Om Nom: Run

4.4 (3.7K)
292.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
ZeptoLab UK Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Om Nom: Run

4.44 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Kanae fitz
Awesome game but there should be a free version
My children love this game however the ads and in order to continue to play you have to purchase coins. I would rather pay a one time fee like $10 for a game so my children can just play without the issues of ads and coin purchases. Children games shouldn’t be advertised this way. This also applies to the monthly subscriptions they apply to children games and videos.
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5 months ago, Pac Man9323837
so first off this game is great and I know it just copying other running games like temple subway surfers gummy bear run tag with Ryan and jumanji epic run…. But this game lets you unlock new places like the forest the airplane the rooftops and there tons of missions and there more characters and I know you can choose a different character in subway surfers and temple run but this game actually lets you full on customize your character and in temple run you can’t play with other people and subway surfers is targeted towards kids and you have to have Facebook to play with others this game just lets you play online anytime you want and in the other games like Jake from subways surfers isn’t necessarily cute and guy dangerous from temple run isn’t really cut others he’s actually quite the opposite in this game you get to experience the stunning graphics and cute characters all at once and let’s talk about power ups subway surfers limits you to one power up at a time but this game lets you have as many as you can find but yea this game is great and if your a fan of the endless running franchise and cut the rope I definitely recommend checking this one out big love to zepto lab❤️
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1 year ago, TheSingerMariah
Please read before downloading and soooooo many bugs!!!
Okay, so the first thing I want to point out is that there are so many bugs, that when it is supposed show what mission you are on, it just shows something blank! Another thing is that whenever I start a game ( and this has been happening for like a month) the om nom always jumps than freezes in midair for no reason and I try to restart my ipad, but when I try after the restart, guess what? It freezes again! I know there is so many bugs on it, it's almost impossible to play it and it is one of my top favorite games and if freezes for the whole next week, I am going to delete it! It has way to many bugs, obviously none of the creators have tried to fix most of the bugs! It is sooooo annoying and one thing that doesn't include bugs is that it looks like the creators rushed it! It doesn't have like any special things or something and one of the boosts doesn't even work, so I spend two thousand coins for nothing and it always lands on that specific boost! I am so serious that if just a couple things go wrong, I'll delete it and never re-install it again! Please fix it before I get tooo mad! Thanks for reading this very very long review and spending your time reading it. Pretty please fix the bugs and make it look better and not that it looks like it was rushed!
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4 years ago, KingstonGamer10
This Game is Great
Om Nom Run is basically your average Non Stop running game but has some similarity to Minions Run. The mission may be kinda short but overall it’s a fun game if your a Non stop running fan or a Cut the rope fan too. My only problem but really don’t change it I guess is that when you Die you have only two options. Watch a ad or just quit. If you choose ad and watch the whole thing then you will get back up on your feet and continue running. Now unlike other Non Stop Running games, when you get hit again, you can watch another ad again and again and again and you won’t stop running, which makes your high score go even higher, which makes the difficulty level good down real fast. Aside from that, Om Nom: Run is pretty fun and I think you will enjoy it.
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4 years ago, Robo-Creeper
But why though?
Why did the Om Nom need a run game? And why did it have to be this low effort? This game at the end of the day just feels really forced. A lot of the playable characters feel like unused assets from other projects the devs had just lying around. This game honestly just makes me really confused, you guys have both Lick and Boo in the game, but you don’t have any other of his friends? Where’s Blue? Where’s Roto or Snailbrow? Why is the Om Nom suddenly the same size as all these random kids? I’m all for introducing new characters, there’s got to be some new pull to the game, but again, why are all his new friends humans? This game honestly has a lot of potential. I could see a game like this being fun, especially if it maybe took more from the super hero theme that the game seems to be going down. However, at the moment, this game seems like a lazy, cheap and confused mess with a bunch of ads shoved in there for good measure.
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2 months ago, 🧡minibutterflys🧡
Don’t have a phone or a ipad? Read this!
