Offline Music Player

4.5 (29.8K)
159.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Md Zakir Hossain
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Offline Music Player

4.55 out of 5
29.8K Ratings
1 year ago, SproutHunterS
Great service!
I had requested a track count for each playlist. It already existed for the grand total of all tracks. My email was responded to pretty quickly and my request was fulfilled in the very next update. I have several playlists and some tracks on 2 or more playlists. I think there’s no limit on playlists. I am routinely adding more music and recordings to my current 700+ tracks. This app is sleek, smooth, and ready all the time. 10 band equalizer, pre-amp, bass boost, treble boost, and several preset options. Access your music by track name, artist, album, date. The player has 15 sec FFWD, 15 sec REW - helpful if you’re studying recorded information. (That was my initial intent for this app. It is fantastic for that purpose and holds my place if I close/reopen the app or go to another track and return to a lengthy lecture - right where I left off). It also has shuffle and favorites. In technology there’s always a nuance more that can be done and this developer seems to care about that. I’m not techy and importing was tricky for me to learn in the device to device method. That’s probably me. Direct from Apple Music is super easy. There are instructions in the app and they’re always accessible. If you’re “renting” tracks, they won’t load. If you “own” them and can get them into Apple Music, they will. Remember that when importing. Do I love this app? Can you tell?
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2 years ago, Vand77
Great MP3 Player
I decided to use this application instead of buying a iPod or other type of MP3 player so I paid to get the full application and stop the ads. I installed it on an old mini iPad2 and a newer 5th generation mini iPad. The application works great and getting music files from my iCloud sources works great. However, after installing a recent update, that I wish I never used, the app crashed on my mini iPad2 every time i would attempt to use it. That iPad uses iOS 12.5.5 which is old but after contacting the developer (and Apple) about this issue another update was provided the very next day. After updating the app again it doesn’t crash anymore but it fails to play my music files. I just hear a buzzing sound. Before I updated the iPad2 the application worked perfectly and it played all my music files. So I’m waiting to see if another update comes through so the music files will play on the older mini iPad. Maybe the iPad2 operating system is too old. However, my 5th generation mini iPad runs the application perfectly and I’m totally happy with that! I would recommend getting this MP3 player! It’s a very nice application and you can make your playlists and it plays perfectly.
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1 year ago, Eugene_000
Amazing music player!!!
This is the best music player I have tried so far. Simple UI and does exactly what I want. Just some tweaks I would like is to be able to adjust the preamp even lower a few notches below the -10db to decrease volume when I wear earbuds. Another is to fix audio stutter when moving time stamp bar and when switching tracks. Third is give option to delete custom preset created. Thanks for the great app!!! Update: I noticed that when connected by bluetooth to my car, and after I make a phone call, there is no audio from the song but the time stamp still keeps moving. After I press pause and play the audio resumes but is out of sync with the time stamp. When the timestamp gets to the end, it will just cuts the audio of current song and goes to next song. Also sometimes the time bar loses sync with the audio after like a notification comes in and it will stay at time of 0:00 even though the song is playing.
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4 years ago, Joshua D.
The Monetization Here is Ludicrous
If they offered this app for a one-time price of say anywhere between $5-$10, I'd probably purchase the app. While I do appreciate that they offer a "Lifetime Price". I think the fact that it's $20 is just a little too steep for what is offered here. I just find the app to be a tad too bare bones to be asking twenty dollars for it. As far as the subscription costs go, which, a subscription for a bare bones or any audio player app is beyond ridiculous I think. What do you really get for $2.99 a month for the life of you renting this program? You'll be paying forever for not very much as far as I can see here. Plus, apps such as this I don't believe lend themselves to warranting a rental fee and paying constantly for the life of you using this application. This isn't a service being offered here, it's an application and nothing more. Subscription plans being required for simple apps that are not services is just greedy by all reasonable and logical measures I think. Sure, there might be an occasional update and very rarely, a modest new feature added. But, despite that I just cannot ever see any rational person looking at paying $2.99 a month for a simple audio player, for the life of them using and renting this app. To being anywhere near a sound or properly valued financial decision. Not unless you have more money on your hands than you do good sense in your brain.
