2 years ago, but I guess better late than never; can you say Agile, unfortunately not. Now I just need to decide if and when I'm willing to export all of my data from the app I switched too a couple of years ago.
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6 years ago, Clip maker
Lost time sheets
I can’t express how disappointed I am with this app. Once you figure out how to get it to work, it’s pretty convenient to click on and off from the time sheet window. Project setup is easy. Yes are easy to input. BUT...and here is the big BUT that had us stop using it today. I have been diligent about using this app to do freelance billing. Today, when going back to do my two-week billing, I found two whole WEEKS of projects and time sheets completely missing! I have to go back and recreate them or not get paid. Hours and hours and hours of work. I do a lot of segmented work with different clients, often an hour here or a half-hour there, or even ten minutes for phone calls or edits. That is impossible to find again. This is the third time this has happened. Today, we downloaded Toggl. It integrates with our project management software, so this may work out. Otherwise, it’s back to pencil and paper. I’ve tried now something like nine time tracking products. All fail or aren’t flexible enough. This one, had it worked reliably, was pretty good. But, I can’t have lost time like this.
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8 months ago, DudemanLA
Happy her for over 10 years 😎👍🏻👍🏻
Yes, I have been using this app for over 10 years and I use it to time my job so I know how much to charge based on the hourly rate that I set for each client. it’s working very well on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I did purchase the subscription because I wanted to use the cloud sync which works very well. I emailed their support the other day and they were fairly quick to respond to the email and was very helpful. There also is a reporting feature so if you need to calculate for tax season all the jobs and how much you made, you can easily do that by filtering for the whole year or doing a custom filter for other years. Personally, I think it’s good to make a project for each client or at least that is is what I’m doing. When you’re in the projects, you can select a project tap the edit button and you can set a default hourly rate for that project. You set the hourly rates in the categories area. So basically when you’re in the settings for the projects, you can set a default category for that project so every time you add a new timer to that project it will use that hourly rate, but you can always change the hourly rate/category on the fly also.
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6 years ago, hross31
Does the job
Good app. Helps me keep track of my hours for my job that I do remotely. I’m able to track & then send a report to my boss for each pay period. The only thing the drives me nuts is for custom dates on the Reports section is it always starts at 1918 for the year & then you have to scroll through to the current year. It’d be great if the year automatically went to the current year. Pretty sure anyone using this app didn't start logging their hours & using it in 1918.
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4 years ago, mi happy camper
Love this app!
I have been using this app for about 2 years now to keep track of my hours. I am a Real Estate Professional and sometimes track big blocks of time, sometimes just a few minutes for a phone call. This app is so easy to use. The data is easy to export. My accountant loves the report I give to her. It saves a lot of time and I love the real time details. I know there is even more that I need to take advantage of with this app, but I like that you can also keep it simple! I have just started using the desktop version with my phone and love how easy the data syncs! I almost lost my phone to a water accident and was happy that I have the synced data on my computer!!
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3 years ago, BethLexus
I’ve been using this app for several years and I absolutely love it. I pay for my employees to use it as well. I love that they can start a timer when they start working for me and they are able to divide their time between several of our clients that they may work with throughout the day by starting and stopping a second timer simultaneously, to make my billing efforts easier. And it couldn’t be any more simple to use. The fact that we can simply push a button to send a spreadsheet with the details for each project via email makes this app extremely efficient. I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Mike_N_
Powerful Yet Simple
I appreciate how OfficeTime provides the features to track and report time in any manner needed and pull reports in seconds. Time can be tracked and easily synced across different devices. During the 10 years or so I have used OfficeTime it has crashed so infrequently that if it does it is notable because it is such a rarity. I have never lost data. And newer versions add new features without sacrificing robustness. I can’t comment on their documentation or service because OfficeTime has such easy to use features and is so robust that I’ve never had to look at the app’s Help menu or contact the developer.
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1 year ago, ecbpdx
GREAT app!!
I am so pleased with how this app can be used on my iPhone or on my desktop to track projects. I have been a graphic designer for more than 30 years, and I have used lots of time tracking sheets and tools. This is by far the easiest and most thorough I have used. I ask it to sync between phone and desktop, and it does so immediately. I can change the name of my projects. I can add or subtract time if necessary. It keeps track of the cost. Thank you for creating this brilliant app!