So, this app is totally cut the ropes run hero. Why did you get the extra money to the hero? Because i can’t! Rather than being able to download the app! It is free to download the app! RESULTS The first time the company released the game for iOS was on the Mac website on the day it released its new iOS version in the spring. WARNING Horror warning, blood warning, appropriate bugs, no spoilers to download, and no threat to anyone. POPULAR It is a new feature for iOS devices to play hero mode in the background with no bugs and the ability to control your characters without the help from a specific weapon. MORE GAMES There are more games! There is gold run, candy run, wedding run, shop run, city run, park run, street run, home run, garden run, mall run, salon run, halloween run, gym run, forest run, river run, jungle run, savanna run, math run, reading run, hallway run, library run, cafeteria run, and cafe run. THANK YOU FOR OM NOM RUN Thank you very much! Here is some coins and gems! Have fun and Enjoy your weekend!
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4 years ago, gglobster
Exciting but also a little frustrating for younger players
My kindergartner likes this game very much but she would like the special games to be available all the time because it makes her sad when she cannot play them. We understand that that’s the point but she really wanted to tell the game developers that she is sad right now and would like them to change it. She says she is very very sad and also she has magic in her eyes and in herself.
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1 year ago, super girl roblx
This game is fun but one problem
So this game is fun it’s just the last time I was on the game there is ads which I HATE but the good things are that you can play with REAL people and that’s pretty fun oh and you can earn coins and diamonds 💎 to get stuff for your character and it’s fun not much to say about this game because I don’t play it much but hope you have fun on this game oh and the ads are annoying so you know
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4 years ago, Thecoller
Fun but Keep previous updates
I really like this app but I have a suggestion. I would like to be able to keep the original characters in addition to the seasonal updates. For example, the birthday Om Nelle is great but I would also like to see the original super power Om Nelle and the customizable one. Is there a way all seasonal characters could be always available to pick from in a gallery? Thank you! Oh and the race update thank you!
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4 years ago, Cezavala
Thanks for the game
I like the game!its really fun but I have a few suggestions my first one is “we should be able to play with others and like see how is the best one of this game or race each other!My second one is that we should all e able to like chat to others to see if they wanna play on the app and I have a few more but this are the ones that I wanna tell you but yeah it’s a good game!
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4 years ago, Why why why really diamonds
I enjoy playing this game but I have suggestions. First of all I would love to see more characters and map zones (like the sewer) another suggestion is to fix the x2 coins. It ally shows 2 coins when you are close to it. Another thing I am confused about is super Om-Nom. There is like 5 different skins for him that I can’t buy and I have to watch a video. Overall I love this game and would love to see you guys continue to work on it!
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4 years ago, Quin Whaley NYT
Absolute Perfection
This absolute masterpiece of a game is the clear and indisputable overlord of the mobile game turf. The thrilling gameplay, unique mechanics, glorious graphics, and fun intriguing character give the game the dab of glory it needs. When exploring the ever changing ideas, you experience a new thrill with every game you play! Would recommend and is family friendly.
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2 years ago, Mystery Animal crossing fan900
I Hope You Read This!
I love this game, but I have a few suggestions. For one, what if you could choose a human-shaped character to create. Maybe you can choose hairstyles, outfits, and accessories! Also, I kinda wish there were more locations (hint, hint). Well that’s it. Just a simple request. Okay! Bye! I hope you do it!
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4 years ago, MousyGamer
It looks like Om Nom is in a plastic looking world
It is a fun game but everything looks bland. In other games that include running the detail is amazing but in Om Nom Run it looks like it was rushed and not given any detail to the background , the obstacles, or to Om Nom. Everything item is just one color and looks like plastic. In the cartoons that I have seen Om Nom is pretty small but in this game he is the size to a normal person which is a little strange but understandable cause it could be hard to animate something small. Thanks for reading 👋
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4 years ago, X times 3
I love this game because it is simple and Dun. However, there are a few bugs. I am stuck on mission 100 and 91 even though I passed the levels several times. Another bug is that I can't select what mission I am on, or even see what mission I am on. I hope the bugs get fixed soon, because that will make the game even better!