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4 weeks ago, ainurguy64
Bluetooth is bugged, otherwise a good functioning music player
May 2024 Update: Pausing using a button on bluetooth headphones causes playlisting to bug. If I pause and unpause a song (ex: song #1) using the function button on my Aeropex Aftershokz, instead of moving on to song #2 after song #1 ends, the player will restart song #1 AND start playing song #2 at the same time, and it’s really annoying. Until this bug gets fixed, this is worth at least 1-star less. Feb 2024: I had to make a massive migration of non-itunes mp3s from my outdated, phased-out iPhone 4s, and downloading my mp3s with this app was nice and quick through my google drive. Though I tried to do it through the ‘import from pc through wifi’ option which didn’t work, it was great how fast my files downloaded from google drive. Making playlists is convenient with basic sorting options and allows you to move tracks around in the order you want. Overall a good app, but it could really use a folder system for the tracks. All tracks are shown in a list, so if you’ve got hundreds of tracks like I do, finding them all is a bit of a pain.
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4 years ago, Mousie's Owner
Awesome, but has some importing probems
This is an amazing app. It lets you import music from your computer or a number of cloud drives and play them in the background. You can also create different playlists and loop songs which I love. It also is truly offline which is awesome! I also love the loop function, as an athlete I usually play workout music and being able to loop things, either an individual piece or a playlist is awesome, and it's been made even better with the recent update of being able to speed up or slow down the music! ❤️ A problem though, and I don't know if this is Microsoft's fault or the app's, but I can't seem to upload things from OneDrive. Every time I try to sign in through the app to import music, it lets me log in the kicks me out. (It's probably Microsoft's fault since it has a history of those kinds of problems, though.) Anyways it's a great app, and also unlike other apps, it doesn't interrupt music playback with ads. Don't listen to the reviews talking about payments being too expensive because I use it free with the occasional ad (developers gotta get paid somehow), and it's amazing! --- In one of the latest updates, it's only gotten better: sometimes, I like to sleep with music, and o usually have to set a timer on my phone to automatically stop all audio, but now it even has a timer where you can set when the music will stop playing! This app is awesome.
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1 year ago, YoullThankMeLater
Not for me
I have an extensive music library. Music that is bought & paid for. I need an app in which I can play my music & organize it exactly the way I want. Simple. Clean. The Offline Music app falls short. There is no option to create playlist folders. Example; I have 3 Pink Floyd albums. I would make each one a playlist & then put them inside the folder labeled Pink Floyd. I’ve done this with the old iTunes but new Apple Music is too focused on subscriptions & recurring charges. Using Offline Music I was blasted with several pop-up ads within the first 10 minutes I spent just trying to figure out how to work the app - even with Wi-Fi turned off. I’m sick of streaming services, ads, subscriptions, hidden charges… I just want a simple, basic program. Reply to developer response: I did spend more time learning the app. Still do not see a way to make playlist FOLDERS. (A folder that you can put multiple playlists inside). Also, couldn’t find a version for Mac. If I’m going to transfer all my music into Offline Music Player, label & make all my playlists again, I want access to it all from phone & laptop.
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12 months ago, GBGeorge2019
I love this Offline Music player app
I've been using the Offline Music player app on my iPad for a while now, and I must say I'm impressed. This app has made it so easy for me to listen to my favorite music without having to worry about internet connectivity or ads. The interface is simple and intuitive, and it's easy to navigate through my music library and create playlists. Another great feature of this app is its ability to organize my music library based on various criteria, such as artist, album, and genre. This makes it easy for me to find the music I want to listen to, even if I have a large collection. Overall, I would highly recommend the Offline Music player app to anyone looking for a reliable and feature-rich music player for their iPad. It's well worth the price, and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.
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1 year ago, bulbwork
Need help file. & Why do you track personally?
Thanks for making an offline player. Looks good but I don’t know how to use it. I’ll review again when I’ve learned it. Where can I find help tutorial? I don’t have hours to fool around with the app. I use iPad. It ought to be easy to play just one file instead of playing all files -without creating a playlist. The best way would be if you could select whatever file or files you want to play and then have an option to play them and ONLY them. This action does not exist in the select function. One of the worst thing about apples own stupid software is that it completely ignores the folder structure that you have set up for your music. I would appreciate a way to play all the files in a given folder, without having to create a playlist. A music player is an awkward way to manage files, especially because meta data implementation is so very inconsistent. I have organizd my files already. Why not let me use that system? Thank you!
