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User Reviews for OkCupid Dating: Date Singles

4.32 out of 5
264K Ratings
5 years ago, Mithrandir Miles
Sapiosexual dating pros and cons
One thing I dislike greatly, is the lack of any sort of verification. I've already had a number of catfishers trying to waste my time, in just a month using the app. Even Kik groups are able to verify people without people having to give up their anonymity, by asking for a live pic to be sent, doing something random that the owner/moderator asked for. Also, on the web version, if you are typing an initial message to someone, if you hit return, it immediately sends the message, and you have no way of going back and editing/continuing your message, which means you might lose out on a very good match, because of a nonsensical first message. Many questions are lacking a good choice, I.e there is a "yes, love it", "no, hate it", but nothing in between, so the % match numbers don't really reflect how compatible people really are (something that can often be seen when reading the detailed explanations) On the positive side, I love the wide range of questions, the ability to add detailed explanations, and all the different categories to handle non-binary gender ids, and being able to find people looking for non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships.
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2 years ago, cgnickname1
Sometimes intros go through, sometimes they do not. A number of people I’ve connected with me and said they never saw the intro and they even knew exactly where to look for intros. I have had the same experience also. I have been an unpaid member, and then tried being a paid member. There are multiple levels of paid membership which can be confusing. I’m back to being an unpaid member because even as a paid member it’s not working all that well for me. My partner has posted pictures within writing prompts and they do not show up to anyone else, although they do appear in her profile when she looks at it. She has reported this to tech-support and they did nothing about it. I do greatly appreciate the fact that OKC supports non-monogamous dating. And the very detailed questions and answers. A lot of the questions are worded in such a way though that it is difficult to answer them because the questions are vague or potentially confusing like they could be interpreted in completely opposite ways sometimes. And more of them need an intermediate choice instead of just yes or no. Finally, a strange behavior I noticed when we started new profiles not long ago, without any indication of this, the app assumes a person would reject every answer that differs from yours. You have to go back through and review all your answers and the answers you would accept, in order to change this.
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2 years ago, Blastpoopface
Truthfully, I’m writing this review entirely because I think it may help my chances with the algorithm. I’m being honest because I don’t think that will effect it. OKCupid is all about the algorithm. I’ve had some success with likes and matches, but tried to moderate a friends account, which was shaped very similar to my own and despite A-list account status he saw maybe 2 likes a week. How could that be possible? There are absolutely people that swipe right on everything. OKCupid for whatever reason just wasn’t showing his profile to anyone. He was frequently active, communicating with the very few people he was connected with. As far as my account is concerned I’ll go through a dry spell where I’ll get 2 likes a week, and then get 30 likes in 2 days. The lack of consistency isn’t with my profile, it’s with whether or not OKCupid feels like showing people my profile. OKCupid is better than most online dating sites because there’s more detail on the people you’re meeting. That’s great. But online dating is hard enough and stupid from the perspective of dating in general. We shouldn’t also have to worry about whether our dating site wants to be nice to us or not regarding showing other people our profile, or have to worry about it arbitrarily passively blackballing us.
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3 years ago, grcc34762169
Married for almost 3 years!
I have used many dating apps, none of them has turned into a marriage. I haven’t been back to this app in more than 4 years, but whenever people ask me where I met my husband, I was proud to recommend them OkCupid. I can’t imagine how people are dating now with Covid going on. But dating is a hard and brutal game. You gotta know yourself before anything else. I can't believe what a team we are and how we worked out, considering we were born in the opposite side of the globe, grew up in completely different culture and with 9 years of age difference. We had 91% compatibility on OkCupid. Our life goals align, but we are so different in many ways which make things interesting. We can talk to each other about anything, yet laughing at each other as some of the things we do are so “foreign” to each other, but then we realize that we indeed want the same thing, just have a different process. In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to get distracted. While we hold some principles tightly to our hearts, we also need to be patient and give people a chance to express themselves, and most importantly, listen and try to find that common ground. You never know who’ll surprise you and sweep you off your feet. Happy dating everyone. May we all find our soulmates.
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4 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Used to be great
OKC used to be one of the top apps for meeting people and I know people who met on OKC and are still together today. Then over time they started implementing changes that make the app useless. Now you can’t see likes or even sent messages (where you’ve sent a message but they have yet to respond). So what this basically means is that if you’re swiping and you see someone you like, if you don’t send them a message right then and there you’ll likely lose that person. It used to be you could “like” them and go back and view their profile and message them later, but now that’s changed because in OKC’s mind you should only see that person again, at that point, if the like it mutual. Every other which way of communicating with people that’s not a mutual connection is paywalled. Pay to see non-mutual intros. Pay to see non-mutual likes. The main problem with dating apps nowadays is they’ve lost their purpose. Everything is monetized and that overrides basic functionalities. You can also tell that users (at least in my area) are dropping this app because you see a lot of the same people and there’s no way to limit (if there is not intuitively) the double take results to just the country you’re in so they make it seem like there’s a lot more of a “pool” by showing people from all over the world. Also, a lot of people only show up in your swipes but not when you search even though they fall under the search criteria.
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5 years ago, cgcg222
Terrible dating app
I was on OKC a couple of years ago and it was great. Had lots of very compatible matches and some super fun dates. My experience this time is completely different. I’ll start by saying I’m above-average attractive (some might say very attractive...not trying to brag...lol...just making a point. ), have good pics (the same type as before but updated), am fit with lots of interests, etc. The thing I liked about OKC initially is that there are tons of interesting questions for people to answer in their profile that aren’t just about personality. Get a good glimpse into what people are in to in general and how they feel about lots of topics but also their sense of humor and what they like sexually. I’ve been on the site a week or so and right now have over 1500 people who “like” me in some hidden chamber that I have to pay to see. When I go through the “chosen for you” feed 90% are people not even remotely a match for me who haven’t aren’t from this “like you” group. On the rare occasion that I find someone I decide to “like” they have not “liked” me first. This wasn’t the case before. Why didn’t I end up in their feeds? Leads me to believe OKC is just trying to force people to pay to see who likes them. I don’t mind paying for something of value but from what I’ve seen so far I can’t imagine there would be any reason to do that. There are constant pop up ads so they are already making money from my time on the site. Sadly I’m dumping OKC.
