Offline Poker - Texas Holdem

4.5 (6.7K)
197.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Othernet, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Offline Poker - Texas Holdem

4.46 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
1 year ago, DustySuitedAces???
Good offline option...
If you want to learn the basics of the game without delaying other players. I picked this up and played for a few weeks as a totally new player, and it definately taught me some the basics of the game that I would need to know before playing against other people. The bots pretty quickly become easy to play against; they don't like it when you re-raise them and so you can pretty easily take advantage of that fold equity you have over them to rake in a huge bankroll. The bots are also the same at the higher tournament levels. It became pretty obvious once I learned this that I would need to seek other outlets if I wanted to advance my game. Overall I would say this app is great for a beginner or if you just want to practice but won't always be able to be "online". Just realize that the bots are exploitable in pretty specific ways and you won't always be able to just raise your way to victory as a LAG player.
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6 years ago, SuperSayin'
The A.I. made me want to fold.
I REALLY like the interface. Easy to use and I like flick up to fold/ tap to call. It can be played with one hand. So that’s a star. Also the sound is good. Nothing flashy, or jarring. Just sounds of chips and cards. Another star for that. Other than that the only positive thing I can say is it will be good practice for people wanting to learn how to deal with donk betting online. The problem is the A.I. It is a little aggressive, which can be good. It doesn’t like to fold post flop, even with weak holdings. Although it regularly makes hero folds preflop against the smallest bid. It doesn’t really seem to respond to bet sizes. It also seems to be favored. That could just be bad luck. But I played a lot. At first I thought the AI’s choices were based on equity, but that didn’t seem to hold up. It may sound like it might be a challenge, but it’s really not. It can be easily beat EVERY game if you land a couple of good hands and it has anything at all, or if have the patience and are willing to grind it out. But even when I did gamble with it and it went my way, it wasn’t really that satisfying. It was predictable and either frustrating or boring. Little in between. Although I can see how some people would like this one, so don’t take my opinion on it. It could be good practice for someone starting out and having trouble playing others online. Cheers and stuff. 🤪
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5 years ago, Stephen Axsom
Really solid offline poker app
So in my experience, most poker apps are trying to get you in a position as you progress that you need to purchase chips to quickly advance in game play. Not that the AI is crooked or anything as so many trolls like to comment, but the point of the app is to make money, of course, so cost free gameplay is difficult or limiting. This app is a solid, easy interface, and I’ve played for hours with no need to purchase anything. If you are looking for a fun, offline (meaning you are playing AI) poker game, this is a great choice. Developer, hats off to you! I really like the simple lines of your game. Id love to see you add another tournament level beyond the $10k buy in... maybe $100k? Or is there something I’ve failed to unlock? I also really like how it still pits you against other real people in the rankings and sets up two day mini tournaments. As far as glitch feedback goes, the only issue I’ve encountered has been a scenario where I went all in against a larger bet, all three times this was on the turn card, and for some reason not all my chips went in. Computer won all three and I was left with from 200 to 1500 chips despite it being an outright win and a larger bet by the AI. This is just feedback, not a complaint, as this did not significantly alter game play, and of course, it was in my favor! Keep up the good work, and let me know if there are higher levels that I’ve failed to unlock. Thanks!
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4 years ago, fcbjr
Nice Implementation, But...
I really like this game, and it is definitely a winner. Great flow, realistic play for the most part, and loads of fun. Also a pretty good beginners teaching tool. Couple of issues. After playing hundreds of games (and playing very aggressively early on), I noticed some patterns developed. Certain levels of bets (for instance, after the flop, 160k from an opponent in the 1m game) were most often--if not always--bluffs, and my raising a like amount would usually cause a fold. (If the bet was 170 or higher, my opponent would call and usually have good cards). This was very consistent. More "troubling" has been that every hand seems to get a raise bet of 8 to the power of the table stakes minus 2 (in 1,000,000 game, pre flop single raises are *always* 80,000 and usually called by at least one player unless I make the initial raise where after opponents often all fold. I'm guessing you have a little AI engine that learns from my/the user's play. But my game now seems stuck. Doesn't change the fun play, but makes the game predictable. It seems the game is stuck in my early aggressive play (loads of bluffs and aggressive bets!). Small not, but noticeble to a true amatuer! Also in-purchase chips structure is reasonable and non-intrusive. I've had to buy chips only three times and feel it totally worth it. I win about once every six times, which keeps me in the money most of the time! I highly recommend Poker. Really great fun!
