OneAZ Mobile Banking

4.8 (16.2K)
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OneAZ Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for OneAZ Mobile Banking

4.81 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
2 years ago, thedudeinsedona
External Bank Link doesn’t work
Was told by the Teller I could easily connect my OneAZ Credit Union account to an external bank account for easy transfers. Not only did it take multiple attempts to finally get it connect because of an “address mismatch,” once it finally did connect my external bank, I still couldn’t transfer funds between banks. I could only view balances. Perhaps there is an “operator error.” But to get charged $10 for an “address mismatch” on my bank statement and still not be able to transfer funds electronically is very frustrating. I would have gladly paid $10 for the convenience of electronically transfer funds between banks. But it still doesn’t work. And I don’t have time to go through the worst Customer Service systems you can call for a company. If you need help from OneAZ with a live person phone call, you had better prepare for a very long call with lots of transfers and extremely poor phone support.
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1 year ago, P-Baller$
No complaints!!!
Been using this app for 2 years and it’s been great. No crashes or anything. Security of info is great and ease of use is on point. It even has Zelle built in which is kinda dope. Definitely has always done everything I needed. Only thing that is a downer is that on pending direct withdrawals from my account, not debit card withdrawals. On direct withdrawals the overall account summary is accurate on how much money is in my account. But when I click into my actually checking account to see the details it shows the total amount of cash in my account even though there is a pending transaction that when completed will deplete my account. Basically when there’s a pending transaction and I have 500 dollars in the account, only 400 is actually available if I don’t want to overdraft my account. But once you know to watch for that it’s easy to avoid overdrafts.
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11 months ago, Lifetime Reader Judy
Efficient and friendly
I moved to Tucson from Michigan over a year ago. Needing a local financial institution, I researched the local credit unions and found One AZ, with a branch near my new home. OneAZ made it easy to set up my local accounts, and are most efficient and friendly. I feel that I receive small-town service in this large town, which I was looking for here. I’ve had excellent service, and the staff at OneAZ seamlessly helped me recently, when my debit card was compromised, to replace the card with no wait time for the replacement. They notified me when suspicious charges showed up on my account, and credited the charges back to me while they investigated the fraudulent items. I’m very, very happy with the services OneAZ offers with accounts, making it easy for this senior non-proficient computer user! I enjoy easy-to-understand instructions to the mobile banking, making it easy to bank from home. The best thing about OneAZ is that I have easy access to actual employees when I call!
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3 years ago, NateRep
New App is Not Functional
I try to go back and a cursor popped up over the back button like I was editing text. The back button didn’t work. Then tried to use Zelle to transfer funds (because I can’t do it on the Zelle app because Zelle tells me One AZ can do it in their own app) and it has a loading menu almost that says to click the open window button, which is grey and can’t be clicked. Also, why is there a message looking button in the top bar if you can’t actually click it? I assumed it was for support and contacting the credit union. Like the back arrow, it is a picture and not an operating function within the app. Yes, my app is updated. The app isn’t fully functional, I like the idea of some of the new features and layouts. However, the oven is still on and I am currently waiting for the app to rise and be ready to serve its customers.
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6 years ago, Limey Dee
I love this credit union
First, the app works great! I've maybe had it crash on me once. You can see all your accounts, transfer funds within, and your balance increase and decrease exactly with each transaction. Second, all the people in multiple cities that work for this bank have impressed me. Tucson's tellers were so positive and welcoming to me as a college student. Scottsdale's crew were so helpful and informative when I got married and my husband and I started making plans. The phone line workers who reset passwords, help with online questions make you feel like you are very important. Third, it is the chaos of the holidays and I just got a phone call from them alerting us that my husbands card info had been used to make questionable purchases. Sylvester walked us through the steps of getting a new card, checked off all the info for their fraud report, and did it within the day the charges appeared. Thank you so much, OneAz.
