Once: The Love Match Maker

3.7 (35.3K)
61 MB
Age rating
Current version
Xeanco Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Once: The Love Match Maker

3.75 out of 5
35.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Southwestair
Hate that I have to buy coins just to chat with someone
I love this app, however, with a premium subscription, I don’t feel that it’s right to have to buy coins just to chat with someone that could be your potential match. I have been chatting with someone since Tuesday I believe it was this last Tuesday, and a ran out of the free trial for my premium subscription, and so I have to wait until I get paid with my paycheck just to sign up for the subscription to chat with this person, and well I don’t want to feel like I’m ghosting him, but I think that you guys should really change your marketing strategy, the more you rip off people by getting them to pay just to chat, the more clientele you will lose. I get it that you have to have revenue and an income, but I think that the subscription that people pay for should be enough. I don’t think that this is legal to have people pay us to chat with someone. It should be free with the subscription. Having to buy coins on top of the subscription just doesn’t seem right. But otherwise, I think the app is fine, and it’s very accessible for screen reader users like myself who are visually impaired, so thank you for that, but I just think you guys really need to fix and change your marketing. Regarding the chat feature.
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2 years ago, wizerdlover
Nice app but….
This app seems great, I’m getting people to talk to where it has been awhile since I’ve had that on any dating site. But it’s to expensive and there are a lot of scammers!! Even with a membership you have to buy coins. You have to be wealthy to have this app. It’s not made for people who make minimum wage or less. I work full time and still can’t really afford the app. It would be great if it were cheaper and they gave people who pay for memberships more coins. Or make chatting free!!!!! Make the matches cost coins but not chatting!! Every time you write a review about how expensive it is you get the same response about how they feel the cost is appropriate for what you get. A lot of the guys on this app seem fake, there’s not a lot of real ones. And instead of talking about how the developers feel the cost is appropriate maybe they should try listening to their customers so they can make the app better and get more accounts on it there for making more money.
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6 months ago, NikoP91
This app is nothing but an absolute scam. I was tired of tinder and bumble and not having matches so I tried this since I saw it in a few places. Download it. First couldn’t get it to work with my Hotmail email wouldn’t receive the verification email at all so I switch to gmail it worked so that was cool. As soon as I logged in I made like 5 matches and apparently it cost gems to message people. 5 gems per message to be exact. So I figured why not to the premium account just to find out it’s still the same even premium doesn’t get free messages. So as you could imagine that went fast so I bought more messages because the conversation seemed real. In a matter of a few hours I spend $160. That’s $30 for the 3 month subscription, $30 for 150 gems which went super quick because all the matches that seemed real beside the only 2 pictures lack of bio and some having way to nice pictures. I should have known better but I went with it being a new app. So I spend another $100 on 650 messages and I started to try and connect out side the app but everyone kept using the words uncomfortable and want to keep in the app or they don’t have major apps like snap or kik and don’t want to text. So you can imagine those went fast and it was the same round robin circle with them all. What a scam!! Don’t use this app!!
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12 months ago, cbreviewscam26
This app is a scam
This app is a scam. I have been using for about two days. Started chats with 3 to 4 different people. There is only about 20 to choose from. Each person responds with the same theme so to speak. They are only one liners that do not answer questions like they are all the same AI artificial intelligence algorithms. And the way the app gets you is with making you pay per chat text. They say that you will meet your match but all of the people on here have the same narrative in theirResponses. I’ve picked up on this over the last few days and talking to multiple people. The first one or two people I did not realize it but then started seeing the pattern the third person. The fourth person it was clear that these are not real people chatting back with you. They only ever push staying on the app longer and longer. Also the short nondescriptive answers on important life family questions which are a huge part in finding someone to date and possibly move forward with were the same for all four people. I will be reporting this app and the charges to my credit card to dispute the charges based on false advertisement. If I was talking to real people and didn’t find a match that would be one thing. I hope the owners and creators of this app feel satisfied with ripping people off.
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6 months ago, nonickname777222
I’m convinced 99% of profiles are fake. It’s currently 5am (I work overnight) an I noticed the second you view a profile within seconds they message you with some generic message like “could I be the one” which is strange bcuz most ppl are asleep at this time. Not only that but it cost gems (money) to reply to said generic messages so I humored it an bought 40 gems it only cost 11 bucks so it didn’t break the bank. It cost 5 gems per message so it goes pretty quick. I would honesty say don’t waste your time downloading this app an download tinder or some other dating app. Once is the perfect name for this app bcuz you’ll only use it once an delete it right away. This app is a total cash grab an it’s obvious. I also noticed the development team replies to all the reviews with their own generic message saying please email us the profiles you think are fake which its clear all of them are fake or they will say it’s free to message regular members but I have yet to see a regular member on the app all I seen so far is popular members which are the ones that cost gems to message an are clearly fake profiles. One star is a reach for this app if I could give zero stars I would. Like I said do not waste your time downloading this app an download another dating app instead.
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1 year ago, Shadows_follow2528
What a joke this app is!