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4 years ago, CGrassia
Can’t purchase subscription
I downloaded this game for my daughter, and she loves it, but every time I go into the settings on the iPad to purchase a subscription, it never works because she still has to watch the ads. It’s frustrating because many of the ads are inappropriate and some even have curse words, and we do not talk like that in our house. I also keep trying to purchase the subscription from within the game, but every time I click on it, nothing happens. Some please assist me.
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2 years ago, Hylander97
I’m doing this five stars because my son and my personality and I think the game is actually pretty cool the only thing I would like you to do is to put baby Om Nom In for my son he keeps asking about wanting it and I think that would be a good addition to this game overall the game is really great lots of fun
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2 years ago, goomba kid
Just one teeny problem
Ok, ima keep it short. Fun game, and I love zeptolab. But I don’t like how wherever you die you have to watch an ad, which is way to frequent for me. Definitely download of you like games like this, are good at them, and don’t mind the adds. Thank you zeptolab and readers!
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5 months ago, matt.way
Greed and Ads
Clearly just milking it for more microtransactions and ad revenue. The ads are disgustingly long. A minute of ads after a run (otherwise prepare to do a thousand runs to buy anything)? lol. Same with their other games, like Om Nom Merge (though in fairness, merge is probably worse). Disgusting, and not remotely worth the time investment. Thanks for making it all about the perverse parts of gaming.
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2 years ago, Noah Zeavy
What the heck?!!!
This thing totally drives me nuts!!! I got it loved it until one time when it said I could get a golden character if. I watched an add, give coins, and finish a run so I got all exited and watched the add, did a run, and guess what? It didn’t give me the golden character! Then I was sad so I tried again and it didn’t work! Then I saw my money was low meaning it stole my coins! Whyyyyyy?!!!
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2 years ago, Mazaru09
This game is great but local multiplayer is missing
I really like this game but it would be cool to have local multiplayer and play with your brother or sister and maybe a friend so please get local multiplayer
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4 years ago, SeNd MaH mEmEs
This game is so great!
So this game is awesome 👏🏿 and I love how it’s like subway surfer with like the missions but I think 💭 this game should have a world wide online racing leaderboard and you should be able to chat,race and chill with your friends it’s awesome but I think you should add that feature to the game
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2 years ago, i'll trap Master frown
You need a coder BAD!
The game looks like it is broken but it’s not. I’m already on mission 138 and I was so excited to win and go to 140 and finish the game. But it was SUPER glitchy that I couldn’t even swipe! I’m sorry you need a coder really bad.
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4 years ago, Snay ay ay ay
On Nom run
It’s so amazing! It’s addicting. I’m obsessed it is the best Om nom game ever in my Om nom game collection! I still play the first one the second one and that time travel game and that experience whatever I know it’s main character and guess who that is? It’s Om nom! You must play this it’s so addicting
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3 years ago, fix the saddle glitch
I am very pleased with this game 🤍 For one, it has sooo much action! I mean, how many games have so many different obstacles and options for play at only level 5???!!! The ONLY reason I have any reason to complain is that Om Nom Run has levels that are difficult to complete. I mean, on one level you have to collect 14 Robot Coins! 14!! I usually have to watch 3 or more ‘adds’ to complete just ONE level! Other than that I am pleased with this game and give it 5 stars (P.S., can we create more than one Om Nom??!!!!)
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2 weeks ago, Mommommy
They would have kept me with a paid version
Like others have said, children’s games should have a paid ad-free option. I would have gladly paid to have peace of mind that my kindergartener can just play without inadvertently watching an ad that I wouldn’t approve of. There is no such option so sadly I am deleting the app.
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3 years ago, Sheep 2
Fun but
I wish there were more characters that you could customize, that’s what makes them fun , you can make them the way you want
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2 years ago, lauren.t95
Great game, unacceptable ads!