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2 years ago, Zombychichen
A dating app that’s actually good
I’m only 24 so I’m very familiar with Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge but I was never too thrilled with any of them, all of them thrive on making sure you stay unsatisfied, always looking for the theoretically “perfect” person but never finding them, so you keep paying for the premium features for as long as possible. OKCupid was the dating service for “old people” in my mind and I wrote it off until I was frustrated enough with the other apps to give it a try, and wow, I really wish I tried it sooner. If you thought Hinge was detailed, OKCupid is on another level, you can put in an insane amount of detail into your profile with hundreds of questions you can answer to help you filter through the randos and find people you’re actually compatible with. There definitely aren’t as many young people in my area using this app compared to other apps but since the profiles are so detailed, you don’t have to swipe through hundreds of profiles just to find a few people that you MIGHT be compatible with. People on this app also seem to take it more seriously on average. If you’re looking for a serious relationship with someone you really click with, this is definitely the app to use.
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4 years ago, AsherBlumenthal
Could be better
The app needs a lot of work. Oddly enough the desktop version is a million times better but for some reason they gave the app the least functionality. It should be the other way around. The app should be better than the desktop version but it’s not. As others have mentioned the filters don’t seem to work. Also the pricing is too cut-throat, read receipts for example should be included with A-List instead of being a separate purchase. And $10 to purchase incognito mode is kind of ridiculous, also seems like that should have been bundled with A-List. The developers treated this too much like a game with in-app purchases, A-List creators should go back to the drawing board and try to create an app that does their brand justice. The way it stands the app is nothing more than a wannabe Tinder. Also I am leaning towards using the desktop version exclusively and giving up on the app entirely. Oh and, the last thing I forgot to mention, the incentive they claimed for people to join Alist is that their would be no advertisements yet the app is plastered with their advertising of the New People and the Popular categories which are both separate purchases. I’m not interested in either of those yet no way to bypass those just seems a bit selfish on their part and adds to the reduced functionality because now I have 2 categories that aren’t relevant to me.
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5 months ago, Seattlejoy
Scammers and morally bankrupt company
This company has become the pinnacle of greed, immoral practises, duping customers. This platform is riddled with fake profiles and they don’t act on cleaning those even after reporting them. The only times your inbox is full is whenever your subscription expires and suddenly an army of fake profiles swarm your inbox making you believe to pay for an additional time. Every time my subscription renews there is a technical glitch and they demote my profile to a non paying member in-spite of my account getting charged. I have to connect to the super late technical staff only through emails. Until this time, they had fixed my issue. But this time they even declined to fix it as they mentioned that I bought my subscription through the App Store and not through their website. I argued I have already paid for the subscription and need my services restored. They flatly refused and asked to reach out to Apple company. I reached out to Apple to find a resolution and after two months of emails and calls they refunded but guess what. They refunded from the time when I asked for the refund while conveniently ignoring that the services haven’t been working since day one of the subscription renewal. If they had asked me for the proof I would have happily provided them with the screenshots and the email communication but they are ready to indulge in unethical and corrupt practices. You should be ashamed of yourself as a company!
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10 months ago, bdnsnaksnsbdndjskansbs
Poor payment plans
The app itself is fine it does everything every other dating app does. My problem is the payment plans being ridiculously expensive imo. Only a single month subscription is 35 bucks and that's the basic package, the premium package which has the ability to see who likes you, costs 45 bucks for a single month. I would be willing to pay for the basic package only if they moved the ability to see who likes you to the basic package but aside from the unlimited likes there's no reason to subscribe to either. The premium package has no other good incentives to get it aside from seeing who likes you so basically that's what you're paying an extra 10 bucks for. The system they have set up of course pretty much forces people to pay for one of these plans but personally I find other apps have better plans or different pricing packages. For example, bumble allows you to buy their premium package (which includes everything in the single premium package) for only 1 week at 20 dollars and while that's still not amazing pricing I think it works better for people like me who would rather not spend over 130 dollars for 6 months with OkCupid. I'm frustrated at how much these dating apps rip off from people for features that should either be standard in the app or only 1 upgrade plan at a reasonable price. OkCupid does not have reasonable prices but aside from that, I suppose it's fine.
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2 years ago, Bowcaster
Bizarre technical issues and rude customer service
OKcupid provided me with the strangest experience I have ever had with a company. My account disappeared overnight. When I opened the app in the morning I was at the login screen and when I tried to log in it told me no such account existed. I contacted customer service. Initially they told me that I had made a typo while entering my email address and that they had fixed the issue, so I tried signing in again but nothing had changed. I contacted them again to which they responded “congratulations, you have successfully deleted your account, you can now create a new account with the same email.” I told them I had not in fact deleted my account. They insisted that I did. Eventually they sent my case to management. Someone from management emailed me and told me he checked and I had in fact deleted the account and that it had not happened on their end. I think it is extremely rude when a company’s customer service tries to push the blame onto you for a problem that is clearly their fault. At the beginning they acknowledged that my account existed, then they claimed I had deleted it. How could I have deleted the account if I couldn’t even log in. I’m not going to use an app where my account, all of its data, all of the matches I’ve made, could disappear overnight just for customer service to try to gaslight me. Count me out.
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2 years ago, TN4U
Fake accounts galore. This app is not worth my time.
I usually don’t write reviews for apps but I need to share my horrible experience with this app. Let me tell you right now that I’ve been using this app for a good year and had no positive results. I didn’t use premium because it’s just not worth my money, and thus the people that are shown on my feed are either definitely not my type, way too far away (I set my distance to 25mi and I saw profiles from SEVERAL U.S. STATES OVER), or are clearly fake profiles out to steal my information. For example, I’ve matched with someone who wanted my number right away. Instant red flag. When I gave them my number anyway and we started talking, they gave me a long story about how they just got out of a toxic relationship, that they were looking to hookup, and that they’re turning 18 soon. The problem with this? Their OKcupid profile clearly stated that they were 19, looking for friends only, and mentioned that they haven’t been in a relationship for quite a while. The worst part? I’ve seen that exact copy-paste story from a different user I’ve previously matched with (and blocked). They even forgot my name. I became so frustrated that I deleted my account and removed this app from my phone. I may not have had much luck with dating apps, but I’m no longer going to waste my time using this one. Do yourself a favor and avoid using this app.
