OhMiBod Remote

2.5 (108)
126.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Suki, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for OhMiBod Remote

2.46 out of 5
108 Ratings
3 years ago, Bella L.C.
Can’t connect to my partner again?
When the Esca 2 first came in my partner and I tested out the Connection option, since he lives in another state as me. It worked great!! We tried the next day, after making sure it’s charged and there’s nothing disrupting the connection, but it just wouldn’t connect. None of us were receiving requests to either invite someone to control or control their device... we tried closing and opening the app, uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing!! Even when I just try to control the toy myself via Bluetooth/app, the vibrations don’t last more than a couple seconds! Having to manually operate the toy as the only option..
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2 years ago, mjgfsdcvb
Waste of money
My boyfriend bought the OhMiBod Blue Motion for me and it wasn’t cheap. We downloaded the app on his Samsung phone and were able to control it as long as he didn’t leave the app or lock his phone. As soon as he did it would lose connection and we would have to turn the vibrator off and back on again and then go through the entire set up process over again. I tried downloading the app on my iPhone and it won’t even open. The app crashes every time I try, before I even get the chance to connect to Bluetooth. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it several times and still no luck. The whole gimmick with this vibe is the ability to control it remotely. Without the app it’s just like any other vibrator, and I’ve already got much better ones than this. It’s sad because the app did work well when it actually worked. OhMiBod needs to put a lot more effort into their app support. I’m hoping it will get fixed eventually and make it worth the money.
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1 year ago, ringslinger76
App needs work; loses connection frequently
My two biggest gripes are the frequent connection drops between this app and the Esca 2 and the app not refreshing songs in my Apple Music library. The songs are on my phone but the app doesn’t see anything but the songs that were there when it was first installed. The bigger problem is the amount of times the device disconnects in one session of use. Three disconnects in 20 minutes is a real buzz kill… literally.
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2 months ago, spndhm
Love this app!
I have quite a few toys from OhMiBod but one of my favorite things about the brand is the app! It’s fun and easy to use, I recently purchased the Blue Motion 2nd generation and my partner and I love that we can use the app to both get involved even if we are not with each other! Being able to use the many different modes that are offered on the app makes the possibilities endless so we never get bored! Highly recommend the products and the app!
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2 months ago, jenleeclark
I just needed to come and write a review due to these amazing products. I loved my first toy so much (the Lumen) I took it upon myself to get the Nex 2 and let me just say I never want to leave my bed. The fact that I can control the vibration from my phone is the most insanely cool thing I’ve ever seen, and it has changed my alone time game. Please keep making the most amazing and technologically advanced toys!!
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2 years ago, CarlyNHeller
Easiest product ever!
This product is insane, all the features available to use right from your phone! The different modes you can choose from I would have never thought to even want in a sex toy. Super easy to use, highly recommend to anyone who wants a easy high tech toy to introduce to they’re sex life!
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2 years ago, IslandHoops929
Way less intimidating than I thought
I’ve always wanted to try a product that I could control on my phone but was nervous because sometimes apps like that are tricky. This one was super easy, straight to the point, and made me feel super tech savvy. They aren’t lying when they say it’s intriguing, interactive, and intensely intimate.
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3 years ago, Good2btheQueen
This app/product staying connected to the Bluetooth. First it wouldn’t connect at all. Then I got a connection error message and then after uninstalling and reinstalling twice it finally connected but now it won’t stay connected. Every couple of seconds I have to go back and reconnect. I’ve only had it for one week and I’m ready to give up.
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5 years ago, BGORDON96
If this was 1995 this concept would be amazing but the fact that you can not video chat or talk on the phone while using makes this a supreme waste of time! It’s extremely disappointing to know that to make this worth it you need to have a third phone so you don’t have to stare at a chat screen and get no feedback out of it. It’s sad and should be fixed with a call and video function, or just allow you to use other phone functions while in the app.
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2 years ago, kuzzinkellzzzz
Love this product & app!!
Loved the LoveLife Krush and the app made it even better 🔥🔥App was easy & straightforward to use, product worked wonders 🎆. Not to mention product shipped SO FAST and was easy, quickstart for use. 10/10 would recommend!!
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3 years ago, Guppy Teriyaki
Possibly magnificent
What I love about this app is the sleek design, it’s possibilities and toys. Controlling a toy overseas is such a brilliant idea, but I think a lot of time needs to be invested in that area. Although I type in the user names correctly, I can’t find anyone. If they get that right, I’ll be the envy of all my friends. Right now this app is making me the pity.
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4 years ago, somenickname12345678910
Toys by OhMiBod are great, app makes them terrible
The functionality of the toy is supposed to support you and a partner to be intimate over long distances. The fact that you can’t use any kind of phone or messaging app without being disconnected renders it almost completely useless in my case. This wouldn’t be a hard addition to make at all and would improve the app greatly. Because of the terrible functionality here I feel I’ve wasted $100 on the product itself.
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3 years ago, Jordyy12438
Bluetooth disconnects every couple seconds.
Hard to enjoy a product that is so expensive when the main purpose of the toy doesn’t even work correctly. Very disappointed in the company for not figuring this out.
