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User Reviews for OneMain

4.53 out of 5
4K Ratings
5 months ago, anabelltejada
Sad customer
The app is great and I’m almost done paying my loan off. Unfortunately I can’t say that about the company it’s self, I’ve never missed a payment the whole time. The original loan was for $5000 because I needed help with financing and a down payment on my place and like I said I’ve been it off with no problem and when my loan amount was as low as $1000 I had inquired with them about needing help paying my credit down and spoke to someone in OneMain some how they could gove me a loan for about $17,000 but I felt like that was excessive and I didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to pay them so I asked for a $7000 loan which I knew I would be able to pay off but they sent me an email saying they wouldn’t be able to help me. I was shocked and I feel like they just wanted me to be in debt and put up my car for collateral instead of having a customer pay them every month once I finish paying my loan I will never come here again and gor any customer’s in the future shouldn’t either they just want people to be in their debt sadly
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2 years ago, spyjoy
Great app, very good company
App is 5 stars. Which is the point of the review. I’d like to say a little about the company too. Interest rates are EXTREMELY high, but they went out on a risk for me with my bad credit so I can understand why. I paid back my loan quickly to avoid so much extra interest and it really helped my credit score. They’re always up front and honest and I appreciate the exact right amount of assertiveness from them. Would definitely use them again. I do caution that type of loan/bank is best for you if you have the means to pay off debt quickly but you’re just in a crunch atm. I would not recommend for someone struggling to pay bills because between the interest rates and the long terms (can be a plus too for some) and the fees, you might get in deeper.
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5 months ago, Friends think I'm nuts for playing a fish game
App payment functions
Hello I am a One Main customer and very happy with the help and friendly agents at my office in Gonzales Louisiana mainly Kim she has been at that branch for years. Here’s my review for the app. As suggested as a way to pay off your loan faster One Main themselves suggest paying your loan bi-weekly and any Accountant would know that is two extra payments a year by paying your loan biweekly (or one extra monthly payment) however, the app does not support this and calling your branch is required to set up any kind of biweekly, future or any other payment other than your monthly amount and date it’s due. The branch is technically doing the same thing as the app would do by setting this payment up and it’s more convenient to use the app to make a payment rather than calling the branch. Your update to this feature would be greatly appreciated!! Also I’ve read other reviews regarding the same as far back as 3 years so I’m doubting that the developer will make this change and if not why?? Thank you Tanya Pritchard.
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4 years ago, Brett Romisch
Excellent product
If you are looking for a simple and easy way to manage your loans, look no further than this app! I love how it is user-friendly and easy to navigate, I love how it looks clean and runs perfectly, and I love how it opens my OneMain Financial account, and places all my financial and loan information right at my fingertips. I also enjoy both the credit score and rewards features, as they let me see my credit score and rewards grow. I will say it again, if you are looking for a simple and easy way to track your payments, manage your statements, and take care of all your other financial responsibilities, this app is perfect for all that and more.
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12 months ago, Day jump
Wouldn’t trust the numbers at all.
It’s very disheartening. When you have your credit report ran get a hard inquiry and they give you a loan amount with interest rates of what it will cost and you accept it. That should be the final loan but that’s not how OneMain financial operates. Actually, they will turn around and change everything after you’ve already excepted a loan like they did to me my loan was for $3000 and my interest was only going to be $450 by the time they ran my credit got all of my personal information and linked to my bank last minute they tell me that what was going to cost me $3400 was now going to cost $7500 now explain that to me you can’t and when I called them out about it, the guy tried to say oh well that was for an auto loan. This is a personal loan and I said no I had the screenshots. I know what I did. I’m not stupid I was not applying for an auto loan I was applying for and I got approved for and I got a rate for a personal loan so they fish.