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2 years ago, Chris And Again
Don’t pay for it
What this app does well is allowing you to fill out a profile on smart prompts. There are some problems with the app, but they’re not immediate. Swipe left, swipe right, give someone a super like: pretty basic stuff. But the basic paid package advertises no ads—and there are indeed less ads once you start swiping. They still advertise their premium service and their boosts, and they do it in the main screen where you swipe left and right on people. This means that you cannot mindlessly swipe endlessly—you’ll have to pause to click the x button on the screen when you accidentally swipe right on the boost or premium. More damning are the technical issues: mysterious badges that say you have messages waiting, but when you click the button to show you those messages nothing pops up. Then the app sometimes freezes on the main screen, meaning you have to exit, close it, reopen it, and try again. This happens every fifteen to twenty minutes of rapid swiping. I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve had conversations with on this app, and there are not too many people trying to scam you, but they are there. However, the vast majority simply don’t respond to first responses, even though both of you have to like each other for them to show up in the message feature.
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5 years ago, &kandhaj
Have nothing critical against this app
I’ve been using different online dating apps for long time and tried allll of them literally all of them and I really don’t get it how Okc isn’t 5stars already, So it’s completely FREE there are options to purchase a boost to have your account appear more or to see who Liked you (like any other typical app) BUT in okc I had the option to send massage ANY account I would be swiping -i understand this might be a big issue for girls because they would be swamped with massages- but these massages don’t go to your inbox it actually appear by the account name when your going through the swipes and if that account didn’t swipe back I can’t go back and be this annoying person sending massages all day long talking to himself, you won’t have these people anymore ‼️The Thing that need to be fixed immediately is whenever i wanted to un-match sombody goes to same list as blocked accounts and I don’t have an option to clear a conversation or delete it Last advice: need more advertisement maybe because it’s getting dead and so much inactive profiles (which you can set-up to see recently online but need to be fixed a little bit)
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6 years ago, Jmcsofly
This app is awful
I can't really blame the app for this first comment but gosh don't get on a dating app if you aren't looking to date. There is LITERALLY Tinder for that. Go there. Secondly I hate that when I paid to see the likes I got MAYBE 15 a day then magically right when I cancel my membership. I mean LITERALLY canceled it the went to the app to double check then suddenly I have "207+ likes on your profile. Join to see who." Really? In 30 seconds 207+ people liked me? This app is a lying joke and false advertising. The membership does nothing for you. If you did meet someone on here you're lucky.~~~~unfortunately the explanation didn't help because I didn't even get to see all 207+ of these people, I thought the whole point of A-list was to see everyone who likes my profile not some people. Sometimes I found people in discover that liked me not in new likes. The new likes section serves no purpose if every new like isn't in it and the section keeps track a record of all likes that I've actually seen. There definitely wasn't even 100+ in it. It was supposed to be some kind of bonus over a normal account but I didn't feel like it was worth it. Heck even when tinder says 207+ you see all 207+. I've counted before to make sure I was getting my moneys worth. 200+ meant 200+ on tinder. I think I'm going to take my chances back to that app.
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6 years ago, Candycorn333
It worked!
I was talking to my boyfriend of 8 months about our relationship. He was commenting on how unusual it is to find someone that is so compatible on so many levels. After remembering back to some of our previous relationships we were noticing that compatibility in only one or two areas was common, but just wasn’t enough to sustain the relationship. My boyfriend and I are two very different people—with similar world views, tastes, and ideas about what we want regarding sex and dating. We are even from two different countries and yet we somehow met each other while both living in this small suburb close to Houston. We most likely would have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for OKCupid and we certainly wouldn’t have know our compatibility rate was over 90% had I walked by him around town! I believe that we are a great pair, but I could have sadly missed out on knowing this if we hadn’t met online. We are both inherently heteroflexible and polyamorous, so we decided to stay and continue to meeting people on OkCupid; this time with our profiles linked to each other! I love this vast and varied dating platform and am glad it helped me to meet someone I am so very happy with!
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7 years ago, Everett
This was once the best dating site around, but since it was bought by the giant Match conglomerate, they’ve gradually stripped away all the useful features. Their most recent change was removing the ability to see visitors, a change NO ONE wanted and that has been universally unpopular and agreed upon that it has finally completely ruined the site. They’ve been in a vicious circle of losing (active) users and removing features that drive more users away. What was once a great and fun site is now a featureless ghost town. Shame. RIP OkCupid. Edit: OkCupid responds… with the same nonsense they’re selling to everyone else. It seems OkCupid has a preternatural aversion to admitting they’re wrong. They keep citing their “research” (that they won’t actually make public other than self-referencing the supposed results) but ignore the FACT that well over 90 percent of the hundreds of responses to their blog announcement of removing visitors were clearly vehemently opposed to it. Same with the reviews here. Even if they did have “research” which showed this was a good idea (which I’m dubious of – this is a site that has admired to manipulating users before as a big social experiment, they’re certainly not above lying) the fact is that research was wrong. NO ONE likes this change and they just won’t listen or even acknowledge the overwhelming majority of users who hate their recent changes. They’ll stubborn themselves to their own demise.
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4 years ago, BanjoZman
Found my soulmate! 5 Stars!
I must say, this app beats any other dating app by a longshot. For a couple years I had used tinder and bumble and had few good results with them. If one is looking to just hook-up, sure, use those, but for a long term relationship that you want to develop, defintly download this app! The match % questions and the way the bio is layed out makes finding quality matches much easier than other apps! I am a guy and one day used okcupid after coming back from a business trip (the okcupid refreshes the people near your when changing locations), I matched with a beautiful girl who I have been dating for over a year now! Her bio said she could beat me in super smash brothers so I messaged her, got to hangout in person a week or so after, and wallah! Soulmate 😊. Before this I hadn’t ever had a true girlfriend, and thanks to OkCupid, we found eachother! And have had a blast since the day we met. No other app has the power to change ones life than OkCupid. Quality > Popularity. Anyways, 5/5 stars and good luck to those using the app, and make sure to use pictures and write bios that are clear, show your interests and true to yourself. IThankyou OkCupid makers!
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6 years ago, Vcrbetamax
Weird rules and preys on lonely men.
