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Once Upon Publishing AB
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User Reviews for Once Upon | Photobook Creator

4.87 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 years ago, a.wild.auj
For those of us who wish to remember
This app took all the stress out of making a photo book. I made a 26 page book about my experience living vanlife for a season. The hardest and most time consuming part was choosing the photos I wanted to use but once I put them all on an album on my phone, the app would search through that specific album, organizing it by the date each photo was taken. From there you choose the photos you want for each page spread and have the option of adding a title or text to the pages. The app has preselected layouts and after you click through them you also have the ability to rearrange the photos to fit the layout you like. Every thing looks sleek, clean, and like the inside of a kinfolk or other major print publication. Incredibly professional and stylish. I’m recommending this to everybody who goes on a trip, or has an experience they want to hold immortal on the pages of a book.
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2 years ago, JLyn102
Quick to use and very user friendly!
Just tried it out for the first time and it’s a quick and easy process with the app to create a book! I do wish more than 6 photos could fit on a spread- if you include words on an entire page of the spread, then all 6 photos fit on one page. So it seems odd that if you’re not including a full text memory that only 6 photos fit (3 per side)! I was hoping to keep my page # lower but I would have needed to be able to fit a few more pics per spread for that ti happen! Overall great usability and I like that there aren’t a TON of options to format things and make a lots of custom edits- because that makes it hard for me to Finish the book! I’m so excited to get my first book! I’ll definitely use this app again!
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2 years ago, MFlowerStudio
Love!! Simple Family Yearbooks!
I absolutely love how simple it is to make each photo book from my phone. Last year I set out to complete a very daunting task, to but years of photos into yearly books. When I stumbled upon this APP I was blown away how it made my task so simplified. Before getting multiple years printed I waited to see how the first one looked in print. By no surprise when it arrived it was more beautiful than I could’ve excepted! I was so happy! I currently have several years completed and now working on my Wedding Album & My Little Man’s 1 st year. Thank you so much for making it so easy and beautiful to make my memories in a keepsake. These will be books that will be cherished for centuries.
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2 years ago, V5397
Good, but…
It’s a very simple and intuitive app, bravo for that, but a few more features would knock it out of the park. As it shows the page layout and you can see the pictures all together I wish it would have the option to click through each picture to crop and/or edit (the brightness, or just simple color correction so it matches the other photos). That way if just one picture is off I don’t have to go into my photo roll to do it and then go back in to the app. Also a BIG deal is every time I go in to add more photos (like from looking at the spread page to adding more photos or a new spread etc), it takes a minute to load allll my pictures from the beginning and I have to go back and find the spot I was at. When you’re making old photo books from years past (or even just this past year!) this is super inconvenient.
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1 year ago, Megan Center
Simply Beautiful
I downloaded this app on a whim. I was in the middle of my vacation and I really wanted some sort of photo album to remember all the wonderful moments. This app has repeatedly popped up on my Facebook and I had to give it a try. The shipping is my only slight complaint. But it was packaged perfectly to where the book wasn’t harmed in any way. The quality of the photos are simply beautiful. The book binding is fantastic and not cheaply done. The app it self is so easy to use and it quickly loads the photos. It’s absolutely perfect. I would give it 10 stars if I could!
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1 month ago, KristenEden
Product is good - App needs work, so does customer support
I have used Once Upon for probably a year now, and our baby book came out great! However, about 6 months ago the photos stopped loading properly into the app. Dates would be all wrong on the photos, sometimes three months were loaded into one month. Customer support tried a few things, but when nothing worked I stopped hearing from them. Their suggestion was to stop using the app, and use the web version which is not as convenient. This app issue is on my iOS phone and iPad, so it is not localized to one device. My hope was to use them for all our albums, but once this one is complete, I'll have to find a new app since they cannot fix the user interface for me with this one and have stopped responding or fixing the problem.