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4 years ago, Will0861
Almost Pointless
The app basically allows you make a payment. You can not update bank info. You have to call in. You can not get a final payoff amount. You have to call in. Nearly anything you would want to do regarding a loan with these clowns requires a call to their office. Which almost totally negates the purpose of an app, or the internet for that matter. The company is extremely frustrating to deal with. I tried to call in to make a final payment on my wife’s account and they refused to cooperate. Mind you our bank account is in both of our names, and the payment would have been the final one. Clearly this wasn’t fraud. But they still refused to take the payment. It wasn’t until the balance was down to 3 cents that they finally allowed me to pay. Mind you, they won’t give a payoff amount online, they require you to call in. When you call in, they have little interest in helping.
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1 year ago, jaqua14
Used to be good
The app used to have features that allowed you to see your payoff amount. Why was this removed? Your loan agreement is not attached , so you cannot refer back to that for anything. This app should focus more on the customers needs rather than filling it with tips and tricks for financials. Anything I need to do I have to call, and that’s a hassle in itself at times. I’ve called , emailed , etc about getting my loan agreement sent to me and nothing has been sent. It’s frustrating that this app only shows a balance and your payments, but doesn’t provide you with anything else about your account . You should be able to access all of your information considering it is a loan you are paying. Any other app I have for Car loan etc etc gives you this type of access.
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1 year ago, ADamCO28
Quickly becoming my preferred lender
From day one, speaking to the members of the personal loan department of my local OMF branch who were friendly, understanding, and refreshingly up front in my opinion. App and online account login is a snap, 2-factor easy to set up, and again, aside from decent rates etc, great customer service which is LACKING almost everywhere else. People seem genuinely happy to work here.
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1 week ago, un happy customer anthony
Terrible customer service
I called and had a bank change and gave them all of my info for the new bank. and the next month they charge the old bank and I didn’t have the funds available in that account, which caused me to get a return fee and also an overdraft fee. I called again and explained the situation to the manager and they told me since they don’t have any note about it then I’d have to cover the fees myself. I explained who I talked to and they still said since they have no note that I would be responsible for the fees. Someone in the Yale office is not doing there job correctly . It shows on my online account that the bank was changed but not in there system. I would never recommend one main to anyone.
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3 years ago, Fahima@512591
Poor customer service
I applied for a personal loan and had a terrible experience. They asked for the same document again and again. Even I upload, they don’t find it. From the beginning of application, no agent contacted with me spontaneously. Every time I have to call to know about the status or what else I need to submit. Even I call, they keep hanging me on the phone after receiving the call. Sometimes they promised that they will callback within 15 minutes and never callback. At one point I expressed my anger about this disturbing service and they immediately cancel my application without reviewing properly. Not recommending onemain. There are so many good other options in the financial market.
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9 months ago, Mr. Sir Doctor
Payment Method Disappeared
The app itself is actually pretty clean and straightforward. I like it honestly, but when I went to make my payment this time (after having payed the same way for years) the option is just gone and it prompts me to add a new payment method. Not sure what the deal is there but my payment is due and my bank is gone. So I now have a late fee that isn't my fault. EDIT: I appreciate how quickly the devs answered, and to reiterate I like the app, and I will adjust my rating as soon as my issue is fixed! Thanks team
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9 months ago, howinthehell
Accessibility of financial services easy, reliable and quick
I truly appreciate having the opportunity to access my account with you via the mobile-app on my devices and to connect to your network as well as the website you have provided. It is very helpful, useful and easy to use for my personal needs!! I can easily login and get my account information so I can make additional payments and to see what my balance is, or if I were to pay it off in full at any given time. Thank you for your support and services!! ONEMAIN Financial is an excellent company that provides financial services and is highly recommended!
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6 months ago, EspyC
Mrs Esperanza Cosgrove
Not difficult to use it is very self explanatory except for where it asks if you want to make an additional payment right next to your current payment due. I almost ended up paying a double payment and that would have been extremely difficult for us. So I figured out how to cancel my auto payment through my checking account number and paid by debit card instead which is better all the way around. All I can say is, as with any payment to any entity before you pay your bill pay attention.
