One Nevada

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One Nevada Credit Union
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12 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for One Nevada

4.02 out of 5
315 Ratings
2 years ago, joiee2
Like it but…..
I’ve been with One Nevada for a few years now. I love the bank but I’m having trouble with being able to use Face ID with the app. A few days ago it decided it’s not going to work. I prefer that over a password. Other than this problem, I’m happy with the app. Easy to use, love that I can turn my card off and pick which card functions I want turned off or I can turn everything off. Transfers are simple, checking all my accounts is a breeze.
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1 week ago, JETurner
The new iPhone App is a huge step down
For the life of me I can’t figure out why companies update apps and purposely make them less user friendly!? This app is now less user friendly which equals more frustrating. Gone is the ability to choose what account you want to log in to at the Home Screen. Now you have to use your phone’s password/ face recognition if you want one account. And the apps face recognition for the other…lame! Also the Bill pay option is hidden 6 pages away from the home screen!? WHY??? Why on earth would someone want to fight to just log in and then search high and low for the bill pay option….dumb! But here is the good news…you can find the loan me money 💰 option really quick!! 🤦‍♂️ Who every was in charge of authorizing this update should be called in the office and told never to make decisions by themselves ever again.
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3 weeks ago, Sbwq
Lacking transparency
I have been using this app for years and i like it, but when they did the last update, some very important features went away like card control. It is important for me to be anle to lock and unlock my debit card. It has been over a year now and One Nevada just keeps saying its “coming soon”. I have spoken to people in person and on the phone and the all say “i dont know when”. I would give the app 5 stars if they listen better to their customers. Someone should know when this feature will be available, customer service needs to be more transparent. It seems like it is just a selling point to bolster customer base but no real plans to actually do it.
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2 years ago, johnsondevon
Great job
Today I came in with my financial service representative and she handled me with great care everything that I needed to be done today was taken care of there’s been many times in the future I’ve come in and got discouraged that there was nothing I can do to become a member of One Nevada but with the help of Miss Florez I was able to do that without a problem I recommend this branch and also this credit union to anyone who is looking for the best way to build your financial history and help
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5 years ago, Shaundra W
Here we go again!?!
After finally fixing the issue with not being able to log on to the new version of the app while waiting patiently for months! Now the email server is not working to reach member services!! I am almost ready to leave especially after finding out that One Nevada CU is not on the list of participants with Equifax for the Boost program! Over 8,000 banking institutions and credit unions have signed up... not our credit union! Can you please add your banking institution to the list of participants with the Boost program offered by Equifax? We would like to get credit for the bills we pay through our account while boosting our credit scores. If this is not an option, please let me know so we can join a bank that does!
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2 years ago, Ashlynn-Ann
Mahalo! (Thank you)
To open a bank account when you move to a different state can be challenging in a way to choose which one to go with. I’ve been recommended to open one at One Nevada from someone so I figure why not give it a try & I am so glad that I made the decision to do it here! Mac was so helpful in so many ways as well as being real informative about everything I needed to know & it made me more comfortable & happy to be a new member! Thanks again to Mac for your assistance!
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4 days ago, sav-on
One Nevada App
The app is ok but a little hard to understand sometimes. It would be nice if I could a total on the home page of all total of accounts. The IPad app is better then the last app for IPad. In bill payer section were you pay your bills there is a section on the right side of where you pay the bill to get more info. The one big problem is that you do a report or anything eles the “print button “ does not work. If you put a print button in the program and it don’t work is kind of stupid. The One Nevada App needs some improvements.
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What happened to auto-capture?
I like the app, it’s easy to navigate. However, I miss the auto-capture feature when taking pictures of checks while making mobile deposits.
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4 years ago, Connar V - Las Vegas
Ease of Use, Great Features
One Nevada has been my go to bank for years now. I have had other accounts with other banks who have charged ridiculous fees, not to mention trying to get a customer service representative on the phone.... every time I have any issues with my account, the One Nevada staff always assists me with no issue. The app is easy to use, and makes transferring from one account to another easy as well.. no complaints at all.
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11 months ago, suckit92
This update has caused so much stress
I used to be able to pay my credit card on the app, and now I can’t even pay it on their website, and I’m going to have to go into a branch every month now it seems to make a credit card payment. It’s unbelievable, I can’t access my account numbers to pay over the phone either, so thanks for that. I will probably find a new Bank. You lost a loyal customer, and I’ve spoken highly of this bank for years. I never even knew I wasn’t going to be able to make the payment until a couple days ago, because I was given zero notice of this change.
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9 months ago, chubbbbz
I just opened up a bank account with One Nevada Credit Union. I’m trying to utilize the mobile app and register my information but it’s keep giving me an error? Someone able to assist me. I have my account information and everything needed to register but it’s not letting me get past the enroll now because it’s saying there’s errors but all my information is correct.