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4 years ago, Mezzo-Forte
Many Bugs on iPad
While the game (when actually working) is quite fun there are just too many iPad bugs to consistently enjoy it. Intermittent Exit Function Attempting to exit from session (game) with upper-right “X” will re-deal on some occasions. The game simply continues and only way out is iPad reset. When reset you lose all winnings and ability to double winnings. Reply Hand Showing Cards Dealers 2nd Hole card is offset. As the dealer progresses from left to right the 2nd hole card eventually moves off-screen making it impossible to see last players hand. Replay Hand Totals are miscalculated in your session holdings if re-playing many hands. The calculation will diminish your actual holdings or could ‘add to’ them as well. Emailed developer a few times w/these details. Other than those issues the UI is excellent, w/no silly graphics or overdone animations. Game play is as fast (or slow) as you want. There are times one may feel it is unfair due to the AI having many pocket pairs but that’s just the randomness of poker which teaches patience and sticking to your strategy. Playing upper tournament levels is a good (and fun) learning experience. As you progress through the ranks you will quickly notice many of the top app. players having the AI algorithms figured out. Fix the bugs on iPad and it’s 5-Star game
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5 years ago, stephers619
I think this is a good app for newish poker players like myself who are trying to learn how to bet better. There is a lot of realism (considering you’re playing a computer) in that one day I’ll have a great game(s) and the next I’ll be out quicker than I can blink. What I really hate is that I can’t pause a game and come back to it later. The other night I was in a higher stakes game and it lasted over 3 hours and because of how many chips were on the line I didn’t want to just quit. But I basically can’t open another app while playing because 90% of the time it automatically kicks me out. frustrating when you want a break or just to respond to a text message. My other complaint is how difficult it is to get chips. There are never ads to watch available for chips and 99% of the surveys aren’t available. I’m just not gonna pay for chips I can get for free. There are other apps I can play for free also. Anyway, it’s been nice having this app to practice on. I’ve improved my skill I think.
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1 month ago, Gotbail
Won’t let you win
At first I was really impressed with this app, the play seemed realistic, in the beginning it seemed closer to playing live holdem then any other app I’ve ever played but then it started changing, I actually didn’t know it was using AI until it started changing then it was very obvious, at first the other players in the app started changing their play to mimicking my play then they started trying to out mimic me which was ok as it made it more challenging but then I started noticing the cards started falling differently to the point where no matter what cards I got one of the other players always had a better hand, it even got to the point where I was watching the other players regularly get straights and flushes while I could never get more than 4 cards to either a straight or flush and if I got a pocket pair one of the other players always had a set or better, it became obvious the AI was not only controlling the play but also the card distribution, it’s finally reached a point where the play is so unrealistic that it’s no fun to play anymore….
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7 years ago, ClydeDoingReviews2000
No bells or whistles but fun to play
This app has helped a lot while I'm still learning and improving my poker skills. There aren't many options or settings but, as a beginner, that has reduced the distractions that I've found in other games from the App Store. The opponents make logical decisions; the gameplay is consistent and challenging. I should also point out that the cards seem to be dealt randomly (some developers reduce the quality of cards received in order to overcome limitations of the AI opponents). The only thing I would like to see would be feedback in the Grandma's House version explaining why the recommendation is to check, raise, or fold. Maybe the advice text could be clicked and a bubble containing the reasoning would be popped up? In any case, I really enjoy the gameplay and look forward to future updates and improvements.
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4 years ago, ChinaCatSunflower12
Dear Developer, you ruined the game.
I loved this game for the past 3 weeks or so. I built up +50,000,000 chips playing over that time frame. Post most-recent update, every single hand results in a heads-up of you vs just one other hyper-aggressive bot because one bot HAS to pre-flop bet a dumb amount EVERY SINGLE HAND making all of the other bots fold. If you fold pre-flop, 99.9% of the hands DON’T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE FLOP. The only way to win is to play heads up every single hand. What fun. It genuinely became a rarity to have more than 2 players (you and a bot) make it to the turn, let alone the RIVER. Why would you make it so you end up playing heads up the entire time with 6 people at a table? Makes zero sense; sucked all the fun right out of the game. If you can fix that, you basically have the greatest, smoothest, and simplest hold em app ever. Fingers are crossed you read this and make a simple change so not every hand results in a heads up against a bot betting way out of pocket.