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3 years ago, Mandalarah
Won’t connect to device
It will not connect with the device at all!!! I’ve tried multiple devices and so many different times but I can’t get it to connect, meaning I basically just spent $140 on a weak handheld vibrator. It’s not even like it has a remote besides the app so it takes away the entire use of somebody else being able to control it. Such a waste of money
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1 year ago, tj8483727
Doesn’t work in the background.
You’d think for how much one these works they would have found a way to let you set a pattern so you can idk watch something while you use it.
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4 years ago, R.Coats
Connection issue
When we tried it from far distant she said it was on low but on my phone it’s on the maximum. Does the phone got to have 3 bars or more for it to work or is it the app problem?
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2 months ago, cass8895
If you’re in a relationship, you need the blue motion Nex…. My boyfriend is obsessed and so am I! Him and I both can control the Bluetooth so it’s fun for a night out 😈😈
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6 years ago, MuscleBilly
Updated to 7.0
The remote app finally works but not until I had to uninstall and then reinstall it. That’s the good news. The bad news is all of my connections vanished so I’ll have to rebuild them again from scratch.
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3 years ago, suisen
Not worth it
When the device connects with Bluetooth properly then this is a good remote in the same room with your partner. If you experience what I did, which is a faulty device that the company will not fix or replace then it’s not worth it. Just a waste of money or a device and a waste of time setting up the app.
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2 months ago, jback123
I now have 3 products from OhMiBod and I’m obsessed! The functionality with the app is a game changer.
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3 years ago, memmy24
Fun but can’t register
It works fine for mine but I would like to register so my partner can use it when not near me (assuming that’s how it works) hopefully there will be another update improving this app
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4 years ago, Lichi42
The device will not even show up on my Bluetooth list to even connect... yet it instantly connects when using the feel connect app.... was hoping this app would be better with the additional features but cant even test
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2 years ago, richall
Recognized partner control.
Can we please have an always on for verified partner. Surprise is nice at times without always having to keep re-enabling , especially for drops.
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3 years ago, afgfiregirl
Connection issues
Sometimes it won’t recognize the device and once it does, while playing it gets disconnected at all times!!!!! Like what kind of joke is this? I mean this is horrible for ldr. I’d give 0 stars if possible, extremely annoying and vibe killer!
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I bought the toy to have a hands off experience. Not exactly hands off if the vibrations stop after 2 seconds and I have to keep pressing the button over and over.
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3 years ago, wizardwide
Worthless app
My wife and I have never been able to even set an acct up to use the toys remotely. We can very rarely get the Bluetooth local function to work. Basically we paid over $100 for a toy and the app won’t even run it most of the time.
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5 years ago, Dirty gerdie
Nex 1
I’m quite upset you can use face time and call during the play session. Also I can’t find a difference between remote and local . Toy is disappointing.
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3 years ago, Tsh0005
Remote Connection Doesn’t Work
I wish we read the app reviews before we bought this. I travel often and we hoped it would be a fun way to be intimate, even when apart. Won’t connect. Absolute waste of money. Do not buy.
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5 years ago, Keefy_Keef
Very buggy
This app is very unstable. You pay for the product and want to get full use of the app but connection is always dropping out. What fun is that? Please, please, PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!
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3 years ago, Klttenz
Won’t connect to my partner
This product would be great if the app worked but instead it just had me and my partner frustrated and troubleshooting for an hour only to never connect.
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1 year ago, GypsyRainCreates
Would be great if it maintained a consistent connection
Shouldn’t have to restart every thirty seconds
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3 years ago, mimmiguufb
Esca 2
I couldn’t get mine to connect I did everything right but I wasn’t popping up in my Bluetooth could you help
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3 years ago, Neeeekie
App need to be tuned
The Apple Music doesn’t work and the club vibe closes the app I love to use with my partner but this bums out the vibes
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3 years ago, ijsrph
Absolute garbage
Downloaded the app. Loaded, tried to do set up and “next button” is dead. Then crashed. Gave up after multiple attempts
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2 years ago, 😍LuvlyTT🥰
Can’t connect to my Bluetooth
Just purchased unable to connect 😡
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6 years ago, metalfan83
Please fix connections feature
This is a review for the app not there toy shop going to be honest. The main feature is the ability to connect with my partner through this app, not possible. Neither one of our accounts appears and it seems as though the vibe is being controlled by someone else. Please fix this app ASAP. Follow up. Sent an email to the company last night and received an email with detailed instructions on how to get it to work. Basically uninstall then reinstall the app. Make your profile public and you're good to go. Three stars because this worked however haven't tried the long distance play yet. Thank you to the company for a quick reply.
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3 years ago, ShawnaStew
Does not work with Fuse!
Does not work with Fuse even though my iPhone connects to it. Worthless product. Buyer beware.
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3 years ago, A.routine
App will not allow me to register ..so I can’t have my partner join.
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3 years ago, DrZelll
The app always has photo permissions there is no way to revoke this in the current app!!
