OKX: Buy Bitcoin BTC & Crypto

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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for OKX: Buy Bitcoin BTC & Crypto

4.68 out of 5
13.9K Ratings
3 days ago, Nichole Mia
Expert and highly effective crypto currency recovery services!
I was eager to dive into the world of crypto trading and investment, but my impatience led me to skip the necessary research. Unfortunately, I was scammed by Forex-Trading. A trader on Instagram messaged me, boasting about high profits from their investments. I decided to invest, but they kept demanding more money, including withdrawal fees. It was only then that I realized I had been scammed. I had invested my savings and couldn't afford to let go. Desperate to recover my funds, I conducted extensive research and discovered the Cyber Spy GENIUS Team on an app. After reading numerous positive reviews from other scam victims they had assisted, I decided to contact them. Fortunately, I was able to recover my money from the scam brokers through the help of the recovery professionals referred to me by the app. They recovered my investments, including all profits, within four hours of contacting them. If you fall victim to any scam, you can contact them at cryptohackrecovery@gmail They are experts in dealing with online scams, helping victims receive reimbursement, tracking down digital fingerprints, conducting cyber analysis, and thorough investigations. They also offer services such as phone cloning (for catching, monitoring, and tracking suspected cheating spouses), website hacking, boosting credit scores, clearing criminal records, and fixing bad debts. Contact them now at cryptohackrecovery@gmail.
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6 years ago, 01badss
I literally have used every single app from Binance to polio to KuCoin and Huobi. None of them are nearly as easy to navigate as this one and I literally just opened it up five minutes ago and it took me 30 seconds to realize that this was gonna be my new number one day trading app!!! Update (10 seconds later)..lol And another thing, most exchanges have far more features and accessibility on their actual website, but this application is literally designed to mimic the website but even easier! This is a first for me finding an app this good in the App Store and general much less a crypto currency trading application which are very hard to come by as it is on iOS
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2 months ago, JSSM20
The best app ever
I had some issues with the trading bot but I love the app so much I always use it, ultimately I.gave seen some good option into the trading not that make me fall in love, just today I realize I can even change my take profit with the bot active, thank you team OKEx, I hope you guys implement more option for the bot, I would like to be able to put the entry price instead of instant or RSi option. The best in town love it Update the app is the best I ever use so far I wish they had create the wallet earlier and offer all those good airdrop, the pass is the pass, let see the furure, the wallet is having issues with the confirmation or signature, I can not sign message for transaction because it say on the screen. Please fix that this is the only problem love it ….
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5 days ago, Tee buster
Excellent Service and Support!
I've been using OKX for my cryptocurrency transactions and I am extremely satisfied with their service. Recently, I faced an issue where I accidentally entered the wrong memo/tag during a USDT transfer. The support team at OKX was incredibly helpful and responsive. They promptly assisted me in tracking the transaction and ensured that my funds were refunded correctly. The platform itself is user-friendly, secure, and offers a wide range of features for both beginners and experienced traders. The customer support is top-notch, providing quick and effective solutions whenever needed. Thank you, OKX, for your exceptional service and dedication to your users. I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient cryptocurrency exchange. Best regards, Olatoye Yusuf
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2 years ago, قبل
Unfortunately, it does not support the Arabic language
This is one of the best trading platforms that I have used, but unfortunately it does not support the Arabic language. I hope the team will add the Arabic language as soon as possible because we Arabs use the platform very intensively and face language problems
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8 months ago, Kelse menstb
Not secure and no customer support
I got scammed buy this app. To send money I have to verify but for someone taking the money from me no verification is needed. When I went to report it there was no one to report to or talk to. I tracked down my money from one site to another when I found it it had left the country and they refused to give it back. Also they never let you transfer money back out. They pretty much were the worst of every part and were completely useless. Never use no matter what. I think all the good reviews are fake as none of them I read were at all in line with my experience. Don’t use no matter what.