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4 years ago, kevinlynchnj
Best app handsdown
I have the desktop software "OfficeTime" which syncs up well with this app. I am a musician and work a lot from home and need to track time and project sessions accurately and keep great records for my clients. This is a very customizable app and software that works well for my needs. I like that you can download the program to your computer and not rely on the cloud services most other companies use. I would highly recommend this for any small business that needs to track time and projects.
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12 months ago, Psych Consult
Developer Stephen has your back!
I love OfficeTime Pro!I have it on my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac. It syncs flawlessly, and makes tracking my time and expense on a multitude of projects easy-peasy! The developer, Stephen, has always been prompt, polite, and helpful in responding to any issues I’ve encountered. I’ve been using the OfficeTime trio (iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch) for more than three years now. Worth every penny! It paid for itself the first day I used it.
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3 months ago, Chestdoc457
Support saved the day
Was somewhat disenfranchised with the app over syncing issues but support saved the day. Not only was it timely but cleared up my syncing issues completely. Use this app daily- would highly recommend to anyone needing to keep track of time related jobs.
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4 years ago, Mushotoku
Best time tracking app for the Apple Ecosystem
I have tried so many time tracking apps, even some that claim to use AI. For me, this is the best. Easy to use, great integration and very effective reports. Service by Stephen is also great, fast and laser focused on your questions. The new version (beta) offers the iCloud sync which is a massive improvement. I highly recommend this app
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7 years ago, cwbcpa
Still the best for me
I need a simple easy to use, quick to access app to keep track of my time. This app does it better than any other that I've tried. I set up my clients and projects and I can quickly access and switch between them throughout the day. Quick customer service response is great too.
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7 years ago, Fizzle, not sizzle
Great app, I use it for my business.
I'm a web and marketing consultant who needs to track hours. This app can do three critical things: 1. be accessed from a lockout screen 2. export the data so it can be used in other programs 3. keep track/report time in lots of different and useful ways It also tracks expenses and has a nice interface. There are even versions to sync with a desktop if needed and probably other options I don't use. I bought this a few years ago and always liked it, but adding access thru a mobile's lockout screen prompted me to leave the review. It's a great app. I love it!
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7 years ago, Edsmith500
Good logging but no built in calendar or list view
Downgrading to 1 star! Still waiting for my refund after two weeks! No response to any of my questions from customer support! Old school but useful UI and very nice real time totals for hours and billing/ expenses but this does not work for me due to lack of built in calendar, list or timeline. I was reluctant to try this without a lite or trial version, purchased the license based on promise of no questions asked refund. I requested a refund today, I will report back on how quickly the refund is delivered!
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9 months ago, Jigs-n-fixtures
It has a few shortcomings
It would be nice if it recognized that my email app is MS Outlook, and let me email data out. And it would be nice to be able to print.
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6 years ago, tommykb
Office Time
This is a great app for logging your time and duties, and the support they offer is outstanding. I’ve been using this app since 2011, and am completely satisfied with it. I would recommend this for anyone that needs to track their time and projects!
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5 years ago, Aunty Entropy
Reliable, unobtrusive, easy
After several years of using this app, I take it for granted. It’s easy, reliable, easy on the memory, and it’s readily available but not in the way. Syncing with the desktop version is fast. No need to look further, for me. Great work.
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3 years ago, DonnaRogersHR
My Go To
I’m a consultant who only makes money on billable hours. I stated using this app several years ago and soon realized I needed the pro version. I have not looked back. It does everything I need and just found out about the watch app I plan to download.
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3 years ago, mochicone
Art project pricing
Stays free $. This time logging really helps me track my hours at doing different pay rates per step in a job in a project. It gives total of $ per project which is useful for figuring out a wholesale or retail price.
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3 years ago, Mzscahlett
Great app
This is our go to for tracking hours. It’s easy to use and syncs effortlessly across platforms. Been using it steadily for almost 8 years and all are pleased!
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7 years ago, Skypilota72
Good App, No Free Backup Syncing
There are so many great things to be said about this app, and yet despite their promises, there are NO backup syncing options unless one pays for their expensive desktop app. Most well designed apps can sync to the web, Dropbox or other backup source without having to go through another device. This is like buying a high end BMW or Mercedes automobile and learning you must additionally purchase a spare tire if you want that protection, when every other inexpensive car has installed them for free. A great app that unfortunately appears to be gimped by greed.