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5 years ago, 702jamie
You’ll never get your money out
I would give this bank negative stars if I could. There is no way to get more then $1000 out of the bank at a time. They have no cash at the bank. The only way is there atm which are usually broken so you have to drive all around town trying to find one good luck! Then if you get tax refunds deposited good luck! The irs deposited my Refund but it a “pending “ positive deposit for weeks since it’s on one Nevada end now. Just save yourself a headache and go somewhere else I’ve had it with one Nevada! Just waiting for them to release my money that is mine and Figure out a way to withdraw my money which will be the hard part with this bank!
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6 years ago, Call Me Red
Hope you don’t like checking on your money.
Seriously, I swear both this app and the website are down for hours at a time daily. It’s the worst banking experience I’ve had. More than half the time if I want to check how much money I have left I have to go to an atm. (It’s been almost a year and nothing has changed. You think if any app would want to make sure it’s in top working order it would be one that handles peoples banking and such. What a joke. I’ll be switching to some place else as soon as I’m in a position to do so.) (Even when you check the last update it was 7 months ago. Seriously? Fix your app/servers what ever is causing the issue.)
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3 years ago, homie702
One Nevada app
Just wanted to say that we think the app is great! We use it more then anything and is usally always updated. Fast smooth and rarley crashes or has any issues. Sitting here opening a new account because of how great the app is. And now we meet Tonia Flores and she was amazing. Makes us want to even come in and visit the office more because of her amazing service!!!! Also, they updated the location we are at. Looks beautiful
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4 years ago, ReviewGuru#1
Makes banking so easy!!
I use my OneNevada mobile banking app at least once a day. Takes all the stress and hassle out of depositing my checks and checking my balances, and also allows me to monitor my accounts for any weird activity! As usual, ONCU kills it with their customer service through this app and makes the banking process so easy, even a non-proficient amateur like myself can manage it. Great job, ONCU!
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12 months ago, danielsanlv
Major downgrade
I don’t know if there’s anything better in this 2023 version than in previous versions, but I do know that they have made the app experience much worse. It is now needlessly overcomplicated to use and difficult to find things which should be simple - such as transferring money from one account to another. The previous version may have been boring but at least it was easy to use.
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11 months ago, lizencee
New App
The new app has alot of features. All things related to moving money is in money movement. There’s A separate tile for visa and loan payments. The keep track feature is great for simplifying the checking history. Keep track also let’s me create a nice dash board. I love that you can move tiles on the home page and nickname all of them.
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4 years ago, Chenea76
Card control
I have tried everything with the card control feature and it simply does not work. I called customer service months ago and they said they would let the developer know. The card shows it’s registered. The phone number for notifications is there but I’m never notified when the card is used. It doesn’t give you the option to delete the card or the phone number. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still doesn’t work. Very disappointing.
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12 months ago, TNT_723
It’s supposed to be easier…
Big down grade happened where the debit card purchases are viewed. You now have to click on the purchase to see where the charge was. You used to be able to see it as you scroll at first glance. The ATM/branch location boxes are blue with black and an lighter blue font colors. This is very difficult to view and my screen needs to be fully bright because the contrast is so bad. Why not a white background??? No complaints for the rest of the app.
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3 months ago, Tatxq
Late updates
Paying off a credit card has been the biggest headache using this app , it takes over a day for the available balance to update , also it won’t update over the weekend , if I make a payment on Thursday it won’t go thru and update till Monday which I think is ridiculous, especially for someone trying to boost their credit and use the card more often
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2 weeks ago, boxofficevegas
Great app, but hangs when loading accounts recently
Facial recognition works. I check balances, pay bills, etc. very easily. No need for a computer. And the bank is great! Customer service, technical support always there to help
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2 years ago, Sasaeva84
Perfect service!
My partner and I came in to open an account to start saving for our new home and Celia was nothing but superb. Professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable! The process was painless and we were set up without any issues!
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3 weeks ago, tware8
Theo Ware
In my mind, I cannot conceive why you would have a banking app without the ability for the customers to lock their cards. The previous app had that feature and for a year now I’ve been told that that you’re working on it. In this stage of so much credit card and debit card fraud do not have that feature available to your customers. I just can’t wrap my head around it.
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4 months ago, Cheernartist
Please fix it
The new version of the app is hard to navigate. Before, everything was laid out pretty simple. It was easy to manage my card, find my account number and limits, etc. The new layout is annoying, I can’t find anything. When I call for help, the bot sends a link that doesn’t even work. Please make the app easier to use, it was way better before this new layout.
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6 years ago, 99JC99
Works great for me
I love the Quick Access to see my balance with a swipe on the right and the photo check deposit, use it all the time to transfer funds. Very handy app, makes up for having only two branches 45 minutes away in Reno.
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4 years ago, Sophaphone
Great Customer Service
Teresa Popp refereed me to this wonderful app. I really love how easy it is to navigate. The fact that this app feels personable without having the person right in front of you, had made this transition smooth. I’m grateful that you took the time to help me understand this app. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Bclaborn
They made do it
When I was younger my parents had me open my first checking and savings with this credit union. I have been an member since I was 15, they work with me whenever I have problems and even gave me a great auto rate! I’ll never bank with anyone else.