I’ve used this product for almost 10 years and have not gotten one relationship. It’s changed a lot for the worse. It makes it harder to match and the algorithm deprioritizes you if you don’t buy premium. I’ve gotten 6 people to reply to me in the 10 years of using this. One became a good friend, hence the 2 star rating. The rest lose interest after 1 or 2 reply’s. At one point they changed the rules because women were complaining about getting too many messages. This means that instead of an inbox. You have to use the “double take” section. Which is like Tinder’s swipe left/right feature. This seems like it makes sense because then you are forced to scroll through new “matches”. However this means that your message to her will be buried under and hidden behind other people. I also frequently get emails saying that I was “matched”, “liked”, or “messaged”. However when I look through double take, there is no one that has the blue “sent message” notification. Also no matter how much I swipe right. No one matches with “liking” me. This app will break your spirit and kill your soul. It must work for women since the rating is so high but I just don’t have a chance. I’ve bought the premium service on and off for years as well. My money wasted. I don’t recommend this app.
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6 years ago, >JD
Used To Be Good, Now Just Superficial
OkCupid used to be unique from Tinder and Bumble in that it wasn't based solely on looks to determine initial matches. People had the ability to message one another and form a match based on common interests. Now they won't even let your message go through to someone until they've liked you in their Tinder rip-off, swipe-to-like section. And the only other way to see people who have messaged you is through a premium membership. So a girl I'm interested in either has to be superficial enough to judge me based on a photo or has to pay for a premium membership to read my message. Why don't you just create an "Other Messages" section with messages from people the person hasn't liked back yet so they can at least have the option of reading all the messages they receive instead of having to find the people that messaged them somewhere else in the app? You guys have successfully managed to put messages in every section, but messages. Well done. They'll say their match percentage has gone up, but that's because the number of potential matches has gone down, not because they've actually succeeded in filtering out junk messages. This is now just a more confusing and convoluted version on Bumble. They've opted to remove the only thing that made them unique. Don't bother downloading. Just pick another dating app.
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4 years ago, Not Han
Okay I’ve used okcupid for about 2 years, and then last year my account was suspended which I found kind of weird and thought maybe it was a bug, but my account really was suspended for no reason! For two years it was fine and then all of a sudden last year my account got suspended. And so I said “screw it” and made a new account, this account got suspended too because apparently they IP ban instead of banning an individual account. So now I have permanent inaccessibility to this app. How is this app even still running? They let fake profiles on loose yet I’ve been a member for two years and I get suspended, what the hell okcupid? And it’s not just my account getting suspended, I read some threads on reddit and people were getting suspended for no reason (because okcupid doesn’t let you know what you did wrong) and it’s just so convenient for them to not have a customer phone line or an email to address issues and misunderstandings. I honestly have no clue how they are even having a business when they just permanently IP ban people for no reason. It just seems like they are just getting your info, selling it to whatever partnership they have, and banning accounts. Permanently banning a customer is a stupid business ethic, and not telling why the account was banned is not a good moral ethic. Go fix this app or sell it to another company that can do better
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3 years ago, emptying mimd
Previous fan, increasingly disappointed
All okcupid cares about is money nowadays. They don't care about their customers at all. Complaints: 1) the green "online" dot shows up next to somebody's name when they are presumably online. What OKC fails to tell anyone is that this dot remains illuminated 30 minutes after you've signed out. Just think of all the potential issues and miscommunication that could and does cause! I guarantee you this has caused countless budding romances to have turbulence. It's like who in their right mind would want the online dot to work that way? Oh, a company that wants to make it appear there are more active users in order to essentially make more money, that's who. What is truly upsetting is that you know they had a meeting to discuss this change in site function, and they decided to say essentially, "screw the users, hello more dollars." 2) The way they push politics on their site functioning is a bit heavy handed at times. Would rather politics simply be more neutral. 3) Over the years they have continued to erode the value of their premium service by separating out the features and charging separately for them. Then they've also jacked the cost of those separate features the last year or two. Thanks for that OKC, much appreciated!!!
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5 years ago, Reviewer 1009
Used to be a good site
I agree with a lot of the other reviews that I’ve read. This site used to be a decent site for dating. People used to really write in their profiles, tell about themselves, and fill in details about themselves to. These days it’s some kind of weird, stripped down version of what it used to be. The men on the site don’t seem to put much information about themselves anymore, like they take a minute and fill out a profile and spend all their time answering questions perhaps. One photo and a bunch of questions answered does not really help want to make a decision if you were interested in the person or not. They Designers removed a lot of great profile information like what the person’s income is, how tall they are, ethnicity, etc. There’s really not much information that you can glean from these new stripped down profiles. Like OK the guys male and single, thanks that’s a lot of information. That’s about all you get these days. And then the app itself is just ugh. There used to be great features, like you could see visitors to your profile. I don’t know what they did a while ago to the site but it just isn’t remotely what it used to be which was a decent site. I wish they would go back to what they were before all these new changes. It’s like they’ve gone the way of tinder or something to with the swipe right swipe swipe thing.
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1 year ago, Mel J M
Needs major improvements
1) they say the app can be used to find friends, yet the only way to select that I am in a relationship is to claim that I am open to non-monogamy (which I am not). If I select monogamy, my status defaults as single and I am not able to change. So I am forced to choose between monogamous OR in a relationship, even though I am both 2) I hate the swiping culture. I hate being forced to make a decision on the spot. Most times I don’t know whether I like the person enough to right swipe or if I dislike them enough to left swipe— I’d like to skip their profile and come back later to decide if I choose. Bring the ability to browse pages of multiple profiles (at least on the desktop version of the website) so we can casually open and browse different profiles out our convenience 3) the Cupid’s picks last way over 24 hours for me (most of the time the same people are there for days straight) without refreshing. This is especially irritating because most my stacks are “stuck” on people I can’t decide whether to swipe left or right on (they are purposely “stuck” because I’m indecisive and don’t want to swipe on yet because I’m not sure how I feel about them so I leave them there for later), so having at least one stack that shows a different person everyday is appreciated
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5 years ago, roboticactions
Best Dating App on the Market!
