One Clue Crossword

4.6 (34.1K)
222 MB
Age rating
Current version
AppyNation Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for One Clue Crossword

4.59 out of 5
34.1K Ratings
2 years ago, CristaMcD
Fun game, but…
The game itself is pretty fun. It’s often tricky enough that you really need to think but rarely so tricky that it’s a stretch to consider the answers as part of the picture. The reason for the 3 stars? The insanity of the ads. They’re sometimes 40-60 seconds long (and never shorter than 30-40 seconds long), requiring multiple steps by the player to get through them (clicking the “x” or “done” to progress to the next part of the ad). And it’s a fairly common occurrence that you sit through the ad only for the prize to not get doubled, which is why I decide to watch the ads in the first place. That’s frustrating enough that it deserves losing more than 1 star (maybe not deserving of losing 2, but that’s my only option if I’m deducting more than 1). If the ads were significantly shorter and the prize doesn’t double like it should, I’d have settled for taking only 1 star, but them being that long AND not getting doubled deserves losing more than 1 star. If you’re not annoyed at stuff like that the way I am, you’d probably rate it 4 or 5 stars. It’s worth playing to find out.
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5 years ago, Hiker_th
Fun but expensive
I like the game. Plays well. Logical clues. However the escalating token cost assures that the player will be required to spend money in order to continue. There is no way out of it. Play skill will not avoid it. 5/17. Still no new classic puzzles. Is this app being abandoned by the developers? It’s been many months since an update to the classic mode. Like others reviewing here I don’t care for the mixup mode. I also echo the complaint regarding answers not relating to the picture itself but rather to arcane references to the generalization of the pix. 9/05. It seems like the classic mode has been abandoned. The mix up one merely recycles old photos and answers so it’s really trivial to solve. This used to be one of my favorites but it’s really stale now. Not much reason to visit it. I can’t imagine that the advertisers like the reduced time-in-app. To the developers: please provide new classic puzzles. It’s why most of us got involved in the app. I luv the original concept. Please don’t minimize or abandon it.
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6 years ago, Cyeahuh
Definitely addicted to this game. Fun and passes the time when you're bored. Keeps your brain sharp for sure! I just wish there was a more clear way to EARN tokens! If you finish some puzzles you'll earn some but if you finish another puzzle, even flawlessly and fast, you don't earn any. I'd like to know how you specifically "earn" these tokens. I've looked in the FAQ and it doesn't answer my question. You need tokens to move on through the boards. If you're not earning the tokens to move on then you have to buy them if you want to continue. Well, I'm not THAT addicted! You guys are making money on all of those ads we are forced to watch, and I really don't mind watching them, I actually click a few. So do you really need to charge us for tokens to continue on in a game that you are already making money on? Come on....I'm sure you want people to keep playing this game!
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3 years ago, Old Eyes Also
One Clue
The concept of the puzzle is amazing! I love it, and by judicious playing and ad watching, I have no trouble collecting enough tokens to keep playing. My request is due to my personality and intelligence (or lack): is it possible for us to choose a difficulty level the way Sudoku has, i.e., easy, medium, or hard. I don’t find it relaxing to work on puzzles that get progressively harder each day. Also, the difficulty sometimes lies in the vocabulary or obscurity of the puzzle, but sometimes it lies in the visual acuity needed. The picture itself is tiny and there’s just no way for me to see something that’s almost visible. I’m older so it doesn’t matter whether I have bright light or not, whether I’m wearing glasses or not: I simply cannot focus well enough to notice that there is something teeny tiny in that blur that will be a clue. There is room on the screen for you to enlarge the photo, and that would be a big help. But such a great puzzle idea: hats off to you. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Remoh Cuz
Yes, this app is good
Updated review: A few minutes ago I looked up this app in App Store for the express purpose of submitting a positive review because I felt/feel it’s deserved. *Afterward* I looked at recent reviews about this app crashing & am both surprised & suspicious of these complaints. Therefore, I am updating my review to say this: For what it’s worth, I’ve had ZERO probs. Original review: I’ve had an ad-free version of this app for over a year, & thoroughly enjoy it. Buying any tokens or coins stops ads, & it’s worth the price. As version history indicates, puzzles are frequently added. Though I have tokens & coins, I still occasionally buy one or another from devs simply to show support to them for this app I find so enjoyable. 2 things to know: 1) If you’ve not completed all the puzzles, a free one is unlocked daily at midnight; completion results in bonus tokens & coins. 2) A free one-word-solution bonus puzzle (top R of screen) is offered daily, even after you’ve completed all regular puzzles. Though I’ve finished all the reg puzzles, I still open this app daily for this bonus puzzle to get free tokens & coins I’ll use when more puzzles are (frequently) released. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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5 years ago, A real reviewer