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2 years ago, josemerc
servers SEEM to be getting super slow and User Interference (in my opinion) is becoming overwhelming
Also whichever kind of server is supporting OKXs exchange really needs to be updated or it’s flat out to slow for what OKX is trying to have shown all at once. formally OKEx had a super user friendly user interface and with recent updates it’s become a bit overwhelming to lay your eyes on; just keep in mind don’t fix anything that’s not broken
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2 years ago, saad assi
The most beautiful platform in the world, but there are some problems. There is not a sufficient number of currencies, which forced me to use another platform. There are some options in the system that I find redundant and very complicated. If they were removed, it would be a simple platform to use for everyone, as well as the team responsible for the platform working with all their energy. Indeed, a great team that deserves respect
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2 years ago, Asadkhalid
Request to set all settings at default
Hi OKX I love to use your exchange as competitively low fee and market stabilization, I have been shifted from Binance to OKX from 2 months. But i am facing some issues that every time i have to set my leavrage and also some percentage of wallet issues (like don’t know how much $ are being used) Please solve these issues and make your OKX best app for customers. Thanks
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4 months ago, Bigstuff01
Not safe
Lost my crypto asset when sending from another wallet can’t access it till now, it said completed from the other wallet and block explorer but it hasn’t appeared to my OKX bitcoin wallet and it’s so annoying and frustrating..got me so mad and upset cos I really needed it for an emergency but it’s no where to be found, chatted the support but no response to my balance.. did all the wanted me to do but I can’t still get my crypto to me and that’s so bad and discouraging, I thought o could rely on this app but it seems that I can’t even in an emergency 😣💔
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2 years ago, ibrahim rt
Please update your app is crashing
Hello finally you guys fixed the application with today update thank you for the fast response I really like this application and I was disappointed with last update but now I truly happy please keep up the great updates Sincere regards
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8 months ago, RonnieVJr2
Just give your money to China
Giving this 5 stars to get some recognition really 1 stars. This app is completely monitored by China, asks to connect to Local Internet?? Why? It’s obvious.. then will try and find leaks in your IP address to plant some spyware on you. Also manipulated by Democrats to off shore money
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2 years ago, MrJackDriver
Awful, Stay Away, They Freeze Funds
Awful! The app kinda (3 star max) but exchange itself borders shady enterprise. They froze MRX withdrawal 5 months ago! And 1.5 months they just stopped responding to support messages just ignoring. Finally they canceled the withdrawal transaction and fund came back. I suspect this exchange has liquidity problems or has Bernd’s hacked or something therefore they just froze customers funds - how convenient. Also I think most Reviews/Ratings are bought- the app is absolutely nothing special snd deserves 3.5-4 maximum!
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1 year ago, yuuto_sama
Adding Kurdish Sorani language
OKX has been a great asset to me for a long time. As many kurdish users, but unfortunately there are some people confused and don’t know how to use it properly because of the language barrier. We’d really appreciate if someone could add kurdish language to this great app.
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2 years ago, acaller
Scam site
This app is part of a sophisticated scam. If someone you ‘meet’ online suggests you download it to invest in crypto, then report it to national fraud offices. They are country specific. The app is pretty simple to use, but it’s a fake trading platform. Any bitcoin you send them (or any crypto you think you have with them) has already gone. You’ve lost it. You can’t get it back. At some point the crypto you think you own will suddenly drop to low values and you’ll have been scammed. Don’t trust this.
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2 years ago, instantcoffeekurd
App crashes
V6.1.31 crashes on launch, ios16. Tried reinstalling the app and changing my connection and nothing is working. Will update my review after it gets fixed. Update: Everything works well after 3 updates.
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2 years ago, Usherkiddo
Shinja Army thanks you for the opportunity to be in the contest. We definitely look forward to a future business partnership with you. And your app rocks, you manage it well and it’s easy to use! Thank you again! Shinja Army Support!
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2 months ago, Zaharius
BE CAREFUL ! App lots of hidden tricks!
Be careful using OKX , the app has lots of unclear surprises when you have money on the exchange and trying to get out or swap. Not only they charge 3 times more for simple usdt transfer, but also require you to pay fee in the eco system token, which you need to swap too. But that also has a minimum. For example to send 200 USDT to another exchange you need to 3.25$ of Tron (trc20) token. But you only can change minimum 20$usdt, so you end up leaving 17$ on a exchange or paying another 3$ to move them. This is just one example, i can give you 5 more. Bitcoin, minimum swap 300$, and you dont know until you move money there and they get stuck. Simply this exchange is tricky and trying to catch you there, with unfair ways. Very centralized.