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3 years ago, Jake13578
I’ve been looking for this app for a long time!
First, I’ll say I love this app. I’ve been looking for an offline poker app just like this for awhile, and now I’ve found it. Great IU/UX experience, but I do have one suggestion for UX improvement. I like to play this game one handed, as I’m sure most people do. With the current raise layout, you are forced to move the raise slider almost to the very top of the screen to go all in, which on an iPhone 12 Pro Max is impossible to do with my thumb. I would like to see a speed based movement distance (similar to how an apple trackpad works) implemented, so the slower you swipe up, the higher raise precision and the faster you swipe up, the lower the raise precision. This way you can dial in exactly the raise you want by moving slowly and go all in with a quick swipe up.
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4 years ago, Starbe11ysneech
Great after a few weeks of consistent play
Please read the others’ comments for all the positives - this app is definitely a step above other poker apps. And great that it was built to be played offline. My initial complaint was that it was too easy, and that you could predictably steal small pots from the bots (check/re-raise on the button over and over). But that seems to happen only at the lower levels... you have to get more creative and thoughtful to win at the 10k plus level. Some of the complaints others have had are pretty ridiculous. “This game is rigged.” No, you’re not good at poker. “There are donk players mixed in with good players.” Have you played poker before?!? “The AI never bluffs”. I’ve caught bluffs multiple times. Only time I haven’t seen it bluff is on the river if it’s on the button.... a bet there seems to be the nuts every time. If there’s one complaint, it is this: you can win consistently, but it truly takes a grind each time. There’s no like heads up all-in AK vs. 10s pre-flop like you might see in any low level tourney with humans involved, so it just takes a long time and that can sort of be annoying. But overall, it’s good practice - you’re seeing lots of hands against a variety of player types. Thanks for a great app!
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5 years ago, Nervous, Trying To Be Helpful?
Good! But I’m a little confused.
As a beginning poker player I quite like this app, I think it’s very nice to be able to learn offline. I’m sorry I can’t leave a detailed review about the AI just yet because I haven’t been playing long. I’m a bit confused about the league (what it is, how it works) because I’ve only seen the information text once and I can’t find a way to access it again. If that little bit of information could be included in the menu that would be awesome! Also, if it interests the developer, maybe there could be a menu/section that provides a bit of info on a couple of the AI profiles. This might help some players understand a couple of the opponents and their choices better, and could also allow for better feedback to the developer.
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2 years ago, JudeTheDooood
It is pretty aggressive I have to fold
For reference I’ve been playing this game for only a couple of days. The betting is super aggressive and doesn’t seem logical at all. There were multiple times in the lowest game ($500 buy in game) where the AI was betting $100+ before there were even 3 cards showing. As a result I fold most games to avoid betting $100+ dollars with no cards on the table. And even the games where they aren’t that aggressive it just seems like the AI all folds immediately or 1 will keep playing it will have slightly better cards than me. Even when I have decent cards the AI always seems to have better cards. Personally I wish there was either better AI or difficulty options (easy, medium, hard, etc). I downloaded the game to have easy relaxing games not ones where I lose my entire bank roll in 3 turns if I don’t fold.
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2 years ago, U wouldn't know me if I told u
Great app to practice on.
I love this app! I have a lot of down time at work which I use to practice poker, but I’m frequently interrupted so online games (Zynga, WSOP etc) don’t really work for me. This app is completely offline so I don’t have to worry when I put my phone down. Great for practicing GTO, when you’ve finished reading up and want to take your knowledge to a table. For the people complaining it’s rigged they just don’t understand variance or their odds, I’ve won hands going runner runner to bail me out after my bluff is called, or rivering an ace to complete my straight. If you play good poker you will not have to buy more chips. Awesome app and I hope the developer continues to support this app, you’ve done a great job.
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5 years ago, hhasuofhogswaf
Computer Plays Predictably Tight
I really appreciate someone making a game like this since I don’t want to play against real opponents in a slow moving online game. However, these games don’t move much faster since the computer plays extremely conservatively. I can reliably beat the computer if I grind out small pots or wait until I hit the lottery and get the nuts against a strong hand for the computer. If you deviate at all from extremely tight play, however, you will lose. It is frustrating to play games this way because they take forever and it’s basically a waiting game. I know it’s hard to program a computer to play poker but I wish there was some variability in the play style, so I wasn’t forced into marathon games in a competition to see who can play tighter without getting bored and pushing all in on a marginal hand.