Edit: So... This only goes to Level 38, and, that's it??? *deleting app now* PREVIOUS ISSUES STILL NOT ADDRESSED BY DEVELOPERS: There are two huge issues with this app that have not been fixed. First, I am sick and tired of being robbed of coins I've earned. When you watch videos for coins at least HALF - and some days it's 3/4 of the videos complete then crash and don't reward you the coins! I know for a fact I've watched them all the way through because they recycle the same ones and I know them by heart by now. This is absolute BS to not reward someone for watching a video when they did - just because the idiots who made the videos made them those annoying as hell interactive ones that crash all the time! Second - is it that hard to create words for the puzzles that ACTUALLY MATCH what the photo is about?! Some of the people who create them are clueless. They describe items in the pictures incorrectly, calling them something else or worse - they make something up that isn't even IN the photo or associated with it.
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6 years ago, Cheaperguy
Relevance is the key...
While I play almost every day I frequently am frustrated because the words are supposed to be from the picture. Take today’s word of the day for example: clues in the picture were silk flowers, styrofoam, string, petals, etc. The word? WELLNESS! How do you figure that out without clues and hints? I appreciate the opportunity to watch videos of other games to earn tokens and progress, however slowly, without spending money. Some people just can’t afford to use their money this way. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reminders (temptations?) that you can do so. Since I first wrote this review the option (for me) of watching videos for tokens has disappeared. I have not had one for a couple months. It could be the ios update. Why be so stingy with the tokens for solving the puzzle of the day? Do you not appreciate that we play your game, watch your ads and try to come in every day?
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7 years ago, Msmellymel53
Photo crossword
I really enjoy these types of games; this one isn't any exception. It is fun and it plays really fast. I will continue to play often. This is a wonderful game and it is most enjoyable. This game is relaxing and I just can not stop playing it; I really hope extra levels are added soon because I am almost at the end. I am really glad that they add more levels and I continue to hope that more will be added. This is my favorite game and I love when additional levels are added. I just wish that they would more than two at a time; because I do them all at one time then I have to wait for more. Keep adding more levels I enjoy this game greatly. My favorite game had some more levels added; bravo. I can't wait to solve them. More levels makes my world happy; I love this game, it keeps your mind thinking. My favorite game added a few more puzzles; I would always like this game. Out of all the games I play, this is my favorite and I will always play this game. My all time favorite. I love this game; every update makes me enjoy it more and more. I really wish that they would release more than two rounds at a time.
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7 years ago, RAMC84
Love the challenge but it would be nice to be able to earn more tokens so you could complete more puzzles without having to buy so many tokens. The way the game is designed you MUST PURCHASE TOKENS or complete only one puzzle daily. Even if you share the information online, 95 - 98% or the rewards are coins. Having the coins when you are stumped is nice but for the most part they are not extremely important on most puzzles. It was always be nice to be able to enter letters in any space instead of having to start at the beginning. At the current time my iPad resets to Day 1 everyday which allows me to only earn 2 tokens. This started following the last update and I have tried to get the information to the makers but they hav made it difficult to correspond with tech support.
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6 years ago, Amcdaniel76
Helping me recover!
I love this game! I used to play all kinds of word games, constantly. And I was great at them. Then I suffered a severe brain stem stroke and one of the side effects/problems was that I am always saying the wrong word, or have trouble trying to find the word I want or need to use. And my word games were no more. But as I started to recover a bit my dr encouraged me to begin playing them again, to start with simple children games and work my way up. Playing this game helps my brain to find the right words. To spell them properly, to associate the words with certain subjects. So not only is this fun, it’s a great tool to use for neurological issues that people with cognitive problems have.