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12 months ago, Texas EJ BOA
Great to work with. My only complaints are that they want collateral on every note! I have a 723 credit score. I know others who have gotten unsecured loans with a lower score. Also, I recently paid off a loan in order to buy a home. I cannot get proof from them! Statements are not available (it says there is a problem with the site) on the app and my messages to the branch have gone unanswered. They will not answer the phone at the branch office.
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9 months ago, jimmiejimjim
I was able to take out a loan to consolidate some stuff. The interst rate isnt great so I didn’t borrow more than I needed but the terms are reasonable. Now my debts are in one simple low monthly payment. I would say only go with OneMain if you’re absolutely sure you can make the payments and pay more than your monthly and more often to reduce interest. Not for everyone but pretty great for some.
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6 months ago, martyk999
One Main Financial
I love One Main Financial, they have helped raise my credit scare and gave me a loan when I didn’t think I could actually get one. The lady was really nice and helpful! She even set me up with a credit card to help with my credit score. The payments come out automatically so there is no worry about missing a payment. I am very grateful! Thank you OMF!
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2 years ago, RMissyB
The hard part’s getting in. Other then that it’s work great.
The hardest part getting in it glitches when you try to put your password in but at you renter it agin it works. For some reason fights face up lock. But other then that it’s a great app. Easy to pay my bill and see how many payments I’ve made and so on. It has a lot of other features to but I haven’t had time to look at them.
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2 years ago, tammidoo
Easy, caring, love it
They applied me for a loan when I was having a very hard time and worked with me through the Covid. I really love how these people care and how friendly it professional they were throughout the process and I was able to make my payments improve my credit and pay off this loan on time
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4 years ago, DarkaLarka
Terrible app. Useless, so don’t bother!
I wanted to know my pay off amount. This was requestable before via the app as I have done it before. Where did it go? Why remove it? Ridiculous. Your app is failing miserably in appeasing it’s customers when the app is literally just something that takes up space on our phones and lets us make a basic payment. I thought that I just needed to update the app, so I did- and now, I can’t even login! It just keeps saying there was an error and they’ll “fix it immediately” i have tried waiting and then trying again, I have disconnected from my WIFI, I have turned my phone off and restarted it. Still won’t let me sign in! I should not have to call just to know how much I still owe on my loan! This should be readily available information to the customer!! Fix your app! Add the request payoff amount button back! Why get rid of it in the first place?
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2 years ago, Lands1992
Easy to use but frustrating
The app is easy to use and has a good look. Easy to see posted payments BUT it will not update amount due. I paid total due with 3 payments and it didn’t update. I am now on to paying my next payment due and it still shows the first payment due total. I know that it is still the first payment total because the first payment amount is considerably higher than the normal monthly payments.
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5 years ago, Viper0580
Not remembering login information
This app is not remembering login information. I have the sliders turned on to remember my login information and it is not. Also this app should have the option to use FaceID and automatically log you in to your account once it is set up. Please update this app. I have deleted this app and reinstalled it also I have had to factory reset my phone a few time and set it up as new because of other issues and still this app does not remember login information or log you in automatically.
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2 years ago, Slday1974
A god send for someone like me
I have used OMF several times in the past few years, I am grateful for this company, I am a small business owner and my credit is mediocre so for me this company is a god send. The Port Orange, Florida agency is where I have conducted all of my business and I couldn’t be more happy with this group of compassionate and helpful people.
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1 year ago, stringa007
Excellent way to manage your account
App that is super easy to manage your account. Adding a debit card feature to add or delete debit cards would be great! Currently you are routed to the website and have to close the app and go back in for the add or delete of the card. Aside from that, excellent app
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4 months ago, Jakeg523
Horrific company
This is not the company to use I promise you that. They prey on ppl and hope you miss a payment. They do not work with you at all they say they have offers to help they don’t just keep putting inquiries on your credit and say ohh no sorry we don’t have anything to offer you. So you miss a payment bam huge late fee and wham they smack your credit immediately. Again horrible company terrible to do business with I wish I never found them I make sure I tell everyone and write my honest review on every platform out there!