I hardly ever leave reviews and good ones at that. OKCupid provides the a wonderful algorithm to finding someone perfect for you. Of course, it can have small bugs here and there, but no app is perfect. Yes, there are the micro-transactions available to see who likes you back or to be viewed first. But they aren’t that necessary which is great! The compatibility percentage is what gets it for me. You can answer tons of questions, I think 500+ at least and be shown people who answered the same as you did. Keep in mind, the more questions you answer, the more accurate the compatibility. And I love being given the option to choose any distance, any age, any kind of specification without having to pay! I met my boyfriend on here who lives across the country, but we plan on meeting by the end of the year. I’ve fallen in love with him & our compatibility went from 96 to 98% just because I answered more questions that he had answered. (And you can even see what they answered and how they answered it without having to answer yourself.) Thank you, OKCupid. I found my happiness. (: Tinder, Bumble, etc can’t compare.
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4 months ago, davidkinski
My OKCupid Experience and Why I'm Swiping Left on It
So, I decided to give OKCupid a try after having a decent run on Bumble. Bumble was cool, met some nice people and it didn’t break the bank. But hey, why not see what else is out there, right? The day I signed up on OKCupid, I got hit with 54 likes. My first thought? “Awesome, this is starting off great!” Feeling pretty good about it, I decided to splurge on the premium service to see who these 54 admirers were. Imagine my surprise when I found out that 52 of them were from other countries. I mean, it’s kind of flattering, but also, what am I supposed to do with that? I was looking for someone I could actually meet up with, not start a pen pal relationship across oceans. After that, it just didn’t stop. More likes kept coming in, but almost all from far, far away. It was like the app didn’t realize I was in the USA, not on some international dating tour. So, I called it quits and deleted my account, deciding to eat the $48 cost for the premium service. Lesson learned. Here’s the bottom line from my little adventure on OKCupid: if you’re thinking about using it, just be aware you might end up matching with the whole world except someone near you. I learned the hard way that it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Next time, I’ll stick to the apps that keep me a bit closer to home.
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7 years ago, SMN3060
Bring back seeing who visited your profile
UPDATE: I don’t know how on earth the reviews have gone from 1.5 stars to 4.3 when the app continues to be less and less useful. The only way to talk to somebody is if you like them. And then you get locked out of likes for using too many. This app is turning more and more like it’s competitors instead of embracing the differences that make it better. I was always more likely to message somebody who visited me because I could see that they had interest outside of simply swiping right. Yes, the developers are getting more likes and messages, but that does not necessarily translate into responses, conversation, and dates. Developers, listen to feedback and make changes instead of attempting to placate and explain your horrible decisions and changes. At one time OKC had features that set it apart from other dating apps. Now it has moved to the age of swiping. I enjoyed seeing who was looking at my profile, as it helped me wade through countless other profiles. Now it is full of inane graphics that look like kindergarten drawings and no helpful ways to make a connection. Back up a few versions and maybe your reviews will be better. Update: I did not pay for A-List and did not care about browsing invisibly. I liked being able to see who was looking at my profile and letting people see I was looking at theirs.
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1 year ago, ThA IAn
Good but eh
Most dating apps when you start them you get many likes off the bat and don’t match with any of them at all, you can occasionally match a blurred ‘admirer’ picture with someone who viewed you etc. On this app I noticed a couple likes and after swiping, which sadly you get very, very, very few swipes in a large amount of time. Not only that, but after my swipes are gone, someone I recognize from ‘likes me’ their blurred photo matches up with the next person in match who I now can’t swipe right on, not only that but after finally getting more swipes, these individuals are no longer in the swipes, but then again, sometime later when using the app, one of those people is again in match, practically behind a pay wall. Worst part is maybe for 20 swipes I would spend a couple bucks, but to subscribe for nearly $40 just to attempt that is desperate. The app seems very active and I don’t feel like I see much bots, and yet you almost never get matches because you get virtually no swipes in what was around 48 hours, and the people you are swiping on never are those who liked you, until another time when you have no swipes again. Pretty disappointing.
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2 years ago, Chrohm3
Used the app 7 years ago and hated it
I hated this app because it was so underwhelming the app was glitchy and it had no people on it. No search settings just your average swipe and fall… and then it had a high pay to meet. For the price I wasn’t getting anything that I was looking for. Just the most basic app I had ever seen so I went back to tinder… I recently came back and now I feel like I can breathe the questions are actually to die for the percentage of matches doubles the more questions you answer and the profiles are expansive. You actually get to know the people your looking for rather than reading a fake bio that leaves you hanging and has no frame on the basis of your personality… you don’t have to be a creative writing prodigy in order to have a good relationship with someone. It sets the bar low enough that the average person can be on the app and not be lost in complexity and high enough that it’s entertaining to be on. Being able to like parts of peoples profile makes it way more personal. Too bad it’s also a cash grab. But a worth while cash grab.
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4 years ago, Irritated with Mingle
Please fix the app
I think there should be option where you can write an anonymous message about someone on the app. I’ve met 2 people on the app over the past few yrs the 1st one was a gold digger, and drug addict, and the 2nd one had just recently got out of a relationship everything was going good as we didn’t meet yet in person we moved from the chat room on OkCupid to Facebook messenger then onto the phone the 3rd day it came out of no where and she told me she wasn’t ready so I think it would be nice if you could write anonymous reviews about someone so that way people know who they should avoid. When I met the 2nd person I completely deactivated and deleted the app well due the issue that happened with the 2 person I reinstalled and created a new account. I have everything setup like I did before but the app isn’t working correctly as it brings me profiles from out of my search perimeters and I’m looking for a specific ethnic group and it’s bringing up a mix of ethnicity groups. So yea something isn’t right so how do I go about fixing it to where the app is set to my search perimeters and ethnicity group that I am looking for. Thank you.
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3 years ago, kunaicheesnep
The creators lied:they said so long as the app runs its free
I have had an extremely upsetting life which has also heavily included dating. Those relationships I had where ultimately toxic as all get out. One of my friends said to me once “hey you should try OKCupid. They are totally free.” So I after spending about 50$ bucks on one other site and 25$ on plenty of fish for a single month of service and still going to bed lonely every night with our having a single date decided to try it. I spent every bit of 3 hours setting up my profile answered almost 400 questions as honest as I could just so I’d have the best chance I received “3 matches” before I’d even finished answering the get to know you questions. Took time to check them considering it wanted to ask me 500 to be considered a fully complete expert profile (what ever that means..) I click a blurred picture and get hit with a pay wall that would make even a rich person cringe. They want 60$ USD FOR A SINGLE MONTH OF SUBSCRIPTION. According to Okcupid dating is for the rich and ONLY THE RICH. For 60$ I could take my day out to a nice dinner and a movie. Instead of suffering for an entire month swiping on people who will inevitably never reach out to me. I don’t understand why anyone would pay that kind of cash to remain lonely okcupid more like okstupid.
