Offroad Outlaws

4.5 (78.7K)
343.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sycamore Valley Software LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Offroad Outlaws

4.55 out of 5
78.7K Ratings
2 years ago, qwerdtyuijop
Ideas for the game
Get new cars in there it’s been 2 months I love the game I’ve been playing since it came out I basically have unlimited cash because of the desert and I’m a-member it’s really fun but as soon as you put new vehicles I max them out and buy a few of earth and fully customize them I would love to see more cars and trucks like maybe an 18 wheeler that you can carry 3 maybe 4 vehicles on? Different trailers for it and different trucks like a cab over or a long hood and fully customizable also like some super cars or faster vehicles? But I love the game it’s super fun and I can’t imagine how hard it is to run a game like this I don’t want to stress this but I only want to give you ideas maybe a single cab f150? OR THE OPTION TO CHOOSE BETWEEN SINGLE CAB OR CREW CAB on most trucks I just thought of this rn also maybe the Shelby gt500 would be nice and the Shelby trucks like the dropped f150s or a corvette I get that this is a off-roading game mut honestly most people race with it so do I I have lots of race cars and it’s really fun messing with the tuning I just thought of somthing as well NITROUS I’m crazy I know but I think this is awesome even though no one with power in the game that can actually do something or a developer is going to see this I hope to give other people ideas aswell so they write more reviews and get your attention thanks for keeping up with my probably boring writing you probably already have these ideas anyway
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4 years ago, My Ideas (SEMA)
Just a few thing to add:) I love your game
I absolutely love the game, I have been playing almost since it has came out and just got my new phone. I love how far this game has came, and I thank y’all for the hard work and effort on this game. I have been a supporter for a while and I see the changes that have happened. Now there are things I would like for y’all to add though please. I would like to be able to change the color of my suspension, like my monster suspension I would like to be able to change the color of it. If we could change the color of them it would benefit the car show and views in my opinion. I think that it would make it more fun to be able to actually be able to build a real sema truck you know. I loveee sema trucks and they have different colored suspension and everything you know. Another thing is to be able to make my rims go in further to have that feature like a show truck. I would love to have power strokes, new jeeps, 2020 Chevy Silverado definitely please. I want to be able to build sema trucks, and I feel it will build more veiwers for the game and the car show also. More truck modifications like, jeep lights to make them look mean in a way LoL, but pretty much show truck type of modifications. More tires would be nice like, tires to where the grips come up more, or a modification to where we could do that. Bottom line I love the game soooo muchhhh, I would love all of this in the game to where I can actually build sema showtrucks I see on Yt.
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3 years ago, kobe mcclendon
An active players opinion(UP TO DATE)
I Absolutely love this game, for a mobile game this game broke my perception of how good a mobile game can truly be made. And obviously they have made a great game. I am a month member and have loved watching this game grow, the membership is definitely worth it and you guys Do a great job with all the little details. The game is amazing to play even with my friends, but in online I would love a chat box of some sore please it would help make more friends and I believe ultimately bring people together more and keep the game alive. so please if you could add some type lobby chat it would be great for people and friends playing together. Also I would love for you guys to add like a lot more vehicles like I probably play this game 3 to 4 hours everyday and I love building new rides but I just want some more customization options. I own almost every vehicle in the game and it takes forever to get money but it makes it feel like you really worked for it. But please definitely add more customization options such as more tire types more decals with the ability to make badges, more rims, maybe an option to change grilles. More vehicles please More that my biggest want, but overall this game is great I definitely recommend it for everyone to try I have gotten many of my friends to play this game with me and it’s amazing. I will continue to stick around and support the game and cannot wait to see what you do next!!
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2 years ago, greyhound1466
5 star any day but
Hey my name is Matt and I have been playing this game for a very long time and this is the most realistic off-road game I could find and trust me I have been looking for a long time but there is a few things you should do to make it better first you should add friction when you’re upside down and you should add a new location (the city) and I know it is off-road outlaws and not street outlaws but if I want to do City driving or something like that I have to go to some other low quality game I want the super high quality of this game in a street map and ( the Arctic) and add snowmobiles and new barn finds I found all 11 in 2 days you should make the maps more realistic and finally MORE military vehicles and also you should make all the maps connected like u spawn in ur house and drive to woodlands or desert from ur house and ur house is in the city. And last you should make it so you can get out of ur car and walk around and interact with npc people and other cars that r in ur garage or go into buildings like restaurants and car dealerships but other than that I absolutely LOVE this game I highly recommend it! And I love that there is no adds I have been playing this game for like 1-2 years and only like 2 adds ever! PS me personally I love your work and congratulations on making a amazing game. Keep working hard and stay safe
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6 years ago, aa_cone_life
Possible suggestions on improving/thoughts
Downloaded this game almost as soon as it became available graphics and maps are realistic very great quality I really like that you can buy more than 1 of each car unlike gigabit . Can’t wait until more styles of the square body are available along with more jeeps and bouncers . Only improvements I see that need to be made in the game is the winching for one is not as good as gigabit needs to be like theres if not possibly a bit better because when I’m actually in a tough spot there is never a winch point available or it won’t actually pull me . Possibly an extra button could be added so that you can use throttle in the winching mode and help the winch also the you can winch anywhere feature of gigabit or similar maybe like a p.t.o on a tow truck would make that better another thing is the mud in the game doesn’t cover the whole vehicle windows inside bed top on trucks tires aren’t realistic what so ever also damage isn’t visible at all not many trees in the wooded areas as there could be and the wheel spin needs fixed it’s like trucks stall on hills need an e brake also to keep from roll back on hills .. my opinion other than those small things it’s 5 stare rated from me . I can’t wait to see the graphics improve as the game comes along and see new boards created etc
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4 years ago, gfdgdtgff
Amazing game
This game is awesome and I love playing it, in my opinion the only things it needs are more japanese and European trucks and some more engine swaps however recently there has been a BIG problem with the game. Whenever I try to go to any of the maps I’ll load in and the ten seconds after I load in I’ll get pulled out of whatever server or lobby I’m it back to the garage where a crappy ad will play. Devs, could you please fix this? I’m fine with ads after a cut in the screen but random ads that interrupt gameplay? Now that’s not ok. One other thing is could we have sport suspension? I know it’s an off road game but there are a bunch of muscle cars in it and custom made racing maps. It would be cool to actually have a car with nice ride hight without the stiffness being at the bottom. Also a tiny glitch with the Toyota truck is that you can see through the engine bay straight through the ground like nothing is there through the vents on the hood. Nothing big though, just a little annoying. Anything else about the game is perfect though, I really love the suspension physics in this game and I think they can even rival snowrunner which is amazing, although there are some trucks I wish were in the game the current truck lost and barn finds are awesome and fit the game perfectly. I just wish there were more imports. I can’t waits to see what becomes of this game as it keeps getting updates and keep up the great work devs :)
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3 years ago, OOCowboyUSA
Amazing Game!!