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12 months ago, JohnnyRoastbeef1967
Good practice to play a tight game
It’s a decent app for practice. But the only way to win is to play very strong high cards/suited cards. The bots only play with two high cards or a pocket pair. They sandbag every time, so unless you have top pair, forget about betting or calling. It’s boring, but you just have to wait till you have strong cards before betting or calling. Forget about drawing hands—the bots are so tight that you never have implied odds to chase. The game isn’t rigged, but the bots are simply extremely tight and you can beat them by adjusting accordingly. Specifically, you can steal from them on the flop with basically anything if there are no high cards on board. If they call, they have an overpair. So then you can just fold on the turn if you don’t improve.
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1 year ago, C.D. Boldt
Solid, Simple
This is app is great for refining one’s poker game and sharpening the higher order skills of poker, as there are no meters indicating your chances of winning the hand, no indicator of what hand you have, etc. There are also no super flashy bells and whistles, although if I’m looking for a casino-style experience there are some nice apps for that. My only issue is the AI in both this app and the tournament version seem to back off way easily on a raise. Most of the time if I raise so much as $5 the AI folds immediately. This isn’t a big issue for me, but it would be a bit more challenging if the AI didn’t back down on a raise so easily. Otherwise, this app is a keeper! Especially while being in bed ill for the past week.
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3 years ago, GJ9801
Statistical Anomaly
I play a fair amount of real life poker, and I also reached and won at the max table at this game - it’s not a super realistic AI, and you’ll pretty quickly learn how to game it, but it can still be fun. However!! There is an error that drastically changes the rate at which AI get pocket pairs. I have played many hours of this game, and people I know without me mentioning the issue have said the same thing. No one gets pocket pairs as often as they do in the app - practically every hand or maybe every other, one of the AIs will have a pocket pair. And on top of that, they hit quads a massive amount too. Not sure if that’s simply a result of the pocket pairs error or something else entirely. I don’t think this error is on purpose, or as others have claimed, “a scam” because it’s not so hard to level up without in-game purchases. However, it is very annoying and severely impacts play. Which it would get fixed.
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11 months ago, Manager Dan
Ok game, but has some issues!
I do agree that this is the App that won’t MAKE you spend money to buy chips. I have advanced to expert level with only spending $10! However, I absolutely hate the fact that it will MAKE you play bad hands. Some hands you absolutely cannot fold! This is definitely not real world. I almost always loose these hands that it makes me play. I mean who plays a 2/3 off suit! Come on! Second problem is that once you get to the highest EXPERT level, it is very difficult to play. The other “players” seem to always have a better hand! I think I will delete the app and maybe start over or move on to something else.
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2 years ago, Chupacabra, El
Rigged & Unrealistic
Online poker is designed to create big hands and ultimately make you fail. This App is no different. As other users have pointed out, there are algorithms you can learn to recognize with this App (e.g., the computer will always raise or call pre-flop if it has a face card or pocket pair). You can use this to your advantage if you’re willing to grind it out and fold (or raise) even when you shouldn’t. The bigger problem, which makes the App both unrealistic and not fun in the end, is that the computer routinely has a better hand when you’re sitting on a very good hand. I’ve literally lost count of the number of times I had an excellent starting hand and lost to AA or KK. I’ve also lost count of the number of times the computer has made a god awful call, with the only chance of winning being to get a garbage on the river, and it routinely works out for the computer. Bottom line, as others have mentioned, it’s not random or realistic. If that’s what you’re looking for, try a different App or stick to real life play. If you’re fine with an App that’s designed to create action and bad beats, you’ll find that here. Overall, I would highly recommend against this App. If you want poker entertainment, go watch highlights of Hevad Kahn. # Bullllldozerrrrrrrr
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5 years ago, dieseldon85
Somthing fishy going in with this game
Im not saying 100% this game is rigged but I have never played real live casino poker like this game does. Winning hands sometimes make no sense at all. Seems the only way to get a good hand is if you fold a few times in a row then bam you will win a couple then followed by loosing several more times unless you start just folding every hand again. Also, the developers snarky responses to the negative reviews calling them out on what seems to be obvious cheating makes you wonder if they’re mad because they’ve been caught or cant take criticism even though they BEG you for it. Idk whats going on but this has the potential to be a great app. Edit : the developers snarky response (like i said it would be) only cements the idea of this game being rigged. Maybe if you had better customer service skills people wouldn’t doubt you so much. If it wasn’t rigged in anyway which I'm not saying with 100% certainty that it is, you’re making it worse with your responses. Because i did get a quick response ill up my review by one star, i do have respect for you actually answer back even if it came off a little sideways or I'm just reading it that way because you cant really tell over on here.