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4 years ago, blakedonaldmurphy
Went from one of the best to another tinder/bumble clone
I used to have really great conversations on this site and had a lot of fun with the prompts and questions but nowadays? i’d give a zero star rating if i could. it’s like they cribbed and continue to crib from every other dating app/website without any real plan for what they’re actually trying to accomplish. what used to basically be a social media profile for dating has turned into some kind of committee-assembled frankenstein’s monster. between increasingly impenetrable barriers to messaging other users and a system where you can only match with a dozen people a day unless you pay a ridiculous fee, it’s no wonder you’ll see the same people over and over again, with no new faces, no matter how many times you remake your profile. oh and if you pass on a match or block them, the site will eventually undo this action in order to force a match, so the app developers can keep touting their success. after blocking a past abuser, they now turn back up (not a new profile, but the exact same one) over and over again. did no developer at any point consider what a bad idea that might be? the whole experience feels like using a moribund website. if the current trends continue, i give OKC another two years of existence, max, before the company folds and calls it quits.
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5 years ago, MyNicknameIsJ_
They Killed It :/
OKC was awesome when I used it two years ago. Since then, they updated the messaging system and now you can’t see messages unless you both like each other or you go to the other party’s profile. Ergo, you have no way of knowing if the other party will ever see what you wrote or know your message exists. Adding to this, anyone who does bother to write does not put effort into it now. They said they did this to streamline the messages, particularly for people with high incoming volume and to curb harassment. Let me tell you, as a woman who was getting a ton of messages under the old system, I never felt harassed and I responded to anyone who gave a thoughtful intro. That intro helped me decide who to talk to. I no longer have that because nobody cares anymore. Worse yet, the change turned OKC into a ghost town. I’m on another app and get a new message every 3-5 mins, and on another where I get a like every few minutes. On OKC, my profile is collecting cobwebs. It wasn’t like this before. I could use the % match to find people like me and easily interact. Now... crickets. The match was the one thing that set you guys apart and made your app more effective than others- now I’m back to using the others and sorting out who’s similar on my own just because I actually meet people on them. You guys ruined a good thing. Seriously.
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2 years ago, Obstreperosity
Passport (Pen Pal) Feature is a Scam
Those 99+ likes that you have—which OkCupid incessantly hounds you to purchase a Premium subscription for—are mostly from people who live thousands of miles away on different continents. What is the point of that? People aren’t on OkCupid to find pen pals—we want people who live nearby so that we can meet in-person and build a meaningful relationship. It seems that the Passport feature only exists to fool people into believing that they have a lot of likes from nearby users so they’ll pay for a Premium subscription to see who they are. Don’t expect OkCupid to remove it any time soon because it’s likely working as intended—to increase revenues without doing anything to help those of us looking for someone in the local area. (In fact, by removing the search feature years ago, OkCupid effectively became just another gimmicky dating app, albeit with the ability to create an extensive, detailed profile.) Stop liking people you find in the Passport section because it’s only exacerbating the problem. Better yet, just ignore the Passport section altogether—don’t even open it to look. If enough of us do that, maybe they’ll realize that it’s something we don’t want or use and it will be removed.
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3 years ago, thankfuloffer
Ok cupid lives up to its name.
The application is OK. You need to obviously purchase a membership in order to see people who like you , so if you can’t see who likes you hopefully they message you since is free. You can message, which is cool because the people who do pay most likely have a job. The Questions are random sometime makes me feel fit to the times with covid which is annoy for me because it’s already in each aspect of our lives. You think they think of us as adults who are responsible enough to pay for an over priced app, and get hit by Cupid arrow , we could all do are part by now. I also wish their was a way to regulate hight. Then ask for more money to see new people. All that should be in included for 6*.** sixth sometime for 3 mo only. You think they work around the clock to fine you a wife . I never 100% match , if that’s even possible. And “that Incognito is a separate subscription from Basic of Premium, and does not include any of those features” All that I feel should all be combined.. over all experience haven’t met anyone yet, OK. It’s be cool to add a chatroom or a way to communicate with more people at once for non-monogamy.
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7 months ago, BetterThanSome
Used to be better, but still one of the better dating apps out there
I give it a high rating because it gives you the option to ask and answer stock questions in your profile in advance so you don’t need to have awkward conversations with a stranger in order to see with whom you are comparable with. One thing that they changed that I dislike is that they have disabled their search function that used to allow you to search for profiles that matched you with people who had answered specific stock questions in a certain way. Now you have to filter people out manually by actually clicking on their profile and actually reading their Q&A to see what they said, so it’s a little more time consuming now. Oh, and the “match percentage” that gives you a score depending on how many questions that you answered in the same way as someone else is useless since most people only answer about 5-10 stock questions, and they probably matched up with you based on some trivial similarities that you don’t care about, so there’s that.
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3 years ago, MaerDragon
Don’t download unless you want your money stolen.
Several years ago, I tried downloading this app because I wanted to try out a dating app. I tried it for a week or so, but eventually lost interest and stopped checking it. I’ve only recently, however, discovered several reoccurring charges for the Premium membership that started sometime last year, even though I hadn’t touched it at all that year. And I assure you, I did NOT buy a premium, or even touch the free trial. Heck, I hadn’t used it in over a year when this happened. Over 200$ worth of money was taken from me without my knowledge or consent. I have been in contact with both Apple & OkCupid, but only Apple has responded thus far, and they told me I couldn’t get a refund because it was so long ago. Now I don’t know if this was an error on Apple or OKCupid’s part, but either way, I’ve lost 200$ dollars. And reading about how transaction heavy the app has become in the years I’ve stopped using it, I can’t say I’m not suspicious on OKCupid’s part. Either way, I’ll keep things updated if this ever gets sorted. In the mean time, I would not suggest this app. It’s too overburdened with paywalls to actually function as a social dating platform. Now, it’s a premium club where you could be signed up for without your knowledge.