This game is really fun, especially when you are in the process of building any vehicle that you want or could dream of. There’s so many different directions that you could go in when building vehicles. Developers, you have done an AMAZING job at creating this game and increasingly fun to play. I just have a few recommendations that I hope y’all can take into consideration. I know that myself and many others would absolutely love if the 2010 model F250 was put into the game. It would be awesome to have a truck with a 6.0 or 6.4 engine in the game. This also leads to my next suggestion, which is being able to customize your truck engines more in-depth. I wish that we could choose what engine we wanted to put in our truck, and that each engine could have its own unique sound. The final recommendation is that there be more features added to the underbody of the trucks. Just to make it like a little more in depth and realistic. And I also wish that there could be a way to like look at your engine(like in no limit racing) and be able to customize it in more detail. I hope that y’all look at these recomendations and take them into consideration, but again, thanks got creating an absolutely awesome game!!!!
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4 years ago, mikeccsb5.9
Great game!
Absolutely great game. They make it so that you can be a member and get great rewards and allow you to be able to build money faster. If you decide being a member isn’t your thing money is still easy to farm via finding crates in the desert or woodlands and doing trails. So it’s Awesome either way. I just know that when I became a member it made things so much sweeter. Absolutely great game if you have some time and want to tune up some rigs and off-road or rock bounce. I love that they give you so many diffrent options to build your vehicles and tune them to exactly how you want them to perform. Maybe some things that I think would be cool in the future would be the option for a HUD for when your driving around to help navigate off to the side possibly. And one thing that I think people may possible like is the ability to set marker on the map. Like when you bring a trailer with you on a trip and decide to unhook it or switch vehicle you can set a marker where that vehicle is and then later come back to that spot without hunting around. Typically I’m pretty good at remembering but theirs been a couple of instances where I’ve got carried away in the desert for awhile and couldn’t remember where my trailer and rig were. But anyway great game guys you are Awsome and great game!!
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2 years ago, Da fat person
Too many features causing game to crash.
Ever since I’ve been playing this game with my iPhone X is has been great but as soon as you guys started adding all the features that has nothing to do with driving offroad trucks (carshow, personal avatar, walking, boats, etc.) it has been really slowing the game down a lot and now my phone won’t even load the game up. As soon as it loads the main screen it crashes. Had to remove my membership due to the fact I can’t even play it anymore. I think it’s pretty lousy and unfair to the people who pay money for this game that you can’t even play it anymore because you guys would rather listen to the 12 year olds on the Facebook forum requesting all these dumb features. LEAVE THE GAME ALONE!!! It was fun enough as it was before you guys messed with it. Updates are good don’t get me wrong, but I think you guys should take into consideration that if you waste game memory space by adding senseless features you make it impossible to play for the guys with lower-end phones. Not everyone can afford a brand new iPhone just so we can run a clogged up game. I’d rather see bug fixes and small improvements (maybe a new truck or 2) instead of everything everything else I’ve been seeing. Even on the 4Runner for example, the entire front axle is shifted towards the rear and same with the front bumper. It’s been that way for a long time and the developers never even noticed. Why isn’t that fixed? Anyways, there’s my 2 cents.
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2 years ago, 69ingcows
This is my favorite mobile game BUT…
It has a few flaws. Let me start out by saying that this game is fantastic. The graphics, the physics engine, the vehicle models, the customization and tuning options, all fantastic. I’ve played this game for a long time and very much enjoyed it. If there’s one thing I’d love to see for this game is full controller support, as of right now it seems only left and right on the analog stick seems to function, and that might just be a nitpick and not necessarily a “flaw” but something to note. What IS a flaw I think is in the most recent version of the game, a new pop-up appears after an ad plays saying something along the lines of “hate ads? Is too. Want to disable them forever and also get 100 gold?” Why yes, I would! I don’t really NEED to buy gold because I crate hunt quite often which normally yields a decent amount after a while, but I don’t have any problem supporting the devs and disabling ads while I’m at it. Only one problem. I spent $2.99 TWICE yet still receive ads. But I’m hopeful that the devs know this problem and are fixing it, I just hope that I don’t have to buy gold a third time. In short: game 10/10 but stop playing ads, I already payed.
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1 year ago, my nickname niqqa
Love it but a few small dislikes/new ideas
I’ve had this game for a couple years now and I play it a lot. I have close to 100 vehicles and have put a lot of time into building them. I’ve always really enjoyed the game and looked forward to new updates but one issue I’ve had lately is I paid the $2.99 to remove the ads and it worked for about a day, and now I’m back to having adds again. I’ve tried to restore my purchase and it hasn’t worked. Another thing I personally don’t care for (my opinion) is the sounds of the vehicles. The gas vehicles sound very unrealistic and powerless. The sound with a turbo or blower installed is also very un-accurate. Further more the diesel vehicles also do not sound realistic at all. As I mentioned this is my opinion. Here is a list of ideas for future updates. More options as far as engine components, maybe some pre tuned shocks for different terrain, the ability to change sound based on exhaust setup/engine build, under glow/wheel lights, color change on flat beds, different grill/front end options, a tool bed option for trucks, brake lock for burnouts/more smoke, a 2 step or launch control for drag racing, and maybe some newer muscle cars. Mustang, Camaro, corvette, etc. Thank you for reading my review and have a great day.