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6 years ago, OneSassyB
Slow moving
While I enjoy this game, it’s just so darn slow. I almost hate getting sticklers because you wait for the reveal, wait for it to show in the sticker pack, wait for the coins to be awarded...geesh can’t we pick up the pace here? Even after you finish a puzzle can’t the coins just ching ching in with my existing coins? Then you continue to the next puzzle but wait, have to click continue again because you’re bombarded with the Facebook post or twitter post (I personally don’t care about either). Also noticed misspellings...last time I looked the yogurt in my fridge is spelled YOGURT not YOGHURT. Maybe that’s how others spell it? Not to be ignorant I get it that there’s more than one way to spell a word...but I’ve noticed more than a few and had to end up using coins to figure out, what should have been, an easy puzzle.
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6 years ago, aquasea1965
Seems to be fine now. HOW TO REINSTALL-AD LOCK OUT
Really can work your brain and still have fun! Looks easier than it is! ....................UPDATE..................HAD TO REINSTALL after getting an "ad" and being told that it's address was no good, so I was locked on to a black screen, unable to back out, and I had to exit completely. I was't able to get back to the game any other way. When I reinstalled game, I had to start at the VERY BEGINNING - VERY ANNOYING AND DISAPPOINTING. I like the game, and play daily as I find that it relaxes me, but it's quite discouraging to have go through levels again. UPDATE I'm back to really enjoying the game again - even after having to reinstall it. Like other players, I also wish that it was easier to earn tokens as this game is very addictive, and just being able to play only 1-2 puzzels at a time can be disappointing, especially when your brain gets in that mind set! LOL! Any why... I'm back to really enjoying this game and sharing it with my friends. Still having a blast!
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3 years ago, covcty
No customer support
I have tried to contact them through both the app and regular email but have never received a response from them. About three months back only my tokens stopped adding up with the amount that it says that it is supposed to be giving you but the coins are just fine. It usually only adds one token instead of the 5 or more tokens that it says that it is giving me and in some cases I am given nothing at all. I was trying to ask if it would delete my progress as well as all of my tokens and coins if I simply deleted the app and reinstalled it again seeing as how they have my Facebook information in case I have to get a new device and reinstall the game on the new device. They have never responded to either form of communication and the puzzle needs to be renamed because it is no longer a crossword puzzle.
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4 years ago, TeresaC910
Too many tokens to unlock puzzles
Played the classic game. On 38 of the mix up. So excited y’all added more levels! the token counter only goes to 10. You can get 10 for the daily word and an extra 15 by watching a video—if it gets credited to your account. My puzzles require 50+ tokens to unlock one puzzle! You are only allowed a certain amount of tokens by watching videos. If I feel like watching videos for an hour, it should let me until I quit. Would be great to shuffle the letters without costing real money, tokens, or coins; way WAY too many ads. Not paying $3. Would consider $0.50 The game is fun. Either increase the amount of tokens for daily word or watching videos or decrease number of tokens needed to play
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7 years ago, skizzzizizzz
Great game that suffers from same old mobile game pitfalls
Love the game itself, I’ve been really enjoying the puzzles. The hints and the coins are handled intuitively while still making the process of figuring out the word rewarding. Having to wait for the tokens is obnoxious, but I’m used to it. However, perhaps I’m just not far enough into the game and this changes, but only having the tokens recharge to 10 tokens while the cost to start a puzzle at just level 2 is over 10, that’s very poorly thought out. Sad, as I’ve really liked the game, and I don’t have the desire to buy tokens. The daily word bonuses are nice, but aren’t a solution. Neither are the daily gifts. Another way to earn tokens would be appreciated, otherwise I’m basically through with this game.
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6 years ago, DKARoberts
Good game. Bad design.
It’s a pet peeve when games are designed so that you HAVE to pay to proceed at the speed you want. Each crossword costs you “tokens” and they are hard to come by. Need to be more token rewards, a higher daily allowance or make the crosswords cost less tokens to play. I don’t expect everything to be free, but I do expect to be able to play more than 3-4 puzzles per day. That being said, when I have enough tokens to play, I love the game. Words are quirky sometimes, but it makes me laugh. Puzzles are a challenge but a doable challenge. I do find myself playing a bit everyday despite the challenges with tokens. (And for the developers - I would still play every day, even if I had access to more tokens. Please consider tweaking the design!)