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3 years ago, DCKID357
Almost perfect, but still missing ideal features.
So the app is a standard bank app but it does have some good features for those who wanna play with the financial and budget systems. It lets you hide individual accounts from view which is good if you want to save but not be tempted by your savings. You can set limits for spending and set finance goals with it. It is a bit limiting, I wish it would let you do transfers between banks a bit easier and each feature is limited. An example is your finance goals can only be for about 3 topics and the spending limits only go down to a month or for individual transactions.
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3 years ago, andiesmith58
Old version was perfect, new one…
The new mobile app for OneAZCU is terrible so far. I hope you will make vast improvements so that it works as well as the flawless old app. Please increase the font darkness for us older folks. That faint crap is hard on the eyes. Most of my bill pay information disappeared. A list of accounts with no account numbers is not helpful. Sure, I can nickname the accounts so I can tell which is which but why should I have to? Very disappointed in this “new and improved” experience.
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3 years ago, peachtree2001
Best banking app I have used
This is by far the best fintech banking app I have used. The app allows you to see all of your accounts from other banks you use (other savings accounts, credit cards, etc.) and even shows the balance and due dates for all cards inside the same app. It also shows the history of all transactions, from all other banks/cards in the app. And I’m glad OneAZ went away from PopMoney and now uses Zelle. 🙌
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6 years ago, NAZ Music
Works fine but a few extra steps than needs
No complaints on functionality here. However the deposit process is slower than I’d like. Lots of words have to be written in the endorsement - so many that I ended up buying a stamp with the words on it. (But now that I have the stamp please don’t change the requirements!) It also always seems to ask if my front facing photo of the check is clear enough , which requires a few extra taps to confirm and more waiting time to clear. While still faster than driving to the bank I’d prefer a more streamlined process which allows me to complete my deposits faster.
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12 months ago, D's banking
Great app
I like everything . easy to navigate, awesome customer service, easy navigation, online check deposits, except not being able to pay direct payments. They require to go to bill pay that’s takes too much time. Am I missing something?
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5 years ago, AET2015
The changes make it less user friendly
Used to be able to log in from my phone and see all my accounts: business checking and savings and credit card, two sets of personal checking and savings accounts. After the change/upgrade/improvements, I can only see one line of accounts. And going to log in from my desktop rejects my login almost every time- I know that problem is a different department, but it’s really frustrating. Two stars because I love my branch in Flagstaff, Az. Otherwise, the technology for this company has been a major headache.
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4 months ago, jameswilletts
Copy and paste! Revolutionary!
Hey, you know what’s great?? Being able to copy transfer amounts and confirmations numbers from the confirmation page so I can enter it in YNAB! 🙌 If only Discover and Chase would get that memo. This app also does all the things a banking app should do, and the things I do frequently are right there in the front of the interface. Well-made, and interfaces seamlessly with my Bitwarden app, too.
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1 year ago, C.C.26
App doesn’t work as great as it used to
Before they updated the app it worked so much better, absolutely loved it so much more before. It doesn’t show you your charges as well as it used to, like pending or processing and it doesn’t show your available balance accurately anymore. On the main page it shows the available balance but then when you click on it to open the account it shows a completely different available balance.
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9 months ago, CroAnimals
Simple and Helpful
The OneAZ app is so helpful to use! I have immediate access to pending transactions, the ability to process checks remotely, etc. Wherever I am, I can immediately check my information without the hassle of going online or going to the bank. Highly recommended!!
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7 months ago, lucyandjerry
Mobile deposits doesn’t work
I have tried multiple times on multiple different occasions to deposit multiple checks. I’ve updated my phone and updated the app. I can’t seem to be able to deposit any checks. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if this seems to be happening to everyone, but it’s annoying. Other than that, the app seems to work really well.
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1 year ago, danakay12
Happy I switched
I was reluctant to switch from the big banks with easy to use apps. One Az is right there making it just as easy. I like the friendly customer service when I need customer service!! Thanks and I’m glad I Switched !