This app is just beyond ridiculous, an outrageous. It just seems fake or at least people from different countries not even from the US do you have to constantly buy coins I highly doubt people are going to spend their paychecks just to talk to potential fake people. Yeah, it’s super fast but you can only talk to them for a few freaking minutes until you have to repay 30 bucks for only 150 coins so last few maybe 30 minutes of talking not even that’s ridiculous for it to be this fast seem pretty cool but the outcomes is downright basically scams. You guys are just wanting more money and more money just for people to not talk to the people that they are chatting with. Whether they’re real or not, this app should definitely be taken off because this is I am stunned with how this app is huge big mega fail on this app do not get it unless you’re actually freaking rich and Ashley want to talk to fake people or if there is even real people on here. I’m ashamed for buying this app. You would think with the subscription you could talk to the people in your chat free but no, you have to continuously buy coins every freaking hour or so just to talk to beyond ridiculous! Don’t buy!
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3 years ago, Litzy Peck
I hated this app at first but then I found myself getting more into it. In case you’re interested I’ll tell you the list of things that eventually changed my mind about it and the last one is the real biggie at least for me personally. 1) there are so many people to meet. Normally on apps the same matches keep coming around and round but on udates you get a constant stream of new ones 2) most people i chatted to seem to live not far away which is amazing 3) good age range of people unlike on other apps where it seems all dead young which makes it hard to meet without looking sad (im 36 btw) 4) I met some really beautiful women and I mean really met on a proper date 5) features are pretty neat and easy and available 6) this is the most IMPORTANT !! The last but nowhere near least! I found my girlfriend on udates and we’ll get married in a month!!! So that’s obv why I changed my mind about this fabulous app!!! I never actuality thought I’d meet someone on the app in a million years!
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3 years ago, Janelle Henry
Very easy
The app is doing ok for me overall and I’m happy I got it. However I wish it was free to use and that it has video chat but that doesn’t mean it’s not satisfying. On a good day it’s great and I can really meet some amazing matches. But on the flip side I get a lot of messages and wish there wer’ent so many. The features are best described as solid and they get the job done. Imo if you go into this negative then you’ll only get that vibe back because your chat won’t last long if you’re just horny or something. I try to stay upbeat so because of that I’ve generally had decent chat with people who mostly seemed genuine. It’s good to understand whether someone is living near although some precise info on this would be welcome because you don’t know exactly how many meters. Although the majority I chatted with are in my area. Bottom line is I’ve found more compatable people on udates than I seen on all the other apps I been on so I’d have to say that it’s the best on that bases
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2 years ago, Austin Shrader
Fake Accounts
I was really hoping to have luck with this app. I can’t believe this app is advertised to meet and chat with local people when you have to pay for coins in order to send one message. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences and I hope you developers see this review and do something about it. What really gave it away was the women that messaged me from Tulsa, US. Every single one of them, I mean come on.. it was a total waste of the one month subscription to trust an app like this.. I’m not asking for anything back but this is truly ridiculous and should not be allowed to mess with people like this. I mean from the subscription, to paying for coins, $8?, to getting automated messages and asking you to please stay on the app and bribed me to buy more coins so they can talk to me… I can’t believe you guys would design an app and allow people to get bribed for money and their trust they put in the app to help them find someone important in their life… I really hate it came down to this but I had to be honest about it and tell my experience…. Please respect my honesty and do something about this… reach out to me if need be.
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3 years ago, Myquick2cents
Don’t know what else to say...lol
I am in the tech and marketing industry. After using the app for 3 days here is my honest review. I do see the catch which is the Live Stream and the limited messages that a user can only send. After that a continuous barrage of upsell to get you to buy coins and its actually pretty expensive based on the coins per message. I do believe many of these women are fake too. The continuous auto response coming from allegedly people that viewed your profile to engage. But the catch comes in is you got to buy coins and this is where the barrage of upsell comes in...lol I hope for the customer service and developers that would read this. I mean no disrespect, but if there is some sort of teaser period that might get it moving and have the people stay and come back. But the way its exactly coded on the upsell of coins you really will have an extremely quick turn around of users and the rate of people keeping the app will drop drastically. You are wasting money on ads if you can’t keep the users. This is just my thoughts and hope this does not come sounding negative, but an honest business strategy review from someone thats been in the tech and currently semi retired guess you can assume I did something right 😊👍
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1 week ago, hNajajajjJana
I give this app mixed reviews
A+ for entertainment, it is so much fun to mess with and send funny replies to all the scammers and bots pretending to be legitimate women. They always reply within seconds and come up with freakishly unnatural responses. One person said “our chat is like a sweet story I don’t want it to end” just in general the “women” on this app have bad grammar and make many typos and no matter how stupid your message is they will still respond. I sent a message literally just saying “asahahhalj” and the person still responding normally and didn’t acknowledge my huge typo lol. And I know they are scammers for a fact because I did a reverse image search on the woman I was talking too and I found her instagram. Turns out she had a different name from what was on the app and she was already married! Clearly a catfish if you ask me. I give it a Z- score for finding genuine people to match and date. In case you didn’t know Z- is the worst possible score in the history of humankind. Even worse that F! Anyways to anyone who is reading this have a blessed day or night! And don’t forget to only get this app if you are looking to entertain the catfishers/bots/scammers on the app. Not for serious daters.
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2 years ago, Ranger2313
This App Is Scam. Please Read the Reviews First.
I was excited to meet new people but from the very beginning I was very alarmed at the rate girls would match with me. I was getting matches within an hour and it really alarmed me. I ended up matching with 7 or 8 people but from my experience it usually takes days to get that number. Every girl I talked to seem to have a really fast or similar response and ever girl that I liked matched with me. This doesn’t happen on any dating app and this raise some questions. It’s also very annoying and alarming to ask someone to buy coins just to talk to them. That’s very shady and personally that annoys me. With the factors of unrealistic matches and buying coins this app is nothing more than a scam. Do not download this app and do not buy the coins or sign up. These people are AI and scammers to get money. Also please don’t make the same mistake as me and read the reviews before you download the app. It’ll save you time and money. Also I know the developers respond to reviews and personally I don’t want to hear from them. There’s nothing they can say that will change my mind and make this any better so at this point their words are useless.