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5 years ago, linannmac
Best time tracker
I’m a freelance writer and love that I can keep track of billable hours for multiple projects and clients. The sync between my PC, laptop, and iPhone really comes in handy when I travel.
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1 year ago, epa1309
Love this product
As a long-time Timeslips user, it amazes me that OfficeTime does all the same functions at a fraction of the cost. And it has some great syncing features.
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9 months ago, Villegac
This application is the worst! It randomly has all kinds of glitches. It erased three weeks of my work. It didn’t invoice over $20,000 worth of time in two months!!! THE WORST!!! The customer service is a Tricia’s and take several days just to resolve an issue. There’s no one to call it’s only email. Absolutely do not buy this.!!
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3 years ago, Hanson24
Starting to like this app
Clean Interface
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6 years ago, hpy pilot
I use it for Per Diem Calc
I’m a corp. pilot and Office Time is the perfect app. to calc days and hours for per diem reimbursement. It takes seconds, so intuitive and easy. Makes my paperwork work flow very efficient.
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6 years ago, trb622
I loved the unpaid version so I decided to upgrade specifically so I could export my time sheet for clients. When I went to export though, it won’t let me! The other features of the paid version are great and all but not what I need. I just need to be able to send my project times out! So frustrated.
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5 years ago, Nigel@
Does everything I need it to do.
Once you set it up for your particular jobs, it works great.
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8 months ago, Peszly
Easy and simple way to track time and material
Easy and simple s
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5 years ago, JDZA202020
Great App
I use this App every day. I tried a couple of different ones and OfficeTime is the best. Reasons: I love the basic UI, really easy to navigate. I have never lost any data Mac App is great for creating rapports Suggestions: •Cloud backup of OfficeTime database (daily/weekly) •Template window above notes where you can select pre defined templates. eg Desktop support for: •Password protect the App
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1 week ago, occdoc56
Documenting time and budget
This tool is great simple saves time everybody should use it
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4 years ago, Kellybell101
Great app!!!
This is a great app for tracking time but it would be VERY beneficial to to be able to schedule projects and share between colleagues!!!!
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6 years ago, maurmat
Not as intuitive as expected. Confusing commands. “Done” and “Cancel” buttons shouldn’t be in same line. I’ve deleted project hours too many times when revising or adding time manually. Must be me.
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6 years ago, mdl58
What’s going on with the upgrade?
Getting a little concerned regarding the upgraded version that I prepaid for. It was coming down the homestretch several months ago and it’s been radio silence ever since. Please provide an update ASAP.
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8 months ago, sunra360
Great App
Excellent app, great support f developers!
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5 years ago, virtualEL
Watch complications?
Love the app but why no complication yet for Apple Watch after all this time?
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5 years ago, S. Gresham
So far, SO close!
I used the free version of OfficeTime for a week to see if it would be worth investing in the paid version. After the first few days, I knew this was exactly the sort of timesheet app I’d been looking for. Working for a nonprofit company with a small staff means I’ve fingers in more than one pie on any given day. The higher ups like to know exactly what us worker bees get done on Project A, Project B, etc, and how many hours each of these projects occupy in a given day. OfficeTime makes it wildly simple (after setting up the various Categories & Projects to suit my needs) to seamlessly switch my time tracking between tasks as the demands of the day dictate. I can’t yet give the app a full 5 star rating due to one major (for me) disappointment: there doesn’t appear to be any option to sync my data between multiple devices. Some of my duties tie me to a desk/keep my around the main office, where it’s convenient to keep my time running on my iPad (it’s already propped up on the desk for note taking, anyway). Another major part of my duties, however, keeps me on my feet & nowhere near a desk, and I’d prefer to be able to track & adjust my times from my iPhone for those tasks. As of now, it looks as if I’d need to track my office tasks on the iPad & the “field” tasks on iPhone — meaning I’d have to combine the data from two separate data exports for my weekly timesheets. I’ve also yet to figure out how I can input my name to be included with the data export, even though the export settings menu says my name can/will be included. Deal-breaking caveats that will send me rallying for a refund? Not at all. Inconvenient & inefficient? Very. Even so, I am very pleased with the level of detail this app provides my timekeeping, and I look forward to seeing it evolve in future updates.