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3 years ago, DLP3186
Restart issues after downloading app
I love this app, it is amazing! But I only have one complaint about it. If anyone else has this issue on the iPhone 12 Pro Max please let me know. I have gotten a replacement of this phone 2 times now thinking there was a defect in the phone, but after downloading this app on all 3 of these phones I have had to replace, the apple logo flashes once then goes to a black screen for 5 seconds before the apple logo comes up and the phone boots up when I restart it. This issue never happened until I downloaded this app. I tried to restore my phone and reinstall the firmware from iTunes and that didn’t take care of the issue. To the maker of this app, If you can test this app on the iPhone 12 Pro Max to see if there is a similar issue I would really appreciate you getting back to me about it. Thank you.
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11 months ago, 28486$:)2
One Feature Missing
I love this app, it's so easy to use and convenient. I am a recording artist who has to evaluate mixes and make sequences for albums as playlists and this really works for that. You can listen to your "album" in sequence without individually starting each song (as in Dropbox). The only problem is, for some reason it's impossible to delete a song from a playlist. This seems like such an easy thing to add to the app but I have requested it and it has not happened yet. it's frustrating that for over a year now I've been waiting for this change. I'm hoping that the developer will see my review and understand that it's really important for people to be able to simply delete a song from a playlist instead of starting over with an entire new playlist every time. Other than that, it's great and I would give it 5 stars.
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1 year ago, That_1Ryan
Good solution for what I need
I purchased the premium version about a year ago and still use and enjoy the app, worth the purchase. I mainly use this to organize and listen after recording my piano playing with the iPhone voice recorder app. I’m still learning so don’t need a full professional setup, but prolific enough to want an always ready and convenient approach to organize and playback what I record. I like how it’s easy to send voice files directly to offline music player and the sound quality is improved during playback. Easy to build and use playlists. I would enjoy the option to have equalized tracks vs universal settings, as well as adjust visuals. The presentation is clean but basic. Why not let us change the color from green to something else if we want. Just some small suggestions, the app is great at its main purpose.
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1 year ago, nivek277
Love this app, but please fix the queue.
The app works great, but the issue I have is that you have no queue. Many apps will have the ability to look at songs coming up next, but this one only shows where it is in the playlist. It’s annoying since I like to set a queue lineup several songs in advance, and the lack of this feature means I can’t do that. The only way I can get a lineup is to make a playlist any time I want things in a certain order. Another suggestion which is less important is to add a feature to “play this song next” where it would add a song directly after playing the current one. As I’ve seen, this currently isn’t a feature. The addition of these two features would make the app 10x better!
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2 years ago, gbdhft
Great but the Apple Watch app could use some adjusting
I love the fact that is app offers offline/background play and has a well designed Interface. I have no complaints on the phone side of things but I would like the Apple Watch versions to get some upgrades. I hope that the Watch itself could store songs on it. It would be great for running because I’d rather not carry my phone on the go. The Watch app is more or less just a remote for the phone if your phone isn’t as accessible. Apple already has a perfectly fine remote called “Now Playing” that works for all video and applications. I don’t mind paying the lifetime payment for a feature like that if it comes in the future. Despite my complaints I enjoyed using this app daily for its features that no other music application offers for its free plan.
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3 years ago, CaydenWasTaken
Love this app but…
I used to upload songs from my computer and join via putting the ip in the search bar and just transferring them over but once I started to go completely mobile when downloading songs, the album covers went away… I wish there was a way to put pictures in myself by uploading ones to use as the cover, this would also help me when making playlists or just wanting to organize songs certain way. Also I love that there is no commercial ads, and I do get you have to have some sort of way to make money but if music is playing I wish the ads would default to mute so it at least didn’t mess up tracks playing while the ad is going.
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2 years ago, ...::mybffs4evr::...
Amazingly perfect except…
This is actually an exceptional app for singers who use backing tracks and want to perform with a bed track and have it stop after each song. This app keeps all your off line tracks available so no pesky need for internet access or license checks which most of the time cause skipping tracks in the iPad file playback system. This app alphabetizes tracks, and lets you make multiple playlists for various gigs (Pro version). This app lets you do all that along with adding EQ and reverb when performing live, the only issue is not being able to use the iPad split screen function on this app. That would allow performers to have a lyric sheet up on one side and the player on the other. PLEASE make this happen in future updates, then I would gladly give the Pro Version five stars!