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10 months ago, Brian6269
One Main App
The company itself seems to be top notch. The app could be a bit more user friendly and up to date when applying for a loan. If you do not have a working scanner or printer uploading the required documents is impossible. I am an iPhone/iPad user and I can get the required documents from my employer’s website and save them to my phone but there is no way to upload them to One Main. You either have to scan or take a picture.
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3 years ago, J_Pearl
No payment review
The only gripe I have is, before you hit the submit button you don’t get a review page to let you check for errors. I made a mistake because of a decimal point and accidentally sent $2000 instead of $200. They were kind enough to waive the fee but it cause a nightmare for me at the bank. Make sure you double check the decimal placement because once you hit Submit it’s done.
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2 months ago, DanielAramis
Excellent. Only need adjust the website.
Impossible pay because I not see the details in my screen in different computer. I call to customer service but no possible explain in Spanish . The customer service use The Interpreter Service .
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3 months ago, frogsalive
Ease of Use
I had been making payments over the phone which was easy to do but once I downloaded the app I found it to be informative, with financial hubs in the app. The payment process was super easy to use with real-time payment information.
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2 years ago, Jan Rustman
Love convenience
The OMF app allows me to see all my acct information in one place instantly, I can make my payments and I can also make sure my acct information is accurate and immediately act on it if I need to make changes. I love the convenience of having all this right at my fingertips.
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3 years ago, zoelialebron
The purpose of having access to an app is to have the ability to make changes or modifications without having to call the customer service line. This app is meaningless, almost every link says “the fastest way is to call” and it displays the number. The one link that provides you an email to contact customer service states they will cal you back in about two days. Totally defeat the purpose of emailing, to begin with. I can see my balance on my statement, no need for an app that barely does that.
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6 months ago, chassseykassey777
Out of other loans
I find one main to be very satisfactory to my needs I was approved for my loan in a matter of time if I was to need another loan I know where I would go payments ain’t that high and I can adjust on amount of paying off early balance
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2 years ago, The_Divemaster
I’ve been making overpayments since the first day. Online the account says I’m paid up until March 2023, but the app says next payment was due in January. I Made an additional payment anyway, but the app is not in sync with the online, and even when I made early payments online it gave a warning the payment was late when it was not. I prefer to pay down loans ASAP, due to the bankruptcy last year I can’t just pay in full and must submit monthly payments to build back a credit score. I very much appreciate your loan and support through this very difficult time in my life, but I’m still confused.
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8 months ago, Very difficult and frustrating
Very difficult
Took 5 days to set the account up through the app and it would only allow us to use 1 of the email accounts on the account. Then when attempting to set up the payment it would error out and say something went wrong had yo log off and on 4 times to make it work then it would not take the payment took almost 3 minutes of clicking submit for the payment to go through The app has serious issues
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3 years ago, CC&JM
Cuts off due date and boring
I guess your app makes it easy to submit a payment if you are already set up with you bank account information on the app. It is fast. But don’t expect to be able to read anything in full like your due date. It is partially there. I can see the month but not the day. I think is not very nice appearing. It’s boring that way but it is a payment app so I wouldn’t think colorful would be a concern for the makers of the app. Thank you
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8 months ago, MaricelaRODPED
Maricela Rodriguez
I absolutely LOVE the one main app. With a very busy work schedule it’s hard to answer phone calls and when I might be struggling financially the app is convenient to be able to rearrange payments if needed without having to talk to an agent. Love the app!!!
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2 months ago, Celestialwin
Apple Pay
I’m frustrated over not being able to use Apple Pay in the app so I have to login directly on the website in order to have access to that option. I prefer Apple Pay because I feel it is safer and more reliable. I will change my rating and update my review once Apple Pay is integrated into the app.