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5 years ago, AWConsulting
These frauds look for every opportunity to fine you and hide behind small print technicalities when automatically creating certain account terms and settings to work against you and then fine you when you utilize and existing feature that you didn’t request. Their support is never available and all automated responses and the help features in the app never work. The app is terrible but the bank itself is a scam. I was optimistic about supporting a local credit union but these people are garbage.
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3 years ago, Michaelinflag
I sure miss being able to go to the widgets in the Apple phone to look at my balances and have quick access it was a great help before you updated this app I’ve been a customer of yours for over 20 years hopefully my word has some weight please put it back thank you Clyde Drummond
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5 years ago, Mona400029
Easy to use, helps me manage multiple accounts
Enjoy the app, helps me track balances and many accounts including my kids. I can easily transfer money to different accounts. It has really helped me with not going into an overdraft situation.
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6 years ago, haalynn
Previous to the app getting a big “tech upgrade” it was working flawlessly with no hiccups. Now after the update, it no longer reflects any charges to my debit card immediately like it used to. It now takes several hours for my charges to be updated in the application. The app in my opinion, was much better before than how it operates now.
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3 years ago, tacco24
Fix the Zelle!
Absolutely ridiculous that it still doesn’t work & now, I can’t open Zelle, regularly to use it. It sends me to OneAZ and guess what… I can’t use it. Fix this nonsense, at once! Otherwise, everything else works fine.
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3 years ago, coryayers
Text Is Unreadable
This started off great but now the txt is so small I can barely read it. They should have kept the previous version, or at least gave me to option to keep that one. Almost unusable so I may delete it. Even with glasses on hard to read.
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1 year ago, ldyrev
Appreciate this app because I can transfer money between the two accounts and I can see it anytime whether something is cleared that I purchased or not so I thank you for having such a good app
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3 years ago, Caliosman
Get this App
Best credit union financial app in the market! This is what a financial App should be designed and executed !!! This is an excellent app much improved with the latest update as well. Keep doing these updates we love it! Thank you.
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6 years ago, JennaKaySteelers
Good but not perfect
If there was a way for my credit card to also show up and a way for me to make payments through the app, it would be perfect. They did an update and I still can’t do it. It’s frustrating because I don’t have a personal laptop at home where all my bills and statements are located. If I’m missing something please let me know!
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9 months ago, Azoneren
Az One app
Love the app however sometimes it will not allow me to pay for my credit card account which is also through AZ One? Then when it goes to the late fee and you can’t pay on line. Not sure what is happening? Thank you, Renee Mascher
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2 years ago, denRussell
Fairly good app but problems with fonts.
I can do all of my banking, but the font selection is pretty awful. For example, I am typing this review in a blank font on black background and can see nothing. Also, in characters on the screens are typically spider thin and not scalable. I need to use a loupe to complete my transactions.
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6 years ago, Maybunny1
Love the app!
I love this app. I know what I have in just a moment and no longer need to just hope I have enough! Keeps me honest and up-to-date! Hate the nickname to submit. Makes it hard to submit a review. Everything is taken! Took me 15 min to submit.
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2 years ago, Kaytothepea
Pretty phenomenal!
I switched from a local CA credit union just recently after being with them for 3+ years and maaaaaan their app SUCKED compared to this one. This app is amazing and the credit union is amazing as well!
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4 years ago, Southern Yankie
Special Inspector
The only thing that needs to improve is the credit card services, it’s a negative one star. All the people in the banking services have been fantastic.
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7 months ago, jsbbsikdbve
5 stars
I have used this app for a lot of years, my only criticism is billpay has a delay before the money leaves your account which is often problematic
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3 years ago, jiraffe
Does everything I want
The app does everything I want from a banking app. And it makes common tasks, like depositing a check via the app, really easy.