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2 years ago, librty liberty liberty liberty
Good app
This app is a really good app but my only complaint is it’s a little too hard for me to find music and stuff so maybe like have a search bar and stuff if you do can you please tell me where it is though because well I’m not really good at finding things and two I am way too lazy to find a search bar but other than that the app is really great and just so you know I’m not just here for the bad complaints I want to say that I like how it’s off-line when you can listen to it still because well I don’t really do good in razor rides on the desert so now I can listen to music and also even though you have Internet sometimes it’s slow now I can listen to music faster there’s probably more reasons just I can’t think of them right now because my brain hurts today.
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2 years ago, ALABAMA PAIN
Best offline music on the market
I have thousands of songs downloaded, and theres no worry that i will lose the song or the video will get deleted. I can organize it however i want and have all of my music in one place. Its the main music app i use now. One suggestion though would be to make it harder to delete your music. You can delete songs just by sliding left on it so you could put your phone in your pocket and songs could be deleted and you would never know about it. So maybe just like another screen asking if you were sure you wanted to delete it because depending on how you are putting your music on there it can be hard work. 10/10
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7 months ago, KennethTheEspurr
Easy, Great Functionality, Versatile
All instructions are included for transferring songs, tracks are completely customizable (Title, Artist, Album, etc.) and app plays in background of any other app with little battery usage. I use this app for 2,000+ songs now, and it still has plenty of space for more. Ads are visual-only, so the only time I have to deal with them is while curating tracks, and they hardly bother me at all. I would download this on every device I had if it was available for Windows. Support for the app is also great - my bug reports and feature requests have all had quick responses; the developer/team is very dedicated.
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1 year ago, HopHop__|
Great but needs improvement.
The app's playlist mechanisms need to be reworked. Deleting songs from preexisting playlists is impossible because the select button works incorrectly, playing the song instead of selecting it. Sorting manually in the app is difficult, with no way of moving multiple songs at once. Adding new songs from a large track list is hard due to not having a numbered list of what tracks you've selected so far. Trying to add in tracks in batches instead is also difficult due to new tracks being added to the middle of playlists instead pf the the bottom. Being able to listen to playlists without being forced to shuffle was one of the main draws for this app and it would be a great improvement if playlists could be improved.
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3 years ago, bnkstr666
Whoever made is app is a LEGEND
Don’t even bother trying any other music app because they are all trash. Not only is this app somehow free but you can import songs via Bluetooth/WiFi from pretty much anywhere even another phone within literally seconds. Never once has this app let me down, been difficult or interrupted my music playing… AND if that isn’t enough the most “ ads “ you will ever see is an extremely rare pop up asking if you want to buy premium then it leaves you to enjoy the free version if you wish without pressing you again. Whoever made this app deserves a nice donation for their efforts of making this possible. Cheers!
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1 year ago, Bitcoin Bryan
Actually Works Offline!
I have an iphone 13 an have mega files on my phone but itunes music app or Music app dosent search for music in the file system. I needed something that could load my files from "Files" app on iPhone. This did the job like other apps however, this one lets me close my phone to save battery and dosent stop the music. At this point i dont have to look for another app cause this solved all my desires. In the future i plan to support this developer and buy the add free version, i mean is pointless cause it is so good but i want others to have a beautiful free experience like i did. So ill donate to ASAP!
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6 months ago, nA/me
Almost perfect just one thing
This is all you need for an mp3 player. It does what it needs to do, (play audio files, better yet not just MP3’s but the majority of different types of audio) and also playlist. And a nice touch is that for once the mp3 player doesn’t glitch out when you’re trying to stop a song using your earbuds (buttons or touch) But only suggestion I have is to be able to customize your Playlist so there can be a custom cover. Like maybe you want a playlist with songs to help you go to sleep, and maybe just for fun make the cover of the playlist an image of a bed. This isn’t necessary but it would be nice to see this added.
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2 years ago, Sarah A. Louise 😘
Very Easy To Use!
I have been looking for a music downloader for a while now and I’ve tried like 15 for reals, and once I found this one, I had found the one I wanted. All the other ones I’ve tried took forever to figure out and they only let me download certain songs already on the app, but with this one, I can download them from my google drive folder, and I can download ALL of the songs at the same time. Definitely keeping this one. I don’t normally rate apps, but I thought I’d share how much I love this because my search for a music downloading app is finally over.✌️
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3 years ago, munchyYT
Great!! But one little bug.