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3 years ago, darnoC dooG
From reading other reviews, I am getting tired of this dating app! I wish I learned before from other dating apps like this one. It’s a scam/rip off. I wish I saw this from the beginning. Of course I ran out of coin and thinking I had to buy more to keep talking. 5 coin for each text?! I’ve gotten stuck into others that are cheaper. Yes a lot of the ladies are good looking but they will keep a way for you to keep spending money. It’s PATHETIC! Im trying to get a woman from my area but I doubt it’s true they are. I thought I may found a woman I liked, turns out I can’t get her number even though we talked a lot. Once I’m out of coin, they’ll keep on enticing you to get more, UGH! Oh one more thing I noticed. The person in charge for this app he/she says about the same thing to people who put out their reviews. “You seem to be a bit Confused.” Well close to that. Oh I did find a couple more, about half the woman say that their “About Me”, “Interest” has are “not specified”. And also half the them say in the beginning of their texts, “Why or What are you doing hereYou might as well not waste your time on here?” OF YOU KNOW WHY IM HERE!! You’ll get no where. If you do, good luck.
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1 year ago, iTampa
Terrible. I hate this app.
One is quickly intrigued, but also quickly learns that women posing in Europe, but claiming to be in your vicinity with professional grade photographs that the site is full of trolls and catphishing that try to keep you engaged under the auspices of “safety” when, in reality, it’s a third party and “points” from you under the auspices that these beautiful women who, in hindsight, clearly aren’t in your hometown are aggressively contacting you. Like EVERY SINGLE ONE. “1) Moderation: A portion of each coin you spend supports our Moderation Team which works full time, carefully checking the profiles of the members registered on our website. 2) Customer Support: Your coins also support our Customer Support team. We work hard to ensure that any questions, concerns, or comments you may have are answered promptly and efficiently. If you ever encounter difficulties on our site, we are ready to help you at all times.” The revenue goes to these people. It’s fake. Update:: I think the fake profiles are run through your organization as there is no benefit to the fake profile pushing conversation if there is no payout. A third party can’t get funds via coin unless uDates pays.
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9 months ago, Jerry OrganMan
This is definitely a scam
I signed up, and started browsing. Women started contacting me as soon as I viewed their profile. They seemed nice but I noticed strange syntax, abrupt changes and repetition the conversation. Sometimes it seems like it could be a real person and other times it seems like a robot. They respond based the words you say instead of the context of the conversation. Or they keep asking”what are you doing?” There certain other phrases that are commonly used such as “You got my attention, babe.” On top of this, you have to purchase coins to continue to text even after purchasing a premium subscription. These coin packages are expensive and defeat the purpose of having unlimited talk and text plans. However, this only applies to popular members. You have unlimited chats with regular members. The issue is most of them rarely respond. I would encourage you not download this app, but if you do only try to contact the regular members. I will give a kudo to customer service for telling me how to get a refund for my subscription through Apple. This is why am am giving it 2 stars.
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3 years ago, Shadow4410
Don’t buy this app...
After downloading the app I noticed fresh new people. I thought it was the same coat as the others so I decided to sign up for the 3 month plan. Once I did I thought I should be able to chat with those I found attractive and interesting. I could not. The app kept telling me I needed to upgrade and sign up for a plan. It wasn’t until I signed up on the monthly plan, on top of the 3 month plan, that I was able to chat with people. But then, to my surprise, I could only chat for a few times then it is now saying I need to buy tokens on top of the 1 month plan and the 3 month plan to be able to chat with others. Don’t sign up for this. It’s just a way for them to steal your money. I figured and didn’t read anything that said differently that once I signed up with a plan then I would be able to chat with anyone during that time. Not true. Don’t buy into this app until they get that fixed and the fact that you have to sign up for 1 month first at the higher rate then you can extend, possibly, if they allow you to at that time. I am needing to try and get at least one of my subscriptions canceled.
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3 months ago, rorykole123
The app that forces you to ghost people.
This app is money hungry. All the app wants is money money money. I was charged $29 for three months to use this app. Then when I got into a really good conversation with somebody I can’t talk to them anymore until I pay anywhere from 1199 all the way up to $199 just to chat with people. This is kind of absurd. I don’t understand what I’m paying $29 a month for if I can’t chat with people. It kind of annoys me in the fact that you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone and then you can’t have any more conversations with that person until you dish out more money that you don’t have. In my opinion, if you’re gonna make someone pay your service the nation, I have to pay extra money on top of that just communicate with someone. You should have the option of paying for diamonds to talk to somebody or paying a monthly subscription have unlimited access talking to someone. I do like the fact that people were communicating with me, and wanting to talk with me But now I feel like I ghosted them when I truly didn’t because you’re freaking app won’t let me communicate with people.