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3 months ago, coltnico
David Lowe
This is the absolute best loan service anyone can use because they do not sugarcoat anything, pay back and pay more is the best way to go because they save you so much in interest in the long run! Thank you One Main for helping me out🙏🏻😁🙏🏻😁
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7 months ago, pbefort58
Wonderful company!!
One Main Financial has been a life saver for our family. When no one would give us a loan they did. They trust the customer and the people in Salina Kansas that took care of us were very kind and helpful especially Shannon!!!
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2 years ago, GienaRoselee
One Main payment is probably one of the easiest and most dependable apps for payment solutions
Easy to function, straight to the point. Best and easiest way to pay. Thank you kindly to Onemain one of the best payment options available today. Respectfully, Giena RoseLee Rushing
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2 years ago, ShaunaP78
Great company. Amazing staff
Highly recommend this company. Had some serious financial issue recently due to a job loss and being effected by inflation. They’ve always tried to help and always extremely understanding. Would recommend OMF and all their staff!!
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3 months ago, tuhrndgsdghbfd
Don’t apply.
I was approved loan 8000$ behalf of credit karma. Was upload all document even he ask me my car title and I shipped my car title fedex and mean while he deposit the amount I approved he denied because my paystub is fake what a joke it’s is he got my all information my ss pic my id picture my email even my tax return to I’m scare now because any happened what can I do he get my title even I transfer my lean title approvel paper send from my insurance to that scam company be carful that’s scamers
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1 year ago, Woodchuck Huck
Great People, Great App
My experience with One Main, it’s people, their website and the app, are all positive. They have been there for me when I needed their help, and have always been kind and courteous. I really enjoy doing business with them.
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1 year ago, im2fas4ya
Nice App
The app is simple & gets to the point. I can just pay my bill in 3 clicks & I’m done or - if I choose to - I can review information about my loan, get credit information, etc. It has been an easy app to use for me. Thank You
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1 week ago, Robert is happy
Exceptional App
The One Main Financial app is so user friendly that it makes everything you need to know or do with your loan so easy. I wish every business had apps that were as good as this one.
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2 years ago, mjanutcase
Title Loan
The longer I am on this title, which is at a very high interest rate, that the amount I pay a month on this day, every month, is my cut off day to breathe. At $500 a month, my plan is to sell everything that I can and rid this loan. I’m sorry for taking this at this rate, but I wonder if you sleep better taking money from people with bad credit,,, just because you have the cash to lend???
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5 years ago, When Are u
The reason why I’m giving this app one star. Is do to the fact that you can’t see how much interest accrued. All there is a circle with a exclamation mark, just to tell what interest is. Also the design could be 10,000 times better it is very poor. Please update the app, to where you can see how much interest has accrued on the loan. Please at least make the app design better and why does a 4 year old need to use a Financial app ages 4 and up to use that app. That’s stupid. Please update.
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1 year ago, rudaman34
App layout
The app is simple with only a few tabs to go through and it’s simple enough to see everything you may need the app may not make full sense at first but it’s easy to get a hang of
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2 months ago, Sadie Birth year
Borrower Beware
Absolutely terrible service and miss-direction. Loan “officers” are not friendly or respectful to customers who actually pay their salary by using their services. I got a loan through JG Wentworth to pay off my loan with One Main. I have the acceptance agreement between JG Wentworth and One Main but One Main charged my bank account with a monthly payment different from the agreed upon new loan payment agreement. This is fraud and I will be filing a complaint with PA Attorneys General office.
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1 year ago, Crashberge
Convenient but don’t make a mistake.
While this is super convenient, if you have to cancel a payment it won’t let you edit the payment once it is pending. I have been trying for three days and updated the app. I unfortunately wasn’t able to call during business hours. Just an FYI!
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2 years ago, asackuvich
Best financial advisor and lender business Out there. There friendly and make you feel Like what ever your obstacles are in life they can help you through it. I would highly recommend them.
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