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5 years ago, Karen5706
Happy Dance
I had to delete the one with scrambled puzzles in it ,lost my stickers and everything else and I had reached the top of both crossword and scrambled puzzles. All gone . All I wanted was for the old game to not lockup. Not happy at all. I have done this before with no problem. How cN I restore the one I deleted and get rid of this version?. An update on this post. They listened and all was fixed right away. Cannot get any better than this. I am once again playing bonus puzzles until the scrambled and regular word crossword gets more games to work on. Thank you to whom ever fixed this. Enjoying playing.
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3 years ago, doc sandman
Used to be quite good
This was a very fun app, I used to enjoy passing time with, but recently they made a change to their ads. Now it’s almost unplayable! Whenever you agree to watch an advertisement to get a hint, or to double your winnings, etc. they have now created an almost laughably tiny microscopic “x” with which you can go back to the game. The total surface are of the x is probably 1/20th the size of an adult fingertip, so needless to say you’re going to hit something on the screen other than the desired x, which brings up a pop-up for the app store to download whatever they’re trying to sell you. I’ve literally gone through this cycle dozens of times exhausting 3-5 minutes in an attempt to get back to the game from a “30 second ad”: They ruined what was once a relaxing and enjoyable time.
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6 years ago, J-hooked
Fun Find
Love this game. So far liking the challenges and yet easy enough that you don't get discouraged or frustrated but challenging enough to work your brain. Not enough purple tokens to play more than the daily challenges though. I do like that if you go below 10 purple tokens it will refill up until you reach 10 so that helps to keep me with sufficient purple tokens. As long as you do the daily challenge you will always get the full ten purple tokens each day, so take advantage and play. Found out if you do play multiple games per day you run out of puzzles. Hope they take care of that soon !
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6 years ago, Michelle504
I Was Just About To Ask
I was getting close to the last existing group of puzzles and was about to ask when the update would come to bring more puzzles as promised. The update came just in time! And it's good to be able to do a free puzzle every day while waiting to build up your token reserves. And the sticker collections are great for getting more coins to be able to punch the clue buttons. So I've added another star. I hope it keeps this five-star rating! Update: I wish you would put the blue background back up. It’s easier on the eyes than the magenta one.
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6 years ago, Chronorager
Fun Game
I love the concept of the game, my wife and I both love playing by working together to what was he word is. There are two things I’d love to see reworked in the game. First we need to be able to shuffle the letters. It can get annoying when you have to write them down to find words or we even sometimes use a scrabble word finder on google. The second change I’d like to see is the reduction of coins to find one letter in the word. The 50 coins is to steep and thus we never use that option. I’d like to see it reduced to possibly 25 coins or just a bit higher. All in all the game is fun and enjoyable, and we have recommended it to friends and family.
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7 years ago, Ppoddpiaj
Too long to get tokens
Great game. Finding that I like it a lot. It's unique and I like the idea if the one photo word key. My only issue is the tokens. Ripped right through mine before I even noticed there were tokens or how you need a certain amount per puzzle. That was fine, so I used mine up and turned game off for the night expecting that the tokens are given at a steady rate. But when turned on to play the next day there were no more tokens...the didn't keep generating. The clock started only once I logged in to play. Weird. Will take forever to finish like that and I don't have the time or patience. Should be more like G5 games where you accumulate tokens even when not playing.
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6 years ago, TaniaS422
Better than "typical" crossword
This one offers a nice twist on the standard. Sometimes you have to really analyze the picture to get a word. I like that it makes you think a little. This game also gives you many ways to earn coins for hints and tokens to play games; very nice for a free game. But beware, the "price" of the games goes up sharply as you move to higher levels. It would be great if we could use some of the MANY easily obtainable coins to purchase the far less available tokens. Also, I wish the ads didn't pop up QUITE so frequently.
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6 years ago, Saki&Yuki
HAD to leave a review..