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2 months ago, JackleMercury
Basically a chat with AI app
I joined, immediately started to send likes and to my surprise, they were popular girls in the area and they matched back almost instantly. Their replies were almost near instant. Now I know you must be thinking ‘omg that’s great!’ But with the caviate that they’re not real and you get like 5 free messages before you get a notification saying to buy gems. I was greeted by a fembot and was asked out immediately for coffee. Also they used my name which is weird. Normal humans don’t do that in conversation unless they’re being super serious or solemn, it’s weird. Don’t use my name unless I know you. When I responded to the pornbot… fembot…. And asked when is a good time and place I was told December 8th. I did it so all you other guys don’t have to and waste your money. I didn’t spend anything but I want to make sure bad apps like this get taken down and reported en-mass. There is no reason companies should commodify and furthermore lie to human beings just looking to find some amount of connection in a digital age where people have more humans to talk to than they know what to do with. I hope this app gets taken down
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2 years ago, KylieAxelBass
As soon as I signed up for this app I noticed something was off right away. I live in a very small town and normally when I sign up for random social and dating apps in the App Store I don’t get matches and stuff right away because I live in the middle of nowhere. And when I look around there’s not many people to talk to where I live. But I got two or three hits right away so I engaged with these “gentlemen” and I was alarmed by the speed in which all of these guys were replying all at once. So I immediately stopped replying because I thought this app was a joke. The conversation with one of them flowed weird as if I confused the AI Bot. So it’s currently 5:30am upon writing this review and I wanted to confirm my suspicions of the guys and conversations being fake so I messaged a few of them and yet again I got immediate replies. I’m cute in all but I don’t expect any stranger to stop what they’re doing or wake up out their sleep to reply to me like that in record speed. Let alone 2 or 3 different guys. This app is foolish to think anyone wouldn’t notice they’re not talking to a real person. That said, I will be uninstalling it right now.
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3 years ago, Madsmartapple
Filled with Bots & Pay to Chat
My experience with this app was downloading it, swiping on some people, and then realizing about 5 messages or so in that I can’t chat anymore without “coins”. You don’t get coins daily or anything like that, so you have to pay just to chat AND it’s pretty expensive per message UNLESS you buy their “Premium”. In addition to all of this, the conversations I had were warranting oddly bland responses and after about 3 days of not being able to chat, I found out why; seems like the profiles that I matched with were mostly (if not all) bots. They kept sending really boilerplate messages like “Do you have some time for me?” Or “Finally can answer you, sorry I had some things to settle” when they had already sent several messages before that one for days and I never was able to reply since I had no coins. Makes no sense as to why someone would say they can “finally” answer if they were the only one sending messages for a while. Either bots or people hired to chat and make the app seem more legit lol.
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8 months ago, thatonedude74
Never again
The only reason it’s two stars is because the way the conversations make me feel, but i just don’t really like how all of the people i talk to i have to pay to talk to them, and as i’ve seen on others reviews, they all try to stay on the app to get more money, and i got the premium thinking that i could have free chats with people, but that’s not a thing. I really wanted this app to be something, and i thought it was when i first started, but as i got more messages, they all seemed to start the same and they all used the name “babe” which i find odd when you just start talking to someone. I have also sent people some face photos to prove i am real and when i ask the same of them, they all have excuses, even though i can see their faces in their profiles, and one person when i could see part of their face in a photo, didn’t even look like their photo!
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2 years ago, americoskid
Horrible, Money Vacuum
Let me just tell you how freaking unbelievably greedy this app is. First off, they require you to purchase a subscription to be able to message other users and to see who liked you. That’s fine, if makes it sense since other apps do that as well. So I bought the subscription and immediately after making my profile I had about 5 likes within the first 5-10 minutes (a bit sus). The profiles that liked me sent me the most generic sounding messages, almost as if a computer was writing them. They also had the most commercial looking pictures, as if they weren’t real people but bots. Here’s where it gets even more insane: you have to pay $$$ to literally send a single message at a time with their in-app “coins”. Yes, it costs a whole 5 coins to send a single message! 40 coins cost $12! Imagine how much money you need just to have a simple conversation with someone, I mean it’s insane. This whole app is trash, I deleted my profile and got my refund. There’s other dating apps that are better out there that won’t steal all your money.
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3 years ago, It's Flybye
I opened a profile on this app earlier this week and did connect with a couple of men. After a few quick pleasantries I realized that you cannot communicate any further with anyone unless you were paying member. I decided to take a chance and I purchased a three month subscription for $30. Ever since then I have not been able to communicate with anyone more than once every 24 hours and it’s only one person at a time, other than that it keeps telling me that I have to purchase coins to communicate and supposedly the three month subscription meant that I had unlimited communication. I have sent several emails to customer service and I have tried the “restore purchases “option under the account settings and nothing happens. I’m beginning to think that most of the profiles are even fake set up by the App operations to lure people in. Either way I will be closing the account shortly. Do not spend money on this app stick to other dating apps that do allow communication and if you do pay for a subscription they uphold their end.
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3 years ago, loyaltyis honest
I don’t know yet
I’ve been only in 2 dating site badoo and pof and I’ve never had to worry about talking on coins unless u become a member to get a extra things and you can talk every day all day. It lets you know who’s only line how far from you the live and you only put where you live area and it puts up only guys in that area if you only looking for someone to chat,date,seriously date,long-term relationship is asked age range is asked and how far distance are you looking for someone to date. If you wanna date just verify ppl you can if u want to let ppl know when you’re only line are off line you can private look at someone’s profile without them know it’s very easy and it’s the fact you can talk to that person everyday are even multiple ppl without coins that’s what I call a free dating site. If you want to run a dating site you should have to pay for coins just to continue talking to someone. Also if you can’t find someone in your area the expand you distance for you but on here they don’t give u a preference to choose a age range
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1 year ago, Rpill
To pricey and is it all AI?