Hello! I’ve been using this app for a long while, I use it on trips when I don’t have wifi or mobile data, it’s very useful and I love it!! It helps me cure my boredom during trips. It’s very easy to use as well. Though theres a bit of a problem when I try to change some of the track’s images. So I was able to change the track images for only two tracks, but the other tracks don’t have an option to change the image for them unlike the other two tracks, the button to change it is kinda like.. missing? If you could find out why this is happening or perhaps fix this I’d be very thankful!! :))
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10 months ago, ikupoku
Almost perfect, just some minor issues that don’t really hold it back
Really all you can expect from a service like this, I love it and havent looked back since. Only complaints I could find that are irritating from time to time is that album making is impossible, since you can’t use the same track number more than once (for example, song a is song 1 in album a, so you cant put song b as song 1 in album b) and that you can’t put one song in multiple genres. However, both of these are easy fixes, so I wouldn’t imagine these problems would stick for long. Until then, this app is a solid 4 stars.
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2 years ago, 1hat guy
Great for messing around
I don’t normally leave reviews but this app is great! I’m a teenager just trying to make my own beats or download other songs I like to listen to and this app does just that! For anyone who is confused on how to make songs I recommend getting “Beat Looper Pro” in the App Store from there record a song and save it to any file than go to offline music app (this one) and go to import than hit like cloud source or something like that and go to the file than hit import and bam you got your music! Anyways sorry for the long review but if you read this far here’s a cookie ( ・ω・)ノ 🍪
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1 year ago, 29475728285
Great app, only have 2 problems.
This is my favorite way to play music because the subscription is cheaper than any other streaming service and it’s easy to upload your music to it. The only two problems i have is: 1. You can’t share multiple files at once. I wish i was able to select multiple files to send to someone instead of having to do one at a time. 2. When i edit files in the app, the changes to the file only save on the app, not when the file is exported/shared. I want to send all my files to other devices but when i do the changes i’ve made to the name, album, artist, etc don’t save.
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1 year ago, Theawsomness😋
Most superior music player on the AppStore lol
Pros: -Extremely easy to import any mp3 file on your device -Basically one of the only actual free ways to listen to any song through an mp3 player (except if you buy no advertisements) -Ads are rare and only take a second of your time -Ads don’t interrupt your songs no matter how long you listen to a song/playlist for (ads only occur when you open the app usually) -If you have trouble downloading music on phone, they have an easy-ish website you can use to import any song in a matter of seconds -Very nice layout and theme, easy on the eyes. -playlists! -equalizer (this is prob one of my favorite features, you can make any song sound 10x better) -TONS OF OTHER FEATURES Cons: -minor tech skills required -sometimes a bit glitchy -prices for no ads and stuff like that can be expensive conclusion: there’s way more pros than cons and it’s an amazing app 10/10 i love downloading free music off internet lol😩
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7 months ago, NICKJW405
Good offline mp3 player
Should be a built in feature for iPhones, but it isn’t unfortunately. Sure you can use iTunes on a computer to cloud sync your music, but not everyone has a Windows or Mac OS to do that. Good luck trying to do that on Linux! I paid the frankly absurd price of 20$ to use this app so I’m hoping it will continue to work as it currently does and the developer doesn’t ruin the app (which I have seen happen before with things like this). Leave the app as it is right now and I will be a happy customer, works perfectly for my needs.
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1 year ago, Eureka love Banda 3
You NEED this app
They always have everything ready and you get to listen to music when you’re on an airplane when you’re out of an outside vehicle and your Internet isn’t as well and you’re still able to listen to the music if you don’t have any Internet another like other things and they’ve always helped if you had problems playing with the premium so if the premium wasn’t working, they would give you a few of your extra dollars back and you are back and everything’s working.
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11 months ago, GaudiestIvy
(Developers please read!) Loving it but-..
So far I’m really enjoying the app. The only issue I encountered is that while my phone is locked and a song is playing, it doesn’t seem to auto-play the next song. Only if my phone is on the app itself does it seem to auto-play the next song. I am begging you to fix this. I already enjoy it and it would be even better if it auto-played the next track in my playlist without needing my phone to stay unlocked. I bought the lifetime premium subscription so I don’t understand why I’m encountering any issues in the first place
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4 years ago, bo muck
A very good app for music lovers to use when traveling
I go to lots of places where I am offline and can not use SoundCloud to listen to music. This app is a great substitute. All you have to do to get any song is convert a song from a YT link to MP3 and import it into this app! It rarely gives you ads, and has many different functions. Such functions include looping, shuffling, and even editing songs! For a free app, it works amazingly well and I use Offline Music Player when listening to any offline music. For music lovers offline and online, this app should be your go-to for music playing.