So I’ve played many games where you need tokens or coins. The difference in this game is instead of being able to play a couple puzzles then having to wait hours or a day to be able to play more, they really give you chances to get the tokens so you can play when you’re stuck in! So it’s the first game I’m really happy to support in buying packs when I want to go all out and play for a long time, because it doesn’t feel like you’re forced to buy something to play. THANK YOU!! Great and addicting game as well!
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6 years ago, txskeeter
One Word Crosswords
Great way to pass the time while standing in a checkout line, waiting for an appointment or flight, meeting a friend for lunch or dinner who is running late, etc. Quick and easy without struggling ... at least most of the time. Biggest problem is running out of tokens with not enough ways to get more tokens forcing hours of no access. When in doctor or dentist, or hospital waiting rooms for long periods, we get to a point where we don’t have sufficient tokens to work another puzzle so we are stuck with nothing to occupy the time!
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7 years ago, Sky 534
Enjoy it even tho not a crossword fan
It's a fun twist on crosswords. One image is your only clue for the entire puzzle. They give you scrambled letters including false ones. Seems easy at first but gets progressively harder. Coins are quite easy to accumulate but tokens, which you need to play each puzzle are much harder to come by. You do have to be frugal using your tokens unless you want to pay to play. Can take a long time to accumulate enough for free play, my only gripe. But it is a lot of fun and a great way to keep an aging brain nimble and sharp. Highly recommended!!
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7 years ago, Tadmore254
I'm Not as smart as I thought cause I have to keep doing things to get free coins Now it's Near the end of July and I've built up some coins from the free daily and the posting on FB and writing this review but I'm still sucky at this game haha Now it's September and I'm still here and into the game but it's getting harder and the coins are expensive to buy and hard to get; still in September and I'm reviewing for more coins cause this game is still challenging and I'm still not very good but I am still enjoying the trying- haha.
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6 years ago, Curves208
Brain Game!
I love this game however, it’s ridiculous that you can’t earn more tokens!!!! As you progress, the puzzles require more and more tokens to play but, the amount you can earn has not increased. I’m seriously thinking about deleting this game because i just can’t afford to buy tokens as I’m disabled and on a very limited income. It’s really too bad because this is a great brain exerciser. Increase the amount of tokens I can get daily or i will delete this and find another game to play. There are many others out there that are a lot more lenient with the tokens you can earn.
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4 years ago, Mph33
It’s Now Officially Awful
Below is what I wrote two years ago. Now I have the Daily Puzzles. They were fun. Not was a picture of a canoe near a dock on a river. There were many items in and around the canoe. The word was ‘sunlight’.....THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! A waste of time! The games went fast when I first got this app. So I ran out of tokens and coins. I bought some....$20 worth. As you go to higher level, the cost (tokens) of playing increases. I was quickly out again. Basically, I've been able to play one game daily without buying coins and tokens. It takes some planning to do it though! Many answers are obscure. Lately have been able to gain coins while awaiting updates. Still a good game. Very well done! Continues to be a daily activity!
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5 years ago, 4EverintheSon
Great game but...
I truly love this game and see how easy it is to get lost in it. My only problem is that during one of the puzzles, Solar System one to be exact, (that also was the answer), one of the letters (T) was missing from the pool of letters to choose from, forcing me to have to use coins to fill it in to finish the puzzle. I don’t think that’s very fair and I hope it’s a one time thing, considering it’s 50 coins a pop every time you use either side of the help. Also, I shared on Twitter and never got my reward either. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for those two things tbh. I am literally cross eyed from playing so long!
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6 years ago, CTCasinoGal
Definitely challenging, however, some words that are in the puzzle are not directly related to what you are actually looking at in the picture. It may be the color of an item in the picture, not the item itself. Games are fun but don't really like the fact that you have to pay to get beyond a certain point. Somehow, I keep playing! I can still play without paying at my current level. Should give more opportunities to get tokens, maybe by completing some of the sticker collections Still enjoy playing every now & then Fun to play
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6 years ago, Dondi_1
Great game
I love that there are enough free options that a person can continue to completion & great satisfaction, & brain power. Do wish not so many tokens needed since can't play as long as I would like. Once in a while the actual subject is not in the picture, though it may somehow be related- and is a bit of a stretch. That adds frustration rather than enjoyment. Opening after some downtime when short of tokens appreciated. Very appreciated!! Still love the game- though like another’s suggestions that one could, in multiple syllable words, begin in the middle.