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5 years ago, benjaminlb7
Things that need to come!!
Yes could y’all do a feature where you can turn the fuel up like on a truck in real life where if you want it to smoke and fog the street that would be nice and way better graphics and maybe some Cummins Duramax’s and Powerstrokes heck if you can do a feature where you can have a goose neck trailer where you can drive the trucks and atvs on and off maybe even tractors and disk and gators and some Polaris hell everything you can possibly think of that’s as close as you can to get it to the most realistic real world game maybe throw some cars in with it heck i don’t know all I know is I play this game freakin every day I’ve probably spent like 100 bucks on gold and I love it I’d just love some realistic graphics like better mud when you drive into it it slings on the truck, trailer and the toy on the trailer if y’all can make it where you can drive to states where the terrain gets different and there are houses and maybe even traffic idk I’m probably thinking to much but I really like this game I just want something thats only just a dream but I know everybody is wanting some better graphics and some better parts like injectors bigger turbos and real world tires and we want every style truck that came out including Dullys thanks for your time and can’t wait if y’all will do this to the game!!!
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2 years ago, booperdooper$1002
Perfect just missing somethings
This game is perfect I like the graphics they’re not to strong that it hurts my eyes and I can play late at night but I really want a friend request system and maybe a few more barn finds as well as a sherp that anyone can purchase and like go karts like the KTM X-bow,Honda odyssey, or sand rail cuz that would be sick maybe a setting for one or two turbos and there’s a glitch for when I use monster suspension to bars come out the back of my truck I would like to see three more barn finds like maybe a Plymouth,VW bug that isn’t a dune buggy, and a Dodge Charger Daytona of course give us more exhaust types for all the vehicles because. I would like to see tractor exhaust flaps like different guns for the back window of the trucks more spoilers and add some custom offsets rims please as well as under glow cuz I know people make sema trucks and a lot of sema trucks have under glow but all and all great game definitely worth buying I’m definitely downloading this game on my other devices. Add more ATVs and UTVs like a Honda talon UTV and a Yamaha Banshee ATV and please add wheelie bars and more engines options like V6, V8, V10, V12 as well as the iconic 2JZ, 1JZ, and UJZ. Add the ability to drift certain cars and trucks and add the logos Hoonigan, Toyo Tires.
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1 month ago, stay sage
Amazing game but I have ideas!
The game is amazing but I have something that I really want and I know other people would go crazy over! In the game you can’t really lift the four wheelers that much or put big tires on them but in real life people put tractor tires and lift them a lot! So it would make me so happy if you allowed us to lift them a lot more and put bigger tires and maybe even monster suspension! A lot of people will probably use them for car shows too! Here are some small ideas, more colors for the headlights, allow led lights under the vehicles. Here is a REALLY BIG IDEA THAT I WANT SO BAD!!!! PLEASE add deeper mud because the mud now is so shallow! And even if the mud was deep it doesn’t swallow you like real life it stays like an inch away from the vehicles like there is an invisible barrier or something! And there already is thick mud but could you PLEASE add wet and sloppy mud like how they have in some bounty holes, it would make the mud riding experience way more realistic and enjoyable! The rest of the game is great but my style of riding in game and in real life isn’t racing or showing its mudding so these things would make the game so much more enjoyable for me and everyone else! I LOVE THE GAME 5 STARS⭐️✨💫
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4 years ago, khaarlis
More updates
Although I love this game I have the membership and play it in my spared time I just wish they’d add a few things like make a night mode to where the lights you buy are actually useful also if they add so more vehicles like a Toyota’s Tacoma and some cars like the big and stuff that would be awsome and also make more rims and other accessories for the vehicles because it gets to a point where every thing looks the same I’ve noticed from doing the car show ratings a lot of the vehicles look alike after a while I feel like yeah maybe not for the people who get it free but for us avid players who have the membership we deserve those features be cause that makes it more worth while also there should be a way to add friends to the game it would make the games grow a lot faster if you can add people you meet on multiplayer of friends from Facebook or snaps and such so when you hope on it’s not so hard to include other people in finding cool new maps players make or go trail ridding or drag racing lastly there should be more maps with snow you can buy snow tires and snow style dirt bikes but I see no snow maps and I’ve played this game since the beginning and I’ve bought the membership Ps also add stickers now and days every truck owner has stickers on there truck but you can’t do it on here or like offset tires are a huge thing now
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4 years ago, Ysenias20
Great game but Keep taking vehicles
My son and I love this game. We purchased the blue ford truck for $1.99 and my son modified it with new paint and all these cool bars and bumpers and hitch and all. He loved it because it was unique. Well today, he was going to play the game and out of nowhere his awesome truck is gone!! He only has the trailer now!!! Where did the truck go? Is this some evil scheme to get us to pay more money or to force us to become members or something because that is not fair. I will not be putting more money into this game if the things we purchase one day can be suddenly gone another day. It is not worth it. Such a disappointment. This is the second time. A while back the same thing happened with another truck so my son stopped playing this game for awhile. Please FIX THIS ISSUE! Again, it is a good game but it is so weong to delete our purchases after all the work we have put into it. And it was going crazy the other day when we purchased the blue ford truck. Other purchases kept popping up on the screen the higher valued ones and it would not stop glitching. Like yall will do anything to get more money. We had to shut off phone and restart game but it would still keep doing that. When it finally calmed down i was able to purchase the truck i wanted. If i hadnt paid attention to the prices at the bottom i would have accidentally purchased a TON of gold which was not my intention. Very evil actually of this game to glitch that way.