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4 years ago, Alex1luv
Not enough women
OKC needs to do more to bring women in and you cannot say it’s because of my area because I live around NJ and NYC where there are plenty of women but not on the site. Clubs bring women in by offering discounts or free service but these sites don’t do anything. I don’t care what made up fake ratio you come up with 100 men per female is insanity. You know women are getting matched with tons of men and men are getting zero matches yet do nothing about it. I’m not an ugly person and consider myself at least average looking and should be getting several matches a day (or week) from average looking women. I should not have to write an amazing profile either just to get a few matches. Most women score between an %80 to %95 in terms of what we have in common And if I am not matching with them then what is the point of answering questions. I paid for 3 months and I wish I could take my money back. OKCUPID is pointless and after my subscription ends I will never use it again. If I cannot find anyone during a quarantine then I will never find someone on this crappy app. For any men thinking of using this get ready for no matches per day, empty mail box and getting what’s left of your self esteem obliterated. It will feel like you are getting rejected X a million. Do yourself a favor and look for women in public instead.
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3 years ago, orrisimo
Bait and switch
Some of the features on Okcupid are fine. But most recently, I was faced with a screen of blurred faces and a prompt that said if I wanted to see who “liked” me, to click the link and purchase. When I did, the faces did not appear. The functionality ON THE SCREEN THAT PROMPTED ME TO PURCHASE IN ORDER TO SEE THE LIKES (which is a little scheisty to begin with— multiple membership levels just to see who liked you? Come on), you find the prompt lied. And now they have your money. I reached out to the help email address (which takes some hoop-jumping to locate) only to ultimately be told, when they finally responded, that indeed there is an additional pay walk to see the likes the app’s own prompt suggested you were paying to clear. This is insane. Further, if you purchase through the App Store, the most you can readily do is cancel which does NOT refund your money. It simply keeps the subscription— that does not even do what the app sold you on in the first place— from renewing in the future. Getting a refund requires finding the Apple link for in-app refunds, going through that process, and then waiting to see whether or not Apple honors your request now that you’ve been swindled and didn’t get what Okcupid promised. This is just straight-up shady. Buyer beware.
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7 years ago, Sandras13
Newer *no visitors* version is terrible
I think the app developers underestimate the usefulness of the visitor feature. In real life, I could smile or look over at a man that I am interested. On here, "visiting" a guy's profile was a way of doing that. "Like" and "Mutual Like" don't seem to have the same effect. The visitor feature was part of the subtle chase that's part of flirting and dating. I know I'm no 20-something year old girl, but I was used to getting messages quite often, by men who were genuinely interested in dating me. Now, it's a rare occasion if I get a message. I have even gone as far as to follow the suggestions that OKC recommends, like being the one to message first, etc, and have noticed no difference when I do or don't. This change has been a massive miscalculation, IMHO, and I will likely disable my account. And hope for the best with another app. UPDATE: App developer's response to trying liking more: I have done. Many more than previously. It's clearly not the same, and by the looks of other recent reviews, it appears I'm not alone on this one. Even Mutual Likes or matches, when we both know we liked each other has not led to any improvements in matches that lead to messages. Fewer messages = fewer IRL connections. Keep telling yourselves that Visitors didn't work, despite the feedback you're getting.
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3 years ago, Teamplayerx
one big Con
I was referred to the site by a podcast very real person, so I downloaded it. on the free version I saw that there was plenty of people in my area 25 miles away and in my age group. So i kept it on the free side for a few days, but i wanted to actually message these people because oddly i hadn’t seen any of these people on other sites tinder pof etc. $50 for one month is a ton of money but hey it’s cheaper than their 3 month and let’s just roll with it usually you can be refunded if the app can’t provide people. However I was dead wrong. Once you pay for it all those people go away and the only people I see are passport people or international people. Interesting at first but then i expanded the age range and made all genders available within 50 miles and still the only people available are international. So it literally tricks you telling you there is tons of people around you when it’s free trying to get you to buy it, but once you do, there is nothing. I bet the international accounts are fake as well. Then if you have an iphone it says in their help text that they can not issue refunds because of something that apple prevents on their agreement. You get premium services but no one to chat with to make it actually worth time and money. total scam artist. the app should be take down.
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4 years ago, CC-2224
Garbage App, Garbage Company
Up until a few days ago I was an OKC user. Didn’t go on very many dates...not a Brad Pitt, so that doesn’t help...but that’s not their fault. What is their fault, is the asinine way the app is setup, making it difficult to find and communicate with potential dates. Worse yet, is the TOTAL lack of support. Off and on I’ve signed up for their “A-List” features, paying extra for the privilege of being able to communicate with others, and being “boosted” (not that I ever noticed much difference.) You’d think that would mean they’d be responsive to issues, like I had a week ago when suddenly I couldn’t log in, either on the app or desktop site. Sent multiple emails to support, and...crickets. From doing some digging and reading reviews, it looks like my experience is pretty typical. Nice to see that’s what they think of paying customers. As a small business owner of a company where customer service is key, if my people blew off emails, they’d be in the unemployment line so fast their heads would spin, but it seems like OKC doesn’t care. So I cancelled my A-list, and am saying sayonara to OKC. If that’s how they treat long-standing, paying users, they’ll not see another penny from me. I’d suggest the same to others...try other dating apps or services before wasting time with Okcupid.
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1 year ago, cortalex
Way better than other dating apps
OKC is a great app, so much fun. I love that it gives the opportunity to really go in depth by answering multiple-choice and longform questions and writing as much as you want; this serves as a good way to weed out incompatible people as well. The algorithm is pretty effective in matching like-minded folks, especially because it allows for political orientation, among other things, to be a dealbreaker. I love that you can manually change your location, since sometimes you want to search in advance of a trip or move. There are things I would change or tweak, such as making it possible to search more than one location at once or to expand a certain number of miles, but only in one direction versus a radius, and also split the block function into a “no way, never” category and a “block, but potentially unblock later” category. I also wish you could have a separate profile for friendship versus dating—but over all, it’s a great app. Technical glitches occasionally happen but are rare.