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6 years ago, Esmeralda eyes
Great game but wth!!!
Was Enjoying the app so far. Puzzles were interesting. Loved the challenge. They're getting harder as you advance just wish you didn't have to wait so long to be able to advance without having to pay for tokens. Now with the new update they changed the whole game. Waiting 4 hours is ridiculous you can’t earn as many coins and by not having a picture for a reference you go through them too fast. Not enjoying it as much anymore.
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6 years ago, Alesialoveserik
Purple coins
I wish there was a way to get more purple coins instead of having to buy them. When a sale is going on you can’t watch videos to get free coins which I think is just plain wrong. You should be able to watch videos while a sale is going on. Also you should be able to watch videos more than once a day. If you are like me and you like to watch all of the videos you can in order to keep playing you get annoyed when you use them all and have to wait until the next day to play again.
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2 years ago, Leader12345
Enjoyable game
For the second time I have finished all the mix up and cross word puzzles (finished all the new puzzles) and finally compiled all the bonus puzzles too. I have enjoyed playing and have not paid for tokens or coins. I wish there were more puzzles to solve. The daily puzzle, as others have noted, is sometimes a stretch which is why I dropped one star - along with no new puzzles. I have found that by doing 1-2 puzzles a day there is no need to pay and often no need to watch for tokens or coins.
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3 years ago, Demekia42
Broken App
Hello I love this game but I am tired and quite frankly fed up with the game freezing on me every few days. I have written twice now about the problems I been having with the app and I am at the point of deleting this game and telling everyone not to get it. None of the other game apps I have behave like this which makes me think something else is going on. Please prove me wrong and fix it because I really love this game. Thank you and have a nice day.
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7 years ago, D.mill.
Cross Words
Great game, lots of gun... I do agree that it would be better if the game would allow you to choose which letter in the word to get a hint for...meaning not necessarily the next blank letter in the word, but maybe one in the middle as an example. Also to be able to take a letter and place it in anywhere in the world, rather than trying to guess the next open space to fill in a letter of choice. But then again, the game may be too easy! I like it either way.
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6 years ago, rbeti
It's getting more and more frustrating that the developers just don't care to listen to reviews. I really like this game but seriously it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Get a clue developers. I keep hoping that the developer's greed will lessen but obviously not. Still WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!! The developers obviously don't care to listen to the players of this game. I really do like this game but hate how expensive it is. Sometimes it takes days to earn enough tokens to play even one puzzle. Otherwise it is a great game. Just sad that the developers are so greedy. And yes I have bought tokens several times but refuse to spend any more on this game. I've played this game for quite a while but keep giving low stars because the purple tokens are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! Ridiculously so actually and the puzzles just cost more n more tokens so it can take up to six days of doing the daily puzzle just to play one full puzzle. I'm very frustrated by this as you can tell.
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3 years ago, just a sad player
Only limited play available
I really enjoy the challenge of this game, but I don't play often due to the lack of tokens available to play it. Each game takes LOTS of tokens, and tokens are only available in very small increments after watching tons of ads. Example- each puzzle takes 20-50 tokens. To get five tokens, you must watch a long ad. It might take watching TEN ads to play ONE puzzle. I’ll probably stop playing soon. Makes me sad for such a great challenge. 😔
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7 years ago, Missinginaction50
A user friendly game
Have had this for the last week and enjoyed it very much! The words are mostly easy to guess but they have the occasional stumper. Very easy to earn tokens. You have to know a few British terms (like "row" means "argument"), but that doesn't stop you from enjoying. Update 2- several weeks later of steady play, the puzzles get tougher so a great brain challenge. Update 3- very generous with tokens so purchases are not necessary if you can be patient.