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4 months ago, yes,thatZinny
Mobile Check Deposit does not work
I click on the button to scan the front of the check and the screen goes black. I have to clear out the app and re-sign in. It never ends up going past the black screen.
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6 years ago, Zom poc
Easy and convenient
This app always allows me to transfer and switch accounts with such ease I almost never even have to go to the bank.
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9 months ago, Kellylu W
I just love this app Especially since i live in Casa Grande and there is no branch. I’m hoping one day they will build a branch here. We have been banking here since we moved to flagstaff in 2000
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4 years ago, s3ratt
Not as intuitive as I hoped
Easy to look at everything however when it comes to doing account maintenance like updated my phone number or my email address the application keeps closing out on me. The app and my phone are all up to date but this issue continues.
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3 years ago, yumi8971
Zelle not working
App is broken with Zelle not working. Support cannot give an estimate when Zelle integration will be fixed. Update: for those struggling with Zelle, make sure you have your mobile number listed in the app under Settings - Profile. This fixed it for me.
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3 years ago, New Online App
Difficult at first
The site was very difficult to navigate and I was given the wrong information by reps on multiple occasions, however, it’s gotten better. Reps could use some training on material and customer service skills
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5 years ago, CSM1988
Returns checks
Mobile deposit, the only reason I got the app, is terrible. About 50% of the time it will return a check saying I need to endorse the back, which I did. And of course in my message there is a nice picture of the check, endorsed on the back and everything. Now that OneAz is getting rid of mobile deposit from their website I might have to find a new bank all together.
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1 year ago, shayboz
User Friendly
Every thing about online banking is easy to use a and navigate.
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8 months ago, ashasgames
Card locked and I was stranded at 1am
Apparently the app goes through maintenance every single day and it makes it so you can’t use certain features like unlocking your card so I was stranded at 1am with no money because they want to make essential features impossible to access and they can’t fix it over the phone!! absolutely wonderful!!
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2 years ago, Carrie LB
Kind Bank
I am really impressed with all the interactions I have had with the people who work here, thank you!
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4 years ago, Luigi1523
Online payments not working
When I’ve tried to pay using a non OneAZ account, it tells me to read the terms and conditions, and after I do, it resubmit all the previous information again, and when I check the box for reading the terms and conditions, it tells me to re-read them, and it takes me back to the beginning. And its a perpetual cycle.
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3 years ago, MTB Bike Man
Going backwards
The new version of the app is definitely going in the wrong direction. You can no longer have the account balance wizard on your iPhone screen, so you have to log in just to check your balance. How is that an improvement?
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3 years ago, jay.squared
Clean and organized
The app’s UI has been further streamlined. It’s just as simple to navigate and yet offers more!
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3 years ago, User12800
Current version Broken for Voiceover users
In the most current version of this app. Voiceover users are no longer able to utilize the transfer function as it is no longer accessible to voiceover users running iOS. In addition, there are other bugs that make it unusable for voiceover users.
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3 years ago, nseim76
Not an improvement
First off I have a hard time with how small the font is on the updated version. The functionality is meh… I have not been able to use the Zelle feature and the app is glitchy. Not an improvement in my opinion.
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1 year ago, Marschall00
Just a good choice
They are always nice, fast and add a welcome touch to any transaction. I’d recommend here over any other bank or credit Union in Prescott
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2 years ago, thatguyknows
App is Great
Everything is dialed in. I just wish it had a little more color. Brighten up my banking experience.
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3 years ago, Exe Gete
Pretty Solid - few suggestions
Overall a solid app, but missing a few convenience features. #1 if I’m automagically logged out, take me to the sign in screen which can log me back in with Face ID. Why add an extra click when there is only one destination? #2 Dark mode? It’s 2021. Should be standard, if not on the backlog. #3 why can’t I click the “messages” icon in the header? It looks clickable, but isn’t. There are other places I cannot remember at the moment.
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