I have two problems with this app. 1. It’s way too pricey. I signed up for the premium membership so I could get “unlimited chats with regular members”. But even with the membership, you still have to use their “coins to send a message. So in addition to a membership plan, I had to purchase additional coins to send a single text. 2. Another we’re problem is I felt like I was getting matched with AI bot. They were the type of conversations (especially when I go back and read them) where it’s like you’re talking with a bot who only understand 85% of what you’re saying, and then responds to it. here are some examples: not the same guy! Me: did you read that book by so-and-so? Him: yes I do read Me: I’m struggling with this app, can we switch to text? Him: I this this site is great babe Me: (doesn’t message for 2 days because I ran out of coins) Him: on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our interaction. I’m not trying to be conspiracy, theorist, but if some journalist did an exposé that the site is nothing but AI bots posing as men, I would believe it.
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1 year ago, JonathonSt
This app is a scam. It ropes you into subscribing by limiting the number of messages you can send without coins and then promise unlimited messages if you subscribe. But after you subscribe it tells you that doesn’t apply to “popular” members. You get 50 “coins” for subscription and 10 a day and each message to “popular” members costs 5 coins. Every member that I’ve seen save a few from foreign countries are categorized as popular which means there is no real free messaging with the sub. They get around that by simply labeling everyone as “popular”. Another thing I got bombarded with messages after subscribing and I’ve noticed all these profiles have generic stock photos and they try to chat in ways to force you to send more messages. And they always all seem to be always online and respond within seconds of getting messages which tells me this app is using bots to get people to try to buy more coins. This is worse than any experience I’ve had on any of the other dating apps. Just stay away from this obvious scam
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1 year ago, Bigjay315898
This app is a possible scam
I got this app a few weeks ago and almost immediately a few different women started chatting, it was good at first but then I found out I have to pay to chat which I think is kind of ridiculous I would understand if the prices were lower but 12 dollars to send 10 messages is a bit expensive, but according to the devs it’s there to “get rid of fake accounts” but i haven’t talked to any of the women after my 50 point trial was gone and they keep texting like I was still having a normal conversation, and the all the new people that text are doing the same thing saying things like “I liked our talk last night” or “hey you haven’t been active in a while when do you want to continue our conversation” but I’ve never talked to these people I’m starting to think these bots are deliberately trying to talk to users to get us to buy more coins so the devs profit off of other people attempt to find love, but I would recommend staying clear of this app and try your luck somewhere else
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3 years ago, Juan Ceviche
Huge rip off
I would give zero stars if I could. This app should be ashamed of itself. It’s just preying on people’s wallets. The amount of fake profiles on this is ridiculous. Just messaging with them you can tell they’re not the person in the picture. They constantly try to contact you and entice you to spend money on coins. They don’t even remember any of the conversations you’ve had. I told one about me only having two daughters and she asked about them. Then a couple of days later she asked me what I did that day and I told her that I spent the day with my sons. She asked me “what did we do?” If that’s not a red flag on these profiles I don’t know what is. It’s sad that people would prey on the feelings of other people trying to find happiness with someone out there. Another thing is how is every profile a popular member? This is another way to get you to spend money on coins to be able to chat with someone. Don’t waste your money on this app. No matter what dating app there can’t be that many popular members.
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1 week ago, Lexiandra:)
Bots, Waste of time, don’t fall for it.
I enjoy the matching components and the personality test. however, the gems and coin stuff is so annoying. I get someone has to pay their bills/app needs to make money. But is there a way they could have done that without cutting off peoples conversations? I think this piece should be worked on. Incentive to buy yes but who wants to buy it when there are plenty of other free to chat dating apps? The gem coin stuff incentivized me to delete the app. Update: after reading reviews about bots I can attest. I thought the responses from matches were weird. They have no banter and their photos look like they’re screenshotted. I wanted to see what they’d say if I gave them my number and literally right after pressing send they came back with “I have to decline. I’d rather continue getting to know you in this magical online realm” or something cheesy. The response was instant after I pressed send. Haha. Developer responses are deflecting the issue surprised Apple can’t just take this joke off their store :)
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2 years ago, DarkAatrous
Scam and refund
I highly do not recommend this dating application at all. It is filled with fake accounts and fake people who sit there and make you spend money none stop and take your coins away. You write them an email and refuse to give you a refund. This is a complete scam and they just take your money and tell you good luck nothing we can do about on giving you a refund. There is no monitoring on fake accounts at all. I’m very displeased with this dating app and not satisfied with it at all. They need to issue a full refund at all costs because of the negligence of how they are running their dating application. They just pocket the money and not care about their customers one bit or happiness. This sickens me that just want to keep the money and not do anything about the situation that comes up and if you email them multiple times they just resend the same automated email and refuse to deal with the problem. Poor customer service as well. I want a full complete refund of what I spent even if I used all the coins.
