Oh My Rockness

2.8 (12)
11.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Way Mondo
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Oh My Rockness

2.75 out of 5
12 Ratings
11 years ago, chrxtopher2112
Signup/login doesn't work
Great app idea. I've been on the email list for years. But the login feature won't work, at least for me. Nothing happens when I hit Submit. Tried signing up for new account - same thing.
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9 years ago, ShowsShowsShows
Best App for Music Fans!
If you love going to see live music, or just music at all, then this app is a must have. Oh My Rockness is the authority when it comes to discovering new music and filling your calendar with shows to go see. They have the must up to date info and will make sure you never miss that secret show that everyone will be talking about the next day.
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9 years ago, Twizzzzler386
Much improved
The latest update fixes a lot of problems I had with the last version. Scrolling no longer bounces back to the top. Overall, a much improved experience. Love the site. Now I love the app.
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9 years ago, Scratch18
Great App!
This app takes everything that's great about the Oh My Rockness website and makes it even more accessible. If you're into live music and discovering new bands, this app should be your jam!
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9 years ago, WanderHops
So useful for show info. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Moffman Prophecies
Not working
Just times out over and over
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6 years ago, coherence27
Doesn’t let me sign in
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12 years ago, 9trickpony
has potential; needs updates!!
I was hoping for more features, like being able to search and favorite bands. And I'd much rather get push notifications on my phone for show reminders than yet another email to my inbox that I probably won't see in time. Customizable in-phone show reminders would be a great feature to add. And the ability to export shows as events to Google Calendar. Right now the app doesn't do anything I can't do on the OMR website, so it's basically just taking up hard drive space. I'll keep it around until the next update in hopes of an improved interface and much more functionality.
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12 years ago, ephemeralpizza
I've been a subscriber of the e-mail show lists for years and know how priceless they are! It's a dream come true for me that they've created this app and I couldn't be happier with it. Had no problem paying for it, because I've gotten so much value out of the service for so long. Keep up the good work and thank you so much!
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11 years ago, Occidentalistic
Doesn't work
I use the ohmyrockness website all the time and love it. Wanted to support them by buying their app, but it just says "Time out: try again". Nothing loads. I tried deleting and re-downloading several times with no luck. I've kept it for a few months, hoping for an update since a lot of reviewers seem to have similar problems, but none in sight. Sad to say this was a waste of money.
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12 years ago, BiffBenson
Just use the site for now.
I was so excited OMR finally had an app I hurried to download it. But right it's really buggy and almost unusable. I hope they release an update and fix this. The layout seems cool but the content spends 80% loading. I love this site and hope that eventually they can perfect the app.
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12 years ago, MeeshMosh41
Needs an update (v1)
I love this website, so I was really excited that an app is finally available. I'm a bit disappointed so far though. It's slow to load anything...even logging into my account can take a while. I can see this being a great app once all the kinks are worked out.
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10 years ago, VZLworlock
Much improvement
My go to app now for finding out what shows are around me
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12 years ago, dfiandaca
Three stars for potential...two for right now
Yeah the app is just too buggy. Love the site and the email service they have but as of early feb 2012, it's almost easier just to use the website. I'm sure they'll get their act together eventually (and your $2 for the app is a great way to show support). Can you keep me signed in? Or at least remember my username? I'm in Chicago. Stop trying to tell me what's going on in New York. This next one might already be in place but i got too impatient waiting for it to load: add upcoming shows to calendar button. Thanks guys, can't wait to see how the next version handles
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12 years ago, Jamie Thomas
Complete waste of money
This app is sooooo slow. I would rather just use the website. It lists hardly any shows at one time, and makes you constantly load more shows, which takes forever. Why??? Also you can't search. Don't waste your money on this garbage.
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10 years ago, Adam Sarsfield
Just what I wanted!
Love the site been waiting for the app. Perfect for looking up shows in the go. Looks great too!
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10 years ago, Wide Angle
nice app
i live in brooklyn and this really aggregates options. start here when looking for a pulse i use it to save and track shows i might wanna see so i don't forget- it does that well i have it on both iphone and ipad mini. major improvement since last version, my go-to for live music now
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11 years ago, lasmash
Love the site but the app as of late (at least the last month) has timed out constantly. Before timing out it was slow and it wouldn't allow me to sign up through the app to mark favorites and what not. I rarely purchase apps so this is a huge bummer. Been on the lookout for updates for awhile now...
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12 years ago, Tidecow
Needs work
I'm in the same boat as pretty much everyone else in that I love the site but the app doesn't work very well. It's slow, isn't as accessible as the site and freezes up. Here's hoping for some solid updates!