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5 years ago, MaeMaeBeeBee
Hard to get free chips
I really enjoy the layout of this game. It's simple and not super flashy. However, if I need more chips my only free options are to take surveys on an unsecured website or to watch an ad for a very small amount of chips. I will spend more time than I'd like answering preliminary questions to surveys to determine whether or not I qualify for a survey and will be denied. Just earlier I must have attempted to take ten different surveys and was denied each time. It's a waste of my time. I have also taken surveys and have been awarded chips and have not had the chips in my bank when I return to the game. And because you can't play without chips this makes getting them super stressful. I don't want to pay for chips. It's a computer game and it shouldn't be this laborious.
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5 years ago, UnsilentMajority07
Inconsistent play by AI
It is impossible to play consistently when this “AI” is so erratic. Some players make nonsensical moves that are beyond the realm of realistic bluffs. It’s like there are 3 legit players at the table, and then 2 of the AI players that are “stupid” players that spit chips at weird intervals that make no sense in regard to their hand. I play for money on a regular basis and the AI profiles need some serious tweaking if this is to be taken seriously. You say the hands are random and that seems accurate, are the “players” randomized to the point you’re playing an experts and dunces simultaneously? This is just as bad as playing online with the “all-in bots”. The AI clearly doesn’t understand value bets or statistical probabilities unless the AI knows it’s trash hand will suddenly become great on the river, yet still quadruple the preflop pot with 8-2 off suit the next hand. Maybe learn more about poker before making an app.
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3 months ago, Vince97262528
3 Bet Calling Range of Bots is WAY Too Loose
This app is great overall but it is pretty much impossible to get a bot that open raises preflop to fold to a reraise. Doesn’t matter their position or holding, or even my reraise size, they always call. Also, the bots always fold to a raise on the flop if the human user is the preflop aggressor and the bot lead bets on the flop. If I start to take advantage consistently, they should stop going for this move… Lastly, the bots are willing to fold to standard flop continuation bets a bit too often and for not much money, even when the flop is paired or with 3 of a kind. I have never seen them bluff raise in these spots.
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4 years ago, Satisfied casual user
Great! But...
I love this game. Its offline compatibility made it the only app I had for a period of time while I was between phones and was limited on wifi. Recently though, they added a replay feature. Now I’m all for new features but I wish that either A. I could toggle it off in the settings or B. The button to replay was elsewhere. As it stands, instead of all of the controls being in pretty much the same square I’m used to tapping on, instead of starting the next match that square replays my past match, which is obnoxious when it is unintentionally pressed as a reflex. So ya thats just a small ui preference really. The games is great :3
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5 years ago, yale67
Excellent Learning Tool
This game, which can become addictive, provides a great way to get a feel for the game if you’re looking to start real play. This applies to all levels of play— see how a cheap game plays out or find out what’s different at each higher level. A terrific app to have if you’re killing an hour delay at the airport but it can also keep you up past your bedtime. There are a few glitches that are bothersome: sometimes when I hit the X to leave the game I’ll just get a new hand and for some reason the size of my stash sometimes doesn’t get displayed. Fix this and I’ll give it 5 and a half stars.
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4 years ago, Anon_ymous1_3
This game seems rigged, even as a beginner
Unsurprisingly for a game with bots, this is always in the bots’ favor. They either take bluffs immediately so you can’t earn, or they see its a bluff and manage to pull out an even better hand. Here’s an alibi; Let’s say you have 7♥️ 9♦️. The community cards are 7♠️ 8♠️ 8♣️ 6♠️. You can make a huge raise and any realistic opponent would assume you have full house. However, the bot either re-raises or calls, and the last card is 9♠️ which just so happens to support the 4♠️ and 5♠️ that they just so happened to have. Now imagine having that happen again, and maybe even more. That’s exactly what this game is. AI always finds a way to one-up you. Even as a beginner it feels painfully obvious. Thanks for the offer but I would probably learn more against actual people.