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6 years ago, QRT7437890
Fun w/some issues
Wish I had more ways to get tokens instead of coins! I won't buy them. You get lots of chances for extra coins...please do this with tokens!!! This game is easy enough to play without wanting to throw your phone, but challenging enough to make you think. Some clues are ridiculously easy and some take time. A few are NOT in the picture and that's annoying. Please just use the picture for words and not an "idea" that goes with it! Overall, I'm enjoying it!! Even my kids like to play!
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7 years ago, heartlikeaglass
It's good
I am enjoying this game. I like the unique concept, and how it makes me think differently from other games. I do sometimes wish that it were possible to zoom in on the pictures, and it would be nice to be able to scramble the letters. I actually like that I can't play too many puzzles per day with the limited availability of purple coins (I'm just not going to spend money on this sort of thing) because it keeps me from wasting time, and I think just playing a little each day keeps it fresh. 🙂
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3 years ago, Silly Tink
Two complaints
First the person selecting the words is clearly British. On some of the puzzles the British word is used instead of American which can be confusing and unfair. Second, in Chapter 37, there is a puzzle for 43 points that is inappropriate. The subject is a woman in black stirring a cauldron. There are words in the puzzle that are offensive, in particular BlackMagic. Wiccans do not have anything to do with the black arts. Wicca is a religion that has sacred terms, actions and concepts. It is shortsighted to use offensive words in this puzzle. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Vulcan8r
Finished all levels without paying
I disagree with one reviewer that you cannot play these games (there are two versions in the app.) without spending money. You can easily play both games on a daily basis and complete 6 or seven puzzles a day. It is a great game with only one caveat that applies to most games …ads. And you can manipulate those such that you can amass a stockpile of coins and hints (if you even need them)
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7 years ago, Purrfect Speeller
Costs $4.99 in tokens to play one puzzle
GREEDY app!!!!! ZERO STARS!!! The average puzzle costs 60 "tokens" per puzzle, and to do the whole word, it's 300 tokens!!! Outrageous!!! You have to listen to countless ads but only get 5 tokens for it and can only get a few a day. Not even enough for a puzzle. All they want is for you to buy tokens that are $3 for 150 and the average word takes at least 300tokens, so it's just ridiculous. In the first rounds, the words are maybe 5 tokens or so, but it jumps astronomically from there. I'm done with this app!
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6 years ago, Jambone151
Updates changed the game
I’ve been playing this game for about a year. Not sure I understand why the recent changes were made in the update. The new option of playing for stickers uses up the tokens needed to solve the regular puzzles. Also, you need a better option for obtaining tokens. Sure I can hand over cash, but that’s not going to happen. So I play the game every day, but not for long.
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6 years ago, Sonrisante
Good concept; fun for a while
Nice alternative to standard crosswords. Fun word game based on pictures. Some of the words are quite esoteric, even given the pictures. So it can be frustrating—that’s part of the challenge. But there’s a lot of waiting time. You can only spend purple coins to play a game, but acquiring purple coins is based on waiting for a timer or solving certain puzzles, but you don’t know beforehand which puzzles have how many purple coins associated with them. So there’s a lot of waiting.
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7 years ago, JandCmommy
Repeat ads
It's a fun game and it can be challenging at times. I actually love the game and recommend playing it. You have to be patient because you can only play a couple of puzzles a day as you need to save up enough tokens to play a puzzle. Some puzzles take more tokens than others. One way you can earn tokens is by watching ads. If that doesn't bother you, then install the game and have fun.
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5 years ago, GothicLoverBri
All in All, a Pretty Good Game
Besides a few grammatical mistakes and the occasional word not making a lot of sense when it comes to the picture, it's actually a pretty fun game. Sometimes it crashes before I can collect my reward and then when I go back into the game, I don't get my reward, which makes me mad. But, it challenges you to think about what else could possibly be in the picture and look at absolutely everything. All in all, it's a pretty good game to pass the time.
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6 years ago, Tintin93940
Perfect Amount of Challenge
I really enjoy this game. Some of the clues from the picture are a bit nit-picky, or they are British vernacular, but it isn’t enough of an annoyance to quit. Clever concept. Even my 11-year-old joins me in trying to figure out the clues. She's getting good. Clever concept, definitely not mindless. It's sure making me work, and think! For those like me who refuse to pay for coins and such, you still get opportunities to earn them. Plus the background music is pleasant.
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