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10 years ago, Tfashionista
Love this app. Super easy to navigate. So excited about the update I will be using it all the time!
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11 years ago, Rmcintos
Doesn't load, crashes, very slow...
This is a fantastic idea for an app, and it DID work for a short time... But not it always "times out" and crashes and does not load any shows. Very upset I wasted money on a broken useless app! Please fix it!
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11 years ago, Plekan
App won't load a single show in NYC.
Please fix. I'm not happy about blowing $2 on something that won't load a single show. Also the link for contacting the designer sends me to the website. The reason I got the app was to NOT use the website on my phone.
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12 years ago, Junebug006
Better off bokmarking site
I didn't get the SXSW update til it was over, and it freezes up on me constantly. I hope they can fix these bugs because until they do, it wasnt worth my 1.99.
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12 years ago, lutkie
Oh yes
Finally this music website is an app. Great design. Music in your pants.
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11 years ago, langoste
Um, can it show me SOMETHING?
Bought this app yesterday and I have yet to see it show me one show. Nothing works, tried it a bunch of times on wifi and 3G, nothing. Restart, close out, re-open..nothing..just says timed out on the search.
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10 years ago, Jwswarens
List scrolls to the top each time it loads more.
When you reach the bottom of the list and more need to be loaded, the list scrolls all the way to the top. Unusable. The web site is way better.
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11 years ago, gregl14
Great online, rough app
Big fan of OMR online so rolled dice on app despite reviews. Unfortunately they're accurate: crashes or times out every use. Hopefully next update will fix bugs or get new developer...paid apps need to work.
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12 years ago, Abbeymons
Love the idea, not the app
Wanted to support the site, but the app needs some serious help in many ways. Needs updates and fixes but has the potential to be oh so great.
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12 years ago, Atomic Rocket
Incredibly bugged
I love the site and service Oh My Rockness provides but the app needs help. The login button doesn't work. So, save your $1.99 until they release an updated version.
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11 years ago, D.Barzallo
It Barely Works
I love the site and wanted to use the App for a way to check my shows without using the website. It never loads and it is a waste of two dollars.
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12 years ago, SugahPot
Love OMR... But not their app...
Needs a lot of work... Not searchable... Can't favorite bands... Takes forever to load. Please fix guys and I will buy a t-shirt to support you!
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12 years ago, DaveS45
Bugs need fixin'
Loads additional dates very slowly. Freezes frequently. Have tried to use but has not been useful.
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9 years ago, Mr.Krobs
Scrolls to top randomly
Need to fix this app. It's a quick bug fix if you just get someone on it . Jumps to the top as you are trying to scroll down .
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10 years ago, ShowBud2335
OMR app
Great app! Especially after the update. It zooms.
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12 years ago, gRa nt
This will be good when revised
Disappointed: The app quits randomly The app asks permission to open links in browser and never does The font is to large and only let's you see one show at a time, defeating the purpose of a list The various filters ex. Free show ... Freeze
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10 years ago, 10.31
Every time you scroll down it goes to the top of the page. Like the site hate this app👎👎
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11 years ago, shopkins
Do not buy
Doesn't work. Doesn't load one single show.
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11 years ago, André Web
The website is awesome, but this app is not good. And costs money Disappointing
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11 years ago, xmasmouth
Barely works. Crashes. Slow. Waste of two bucks.
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11 years ago, mark76
Does not work
App does not work - will not load any content.
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11 years ago, Nestore Guarino
Not Working
App doesn't load any content
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11 years ago, Meowsees
Doesn't work anymore
Please fix or send us a refund. This is bs.
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11 years ago, loslosloslos
oh my money back
when will this app ever work? any news? any updates from devs??
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10 years ago, Sabrunu
Show more
2 years ago, d.prathmesh
Login Issues
Doesn’t let me sign in…
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6 years ago, yunfeii
Needs more functionality.
If the band's were listed with a Spotify, Apple Music, or BandCamp/SoundCloud links this app would be infinitely more usable. As of now I don't see that functionality that's much needed. The website is awesome if you're welling to click and copy to listen to the music. But as of now it's a shame I cannot do that.
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7 years ago, bobbi__jo
Log in problems on app
WTH? It won't let me in. I've changed my password on a desk top and still ....nothing :(
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10 years ago, coldfingaz
Not quite there yet
I heard issues were fixed so I bought the app yesterday since the site & content is awesome. But, I'm very disappointed. BIG problems with navigation on an iPad running IOS 7 (with the latest patch). Choppy scrolling. Can't save a Favorite band without being kicked back all the way to the top of the shows list. The app crapped out twice while scrolling down through the shows list, then the third time it shut down IOS entirely. That was enough for me until they patch this up.
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