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7 months ago, kalayvonne
I’m extremely disappointed with the app.. I thought I found the perfect Christmas gift for my wife this year, unfortunately it doesn’t work. For one, it’s extremely glitchy! It will continuously kick you out of the month/photo album you are in. After about an hour of the glitching and me, deciding that I’ll just have to leave some photos out since it would not allow me to go into certain months/albums, I pressed continue, it download it halfway and then kicked me out of the app completely. When I went back into the app, it would not allow me to continue where I left off. It’s now making me start all over but I’m not sure if I want to go through another hour of glitching just for it to not work in the end. Hopefully this will be fixed in time for me to buy one as a Christmas present.
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1 year ago, kelchild
Easiest and affordable photo book app
I’d been using another photo book app for years to make annual family photo books and found it cumbersome to use and expensive (very expensive!). I was thrilled to discover Once Upon. It’s interface is incredibly user friendly and easy, editing the design is seamless, and the whole process to create a photo book took a fraction of the time (and frustration) of the other app. Plus, Once Upon is much more affordable. I find the pricing very reasonable.
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1 year ago, NBKailey
Almost Perfect
This app eases so much anxiety about the thousands of photos of my kids wrapped up in digital jail. So much simpler than trying to get them printed one by one and organized! The process is SO simple, but one thing would help immensely- the interface automatically crops and centers photos for the frames in the pages, but having them centered often means someone’s head is cut by the border. If we could drag photos around within the frames to maybe cut off the bottom instead of the top or move them side to side, etc., this would fix the one and only problem I’ve had with building a book.
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12 months ago, MadisonMPark
I love that I can consistently work on a photo book a little each week. I find making a photo book for a larger period of time to be super overwhelming, so this is very helpful. My son loves looking at his memory books. Not having too many options for customization has pros and cons. It makes the process quick, easy, and pretty user friendly, but I do wish there were a few more capabilities. I wish I could put more than 6 pictures on a spread and wish i could crop or zoom in on some of the pictures I choose. I also wish I could write some things in Korean.
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3 months ago, itssummertimela!
As a mom of 3 i had soooo many pictures of my kids. I got to busy to print them out i also didnt want to print more then 1 picture out for each child. I found this app and started making their photo albums. I can fit 2-3 years of pictures into one book. The more pages you have the more your pay. But its worth it. I just got my first 3books i ordered and i absolutely love them! I already started creating their next round of albums and my babys first album.
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7 months ago, 46478382929
I’ve used this for Christmas gifts for the past two years. This year… the app is busted. Photos are organized by month but you if you want to see your photos from June, for example, you have to click on July and then scroll backwards until you get to the beginning of June. But you can’t go all the way back to June 1, because then you’ll get kicked back out to July. Does that make sense? No. So you won’t be able to put any June 1 photos in your books and, for some reason, you can’t use any June 30 photos either. Hoping they fix the app within the next few days because these really do make lovely books and gifts.
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4 months ago, katbenson
Worth it!
it was quite expensive, however so worth it!!!! i made two albums for my sister.. i cried just looking through it! i can’t wait for her to see. Came extremely fast and at the exact date and timing they said it would arrive! Such a good product and would definitely recommend 100%. The quality is amazing, and arrived in perfect condition despite the weather these days! thank you so much😍😍😍😍
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5 months ago, DeltaDot
easy to use, fun to make
exactly what i was looking for. This app shines in the ease of use department. It's not a 100% customizable but the app is easy to use on the phone. The process of creating the photobook was pure joy. It looks great too. Some of the pictures were a little lower quality than I was thinking once printed. It came within a week of ordering and it was very affordable. Overall amazing and highly recommended.
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4 years ago, rjasj06
Easier than I expected
So glad I saw the hilarious ads for this app because it is perfect for me. I have no social media accounts so I don’t share pictures online but I have tons of pictures on my phone. Now I have something to do with all my photos that is easy and affordable. Also my MIL doesn’t have internet so now we can send her these albums to keep. So much easier than printing and mailing pictures!
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1 year ago, uber is awful
It’s just okay
It’s pretty user friendly but it’s very limited in how you can customize your book. But what I’m more upset about is that the estimated delivery date was wrong. I know I was cutting it close but I ordered it just in time for my anniversary and now they updated the delivery date to even later than the max estimated day to be delivered. It took them over a week just to print and it’s not even a big book. I assumed the long delivery time would be due to shipping not slow printing. Just a bit dissatisfied with that.