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12 years ago, Zioncruiser
An indispensable solution to project/job based time tracking
This app has become one of the most critical pieces of software for this company, trumped only by Mail and Quickbooks. I have estimated at least a 10% increase in labor costs captured since implementing this app on all iOS devices. It has proven to be invaluable for mobile designers who work not only on the site they are at, but while there work on the dozen others they have running in other parts of the country. It will also be very easy for engineers in the office to integrate into their work flow making time tracking easy as they switch between many projects randomly as each day develops. The simple functionality of this app allows for quick, uncomplicated entries capturing just the right amount of information. I have what I need to track other costs like expenses, but simple effective time reporting has been elusive until implementation of OfficeTime. It would be profitable for us to buy each employee a top tier iPad and OfficeTime as the in crease in billable time accuracy would pay for such cost in 6 months. In short this app is a highly profitable powerhouse for time reporting and it's ROI (return on investment) makes it worth far more than the asking price.
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12 months ago, unhappyofficetime
Wasted my time
I just want a refund
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12 years ago, Lawmommi
A godsend!
This app is great for me. I have had a terrible time tracking my time in the past and have always had to go back and reconstruct. This is so simple--no learning just quickly and easily starts tracking time at the push of a button. I use the Mac app at work and on the go this app fills in for time spent working away from my computer. Most of that time--a phone call or quick research on my phone just never got accounted for in the past...basically, I was working for free! Now when I make or get a call I just click and it starts timing. Clients names are "projects" and different activities (research, call, correspondence, etc) are categories. I love that I can make a note if what I'm doing doesn't fall into a pre-defined category and/or just to keep myself on track with a project. I absolutely love it!!! There are a few features that might be helpful to me, but I think the simplicity of it outweighs the few extra benefits for added features...and everyone's workflow is different so it works to just stick to the basics with an app like this one. So far, flawless sync between iPhone and MacBook. For me, this app is priceless!!
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13 years ago, T.J.W..
Just great for a version 1.0 app!
So far so good! I have been using the desktop version of this app on my Mac and PC for quite a while now and I was just ecstatic when I found it. The program was really everything I was looking for since I use a PC at work and a Mac at home. After integrating the iPhone app version I am very, very pleased again! After I downloaded it, I immediately synced it with my desktop version which the app did without issue. I also tested the syncing the other direction as well…I started tracking time within the app and within seconds it was synced back to my desktop version. Fantastic!! Now I'll be able to track my time and expenses EVERYWHERE! I know that sounds crazy to be excited about that - but to get rid of more mind-numbing administrative work and get down to business is what every productive person wants. The only thing that could be added that would be great to have in one place would be a mileage tracker for when I drive for work as well since mileage is also submitted on my expense reports (but I'm not complaining).
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12 years ago, Uniquetrio2000
Unbelevably simple and easy to use
I am a freelance web developer and i just started using this software a few months ago. the program is just awesome. it does a great job of keeping track of my time and i love the automatic away alert. lots of times i get sidetracked or leave and forget to pause my time but now i don't have to worry about it. the iPhone app is beautiful and sync's flawlessly. i can view projects while away from my computer and if i need to train someone on a website and I'm away from my computer i just start the app timer on my phone and the additional time sync's with my computer when i get home. I would highly recommend using this program if you are any type of freelancer or an organization. More often than not, when i am asked for time estimates or how long i take on projects i am far from accurate on using an educated guess. OfficeTime makes it so i have accurate times and notes to remind me of what i was working on during that time.
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13 years ago, MickeyM619
Awesome Program That Even My Clients Love
I have been using Office Time on my laptop since 2006. Office Time is so intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful. I take it to client meetings to keep track of my time. I use it to track my production time which allows me to accurately bill my time. Even my clients love it because it tracks so accurately; if my computer is idle for more than 6 minutes it pauses. Then I am offered an opportunity to delete the pause time or use it. That way, if I take a call from that same client I can include the time. I could go on and on, but it's so awesome you just have to buy this app (or get the free app . . . Fall in love with it and then buy the full version!) on reading other reviews, the only non-5 stars are people reviewing before they actually know how to use it. Take it from a long-time user, app is awesome. PS: Whenever you have questions or problems this company is really responsive. You actually get answers from the developers themselves. Too bad there's not 6 stars!