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5 years ago, TheFamousPainting
Great potential, but falls short in some areas
Love the compatibility features/quizzes they have and I’d say they definitely help when looking for a match. I have had a few “high quality” matches, but chose not to pursue them due to other “compatibility complications” (distance, finding out we were very different in critical ways, or finding out the other person was a little crazy). The app is great for matching you with people you could be really compatible with. The only problem I have is that there’s not enough people in the 18-23 age group using the app in Texas; especially in San Antonio. I’d say I’ve only seen about a few hundred maybe(?) and not even that. I subscribed to the membership and was disappointed that my recommendations were constantly empty as there was no one around me within a reasonable radius, and that they popped up in other cities (with still, not a high number of people). I’m now casually waiting for my membership to run out and hopping on to see if maybe I’ll get lucky and more people will join okCupid. After it expires, I’ll probably move to Match or eHarmony, as Tinder has more people, but from a quantity vs. quality dating perspective. OkCupid is a hidden gem, but it’s difficult for a gem to shine when it’s hidden.
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5 years ago, Gabriel B's mom
The best one I’ve used
OK, no dating site is perfect. I have tried 9 different ones and not one has been perfect. But OKCupid is the closest to perfect of the 9 I’ve tried. 50% of the dates I’ve been on originated with someone I met on OKCupid. The other 50% have originated with a mix of the other 8 sites. I really like the algorithm OKC uses to match you with people - relatively simple questions you answer about your preferences, values, opinions, experiences, etc. There are over 2,000 questions you can answer, and they’re always adding more. The more questions you answer, the better your matches. This is also an easy way to see how compatible you are with someone. And you can see how they answered specific questions. The only thing I don’t like about OKC is when someone sends you a first message, you have to “like” them before you can respond to their message. Well, I don’t know if I like them yet - I just want to exchange a couple messages and see if I do like them. I wish they would change that. Otherwise, I think it’s a great site and the app is easy to use.
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2 years ago, joshdammit
They nickel-and-dime you around every corner.
(EDIT: Just spoke with a girl on here! After a couple days of messaging we exchange numbers and she reveals herself as, literally, a prostitute. This is online dating in 2022: thirst traps, fake profiles and hookers. Deleted.) First of all, all of these five star reviews on here are fake. Don’t fall for them. These guys charge you to turn on read receipts. It’s not a feature of their premium monthly subscription or anything reasonable like that, it’s something you have to purchase QUANTITIES OF, to use on individual matches, to see if they read your message yet. And they try to get you to buy bundles of them by charging waaaaay too much for just one. That’s how little OkCupid/Tinder/Match respects your thirst. This whole dating site scene has become a total scam. It’s designed from the ground up to not benefit the average person but to continue stringing them along even though there is very little hope of meeting anybody. It’s why their entire business model is built from the ground up to get as many impulsive microtransactions out of you. Don’t use dating sites. Just live your life and wait for the right person to come along. Relationships are expensive and time-consuming anyway, and sex is overrated and way too much work.
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2 years ago, T3RC
Best Philippines, and Vietnam dating app.
I love that OKC offers a huge selection of match questions, it gives a really effective way to match on your interests, and not looks alone. Unfortunately, not all users look at these questions and just swipe left/right on looks. Unfortunately for me, after paying for premium app features for 3 months, I noticed I wasn't getting any local matches anymore. Most "likes" came from India and the Philippines. I contacted support MULTIPLE times and kept getting canned responses that everything was normal and that they "can confirm that your account is on, active, and your messages are going through successfully" Notice how it didn't mention a word about my issue if not having any local matches available? Just to confirm I'm not an idiot, I was able to change my location to several other cities and observed totally normal behavior there. So the issue was with where I actually live. Again, NO help from OKC support. A final note: I see that almost every profile says "I can't see likes" this is because apparently most people don't see value in paying for features in a half broken app. OKC won't be getting another penny from me. I encourage anyone attempting to use this app to avoid any paid features.
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2 years ago, M19ARES
Developers of this app only care about 1 thing.
The developers behind this app only care about making a few bucks from everyone as fast as possible. You will have 100+ matches but as soon as you pay for a premium membership to be able to see them, it’s people that live on the Moon, Mars or Jupiter. Why would I want to match with people that are thousands of miles away from me? Isn’t this suppose to be a dating app & not a long distance relationship app? People shouldn’t be allowed to change their location just because they “don’t like people from their country” or “want to learn english” This app isn’t made for people to learn english. This is literally done for one reason: you wonder why you have so many likes & you end up paying to see who they are but its people from Europe and Asia while you live in the US. My US profile shouldn’t be visible to people that are not in the US. There are so many ways to fix this, implement phone number confirmation so people don’t jump around all over the world wasting other peoples time. Very predictable & sad to see every update just add another way for you to spend money but nothing is done about these location issues for months/years. Good luck keeping this afloat.
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6 years ago, alittlemuslimgirl
Thanks ok Cupid 🤧🤧 y’all are my bros
I met my boyfriend on okCupid and let me tell you SIS...I’m the happiest I’ve ever been I’ve always felt like something was missing from my life and I would turn to apps for online friends to fill my void but I gave up hope because I could NEVER find someone so I deleted the app but one day I got bored and re-downloaded scroll the app and saw a message from this guy and I just felt something like a SPARK 💥 so a couple days later I went to the movies with him and from that day forward we’ve been together it has been two AMAZING months and I owe it to you guys the internet is great I never would’ve had the courage to meet anyone in person we have something very special and I’m very happy and appreciative and thank i god everyday that I found him, but I never would’ve found him without you guys!! Moral of the story is be patient and love will find a way because I would’ve NEVER GUESSED ID BE IN LOVE LIKE THIS also be careful meeting strangers online it is super dangerous but I’m still alive so I guess it’s not too bad 🤠🤠🤠but that’s all folks
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6 years ago, travelmad478
Still a good site but has definitely changed for the worse
I have been using OKC for a number of years and have met many fine people through it. I’ve paid for A-list for several six-month stints and liked the features it used to have. Unfortunately, the last few rounds of “upgrades” have made the whole thing a worse experience. My biggest gripe is that in order to respond to a message from someone, you have to “like” them first. Well, I am a person who is selective in “likes,” but who also wants to be polite and at least respond to those who write to me, if only to tell them “thanks, but I don’t see us as a match.” Now, to respond to those people, I am forced to be either (a) a liar if I do “like” them, or (b) a jerk who just ignores them. This does not improve civility or truthfulness, two qualities which are in short supply in online dating to begin with. That said, I do like the matching algorithm (it definitely seems to work) and the many opportunities to ask questions to understand others’ world view. Some of those questions can be pretty ridiculous or intrusive, but some of them are really helpful in understanding people.
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