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3 years ago, LightIQ
Great App!
By far my favorite crypto exchange and boy have I used all of them. Has its qwerks like anything and not a fan of the desktop interface so much. But worth it for usability on mobile, rates and access to tokens.
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3 years ago, oz3
The app was great until …
The app was really good, i was able to buy from it easily with no major issues. But for the last couple of days i cant use the app and it is giving me all sort of errors. It was really confusing and i thought i lost my wallet and all. I tried from their website and it worked but i am a big app user and i prefer the app to get to the way it used to be. Thank you and waiting for a great comeback
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1 year ago, matosa@@@27
Too slow, but best in verification
A friend of mine brought 12€ USDT with her debit card and OKX debited her and up till now she have not received the coin or refund of the money, which I have to pay her back, please you guys should fixed it please, am giving this three star to you guys because your application is easy for beginners who start Cypto
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6 months ago, rahelllllej
I hope you add the feature to chat with a seller before starting a purchase
I hope you add the feature to chat with a seller before starting a purchase
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4 years ago, Daija C▂ollier DVM
  I can see the new message push every time you open it    
  the market insights are objective,It's a really good blockchain news software, which is too professional and can reflect problems in a timely manner.   
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3 years ago, DrBeePhD
Would be perfect if USDT perpetual futures trading had just one wallet for all coins.
It's very inconvenient to have to split my money amongst every single trading pair. Please give us the option to do it like Binance, where the USDT sits in one wallet and I can open a position in any coin with that money. This feature is quite literally the only thing keeping me from switching from Binance to OKEx. Thank you.
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2 years ago, okx_ Rubbish
1.为什么现在的app越来越大了,一个炒币交易所原始安装包几百兆,安装完使用至少几个g的空间没了。把用户宝贵磁盘空间当垃圾桶,想装多少就多少? 2.为什么要三两头更新app,bug有这么多吗?不强制更新还不能使用了? 1. Why is the current app getting bigger and bigger? The original installation package of a currency exchange exchange is hundreds of megabytes. After installation, at least a few gigabytes of space are gone. Use the user's precious disk space as a trash can, as much as you want? 2. Why do you need to update the app so often? Are there so many bugs? Can't use it without forced update?
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2 years ago, GavinComer
Really confused on what to do my crypto is stuck in the app
I have 5000$ of crypto in this app but ever since the update like 4-5 months back I can’t access it at all because I’m inside the United States and it says I don’t have access because they don’t serve people in the United States and it never warned me that this was gonna happen so I pretty much can’t use the app and my 5000$ is in the app so if anyone can help please let me know
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2 months ago, Big000678
I can’t find my $25 deposit
Someone sent me $25 btc 3 times and i can’t find it in my okx wallet, I tried to check my btc wallet transaction on btcscan and it keep showing me that my wallet received the $25 3X but my okx wallet is not showing it. After 48hrs of waiting, i tried contacting there support but am only able to contact there bot which keep saying the same thing, this is bad, kindly add my money to my account and let me move on.
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2 years ago, @ortegapublicity
It’s incredible
I love a country with an economic blockade and this app helps me a lot to use the visa moon prepaid card to pay for streaming, work, and other apps, thank for Adding that lighting network!
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6 months ago, Patriciastephaine
Please Can fix or check for review on verification
Have submitted my identification details since last week, why the app keeps saying not yet verified. Please check.
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9 months ago, Felixence
Imagine you waiting for a coin to reach 3 confirmations before you are able to withdraw and Yes it will reached 3 confirmations only for you wait for like an hour or 2 hours before it got updated on the app which is annoying and frustrating… other exchanges put theirs on 2 confirmations, you put yours at 3 and still delay someone. SMH try to update your coin withdrawal confirmation status!