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1 year ago, Ellie May Mae
I deleted
I really wanted to like this app but I didn’t get past the first page. I uploaded an image and was told that it was going to be pixelated so I deleted that pic from the title page and my pics and uploaded the original pic to my photos that was bigger. This app will not recognize that the new pic was added to my photos. I even deleted the app for several days and then reinstalled it and it STILL won’t acknowledge the pic. This type of photo album was exactly what I was looking for but I can’t use it bc it won’t acknowledge most of my pics. Please tell me when this is fixed bc I still want to use this app.
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1 year ago, D-girl
Easy to use and good customer support
I used this app to create photo books for my family for Christmas. We had an issue with one of the deliveries and customer support handled it really well. So happy with both the customer support and the books. The photo quality and the books themselves are absolutely lovely, and will be a treasured keepsake for our family!
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1 year ago, brianah44
Landscape option
I love the design of the app and am using it to make a coffee table photo album for my friends. It is very easy to use, however I am hoping there will be an option to allow the app to rotate between landscape and portrait because on an iPad, it is much easier to use with a keyboard when an app can be rotated to landscape. Otherwise I love it
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2 years ago, susiej@29
Best App for Book Making
I love the simple, non-fussy style of the books. Categorizing photo selection by month and year is SO helpful. And I LOVE the fact that photo selection picks up where you left off. Also love how it doesn’t limit photo selection to a certain number of photos. I’ve made books with other apps before and I highly prefer this one.
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3 months ago, cari_huezo
I love it, easy to use, easy to order.
At the beginning I was a little bit nervous, you never know if the apps are totally accurate made of what it says. I took the risk and order the first album, I loved it so bad that everytime we go on vacations I promised myself, I was going to do and album with one upon
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1 year ago, Louylou15
Super user friendly
I’m a UX/UI designer and I love using this app! It’s super user friendly. I love how easy, classy and fun it is to use! Everything is so simple to use that you never get frustrated. Plus I love how it organizes all your photos by their actual dates. I’ve already ordered 3 books and they are great quality! Great app!
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4 years ago, nickky.Jay
So happy
I tried a different app to make my photo book but they wouldn’t do it cause some my pictures were taken with an older phone camera (I knew they’d be blurry but wanted them anyway) this app notified me my pictures were low Quality but still printing them any way which makes me so happy
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2 years ago, Anna E Crenshaw
I created an art book!!!
My child’s art was overflowing on her desk. Instead of storing it in a box I decided to create this beautiful art book. The app is user friendly and did not take long to create. I can’t wait to surprise my little girl with all her art presented nicely in a book.
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3 years ago, slaume
Easy to use!
I’ve tried other sites that were too difficult to navigate that I never finished making a book. Once upon a time makes it simple to add your photos and make a comment on each picture.
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3 years ago, Slgasser
Memory keeper must
I’ve been wanting to make yearly family photo books for years- and just caught up on 5 years worth in just a couple of days. If you have your photos saved to Apple photos, making photo books is a breeze!
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2 years ago, nicsquici
Easy to use love, the different layouts
It was so nice and easy to be able to do everything from my phone and have access to my pictures all in one app. I love the easy layouts and the option to shuffle till I liked the way it looked.
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3 years ago, Tesmomma
great app and service
Once Upon is a great photo app- easy to use. Customer service had a quick response time and was specific on how to resolve my checking out issue. Thank you so much Once Upon creators. Excited to see what the album will look like!
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2 years ago, jackielane1234
Beautiful books but lacking a little
I ordered a book and absolutely love the quality but wish it could’ve been more customizable. For example, I would appreciate if I could add a text box wherever I please. Currently the only option for text is for it to take up a whole page. Great app concept but need more of these customizable features.