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3 years ago, MatthewLaird
This is a fun games but need stuff
Some stuff that it would need to be more fun and cooler if the could put engine swap that have for power and torque that you can still upgrade also it would be cool if they could make different engine sounds for diesel and gas engines. Some more stuff like being able to switch a 4 stroke dirt bike or atv in the game to a 2 stroke with the huge powerband and the wonderful sound of them . All of these I would add if I was a dev of the game I would also make it more realistic by adding to roplay town worlds and also put horns all different kinds even train horns. The last thing I would do is change the stats and capabilities of all trucks and vehicles so their all good at certain stuff and one that are really good at everything like off-roading in mud and hill climbing and speed also I would at lope tunes for diesel truck so you could all ways blow black smoke when you want by a button you press a pick the amount of smoke you would dump out of the exhaust tips. By the way can you show this to devs and see if they can add these because these would be really cool to add thanks , from Matthew have a good day🙂
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2 years ago, Aiden0813
I love the game but it could use some changes
I apsolutely love the game, ive been playing it since it came out i was actually one of the first 200 people to ever play the game and i must say yall are doing amazing job but you could be doing better ik yall have the potential but i have a few ideas that im sure anyone that has ever played this game agrees, i think that we should have more rims and not dumb ones realistic ones, and the diesel egeines sounds i think that you should be able to swap from a cummins to a powerstroke to a duramax,so if u want a old checy sqaure body but you wanna a 12v cummins or a 24v, and the diesel smoke should go by RPMs Instead of speed and the smoke needs to kinda fade out not just stop like it does now i promise you with thos options this could be one the TOP mobile games out there, and a few other things, i think that we need more exhaust and bumper options, first with the exhaust, we need axle dumps, we need bed exhaust that are on each corner of the cab faceing outward like a semi truck and im not downing on the turbo sounds bc they are amazing but if you add turbo sound options and make them a little more realistic that would be amazing i would apsolutely love to see these updates and i will continue playing this amazing game.
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5 years ago, Developer needs to fix this
Could be better
Ok, Off-road Outlaws is a great game with many things to do and somewhat ok physics. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is because of the repair mechanic. Tap something, and you have to repair it. You spend so much money in repairs you sometimes don’t even want to go off-road especially for players who haven’t put money in the game because the cash is hard to get. Also, I don’t like that the developers removed the map option in single player because it was useful and helped me in many ways. Also the physics. The physics aren’t the best. First off you don’t have instant traction when you accelerate on first or sand. And the hills you can climb are stupid unrealistic when your truck is outfitted. This is why I stick to gigabyte because you don’t spend money left and right. Other than that, it has ok graphics ( I’ve seen better graphics on a mobile game ) and the concept is good. Especially with the update where you can buy a trailer and have two trucks with you except the trailer is overpriced. If you were to spend money for currency in this game, wouldn’t recommend it because there are better options out there. (Gigabyte off-road etc.) Otherwise it’s a good game. Also, why would it cost $300 to wash your car when instead I can go to a random body of water and wash it there? It should be $10 in-game currency at the most.
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4 years ago, ethan zerfoss
New things
Hey i really like this game but there are some things that need to change. First off i would like if you put some new bumpers in for the trucks. When you guys made the woodlands with snow i really liked that so if you could like make a new one with both woodlands combined that would be really cool. I know you guys just came out with the stickers but if you could add more. I think you guys should come out with some new four-wheelers, dirt bikes and crawlers. So i have played this game for over a year now and i would like for you to come out with some trucks. Now these are just some ideas like maybe a Chevy Colorado or a chevy blazer or a ford F150 you know just some more smaller trucks. Now I'm not a member and i would like to buy some of the things the members can because i cant afford to pay the little bit for a membership. Oh and one other thing if you guys could either upgrade the maps or make more maps that would be great. Im not trashing the game just coming out with suggestions to make the game better for the ones who play already and for the ones who don't just yet. Thank you for listening to my big rant type thing. Ethan Zerfoss
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4 years ago, speedyturtle07
Best off road game I’ve ever played
I love this game and it has a lot of cool features I’ve played I think for 2 maybe 3 don’t no years long and it keeps getting better and better tho I would like to see a few features that I think would be cool like when you have a truck or car there should be more exhausts to choose from like maybe instead of two stalks you can have one or maybe be able to move the one back trunk stack around and maybe by default there should be regular visible exhaust under the car cause I like seeing the smoke come out and I really want to see some dune buggy’s maybe some sand rails or something like that and I think before you buy it in the dealership it should say the stats like the horsepower and weight and duriblity and the thing that I have hated sense the start is washing the vehicle that I just got in the mud like seriously why do I have to pay 500 to wash a car dude I can go to get it washed for a little dollar just why? Any chance you can get to do these things it would be cool additions ooo maybe you can add a campaign! That would be cool don’t no if you would want to but it would be cool.
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5 years ago, offroader5513
First off, I don’t ever write reviews, but I felt obligated to write this one. I have played this game for more than 2 year and I am also a membership member. I used to love this game when it had no issues but now everything is going wrong. It is crashing 24/7, you can’t level up and only 2 maps actually work. Every time you try to get in a map it kicks you out of the game. It also does this if you try to exert a map. I pay the $4.99 a month so that I can keep playing an awesome game but I do t even see a point in playing it now that all it does is crash. You get maybe 10 minutes of playing out of it then it crashes. Making you log all the way back in, which already takes long enough. Whenever you get past all of those problems the. This game is a pretty good game with many different options of vehicles to drive and you can customize everything from suspension to the tires, but I would really like it if you would please add more real cars and trucks that people actually drive. It would be awesome if y’all added more side by sides and more trucks. Could y’all please add something like the Jeep gladiator, a ram power house (4 door), a Toyota Tacoma, a can am x3 side by side and a second and a first generation dodge. Before you add any of the new stuff we would like you to FIX THIS GAME TO ITS ORIGINAL STATE.
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1 year ago, th as F gv
A few ideas
I have played this game for a long time, since the game was started really and there are just a few things I would love to add. 1: an eighteen wheeler would be very good for towing or completing jobs on custom maps. 2: illuminated stickers that can be placed on the grill and window of a truck, I think that this would add a nice touch to any cars that I make. 3: a radio that we can place one out car that other people in multiplayer can hear, this would be good for cruising around with friends. 4: lighted rims and under glows would also add a nice touch to some of the cars that I make. 5: I believe that the next barn find should be a 1969 Ford Gran Torino this car is very nice and I think it would be a nice car and something new to see on the game. 6: I would like to have a work bed option for some trucks like the ford F 450 or the 4th gen ram. NOTE( I ask that you please make all of the following that I asked for available for non- member players because I have yet to join the membership for the game and I know that all non- member players would love to have these choices).