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11 months ago, cupcakequeen36
Why Fix Something That’s NOT Broken?
There’s too many glitches with the app and it’s frustrating. Before the major changes, I never had any issues logging into my account and now, it’s becoming a hassle. Even though the app is easier to navigate, I wish they left the design alone.
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3 years ago, PryoPQ
Needs updates
Constantly takes forever to login and see your accounts. Then when you can finally access that it may or may not let you go into transfer. Then if might let you bring up your accounts to complete said transfer.
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4 years ago, Heatherbunzzz
Great app
Really convenient way to check your accounts, online bill pay, and deposit checks via mobile. Same features as the desktop but only on your phone
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5 years ago, Abs19travel
Best banking eva
This app makes my life so much easier especially since you have to do a dual authentication when you just regularly sign in through the website. This app speeds up the process when I want to look at my account.
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5 years ago, cronan5
App was great...
Last weekend started having issues with the app. Won’t allow me to transfer money between linked accounts. Have called the credit union numerous times without resolution. Deleted the app, restarted phone, reinstalled the app and now it won’t allow me to set up quick access for face recognition. Have to enter my password every time to access. Just over it. Been with the credit union for years and am very disappointed in there response.
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3 weeks ago, OneNVCU
This app is very easy to use. I do wish when I make a payment on my loan I would know if my payment, which is always more than the required payment, is going to the principle.
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2 weeks ago, I’m about to go Beth
Several times since the update, I have been locked out of my accounts. Yesterday and today I have had a warning that I have tried my face login too many times so I had to login with my info. I have had my phone in my presence and have not tried my facial recognition but rather was greeted with the warning. Both days it has refused my appropriate login. I should not have to go to the CU to get my balances.
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11 months ago, beth 2472
Perfect app!
I’m a new member, just joined today and downloaded the app. It’s really easy to use and got my account set up really fast. Thank you Rebecca Albrecht for the help! She was very patient and kind through the whole process.
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1 week ago, tulip512
Great Credit Union
I’ve been a member since it was Nellis Federal credit Union. I always get great service. If I have to go in sometimes the lines are kind of long long. But overall, I like this Credit Union and I like their app.
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12 months ago, Larry Ka’ina
Need getting used to
I like the new look. But there is no go back option or key. Also the payments I previously made would show up as pending which is nice to see as a reminder. That is no longer showing. Can you update those options and features?
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3 years ago, KEncinas
Easy to use!
The One Nevada app has so many great features and is extremely user friendly. You can do check deposit, bill pay, transfers, apply for loans, quick access and card controls.
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5 years ago, 24karit
This app works great!
Edited rating: I had a problem with the Quick Access and once I informed them, the problem was fixed right away! That was my only issue- everything else works great! Thank you One Nevada
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2 weeks ago, silentana
Mobile App
User friendly. Easy to use. The only thing I miss is the ability to save your password but that doesn’t warrant a lower rating.
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3 weeks ago, Mon Ami'
I just say honestly I have no idea how to use the computer other than a must need basis…. So to tell you I can use this with ease says A Whole lot for a person as myself 👍🏽
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3 years ago, PENA_21
Easy money!!
Tania helped me get a credit card and its been boosting up my credit score! And the app, makes banking much easier thanks so much! One Nevada credit union you guys are the best !!! Definitely recommend banking with them!
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5 years ago, Mmstar16777
Fantastic App
Love this app. I use it to deposit checks into my account, check my balance, transfer money, and pay my car payment. It just doesn’t get anymore convenient than this.
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1 week ago, 1-800- muñeca
Love the easy access to my accounts
Been with credit union for almost 30 years
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6 months ago, LDW2
Worst App
I am so unhappy with this new app - it’s slow and clunky… The pages load slowly and the layout isn’t user friendly. Too many toggles to get to the information you need and there are numerous glitches even months after it has launched. I don’t know if I have a setting wrong but why is my opening page now transfers vs. my account balance. It needs work!
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5 years ago, Honu13
Bugs and difficult
This app was one of my favorites for productivity. Now I am can’t enable quick access and face recognition. Please fix this. I’ve encountered several problems since my last Apple update. I deleted the app and downloaded again. I also restarted several times and updated all apps. Looking forward to a fix sooner rather than later.
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1 year ago, Happymarie7
Can rarely ever login
Every time I want to check my balance the website and the app are always down. Sometimes it will say I am logged in but leave a blank page sometimes it won’t log me in at all, sometimes it tells me there’s an error. But nine out of 10 times I can never log into my account.
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3 years ago, Rebecca702
One Nevada App
Thank you for making the One Nevada App very user friendly! I was able to set up my bills and reclaim checking rewards quick and efficiently. Thanks for showing me how to do this Carmen. One Nevada is the best!
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3 years ago, Rosa DEspino
One Nevada app is the best !!!
I love this app it’s so easy to use. I check my account daily, with the quick access feature it makes it super easy to login.
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3 weeks ago, Lascajun
Good app
I have found this app to easily check on my accounts as many times as I want . And my bank on the run.
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