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1 year ago, REITHNBACKER
Just what I was looking for
This fit perfectly for me. I had a great deal of music gathered around here and there, but difficulty in playing it because it was mixed both purchased and non-purchased and this allows for so many great options. Tracks are gathered, playlist available even smart ones and it has a great set of options, duplicates or non-duplicates, and the list goes on, highly recommend it. I was able to do a great deal and get familiar with it which convinced me. I wanted to go Premium and I made the purchase for lifetime.
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3 years ago, Nicholas Davis123
Music App
If you’re looking for an app that will let you do off-line music like with no service this is your app right here I promise you this is one of the best apps that you’ve used I’ve used it for five minutes and I’m already impressed with it so I think that you should be it’s simple you just download the music off of your computer to your Google drive and then go from there see you sad easy this is one of the best off-line apps out there there is in my opinion I think you should try it
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2 years ago, Cube^3
Practically perfect
It is exactly what it’s designed to doplay download the music I own. I wish there were more options for getting download music into the app, but that isn’t too much of an issue if you have a little patience. To be clear this is NOT FREE downloadable music. For those who want a slightly more technical explanation of what the app does. The app takes the audio file that you uploaded and puts it in some data center in your phone so that when you want to access your music and plays the sound directly from the file. Rather than stream it, meaning offline music
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2 years ago, frtujvrr
With upgrade it gets content local, however has a lot to be desired
I have a mixed collection, much I ripped myself and some I got from other sources. Sadly iTunes attempted to replicate much of it creating duplicate’s with various results. I’d recommend users to sort and filter their content BEFORE using this app. I’d also recommend creating playlist’s prior to import as the sorting and selecting in this app is frustrating at best. Currently there is no way to filter by file type. The “artist list” is stuck on all tracks by that artist making scrolling and selecting nearly impossible. The same goes with the disk/album list. There needs to be a way to sort ONLY artists and drill down on each one and select ether entire disks or drill further and select individual tracks and file types. Once items are selected it should be trivial to add the selections to ether a existing or new playlist. Bonus points for not attempting to tie owned content to useless “cloud” service or rental-ware to enjoy content we already own. As it is, I’m looking to deleting the content off my phone and resort/filter it before letting this app transfer again.
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4 years ago, overiiit2020
It was cool up until..
It was cool had no problems up until these past few months first the app would crash (not often) but sometimes It would crash which would be annoying especially when Im listening to a song I LOVE. I listen to my music via bluetooth and aux The past two days I tried connecting via Bluetooth and aux but the music does NOT play. I know its the app because I tried playing music on my other phone and it was working perfectly fine. When I try playing music off my phone and not on Bluetooth it still does not play. I tried restarting the app and that does not work. Im annoyed at this point and sadly will be breaking up with the app.
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2 years ago, ATSAATSA
The player has stopped shuffling songs.
The player originally would play different songs from my playlist for as long as I had the player open when I hit the shuffle all button. Now when I select a playlist and hit the shuffle all button the player just plays one song over and over until I manually select another song. This is unacceptable. I have looked at all of the support and settings I can find for the player but there does not seem to be any way to restore the shuffle feature. What do I need to do to get the player to shuffle songs again or has the shuffle feature been disabled in the more recent updates to the player?
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2 years ago, MarkSuckerBrug69
Best Music App Ever
For an app like this you would not expect much, but this app is really easy to use and nice to pair with your laptop/pc, makes it really easy to import songs and is really fast importing them too! I downloaded this cause I was done paying for music and wanted to pirate it instead! I used a band camp downloaded to download the albums I wanted for free and dragged them into the online connection app connected to my phone! It was fast speeds and works wonders! Definitely download this app if your sick of paying for music.
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3 years ago, devonjanai
Adding Photo As Album Cover Issue?
Absolutely love the app, been using it for a long long while now along with my friends but I’ve recently been having trouble adding my own selection of photos to my music as a album cover. Now most of the ones that had album covers are not there any longer and it was a very long process to get everyone of them with one. Along side that, now I can’t add any at all even if I did plan to redo them. Is there anyway for that to be resolved? Thanks
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9 months ago, westernski
Super Happy
I just purchased a new phone and of course my music files were downloaded on my desktop computer and my other phone. Without mentioning names of the other app or the other type of phone, I was unable to download to my music. I was happy that I downloaded the offline music app, as I was able to transfer my music over to my new phone! Very happy with this app even though there are short advertisements but that’s the trade off. It works well and I’m a happy camper!