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5 years ago, OkamiiKen
Poker app That’s Worth Your Time
Straight forward Poker Game that’s played offline and it is the best at what it does at that :) In my opinion this Poker game is definitely worth a try at the very least if you wanted to play Poker on the go or start off and learn to play :) -Gameplay is simple and great easy to play and straight forward no fancy UI or buttons or anything. can even be played with one hand too which is cool -Sound is nice and crisp nothing too fancy but it’s great for what it does for me -Graphics are simple but clean nothing to fancy on that part too but I like it since it plays smooth but I wish there was more different AI characters to play against but its completely fine otherwise -Fun Factor it’s fun overall and very lax too especially for a intermediate but casual player like myself :) and for a beginner you can definitely start and learn here rather than play against the pros who prey on the new players Just go try it out already if you wanted to play Poker to begin with :D
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5 years ago, Missklav
Started off pretty fun, but soon gets really frustrating. AI isn’t very good and follows a really similar sequence where everyone bets really small pre-flop unless the AI has big blind, then it doubles the big blind once it gets all the way around the table. AI never bluffs. It also becomes a huge grind after you knock off a couple of players where it seems like the AI refuses to bet bigger even though the stacks are bigger. No raised blinds either. Ends up becoming pretty frustrating so you just start betting to keep things moving. Unfortunately the AI won’t call your bet unless they have something killer, then you’re at a disadvantage to just keep the game moving. Fun at first, then frustrating as AI doesn’t adapt to the game as it proceeds. Uninstalled bc it was more an exercise in aggravation than strategy.
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2 years ago, Juggalo-scorpion
Don’t download
Do yourself a favor and just go with WSOP app. The AI in this game will bet 400% of the blind on every single hand. They also will hit more runner runner flushes/straights than you would ever imagine. It’s gotten to the point that in order to prove a point, I bet ridiculously high with a pair of jacks, solid enough hand to play with and how loose the AI plays, it’s a recipe for success. Flop comes out 7, Q, K… he checks, I bet again. A king pops up and he checks. I push all in, and he calls and turns over an Ace and a 3… you guessed it… on the river I saw a Queen… the amount of disbelief… the worst part is this isn’t the first time something like this would happen, it’s consistent. Unless you are a rookie yourself, (no disrespect) then I’d move along.
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6 years ago, Steve Turow
Close to great
I very much like playing this game, BUT there is a significant flaw. Once other opponents are eliminated, and a user squares off against a single opponent, the game drags on forever because your virtual opponent is unwilling to bet/bluff significantly on less than excellent hands. If both players have tens of thousands in assets and several hundred to a few thousand dollars are being bet per hand, the game does not reach resolution within a reasonable period of time, absent the user’s significant error. The only solution is to increase the mandatory per-hand buy-in over time, such that remaining players will be forced to stake significant positions as the game progresses to a certain resolution. With this improvement, the app could be great.
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3 weeks ago, Kasm_
Generally Not Very Fun
I have only played casual poker, but these AI fold on the initial draw (the first two cards) about 50% of the time. While this is maybe an "optimal" move, most humans playing poker are generally playing partially for fun, and folding because you don't have a pair of Aces in your initial hand is not something people think of doing. Most people I have played want to at least ante and see the river. Again, I haven't played competitively, but this AI feels like an absolute slog to play against. It feels awful to get an awesome initial hand, then just get basically nothing because everybody folds before the first draw. I've had it where one of the AI didn't even participate until they had to, then just folded on the first raise.
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5 years ago, MarcelDuchamp1982
Fun game...Good review below by Super Slayin’.
I agree that I like the simplicity of it and everything runs very smoothly. I think you should be able to earn chips by certain good tactical moves maybe??? I dislike the surveys especially since the majority of them kick you off half way through. I do feel like the AI is too predictable. When it gets down to the last 2 (you and the AI) the AI folds way too easy. There is not enough real life decisions by the AI. Other than that I really like it. Haven’t experienced any bugs yet so that is also a plus
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3 years ago, Shae District
Really solid and simple, still a WIP
I’ve downloaded quite a few poker apps now and what I really love about this one is how simple it is. Nothing flashy, not trying to sell you all of these add ons, just a good clean poker app which I LOVE. The other fun part too is that as you go up the tiers, the players get better which makes it more realistic. I say it’s still a WIP as there are some general things that haven’t hit just yet. Primarily it’s that the AI still feel like AI rather than human. For example, a pre flop raise is always the same relative to the tier you’re playing at. It’d be nice incorporate variation there depending on their hands. Another example: if I ever check raise, the AI will usually fold unless they have something. Which is what you’d expect at an actual table but because it happens every time, things get expected. Obviously this takes a lot of time and coding so no shade at all! Overall I really love this app and i’m excited to see it grow!