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4 years ago, Batattack060204
More crawlers
First I have put a ton of money into building really nice crawlers and they are overall great. I love building the rock bouncers, but we need more crawlers to be able to work with. I off road in buggies myself and I really love it, but this game does take it away a bit of that fun. The engine sounds need to be more realistic. Their pretty annoying and gives a ton of people IK who play this game headaches including me. Maybe a way to build a custom rock crawler, or some other new stuff. Overall it’s a great game and I do recommend it. Though for an off road game to many trucks and not enough crawlers. I personally don’t mind trucks, but just about every map in multiplayer has mostly trucks and no crawlers which takes away the point in the game. I have put in more then $200 and over 200 hours playing this game and building new crawlers. It is very boring having only one rock bouncer. Also have a tip guide to how to build a good setup and no 100 gold for a perfect tune it takes the fun when others have just bought it and you buy the manual and tune it better then them, but they do better. Also needs better handling for manual. Again overall great game. It’s very glitchy and crashes a ton.
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4 years ago, Pilot Oceloter
Great game
I think this game is the best off-road I have ever seen. A few tweaks could be made, but other than adding maybe a new map, this game is great. I recommend this to all my friends and we all do mud drag races on the custom maps and races on road maps and everything in between. A suggestion is make another barn find as I love the ones I have, but a new one could be added to spice this game up a little. I also think if they would add a medium map that had a town in the center and trees all around so that if you have a road car it would work, also if they would do that they should add an 18 wheeler with a car trailer. That would make it so on multiplayer you could have a lot of cars to bring, it’s a stretch but might be super cool. The 18 wheeler could be the barn find, I would really grind for that! I also love the member perks, like getting the crates prizes x3 is super nice and I love it. Is a little pricey though. But worth it if you play a lot. All in all I love this game with the new update and everything is amazing! This dev team has spent a lot of time and it has paid off massively! Thanks for a great game!!
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4 years ago, Crube13
This game is awesome but a few things to add
So I downloaded this game a few days ago and I will say it’s one of the best games I have played on a iPhone. It’s relatively easy to learn all the things you can do in game. Okay so the things it is missing is first can you add more maps instead of just four or five, it would be nice to see something different map wise. Second that could change is add different trucks, yes I know you did the update just a few days or weeks ago but please add a crew cab Dodge Ram like the Ford platinum and maybe add some more barn finds like current styles of sports cars like chevys, fords and other cars. Another thing is can you make it so you can use a Xbox or PlayStation controller compatible so you can use it to drive your vehicles because it won’t work with my Xbox controller connected to my iPhone. Also can you put a way to get cash and gold easier because you have to go look for boxes in the desert or complete trails but it’s not a lot of money you earn sometimes. That’s all the stuff that would be nice to include in future updates. I’m sure some people would like same or similar things. This game is the best and thanks for reading this if you do.
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3 years ago, highstander
Possible suggestions love this game
I think this game is a five star rating. I have some suggestions that could be put in the game. I think you should be able to host a auction to sell your cars to other players. They use there own money to buy other people’s cars. I would build a truck and then sell it. I would also maybe like better sounds for all the vehicles that are more realistic. It would be cool to have snowmobiles and have snow the is realistic. I would also like to be able to load as many cars as you want on a trailer. Like u could load them in the garage or the car storage lot, so you could bring more vehicles in one map. It would also be cool to have hitches and u would be able to hook up to your trailer on your own. I would be cool to have super duty's but they don’t have to be a dully. It would also be cool to have a enclosed trailer. 4 seater rzr’s and can am’s. I really hope u put in my suggestions into the game. You should also make the chassis be a different color that you could choose. Cool mud tires for trucks like the ones for the SXS.
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2 years ago, fasthawk289
Great game love it play it every day
Don’t get me wrong I love this game but I am a big truck and car guy and it really annoys me when I see the first gen dodge without accurate dually fenders so please devs could you add them in I think it will be really good in terms of the games future development and I would also like to see a 2020 c8 corvette in the game i personally would love to be able to re create TC’s 2020 yeet mobile c8 corvette from snow runner and 1 or 2 other things I would like that o see in off-road outlaws is adjustable cab and bed lengths so you could make like a single cab long bed first gen dodge or a crew cab long bed Chevy k30 dually and also be able to dchange between fleet side bed which is the regular flat side bed and a step side bed that would make me one of the happiest off-road outlaws players ever and thank you guys so much for the amazing game keep up the great work and please add these in it would open up a whole new world of trucks people could build and have fun with and also if you could add a 1999 Ford F-350 extended cab long bed pickup truck that would be so cool
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2 years ago, macelakeboy
What I think about Off-road Outlaws
Off-road Outlaws is a very fun game to play with friends. It has come a very long way in the past 3 to 4 years. I have played myself for a while now and so has my cousin. We have had tremendous fun in Off-road Outlaws and it has changed a lot. I give this game a 5 star rating and I have had a lot of fun with this game and plenty more to come for years to come. Wishlist. What I wish for more to come for this game is, updates are more often if possible, a full on brush guard in the bumper customization, different tow mirrors for certain trucks, more toolbox options such as black toolboxes and bedside toolboxes, you do not have to be a member to enter the car show, more realistic interiors, a friends list to find friends easier, more bed options, more winch mounting points, being able to get out of vehicle and walk around, character customization, towable and drivable Rvs, and a boating map. Please try to add these or some of these if possible. Thank you for reading this review. Have a great rest of your day😀
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4 years ago, LaFerrariBoy
Love this game
I love this game, I play this game daily! I would love a four door JL Jeep and a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon! Jeep’s are huge when it comes to off roading, I know we already have a Jeep crawler and 2 door JK but a new Jeep would be awesome! Maybe a 2020 GMC AT4. Also, the goose neck trailer is a bit odd cause you have to have like a 12 inch lift to be even able to use it... also easier to get gold, it is very hard to get gold other then voting in the car show in which I do everyday. Maybe public lobbies to off road with the off road outlaws community. Maybe a City map or town map with highways for hauling rigs and all kinds of other cool stuff. Like I said I love this game and a coupe new things would be awesome. Other cool this is maybe on a website or in game be able to request trucks/rigs or new things to really involve of off-road outlaws community. I love it when a game includes the community in the game. The new off-road game called snow runner is awesome on the Xbox due to the fact that they are so community focused on rigs, maps, etc. this game is already good but would become the best off-road simulator on the Mobile App Store’s!