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4 years ago, Alaskanwolf64
Difficult to organize
I love the app, it made it super easy to transfer songs from my laptop to my iphone, but after transferring I had to go through and rename all of them individually, which was a pain. I’d love an option to select a bunch to change the artist and/or album names for at once. There’s also no way to change the order of songs or shuffle them, so they play in alphabetical each time, unless you rename them with a number in front or something, but that’s a pain to do. Other than that though, really great app. Minimal ads, and they don’t get in the way at all. :3
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2 years ago, Anon Am Ous
Great App!
I have absolutely no issues with this app. The offline play is great, and there’s no issues with downloading or editing tracks. I do have some suggestions though. The organization is good, but if you could sort by more than one option (a.k.a. Artist and Album) would be a nice feature. Another feature that would be helpful when editing tracks is a way to automatically remove the .mp3 or other file endings from the title. Otherwise, this app is great and I totally reccomend it!
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1 year ago, Ahvamaria
Paid version, 368 MP3s imported. Works Offline.
I had a micro sd card with all of my Mp3s and wanted them on my new IPhone. Did a Reddit search this app was recommended. Long story short I followed the instructions about using a computer to import my music. Copied my MP3’s to a folder in laptop, opened the web site this app directs you to use, it imported everything easily. Opened this app afterwards on my iPhone and it is all there. The paid version (it was a one time payment) yes you can listen offline. Works.
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3 years ago, Racsonium
Great app but could improve
Love the app there’s several improvements that could help it be better. I’ve also run into the problem where if I put my phone into sleep mode the music won’t continue playing sometimes and won’t start even if I go back into the app. A dynamic and interactive queue where if you shuffle songs the will appear in the order they will play and could change the order would be nice. Also think it would be nice to add and be able to view lyrics. Overall I’m enjoying using the app.
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3 years ago, Matvejonok
Unable to provide it’s basic purpose
I still own an iPod but I forgot it on one of my trips. I quickly downloaded this app and added songs to my playlist before my first flight. It played everything that one time. Before my next flight, It would indicate that music was playing on the icon but didn’t even show the song’s duration. Then the icons would show several songs playing at the same time. I have tried deleting the songs. An icon said, “the song is playing.” I deleted the app twice and re-downloaded music. I even assumed that it would only play offline so I toyed with the WiFi settings. I would have been glad for constant ads and maybe random shutdowns if only it played something.
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12 months ago, HORSE GIRL 290
Nope don’t get it. It’s bad! On Apple App Store it looks like it is advertising it as it can play music… so yea that’s what I thought. II SO FAR HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED ANYTHING GOOD OUT OF THIS APP. First of all it has no available music you have to import it from other apps. Which is not smart to do because if your going to download this app to play music and it makes you play it from somewhere else why can’t you just play it from the app you are importing it from. 🤔🤔 Second of all I’ve only had it for about 2 hours and it’s already crashed several times and to make matters worse there are tones of adds so it literally making me watch adds so they get money but I’m not getting anything out of it!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡DO NOT GET THIS APP. 😊 thank you
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1 year ago, Katt6221
Everything is perfect, but it needs a few additions.
I really enjoy everything about this app it’s perfect in all its glory and what’s included in the permanent purchase, if I may, I would like to suggest a few more things that’ll make this a great app; You need an audio Tempo Increase/decrease changer And an audio Pitch increase/decrease changer in your Equalizer. 2 things I hope to see in your next update because it gives the music listener a little bit more freedom to hear his/her/their offline music in different ways, including myself, I’ll give y’all a full 5 stars if you can make this happen! ❤️
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7 months ago, MrMoose98
Doesn’t correctly support iTunes/Music playlists!
This might be a great app if I could actually get my music into it. I have all my music sorted in iTunes/Apple Music using nested playlists to maintain order. This app can access and let me browse those playlists correctly but will only let me add individual tracks or individual sub playlists that contain tracks one at a time. It doesn’t support nested playlist folders where I could add the whole root playlist and everything would transfer over like iTunes does. It’s so frustrating to be able to see and navigate my whole playlist structure in this app but be unable to do anything with it!
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