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4 years ago, reicheneker
I want the app deleted and it won’t let me
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8 years ago, BlackJackMacBastard
It should have been simple
I really wanted this to work. My girlfriend and I love the idea of an app controlled vibe that we can secretly use in public. But the App itself is a mess. Firstly, signing in and creating an account should be optional. I don't want to join an online community to use a vibrator. Secondly, the "record an orgasm" thing just struck me as creepy. But mileage carries I guess. The preset patterns are inconsistent. When you increase the vibration the pattern alters. There is not tactile feedback on the phone itself, so if you're using the vibe on someone else you have no idea what's going on. Using the volume control to increase the vibes intensity bugs me too, for some reason. I don't know why you can't just have a slider on a touch screen. The app's color scheme is awful, like a bubblegum explosion, with no way to change it. This vibe is expensive, and would be totally worth it if it just had controls that basically mimicked what the manual controls can do. Instead it's way overcomplicated, and trying to build some kind of network of users. I really didn't expect to get this home and be so disappointed with the interface. It's like having the coolest toy that you just can't play with. I'll be returning mine, sadly.
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11 years ago, MalishMalish
Works perfectly as with the Happiness and Joy Vibrator
I just got the Happiness & Joy vibrator from the Bedroom Kandi Line and the manual recommended this app as a remote for the toy. It works just like it says it does, I uploaded on my iPhone. You just have to make sure you connect the remote piece from your toy that's provided and raise up the volume on your iPhone. It definitely makes it a lot easier to change to different settings with just the touch of your fingertips. The buttons on the vibrator itself are kind of hard to maneuver when your pleasuring yourself. A+ for the great idea of creating and app.
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9 years ago, Rustmouse
Great idea, terrible execution
This app is designed to function as a remote control in conjunction with this company's specific hardware over Bluetooth and wifi. If you don't have their hardware, the app isn't for you. Given that - if you have the hardware, the app is highly unstable under iOS 8! It won't connect over wifi, randomly crashes and unpairs with the Bluetooth device if you have messages come in from another app. Within the app, you need to log in with Google plus, and search for the person you wish to connect with over wifi, which is a one-time in app purchase. It doesn't save your favorites, or previous connections, and you have to go back through the process and tell it to restore the in-app purchase EVERY SINGLE TIME! You can't FaceTime, or use another messenger app, or it will crash again. It does have a built in messenger function, but it's very basic, and awkward. Given the price of the Bluetooth accessories and the fact they're non returnable, I would wait on this until they get their collective act together on the app. I'm disappointed but still hopeful they get this worked out.
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9 years ago, Dear marketing
Connection non existent
Just like the title says. Via Bluetooth it works at close range with no obstructions (I.e. Closing your legs ) over wifi with a good Bluetooth connection to the device you will find yourself connecting and disconnecting with your partner as the connection times out over and over. When you can connect it appears you may have control over the device as indicated by the app and the ability to "chat" with your partner in sms style fashion but no matter what setting you choose to play with in the app its completely in responsive to your demands. Battery life is a good 30min at best in use. I would say save your money for version 2 after they make enough money off of a product that doesn't work to build one that does.
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8 years ago, Kookiekween99
Could use some improvements...
As others have pointed out, there are some connection issues at times, but it's not a huge deal breaker. My main complaint is that it breaks connection when you switch to a different app, including the phone. So you can't be on the phone with your partner while they control the device. Yes there's a chat option, but I'd much prefer to hear his voice, you know?
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12 years ago, jessimckinnon
Take control of the rhythm like never before
Works as advertised, but I found that I needed to push the volume control considerably higher than I normally listen to music to get it to transmit well. Also, for people who say it doesn't work, you still need to plug the OhMiBod transmitter into the headphone socket as you would do for music control. One suggestion I have is to label the axes.
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6 years ago, motohead77
Wanted this to be awesome
Have been so disappointed in the user interface the controls don't work well at all. My wife who I bought this for says the control over vibrator is terrible. She prefers to just turn on vibrator(press power button twice)without the control because it's more intense. When you have it connected to phone for some reason it has less power even with the volume all the way up. They need a definite redo of this app. She likes the idea it just doesn't work well. Also she says the actual toy gets to hot to be comfortable.
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12 years ago, Meghan Rainey
Good Fun with the OhMiBod
I've used this app with my OhMiBod on both my iPod Touch and my iPhone, both work well. If you own an OhMiBod or NaughtiBod it's well worth getting. The only problem I have is that occasionally the OhMiBod stops vibrating while the app is still running and you have to restart the app.
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8 years ago, Bpscardsfan
Works great when you first pair it via Bluetooth. However it looses connection about 5 or 6 feet away. While my phone says it's still connected, the app says it's not and it does not work. The only way to reconnect is to power the device off and re-pair. This takes all the fun out of the app. Also - could not get wifi function to work. Tried contacting them and keep getting voice mail. I have sent a message to them and will update my review if and when I hear back.
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9 years ago, Xcel415
Won't stay connected
Bought this unit and tested it out immediately after reading reviews (wish I read them prior to purchasing) and I hoped that I had one of the "good ones". It worked better then expected during test run and I took the chance. Upon first use, it lost connection and would not connect via Bluetooth or wifi. It should have came with a remote! I do not recommend buying this, for it is useless if you cannot connect to it!
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