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4 months ago, DatMFDreYT
Professional Scam
this app is definitely a scam. the popular users that you message are primarily bots that never go live. the app pushes for "safe" online dating but they make you pay to text someone you matched with. Tinder doesn't even do this. Not to mention the subscription for the app is falsely advertised as to which you don't have unlimited messaging. every app i've used, the user would most definitely give out a social media or phone number. even making the account it asks you to link your social profile. You guys are using the excuse of "we are ensuring a safe environment" so that the bots can say things like "im uncomfortable doing that" when users ask for social media or phone numbers which those have to be obtained regardless if you are planning to date or meet. it would actually be safer for the users to communicate outside the app because law enforcement can read the messages if things go bad. all in all this app is just wasting space on my phone and yours too.
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6 months ago, Phattyslapper
This App Deplorable at best! Please read before you buy members!
When I first downloaded the app and set up a profile and purchased the monthly membership, I was immediately inundated with model quality photos of ladies “in my area” who who were “Popular Members” and wanted to chat. I purchased the premium subscription, which said “unlimited chats”. So I started chatting, it was fun. But after a few chats, I went to reply to a chat, and I was directed to the “shop” where I could buy more “gems” to continue chatting. I contacted the support team via email asking them why this happened… They explained that the Premium membership includes unlimited messaging/chat with “Regular members”, for messages with “Popular members” these would required gems per message. Purchasing of “gems” starts at $.40/per gem. Messages start at 5 gems. Do your math. And then I found a Regular member, attempted to “like” their profile and I was unable to like or message because my account was being “Moderated”. Had to send another email to customer support to have that addressed. They fixed it a few days later. Well, there are VERY few “Regular” members in “my area”, and when I message them, there is usually no response, or someone wanting to chat in WhatsApp. Maybe I’m just unattractive. So in a nutshell, F this App, it has proven to be a waste of time, and spammers/chat bots trying to entice you to purchase gems. Join if you want fantasy.
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9 months ago, InfinityBladeMasger
Steer Clear from this App
I’ll start this review by the positive of the app (singular). You start off with 50 gems. Which seems like a lot, until you realize each message costs you 5 gems. And if multiple matches message you- you won’t be sending a lot of messages. At least in my area, there were several profiles. Many of which were extremely attractive women, and within 30 minutes of downloading the app, I had 3 likes, which I enjoyed. But many of the profiles seem to be AI. As in their responses didn’t seem natural/authentic. And that’s about it for the positive. Now time for the negatives (plural) The biggest issue I have with this app is the gems. I was limited on the amount of messages I could send, so I decided to get the premium ($20/mo). Only to find out later that I was STILL limited and had to purchase more gems (the cheapest amount of gems was for $11). The business model for this app, I would consider more predatory in nature than the lead dating apps such as Tinder, etc. Online dating is a scam to begin with, but this app takes that idea to lower depths I didn’t think were possible. My advice: steer clear from this app, unless you want to spend $40+/mo. I give this app a one star because of the only positive I mentioned at the beginning of this review. If it weren’t for that, I’d try to give it 0 stars. This app is not worth your time unless you have what I’d call “stupid money” to throw around.
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3 years ago, BB2B0185
Bought into this site… costs a ton… set up another profile after vacation and same ladies just not in Hawaii but Arizona. Cheap garbage. Claim is cost is to support for keeping profiles real however profiles are same out in other states as in home state. Cost is used to fund creators app. Profiles are sketchy as almost every member has professional photos which real dating apps/sites warn against professional photos and suggest looking for real time pics and selfies. Responses are immediate and seem computer generated. Developer has a response for everything except after reading numerous reviews it is clear this is nothing more than a money grubbing app. The app does NOT detect your location as stated above by creating in Hawaii then after returning home app would not adjust to locale people. Then created another account and many of the same ladies, fake, we’re in the locale area. Yet each bad review has some excuse given and statements about cost going to departments and keeping it safe and real. Real fake.
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6 months ago, Trace8488
Don’t Waste Your Time Or Money!!!!
You cannot send or respond to a single message without paying. Also- I’ve ‘matched’ with about 8 people in the last 3 hours- all of which were clearly fake. Fake pictures, fake conversations- almost everyone will tell you they can’t send you a pic because they’re on a laptop and almost everyone will say they went to dinner and a movie with friends this weekend. If you press for any other details they act like you’re speaking another language. I cancelled my membership and am waiting to hear back from the developer about a refund- I sent an email to customer support asking for a refund. This app is a scam and every profile on there is a scam. Ohhhh and for whatever reason- not sure if it’s because I’ve reported all of the catfish/ bots/ AI/ whatever they have going on but now my profile says it’s being moderated so I cannot like or message anyone. Again- not that a single conversation has yielded a real person anyways. So frustrated.
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2 years ago, Lord Halcron
This app is a money trap
Like I said this app is a money trap. Even though you pay for premium membership you still have to pay per message and depending on the size of the message the cost goes up. They say you only get charged for talking to popular profiles but that’s all there is… You cannot find a single profile that does not have that little flame symbol. That flame symbol means it will cost you a minimum of five coins for a message. I understand it is a way to deter scammers and fake profiles but there’s something not right with the profiles I have been chatting with because nobody in their right mind will be up on a Sunday night into Monday at three in the morning and still be sending a message. Especially since it looks like every single profile picture has been done by a professional photographer and the women and them look like models despite claiming to be in their 50s… In all likelihood, once my membership is done I will delete this app because it’s not worth it.