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12 years ago, Reallycoolgal
Does exactly what I need it to
I am a real estate assistant and need to track my own hours. This app works perfectly for clocking in and out, pausing for breaks and starting again. I liked this app so much I added the paid version so I could easily email my boss a spread sheet to bill him my hours. So easy!! I also take the time and use the notes feature to enter in all the tasks I did for my boss each day, that way everyone knows I was productive and he can see what activities he is paying me for. At the end of each day I know how much money I have earned because this app adds time and money earned as the clock ticks away. At the end of the pay period I know what amount of money I have earned and bill my boss for my time by quickly and easily sending a spread sheet of my "time card", just with a click of a button. So easy!! The only thing I would add to this app is that i would like the spread sheet total out the total hours worked and total money earned. It seems that as it stands, my boss needs to manually calculate each day to get the grand total. Maybe there's a purpose or reason why it does not do this already? I love this app and so far the developer seems in tune, responsive and ready to make this the perfect time keeping app!
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11 years ago, $tev€J0b$
Truly Outsanding -- 7 Stars
This App, and the companion desktop application for Mac and Windows, is truly the most useful app made for busy professionals who bill for their time an expenses. Lawyers and legal support professionals working for firms or agencies have an easy solution to tracking time by using the app alone. Small firms, solo practitioners, architects, contractors, mechanics, and anyone who uses time-based billing can simplify the task of entering multiple employee time, expenses, and billing across multiple projects and tasks, from a phone or tablet. Invoicing then becomes a piece of cake, compared to other programs, including Quickbooks and other timekeeping apps for iOS and Mac OS X O tried before discovering this one. This simple software has all you need, and truly warrants 7 stars. Seriously, I rarely review apps (second review ever), but this one deserves it.
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13 years ago, gfieng
Works great
I'm an independent contractor who bills my clients at an hourly rate. I've been using the desktop version of OfficeTime for several months. It's a fantastic application that lets me keep track of all billable hours, keep notes on each day's activities and create invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse - complete with a detailed report from all my notes. The only downside was that it couldn't keep track of my time when I was away from my computer. This app solves that problem. I can start and stop the timer anywhere I am working for my clients. Then, when I get back in range of my home wireless network, it wirelessly syncs with my desktop application to update my time and notes. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep track of their time and activities for billing clients.
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12 years ago, Ricardo Ramos
Responsive little app without the bloat
After trying many timers and time sheet type programs and apps I have come to really enjoy OfficeTime. It's interface is simple and intuitive on the Mac and its portability on the iOS is great. My favorite feature on the Mac version is it's ability to read directly from my iCal database, which is a major time saver when trying to keep track of time spent in meeting and with clients. Some folks want to meet all of the time but don't realize how much that time is costing them and their project. I also really like the customizability of the invoice template. This is a major challenge with most other time keeping applications. I keep several different variations of the template for the different types of billing I do. A wish list item would be to include the ability to input the contract value of a project (on a lump sum contract or GMP) and have the program report the remaining value of the contract in the invoice. For example, the contract value is $100, the billed hours are $75, the remaining value is $25. This is almost always a request from my firm fixed price clients in our discussions about how their project is going, especially after billing. Thanks, great software.
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12 years ago, ticocats
makes timekeeping almost painless
Over the course of 20+ years practicing law in a variety of settings, the bane of my existence was timekeeping & billing. I hated, hated, hated it. When I recently started doing some freelance work in various fields, I spent a fair amount of time researching various Mac programs and settled on OfficeTime. I've been using the desktop and iPhone versions for over a year and am extremely pleased with them. They are simple to setup and (somewhat) customize, intuitive to use, and invoice generation is a breeze. Unlike many other programs I've used over the years, it appears to have been designed by someone who actually has been required to use a time and billing program, and who therefore knew what to include to make it useful, and what to leave out.
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13 years ago, Unknown user123
THE BEST Time Tracking App
I have been testing various time tracking apps for quite some time now. Tried Toggl and was happy with it until I updated my iPhone to iOS5 at which point Toggl started crashing, with no support. I tried other products and ran across this app. The price first seemed excessive, however I decided to purchase it and have been using it for 2 weeks now. My impassion is the creators of this app have really thought through everything a user needs to make their experience as smooth as possible. It is very intuitive and virtually no lag time. I understand there will be a sync feature added between the iPad and iPhone. I also received very timely and helpful responses Support. Definitely a keeper. It's so easy you actually WANT to use it.
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