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5 years ago, bob hendrixson
Wonderful game with great potential that could use little things that will go a long ways
I just want to say this game has incredible potential and has already proved itself in the mobile gaming community as an enjoyable everyday off-road, mud chasing, game that won’t get old with its many options and exciting upgrades that are available. There are little things that can be improved on and I’m sure will be refined as the game progresses. These examples: “follow camera” distance changes with different sized vehicles, when facing the garage and searching or tapping on a map it will send you to the garage as if you were at the home screen, also if you could add the dually physics as the outer tires clip through the ground, rocks, etc., and possibly adding other players to a “Friend” list or even a “Crew”. I understand that changing or creating something that might even be in the works take TIME, but adding these I believe will bring players together and really create a game that will eventually become a role model for all in this community. So keep up the amazing work, love what this game is becoming. -Ben
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3 years ago, ItzM3C4r50n
Off-road Outlaws is a great game! It has many different graphic settings depending on what specs your device has, although i wish the very high graphic setting had more detail as far as the engine components go especially on four wheelers. The game has plenty of different vehicles to purchase and enjoy. Only one thing I would like to recommend, on off-road outlaws next update I would like to recommend a utility sxs. Anything along the lines of a Polaris ranger, a Honda pioneer, Can-Am defender, or even a Kawasaki mule. I think this would make the game much more fun considering that they could not only have a fun buggy, but also have something that could pull loads. Also I want to have a feature that may make it to where one can switch between vehicles no matter how far they are away from one another. Also a feature to ride with one another would be highly appreciated by me and other players. But other than that the game is really fun and enjoyable to play on a day-to-day basis. Thanks Off-road Outlaws
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4 years ago, ggandmt
Need some stuff
Well first off the game is the best and if u can ad a semi truck box for only semi trucks and put sum cheap ones and expensive ones and make one more rim like the ones on the front of a real dually oh and don’t forget to make the semi trucks have semi truck rims and make a semi truck trailer and a race car section and make it to where u can buy some race cars like a Plymouth super bird and don’t make it like 100,000 dollars like make it 20,000 please for everyone who plays and maybe u will get more players and then make a free race car map actually two and ad a formula one race car about up to 30,000 to 50,000 so that people will stay on please make the update please and make a monster jam truck section for monster jam lovers and make the monster trucks 40,000 and make a free monster jam map because other people dont make the map right so please make the update and make the semi truck sound like one and monster trucks sound like a monster truck and make the formula one race car sound like a formula one race car please make the update with some fast and furious cars not for real life money
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9 months ago, platnum eagle
Great game but a few things
Ok first I would love to have motorcycles in the game like trikes crotch rockets hog bikes and things like that also you should add campers that you can pull and go inside of and you need to make it to where you can pull more than just one vehicle on a trailer and you should add airplanes that you can fly yourself and you can ride in and add where you can sit in passenger seat when someone else is driving and this is one of the ones I want the most you need to add a city map like woodlands but it’s a city with a car dealership and an airport and things like that but over all great game keep up the good work thanks :edit: One thing it’s VERY annoying here it is When you drive the 13th barn find which is the “hellcat” the back wheels hop up and the faster you go the worse it gets I have all the barn finds and I was so excited when I got it and then I go to floor it and the back wheels hoped up and I got completely flipped over and landed upside down and so it makes it pretty much non drivable and its so dumb please fix it (:
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3 years ago, Jeffrysoup
Some ideas
I really enjoy this game I’ve spent a lot of time building just about every truck available and I have a few ideas on what to add. Adding custom mirrors such as tow mirrors would help give your vehicles more of a stance look along with custom headlights such as halos or custom grills such as billet or mesh to give the trucks a truly unique look. I think custom hood scoops which is available on the cars should also be included on the trucks to help get that perfect look you want. Also custom cab/bed lengths would be an amazing feature so for example the third gen dodge being a single cab short bed draws many players away from it just because it is not a preferred look so if there was a way to give it a extended, crew, or even mega cab would be a very well received Change. For future vehicles added I’d like to see an obs Ford with a crew cab and short bed or extended cab long bed. A 4th or 5th gen dodge with crew cab long bed. And lastly a 10th/ 11th gen f-250/f-350. I love the game and these are my personal ideas on how to improve the game over time.
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2 years ago, Isaiah, your number 1 fan!
You surprised me! But one more thing.
Off-road Outlaws is an awesome game that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an off-roading game available on ether computer of a mobile device. I was playing the game (still injoying delivering stuff that came in the last update) when all of a sudden, another update came out! And this one I couldn’t believe I was reading! Characters that could walk out of the cars and walk around! This was something that totally changed the way a played the game! I was totally surprised by this it was something I would of happened in Off-road Outlaws ever! Now with all of this new awesome stuff in the game, there is one thing I’m asking for. Now that there are characters in the game, I think there should be some new trailers… campers! Each camping trailer could have its own different interiors. Beds, kitchens, dining, you name it! That would be so cool! Thank you so much for read the this whole thing (I apologize that it it’s so long) and I hope you can import my idea into your amazing game!
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5 years ago, I like this game, but..