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2 years ago, bcudbdk
$1.5 per message
Very sad. Lacks upfront & easy full disclosure. After a couple message, membership is required. The three months looks like a fair trail. However after a few more instantaneous message by beautiful ladies, the developers require 1.50 (basic package) per message. Read some of the developers replies. 😞🤦🏼. No clue why Apple would even allow such an app. This is for lonely guys who want to only chat with beautiful photos…. NOT an in person Normal date. To dev. res.: IF you were honest… Let’s see, your opening app advertisement. “No other dating app is that simple, genuine & straight forward.” And subscriptions listed. However, Once a person pays for your subscription and/or UNDISCLOSED coin requirement and their cost.. TO WHICH WHEN MENTIONED PUBLICLY… you claim is that it’s required cost to provide service… 🤥🤢🤮 Several other legitimate dating apps work on subscriptions alone, as yours advertised. Yours is not for the average seeker. & again shame on APPLE for allowing this app on their platform.
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10 months ago, Slaymanoki
Title: Unfair Pricing Structure and Gender Bias
Rating: 1/5 I recently downloaded the dating app, Once, with high hopes of finding a meaningful connection. However, my experience has been far from satisfactory. The app seems to be designed with a clear gender bias, making it a frustrating experience for male users like myself. The app's pricing structure is incredibly unfair. It seems that men are expected to pay more money just to keep conversations going with potential matches. This is not only discriminatory but also discourages genuine interaction. It feels like the app is more interested in making money than actually helping people find love or companionship. Moreover, the concept of having to pay more to continue a conversation is absurd. It's as if the app is putting a price tag on human interaction. This is not what I signed up for. I was looking for a platform that facilitates genuine connections, not one that monetizes every interaction. The app also lacks transparency about its pricing structure. It's not clear from the outset that men will have to pay more. This lack of transparency feels deceptive and has left a sour taste in my mouth. In conclusion, I am deeply disappointed with Once. The app's unfair pricing structure and gender bias make it a poor choice for anyone looking for a genuine connection. I would not recommend this app to anyone, especially not to men who are looking for a fair and equal opportunity to find love.
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3 years ago, Sonoflavey
This app IS a scam.
This app IS a scam. Most of the people you’re searching through don’t live in your city, aren’t the real people they claim to be or are bots. The app is designed to make it seem like you are popular, you will receive notifications and invites to chat, the only catch is you will have to pay in order to chat. That’s right, that’s how this app makes money; it’s designed to keep you talking. Purchasing “coins” (the apps currency) is the only way you can find a connection here but it may very well be with someone who was paid to chat with you. After all they make money this way, and the second you run out of money is the second the chat stops. No wondering where you went or why you stopped talking to them, but once you get a hold of more coins and get back to them the chat starts all over again as if you haven’t gone anywhere. Pretty obvious what’s going on here. I’ve never had so many professional models hitting me up in my entire life...
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3 years ago, Zeraki Kenpachi
Scam for Money
i was curious about the app now i’m not saying that all accounts are bots? i just find it when u create an account if they like you and you like back you can communicate but i have noticed that you have to pay to chat that’s not issue most apps are like but when you market saying sign up for premium subscription with unlimited chats and put tiny letters saying except popular profiles and when i noticed all of the one your search for every single one are popular therefore you can’t chat with them due to their popularly stats!!! so you have to pay premium subscription on top of additional cost just to chat your better off paying to chat for a little bit and redo your coins for $20 you can only reply up to 5 times before you have to pay again!!! i’m tech guy and this worse than any video game micro transactions!! if you do use it just keep in mind know what you are about to spend that’s all!
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2 months ago, Christopher "Flash" McDermott
Clever scam using AI bots!
They use AI bots to push people into buying coins, just to talk to fake AI bot members who will "like" and then contact you.. and when you run out of the free coins they "generously" offer to you at the start of every conversation from "popular members", you have to buy more with real cash to continue conversations with obviously fake AI bot members that they call "Popular" account members. Now, they recently started offering totally unlimited communication, that doesn't require coins, with what they call "regular" members.. but the "regular members (rather than calling them what they are- less attractive non-popular members)" never respond, let alone reach out to you every two seconds to start a conveniently coin-required conversation that will be cut short after your free coins run out- leaving you hanging from the hook, line, and sinker because you've already been reeled in. I'm glad i caught on to this before buying any of their "coins".
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5 months ago, eacolquette
Premium level but still have to pay more to continue to chat to a hopeful special someone
First review I read from a year ago spoke of being a premium level account and still having to pay more $$ to have more than 3 chat transactions with a hopeful special person. Your reply was that the extras on your app more than compensates the price to buy coins to have a decent conversation. I’ve used several other apps with a premium subscription and never had to pay more $ just to get to know someone. Your app is very misleading. There are so many fake profiles on here and your “perfect match” algorithm suggests ppl 30 yrs younger than myself. Your app sends messages that can be rude to get you to chat with the other person. The other person never sent the rude question. Just to find out if they did costs you a response from other person. I would steer clear of the option I f considering this dating app.
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1 year ago, LD_Acervous
Good premise but no.
At first glance Once seems to be a great app, I liked the premise of it. But once I made an account and a profile I began noticing some sketchy things about it. First of all there is no location slider so I kept getting women states away from me. Secondly I don’t like how fast “women” started messaging me and how perfect they all looked. It just screamed catfish to me and I know better… I’ve been catfished before. Thirdly they only have two sliders, your gender, the gender you are looking for, and if you have been married before. There is simply not enough to truly make a match despite what they claim. They claim there are people who match you With one person a day but I don’t see how that is possible because you the sheer lack of detailed information you are available to give. It just seems fishy to me… I wish I could give it more than one star but just because it’s premise was good does not mean the execution was the same quality.