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3 years ago, ashleynotI
Beautiful, Excellent Quality
I really love my Once Upon books. I love that I can create from my phone which makes it easy to go in and edit as need be. I also love the feature to add text and anecdotes. Super happy and will use this service as my daughter grows for sure!
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2 years ago, nicolehamilton
So easy to use and quickly placed an order. Can’t wait to receive my book. One update to Once Upon I’d recommend is to allow photo cropping to the images that have been uploaded to make it even easier.
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5 years ago, aliciaeschemann
Amazing photo album
I’m absolutely in love with the easy handling in the app. I actually think it’s a nice way to create a photo book on your phone. You can do it wherever you are and personalize it the way you want it to. It’s a really classic and beautiful design. I would definitely recommend it.
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2 years ago, chjjbvf
Makes life easy
I love this app, it is great for busy parents. It makes it really easy to create a baby book by just uploading photos from your phone. The only thing that I would change, is that I wish there were more options for decorative layouts or to add stickers to the pages.
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12 months ago, Misha m. h.
Best photo book app!
Easy to use and makes the process headache free. Each page is easy to set up and the app show which photos are already selected plus you can do it all from your phone! 10/10
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1 year ago, Annabelle Hawton
Quick, easy to use and beautiful books
Integrate with Apple Pay you’ll get a lot more books ordered from my house :) I never have a credit card on me when I want to order!
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2 years ago, Tasenuna
Very cool app to help you keep your memories (:
I liked making my photobook here but I wish there were more options to arrange your photos manually, because now I could only randomly shuffle them.
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3 years ago, 1132-bula
Love your books
This app is so easy to use. Creates memories in no time. Love the fact that I can use photos directly from phone. Quality is great and comparable if not better to the other companies!
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3 years ago, me name sam
Simple and easy
This app was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I just wanted to make a simple picture book. Nothing fancy. This was extremely user friendly. Will definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, Grand in Georgia
Easy Publishing!
What an easy way to publish a book from your own photos! My 1 year old granddaughter loves books, so what greater gift than one about her 1st birthday celebrations! The app makes it easy and fun to make.
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2 months ago, Zazaprincesswarrior
Love these books
I love this app and how user friendly it is. It makes making these books super easy. Will be making more in the future.
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2 years ago, LJRWC!
Quality and simplicity wrapped up together
So easy to use and I’m a 70’s grandmother to 11 kids!! It’s fun, quick, and the paper quality is great!! Start making those books today!
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2 years ago, Missamaria88
The easiest to use app conveniently from your phone without the hassle of uploading photos to a separate location. Highly recommend.
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5 months ago, World- Peace2022!
I have ordered one book, I can’t wait to get it. But as I’m moving around pictures for the second book, it says photos missing and will show in the corner of the page, that pictures are missing, but it will not tell me which picture it is. It’s super frustrating and these aren’t cheap. 🥺
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3 years ago, birchbeat
Easy to use and links to Google photos
Super easy to use and save as you work through editing. I liked that it linked to Google Photos
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2 years ago, ameschi
Missing tool
There is one simple missing tool which is being able to crop the photos. Also it would be useful to put a text under a photo instead of using a whole page for a small text
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3 years ago, Dulcisgrl
Love it!
One thing I love about this app is that is organizes your pictures by months and shows you which ones you’ve already selected! So handy when creating your book.
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8 months ago, wisijwicjdiwjwi
Super glitchy
It’s super buggy. It’s glitches constantly and I have to purposely select the wrong months in my calendars in order to select the one I want, cause it just switches and kicks out randomly all the time. Idk if I’ll even be able finish the photo book..
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2 years ago, Jem5656
Easy to use
Easy to use even my six-year-old enjoyed using the app he put together a book of his artwork and the order is on its way.
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2 years ago, Iki3529
Love the ease!
A few things would make it’s a full 5 star! Photo edit and ability to place more than 6 photos on the spread. It’s easy to use! Can’t wait to see the book once it’s delivered!
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2 years ago, Brahmspup
Love it and used it a few times but could improve a tad.
Would like to have font and size options for title and subtitle on the front cover. Font text options can be 4 or 5 different styles.
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