Good game
I really like this game. I love how you can design your car to stand out from the crowd! I love the challenge of finding cars (note it can be hard) but once you get them.... you have to find a ton of parts! I wish there was less, because you find like one part out of fifteen boxes/crates. You don’t have to spend any money on this game though. If, you have patience. Which I barely have. But I like that you don’t even have to off-road in this game if you don’t want to! You can choose ONCE you unlock more maps. At first when I got this, I got something that I could afford, then I didn’t really enjoy it because I barely got anything when I started. But don’t give up when you start though! Just look for the crates so you can get money and parts, and then you can buy more trucks and upgrade them. While, everything can be expensive. Rarely, you can get 7000 cash in a crate. That might sound like a lot, but you can’t get much with that. So there will be a lot of joining and rejoining to spawn crates in. But, non the less, fantastic, I MEAN fantastic, game!
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2 years ago, slowfast96
Love this game! But..
Love this game and have supported it for a long time as a member. But got on it today. I have a membership and it says I need to renew it and I’ve lost all my xp all my gold. And all my cash. Haven’t yet lost any character mods or vehicles. And it wants me to become a member again when I already am one. On top of that you can only play online for like ten minutes sometimes less before it will kick you out of the app. I know it’s not my phone. I have an iPhone 12. It’s done this since the new update. Might I also recommend better engine noises. The old ones made more since between diesel and gas. The new one for diesels doesn’t sound right at all and not enough turbo noise. And since the new update the suspension characteristics went off. You can’t make a car slide anymore with an upgraded proper suspension. And if the car is low every time you hit a bump it stops the car or send you into the air. Love this game and will continue to support but these problems desperately need fixed
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3 years ago, chicken nugget neck
Great game!!
Been playing this game since it was released in 2017, and been a member just about the whole time. By far best off-road game available for iOS. And probably the best games in general for iOS. Great graphics, bunch of vehicles and ways to customize and tune for everyone’s preferences. A few things that I can see being improved are: More customizable and tunable engines. For example, more than just a gas and diesel swap. Add in the power stroke, Cummins, duramax, ls engines coyote engines, hemi engines. Just for example. Also a more variety way of tuning them. Rather than just purchasing until it shows max. Be able to add and take parts off, more like the drag car game y’all also made. The f-350 dually needs to be like the rest of the vehicles where you can make it fleet side or dually. Maybe add in a few more selections on Newer fords chevys and dodge. Add a map just for car show theme. Deep dish rims, suspension and axle paint. Basically make it to where you can build show trucks. (Sema builds). I have zero complaints about the game. Rather just ideas for improvement.
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4 years ago, kidynamite66
Best off road game ever created for mobile but some things we want
This game would be amazing if there were trailers that could haul 2 trucks. This game would be WAY better and more fun if you could have friends, like you could type In your friends list the players name you want to friend. And also this one isn’t the thing we all want the most but if we could make an account without having a social media account. Thanks, you guys are legends in the mobile Offroad game creators! Also, Another thing that all the people I know that play this game would want is some semi trucks, like peterbuilts, kenworths, internationals, cab overs, and all of that. Also a big trailer. Also if you could have more customizations, like trailer colors, and if you could choose which brand of engine you want, powerstroke, cummins 12v, 24v, idi, Detroit, the list could go on. But please consider adding in semi trucks!! Thanks guys EDIT: amazing game but with the new update wraps that I had before on my trucks won’t show up when I go into a map, and repair packs won’t go either
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3 years ago, wwwwwjdjdhsidhdbejz137482
I love the game bu there is one thing I believe that would make the game a lit bit better is if you could put air ride suspension so you could tow a lot better. Also could you guy add more Jeep’s like the keep truck and add some more body details like make it to where you could have two different finders on the car or truck. Also could you guys add more trailer as a man how likes to go camping I would love to see a fifth wheel toy hauler camper. Also I would love to see that you could a dirt bike or atv in the bed of the truck. I would also love to see that you could fold down the ramps on your trailers. I would also like to see some different types of suspension for the side by sides and if you could a snorkel on the back of the side by side instead of in the front. Also is there away that you could add some tractors to the game. But other then that stuff I love the game and so does my brother and as someone who loves to go off-roading this game lets me spend as much money on my rig so I can bet the crap out of it the way a off-road car or truck is made for. But hope you guys could do this stuff and have a good day.
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4 years ago, mudsmoke117
Truck customizations
I would like it to be where you can literally put mudflaps on any vehicle they work like real mudflaps and they actually move realistically when you’re going through mud so I want the whole truck to get dirty like a whole truck deep or mud more trucks or tires like the kind of the tires that you have for Lake Street on quads put those for the trucks and rock crawlers and all that stuff so like two weeks actually put road tires on trucks and cars and more suspension types like a type of suspension that is taller than wash truck suspension so maybe like a monster truck suspension heavy duty and heavy duty ghosts from travel being 1.1 to 2.2 And we need more vehicle sounds so give us the option for customize and then vehicle sounds and then we could choose one through five so we can have this sound this sound the sound etc. so we can Lily here so we can change it from the sound of a Duramax the sound of a power struggle sound coming car showers four wheeler dirtbike’s rock crawlers all that we need different sounds more sounds
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2 years ago, owner plz read
Some things I think will make the game better
Hi I’ve been playing off-road outlaws for about 4 years now and I’ve loved the game, I think off-road outlaws is the best mobile game ever. I love how you guys have put a lot of time into the game so other people could play it. Every time I’m bored or I’m not doing anything I play off-road outlaws. Every time me and my cousins hang out we always play off-road outlaws. Something I think will make the game better is if you add semi truck’s into the game. I think the semi trucks will make the game funner because I think they will be cool for truck shows and just fun to ride around and have fun. Another thing I thing will make the game funner if you add camping trailers, like toy hauler’s that you can load vehicles in to. The last thing I think will make the game better and funner is if you add a daylight cycle so it cycles through the day. If you add these thing I think you will get more people to play and I will like it more so if you do add these thing thank you.
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3 years ago, Jawche
Great game, I just have a few suggestions.