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3 years ago, MJChampion1
It seems that there is always someone inventing more ways to play men(and women’s) fear of loneliness and fear of being alone. An app like this promotes those fears while draining your pockets dry. When the first chat came I felt lucky she was very pretty (or at least the pictures were) and I felt a connection right away but more time passed and I spent with this profile the more money I began to spend in coins to chat then more and more very pretty women started to contact me it really was to good to be true. This app is not a dating app it’s for men (in my case) who are willing to pay to pay so as to have attention from very pretty and accomplished women who are pretty and most have their own businesses but don’t want to go beyond chatting. This app has turned me off of any dating app I will be purging my smartphone from any dating apps especially those with large fees for anything more than just chatting I guess there will always be some way for someone to make money and love is the oldest scam of all☹️
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1 year ago, kashross
Unfortunately I had to Delete
I loved the catalog of men this app provides,& seeing who is in my location.. now are they real or a catfish hmm we still will never know . I Hate that you have to BUY C0INS just to use the app ,if I already subscribed to this app & I gave you a monthly subscription,I shouldn’t have to pay to talk to a guy ,& you literally pick & choose who to talk to & be precise ,because your paying for every message you send , that’s horrible & not fun to online date , the guy didn’t even want to send more pictures ,because it was going to cost him & so it gave me catfish vibes . This app is desperate for money & it’s unfortunate because I was already loving it the first hour & got messages quick from men, If you guys can relax on charging people money on every single thing you do in the App, this would probably go up as a #1 dating app . It’s not geared towards low class ,you have to have a good amount of income to use this app .
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7 months ago, TessieTrueblue
Info on profile hacked and taken to two other sites
Thank God I only signed up for a one month subscription of this app. Unfortunately, I had to delete my profile before the month ended because my pictures, email address, etc were hacked and taken to two other websites. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to delete the fake accounts or not. I’ve never had this happen with another dating app, so it really upsets me. Also, even though the fee to sign is low compared to other dating apps, you have to purchase gems or roses to communicate with matches after 1-3 messages, which makes it expensive. You can take your communication off the app, but that is a risk that most people use an app to take care of. Bottom line - because of all the trouble that resulted for me with this app, I do NOT RECOMMEND IT. No matter what features Once has, if it’s not safe, it’s not a good thing to use, even if it’s free.
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2 years ago, alddin
Don’t waste your money .
Tell you the truth, this app it’s okay. I feel like these women just want to spend your money on this app more than trying to get there contacts. They ask five hundred questions and sometimes feels like it doesn’t get anywhere. They all say, your getting closer to knowing me but then they change there mind to stay on this app. I don’t if they girls are real or bots. Some of them won’t tell you your location. How are you post to meet with them or do a dinner if they don’t tell you where they live. Guys be careful, they say they deleted the social media because of bad relationships. I called that bull crap. Anyone can have a bad relationship, still keep there social media. They don’t like sharing there numbers with you either. I will give a positive note, there are good looking women in this app. I feel I wasted my money on this app, bc the women wants to stay here rather than getting your contacts.
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6 months ago, Sudoku Rush
Stay away. This app is simply a money grab
Downloaded the app and set up a basic profile. Immediately started receiving profile likes and message requests. Nearly every profile I “liked” messaged me within minutes. Even profiles that had a local time of 03:00 AM half way around the world. EVERY like and message request is from a ‘global’ or ‘popular’ member and while I won’t directly say those profiles are all bots and/or AI, the members deflect any real questions or attempts to move the chat to a free platform and off the app. The money grab comes in where there a limited number of “free” messages a member can send. Then those a frozen and the member is forced to buy chat tokens. Even if the member subscribes to a “Premium” membership the member must still spend tokens to chat with these ‘global’ and ‘popular’ profiles. The only chats that remain “free” are supposedly with ‘regular’ members which are either non-active or non-existent.
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2 years ago, Mugshotz
Scam! Don’t waste your time
Have not chatted with one person who was real. All photos in profiles are professional models. Fake profiles who will chat with you. None can answer simple questions about the city or anything remotely personal. “What part of the city do you live in?” “Central” “What’s your favorite sport to watch?” “ I like them all” Girls refuse to go off the app to chat, talk on the phone or god forbid meet up in person…Forget it. All about keeping you on the app chatting through the app which costs coins. They want you the buy more coins. Terrible and a scam to call this a dating site. Better off throwing money at strippers on a club. Your chances of a date are better and you’ll have more fun. Developer wrote back “ Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We fight hard against fake profiles and scammers”. Developer is the scammer! The app is designed this way. This app needs to be shut down and developers kicked off platform.
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3 years ago, BellaKylie18!
Very disappointed and a ripoff
This app is not worth it. Not only does it cost for a monthly membership, but it doesn’t include unlimited messaging. Once you run out the messaging included in the monthly membership, you have to buy coins which is a ripoff. I have never seen such an app before and I have used many for about 10 years. All other apps included unlimited messaging in the monthly membership fee. Also, once you sign up for a trial, the credit card is on file and there is not way to remove it and it is on auto renew which is not good. It doesn’t show up under subscriptions on my iPhone like all the other apps so there is not way to end the trial or subscription. I looked into it and there is no way to do that and I even contacted customer service and they are completely unhelpful. Seems like fraud and false advertising! Seems like the profiles are fake too... they are probably paying the matches to chat and have a conversation
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