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5 years ago, BigLumox
A well designed poker game that’s REALLY free to play
I was extremely frustrated with all the poker game apps that are really just gateways to an online (pay) poker site. I can find my way to those sites on my own, thank you! This game is well designed: good, clean graphics, very simple to play. Good coaching at the lower levels, and exciting table play at the higher levels. I recommend not messing around with any other apps. If you just want to be able to play a little poker on your phone without all kinds of distractions, this is the game for you!
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6 years ago, Ken Schneyer
Surveys non-functional
While I generally enjoy this app, I am disappointed that the option to obtain chip credits through taking surveys does not work on the browser for my phone. I have a recent iPhone, and the browser is the one that comes with it, but when one of these surveys comes up in the window, I am on able to skim down in order to read the entire survey; consequently I am unable to fill out truthful answers, since, for example, I do not work in an industry beginning with the letter “A.” Thus I am unable to obtain the chip credits promised in the software. I assume that this is a glitch rather than being deliberately misleading, but it is still vexing.
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5 years ago, TheGreatQKL
AI is Advanced Level
The game itself is good quality and the table, Grandma’s House, graphics are cute with the cats. However, the AI seems to learn the players style and will start betting almost the entire buy to force fold or take the risk. The cost is virtual$100, and virtual$1 per hand. It starts off pot winnings being a low $30, but after a few rounds of bluffs, the AI learned I bluff, so they start to bet $40-50 forcing me to fold and leave the table or lose my entire buy in on the first hand. It would be better if the AI had a cap to only play at certain levels the player feels comfortable at. It’s like playing expert level and all my chips are gone within a few rounds
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2 years ago, shenningsgard
Fun to play, but predictable AI and some bugs
I've spent many hours playing this game to learn the absolute basics of poker strategy, and it's been great for that! However, there are some bugs (for example, if you do a replay with a heads-up opponent and end up taking them out in the replay, you'll actually win the money!) and it seems there's only one AI/strategy that all players use at all levels which makes their behaviors rather predictable (they play ranges pretty strictly, and never intentionally bluff). That said, it's a free game, the interface is easy to use, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Thank you to the developer!
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5 years ago, SamusGrace
I did not ask for this
I liked the version BEFORE the latest update a lot better. At Grandma’s, it would tell you the hand strength, the advice, what the opponents cards were if you folded, and you could raise by multiples of the pot. Now the format for Grandma’s is just the same as any other difficulty and I almost NEVER get a good hand and the AI don’t play fair. The animation for betting and folding is really slow. Tapping to jump to the next hand should immediately jump to the next hand, not show a sped-up game. There was a separate app for people who WANTED to play with multiple opponents, why merge the two? Especially with Apple’s new automatic app updates, this game forced everyone to switch to the other version. Not cool.
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5 years ago, Nic, what do you mean its takn
Good but some issues
AI betting is very odd. I have had a couple of occasions where a player will bet heavy chips, and check on the last card. When the cards are laid out, you can see that they landed their straight or flush on the last card. Had a game today where everybody folded before the flop 5 hands in a row. Only game I won was against a very conservative ai who would barely bet even with a good hand, and would fold at the slightest raise. Took a couple hours to play the game. Not being able to get back into the same game is frustrating. I don’t have the time to sit and play forever. Sorry will have to find a new game
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5 years ago, Taffysaltwater
No Fun After Latest Update
I really enjoyed this prior to the latest update. It was a fun way to kill some time. I am a beginner and primarily play at Grandma’s house for a no-pressure learning experience. Now, the AI is a lot more aggressive and seems to consistently have a better hand. When it got down to me and two other players, I couldn’t win more than 12 cents at a time because the AI would consistently fold. The game lasted forever and I eventually just stopped playing. While the game is physically more appealing after the update, it lost something with the latest change. I found myself frustrated when playing, which I didn’t experience before. I am really considering deleting the app.