This game is great and so fun but I just have a few suggestions. 1st thing that I legitimately hate about the game is the driver is dressed up super weird so you guys should make it so we can customize our character. 2nd thing is I feel like there should be a few more trucks like a 3rd or 2nd gen Tacoma, Toyota FJ Cruiser, newer F-150, FJ60 land cruiser, and a5th gen 4Runner. I think you guys need to add more Toyota’s because there are many off-road legends toyota made. And 3rd is the maps, I loved the 2nd woodlands map way more than the original, the older one was really fun because it had trails going around the whole map that you could drive on and it was also bigger, also was more realistic, also I think you guys need to add a dunes map I know you guys have a desert map but it’s not really a dunes map and I think that would be really fun to ride on. Again I love this game and is one of my favorite games on the App Store. I hope you guys strongly consider these changes!!
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2 years ago, pusaeater101
Things that should be added
Here’s what I think should be added to the game Multiple vehicles on one trailer, Window decals, Rock lights, 4-link with cradle, Ability to power coat coil overs, Any level lift kit, Ford F-350 without dually fenders, Can-Am Renegade, Spike lug nuts, Color matched parts, Custom bed stack, Custom hood stacks, Custom exhaust tip, Ability to make your exhaust tip the size you want it to be, Deep dish rims, Stretched tires, Real engine sounds, Bullet Antenna, Custom grilles, 1970s Dodge Charger, Ability to lower ramps on a trailer, Can-Am Defender, Different spots to put exhaust tips, Custom lights, Cummins tow mirrors, Dog boxes, LTZ400, 4 door RZR, Banshee, Campers, 6.0 Powerstroke, 2010 Silverado, Bubble Eye Silverado, Custom flat beds, Wheel lights, tinted headlights and taillights, Ford Ranger, Ability to ride passenger in someone’s vehicle, Ability to go to a shop and customize your vehicle in multiplayer/single player, Mud boggers, 2-Stroke dirt bikes, Instead of paying for the membership with actual money you can pay for it with in game money, Ability to add people as friends
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3 years ago, 😤🤬🔥💨💨💨
The sounds are trash and make me not wanna play the game🤮 but still a good game needs work
These sounds make me not wanna play a game. The creators should really study the sounds that real trucks make because these are garbage. The rev limiter sounds NOTHING like a rev limiter and why does every diesel sound turbocharged even before you instal a turbo. And as you upgrade the turbo it should scream more and there should be an option to have a waste gate/ blow off valve and for God sakes put a tuning option to roll coal and PLEASE ad a tailpipe/ side dump option! The turbos should also bark or have turbo surge. I SERIOUSLY think this game would be SO much better and sick if these issues were fixed. There should also be a twin turbo option. I just feel the game should go more into the mechanics side of things too. There needs to be a side dump exhaust though because only stacks is a little ridiculous. And you should be able to change the size of your exhaust the same way as you can change the size of flags. And can there pleaseeee be a newer Dodge truck too? And a dually Chevy and dodge like the ford? And can there please be a double cab third Gen dodge pickup? Much appreciation!!
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4 years ago, Brettisfresh
Cool game, really look forward to the updates!
Really like this game and what it’s become, although it would be cool to be able to send money in the game to your friends. Would be a really cool feature. Hopefully you guys will be able to add another map soon as well. Also it would be cool if you guys had a way to turn money into gold. I know to a certain degree it would defeat the purpose of buying gold with money, but for those who can’t afford to buy things and have to go the natural way it would be really cool. Also it would be cool when your re-gearing if you had the option to re-gear your differential that way you get even lower crawl gears. Of if you had the option to go dual transfer cases and allow those vehicles to crawl up anything! I know there is a lot you have to keep in mind because you have a variety of people to please but just food for thought. Thanks for a great game, defiantly makes me want to keep playing the more you update it. Keep it up guys 👍🏼😁
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4 years ago, GoldenDubsGG
Can you guys add where you can have a dog like a German shepherd or pit bull and you can go hunting and then there could be events where you kill a bunch of deer or bears or what ever and get money depending on how heavy the animal was or something because that would be the best my dog previously died and I like to images sometimes she is riding right there in my set while where going for a drive maybe kill some deer or something and go climb up a mountain and me and her just looking down from a tall mountain please this would be the best and another detail you could chose what dog you want there’s the pit bull German shepherd Labrador and if you want you can have two dogs max no more than that and they cost as much as they would in real life please it would bring a smile to my face and my family members like my dad and mom she was a gift to me for my good grade when I was young and I really wish I could’ve been at least older than 12 and have to have to deal with her death from cancer please and thank you if you would be nice enough to do that for me it would be the best and I would much appreciate it I really would from the bottom of my heart thanks
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3 years ago, bo duke from hazzard county
Awesome but some suggestions 😎🙂
So I’ve been playing this game since it came out and it’s just awesome and congrats to the makers but my suggestions are why don’t you add semi trucks im a country boy and I can’t get enough of loud engines and gettin trucks pimped out semi trucks would be cool and where you can get tractors and in the part of customization on body make it where you can buy better engines not just on upgrades also maybe you could make nitros with blue flames and maybe hat a Chevy Silverado 3500 in there also maybe lower the price on the tow truck also please don’t add Honda Ridgeline ever ( I mean let’s face it it’s a Honda Ridgeline gross) I would also maybe have it where you can get more gold in boxes because when I get barn finds it takes a while to get 500 gold and also of coarse add more barn finds thank you to the guys and gals that made my favorite video game possible and thanks for making it free for people to enjoy and thank y’all for playing it keep it up guys y’all are awesome
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4 years ago, jeepndog
PLEASE READ!!!!! This is to the creators
Love this game since it came out. You should add more semi trucks, but an issue I encountered is the in game currency. The prices increase but to get money is getting less and less. This would be hard for newer players. You should come out with a intersecting default map where it has all of them but in one. And clubs for people to join. This game is getting very popular now. You have to expand from 5 players on every map to like 10. I get it though this game is low budget, but that’s why you keep bringing the updates bigger and bigger. You have to add jobs inside the maps that offer bigger pay if you add more semi trucks. Don’t make some though if they are going to be just for members. You could make some that are nice for members and leave not good looking ones to others. I keep telling you, get OFFICIALLY LICENSED VEHICLES. It should generate more income for the whole game that way. Love the physics, love the game, love the tires, keep up the great work! Signed, jeepndog the offroader #24 (owner of YJ racing)
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