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2 months ago, Marvexade
Complain about unsuccessful transactions
I deposited btc from my Cashapp wallet to my OKX account for the past three days now and it hasn’t reflect in my wallet….. please help do something about it
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3 years ago, Dannybaggyo
Scammers on there I have been scam there while trying to sell my coin and sold it to someone who never credited me but continue forcing me to release crypto for him please fix this issue I don’t like it
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4 years ago, Emmanuel Schult%z
 ​I haven't really looked into all the features yet but for what I wanted to do  ‌   ‎‌ ‏
 ‌Good so far, But the people who make this app send emails on a regular basis and give great advice on what’s going on and are very current and expedient!‍   ‌ 
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4 years ago, Dr. Kristo·fer Kuhlman
  ‏check price of digital currency‍ ‌‎‍
 ‌It’s easy,Easy to buy sell,Great app,Makes you a lot more comfortable giving out so much personal information to a app for digital currency.  ‏     
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3 months ago, dairoadeyinka
Customer care delayed
Okx need to improve on how fast the cs respond to complaints,and cs should always reply in the app not waiting to get back an email, which takes a lot of time to reply
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2 years ago, dazzletheboss
Verification SMS
Everything about the app is working well but I not happy because of one minor issue that has become a great source of pain to me. The verification sms is never comes when I try to withdraw or do anything, it comes to my email but never gets to my phone which is frustrating
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6 months ago, Vlad Noble
Can’t verify account
I can’t seem to verify my account. It always keeps requesting for ID picture, mine have been on PENDING for the past one week even after completing the process. I don’t understand what’s going on anymore. PLEASE I WOULD LOVE YOU GUYS TO LOOK INTO IT AND GIVE ME A QUICK REVIEW, I don’t see why card verification is still needed in this 21th century. Thank you.
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4 years ago, ※Clifford Roob II
  Keeps track of all my crypto‎   ‌
‌  Great App,It’s really easy to use, I strongly recommend everyone to have a look,I 'm so glad that I found the bitcoin company and it 's the best trade company out there in the world today.      
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1 year ago, Maco6307
There’s no other exchange in the crypto realm that compares.. They actually care about their clientele, they take pride in what they put out and it’s so obvious how prideful they are,always updating and adding new features. Bravo guys 👏👏👏👍👍👍
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4 years ago, Dr.へ Joelle Ankunding
   Love this app!!!  ‏
   All relevant info is shown to me very quickly, Been using the site for a while and is quick and easy with the least amount of hassle.    ‍    
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2 years ago, Pentee4199
Unserious Support Team
My Withdrawal has been pending for for hours now, i have chatted the support team serval times and yet nothing has been done. i just need them to cancel my transaction yet they don’t get me any feedback. OKX is stressful to use especially their support team. they have nothing good to offer when you have an issue with on the site. it’s sad
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2 years ago, Hdujhdrovchfxgf
Latest update is broken
Stop loss u can’t set it up in this update and full screen chart is broken
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1 year ago, Oluwamercy7
In this new version, i can’t find P2P trading. I have to login on the wed to trade direct. Please bring it back to the easy way. I searched everywhere for p2p option but i couldn’t find it
Show more
3 years ago, 嘟嘟66中
I love it, easy to use
I love this platform, it is very easy to use with good service. The only drawback is it didn’t say how to send the money to my wallet.
Show more
4 years ago, Dusty Dic▲kens
​  Deposit and withdraw coins   
 ‌I can view the dynamics of digital currency all day,Even just s a simple option to change the color scheme would work.‍     ‍  
Show more
4 years ago, Felicia Hi¯lls
‎​ I love how detailed and intuitive this app is! Very comprehensive and easy to use!    ‍    ‎
   I watch the currency circle news on okex every day, and the blockchain and Bitcoin information is released in a timely manner.‎‌‎   ‍ 
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6 months ago, Amaechi Ugochukwu
I can’t verify my account
Service so poor and outdated, you don’t need ID card full picture to get verified in this modern world, you just need in National ID number because some of us ID are blurred and not clear, we inputting our National identification number will save us from this stress, learn from binance please I’m finding it hard to verify mine because of this
Show more
1 year ago, Dasha_Diesel
Camera iPhone 13 Pro
I am unable to pass the identification verification of my ID because the app does not switch to the camera on my iPhone and cannot focus the image. 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️
Show more
4 years ago, D〖r. Lew Cormier
  If you are serious about digital currency ​​
‍ Daily use,Recommend it to you, this Bitcoin platform has in-depth, and have a strong attitude towards information.   ​ ‎‌  
Show more
3 years ago, Ahmed@200
So bad
The problem is that the trades will not execute even when the target price will be reduced When I asked the support they told me that happens because “variety of reasons “
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