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4 months ago, Mcbiggpp
Enjoyable simple game with good implementation
I downloaded a few months ago just to have some fun and practice my poker skills and what a great little gem this app is no over to top adds in fact you only really chose to have them which is very nice the ai is good only my qualm is they are rather easy to bluff but this is only in the lower levels which makes sense over all this app has gotten my praise and is well worth the download honestly one of the best poker apps on the platform
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2 years ago, Oebeisniwbsknx
Best offline poker app
Very glad I downloaded this app. The AI on the others just dont allow for a realistic experience like this one does. I was able to pick up the controls quickly, making this game much easier to play. The league scoreboard is a huge bonus, allowing for a more competitive aspect with other online players. Overall, I think it's an easy choice. App is free, much better than the other offline poker apps. 5/5.
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3 years ago, Mike G. 112
Worst poker game in the I-Tunes Store
I wish I could rate this app zero stars. The algorithm for this game constantly cheats the user out of what should be a wining pot. I can guarantee that if you were at a casino you would rarely lose with a full house, but in this lame excuse for a poker game it happens quite often. Then half the time when you do win a hand it gets split with the other player because their hand is exactly the same as yours. If this was a casino there would be killings every night. I wish I could sue the developer of this game for what I spent purchasing chips for this corrupt game. This game is the worst poker game in I-tunes, Apple should remove it immediately and ban the developer.
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5 years ago, PokerDude1992
Good Game
I like this game. The league play is fun. It’s fun getting first every new league, as I’ve figured the AI out ;) It would be nice if the AI could adapt to my play, but I don’t know anything about AI, so don’t know how hard that is to do. Two things though: 1) On the league rankings it says “you”, which makes sense, as it’s me—however, I don’t know what my name appears to others as, and I’d like to be able to change my name, but there’s no option for that in “Settings”. Can I change my name? Can you add a setting for name change? 2) The league named “Expert low”, is cool, but what if it was named “Pro (low, mid, etc).” The tag “pro” or “professional” is commonplace in the poker world and it feels like a better fit name for this league level. Then again, maybe there’s already a “Pro” league after expert and I just haven’t gotten there yet. -A poker fiend
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4 years ago, jfh28078
Decent to play as an individual
Good UI, fast, runs smooth. Easy to play since there are no other live players. That said, after 100s of games, it’s clear that the game slants toward the AI players. This is true of most offline, computer player games. They have 10s and face cards as hole cards about 95% of the time. And 3 or 4 players have them at the same time. And I’ve seen 3 or 4 hands per game that are 4 of a kind. Which defies odds, and it’s always the AI players that get them. So, it’s fine for players who want no pressure to learn and polish your game. But online games are the only true way to play if you want fair games.
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5 years ago, bebeard
Can be fun but incredibly rigged
I have played this off and on for a relatively long time, going back at least a year or two. It can be fun in spurts, but the rigged probability in favor of the cpu makes it frustrating more often than not. Lots of improbable losses on the river when I make a solid slow play. The cpu you is easy to beat when you pick up the pattern, which is essentially to only call their big bets when you have an already strong hand. This leads to lots of boring downtime where you are just waiting for the right cards and the right suicide bet from the cpu. Would lead to lots of more tactical fun if the probabilities weren’t so skewed in the CPU’s favor.
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4 years ago, fRatulita
Nice but AI gets pretty predictable
This game probably saved me a lot of time (and money) when I wanted to play some hands of poker! The UI is great, fast an easy to use! The only bad thing is that the AI players behavior becomes pretty obvious after a while and winning becomes a bit of a chore as some players will only bet when they have a good hand. And more importantly their behavior doesn’t seem to change as the game progresses. Anyway that could be improved but overall is a fun free game that doesn’t flood you with ads every 5 minutes!
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4 years ago, Line mann
Great offline pressure
I enjoy playing Texas Holdem at my leisure and found this app perfect for me. I can pause and resume the game at my convenience without worrying about service while I play. I also like that there is no pressure to make in app purchases. On a side note, I’ve had the app for a while now and found a glitch in the game, so I contacted the developer and received a response within a half an hour. Overall I recommend this app and I appreciate the developer support.
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5 years ago, AmolYork
Worst update
This developer used to have two apps, one rated over four stars and the other around one star. The update a couple days ago made the 4 star app into the 1 star app, literally, forcing the people using the better app to switch. The one star app, which this one is now, is rated so low because the improbable hands and draws the computer hits after significant betting while they have nothing. Another issue is crashing where the game just takes your chips from your account, whatever was on the table when it crashed. I would never buy chips for this and am a little disappointed to be losing a game from my phone I have played for years.
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