I don’t usually write reviews but this particular game disappointed me deeply. How are you gonna rate a game ages 4+ and then allow inappropriate ads? I deleted the app. It’s not worth it to me letting my 4-6 yr old kids play this game if they’re going to be bombarded by sexualized graphics.
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6 months ago, Sonicfan133
This game needs more updates and this game also needs a raise
Decent game but more updates could do like more characters more worlds and most importantly MORE FUN :D
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4 years ago, Moshykhatala
Good game but
I really love this game but I wish the objectives changed instead of just staying the same. I also wish the characters didn’t cost so much but good game
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4 years ago, mlac_007
This game rocks
Fantastic Om Nom game. This one hits it out of the park, fun, challenging, and hours if great gameplay. Just wish could purchase the games again without the ads and instead of having IAP's.
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3 years ago, asianbabe29
Love this game
I love this game its so easy U could customize the character if u have enough money to do it but this game are my few favorite game i have other games i like than this
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4 years ago, Roeygh
I LOVE this game
I like how every time you pass a level not like the other race games. I also like how the you can go down the bridge,it’s cool! So plus all the fun things becomes great things
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3 years ago, Gamer Bruce 642
This game is awesome
So this Om Nom game Om Nom game I used to watch on my on my iPad it was so good I loved it I don’t know why I still watch on my iPad because I’m six wow this is this is going to be a very big universe for me
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3 years ago, melody_m0602🦋
Love this game
I love racing people and I love this game because elf there is no wifi I can still play😱and I love this game because you can do like little challenges to get people
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3 years ago, geethuha
New challenges block screen
The game is designed very well, but when a new challenge comes up it sorta blocks the game screen.
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3 years ago, #trustme!
Loved it but...
It was great! I loved playing with my 3 year old and we both spent so much time playing it! The only problems were that it was glitchy and we lost all our progress. It really annoyed us and I just wanted to warn everyone. Besides that it was a great game.
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4 years ago, Baby2Savage4u SavageYT
Best Game Ever
Let’s say i hated this game the first time but then I started liking it I am never ever gonna stop playing this game I will play it forever whoever made it did great. I will share this game!
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4 years ago, Houston Brewer
Tech kid
I’ve loved the games they make over the years! Each one is awesome but (tech kid) why she or he it’s hard to tell is just plain freaky if she is replaced or scraped I will rate 5 stars
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3 years ago, pres_kar_tor
This game is so fun and it always makes me happy when I play it. I could play this game forever and ever because it never gets boring.
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3 years ago, sj2therescue
Lots of fun but not too hard
I’m visually handicapped and usually can’t play race games, but this game allows you to progress at your own pace
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4 years ago, yanelprincess
This app is amazing it’s like another version of subway serfers but I like this game more and it’s so cool with all the levels u can unlock and all the characters too!
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2 years ago, colins annoyed
Funny and entertaining
My little sister shred this app with me. I thought it would be stupid but is very entertaining
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4 years ago, TVHUYNH
Good but hard
This is a good game and all but you just need to fix the issue that is the game takes forever to finish
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4 years ago, Neonraisin
Despite crashing issue
Love in every way. But please do fix the constant crashing issue. Thanks!
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3 years ago, jballs2028
I love this game!
This game is amazing better than Tom run because you get lots of money by completing a level five stars amazing!
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4 years ago, rrrahnshsjsbsgshsjsn
Good but need work
I would like to have more thing to upgrade with your coin and it’s ok but you can just save yourself over and over till u beat it
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4 years ago, Kookie ❤️🌹
The game
This game is really fun and it reminds me of talking Tom hero dash so I am in love with this game and it has Om Nom which is the cutest thing ever and the characters are amazing so I definitely recommend this game💖
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The ads are appropriate, the game is fun. The only thing I would want for the game to be perfect is that the characters go faster. Otherwise best kid friendly game ever👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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3 years ago, pf2098
What in the world
First of all, what happened to all of the characters? Like they look as ugly as crap. And what are those things suppose to be riding on a bike? What a copy of Tom gold run. You mind as well play tom gold run.
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